The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Monday, December 31, 2007


As you've all noticed, aside from the beauties of the season and the various celebrations happening around the world these are also very tense times and I've noticed that some people are taking on this tension as a personal situation.

I'd like to say this. We all know that this is a school and sometimes even people we know and love have to go through difficult times and that can be hard to bear. Still - it is important to allow that even though we can certainly encourage them and help them in any way we are able.

Still - I feel that some suggestions for living prayers are warranted here. Here's one to start with. Remember always to ask before you say any living prayer or benevolent magic to ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be with you and all around and about you so as to prepare you to say the living prayer and to support the desired results associated with your intention.

Here's a living prayer I recommend you say for now. You might say, "I am asking that I be able to allow all those around me and all those afar as well to experience their lives and to live through the experience that they are in passage with - that I can trust that they can do this and that I can allow them to do so in the most benevolent way."

And here's another one. I also recommend you say, "I am asking that all those who are near and dear to me whether they be near or far, whether I know them personally or not - that they have the strength, endurance, love and support to go through their lives now no matter what form they might take and to experience the best that life has to offer in all of its benevolent forms."

And finally this as well. I'm recommending you say the following benevolent magic, "I request that my life be free and independent, that I am able to be with my friends and loved ones and be appreciated just exactly as I am as I appreciate them exactly as they are - that this will result in the most benevolent outcome...(then you pause for a moment)...for me."

I am suggesting these things to say in case you haven't chosen any new years resolutions or to add to them or simply to be available for you to say.

Remember again, we say benevolent magic only once in the phrasing you choose but of course you can say different things with different phrases at different times. It's the same for living prayer. If you're choosing to say something about an occasion, a circumstance - you say it just once and then if some other occasion or circumstance comes up you say the living prayer for that in the best words you are able or from reading this site - suggestions I may have given. I am hopeful that these contributions will be helpful to you all in the coming days and years.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Magic To Moderate

There are those who are concerned that because the year is coming to a close that predictions made by this or that group throughout the year with the best of intentions may bring some pitfall or difficulty that is greater than usual. From my perception, the way I see it is - that doesn't have to happen.

I'm going to suggest the following magic for those of you who feel capable to pursue it. First I recommend this be done at night in an area where the stars can be seen. If you are able to see either Orion or the Pleiades or even the big or little dipper then this is what to do.

Pick 2 of those constellations, not just one, and ask after you have made the choice that all of the most benevolent energies that are available for you to come and be with you in the moment that you pursue the magic and say this about ten or fifteen seconds before you take the next step.

Then look at one and then the other constellation. You don't have to look at it too long - five seconds, ten seconds at one - then five or ten seconds at the other. Then look straight down.

Ideally you will be standing on the earth, not on pavement but if there is only pavement then try to stand at least on a lawn perhaps or some place where there is dirt as far as you can tell. If there is only pavement then do what you can. If there is snow or ice over the earth that is alright as long as you know there is earth beneath that.

If you are in an area that is warm, have no shoes on if you can help it - no socks either.

Then this is what to say. I recommend you say, "With the alignment of these star systems and in concordance with the Earth below me and upon which I walk and supports me, I am asking that all those benevolent beings and the hearts of all humans, animals and the spirits of all on the Earth come into concordance now in the most benevolent way and with the alignment to the stars and our perpetual existence act only in the most benevolent ways to all and each other and ourselves."

Many of you will feel energy. If you do even during the saying of these words, pause until the energy fades a bit and finish saying the words. Always say the words exactly as I've written them without any changes.

When you are done even if you have not felt any energy, try not to move for say - 30 seconds. Of course you must breathe and a little bit of motion as a result is expected but move as little as possible, have no conversation. You can be with others doing this or there can be others around, that's alright but try to be as quiet and focused as possible.

If there are others doing this with you then don't say it in unison. Say it out loud but you can whisper it and say it at different times. You don't say it in unison because it will not be possible to say it all at exactly the same moment and that might tend to create a disruption. If there are many of you who wish to be together and say it then you can whisper it but it must be done out loud and a whisper counts for being out loud.

After a few minutes, not many - not more than 3 you may depart that area. Do not go back to that exact area for at least 12 hours. It's alright if other people are there but don't you go back to that exact area for at least 12 hours. You can come within 10 or 15 feet of it but not the exact area. That will help to support the magic.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Prize

I don't know, what's so great about Christmas? It comes once a year. We have to shell out more then we want to for decorations and gifts and other ballyhoo that goes with it - why bother?

I'll tell you why. It's one of those holidays that reminds us that there are good things about the world. So many of us are striving to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, our friends, our community and in the course of that struggle - it's difficult isn't it - very challenging to keep an eye on the prize.

The prize however is not the goal we're striving for, the prize is that which we are intending to protect and feed - our friends, our family and yes - ourselves. That's the prize. Lets not lose sight of that because when we do lose sight of that - well, that's why we need Christmas - not only for its religious significance but to be reminded of the beauty within ourselves, within our children, within our grandparents, within our families, our friends and our community.

Christmas is not only about a religious holiday - and it is that but it is also to be reminded about joy for that is the true prize.


Monday, December 17, 2007

More On Forms Of Protection

Greetings, I'd like to provide you with a little more on forms of protection you can use in situations that may be unexpected.

Perhaps you've been driving someplace and you're feeling uncomfortable or you are walking someplace or even in a situation that you know is safe but might involve challenges - verbal or otherwise.

This is something you can do if you know you're coming into a situation like that. If you know you're coming into a situation like that and can plan ahead for it then this is what to do.

First, situate yourself in a space if you can where you have at least 4 feet in all directions around you including if possible above you and even below you - but what I mean by below you is to measure - you can just eyeball it - from your heart up and your heart down because that's where the magic is centered.

Then put your hand, palm towards your body, on your heart area. I recommend the right hand but if you are left handed you may use that - and ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be present with you right then in that moment.

Wait a few seconds - ten, fifteen or so and then say this, "I am asking that all these energies that are with me and all round and about me, now support me in this coming time when I may be in a situation of personal challenge or others may feel that I am not trustworthy or that they are perhaps bearing some bias - that I be safe, that I be honored and appreciated, that I be acknowledged as a valuable person and entity in any or all of those situations in the most benevolent way for me and for others."

That's what I recommend if you have some sense that you may be going someplace, entering someplace or in someplace that your value may be questioned in some way.

It is absolutely essential that there be the 4 foot sphere around you - you understand what I'm saying here is that there could be other people in this space but you must be able to create a moment of aloneness. It could be a small space, a small room that you are in or simply even a office situation where you have barriers around you to keep others out.

Try it, it may work well for you. Goodlife.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Requesting Forms Of Protection With Benevolent Magic

Some of you may be concerned about world events coming too close.

There has been a rash of reports about people doing things that are profoundly self-destructive. Self-destructive here would also refer to harming others as well as one's self. It has been extreme hasn't it but there may be something you can do to support a more benevolent realm on Earth.

I'm sure many of you have begun various forms of work to do this. If you haven't and you're wondering what to do or you'd like something extra to do why don't you try this. It's a form of benevolent magic but it utilizes some aspects of the physical world.

This is what to do. It works particularly well when the sun is setting and the moon is up - and you don't look directly at the sun of course - you never do that but if you can do this at that time that's the best way.

The moon doesn't have to be full, it can be any portion of the moon. If however that doesn't happen in your locale then try it either with the sun setting or the moon rising. And in the case of the moon you glance at it of course and in the case of the sun setting you glance in that direction.

If the conditions I mentioned earlier prevail then you glance at the moon and you glance at the sunset and right after that you say this form of benevolent magic, "I request that all of the astronomical elements that are united with Earth now form a triangle of protection that is benevolent for me, my friends, my family and all those others who wish to be included to bring about the most benevolent state of being on Earth and that this request I am making now will result in the most benevolent outcome."

That's what I suggest for today. Goodlife.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Balancing The Imbalance From Others

Recently Patrice asked a question which I felt might be of interest to you all:

Dear Robert,

I have a question about feeling welcome and feeling rejected.

Is it always easy for you to let go when other human beings welcome you badly (if this happen to you) in a shop or an administration, treating you like a "nothing"?

On your point of view, what is the meaning of such situations happening to you and how do you transmute the energy they create.



Here is my answer:

Patrice, it is true that not everyone will like us or they may be biased or prejudiced based upon their reaction to our appearance or demeanor. How to deal with this?

First off, if you're used to uniting with energies that are benevolent then I recommend you to this post. That can help to prevent a great deal of this.

On the other hand if it happens unexpectedly then this is what I recommend. If someone simply is not acknowledging you it doesn't always mean that it's about you. Remember, this is their behavior. If it is their behavior it is about them not about you.

If you remember that distinction it will be very helpful for you in life because you will know that their reaction has nothing to do with you whatsoever. You are simply the recipient of their current attitude. With that attitude you can simply step away or if you're in a store approach somebody else.

On the other hand, as you said, what to do with that energy if it feels bad to you? If it feels bad to you then you know that's about you and the first chance you get when you leave that store or that place of service or if you get close to a window then simply get in touch of that part of your body where it feels bad and take a breath in through the top of your head where it's likely to be the best energy and locating that breath behind that part of your body that doesn't feel good but in your physical body - blow out towards the sky - not towards the ground.

Just blow out right towards the sky. That will probably help quite a bit and if it doesn't try it again. One or two breaths will blow it out and take care of it. That's the quick way, then when you get home do a disentanglement about that situation. That will also help.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Time To Catch Up - For You

From time to time on this blog and on my other you will find that I pause and there will be no posts for a little while. What does that mean?

Usually it means that I feel you need to catch up and I want to give you time to do it. As you have noted, those of you who've been reading this for a while, I give a lot of suggestions here and homework since I know a lot of you want to get ready and have your capabilities, talents and other possibilities for you not only accentuated but heightened.

Therefore if there's ever times when you notice - hey, how come no post here - there's lots and lots of homework - maybe you missed something. Go back to the beginning if you want and come forward, see what you've missed. Don't forget, sometimes there's extra homework in the comments area.

This is just a reminder for those of you who've joined on recently but for the others you know that these gaps in posting are exclusively for you to have time to catch up on your homework, on your practice and of course - on your lives.

Goodlife to you all.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Traveling The Full Circle Path

Escape - or is it? How long have you noted the many ways and means we have to escape reality. But then we have to examine the terms don't we.

We tend to think of reality as the gritty in life though we do recognize that there are beauties found in reality. I don't think that we question really that babies smile and laugh and that's part of reality but we don't usually classify it as that. We tend to classify it as beauty, love or joy depending upon our position in life.

But we have to come back to escape. Look at all the many forms of environments as well as entertainments we have to achieve escape - but what's the ultimate goal here. Are we fleeing from life or are we rather attracted to something within ourselves and within life that creates a feeling within us.

I believe that we all need to feel welcome, safe, appreciated, loved and honored for who we are. Generally speaking we have a lot of this when we are first born - not always - but a lot. When we don't feel those things when we're first born perhaps we regret having come and then we may get upset and demonstrate that.

But there are other times when we strive for that which is often classified as escape. My feeling is that we are truly striving for those original feelings that caused us to welcome life just as we need to have life welcome us.

Maybe it's a full circle. Maybe this desire to find, this seeking is part of the path we wander from those early days of our childhood to our elder years when we prepare to rejoin the all. It is something to consider.

In light of that why don't we say this living prayer if you like. "I am asking that all those beings who need to feel welcome, loved, appreciated, understood and accepted for being who they are that they have the opportunity to feel those feelings now in the most benevolent way and that we also who are stating this have that opportunity on an ongoing basis and provide that opportunity for others when offered the chance."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, November 19, 2007

How Many We All Are Here

Have you ever looked up in the night sky at the moon - perhaps when its first risen and has that golden quality at times and the vast array of stars with the knowledge that so many more so far away we cannot see. It makes one feel rather small while at the same time feeling a part of something more vast doesn't it.

A single being in observation of the vast universe provided by creation. Do you know that one of the reasons we have this vastness that we can see is to remind us that there are others on this planet with us who see on a day to day basis vastness and gigantic things all around and about them.

On the one hand we have that with our own children don't we. Babies and even toddlers - the world looks vast and huge. How many times have you as an adult looked at things that you saw with your child's eye and they looked so much smaller then they once did.

And yet there are amongst us beings who are smaller still. We don't always think of them, we don't always see them and we certainly do not always understand them and yet here we are on this planet surrounded by multitudes of different kinds of species of life - some of which we see clearly, some of which we only see sometimes and some of which we only know exist because science in its ability to see very small things has informed us are surely there.

One has to consider that the being who put us here, Creator, must have had a plan in mind. Why would Creator make for us this constant exposure to things that are vast - even as an adult looking into the sky. I believe that it is Creator's intention that we develop great compassion for life and patience and understanding of all life around us.

Consider a beetle walking down the road or moving from one point to another with purpose only the beetle knows for sure. How vast we must seem to that beetle. How huge the mountain no matter how big it is to us - how huge that beetle sees that mountain and yet - how many thousands nay millions of beetles have crossed that mountain compared to humans.

I believe Creator wants us to understand and appreciate the value not only of our own lives as we go through the stages of living them but also to appreciate the value of all life as we can identify many times in our life with their experiences. Oh we are not multilegged, we do not live on a web, we do not live like they do but there are aspects of our life that are similar for which we can identify with their perception at times.

I believe Creator has designed this fabric of life for us that we may understand our thread and have contact with the threads of others.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What We Can Do About Words

Have you ever heard directed to you or another a word that you knew hurt them. Sometimes it comes out of the most unexpected circumstances. Other times it just sneaks up on you and sometimes it comes in an expected way.

It is an unfortunate factor of our times that words either meant to hurt people or words that are used with the intention of not being heard by those whom it might hurt proliferate in our society. Alright, I will say that sometimes these words are uttered without the intention of causing harm - perhaps out of ignorance - or simply overheard by someone it hurts and the utterer not intending for them to hear it but other times they are stated with the sole intention of causing harm.

I am not a Psychologist nor do I attempt to be one. I leave that up to those in that field who can explain these motivations but I will say for the purpose of this blog that there is something for which we can make an attempt to do here.

I'm going to suggest that you try something that is not typical in the field of benevolent magic but can be done if said carefully. First as always request that the most benevolent energies be with you and protect you as well as to infuse you with the most comforting and loving energies during and after you say this so that you can personally feel the comfort it may bring to others.

Then I recommend you say, "I request that all those words intended to cause harm gradually slip into the unconscious void never to be uttered again by anyone who may cause harm intentionally or otherwise and that this all happen in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Normally we would say something like this as a living prayer but I feel that saying it as a benevolent magic has merit since it may be possible because of your own desire to reduce the infliction of pain in your society, wherever you may live, of one to another that it personalizes it sufficiently so that it can be said as benevolent magic.

Benevolent magic, as you know, is something that one says in a personal situation whereas living prayer is said for a group that may include yourself but is often stated for many others - often those whom you don't know and may never meet.

I felt this was something that you would all like to participate in so I have included here on this blog. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Heightened Sensitivity

Do you know there's been a change recently? Everyone on the planet, all human beings, have had their sensitivity level increased on the average of from 4% to 10%. Now how will you know that.

For one thing you will all notice that when people say something to you that is complimentary you'll feel it more. You'll have a sense in your body of the value of it - not as a thought, not as something you analyze but you'll genuinely feel it.

Equally if you are criticized and whether warranted or not it will be hard to take. That's why I want to give you some advice here.

It is in the nature of our societies on the planet that there is a tendency to be overly critical and frequently there are not enough compliments to go around but we can change that.

I'm going to recommend that when you see something that you like in someone and you know that person or you see something that you feel good about - perhaps a change they have made in their appearance or in their behavior if you feel it's alright compliment them. Don't make it a backhanded compliment like a joke that is not a genuine compliment.

It's safe - you can be safe to say, "I like the way you did that job - well done" or, "That's a new shirt isn't it - looks good on you" or something along those lines. To a youngster you might say, "You've done that well. I always knew you had that capacity. I've seen it in you many times and there it is. What a fine job you've done. Good for you." Don't say, "Keep up the good work." That's an example of a compliment that comes with heavy chains.

In the past we've thought that that was a good thing but I'd like to suggest that it actually is a type of thing that can enslave a person. Oh I know it doesn't seem to be a big deal but how many times have you striven for something that didn't actually feel right but you had to do it. "I've just got to do it," you say but if you pin yourself down or somebody asks you why - often you come up with, "I don't know." Maybe you're serving something from the past.

I'm not saying that everyone who says, "Keep up the good work" is binding you to something. Rather I am saying that it's alright to compliment a person but only if you feel it is so - what they are doing that you approve of.

Remember, with everyone this sensitive now and that sensitivity level will be increasing it's important to recognize it in yourself. Not to control it - that will not be possible. Worse yet it could come out in some other way - boil out you understand. You don't want it to come out as anger if it can come out in a good way.

With everybody this sensitive we are likely to begin to notice things that are there. What the animals are doing, how the flowers smell and things that need to be corrected - pollution, etc. Things that seemed far away from us will be more noticeable now.

Learn to embrace your sensitivity. In that light I'm going to suggest the following living prayer. I recommend - if you'd care to say it that you say, "I am asking that all those portions of me that have been underfed that with my now sensitivity I become aware of and compliment, thank and otherwise appreciate those portions of me and compliment, thank and otherwise appreciate in the most benevolent way that which I have missed seeing that is of great value in other people, places or things."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

You Can Clear Your Pets And Plants Too

Recently I talked about clearing adults. This time I want to touch on something I've touched on before and that's clearing pets.

You know if you have lived with pets for a long enough time, and many of you have, you know that sometimes they'll take something on for us that is too much of a burden for us. Occasionally a pet will sicken for a time for no apparent reason. Not something they ate, not a fight they were in. Just for no apparent reason they get sick or they slow down, need a lot of extra sleep. Have you noticed that sometimes - they need a lot of extra sleep.

Usually they're processing something that might affect us or someone else in our family or someone we care about deeply. This kind of thing is often noted with cats but can also be seen with dogs and even horses and sometimes other types of animals.

So, I want to give you something you can do to support your pet through this situation. It's not your job to tell them not to take care of you. It's not your job to stop them from trying to help you but you can help them to ease through that temporary crisis.

For starters it's best for you to ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be with you and near you when you begin this and then pause for maybe a half a minute or up to a minute. Then say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and working through the type of light beings that support my pet help to clear my pet of any and all discomforts that they have either taken on for me or for others - or to help them to be cleared of discomforts that they themselves have on their own."

After that give your pet some space. If they want to be with you, fine but don't go over and pick them up. Make sure that they are well cared for yes but try not to specifically go over and pat them or pet them unless they come to you. They might come to you to say thank you - but try to give them space. Don't lock them someplace where they can't touch someone, just give them the space to rest and be on their own and try and keep the kids away from them if you can.

There are other things you can do. Say you're outside and you have other forms of life that you care about. Some of you don't have pets but you might have a garden, favorite flowers or trees. After all one has more than one type of life in one's life don't you. We have our friends and family of course but a garden is also possible.

So if you notice that your flowers are suddenly doing poorly and you've checked every conceivable thing - again sometimes flowers will take on something if they care for you and sometimes this can be the case where they care for you. This is often found with flowers that are not overly trimmed, not overly primped and not overly fertilized. It is often found that way with trees as well that are not trimmed too often and are allowed to grow on their own.

In the case of plants this is what to say after you invite the energies to be with you and support you as before. Then say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and working with the devic entities that support these plants in my garden and beyond that you help them to be cleared of any and all energies that are harming them or could harm them and help to revitalize them that they might live their full and natural life benevolently."

Again just give them the regular care. Try not to touch them too much after that. Best not to even go near them, the plants, for at least several hours. Try to keep others away from them if you can too so that they can absorb the energies and be revitalized.

Well I just thought I'd share that with you today so that we include the whole family eh - including the greater family so to speak.

Alright - goodlife.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Passing Anomalies - Your Attention Please

Some of you are going to notice something. For the next 3 to 4 days, it has already begun and you may have noticed it already, you may find that some mechanical devices that you use normally on a regular basis may not operate properly. They might, if you can pause for a few minutes seem to correct themselves and operate well but they may be unreliable or function erratically for a few days. This is something that is a passing anomaly.

It has to do with our present closeness to a boundary line that affects our world and separates our world from other worlds but this temporary situation will pass very soon. I have spoken about another affect of that passing on Mystical Man but this effect - I felt it would be important to put on my other blog.

Just know that everything will be alright but I do recommend that you say the following living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all the mechanical devices I use and that others use around me operate in the most benevolent way for all beings and all beings around me. I am also asking that everyone experience patience and kindness during this temporary moment of mechanical mystery." That's it.

Now you may see other anomalies especially some of you who are sensitive so be alert to that. I have spoken about that on Mystical Man but this situation as far as mechanical things will pass quickly.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Clearing People, Part 2

Last time I talked about clearing your children because of Halloween.

What about if there are other people you wish to clear - family members, friends, people who are off you might say. Perhaps they've been through a trauma, perhaps they've been through some kind of fright or even near someone who has been through this and have taken it on unconsciously for themselves.

If they approve, by your asking them - do you want me to help to clear you so you can feel better or something like that, then this is what to do in the case of clearing an adult. First again ask the adult, since you are dealing with an adult here of course, to sit down or lie down and if they feel more comfortable doing something then they can do something simple that doesn't require thought but I would recommend that they just sit down or lie down quietly. You can't prevent them from thinking so if they are thinking it's fine.

Then this is what to say. I recommend you say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings come now and insulate and protect me while I am doing this work for my friend."

Pause for a moment then and wait thirty seconds, a minute tops. Then say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear my friend..." or my lover or my brother or my sister - you understand "...of any and all energies that are causing harm to them or may be causing harm to them as a result of trauma or any other circumstance that is disrupting their behavior or causing harm to their soul."

You may have to wait now 5, 10 minutes, maybe even 12 minutes - probably no longer then that and then if they fall asleep, you understand this could happen, just tiptoe out of the room and try to keep it quiet in there. Falling asleep is not at all unusual in those circumstances and most likely they will feel better when they awaken.

If on the other hand they do not fall asleep you might find it necessary to sit quietly and try to not think or if you think, think only things that are comfortable and relaxing in a benevolent way and then wait perhaps 15 or 20 minutes.

Don't say anything to them, "Do you feel better?" Don't talk to them at all.

If at some point they say - can I get up now - then you can say - how do you feel - and regardless of what they say because they may say this or that just say - if you feel alright go ahead and get up - or - of course it's fine - but make sure you wait at least 12 to 15 or even 20 minutes if you're staying in the room.

That's what I recommend. I can't say that it will clear everything and anything that has caused harm to them but if it is a severe trauma - loss perhaps, you can share with them things that they might try for themselves such as disentanglement but if you think that because of the trauma or the distraction they are going through that it would not be easy for them to do this then you can do this clearing on them once every 3 to 5 days up to 3 times but after that just let it go.

They must after all get through their own grief and discomfort on their own. Still, you will have done what you can do.

Remember, ask their permission before you do this - that's important and you must ask out loud to get their verbal permission. The only exception here would be someone who is unable to speak - perhaps in a hospital or perhaps not in their right mind in which case you can proceed without their verbal permission. In such a case however before you do anything ask to be inspired in what you do and protected and insulated so that you can proceed in the safest and most benevolent way for you. I think if you've been reading this site long enough you can make up your own living prayer for that.

And with that small amount of homework I will simply say goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clearing People, Part 1

Last time I talked about clearing objects - in fact television sets. This time and in light of the fact that Halloween is upon us it might be good to support you to have a way to clear people. I've given you some information on this in working on yourselves here and here but I'm taking into account now parents who might wish to clear their children who have been frightened perhaps because of Halloween.

Here's what to do in that case. If you can have the children lie down or sit down that would be best but they might be so agitated that they're running about. Whatever they're doing, it's alright but not if they're causing harm to themselves or others. So if you need to give them a toy to be occupied with that takes on their full attention but is not a television set, perhaps it might be even a small electronic device, that is alright.

This is what to do. First relax yourself and say the following living prayer which will invite the clearing you request. I recommend you say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear my child..." or my children you might say "...and their immediate environs including myself of any and all energies that are harmful and causing conflict to ourselves, our lives and our souls."

Now of course if you yourself feel fine you can just make that exclusive for your child. Wait about 5 minutes. Your child might even change their behavior. If they were highly active they might get more relaxed. If they were doing something they might pause and start doing something else more gentle or resume their natural and normal behavior.

I do not call myself a therapist or call myself anything other than what I am, a shaman and mystical man but I do wish to help those who have asked - what can I do if... and this is my offering for today.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clearing Objects

Have you ever walked by your television set or a television set anywhere - perhaps in a hotel room, perhaps in a meeting room and had a really sinking or uncomfortable feeling for no particular reason. The TV wasn't on - nothing happening there and maybe you wondered what that was about. Here's something you can do to change that.

Do you know that all life is in motion all the time. Light beings - various forms of transitional entities passing through our space all the time most of whom do not understand our way of life but then we may very well not understand their way of life either - sometimes they get caught up in things that have a bright light or even an intense electrical nature about them.

I have found that it is possible to clear the energy which may involve the certain amount of trapped entities and beings from a television set and as a result, with the TV off before you do this and after the process is done and the TV is still off, you will notice most likely that the TV feels better to you when you look at it or when you walk by it and I believe it may be more comfortable to watch. This is something you can do on a fixed schedule if you like. Every 3 to 5 days perhaps would be good or just when you get that uncomfortable feeling. Here's what to do.

Request that light beings perform the work because it is too complicated and hazardous to do it yourself. So this is what to do - relax someplace if you can or sit down at the least and close your eyes if you like, though you don't have to but I recommend it and say this. You might say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear this television set..." or if there is more than one that you're concerned about you can say, "...this television set and all the others..." say in a given space or house or something, " the most benevolent way now."

Relax for a moment. Some of you might feel some energy and just wait. Make sure that no one's going to rush in and turn on the TV set so it's a good time to do this at a quiet time of the day if possible.

After a few minutes, not long - no more than 5 minutes, the set will be clear. Now if you're asking for more than one set in your house to be cleared and you're not sure if the sets are on don't worry about it because it's not harmful to the set, it's not harmful to the people, it just might take a little longer for the TV set to be cleared if it is actually on.

That's something I recommend and I think that you'll find that it improves the way you feel around the television set, it might even improve your viewing experience and it certainly will improve the life experience of any beings caught up in the set.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Supporting Transformation In The Most Benevolent Way

Now there is work to be done and I'm going to ask you to support it - those of you who would like to.

Many of you have read that the antibiotics that are being developed and that are in distribution now, while they are truly wonder drugs that there is concern due to the natural mutating effect of all life. In short, that the organisms that these wonder drugs combat are not always destroyed by the drug therapy. So I'm going to suggest that you consider the following living prayer.

First I'm going to suggest that you ask to feel all of the benevolent energies that are available for you before, during and after you're saying this so that what you say and the way you say it would have its greatest affect. So say the following words in the living prayer if you would - very slowly and if you feel the energy heighten at any moment, pause in saying the words until the energy relaxes a bit and then go on. That strong energy is the benevolent beings that will be supporting transformation.

This is the living prayer I suggest. You might say, "I am asking that all those organisms that are harmful to human beings mutate and evolve now into a benign and benevolent form that will accommodate and be accommodated in the most benevolent way by our physical bodies." That's what I recommend you say.

It is a time now when we must support professions and services that are intending to serve us. We may not always agree with everything that is done but it is alright to support life. I believe that that is the purpose of this living prayer and as you know, the purpose of this blog.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Confronting Life As A Real Thing

A crisis of conscience is something that all people on a spiritual path experience at least once, usually more often than that. Recently someone asked a question about that which I posted on one of my other blogs and it got me to thinking about how often this occurs for us all.

After all, before we get interested in spirituality and mystical and shamanic and all of the other things that I speak about on this blog and my others we live our lives don't we.

We have experiences, we develop attitudes, we live - and then over time we begin to examine, to explore, to put things together. We acquire knowledge, information, perhaps we're fortunate and meet a teacher or two who help us and ease us on to a more benevolent path for us. And then as life would do we are presented with things that used to upset us and we try out our new spirituality perhaps - take it out for a spin so to speak and yet how often it happens that those old things still upset us and our new spirituality cannot always bring us through with ease.

I'm not bringing this up because I'm criticizing anybody, I'm bringing it up because it's a real thing that happens to us all and I want you to know that it is a solvable situation.

This is what I recommend for starters. First I recommend you say the following benevolent magic. I recommend you say, "I request that I be able to unite my true spiritual beliefs that give me comfort now with all that has upset me in the past and present and that these good feelings from my beliefs are able to overcome that which has brought me down and made my life one of conflict in the past. And that this resolution will result in the most benevolent outcome."

That's what I recommend you say for starters and then the next thing I recommend - and it is the most important is that you have patience with yourself. Don't expect perfection. You're on your spiritual path now or you're considering it perhaps and it will take time.

You'll have to apply it to different times and situations and see how it works. If it works you'll say, "Alright, this is for me." If it doesn't work you'll say perhaps, "I need to modify this. I need to add something or subtract something." Give yourself time. You are learning something that requires testing for you. Don't accept it at face value if it doesn't fit into your life. So do try it out. If it works - wonderful. If it doesn't work don't just throw it away.

Give it a chance by adding more or trying something that works better for you. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's Something You Can Do Right Now To Help

Greetings, I am putting this post up on both the blogs because I'm going to ask you all to say some living prayers here. Now if you've been reading these blogs for a while you know to ask for the most benevolent energies to be present, available and all around and about you and wait a couple of minutes. And then if you would care to say slowly the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help whether because of fire, flood, drought or any other cause receive all the help and assistance they need now - benevolently from all those people and beings who can help them." Remember if you're saying more than one living prayer to always wait at least 5 minutes between saying them.

Here's another one you could say if you're so inclined, "I am asking that the fires cool no matter what their cause, no matter where they are to the point of being only light and benevolent light at that. And that the floods calm to the point where they are only nurturing and supportive. And that the anger subside to the point where it is only stimulating, enjoyable conversation."

You may also say if you choose to participate, "I am asking that the hearts of all beings open to each others needs and fulfill those needs in the most benevolent way with the greatest co-operation and kindness you can provide."

Thank you all for your participation. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Safely Contacting Benevolent Spirits

People have asked over time how you can involve the energies of spirits to help to bring about that which you request for others or even yourself or your family.

This is something that needs to be practiced over time. You can begin by sitting someplace quietly and it needs to be someplace comfortable where you don't have to move around much - ideally not at all. So get into a comfortable position. Before you do that, make sure that you will not be disturbed. So you may have to do this at some time of the day or night when that would be possible. Also it's best if the ringer is off on the phone. In short, it needs to be someplace quiet - and then say this.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those benevolent and loving beings that are available for me now be present in, around and near me in a way that I can feel most benevolently." That's a living prayer and it may begin to help.

If you want to, and this is only if you want to, you can have your chair set up so that you are facing a blank wall and perhaps you are about 6 to 8 feet away from the wall. By blank I mean literally nothing on it and that may not be easy for you to do but it's something you can do, not a requirement.

So sit there quietly and be conscious in your physical body - meaning don't meditate in the way of a creative visualization - alright. So don't try to imagine what the spirits are looking like. Just try to be there physically, being present you understand, and not think.

So notice if you feel physically any different. If you get a tingling or if you feel a benevolent energy or if there's even a sense of touch and don't be frightened - alright. This is the kind of thing that might take time and recognize that if the feeling you get is benevolent - meaning it feels good to you - most likely this is a benevolent spirit. Remember, because you're saying the living prayer you're not going to attract something scary.

If you are concerned about attracting something scary or if your home or neighborhood is known for having - oh, scary things happen that - quote go bump in the night unquote then this is what to do before you say the living prayer but after you sit down.

First say this living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that my most benevolent protectors be here and form around me in a complete sphere allowing only the most benevolent gold light beings and light beings to be present who are benevolent, gentle, loving and kind with me." If you decide to say that then wait at least 5 minutes before you say the other living prayer.

Now I've decided to offer this for you since there have been requests. If there are more requests I will give other suggestions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Light That Feeds

Do you know that rainbows nourish the land, the plants, the animals and yes - even us. It is not just a scientific wonder. It is not a thing of beauty only. It is actually intended to feed all that it touches.

I have seen rainbows where people actually walk through the light as it was coming down illuminating the Earth and I have spoken to people who have walked through them who felt buoyed up as a result of that contact. I do not know whether science recognizes this or not but I know and I have been taught that the light that illuminates (feeds) it is also our opportunity without any training to see light in all of its great beauty. It is a way for us to be reminded how our natural energy, which is light, is food.

The plants, the animals, Mother Earth herself all know this. Even science is willing to consider that light is a form of matter and that as such it is a support system. I'm sure you can find it if you look for it in the annals of science and other places. Nevertheless I just wanted to remind you today that the beauty of a rainbow is also food.

Do you have any rainbow stories? If you do feel free to share them here for us all.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


And so - times change and so do we all. You may have noticed that things are changing on the global level and on the local level.

This is not surprising because in order for our world to go ahead we must begin to equalize and have balance. I know that we all want everyone to have peace, food, shelter, comfort and the other good things of life and so this may require a little more sharing. I believe that that sharing will be more welcome than it is frightening.

There will be changes however and we will all see that to some degree. Don't worry about making great sacrifices. I don't feel that that is going to be the case but we may have to accept the fact that our image will change, that we may see ourselves as others see us and that we may also be able to see others as they see themselves. And this will be ultimately a very good thing though there will be some moments of shyness and even some embarrassment. Still, when viewed on the world front it will be a good thing in time though there will be a few bumpy roads yet to come.

Think of it as something that ultimately creates a more benevolent society and remember to keep up your sense of humor. If we can laugh at ourselves and laugh through the pain when it comes we will be able to feel a sense of kinship we have not known nor experienced before. It's surprising how forgiving people can be when we're able to laugh at ourselves and feel pride in the accomplishments of others.

We'll get through this thing, this life, this world and I believe we'll do it as brothers and sisters with each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sweets And Receptivity

Did you know that when you eat sweet things it makes you more receptive. I think that that is something that we all know at a certain level and that is an established fact in certain places and it's true. People have studied this extensively - certainly candy makers and others but it is a important fact to be aware of and I'm going to tell you why.

Do you know that when you watch television and eat sweet things that the chances of your taking in an energy - a stray energy perhaps that's passing through the electrical circuits or a message on the TV that you might not necessarily like - you might take that in to your body and your body not knowing that it's any different than anything else will attempt to process it.

So - suggestion, lets just keep it simple eh. When you're eating sweet things I recommend that you do not have the television on or that you're not near it and that you try to have the energy and the atmosphere around you as calm, friendly and pleasant as possible. That's my recommendation.

Just something short today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 6 (Dreams)

Now, some of you have noticed in these past few weeks an increase in dreams. The increase however sometimes will bring up old dreams that you've had that you thought you were done with. They might be unsettling, they might be strange or odd.

This is what to do. I recommend you say a living prayer for the beings in the dream. Now I know that may sound strange. Some of you undoubtedly feel that it is you in the dream but if you can remember in detail you will remember that the person you see in the dream is not yourself - they don't look like you.

This has to do with lessons along the lines of guide training that you may be receiving or that others may be receiving that you are able to sit in on so to speak as a spirit or soul with your teachers to understand the nature of how Earth and other worlds function and the nature of service and how we all help each other.

So - these dreams, unsettling though they may be, will not signal a new round for these old dreams you've had. Rather these are observations of real people on this planet - or possibly variations of other school-like planets, though there aren't that many.

In this case I recommend you say the following living prayer. It will probably eliminate your having those dreams again. At the very least, it will help people out.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that..." (then you mention the name or the circumstances or the people you saw in the dream) "...experience the most benevolent resolution for their challenges and as a result of this resolution experience the most benevolent outcome in their lives." That's what I recommend you say.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 5

As I said I would say more about this. Now, one of the issues that you will be experiencing as a result of this event is considerably more compassion for your fellow beings - and by fellow beings I am not excluding non-humans. After all we are living on this planet with a great many beings some of whom are not people as we understand them to be.

So, you will feel a sense of compassion that actually encourages you to do something. Now - there will be times when you can actually do something direct but if there isn't something that you can do directly and you want a living prayer you can say in these specific circumstances this is exactly what to say.

Remember - when the energy comes up to stop saying it until the energy fades a bit and then continue with the words. Do that every time in case the energy comes up and when you are done if the energy is present - don't think - just wait until it fades. The energy will help to bring it about.

This is what you can say in a living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all the feelings I am experiencing in my compassion now, help to bring about the most benevolent outcome for those whom I am concerned about now." That's all you say.

You are entrusting all the spirit beings who help to bring about the benevolent result that you are requesting and you are also entrusting your own soul and the soul and spirits of all other human beings who are involved in one degree or another of co-operation to bring about the most benevolent outcome associated with living prayer and for that matter benevolent magic. But just do a living prayer in this situation.

Now you're not going to feel so very tender - alright - but this compassion is a real thing. You will notice it and I recommend that you do that living prayer. It will help you to feel better and it will do good.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 4

What else can you expect from this event. Below you will see a question from Patrice, a regular reader of these blogs:

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert could the event also result in an impression of feeling lost or disoriented, like not finding how to go ahead in this new energy. Having old emotions and pains surfacing without reason? But at the same time feeling that it's Ok.



It is possible as a result of this event to experience what Patrice has mentioned. As a result you will feel not so very upset as you might have felt in the past when concerning matters like that. You will be able to get through it a lot easier because you won't have the same feeling of attachment to those issues.

True, the feelings will come up but you'll get through them fairly quickly and after you do get through them - now don't avoid them, go through the feelings but after you do go through the feelings you will notice that those experiences will seem to fall away. Not only will you not have much attachment to them but you might personally feel a little different.

I'll say a lot more about that in the future but just for now I want you to know that these feelings are a possibility and if more of you note that they come up I'll say more about it sooner but for right now I want you to know that it is possible.

Also know that when these feelings come up that it is a good thing to consult other people who may be doing this work from reading these blogs as well as the ones on A Mystical Man's World and if you can compare notes that will also help you to feel better.

Remember - take note of how you do not feel as upset as you can recall yourself feeling about these issues in the past and as I said, I'll say more about that soon.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moving Through...

Do you ever get depressed. In this day and age it's not unusual to feel that sometimes.

I recall when I was growing up, that like all parents of the time my parents would often tell me about the good things of life and most of the other kids in the neighborhood were told similar things though a few were told about the hazards - and my Father would sometimes warn me about hazards as well.

Nevertheless growing up can sometimes create a myth can't it - a myth of life and I have found that very often the reason I will get depressed is that I have cultured within me either from my youth or from my other experience a belief in something that is not literally true. It might just be a desire. It's difficult sometimes isn't it - sometimes when we see things we want them to be true, sometimes when we imagine things we want them to be true.

I don't get depressed very often but it does happen to me now and then and I'm sure it happens to you as well from time to time. Lets try to remember that when depression takes place it's almost always based on a myth of life which may not be about something that's true.

Sometimes also, I know for some people, it is something that they are born with and that medicine has yet to properly address but they will in time - I believe that.

I'm not trying to say, "Oh, poor us." I'm rather saying that we all have these moments when we are disappointed and sometimes fall into a deeper disappointment. For us though it is important to utilize benevolent magic and living prayer and other means to move through these momentary difficulties.

Life is challenging enough isn't it and we can but try to keep each other cheered up, buoyed up to face life and move through these hard times. I am hopeful you will move through your hard times smoothly, easily and with grace.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 3

Have you noticed lately that you have had not quite as much attraction to reading blogs or even blogging yourself. Don't assume that this means that your blogging time is over or that your friends blogs that you read are no longer interesting. I know most of you are not thinking this way but some of you've been wondering about this.

Let me explain. The recent event that happened that I referred to in the last post in regards to this subject - I did not talk so much about what you would experience as time goes on. I'm going to add to that a bit today.

Many of you will feel now a very strong desire to get out and meet people. On the one hand you'll want to call old friends and speak with them and sometimes you want to call family members and speak with them regardless of your past connections or not.

Still there will be a feeling that will grow and you'll notice it, some of you have already noticed it, of a desire to meet people - even if it means simply going out to market or standing out in front of your home and being friendly with neighbors as they walk by.

It's important to know that this is connected to that event.

There have been a long string of moments leading up to this. Because of life and its complications, regardless of where we live, we've been gradually withdrawing more and more into a world that felt as safe as we could make it but now it's a time to emerge from that shelter we had to create out of necessity. And that emergence is taking this form - the form of a desire to be amongst people - not for any reason of safety but rather a reason of simple friendliness and curiosity.

It is almost like being young again where one runs out to be with the other children. Of course in this case those whom I'm speaking to here are not - for the most part - children but rather are people who've been in the world and have had to, at times, retreat from the world.

This is a time then where you will feel that attraction. So pick your time and pick your place and go out and look at people around you. If they smile at you and it feels safe - smile back. If you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation or if someone strikes one up with you - talk - see what it's like to meet people again.

It is a good sign this. It's not something fleeting though it will feel like that at times.

Once upon a time, so to speak, a long time ago we as souls and our ancestors as well came to this place - this planet of learning. We were very social beings and were inclined to accept the offer of guides, angels and those who sent them to us and at that time we felt that the most wonderful thing would be to come to this fabulous planet with all of its variety of animals and plants. We did come here and over time experienced many things as I've discussed in the explorer race books and amongst these things was a gradual withdrawal from our social life that we'd known beyond this planet because when we came here we forgot who we had been.

We were no longer connected to people from other planets as typically happens on other planets. Here we gradually learned that we had to survive and struggle and get along as best as possible.

I'm not trying to condense the history here of many thousands of years and millennia for that matter, I'm just suggesting that as the human race we've had a long time to grow inward and to shelter ourselves out of necessity.

This recent event is the culmination of many others that is drawing us out - not being dragged out you understand, from a cave in an unyielding manner but drawing us out on the basis of angelic and other inspiration to bring us into the world that has been refreshed - if not physically then refreshed in the hearts and minds of people.

What we have here in this world aside from many animals and many plants still here is people and we can reacquaint ourselves with them including those we don't know and have never met.

Enjoy the experience for I shall say more about this as time goes on. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Important Reminders About Benevolent Magic And Living Prayer

A brief and gentle reminder here. For those of you using benevolent magic and living prayer it is vitally important that when you say a benevolent magic in the way I have instructed you here over time on this site or living prayer also in the way I have suggested, it is essential - though I know it may not always be easy - after you have said it even while the energy is there - don't think.

That is essential and I know it may not be easy. So what you can do is you can stare at a blank wall. If that's not handy, look at the back of your hand or the front of your hand if you wish. In short, stare at something that does not hold your interest so much but allows you to focus your intention and does not generally stimulate thought. I cannot stress how important this is.

There's a tendency you see - sometimes to think and when you think you have a tendency to dilute what you have requested and possibly even to deflect it into what you have thought. Of course if what you have thought is something that is the opposite of what you have requested or perhaps a worry - most likely it will not activate that.

Nevertheless I suggest that you attempt to practice this discipline. If you'd like to have a little practice then here's what to do. Either stare at a blank wall for about 10 to 15 seconds and anytime you catch yourself thinking just stop, don't beat yourself up about it, and try it again. When you can get up to the point where you can stare at a blank wall for about 30 seconds without thinking - that's pretty good. Stop there and say - okay, that's enough.

The other way to do that for the purpose of this exercise is to stare at either one or the other hand - either the front or the back of your hand, just one and do the rest of the steps exactly the same way.

Alright, that's just a refresher. It's important to give you these from time to time because it is really so easy to allow our minds to wander sometimes isn't it.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Letting Go With Ease

Have you noticed lately that there is inner conflicts. You might be feeling something that is sorely attached to the past.

This could very well be a desire you have had, perhaps a strong one, associated with your past that is no longer of any interest to you. Think about it. How many times have we - over the years - wanted this, that or the other thing so badly that we've made it - if not our sole objective in life at least an important factor of our goals.

And of course life has moved on and many of these old desires are not only no longer needed but they're completely off the scope so to speak. And yet do you know that our physical body and certainly our subconscious mind often keeps striving for these old goals.

I'm going to suggest you do something - and give yourself time to do it. Try to harken back to people, places and things that you've desired strongly in the past. Don't dwell on it but just make a list if you can.

Then after you've written a few things down, after all there's only so much you can remember, then this is what I'm going to suggest you do - that is to simply say the following living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all my former goals, desires, wants and needs that are best left behind me be disconnected from me now in the most benevolent way for me and that only that which I want, need and desire now be a portion of my physical and mental striving."

Now you understand that this living prayer is a worthwhile thing to say but this is how I want you to say it if you would. Try to say it out loud, it doesn't have to be loud but just out loud - it can be whispered but needs to be verbalized. Try to say it before you go to sleep especially if it is a time when you're going to have a day off or even two days off from your normal work - but if you don't get that time off then you see when you say it before you go to sleep you'll have a good chance of releasing and processing some of it during your deep sleep state.

Of course I also recommend disentanglement for this as well but this is what I suggest as a process that you may find useful. Keep in mind that disentanglement is much deeper and much more thorough and I feel a very benevolent thing to do. However this is a supplementary especially for those of you who for one reason or another have not begun doing disentanglement.

That's what I have to offer today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 2

I have spoken recently here about a observable event for which you have had, some of you, an opportunity to take note.

Now that this experience has occurred it might be as well to say a little more about it. For one thing, if you did not have that feeling of recognition and acknowledgment you will have that chance in the future. It is not something that you've missed out on and...oh darn it or...! It will be something you can count on experiencing.

Even so, the fact that it has taken place will trigger the start of a new cycle and that will be reinforced as the sequence happens in a rippling effect - rippling out from all of those places it has already occurred and that is intended to reinforce and to invigorate the beginning of this cycle.

The cycle is very much about feeling connected to other human beings in a benevolent way - but there is more. It's also about feeling, not just knowing mentally of course but feeling connected to animals that you know or see on a regular basis.

You have perhaps enjoyed the opportunity to have a wonderful experience with an animal living in its own environment, often called a wild animal. You have perhaps enjoyed other wonderful moments with your pet or one that is in the neighborhood or simply nearby where you live but now you will experience them in a different way.

I know that many of you have been looking for the mental connection - words, thoughts, ideas but now there will be a sense of fellowship. A sense of being in this together like you may have felt with human beings before.

It is a time now when all those present on the planet no matter what form they are in will feel a greater sense of community together and that community will provide much more so for each other than you have in the past.

Try to get past your fear of animals no matter how they look. They can't help the way they look just as in their eyes they understand you can't help the way you look. Funny isn't it thinking of it that way but it's really something that they understand better then we do.

It is a opportunity now. Many of you will experience this opportunity in increased clarity in your dreams. Sometimes you will have a memory of that dream clarity being accompanied by or visually a reminder of an animal being present. Don't question the appearance of that animal even though it may not be an appearance that you would recognize as an Earth species. It might even be someone from another planet that looks like an animal in our minds.

This is a time of preparation. It is a time of seeing the value in all beings as well as recognizing the value in ourselves.

Soon we will be visited by those who care for us and wish to provide us with a great bounty. We have been struggling for a long time on this planet feeling cut off from portions of ourselves as well as the universe. Many of us have felt that there are those from other planets who would love to give us the cures to diseases or provide other technology and harmonies that we would benefit from. Those days draw near.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 1

Now there is a event coming up I feel is good for you to know about. There will be almost nothing required of you. In some cases a simple nod of the head. In other cases perhaps a small smile or even a little chuckle.

It will feel very much like the response you are giving and the response you see from others might be that that is experienced when someone has stated an inside joke - meaning only understood and appreciated by a select few, also known at times as esoteric - but it will not have been anything verbal.

This is what's going to happen - there will be a series of events seemingly unrelated and for the most part completely innocuous that you and a few others will take note of wherever you are in the world - whatever is going on in your group, neighborhood or society you will notice and a few others will notice and it will cause you to smile, maybe chuckle slightly or do as I've indicated with those little gestures because you will see and those others will see the connection between those seemingly random events and have a good feeling about them.

So we're not talking about something that will create a sense of cynical resignation, rather I'm talking about something that will give you a good feeling and a definite feeling of hope for the present as well as for the future. Keep in mind that these so called random events might be slightly different from one culture to another but the recognition of them and the feeling will be the same no matter where you are living, no matter in what culture all over the planet.

I don't want to say what it's about now but I will say in the future. I just felt it was important for you to know this because you will not be alone even if you see no one else in that moment, for some reason, with a similar acknowledgment you will hear about it if not immediately, then eventually from friends.

This is a good thing, a good sign and one that is benevolent for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 3

Last time I spoke about instinct in our refresher on the subject. This time I'd like you to try something different.

I'd like you to take note when you're in a place that's crowded - glance around and see if your eyes happen to fall on someone - not necessarily someone that you find attractive but someone you don't know and have never met and yet, a place where you feel reasonably safe. Perhaps a large meeting, perhaps a convention where you all have similar interests or perhaps simply someplace where there's a sporting event perhaps going on that you're all attending so you have similar interests there too and if you feel like it at a distance speak to the person. Just say - hey isn't this great or something non committal like that.

Also in a crowded situation, say in an elevator, you could if you catch the eye of someone just say - make some little remark saying - it's like sardines isn't it - referring to the way sardines are stuffed in a can.

Do you know that such remarks and little quips and sometimes jokes were always the thing that people said in the past and people would laugh and the humor would be something that would help calm a difficult situation. Many of you know this but not most.

The fact that in crowded situations - which are going to become increasingly the norm for a while - that these little jokes are not said so often is because we are sensitive. Yes, even when we're packed into someplace like an elevator or perhaps a subway train we are sensitive and often that sensitivity is expressed in fear or confusion - but it is time to begin to notice our friends and allies whom we don't know and have never met. That's the key here. So - that's what I'd like you to do.

It might just be that in that packed elevator or packed subway the person who chuckles or glances at you even shyly might be different than the one that you thought might be the one that would react to you. If that happens and if you feel even reasonably comfortable then see if you can strike up a conversation with that person and if you feel comfortable and safe go to coffee or something with them and see if you can make a friend.

It is important now to discover the comforts and the valuable aspects of instinct.

I'm not going to encourage you to do something that would be death defying. Rather I'm going to encourage you to improve the quality of your life by increasing the circle of your friends and this is what I'm suggesting for you right now.

I did say that it could be embarrassing - if things don't work out, if nobody looks at you but - shrug it off and try it again another time. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 2

Now - last time I began telling you about how sensitive we are and today I want to expand on the practicality of that. It is a great deal more practical then you have been led to believe.

Sensitivity has been greatly reduced in the eyes of many societies and yet it is that very quality that will not only allow us to move with grace through the coming years but will allow us to experience a much better quality of life.

Now, last time I touched on the fact that it is our sensitivity that will allow us to know beforehand what may happen. I've spoken at great length here on these blogs about instinct though I don't always use the word to speak about it.

Sometimes the training occurs in the various aspects of feeling this or feeling that and as you know when I've labeled things feelings, since labeling has been possible here on Blogger, I have always referred to feelings in the context of physical feelings. When I do that you can be sure I'm talking about instinct.

Instinct is a capacity we are all born with on Earth and we identify it most often with animals. They do this, they do that - oh it must be their instinct - and how often have we wished that we had that...and of course we are born with it. We're born with it because Creator wants us to have it and quite obviously since we are born with it - wants us to use it.

It is true that sometimes we are born with other qualities but these qualities are also intended by Creator for us to use them in ways that are benevolent for ourselves and others. I'll say more about that some other time but for now lets talk a little more about sensitivity and instinct.

It is possible you know, to know what's going to happen before it happens. I've given you exercises before on how to feel something - how to know that something is close.

The exercise given last time was a reminder and if you like you can do that another time with yourself but it might be better to have a mate or friend do that with you. It has to be a very good friend, someone you absolutely trust because it is no fooling around - it has to be done the way I recommended because the point is to remind you that you are sensitive - not to make a joke of your sensitivity you see.

So if you like you can do it a second time with your eyes closed but the person doing the almost touching of course has their eyes open and must be very careful to do the exercise as suggested.

The experience then of sensitivity has everything to do with instinct. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what was going to happen before it happened.

Well of course your feelings are the messenger when it comes to instinct. How many of us truly honor our feelings? I'm not talking about feelings that are necessarily stimulated by fear or terrors, though sometimes when those feelings come up and are recognized it's because we haven't noticed our warning feelings about something that could happen. I am talking about those gentle subtle feelings that are messages. So, another little bit of homework.

I know I've given homework like this before but this is an important refresher. I will be giving you much more advanced work on instincts in the near future.

So, this is what I'd like you to do as a refresher. Find a place in your house or in a location where you can be completely safe and stand in front of a wall with absolutely nothing in front of you. This can't be a crowded room with lots of furniture or certainly not with dogs or cats or children running about - so it has to be someplace that will work for you.

It's not necessarily something I'd recommend doing outdoors - alright - though some of you may have ideal circumstances for that - I'd recommend it be in a room.

Stand about 6, 8, maybe 10 feet away from a blank wall and with your eyes wide open very slowly with the smallest steps possible walk towards the wall. Don't put your arms out. Just walk towards the wall - and you don't have to keep your arms at your side, just walk naturally but don't put your arms out in front of you.

When you get to just a few feet from the wall then you can put your arms out with your palms down and your hands curled slightly so that by the time you get to the point where you're actually going to contact the wall with your body you touch it with your slightly curled fingers. Then turn around and walk back naturally so that you are about the same distance from the wall which would be about 6, 8, 10 feet away - whatever you choose, something like that.

Then do the same thing again very slowly with your eyes closed. Try to make sure to do this in a way where you are safe - nobody running around or if there's another person in the room that they're reasonably far away and perhaps only there to keep people who may be in the area from barging in and disturbing you.

So, take note of when you get the feeling to put your hands out the way you did when you got closer to the wall and put your hands out. If you notice the wall, then that's fine - then open your eyes.

If on the other hand you get to the point where you bump into the wall before you put your hands out that's okay too but that's why I want you to walk very slowly - just inching along so you don't harm yourself. You don't have to inch along when you're doing that part of the exercise where your eyes are intended to be open though I do wish you to do it very slowly for that part with your eyes open but do inch along when you get the feeling you ought to or when you have the sense the wall is coming.

Now anytime you get to the point where you reach out with your hands and contact the wall or even reach out with your hands and do not feel the wall because you're not that close to it yet, it's alright to open your eyes then and look and see where you are.

The point of this exercise is to get to the point where you are able to reach out and contact the wall with your eyes closed when you are about - maybe half an arm length away from the wall.

It's not a game. It's a means to sharpen up your instincts and as I said in the not to distant future I will be giving you something that is a greater test of this and will involve some slight risk perhaps but not a danger - maybe a little risk of embarrassment but for now this is what to do as a refresher.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 1

It's so easy to underestimate people isn't it. Sometimes it starts off with some misunderstanding. You say something, they say something and you've missed a word or two - or perhaps in their case they've missed your first few words and there's a misunderstanding. And then what can follow is an attitude either on their part or on your part.

This has happened to all of us. We know how easy it is - and yet perhaps if all goes well, later on the misunderstanding is resolved - but what happens to the attitude.

Does it also disappear or is there a tendency for us to tip into that attitude about that person or have others tip into that attitude about us much more easily in the future.

I believe that all of us on this planet are meant to be sensitive. I know it may at times be inconvenient and even at times in large institutional groups, they're created for one reason or another, difficult to say the least. And yet, we are born sensitive.

Think how sensitive a baby is. A baby can be sound asleep and a well intended loving parent can come into the room, reach down and do what adults the world over like to do with baby - gently touch the palm of baby's hand and baby's hand naturally squeezes with their tiny fingers, your finger - and yet baby remains sound asleep.

Now that takes real sensitivity. We are all born that way and we sprout from that point. I'm talking about this today because I feel that there has been entirely too much effort made by ourselves with ourselves and by society around us to encourage us to be less sensitive - and yet we are born that way. Creator desires us to be sensitive or we wouldn't be born that way.

So - today a little homework suggestion, just for fun. With one hand - and you can do this with a mate if you like or you can do it on your own - with one hand reach over to your arm or to your stomach. Don't touch your other arm or your stomach - don't touch but move very slowly with your hand towards that part of your body, and by your stomach I'm referring to the area around your solar plexus which is extremely sensitive much more so than most of you know.

Begin to reach towards the skin of your solar plexus or the skin of your other arm very slowly with the palm of your hand - either hand - and as you get slower note the physical feelings in your body.

Try to do this someplace that's quiet or perhaps at a time of day when things have calmed down at least to a "dull roar" and notice when you start getting feelings in your body. Most of you will notice some kind of feeling in your body when you are just a few inches or considerably further away from touching your arm with your hand or coming closer to your solar plexus.

If you start to get a really uncomfortable feeling this is what to say - and remember if you're doing this with a mate there can't be too much kidding around and never saying anything harsh. This is just to let you know how sensitive you were born - I'll say more about that in a moment. As you get closer to your solar plexus or your arm, notice your feelings and as I said if you get uncomfortable start saying out loud, "I'm safe" and continue saying that - not over and over but saying it only when the uncomfortable feeling comes up.

Continue doing that until you get your hand to within about an inch of your arm or your solar plexus. Then begin moving your hand without touching your arm or solar plexus - begin moving your hand up towards your shoulder or in the case of your solar plexus very slowly up towards your chest. You will notice that the sensitivity becomes heightened. Now that's all.

This is only to show you how sensitive you are. It is important to do this for some of you because you don't often remember that you were born sensitive and there's a reason for it. Creator would not have us born this way if there wasn't a reason.

It is not a challenge. It is rather so that we can feel and know before we are touched or told. Yes, we all have the capacity to know what's going to happen slightly before it happens or what's going to be known mentally just before we are told. I'll say more about that next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Changes

Did you know, there are changes coming up for everyone now very soon.

I have mentioned this before but we must face the facts - the polar ice caps are going to continue to melt, albeit at a varying rate. This is not because of mankind's activities so much, though scientifically speaking it can certainly be traced to that.

There is another factor involved here. We as human beings are using more and more water in different ways these days. There are those looking for alternate fuels and water when broken down into its component parts has looked good to many. And there are other actions using water that does not allow the water to be recycled, as we understand it. So - there's more to it.

Mother Earth is also clearing some more land for us since there are many of us and we must live somewhere. Oh it's true that the global temperature will go up as a result and of course they'll be more rain because they'll be more moisture but this does not have to be such a bad thing.

I know it may at times with various predictions look to be somewhat glum and there's no doubt that low-lying islands may have some problems but it's also a fact that there are places on the land on various continents and other places where the people can be - so please make room for them.

Mother Earth intends to provide us with what we need but I have been guided that she would like us to do something and it may not always be popular. She would like us to have less children. We all love children of course and they are precious and perhaps when there are fewer of them by natural loving processes then they will be treasured as they ought to be - but we must face the facts. There are a great many of us living on the planet now and it might be better if we could find a way to very gently reduce the population.

I would say that this can be done and it can be done gently. There are many ways and I believe you know of them. So lets support some of these ways and don't if you would, become intimidated by those who say you ought to have children or you must have children or if you don't watch out it's too late to have children and so on and on.

If you really want a child - alright - but if you are not desiring of that then it's alright. Other people will have them and perhaps you can be an auntie or an uncle and that could be just fine.

I am not speaking out against children for I treasure them as well, I am however saying it is alright for the population to be reduced in benign and benevolent and loving ways. I know we can do this and future generations are counting on us to do this so that Mother Earth will be available benevolently for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More On Our Pathway

It's easy to be judgmental isn't it. "How could she do that? How could he do that?"

We are all born with certain potentials and from that point on we are subject to influences and of course some people might say that fate plays a hand. Fate of course is a word that represents all that we don't know - but happens.

So when we look around and we hear things and we see things - sometimes small offensive things, sometimes annoyances - even if we feel that there may be some reason, there is a difficulty not judging it isn't there.

And so, what about the big things? It's so easy isn't it to say, "How could he do that! How could she do that!" And yet, what would you have done if you were born with that potential, if you were thrust into that influence, if you were exposed to this or that.

You know, I feel that this place - this planet is a place that Creator has decided to see - what if. I do not feel that we are somehow dangling at the end of Creator's strings with Creator jerking us this way or that way. I feel we are all volunteers.

Granted - if we knew what was going to come in our lives we may not have volunteered for this but souls are innocent and spirits, as we all are, do not recall nor do we understand the implications of former lives or for that matter of the experiences of others.

When we are not here on this planet we do not experience pain. We do not experience suffering. This place is the school that teaches what can be done and what are the results when one does what is perhaps better not to do. This school is not a place of punishment as I've said before - this is a finishing school for those spirits and souls who want to go on from here to create in a more responsible position.

Think about it - parents create and they are then presented with the results of their creation so that they must continue to create and to bring about the best possible life they are able for their children.

Of course the children arrive with certain potentials and even if you are the best parent in the world your child goes out, is exposed to life and the slings and arrows that come about as the result of life. So you do the best you can, that's all you can do.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that it is so easy to fall into a pattern of judging what others do - not necessarily putting ourselves into their shoes. Even if we discount that they are different, that they've been exposed to things that are different - put yourself in their shoes - what would you have done.

I have spoken before here and other places about the difference between discernment and judgment and as a result of that I feel that it is important now to move past judging and blaming because if we judge and blame it is so easy to overdo it isn't it.

It's so easy to say, "Well, he is one of those and he did that so maybe they're all like that. So whatever we do it's alright because they're all that way and they deserve it."

Now I realize that has a cartoonish quality to it but it is really the distilled version of the rational that is used to sell wholesale violence to large groups of people who might perpetuate it.

We are coming into times now where what is required of us is co-operation. The world is reforming culturally. Yes, it will be first on the business model or the corporate model and we may not like that at times. On the other hand it will be, over time and not a long time at that, remodeling itself into one whereby people are served with heart not just directed through head and will.

I haven't spoken too much about the will here but I will address that in the future. The will has gotten a great deal of - how can we say...praise in our time - meaning, "I didn't think I could do it but I drove myself to it, I willed myself to do it and I got it. I achieved it."

I recall a time when will was looked upon a different way but I am not here to blame. I am here to say that judgment can keep us apart very often from that which we desire. Discernment does not do this so much and yet there are occasions when those who step in a destructive pathway must be separated from those who need to be protected. We all know this - the proverbial bull in a china shop - yes - but there are means, manners and ways.

We are all evolving to a more heart centered sense of values. It's not as simple as it once was. We can't just all go out into the forest and be reminded what nature is since the forest is disappearing to make room for so many of us here who need the room to live. Now we're coming into a time when we must come into our hearts through exposure to each other and recognize that very often the animals, the trees, the bushes, the plants - otherwise known as the natural beings here on this planet - will be able simply by their ways to demonstrate how to get along in the best possible way with others given the circumstances of life.

I feel that the changes we are about to enter as a global society will bring us closer together and I also feel that many of us will have opportunities - truly magical moments in the next few years that will change us - as that forest is not going to be present - then those magical moments will come from a person or two people or more and they will not be destructive, they will not be willful, they will not be commanding or demanding.

They will bring us into our hearts and it will happen with others around so that we feel our hearts and thus can find our way once more in the most benevolent way on our pathway to becoming a global benevolent society. Watch for it - it's coming.