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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Prize

I don't know, what's so great about Christmas? It comes once a year. We have to shell out more then we want to for decorations and gifts and other ballyhoo that goes with it - why bother?

I'll tell you why. It's one of those holidays that reminds us that there are good things about the world. So many of us are striving to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, our friends, our community and in the course of that struggle - it's difficult isn't it - very challenging to keep an eye on the prize.

The prize however is not the goal we're striving for, the prize is that which we are intending to protect and feed - our friends, our family and yes - ourselves. That's the prize. Lets not lose sight of that because when we do lose sight of that - well, that's why we need Christmas - not only for its religious significance but to be reminded of the beauty within ourselves, within our children, within our grandparents, within our families, our friends and our community.

Christmas is not only about a religious holiday - and it is that but it is also to be reminded about joy for that is the true prize.



Anonymous said...

I too have been thinking about Christmas and all the left-winged naye sayers that criticize it as materialistic and/or a stolen pagan holiday....well, let's face it globalization has made the distiction lines, between people and culture, a bit blurry as races marry with mates sharing, merging and synergizing their cultures including, customs and religion. it any wonder that such a new country/culture as the US has come up with a holiday that blends customs and cultures from various lands and peoples. And, the part about materialism..well that's a part you can choose to tap into, or not, depending on where we each are consciously at on our own, to say that materialism is bad...I hope that means that those who are judging are growing their own everythinbg and that trade with something other than money. Otherwise, they too are consumers. Ultimately I have decided, after years of living according to this "ism' or that "ism", that Christmas is part of our American culture and that we are fortunate to have it as it unifies us as a people.

If someone wants to just give and not receive..they can do that, Or, they can choose to donate all their gifts to the poor and/or needy. If they want to give home made cooked goods, or their time as a gift certificate, or even a note in a home made letter saying that on the behalf of the receiver of the note they will donate "x" amount of time , or money (energy)to a worthy cause. It's a wonderful concept.

We are all free to participate as our awareness guides us. Or not.

I like Christmas since I have changed my mindset. I no longer even feel any sense of stress from the drivers on the road or the shoppers in the store on Christmas Eve. In fact, I see only joy in their faces as we exchange smiles. And yet those that "hate" this holiday, for whatever their complaining, see only the "shopping craziness' which they believe to be true and thus actually "see" around them.

For those that find giving a challenge...I can understand how this holiday would be an inconvenience...My prayer for these challenged, whether financially or emotionally...learn that giving is from the heart first...and felt most.

May we are continue to bask in the after glow of the holidays as the New Year unfolds and reveals even more loving creative potential.

Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of this holiday!


Robert Shapiro said...

Anonymous, while I do not agree with your political criticisms since I feel there is all too much tagging that reduces each of us into a label - on the other hand your thoughtful comments later in your post here reveal much that is of value.

It is true that the US does represent an unusual conglomeration of peoples, most often a benevolent one and my feeling is that this is intended for our entire planet.

What if - consider for a moment eh - what if we were all once many things and we decided, with Creator's blessing, that we would come to this planet and instead of being many things at once we would have variety. Each one being just a few things and then we would have the fun of merging again to become many things.

I feel that is our destiny and so perhaps, as you have observed, the cross-cultural coming together in the US and in other countries - though we don't always know about that - may be the ultimate purpose here.