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The Wand Position
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Friday, August 03, 2007

More On Moving Past Judgement

Have you ever noticed that you say something critical of someone and then before you know it you find yourself in the same position having to either do what they did or having to solve the problem they faced in some other way. It's kind of amusing most of the time when that happens but it also points out an important fact.

For a long time many of you have been reading here and there and all over the place how the world is changing, how feminine energy is rising yes - and how we're moving on to another expression of Earth yes - and other variations on that.

One of the ways you can tell though, and provide yourself with evidence that that is so much the fact is how much the intensity level has been raised to bring our lessons to us.

Do you know that very often, not always but very often the things we criticize the most in other people are the things we either dislike about ourselves or the things that we dislike that are going on in our immediate environment. The fact that so much of this is coming up for so many people right now is an illustration of the fact that we are hurrying up to finish our lessons by having them right in front of us or with us all the time.

I know that you do not like to have your lessons in your face over and over and I sure don't either but here's something I recommend. Pay attention to when you are judging or criticizing others.

Is your criticism or judgement based on the fact that you have done what they were attempting to resolve - that you have done it in some better way or is it simply because you are criticizing the outcome of the solution they applied?

So - homework, next time you're ready to give criticism be prepared not only with what you have to offer as a solution but also be prepared to face the music if your criticism is not received in the best way. I am not here to be the psychologist for I am not that nor am I here to provide professional therapy and you're not coming to me for that. Rather you are here to consider the options and perhaps find a suggestion or two.

Here's a suggestion, I recommend that you sharpen up your discernment. Know what is for you and accept that things, even things that you may not necessarily wish to do or participate in - that those things may be for others.

So - recommendation, take a good hard look at the definition of judgement. Then consider that discernment isn't involved in judging. It's more involved in experience.

I know I've talked about discernment before here and here for example but it's so important now. It's because we're rushing to complete our lessons - a clear sign that something is getting ready to shift on Earth and I believe to something more benevolent.

Well, I know that's a refresher but it's coming up for so many of us these days I thought I'd bring it up again.

If you'd like a little thing you can say for yourself then this is what I recommend. You might say, "I am asking that I feel in my body when I am judging others so that that uncomfortable feeling will remind me that I can simply recognize that people solve things in their own way as best they can and I also am asking to recognize in my body by my feelings my awareness of what is for me and what is for others and to feel comfortable with that, knowing that I'm safe and that my world can be safe and comfortable and I can allow others to have their worlds."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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