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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 3

Have you noticed lately that you have had not quite as much attraction to reading blogs or even blogging yourself. Don't assume that this means that your blogging time is over or that your friends blogs that you read are no longer interesting. I know most of you are not thinking this way but some of you've been wondering about this.

Let me explain. The recent event that happened that I referred to in the last post in regards to this subject - I did not talk so much about what you would experience as time goes on. I'm going to add to that a bit today.

Many of you will feel now a very strong desire to get out and meet people. On the one hand you'll want to call old friends and speak with them and sometimes you want to call family members and speak with them regardless of your past connections or not.

Still there will be a feeling that will grow and you'll notice it, some of you have already noticed it, of a desire to meet people - even if it means simply going out to market or standing out in front of your home and being friendly with neighbors as they walk by.

It's important to know that this is connected to that event.

There have been a long string of moments leading up to this. Because of life and its complications, regardless of where we live, we've been gradually withdrawing more and more into a world that felt as safe as we could make it but now it's a time to emerge from that shelter we had to create out of necessity. And that emergence is taking this form - the form of a desire to be amongst people - not for any reason of safety but rather a reason of simple friendliness and curiosity.

It is almost like being young again where one runs out to be with the other children. Of course in this case those whom I'm speaking to here are not - for the most part - children but rather are people who've been in the world and have had to, at times, retreat from the world.

This is a time then where you will feel that attraction. So pick your time and pick your place and go out and look at people around you. If they smile at you and it feels safe - smile back. If you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation or if someone strikes one up with you - talk - see what it's like to meet people again.

It is a good sign this. It's not something fleeting though it will feel like that at times.

Once upon a time, so to speak, a long time ago we as souls and our ancestors as well came to this place - this planet of learning. We were very social beings and were inclined to accept the offer of guides, angels and those who sent them to us and at that time we felt that the most wonderful thing would be to come to this fabulous planet with all of its variety of animals and plants. We did come here and over time experienced many things as I've discussed in the explorer race books and amongst these things was a gradual withdrawal from our social life that we'd known beyond this planet because when we came here we forgot who we had been.

We were no longer connected to people from other planets as typically happens on other planets. Here we gradually learned that we had to survive and struggle and get along as best as possible.

I'm not trying to condense the history here of many thousands of years and millennia for that matter, I'm just suggesting that as the human race we've had a long time to grow inward and to shelter ourselves out of necessity.

This recent event is the culmination of many others that is drawing us out - not being dragged out you understand, from a cave in an unyielding manner but drawing us out on the basis of angelic and other inspiration to bring us into the world that has been refreshed - if not physically then refreshed in the hearts and minds of people.

What we have here in this world aside from many animals and many plants still here is people and we can reacquaint ourselves with them including those we don't know and have never met.

Enjoy the experience for I shall say more about this as time goes on. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Important Reminders About Benevolent Magic And Living Prayer

A brief and gentle reminder here. For those of you using benevolent magic and living prayer it is vitally important that when you say a benevolent magic in the way I have instructed you here over time on this site or living prayer also in the way I have suggested, it is essential - though I know it may not always be easy - after you have said it even while the energy is there - don't think.

That is essential and I know it may not be easy. So what you can do is you can stare at a blank wall. If that's not handy, look at the back of your hand or the front of your hand if you wish. In short, stare at something that does not hold your interest so much but allows you to focus your intention and does not generally stimulate thought. I cannot stress how important this is.

There's a tendency you see - sometimes to think and when you think you have a tendency to dilute what you have requested and possibly even to deflect it into what you have thought. Of course if what you have thought is something that is the opposite of what you have requested or perhaps a worry - most likely it will not activate that.

Nevertheless I suggest that you attempt to practice this discipline. If you'd like to have a little practice then here's what to do. Either stare at a blank wall for about 10 to 15 seconds and anytime you catch yourself thinking just stop, don't beat yourself up about it, and try it again. When you can get up to the point where you can stare at a blank wall for about 30 seconds without thinking - that's pretty good. Stop there and say - okay, that's enough.

The other way to do that for the purpose of this exercise is to stare at either one or the other hand - either the front or the back of your hand, just one and do the rest of the steps exactly the same way.

Alright, that's just a refresher. It's important to give you these from time to time because it is really so easy to allow our minds to wander sometimes isn't it.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Letting Go With Ease

Have you noticed lately that there is inner conflicts. You might be feeling something that is sorely attached to the past.

This could very well be a desire you have had, perhaps a strong one, associated with your past that is no longer of any interest to you. Think about it. How many times have we - over the years - wanted this, that or the other thing so badly that we've made it - if not our sole objective in life at least an important factor of our goals.

And of course life has moved on and many of these old desires are not only no longer needed but they're completely off the scope so to speak. And yet do you know that our physical body and certainly our subconscious mind often keeps striving for these old goals.

I'm going to suggest you do something - and give yourself time to do it. Try to harken back to people, places and things that you've desired strongly in the past. Don't dwell on it but just make a list if you can.

Then after you've written a few things down, after all there's only so much you can remember, then this is what I'm going to suggest you do - that is to simply say the following living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all my former goals, desires, wants and needs that are best left behind me be disconnected from me now in the most benevolent way for me and that only that which I want, need and desire now be a portion of my physical and mental striving."

Now you understand that this living prayer is a worthwhile thing to say but this is how I want you to say it if you would. Try to say it out loud, it doesn't have to be loud but just out loud - it can be whispered but needs to be verbalized. Try to say it before you go to sleep especially if it is a time when you're going to have a day off or even two days off from your normal work - but if you don't get that time off then you see when you say it before you go to sleep you'll have a good chance of releasing and processing some of it during your deep sleep state.

Of course I also recommend disentanglement for this as well but this is what I suggest as a process that you may find useful. Keep in mind that disentanglement is much deeper and much more thorough and I feel a very benevolent thing to do. However this is a supplementary especially for those of you who for one reason or another have not begun doing disentanglement.

That's what I have to offer today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 2

I have spoken recently here about a observable event for which you have had, some of you, an opportunity to take note.

Now that this experience has occurred it might be as well to say a little more about it. For one thing, if you did not have that feeling of recognition and acknowledgment you will have that chance in the future. It is not something that you've missed out on and...oh darn it or...! It will be something you can count on experiencing.

Even so, the fact that it has taken place will trigger the start of a new cycle and that will be reinforced as the sequence happens in a rippling effect - rippling out from all of those places it has already occurred and that is intended to reinforce and to invigorate the beginning of this cycle.

The cycle is very much about feeling connected to other human beings in a benevolent way - but there is more. It's also about feeling, not just knowing mentally of course but feeling connected to animals that you know or see on a regular basis.

You have perhaps enjoyed the opportunity to have a wonderful experience with an animal living in its own environment, often called a wild animal. You have perhaps enjoyed other wonderful moments with your pet or one that is in the neighborhood or simply nearby where you live but now you will experience them in a different way.

I know that many of you have been looking for the mental connection - words, thoughts, ideas but now there will be a sense of fellowship. A sense of being in this together like you may have felt with human beings before.

It is a time now when all those present on the planet no matter what form they are in will feel a greater sense of community together and that community will provide much more so for each other than you have in the past.

Try to get past your fear of animals no matter how they look. They can't help the way they look just as in their eyes they understand you can't help the way you look. Funny isn't it thinking of it that way but it's really something that they understand better then we do.

It is a opportunity now. Many of you will experience this opportunity in increased clarity in your dreams. Sometimes you will have a memory of that dream clarity being accompanied by or visually a reminder of an animal being present. Don't question the appearance of that animal even though it may not be an appearance that you would recognize as an Earth species. It might even be someone from another planet that looks like an animal in our minds.

This is a time of preparation. It is a time of seeing the value in all beings as well as recognizing the value in ourselves.

Soon we will be visited by those who care for us and wish to provide us with a great bounty. We have been struggling for a long time on this planet feeling cut off from portions of ourselves as well as the universe. Many of us have felt that there are those from other planets who would love to give us the cures to diseases or provide other technology and harmonies that we would benefit from. Those days draw near.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 1

Now there is a event coming up I feel is good for you to know about. There will be almost nothing required of you. In some cases a simple nod of the head. In other cases perhaps a small smile or even a little chuckle.

It will feel very much like the response you are giving and the response you see from others might be that that is experienced when someone has stated an inside joke - meaning only understood and appreciated by a select few, also known at times as esoteric - but it will not have been anything verbal.

This is what's going to happen - there will be a series of events seemingly unrelated and for the most part completely innocuous that you and a few others will take note of wherever you are in the world - whatever is going on in your group, neighborhood or society you will notice and a few others will notice and it will cause you to smile, maybe chuckle slightly or do as I've indicated with those little gestures because you will see and those others will see the connection between those seemingly random events and have a good feeling about them.

So we're not talking about something that will create a sense of cynical resignation, rather I'm talking about something that will give you a good feeling and a definite feeling of hope for the present as well as for the future. Keep in mind that these so called random events might be slightly different from one culture to another but the recognition of them and the feeling will be the same no matter where you are living, no matter in what culture all over the planet.

I don't want to say what it's about now but I will say in the future. I just felt it was important for you to know this because you will not be alone even if you see no one else in that moment, for some reason, with a similar acknowledgment you will hear about it if not immediately, then eventually from friends.

This is a good thing, a good sign and one that is benevolent for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 3

Last time I spoke about instinct in our refresher on the subject. This time I'd like you to try something different.

I'd like you to take note when you're in a place that's crowded - glance around and see if your eyes happen to fall on someone - not necessarily someone that you find attractive but someone you don't know and have never met and yet, a place where you feel reasonably safe. Perhaps a large meeting, perhaps a convention where you all have similar interests or perhaps simply someplace where there's a sporting event perhaps going on that you're all attending so you have similar interests there too and if you feel like it at a distance speak to the person. Just say - hey isn't this great or something non committal like that.

Also in a crowded situation, say in an elevator, you could if you catch the eye of someone just say - make some little remark saying - it's like sardines isn't it - referring to the way sardines are stuffed in a can.

Do you know that such remarks and little quips and sometimes jokes were always the thing that people said in the past and people would laugh and the humor would be something that would help calm a difficult situation. Many of you know this but not most.

The fact that in crowded situations - which are going to become increasingly the norm for a while - that these little jokes are not said so often is because we are sensitive. Yes, even when we're packed into someplace like an elevator or perhaps a subway train we are sensitive and often that sensitivity is expressed in fear or confusion - but it is time to begin to notice our friends and allies whom we don't know and have never met. That's the key here. So - that's what I'd like you to do.

It might just be that in that packed elevator or packed subway the person who chuckles or glances at you even shyly might be different than the one that you thought might be the one that would react to you. If that happens and if you feel even reasonably comfortable then see if you can strike up a conversation with that person and if you feel comfortable and safe go to coffee or something with them and see if you can make a friend.

It is important now to discover the comforts and the valuable aspects of instinct.

I'm not going to encourage you to do something that would be death defying. Rather I'm going to encourage you to improve the quality of your life by increasing the circle of your friends and this is what I'm suggesting for you right now.

I did say that it could be embarrassing - if things don't work out, if nobody looks at you but - shrug it off and try it again another time. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 2

Now - last time I began telling you about how sensitive we are and today I want to expand on the practicality of that. It is a great deal more practical then you have been led to believe.

Sensitivity has been greatly reduced in the eyes of many societies and yet it is that very quality that will not only allow us to move with grace through the coming years but will allow us to experience a much better quality of life.

Now, last time I touched on the fact that it is our sensitivity that will allow us to know beforehand what may happen. I've spoken at great length here on these blogs about instinct though I don't always use the word to speak about it.

Sometimes the training occurs in the various aspects of feeling this or feeling that and as you know when I've labeled things feelings, since labeling has been possible here on Blogger, I have always referred to feelings in the context of physical feelings. When I do that you can be sure I'm talking about instinct.

Instinct is a capacity we are all born with on Earth and we identify it most often with animals. They do this, they do that - oh it must be their instinct - and how often have we wished that we had that...and of course we are born with it. We're born with it because Creator wants us to have it and quite obviously since we are born with it - wants us to use it.

It is true that sometimes we are born with other qualities but these qualities are also intended by Creator for us to use them in ways that are benevolent for ourselves and others. I'll say more about that some other time but for now lets talk a little more about sensitivity and instinct.

It is possible you know, to know what's going to happen before it happens. I've given you exercises before on how to feel something - how to know that something is close.

The exercise given last time was a reminder and if you like you can do that another time with yourself but it might be better to have a mate or friend do that with you. It has to be a very good friend, someone you absolutely trust because it is no fooling around - it has to be done the way I recommended because the point is to remind you that you are sensitive - not to make a joke of your sensitivity you see.

So if you like you can do it a second time with your eyes closed but the person doing the almost touching of course has their eyes open and must be very careful to do the exercise as suggested.

The experience then of sensitivity has everything to do with instinct. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what was going to happen before it happened.

Well of course your feelings are the messenger when it comes to instinct. How many of us truly honor our feelings? I'm not talking about feelings that are necessarily stimulated by fear or terrors, though sometimes when those feelings come up and are recognized it's because we haven't noticed our warning feelings about something that could happen. I am talking about those gentle subtle feelings that are messages. So, another little bit of homework.

I know I've given homework like this before but this is an important refresher. I will be giving you much more advanced work on instincts in the near future.

So, this is what I'd like you to do as a refresher. Find a place in your house or in a location where you can be completely safe and stand in front of a wall with absolutely nothing in front of you. This can't be a crowded room with lots of furniture or certainly not with dogs or cats or children running about - so it has to be someplace that will work for you.

It's not necessarily something I'd recommend doing outdoors - alright - though some of you may have ideal circumstances for that - I'd recommend it be in a room.

Stand about 6, 8, maybe 10 feet away from a blank wall and with your eyes wide open very slowly with the smallest steps possible walk towards the wall. Don't put your arms out. Just walk towards the wall - and you don't have to keep your arms at your side, just walk naturally but don't put your arms out in front of you.

When you get to just a few feet from the wall then you can put your arms out with your palms down and your hands curled slightly so that by the time you get to the point where you're actually going to contact the wall with your body you touch it with your slightly curled fingers. Then turn around and walk back naturally so that you are about the same distance from the wall which would be about 6, 8, 10 feet away - whatever you choose, something like that.

Then do the same thing again very slowly with your eyes closed. Try to make sure to do this in a way where you are safe - nobody running around or if there's another person in the room that they're reasonably far away and perhaps only there to keep people who may be in the area from barging in and disturbing you.

So, take note of when you get the feeling to put your hands out the way you did when you got closer to the wall and put your hands out. If you notice the wall, then that's fine - then open your eyes.

If on the other hand you get to the point where you bump into the wall before you put your hands out that's okay too but that's why I want you to walk very slowly - just inching along so you don't harm yourself. You don't have to inch along when you're doing that part of the exercise where your eyes are intended to be open though I do wish you to do it very slowly for that part with your eyes open but do inch along when you get the feeling you ought to or when you have the sense the wall is coming.

Now anytime you get to the point where you reach out with your hands and contact the wall or even reach out with your hands and do not feel the wall because you're not that close to it yet, it's alright to open your eyes then and look and see where you are.

The point of this exercise is to get to the point where you are able to reach out and contact the wall with your eyes closed when you are about - maybe half an arm length away from the wall.

It's not a game. It's a means to sharpen up your instincts and as I said in the not to distant future I will be giving you something that is a greater test of this and will involve some slight risk perhaps but not a danger - maybe a little risk of embarrassment but for now this is what to do as a refresher.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.