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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More On Our Pathway

It's easy to be judgmental isn't it. "How could she do that? How could he do that?"

We are all born with certain potentials and from that point on we are subject to influences and of course some people might say that fate plays a hand. Fate of course is a word that represents all that we don't know - but happens.

So when we look around and we hear things and we see things - sometimes small offensive things, sometimes annoyances - even if we feel that there may be some reason, there is a difficulty not judging it isn't there.

And so, what about the big things? It's so easy isn't it to say, "How could he do that! How could she do that!" And yet, what would you have done if you were born with that potential, if you were thrust into that influence, if you were exposed to this or that.

You know, I feel that this place - this planet is a place that Creator has decided to see - what if. I do not feel that we are somehow dangling at the end of Creator's strings with Creator jerking us this way or that way. I feel we are all volunteers.

Granted - if we knew what was going to come in our lives we may not have volunteered for this but souls are innocent and spirits, as we all are, do not recall nor do we understand the implications of former lives or for that matter of the experiences of others.

When we are not here on this planet we do not experience pain. We do not experience suffering. This place is the school that teaches what can be done and what are the results when one does what is perhaps better not to do. This school is not a place of punishment as I've said before - this is a finishing school for those spirits and souls who want to go on from here to create in a more responsible position.

Think about it - parents create and they are then presented with the results of their creation so that they must continue to create and to bring about the best possible life they are able for their children.

Of course the children arrive with certain potentials and even if you are the best parent in the world your child goes out, is exposed to life and the slings and arrows that come about as the result of life. So you do the best you can, that's all you can do.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that it is so easy to fall into a pattern of judging what others do - not necessarily putting ourselves into their shoes. Even if we discount that they are different, that they've been exposed to things that are different - put yourself in their shoes - what would you have done.

I have spoken before here and other places about the difference between discernment and judgment and as a result of that I feel that it is important now to move past judging and blaming because if we judge and blame it is so easy to overdo it isn't it.

It's so easy to say, "Well, he is one of those and he did that so maybe they're all like that. So whatever we do it's alright because they're all that way and they deserve it."

Now I realize that has a cartoonish quality to it but it is really the distilled version of the rational that is used to sell wholesale violence to large groups of people who might perpetuate it.

We are coming into times now where what is required of us is co-operation. The world is reforming culturally. Yes, it will be first on the business model or the corporate model and we may not like that at times. On the other hand it will be, over time and not a long time at that, remodeling itself into one whereby people are served with heart not just directed through head and will.

I haven't spoken too much about the will here but I will address that in the future. The will has gotten a great deal of - how can we say...praise in our time - meaning, "I didn't think I could do it but I drove myself to it, I willed myself to do it and I got it. I achieved it."

I recall a time when will was looked upon a different way but I am not here to blame. I am here to say that judgment can keep us apart very often from that which we desire. Discernment does not do this so much and yet there are occasions when those who step in a destructive pathway must be separated from those who need to be protected. We all know this - the proverbial bull in a china shop - yes - but there are means, manners and ways.

We are all evolving to a more heart centered sense of values. It's not as simple as it once was. We can't just all go out into the forest and be reminded what nature is since the forest is disappearing to make room for so many of us here who need the room to live. Now we're coming into a time when we must come into our hearts through exposure to each other and recognize that very often the animals, the trees, the bushes, the plants - otherwise known as the natural beings here on this planet - will be able simply by their ways to demonstrate how to get along in the best possible way with others given the circumstances of life.

I feel that the changes we are about to enter as a global society will bring us closer together and I also feel that many of us will have opportunities - truly magical moments in the next few years that will change us - as that forest is not going to be present - then those magical moments will come from a person or two people or more and they will not be destructive, they will not be willful, they will not be commanding or demanding.

They will bring us into our hearts and it will happen with others around so that we feel our hearts and thus can find our way once more in the most benevolent way on our pathway to becoming a global benevolent society. Watch for it - it's coming.


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