The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Inspiration In Us All

Vocations of life are not always what our jobs are. Many of you know this and so do I. The vocation is very often something that you do off the job. You'll notice this because your friends and sometimes your family will notice that there's something that you're particularly good at.

Sometimes this becomes a hobby - other times it becomes something that you do even without thinking.

Have you ever noticed, perhaps you're having lunch with somebody or you're just talking with friends and someone poses a question or talks for a while about their troubles and you suddenly find that without thinking you begin to speak and the person when you're done speaking says, "Wow, I never thought of it like that" or something along those lines - in other words that they take it very well and the interesting sidelight to this is that you don't really remember what you said because you weren't thinking.

You were in fact speaking with inspiration. Now there are other forms of functioning with inspiration. We all hear about, in the news from time to time, the person that lifts the car off of somebody else and afterwards they really don't remember it because they acted with inspiration and there are other versions of this.

Sometimes people create products - they create things - tables, chairs and they don't really think about it and when they're done they stand back and look at it and they're not really sure how it came to be. This is another version of functioning with inspiration. I believe that inspiration is a key element in our makeup.

I feel it is that which unites us with all creation and the needs of all other beings in our world. I also feel that this kind of inspiration is coming much more to the fore for us all.

You will notice in the coming weeks, to say nothing of months that you will feel inspired to do things. Sometimes it will take courage - meaning that you might have to speak up - perhaps at that business meeting you have weekly at the office and you rarely say anything but there may be a moment of silence in which no one seems to have anything to say or the question that the boss has proposed receives only silence even if the question was sarcastic and you might find suddenly that you are inspired to say something.

I'm not saying you are to go out on a limb but if it feels alright and if you feel the inspiration just let it come out. It may not be a wisecrack in response. It might be something useful, something that people will actually know and experience and be inspired as a result of your inspiration.

The thing about inspiration is that it often inspires inspiration in others. This is a wonderful trait I feel Creator supports and nurtures in us all and I also feel that inspiration is growing within us all and will be more presently available for us all and we might even be inspired by others. So when the moment strikes feel free to pass it on as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Human Nature Applied To Expressions

When was the last time you received a compliment completely unexpectedly - not necessarily about something that you felt you deserved or had earned - meaning official recognition but a compliment that came out of the blue - really surprised you and left you feeling nice afterwards - like a little glow so to speak.

How often that can change our day or help us to feel reassured of the value of life. Think about how good that experience would be or could be or has been and look around for the next week or two. See if you can find people that you know or situations where it is alright to compliment somebody that's a complete stranger about something simple and normal and in no way would be crossing over a boundary or be an insult.

Do the best you can and consider it to be an investment. Also don't assume that if somebody gives you a compliment that it means they want something from you.

In this day and age we're often trained by the entertainment industry, sometimes unintentionally, or by life to believe in the worst in people. Very often though the people that you might be afraid of that will be potentially providing the worst might be having the same fears about you.

Practice in front of a mirror making looks that not only will keep threatening people away from you, as you might have done in the past but also making looks that would be friendly. Consider the kind of look that you would like from people and see if you can put it into your eyes.

I feel that in these times the real clue to knowing who's safe to be around is in the eyes. It isn't always something you can count on but very often it will be helpful and while you're at it if you feel like it you could say the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that all those beings that I meet or even come close to be safe and comfortable and benevolent for me to be near and that I be safe and comfortable and benevolent for them to be near."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Cherish The Memories

There are many trees even today in forests all over the planet that are seeding to a great degree more than they usually do. Trees always do this when they feel that their number is going to be vastly decreased from their numbers in the past. Does this mean that some cataclysmic event is going to happen?

No, there are other times that trees do this - not just because of that reason. Trees have memories not unlike human memories except that the wisdom of trees is passed on from generation to generation and they don't forget what's important to them. What is about to occur for trees is simply that their going to be used up.

There is a effort of course by many corporations and small groups as well to plant trees so that there will be wood for the future but the trees themselves have to co-operate. After all, if any species does not really wish to go on with its life on Earth they can ask Creator to release them from their bonds here on Earth since they are not here to learn anything.

Trees like all other life here on Earth - except for human life - are here to teach, advise, support and nurture the human race. You might reasonably ask why would any life form go to such a great extent to sacrifice itself, its young and all its companions to nurture another life form.

You could say this is something Creator is doing but there are personalities involved. These are beings. You must ask why they would do this. It is because it is known widely that human beings are attempting to do something here on this planet that is untypical to other planets. That is why we have such difficulties here.

This is a school. It is not a nursery school. I know some of you wonder but it isn't. It is a school that is intended to create a form of apprenticeship program.

We are intended to learn what can go wrong and why, how to fix it and when and what can be done to replenish, recreate and supply enough for all. That's it in a nutshell.

Think about the history - just the history we know as human beings and you will realize how much of our history is the reporting of various conflicts, suffering and other miseries - but think about your own life, your families life, the beauties that have gone unreported in history of which is part of day to day life.

A flower, a tree, the smile on a baby or a child, the happiness for a special moment. These things do not get reported in history and yet - are they not wonderful. So much of life is wonderful in moments. I feel it is good to remember the wonderful things. We do remember these things when we go on past this planet - this is what I believe.

There are times now around us and happenings here within our communities - there are opportunities to increase the wonderful times. If you have a chance, give a compliment where you feel it is deserved - don't expect people to qualify for compliments.

If you see something that is good, say so. After all, that moment will pass and if you miss the opportunity you might regret it. This is not a threat, merely an observation. Think of all the happy memories you have as you get older - about good things you did or experienced or participated in.

Let's create some more happy memories now and let's not assume that we can't recreate, support and offer cures and betterment for all. Let's consider - we are all here to help each other and we can start now.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dreams As A Model For Life Not A Substitute For It

Have you ever had the occasion when you were having dreams or perhaps even a series of dreams where you did not have resolution and because of the stresses of the day - or perhaps you were even a little confused about where your life ended and where somebody else's began - meaning that you would sometimes take responsibility for the actions of others or be tense when others around you were behaving in a way that you felt could be a problem for them - then you might find that this would play out in your dreams.

What to do about that. First - allow others to live their lives. I know that's easier said then done when it concerns a loved one or a family member alright but people come here to this planet to learn - okay. It's alright to look out for yourself and to advise and to offer advice when asked but as I've said before, we must allow people to live their lives, make their mistakes, understand what happened and learn so as not to make the same mistake again eh.

Alright now, lets get back to dreams. Dreams can be remedied with a Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic - dreams that are unresolved you see, or that are causing stress.

This is what to say if you choose to say a Living Prayer - I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings I experience in my dreams - that I know where I end and they begin in the dreams - that I be able to resolve problems occurring for me and that I be able to provide the best wisdom and advice and help when it is asked for." Now you might add if you like, " the most benevolent way for me" but you don't have to.

Lets say this again also in the form of a Benevolent Magic for those of you who would prefer to use that form and sometimes that form is, how can we say, actively involved in benevolent change for you as an individual.

You might say, "I request that I be clear and know when to offer advice of all sorts - that in my dreams that I also be clear about that - that I have the opportunity to resolve problems that happen in my dreams so that it does not turn into stress for me - that any resolution I bring about or learning that takes place in my dreams to my benefit or the benefit of others occur in the most benevolent way and that it results in my capacity to apply benevolent wisdom in my day to day life and in my dreams and results in the most benevolent outcome."

I realize that this seems to cover a wide topic but very often what's going on in your dreams is resolving not only your own issues that you deal with in your life but understanding that the beings in your dreams that you recall - are not just different parts of yourself, though that is one way to analyze it but the beings are intended to show separate individuals and often your own interactions with them which might be better left to play out as allowing them to live their lives even if they may be strange or bizarre.

You know that when you function in your world many times you allow people to be. Learn how to allow yourself to be as well. I know it's a challenge - it is for me too. So - we'll help each other the best way we can eh.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mistakes And Recovery

Have you noticed how difficult it is to allow those we love and care about to live their own lives when we feel that they are about to make a mistake that might cause them harm and perhaps even cause others harm. I'm not talking about something catastrophic or something illegal, I'm just talking about a mistake in judgement - as we call it. It is a challenge isn't it.

Undoubtedly every parent and grandparent and other family member has gone through this many times with the best of intentions telling this person or that person - don't do this and don't do that. How challenging that is because very often the reaction is to the negative.

This is not because the people you are speaking to are stupid - sometimes it may be that they are naive, yes, other times they might believe that they are protected and perhaps sometimes they are.

The main reason is that this is a school and when we are born here we are actually innately aware of that. Our souls are informed before we come here that this is a place where it is possible to make mistakes and to recover from those mistakes.

Of course those that we live with might be concerned that we will not be able to recover as intact as we were before we made the mistake and this is always a problem isn't it. Still I want to encourage you, when it is possible, when there is no immediate danger - allow those we love and care about - including those we simply have met and are concerned about - allow them to live their own lives - making mistakes is a possibility.

Try not to tell people what they should do but if asked or if you feel it's appropriate speak your own wisdom. You can speak about mistakes you've made and how you've been able to correct them or to survive to tell the tale.

That's alright because you're speaking about your own experience and your own wisdom as a result but since our souls, as I've been taught, have been told before we came here that we can make mistakes here and learn from them perhaps it's not good to prevent our loved ones and friends and others from making mistakes especially if they are recoverable.

It's a fine line isn't it, to know which ones are recoverable and which ones are not. That is something that requires observation, wisdom and yes, experience. I wish you all very good experience along these lines and I have heart for you in these times and on these occasions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Neighborhoods And Neighbors

Co-ordinating our activities to bring about greater co-operation with all people sometimes seems like a challenge beyond our true capacities and yet as the population grows and as everyone needs to co-ordinate and co-operate simply to get along well I believe it can be done without regimentation. I also believe the building blocks are already in place.

Those of you who've been reading this blog for a time have read many encouraging thoughts and have also perhaps considered that some of it is wisdom worth your while - I hope so.

Many others of you have been involved in the teachings and have taken them to heart, that's good too.

What about all the people though - everyone an individual - everyone with a spark of Creator - everyone with needs, desires, hopes and dreams. There are many people here and many talents, abilities and yes - learned capacities. Someday soon we will all be doing more along the lines of trading with each other, not because we don't have money but because it's more rewarding and yes - even fun to do things along the lines of barter as friends of mine are doing and you probably know people doing it too.

This old fashioned method of getting along with each other benevolently has great value because we learn to appreciate what each other can do not only for each other but for the community. Look into it. Ask your friends, your family and even friends of your friends.

Find out what goes on in the neighborhood and who might be interested in the talents and products you have and what talents and products you need. I know that this is not news to a lot of you that barter and trade can exist but think about how much mutual co-operation and need for each other it also brings about - and yes - it does support co-ordinating our activities.

Sometimes we don't even realize what our neighbors are doing for a living or what skills they have that they also can do. It is a time now to know our neighbors and to appreciate them for the qualities that we cherish. They may not always do things that we cherish but then we may not either. So lets get to know each other, find out how valuable we are to each other and let that grow beyond the borders of our neighborhood and beyond.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Honoring All

There has been a worthy question posed. The question had to do with whether animals on Earth are here to learn anything.

From what I've been taught and what I've observed and how I've interacted with animals over the years I would have to say no and yet it prompts the question doesn't it - then why do they suffer so much?

You have to consider how much the animals suffer as a result of our needs or our lack of interference on their behalf. How many stories do we hear and know about that shock us and we want to improve the quality of life for animals.

Please consider saying the following Living Prayer by first centering into your heart and saying it from a loving place. If you would say, "I am asking that all animals, fish and all other non-human beings on Earth live in the most benevolent way and are supported in that by all human beings."

Now lets not overlook human beings. After a good five minutes at least, say the next Living Prayer too if you would. Remember - center into your heart so you can say it with the most love you can muster. "I am asking that all human beings on Earth be acknowledged for their value without their having to prove it and be loved, honored and cherished in such a way as we will all appreciate and feel the benefit of this."

Life on Earth has many challenges and we are surrounded at all times by beings who love us. Yes Spirit, yes Creator, yes Angels and yet how many other beings truly love us so much that they're willing to either take on discomforts that we might otherwise take on - such as our animal and pet friends or that they might sacrifice their lives - such as trees that we might have furniture and other comforts.

I know that with all of us here on the Earth - we need things. We need food - we need to live and yet perhaps when there are less of us here that comes about in a completely benevolent way, then we will not demand so much from this planet and those others who live here. I know this seems perhaps like an unrealistic hope but there are people working on good things that will bring this about and it can be done benevolently.

If you like you can say this last Living Prayer too, "I am asking that all beings on the Earth always have enough to eat, shelter that they need and comfortable lifestyle that is supported and honored in the most benevolent way and expresses itself in the most benevolent way and is appreciated by all."

Someday life will be better and those of you who read this and put these things into practice I know are doing your part to bring that about.

In my experience animals are not here to suffer but they are here to show their love for us just like the plants and Mother Earth herself. I know that we can honor and love Mother Earth, the plants and the animals and I'm sure with some effort we can treat them better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Speaking And Listening

Consider the implications these days of your interactions with others.

There is something that is blooming within us all and sometimes it can take us by complete surprise and that is that our sense of caring for other people knows no boundaries.

You will find that you will be almost as concerned for people that you don't know at all as you are for friends, family and loved ones.

This is part of the continuing addition to our heart energy that is being supported by Creator, Mother Earth and our overall Soul energy - this is what I've been taught and it is what I believe from my experience.

You'll notice this most often in unexpected situations - perhaps you'll be on the bus or in a circumstance where you're most likely to meet people who are complete strangers, as far as you can tell. You won't recall ever having met them even if they seem to have some vague idea of who you are.

Perhaps they've seen you on the subway or have noticed you down the hall from a large office building - and what will happen is that these people will start to talk while you are in transit from one place to another for instance, and they will say things that might seem very personal. They won't be talking about you but they will be talking about their lives.

I want to make a suggestion here that I feel is really important and that is to listen. That's your homework really because for some of you this has already happened, alright and yet there will be other opportunities for it to happen again.

The most important thing you can do when this happens with someone speaking to you is to listen - not just be quiet while they're talking but to actually listen if you can. If they actually ask you, not just if you think they're asking you but if they actually ask you, "What do you think I ought to do" then if you have had experience with what they're asking about - you can if you choose, offer up what you did in your version of that situation but please do not tell them what they should do.

The reason I mention this is not because I don't think you know how to talk to people but rather because in our ernest desire to help people these days there will be times when people will ask us for help and we really do not have any wisdom or knowledge to offer.

On occasions like that the first thing to say is, "I haven't had any experience like that before so I have no personal experience to offer but I'd be happy to talk it over with you if you want to discuss it further" or something like that - you see.

Yes, people need support and yes sometimes the best support is guidance and wisdom from another but very often the best support is listening - not just being quiet - but listening so that when the person does say something, you know what they're talking about - you've paid attention.

Now this isn't just going to happen from somebody talking to you - you see - the other shoe falls now - and that is that you will find that you will start talking to somebody who as far as you can tell is a complete stranger but there may be some feeling in you that you can speak this way.

When you get that feeling go ahead - you don't have to tell them your innermost intimate secrets but just speak and what might happen is that you'll give them permission, you see. Permission is something that is sorely lacking in our society.

I know, many of us think there's too much permission but when it comes to speaking our feelings and our experiences, very often there's almost no permission but that time is drawing to a close and it is being triggered by our sense of caring about other people.

Well, I felt I wanted to let you know about this and I hope it is of some benefit. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Re-Sequencing Of Time

Awakening within you all now is a experience that is a bit confusing - I believe some of you have noticed this - and that confusion is brought about because of your odd experiences with time.

For the past few years you've noticed that time seems to have speeded up, meaning there is not enough moments in the day to do all of the things that you really do remember being able to do in the past. It's not just that there are more things to do these days. You can really recall being able to accomplish those things years ago.

Now though, something else is happening. Time as we know it is sequencing differently. I won't go into all of the mechanical details here but what it amounts to is that we're experiencing time from two different forms of it.

One prompts us to feel like there isn't enough time in the day and the other prompts us to feel as if a day that was perhaps yesterday or the day before was a week or even two weeks ago.

Don't be alarmed by these feelings. This is caused by a re-sequencing of time and because you, even though you are not making the effort to do so, are really experiencing much more awareness of your present moment in time then your past moments.

Some of you have noticed that this has actually caused a strange phenomena for you when you worry and that is that you'll feel the feelings of worry but you won't be able to think all of the threads that are prompting you to worry. As a matter of fact you might feel those upset feelings and you don't even know why you have them because you look around at your life and every-thing's working pretty good in that moment or things seem to be alright and yet you feel those feelings of worry.

Don't assume that it's about something thats going to happen or something that is happening that you don't know about, rather what it is, is that your physical body is used to - in the past of your life and recent past - used to being in the physical feeling of worry but because of the re-sequencing of time your mind is not in that thought pattern.

So your physical body is going through the physical feelings that you're used to having on a daily basis when you are worrying but your mind is not thinking about those things.

So what you have is something that is a step along the way to an improvement. Right now it doesn't feel much like an improvement but it will.

First your mind is being relieved of something that does not really bring your life to any greater sense of fulfillment - which is the capacity to worry about things over which you can do nothing - meaning that you have done all you can do or what's involved is up to other people, that kind of thing - and a great deal of worry has to do with those types of experiences.

So since thats happening for your mind, and this is really going on for everybody to greater or lessor degrees and will expand more in that direction, your body nevertheless is still used to its daily dose of uncomfortable feelings that come with worry - that will pass soon as well.

It doesn't mean that we're no longer going to be able to think or that we're no longer going to be able to feel. It means that we're coming into a situation where we're going to feel the present moment more in our lives - and the work we need to do to welcome that will be to be more alert in our present moment.

So I'm going to give you a little homework - it's not that difficult. I'd like you to take both your hands and sit down when you have a moment or you can lay down if you prefer but if you lay down, lay down on your back if you can and put your hands on your abdomen or your stomach area.

Just spread your fingers out - put one hand on one side and the other hand on the other side of your body and move your fingers very slightly in and out - not to cause you discomfort but just to bring your attention to that part of your body and then see if you can feel that part of your body either on the surface or inside.

Just focus on that part of your body - where ever your hands happened to have been. You can leave your hands there or you can move them to a more comfortable position - it's up to you - thats all.

The purpose of this is to concentrate on your physical reality and when you concentrate on your physical reality utilizing your body - especially when that part of your body feels alright - and if your stomach doesn't than touch some other part of your body - when you focus on your physical body, not thinking about it but feeling it, it automatically brings you into the present moment you see.

This will help your body to realize that it is alright to be in the present moment comfortably and the daily conditioning of the feelings associated with worry are not necessary. Give it a try - see if it helps. I'll speak more about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dreaming With The Animals

You have been working on this blog for a while - many of you - and I want to encourage you to stay with it. I know we give a lot of homework here but thats because in my experience it is your own motivation to apply this homework in your life that is what truly improves the quality of your life.

Of course it is good to be exposed to thoughts and ideas but actually producing within yourself from your own experience - physical evidence of change which allows you to adapt and move into and through your life with greater ease is my whole point here. So in that light, another thing you can try if you like.

You might try to sleep a little different. Sleeping is something that we don't take for granted as much as we used to. With the intense pace of many of our lives and just the noise around - sleeping is not so easy.

I'd like to suggest however you consider your favorite animal. It could be an animal that lives with you - a dog or a cat for instance or it could be a wild animal or a mythical animal - it doesn't have to be a real one but it has to be real enough so you can imagine it walking about or swimming perhaps and just conducting its life.

It also has to be something you can imagine sleeping. This is what I'm going to recommend you do - see if you can, while you imagine that animal sleeping, breathe at the same pace that that animal is breathing.

If you have a dog or a cat present you may actually be able to hear them breathing or get the impression of how quickly they are breathing by glancing at them before you close your eyes to go to sleep.

There is a reason and the reason has to do with why it's important for you to pick your favorite animal even if it is mythical and that is that animals as we call them are from another place just as we all are and they have their own dreams.

The dreams are often completely unlike what people talk about - meaning if you've seen a dog dream sometimes they move their legs but it doesn't mean they're chasing something. After all if you've seen a human dream, humans also move their legs - does it mean we're chasing something - probably not.

So if you can set your pace of breath to about the same pace and concentrate on that animal - it has to be one that you like - then you may have the opportunity within your dream cycle to dream one of that animals dreams and they may have the opportunity to dream one of your dreams.

Of course it could be that you're simply sharing or sitting in on their dream - either way you might have an opportunity when you wake up to remember a little bit of that dream. It could be a good experience.

I really recommend that you pick an animal that you feel good about and if possible, one that you feel is safe for you. So thats what I recommend.

I do not recommend an animal that is dangerous or frightening. This is not a good thing because you could attract to you some of that danger element and the trouble with the danger element is that it always imposes risks upon you. So for those of you who are attracted to danger, know that danger comes with risks and I do not recommend that.

Rather think of an animal that you feel good about and see if you can share dreams with that being. Give it a try - see how you like it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seeing, Yes, We Can See Now

There is a time now when you will all find a most unusual circumstance in your lives. You will find that people all around you are feeling a greater sense of wonder about their environment. You might reasonably wonder yourself what brings this on - I will tell you.

I have described from time to time in this blog about things I have seen as well as on the blog I also have, Mystical Man. You are all coming into a time now when you will be able to See.

By this I mean you will see things that are there. It is a fact that we all have capabilities. Sometimes these are well understood and practiced by everyone such as having a premonition and then the thing that we believed was going to happen happens - such as the phone ringing when we actually expected it to ring.

These things are accepted as part of life even when we hear about someone lifting a car off of somebody and we know it's not possible and yet you hear about it with some regularity.

There are many other things we can actually do. One of them is to see things that are there. These will not be terrible things - they will not be frightening. They will simply be things that are a part of life. They are perhaps light beings - what I call light beings you understand - meaning a brief flash of light that is usually quite small but when you've experienced it, almost immediately thereafter you feel a very wonderful calming energy that is comfortable.

I feel I want to let you know about this because as time goes on, and I have mentioned this before, you're going to experience this more and more. It is important to know that it is normal and it is a portion of our normal existence - what we experience every place but on this planet.

We have all been praying, wishing and hoping that life would get better here. One of the quickest and easiest ways for life to get better here is for us to experience life the way it is other places, other than this planet. This planet is a school, so it's hard but other places are permanently on recess - thats the way we'd feel about it if we were there.

It isn't that we're being punished here. We're here to learn things that we will help others with someday in other lives on other planets but for now in order to have some of what they have on those planets, we need to experience heaven on earth and one of the ways is to remember who we are. This is what I believe is occurring for us now.

So when you start to see those little lights and have those good feelings know that heaven on earth is coming slowly. If it feels good remember to welcome it. Simply say, "Goodlife" or "Greetings" or "Welcome" if it feels good. Thats what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Giving And Receiving

You might consider reasonably that the environment in which you are living is one that is fraught with complications.

You have heard perhaps from grandmother or grandfather or others how simple life used to be once upon a time in that area and yet even though it was simpler in days gone by there were complications then too. Diseases that were once incurable that people would get and suffer or die.

It is not my intention here today to remind you of old pains from the past but rather to bring to our attention that even with todays complicated lifestyle we have many options, many possibilities and yes, cures that exist today that didn't once.

There were times when sufferings on the land took place many of which have been resolved today.

So lets remember that even though life has many more choices today that sometimes feel like complications, there are also many improvements in the quality of our life that we can choose or let others choose. We really don't have to do everything and we can allow people to live their own lives.

It is challenging when we have to take care of others but we must encourage others to live their own lives, to help them to make decisions, to know the difference between judgement and discernment and to support all those we know to have a good image of themselves by giving them the opportunity to try it for themselves, to do it for themselves, to give praise and to offer criticism when asked.

One of the biggest causes of misunderstanding between people, I have found, is that criticism is given before praise. When that happens the praise comes after the wound. It is better to give praise where you can see it is appropriate and then if criticism is necessary, wait until someone asks for it.

If they say, "Do you think I can do it better" then you can say, "This is what I recommend" or "Have you thought of..." - like that.

I know most of you know these things but it is so easy to forget isn't it, especially when we go to work and at work the products are always being improved or at least attempts are being made. Therefore one is used to criticism. It is so easy to bring that home isn't it.

Lets remember to give praise and to recognize that the simple things we take for granted - the services others do for us are often ones that we really wouldn't want to live without. Lets remember to give praise.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Roots To Find Ourselves

Ask yourself again, how many times do you have to be asked, can I love myself and be myself in a world that wants me to be something else.

Is it not a challenge - society expects us to be something for others so very often and yet in order to achieve the happiness we all want and need we must start to show our true personalities.

Does this mean we have to be angry and yell? It does not really mean that. If we want others to see us how we really are I'm going to recommend the following homework that I think you might actually like.

Think about it for a moment and write down all the things in your life that you don't like. You don't have to write down every last detail or every last person. When you have finished the rough outline then set that aside and write down all the things in your life you do like about your life.

Some of the things might show up on both lists because after all there are some things you don't like that are associated with things you do like. Then take a look at the list - the one where you have things that you do like and add a third list.

What do you like about yourself? The things you like about yourself you will find will be associated with your actual personality. After you write down the things that you do like about yourself then take a chance with good friends and people that like you and that trust you and begin showing them these portions of yourself in your personality.

See if you can come up with at least three things that you like about yourself okay and if you can do that begin sharing that with others.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to but it will give you an opportunity to let people around you know who you really are.

If the people you're showing are people that are close to you or that love you it's alright to tell them what you're doing. You don't have to tell them about the list that you wrote about things that you don't like - you know it could be embarrassing but do tell them about things in your life you do like if you feel comfortable and only if you feel comfortable about that and do tell them about things in your personality that you do like - for this I feel will be safe.

It is important isn't it for people to know what it is about ourselves that we cherish for it is these roots to our true being that when displayed by us will attract people, places, things and circumstances that may eventually lead to our fulfillment. Therefore it might be a good thing if you can display these characteristics that you have personally in a benevolent way for yourself and others. Give it a try, see if it works for you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who We Are

You have been reading this blog for sometime now. Many of you understand that reading it from the beginning is helpful since one thing builds on another and yet each entry stands on its own.

It is my intention here to help you to come to complete comfort, compatibility and appreciation of your life in seeing, experiencing and noticing the benevolent characteristics of your life and in learning how to easily let go of the characteristics of your life in physical reality that do not feel good.

Sometimes the solution requires motion on your part. Other times the solution is simpler than that - a change in attitude - an awareness that you can be loved for being your actual self - that you don't have to pretend to be something you're not.

This kind of thing is not nurtured in our society. It is rather nurtured from a very early age to be something we are not.

I feel that this is something that can change and sometimes it is difficult. Think about how wonderful it is to have a cat or a dog. These beings accept us for exactly who we are. We don't have to put on airs or pretend to be something we're not with them and when we act like something we're not with them, often they do not embrace us quite as much.

They want us to be ourselves. These wonderful beings who are teachers through their physical actions will very often help us to find our way home to ourselves. Lets welcome these teachers by not only treating them well and with respect but also to recognize that it is in our natures at the core of our being to have these qualities of knowing who we are and helping others to discover who they are.

I honor you all here today because you all have these qualities. It is my intention on this blog to help you to find them if it has been difficult for you to find them in the past and to find your most benevolent traits of personality that you will love and that others who will like and love you for being yourself will recognize in you and for which they will find in them complete compatibility.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Spiritual Tune-Up, Part 3

I have been speaking about this tone experience we are all going to have. Some of you have been having it and you weren't sure what it was.

Thats part of the reason I wanted to bring this up over these past few postings on Benevolent Magic so that you would know that it is something valuable, worthwhile and you can feel that sense of welcome which will help it to function in your physical body and make that greater bond between your physical body and your soul.

It does not mean that anything unpleasant is going to happen, just the opposite as I've been saying. There is one other factor that is good to know about this and that is that the affect on our physical body will also contain a physical factor.

One of the reasons many people on our planet are either overweight or in some cases underweight is that the consumption of food does not always feed our hearts and our physical bodies.

Sometimes it is a substitute for what is missing in our lives and in other cases for those that are unable to get enough food there has been not only an inability to obtain food but an inability to obtain food that is nourishing - that feeds the heart and soul as well as the body.

This chime is going to allow a sensation in our physical body where those who have enough to eat will no longer feel a sense of physical hunger when their body has been satisfied and will no longer become big or sometimes called overweight. A lot of that weight will simply drop off.

This is going to allow over time - not immediately but over time a redistribution of food resources because the food will be needed all over the planet. This is not going to impact anybodies business nor is it going to cause suffering, rather it will have just the opposite effect. The physical bodies that we are in will know when we've had enough to eat or will not only know when we need more to eat but it will allow - because of the impact of others eating less that those who need food will be able to eat more.

This is an actual physical thing. It is not something that is strictly a redistribution plan. It is physical. I'm bringing this last part of this effect to your attention because many of you will notice that when you've been hungry in the past that you do not seem to be as hungry anymore and it is something that is alright.

It is safe. If you are concerned you can always go see your doctor but it will prove to be a safety thing for us all. In time I will say more about these matters but that is all for now and soon I will speak of other things.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spiritual Tune-Up, Part 2

Last time I mentioned a tone we will all hear when we wake up - very similar and in some cases exactly like a chime. Now a little further material on its impact in our lives.

The chime effect will prompt within us memories of lives that we have had before this one where everyone knew everyone else including people, animals - all kinds of beings and where there was complete harmony and it will bring into our present memories this sensation of harmony.

I'm going to give you something by which you will know that this chime effect has happened for you. You will, within three weeks of noting that you have heard that tone, meet someone you've never met before and you will feel almost immediately a sense of companionship and friendship and most likely you two will become good friends.

If you don't see each other all the time - when you do you will feel that friendship strongly. This will exclusively be because you have known this person in another life and the memory of that benevolent friendship will slip through all that has gone in between that life and this one and connect directly to these times.

If that happens for you - you can be certain that you have had that tone or chime experience and I thought perhaps you would be interested to know this. I hope it gives you some comfort.

There will be further material that I will discuss on this blog about the impact of this wonderful supporting circumstance for us all but for now just a encouraging word about this good thing thats going to happen for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Spiritual Tune-Up

There is a time now when you will all notice an unusual occurrence. For most of you it will happen in your sleep but you will be aware of it. The reason you will be aware of it is that most of you will wake up - perhaps not frighteningly, more likely it will be something sudden. You will wake up and you will go back to sleep almost immediately but you will remember it and the thing about your recollection is that you will all remember a musical note.

It will be a different tone for each of you but there will very distinctly be a musical note. Some of you will associate it with a song that you already know or that you will learn in the future but the note will be very distinctive and harmonic.

There is a reason for this. It is part of something that I can only call a neural tune-up. Your spiritual self - the soul of you, your immortal personality you understand, requires now more of a sense of communion between this part of you and your physical self. That communion can best be activated in the most benevolent way for everyone through your neurological connections. Deep in the brain there is a center portion of it that is actually directly connected to your soul.

This place is not where your soul resides exclusively but it is a connection that Creator uses regularly - as I have been taught and I do believe. This connection is almost always used when you are being born and when we all pass away. It is the ongoing connecting thread between our immortal spiritual self and Creator.

The connection then that is going on now between our spiritual self and our physical self naturally would begin there and radiate through our neural network. It will help us to become more quickly adapted to our spiritual self and in time be able to feel more than we know.

For some of us this has been very difficult to do but in the very soon future it will be much easier because of this chime, and it will sound to many of you like that, that activates and brings much greater sense of internal peace, harmony and yes - good will.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Natural Magic, Part 2

We are all in a time now of welcoming contact, friendliness and companionship with each others most benevolent portions of personality.

There is a way to prepare ourselves that is all around us. I'm going to give you some brief homework today to begin a little more teaching about Natural Magic. If you have a pet - a dog, a cat, a bird, anything - you can interact with them but if you don't then interact with any natural creature other than a human being that is around you. It is alright if they are a creature that you wouldn't normally think of interacting with - say a beetle or an ant because these beings are perhaps even more potentially sensitive to co-operating with the following homework.

I suggest you first say the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that my Natural Magic capabilities be benevolently restored now in a way that feels good to me and is safe for me and all others and that allows me to experience deeper, more complete and more fulfilling levels of myself." Sit with that for a little while if you feel some energy - if you don't than just wait a few minutes.

Then look around to see if there are creatures about, if you don't have a pet, and if you see a beetle or perhaps a spider or a ant who are often around or perhaps they'll be a bird outdoors or a squirrel then this is what to do. Just look at them even if they are moving about doing their lives or even apparently still - perhaps they are sleeping - then look at them and say out loud only if you can feel it for yourself - say, "I welcome you to this planet and to my life as a fellow traveler and being on Earth. Goodlife."

Then just wait. If you can feel warmth or if you do feel warmth in your body just be with that warmth and look, not stare - glance at the general direction of that creature be it a free and wild one or be it a pet that lives with you and see how they react.

This training allows you to notice the impact of your personality and your most benevolent feelings on others who do not in any way represent a threat to you. You see - the reason we start doing this with animals is that they will not very often represent a threat so you do not have to have your guard up as you may have with other human beings. I realize that there are many situations with other human beings where you don't have your guard up but this is to cover the broadest range of possibilities of those of you who are reading this.

Try this two or three different times and see if you can note the reactions in the creatures you are interacting with. If you find a particular type of creature that reacts well or where you feel an increased sense of that benevolent warmth in your body then this is the type of being to continue working with to hone your skills of Natural Magic.

Natural Magic welcomes you as well as those other beings into your most natural state of being and into that state of being where you will have a vast amount of capabilities reflective of your own heart's needs and of your immortal personality. Your immortal personality lives on indefinitely in one form or another in different lives.

It is possible that you may have known some of these beings from this world of other creatures in other lives or you may know them sometime someday. You'll be surprised how many of them know that and therefore when you have that warm feeling or a very good feeling interacting with one of these beings you may be interacting with an old friend or yes - with a friend from the future.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Natural Magic

There is a place within each and every one of us that remembers our true natures. This is necessary since when we're at the deep sleep levels or when we're at the end of our natural life cycle in order for our guides and angels to find us and for us to feel safe with their contacting us we need to have this pathway to Creator and creation within us.

You will find that these days and nights during deep dream states that that pathway will be more open. It is best if you possibly can to have deep sleep. It is alright to do what is necessary in the most benevolent way to have that deep sleep and restful sleep.

Most of us these days are not getting such restful sleep. I would recommend no television at least four hours before your normal sleeping time. This will allow your mind to relax and to pursue other activities that are more benevolent. I also recommend no news - nothing dramatic for that four hours or so. It will help to ease your sleep state.

Now a little bit about that pathway. It is true that the soul is the spark of life that allows our physical body to form up around that spark but there is another way to look at the soul. The soul is also our immortal personality - the way we know ourselves - the way others know us and the way you will act, interact and react to people in a situation where you know nobody and yet someone or several someone's in that situation will pick you out because you feel to them like you could be a friend or you will pick them out because they feel to you like they could be a friend.

This kind of recognition happens because we have known these immortal personalities in other lives. We exist beyond here just as we have existed before here. I know it is frightening to think of dying someday and yet we all will do this but there will not be a cessation of life. It is true, our bodies will return to Earth as Earth has generously loaned us portions of herself that we may exist here as a human being but that connection - that spark of life will be activated and we will go on living beyond here as our immortal personalities.

I know that you know this but as you will all be having dreams that will feel even more real than your day to day life these days - and many of you have been doing this for a while now - it's important to know that these are reminders of our own immortality and reassurance that we are all immortal.

It is time to remember who we are so that we can - through the use of Natural Magic that is natural - not controlling magic, not magic that is meant to harm but magic that is benevolent, that is loving and that supports all life - thats Natural Magic - through Natural Magic that you will learn about here on this site and perhaps other benevolent places - you will then be able to remember who you are, to express your deep capabilities and to be - yes truly - an apprentice to Creator as I believe Creator desires for us.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Seeing More And Some Of The Reasons Why

Would you like to experience greater benevolence in your life? I believe we all would therefore it's important to give you something that you can do now and practice at your leisure or when you have the time. If it is noisy where you are, feel free to use earplugs.

I'm going to recommend you do the following - it will require that you stand or sit in front of a wall that is relatively blank - meaning there's nothing on it that catches your attention, just a blank wall or a plain wall.

Put something on the wall yourself - meaning any small object - it could be a bottle cap, it could be just a piece of dark colored paper if the wall is light colored or a piece of light colored paper if the wall is dark. It ought to be no bigger than three quarters of an inch round or one inch square.

Sit or stand about ten feet to twelve feet away from the wall if you can. If you cannot than do the best you can, maybe just three or four feet would be acceptable. Then stare at the thing - whatever you've put there. Try to catch yourself when you start thinking.

I know I've discussed this before but it's time to build on it because it will lead you to greater benevolence. Every time you start to think just stop thinking and resume staring. If you begin to see light around the object thats fine, just continue looking at it.

This not only allows you to develop your capability to concentrate on one thing but also will allow you to expand your consciousness because it has a second stage. After you have been able to do that for a time and experienced a considerable amount of relaxation and able to notice the object and not think - don't try and time it, otherwise that will be intimidating you but you notice you can stare at it without thinking - then after practicing this for three or four different times at least or longer if you like then resume the work next time by sitting or standing at your usual distance in front of the object and this time focus your eyes on the space between your eyes and that object.

You will of course notice the object but focus your eyes in various positions - meaning different points of focus between your eyes and the object and just work on that - concentrating on the space between your eyes and the object - again keeping yourself from thinking as best you can. What may happen is that you will begin to see other life forms that are there.

It is important for those of you who wish to begin this now to notice that other life forms are with you at all times and now more than ever because it is clearly understood beyond this planet and with angels and guides and Creator, who's ever present on this planet, that it is important for you to wake up to your other capabilities. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.

This technique will help you to see things that are there. If this type of thing frightens you then say the following Living Prayer before you begin. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I experience only benevolent circumstances in my observation and in my experience of other beings - that whatever I see or feel or hear or sense in any way be only benevolent for me and even if possible improve the quality of my life."

Many of you have wondered where the so-called ETs are that are supposed to come and improve our lives here. Would you believe they are here now but in order to help them to feel safe in our presence and to feel at ease, doing techniques such as this - and others that I will teach in time will allow a greater assimilation of communion between us and these potential and great benevolent friends.

You might wonder why thats so important but you know, most of these beings from other planets or even from other places of being do not have the experience with discomfort and learning how to handle discomfort the way we do. They have much to offer us so I recommend you provide for their safety and for your own by saying that Living Prayer.

If you prefer to put it in a prayerful form of your own kind also that is acceptable but please say the Living Prayer word for word as I've recommended here first. In my experience that has always worked for me. I cannot guarantee the prayers you say in your form will be enough to work in the working and in the application of this advanced capability that you have now that I'm attempting to remind you of with these teaching techniques here - though it is fine to include them if you like if it is a comfort to you.

It is not my intention to lecture you but it is my intention to liberate you and allow you to expand your own consciousness in the most benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.