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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Past - Can It Be Changed?

There has been a request for a special Living Prayer but first I would like to say something about it.
Living Prayer, as you know, works because all souls of all beings are in agreement that this is something comfortable to allow as an adaptation to their otherwise planed ways to live their lives. Usually for most souls it is an infinitesimal adaptation, hardly noticeable - so therefore it is easily accommodated.
There are options that are available with Living Prayer that some of you may not have considered and I would like to suggest an option today that is benevolent and can alter the past, present and future and that is the following Living Prayer and I will give a Benevolent Magic for it too. You might say, "I am asking that all those events that occur and have occurred in my life be altered in the most benevolent way and provide the most benevolent present for me now."
Let me explain the purpose of that short Living Prayer. Many of you have recollections that pop up seemingly out of nowhere though you don't always know or realize the triggers that brings up these memories. Often they are memories of something painful that occurred in the past. Sometimes they are benevolent memories and those are wonderful but other times they are things that occurred - sometimes just annoying things that won't go away. Sometimes they are of repeated phenomena that thematically swirl around one particular experience. Therefore the Living Prayer I gave touches on creating greater benevolence there.
The next time you have a memory that comes up that is prompting you to feel sad or get an uncomfortable feeling in your body whatever it may be, I'm going to suggest that you say something that will cover that. Let's use Benevolent Magic since it is your memory and you can say this for yourself. I'm going to refer to the memory in the Benevolent Magic so you will see how to structure the words around it. You might say, "I request that" - and then you put in here your recollection that was uncomfortable - "be resolved in the past, present and future in the most benevolent way for me now resulting in the most benevolent outcome." Now I realize that may sound a bit outlandish. After all this is something, or many somethings perhaps that has actually happened.
Many times though a soul, such as yourself may have come into life quite determined to learn something and when that thing is learned the soul does not always realize it has assimilated the experience. This does not mean that souls are stupid but rather that souls are sometimes more enthusiastic then your entire being can accommodate given that the experiences are sometimes to much to bear or to stressful in our modern world. So this not only renegotiates with your soul to accept that you have assimilated as much as you can about that lesson but also that you acknowledge that this is a lesson even though you may not understand it yet and that you need to have not only that cyclical lesson change and become more benevolent but also that the stress of what has occurred in the past needs to be altered so that your life can be attracting more benevolent experiences.
It is true that when souls come in they often have lessons they want to learn and they come to Earth in this time to attract those lessons. Souls however are very innocent before life and they don't always realize what can happen on Earth. Therefore I recommend that Benevolent Magic to moderate the impact of something even if it is simply an annoying thing that occurs over and over. I cannot guarantee that this will change you life completely but in my experience it has the potential to create a more benevolent general experience of life.
I do recommend however that you be alert for any annoyance that comes up, just an annoyance that comes up along the lines of that old experience. Not something as extreme as happened before but simply an annoyance - that will tell you that the lesson is still to be learned and it's good to think about what it might mean. Almost always these things mean that the soul desires to adapt and create new solutions that you would do to create greater benevolence or to express yourself differently or to be more confident and to create that confidence by various actions for yourself or possibly even that effect others. So look into alternatives and consider that life here is a school and that school can sometimes be a bit demanding.
Please use Living Prayer and Benevolent Magic as much as you like. It is not to be considered a rare thing that you say once in a while. Incorporate it in your life and for those of you who haven't read about the "Most Benevolent Outcomes" technique, please look at my Mystical Man blog to see Tom Moore's article about how to incorporate his version of Benevolent Magic. I think you will find it enlightening and enjoyable.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Many of you have asked, "Is it possible - is it really possible to access our sensitive abilities in a seemingly insensitive world?"
Yes it is and that's one of the reasons I'm dedicated to providing knowledge and wisdom on this blog. Sometimes you will need to be able to have a quiet place you can retreat to or at least a place where you won't be disturbed. Some of you may have to wear earplugs so that the sounds that come from outside your home don't penetrate your peace. Others may simply have quiet available and that's good. That is a foundational element that is very helpful to assimilating that which I am going to provide for you in increasing ways. Still, I will try to provide things in such a way as those of you who don't have that can also assimilate some of this wisdom. I'll do the best I can on that.
Today I'd like to speak just a little bit about your capacity to know when somethings going to happen even though you won't have any conscious knowledge of it - and that's your instinct. It's not just animals that have instinct you know. Anything, anyone, any being yes, on Earth has instinct. The difference between human beings and other beings that demonstrate their instinct is that human beings are almost always trained in our modern world to ignore your instinct - to pay no attention to your physical feelings or to distrust them. I'm going to suggest some homework to bring to your attention your instinct and its value.
If you can go out some place on the land - it's okay if it's cold and you have to put on heavy clothes - or wherever you live - try to make it someplace where there's not many people around or not many distractions. If it's not safe to go out then pick a place, that if it's indoors, where you have room to move about.
Stand up and close your eyes and walk slowly forward. I don't want you to trip and fall or hurt yourself, so every moment you feel some nervousness that you might be approaching something, stop and open your eyes. If there is something that you might be approaching or something you might bump into - acknowledge it - appreciate your body. Touch your body right below your neckline with either your right or your left hand and gently stroke downwards just a little bit. This is to be a sign that you're acknowledging your bodies capacity to demonstrate instinct. Your body recognizes a gentle touch like that as a loving gesture. You can use either hand.
Close you eyes but first turn away from that thing that was going to be bumped. Face a direction where you have the most space and of course if you're outdoors do the same thing and again walk forward always walking very slowly even inching along so to speak, is fine and the moment you get any feelings - you have your eyes closed remember, that you're feeling nervousness - stop and open your eyes.
If there's nothing around you, don't be mad at your physical body - recognize that it may take time to sharpen this sense - your instinct and move forward again. Do this for about three or four minutes or even five minutes maybe once or twice a week for the next few weeks. You'll be surprised how much it sharpens your awareness of your physical surroundings even with your eyes open of course. I know this is very basic practice for instinct but I will build on this in the future.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Long Vision

Those of you who've been practicing the Long Touch work, I want you to try something a little different today and that's that - go to the place where you've been doing your Long Touch homework if you can - where its been working the best for you and I'd like you to this time think about somebody - a person this time - we're not going to touch them or anything like that - we're going to use some of the techniques you've already learned. It doesn't actually have to be a human being, it can be an animal or even an object - that's alright but this will work best if it's someone or something that you feel good about - that you have good feelings for.
Can be love or can be happiness, friendship or something - perhaps an object that you cherish, really appreciate, something like that and I'd like you to begin the Long Touch. Reach out as you've been taught before on this blog but don't touch that thing or that person but reach if it is a person to where would be about - oh say ten feet above their head - don't have to measure it - just your best guess. If it is an object then about the same amount of distance, roughly, can be five feet, can be ten feet above the object. If it is an animal then about the same thing for the human being.
So you want to touch with the sensation that someone or something is just below what you are touching by a few feet. Then instead of attempting to get a physical feeling for it since you are actually just touching air, I want you to picture that person, animal or thing as best you can but instead of picturing them as you remember them even if you just saw them a few hours ago, try to picture them - just get a quick flash - as we call it - picture of what they are doing in that moment.
If it is a person, most likely you will just see them from the shoulders up or from the neck up or even just their face. They might be laughing, they might be sleeping, they might be resting, they might be eating - it's hard to say. Most likely you will not see somebody eating but it is possible. If it is an animal, they might be sitting, standing, sleeping, anything like that. If it is an object, it might look very much the way the last time you saw it - a car, a couch, a tree.
The point is here that we are going to build a little bit on what you've learned with Long Touch in order to begin to experience Long Vision which I did promise you that I would teach you about on this blog. That's it - that's your homework for today.
If you feel like you want to do this and you haven't read the Long Touch then go back in the blog. Everything that was taught about Long Touch has Long Touch in the title so it will be easy to find, alright.
Enjoy your homework about Long Vision and recognize that the reason I'm calling it homework is because it allows you to expand your capabilities and in this case redefine the word, "homework" as being something you actually want to do as compared to something that you are assigned to do. Try it if it feels good, if it doesn't then we'll have something up here soon that perhaps will appeal to you more.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Qualities Of Life And Your Use Of Them

Your experiences now in life are many times overwhelming. Sometimes you don't realize how overwhelming they are because you have managed, as many have, to build up a barrier so that the extremes of life do not incapacitate you and thus you can function. Sometimes this overwhelm feeling is because there are just so many things going on at the same time but there is more going on and some of it is very good.
One of the main things that is going on and is not a conscious experience for most people at this time is that there is a much greater spiritual connection between all peoples and even as some have noted between people and animals and people and plants and people and the Earth but when there are connections like that there are also connections from person to person.
Sometimes this creates misunderstandings because one person feels something from another or feels something around them in a general energy from all people that they identify with one or perhaps two or three people. Then there is sometimes an assumption, an attraction even to those people and to interact with them.
That's part of the reason that I have offered this site because of the need, the profound need for discernment these days. It's easy to make a mistake - to feel a greater experience for all human beings and identify it only with a few individuals. It is thus then that I'm going to suggest that you become as aware as you can of the difference between judgement and discernment.
Judgement comes with a identification of value with something that is either desirable or beyond your immediate capacity to experience or something that is present with you and not, as you perceive, with others. Discernment simply allows you to apply the knowledge that you have acquired in your life and for which there has often been repeated experiences and thus you have put it into your life as wisdom. It may over time evolve and become more than it is now but it is your current wisdom and you use it in your life because it works. That's the key element. If it works and it improves the quality of your life then it is your wisdom.
It may be wisdom only for you. It may be for you and a small group or perhaps your family. It may be in the formative stages. People are evolving - we're all evolving. I know it is desirable to let go of judgement and that is good because one often - by judging oneself and others - one often finds that it is a self destructive pattern. At the very least prompts you to miss out on opportunities some of which you are crying out for at least to yourself - needs, desires, hopes.
Discernment allows you to know what is for you and what is for others. It does not judge things but it knows, as a quality you apply, it knows that this is something for you and if something is not for you then it is simply for others - that's all.
I am hopeful that this advice and guidance provided on this site will help and support you in your lives and to that end I offer and suggest this Benevolent Magic you could say if you like, "I request that I experience in my life now the awareness and increasing capacity for discernment so that I know and can feel and can identify the best qualities and experiences that are the most benevolent for me now and that this experience results in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharpening Your Perceptions

Your world is moving gradually towards becoming more benevolent. Some of you have asked, "How can I see that and not just see strife?"
While I support you being a informed citizen I would recommend that in order to heighten your senses that it is important to remove as much as possible that dulls your senses.
I realize that there are some things that are simple pleasures. I'm not talking about simple pleasures from human being to human being you understand but I am talking about things that are technological in nature. Television while it can be a comfort and nurturing yes also prompts your body when you are watching it, very often whether it is the news or some program of excitement with the performed act of violence almost always causes your body to enclose itself - to shield itself.
Your body does not differentiate that much from real violence and artificial violence and even though the news is important to understand your world and to keep informed, televised news will often have images of violence and prompt your body to become constantly afraid of the environment described in the televised news because the news is not artificial for the most part. It is pictures and sounds and reports very often of actual violence.
Oh I don't want to seem like I'm indicting the news for being a causative factor in dulling your senses but I feel it is important that if you wish to be informed as a citizen that you watch less news and if you see something on the news in television or read something in the paper or even hear something spoken about that is a news event, as soon as you can - if it is upsetting you understand or it represents violence even violence prompted by nature such as storms or Earth motion - as soon as you can, say the Living Prayer, "I am asking that all those beings... (you see 'beings' covers human beings, animals, plants, everything) ...I am asking that all those beings in... (then you mention the name of the place if you can or if you know it where this event took place then you say) ...who need help, assistance, love, support have all their needs fulfilled now by all those beings who can help them."
Now I recognize reminding you of something I've said before in the blog however this is something done to help support your perceptions and to sharpen your senses so you can see and feel the benevolence that is happening in the world. It also allows you to contribute to the solution rather than to simply become anxious and afraid, yes and worry and be upset for your fellow beings. It gives you something you can do.
Living Prayer functions to provide through a request - and many of you will feel some benevolent energy when you say this, some times circumstances will not support your feeling it but you will often feel it - Living Prayer requests the co-operation of all souls and it works.
You may not see the results yourself. You may not hear of the results but often you will hear that something that was expected to happen that would have been much worse, say - post catastrophe disease for instance while expected happens only in a very minimized way because you and perhaps others like you said a Living Prayer requesting not only that the beings who were exposed to that catastrophe receive all the help they needed yes but some of you might also have thought to say that you ask that the organisms, viruses, bacteria and so on mutate there into some benign form that will be safe for all beings you see, and you'd be surprised at the level of co-operation amongst all life including that which is around you.
Living Prayers include everyone and exclude no one. Their results and their process is all about the united aspects and co-operation of all souls and all souls of all beings. I have found the Living Prayer is very profound and can often be very helpful. This is one of the good ways to sharpen your senses because instead of simply reacting to news events - worrying or getting anxious - you have something you can say now - you are empowered - you have something you can do.
Try to follow the words of Living Prayers as I've given here as best you can and if you feel a lot of energy, it feels good when you're saying the Living Prayers, it's alright to pause and let that energy be there and then finish the Living Prayer. If you're in a rush then continue on through it but let the energy linger if you can.
If you are with others - perhaps you're in a car pool, the driver must stay alert but perhaps there will be two or three others eh in the back seat or something and you all know about Living Prayers then the three of you in the back seat say, could say a Living Prayer for something you heard about or someone or some circumstance. You'll be surprised, you might feel more energy when you do this together in a small group but there is a factor to be alert to when saying a Living Prayer with someone else - you have to say it out loud and it can be distracting. It's alright to say a Living Prayer by plugging your ears so you can't hear the other people say it or to whisper it, that's alright.
If one person is leading because they're inspired to say a Living Prayer some way or the others want to be guided by that person's method of saying it alright - then the person who's saying it and the others if you like can all plug your ears so you can say it or the persons who are listening can keep their ears open so they can say it. I'm not trying to create complications - just that Living Prayers are best said when the words are spoken one after the other clearly without error if possible. To remind you, if you do trip over the words just stop for a few minutes and relax and then start again - say it through to the end as best you can.
Some of you have trouble speaking and you have asked me what to do about that. Even though you have trouble speaking and I know that's a factor for some of you then in your case this is what to do - there is something to do. You think the Living Prayer and if you can mouth it without having the words come out of your mouth - just form your lips without saying anything out loud but thinking it then that will help too. If you can't form your lips or perhaps you are unable to move your mouth for some reason - this is possible - some of you have asked about that - then you think it and some time you may be able to say it.
Remember that Living Prayers can be said for yourself as well as others and Benevolent Magic is always and only said for yourself, that is because Benevolent Magic can be stronger in some ways - not necessarily more intense but it requires a great deal of co-operation. You - if you really want something see, that's fine but others - you must say something like Living Prayer because you are asking their souls to co-operate in something you are asking for so Living Prayer in some ways is more gentle.
Benevolent Magic is gentle, it is loving but asking it for yourself - you will be profoundly receptive to receive the benevolent results however long they take or however quickly they arrive.
Thank you all for being interested in sharpening your perceptions and the way as I recommended is to - when you see something on the news that upsets you or hear about something - to say what you can and do what you can with Living Prayer to support resolution because you will notice very often that it will actually cause you to feel less upset. Fear and anxiety will many times drop away because you will realize you have something you can do about it, not just be frightened and that will allow your perceptions to sharpen and for you to be more alert and your body to feel safe to be sensitive.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Life Before, During And Ongoing For Us Here On Earth

Many of you have been increasingly conscious over the past few years of the mystical whether it is in the form of science fiction or fantasy as it's called or whether you have just begun to notice things that are more subtle.
A great deal of what this Benevolent Magic blog is about is about noticing the subtle and recognizing that the reason it's subtle is that it does not want to force it's presence upon you.
Generally speaking the most comfortable and safe places you will be in your life are places where the presence of others, whatever form they may be in, are not forced upon you and that your presence whatever form you may be in is not forced to interact with others so you can relax and be yourself and all those around you would relax and be themselves. This is the true nature of life beyond this planet and in other realities.
I know that life here is very difficult. That is because of the purpose of life here. Don't let people convince you that this is some kind of nursery school. I assure you, it's quite the opposite. No one comes to this planet and is born and lives on this planet that has not had at least one life of spiritual mastery. That is what I've been taught and that is what I believe and I feel there is some proof for that and the proof is that even when we have not had some teaching and we have to fall back on our own resources in order to survive in awkward or difficult or even dangerous situations, we often cannot only survive but live on and function.
Oh we may need the help and guidance of others, certainly and the support and the security of others yes - and yet we can live on and there is another way to put this and that is that many times we'll be in a situation where we desperately want to help and have no education of how to help and yet suddenly we are inspired. We do something or we say something and it does help. This is because, I believe, we have had lives or at least one life of spiritual mastery and we have some skill that is innate now in our souls that we can draw on even though that experience was from another life.
So this planet is a place where things are resolved - the challenges, the difficulties that come up on other planets in this universe - therefore one has to qualify to come to this planet. Zoosh has told me in the past, and others through me, that this planet is not the nursery school but rather it is the Ph.D. program and in a Ph.D program while the students get guidance from their teachers they largely work on their own and that's a lot of the way it works here. We get guidance but we largely work on our own. We are not allowed to remember our past lives on this planet though that is not at all unusual on other planets as I've been taught so we cannot fall back on a body of wisdom for each individual.
This allows us to create new solutions to problems, sometimes old problems - perhaps our own, perhaps problems of others. So this is a planet where we're learning how to create, how to resolve and how to apply.
We're striving to do this in the most benevolent way but sometimes we trip along and do things in ways that aren't benevolent. The purpose then of this site is to create as much ease in your life as I possibly can, to share with you some of the things I've learned and have been taught and to provide for you the means to improve the quality of your life as much as possible through this means available here and to give you the tools to improve the lives of others. This is my intention. I hope you find it helpful in that way.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 18, 2005

All Life Is In Motion

Now we've had a request about an interest in where the animals might be going. Many of you have noticed that diseases and other absences of animals have been noted. As mentioned in the Bird Flu column many species of animals feel unappreciated or mistreated and therefore out of desperation requested to leave this planet and have then been provided with the means to go and not have to return.
It is not the animals desire that human beings suffer as a result but their feeling is they have given all they have to give and their message is being carried on by others - other species or even some human beings. Sometimes their message is not what you would think. It may not have anything to do with their appearance or their role in your society. Many times it is a spiritual truth - something that is true internationally or universally.
This is true for plants as well. Many plant species have left or have gone into a dormant stage where it is possible that they will revive and bloom again when the planet is more benevolent and welcoming. This may be very far into the future.
There will come a time when the human race as we know it will move on to other planets. This is typical in the universe - not necessarily because this planet has been destroyed or harmed beyond repair since there are those now working including many of you reading this on improving the situation on this planet for people, for plants, for animals, for the planet itself, for all life and I'm glad you're doing that.
The question though is, "Where are the animals going?" Many of them do not look on their home planets the way they look here. Some of them have similarities but many of them look entirely different according to what I've been taught and have observed using Long Vision. I will give you teaching about Long Vision in the future on this blog. Long Vision simply allows you to see things that you cannot see - not unlike Long Touch where you can touch things you cannot see. So I have looked in some cases.
For example, there are certain creatures of the sea that have moved on and are continuing to move on.
I have looked to see what Sea Turtles look like on their home planet and what I see is a head that is more humanoid but has similar characteristics to the way they look here. I do not see the hard shell on their body though there is something along their back which suggests that. Of course they feel safer on their home planet so they don't need as much protection.
I have looked at others. I have looked at a planet that has trees. These trees are more mobile than the trees we have here. They can move. They don't move a lot but they can move and their root system does not go down as deep - it tends to run more on the surface. Also in some cases the trees are not as tall as they are here and not as thick. They can be more delicate on that planet since they are welcome there, nurtured and supported there and safe.
A lot of this applies to us as well. Many people feel that we have home planets as well where we are safe and welcome, encouraged and nourished and I believe that that is so. However we have chosen to be on this planet at this time with all its troubles and travails because our intention as I've been taught is to not just create but to re-create and to make a planet and a culture available that will take on unsolvable problems in other parts of the universe and do what ever we can to create solutions and I believe that we are doing that. In some cases there is still great strife, in other cases solutions or even partial solutions are working.
As a result, I feel that we have contributed hope to the universe. Other places in the universe hope is not needed because life is benevolent but who can say - perhaps hope will be needed some day and if it is we have contributed it and we have provided physical proof that it is justified because sometimes even the most unsolvable problems from other places have been solved or at least show promise towards being solved here. So I feel that we are doing a good job. There's lots more to do and I will provide as much as I can on this blog to support you and your efforts to do those good things.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why I Do This

I have been asked many times why I am doing this. It's time consuming you say. It must be exhausting and yet I am simply doing it because I believe not only in the value of the work but also I feel and have noticed many evidences that people are ready for this and that those who have values and who do value a greater benevolent community want and yes, need things they can say and do of a magical nature to create benevolence where either none has existed before or where there is simply a need for it.
Sometimes it is possible to do things with people and with materials that are present and other times when things look beyond the possibility of creation in some benevolent way then magic is called for.
I feel and have practiced and have experienced the evidence of the value of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer to this end. That's why I do this. I feel good about it and I appreciate those of you who are working with this. I have heard from many of you how it has improved the quality of your lives. I believe that this is so. That's why I do this.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Benevolent Magic And Living Prayer For Transformation

Many of you have requested certain Benevolent Magic you can say for specific situations and I'm going to address a couple of those here today.
There have been times especially lately when some of you have feared because of campaigns or talk or even well intended information - you have feared perhaps disease. I'd like to give you something you can say as Benevolent Magic right now. I have touched on this before in the blog contribution about Bird Flu and even before that but lets do something again.
You might say as Benevolent Magic, "I request that my capability to deflect all organisms and fears and energy of fear from those around me be easily assimilated and applied consciously and even unconsciously by me in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me now."
Lets do a Living Prayer also that will cover you and others you could say another time if you like. I always recommend that you wait between saying Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer - wait at least an hour or forty five minutes if you can. If it's urgent or you feel it's an emergency or you've tripped up on the words as happens sometimes then just stop immediately - wait about three, four, five minutes, whatever you feel is all right and say it again. That's just a reminder.
Now lets do this Living Prayer, "I am asking that all forms of virus and bacteria as well as toxins and toxic fear evolve and mutate now into a benevolent form for Humans and other Beings here on this planet."
I feel that it is good to be more inclusive in this Living Prayer. You've noticed I've given forms of this in the past. I will continue to encourage you to look around your world to see how you can incorporate the forms of concern or fears in your fellow beings and say Living Prayers to console them, to nurture/encourage them and to provide benevolent assistance by incorporating the Creator spark and loving energy and encouraging the co-operation of all souls in these Living Prayers, Benevolent Magic and other forms we will explore another time.
Now I'd like to give you one more for today. This is to cover another concern of your times - a Living Prayer if you would. "I am asking that all those fears, anxieties and concerns of our own value, worthiness and self identity be replaced with benevolent feeling and the capacity to feel, absorb, assimilate and attune to benevolence in our world by all those Energies and Loving Beings who support that."
Now the reason I'm giving this Living Prayer is that there is an increasing support from Energies of love and kindness that is being contributed to this planet, some of it from Mother Earth herself, some from visiting benevolent Spirit, some even - as you might say even, from your selves because our capacities, our hearts, the depth of our souls and Creator as well which includes all of us at that level are participating more in our Earth experience.
I know it's not always obvious but there are moments for many of you very often that arrive in a completely unexpected way that remind you or suggest that things are changing or can change for the better. This trend will continue. It won't always be obvious but it will very often be obvious in unexpected moments or even in tremendous response from many people around you in a way that encourages and enriches you. Look for them. They are happening now and will happen more often.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Re-Attunement For The Earth Now

In your world now you find that there are many capabilities you wish you had - circumstances in your life that you'd like to resolve or be resolved for you. As you know sometimes things happen around you - other people, events, even natural changes in your day such as rain or even such things as earthquakes that you wish were different or more benevolent.
Those of you who read this blog are living all over the world and are in a position to do something for your part of the world. Today let's do something for the Earth where you are living.
Most of you can go outside and stand on the Earth, some of you cannot. For those of you who can go outside and stand on the Earth I'm going to suggest this but I will give something for those of you who cannot afterwards.
If you can go out and stand on the Earth it is best to do it barefoot or perhaps with socks or stockings - something over your feet. It could be something natural - perhaps animal hide but not rubber at the bottom of your feet in some way. We want to get as good a contact as possible with your physical body and the Earth. If it is cold where you are then of course protect your feet.
Now I'd like you to say this and I recommend you say this when you're outside. First before we say a Living Prayer or a Benevolent Magic I'm going to recommend that you ask out loud - you can whisper if other people are nearby - ask that loving Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and bring their energies all around and about you so that they can assist in the link between you and the Earth and all others who can share in the benevolence to come.
Many of you will feel that energy in a benevolent way. If you're not sure than just wait a few minutes. Try to just stare at the ground or perhaps a tree trunk that is nearby but only something natural not anything man made to the best of your ability. If your eyes happen to cross something man made there's not much you can do about that but do the best you can.
Then this is what to say. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the energy of Earth be augmented and recharged by the benevolent energies passing through me and attuning to my needs as a Human Being and that this attunement in the Earth with gold light and other benevolent light sources compatible with the Earth and all Beings here link up with other benevolent energies in the Earth Benevolence Antenna to make available on the Earth benevolence for all who seek it and anchor in, on and above the Earth receptivity to loving benevolent energies only that can be of great and benevolent assistance."
Try to say it word for word. It's alright to copy it down in your language. If all the words do not equate themselves in your language then use words that come as close as possible even if you need to use more than one word, say for instance for "benevolent" to get the idea across and it's alright to look at a piece of paper, for instance and read it off then slowly especially if you feel the energy.
Some of what you will be doing will correlate to Long Touch since in this case you are touching the Earth with the bottoms of your feet but there will be other correlations I will give for Long Touch at another time.
Now I want to give something to those of you who either cannot go out side or cannot touch the Earth with your feet for any reason and I know there are those of you like that reading or hearing about this. Then I'm going to recommend if you can look at the sky to do the same thing except reach out with your right arm and hand if you can towards the sky and say those words. Try to reach to a cloud if you possibly can. If there are many clouds, that's fine because as you know clouds are moisture and that moisture will sometime fall to the Earth and bring that energy with it where ever it goes.
For those of you who cannot go outside and reach to the clouds to do this than I recommend that you do that three times whenever you like. Not three times in a row on the same day but you can do it twice on the same day if you like with a few hours in between. If you cannot move your arm and some of you are like that then just try to look out side - look at the clouds and do it. This will help to attune the Earth to your physical bodies now.
One assumes you see, that the Earth is attuned to your physical bodies but this is not entirely true. As animals leave the Earth, and many of them are leaving now because the wisdom they have to offer you are beginning to acquire and they are needed elsewhere - the same with many plants - they are needed elsewhere to populate, to encourage, to nurture and to interact with planets and Beings elsewhere so their hearts and souls call them, you can many times then help the Earth to attune more to Human Beings and this is what I'm recommending for today.
I will say more about these things in the future as well as to comment further on the animals that are leaving, even the plants yes that are leaving of course and perhaps even a little bit about why they are leaving and even, who knows, something about where some of them are going. You may find this interesting. Let me know if you want to know more about that.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

An Offering For Today

Now that you've had an opportunity to see the possibilities on this site I want you to consider that the reason these things are being taught to you now for those of you who can take them in, do the homework, feel the results, apply the benevolent applications and at times, though you won't always know, be aware of the benevolent results - now that you've had some opportunity for that I want you to know that it is my intention to continue to provide such knowledge and wisdom as I feel is timely for our lives and our world and entrust you with the opportunity and the application that you may try and do your best if you wish.
Now today I want to give you something brief and that's something you can say for yourselves. It's a Benevolent Magic. This is what I recommend you say, "I request that in the days, months and years to come that I will have for me the most benevolent work, opportunities, friends, the greatest opportunity for fulfillment on an ongoing basis that I have ever known in my life - that this will all happen in the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
I'd also recommend that you say the following Living Prayer if you like. Wait, if you said the Benevolent Magic - wait at least six hours before you say this Living Prayer alright, or any time after that is okay too. I recommend you say, "I am asking that fulfilling opportunities for work, friends and family be what is normal and day to day for all peoples on the Earth now and that it is so normal that we not only expect it and welcome it but that we are able to get used to it and cherish it."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Long Touch - Benevolence And Application

For those of you who have been doing the Long Touch homework from the beginning I would now like to encourage you to take the next step.
Now that you have been aware of some sense of contact with that that you cannot touch physically you may be ready to try this. I'm going to request that you say a Benevolent Magic first. This is what I recommend you say, "I request that the most benevolent and loving energy from the most benevolent Beings and Sources come to me now and fill me and pass through me benevolently with love, nurturance, support, capability, activation towards all benevolent capability and co-operation, that this occur in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
After you say this wait a few minutes, there might be some good feelings in your body. During the time of those good feelings - but wait until they peak a bit that you might be nourished - and while they are peaking as far as you can tell or beginning to fade a little bit then this is what I recommend you do. Ideally you'll be outside but wherever you are aim your right hand towards the sky. If there are clouds there put your hand - line it up in such a way as you can have your hand just to the left of a cloud or a cloud formation.
Very gently move your hand in such a way as the backs of your fingers would be touching that cloud formation and very gently and slightly move it to the right. Don't if you would move it to the left - there's a reason. If you do not see any motion right away - it's quite alright - just say, "goodlife" out loud if you can to the cloud. It is busy. Everything is alive and of course it is part of Mother Earth's body - then try a different cloud and see if it will move to the right.
If you get no response then and only then moving your hand in such a way as you can go to the right side of the cloud formation - either one that you've tried - again touching the backs of your fingers to the cloud formation - gently move it to the left - either one. If there is no motion that you can detect as a result of what you may have done, even in your mind, even as a possible result since clouds do move on their own then pause for a moment. Look at the sky and say, "goodlife" especially the clouds and then look around for a tree.
It can be a pine tree. It can be any kind of tree. It can be at a distance. It can be close up but it is to be no closer then fifteen, twenty feet away from you - close enough though so that you can see its boughs and limbs, leaves and so on or needles in the case of a pine tree and stretch out your right arm and your fingers in such a way as you are aiming your hand towards the tree.
In this case I recommend that you keep your palm as close to pointed down towards the Earth as possible and I also recommend that you have your left arm pointed down towards the Earth with your palm towards your body but not touching the side of your body. This will help to pull energy up that is benevolent from the Earth. Aim your hand towards the tree and very gently see if using the back of your fingers from a distance you can move one of the branches or one of the boughs of the tree gently. You must do this very gently since trees are tender and sensitive to human actions.
You may see a motion. Don't assume it's the wind. Test it by trying it three times with that same part of the tree. Not one - two - three quickly but do this once, again moving it gently to the left and moving your hand away, then raising your hand and moving it gently to the left and moving your hand away and a third time again with several minutes in between. It can be a great deal of time but at least five to ten minutes - no more than twenty minutes between doing this because you will need to stay in the energy ,you see, as best you can.
Therefore if you have a friend that can keep people away from you for a time while you're doing this, that would be best but if you can't then just do the best you can. Many of you will not be able to do this twice because of people being about but do it at least once if you can. If people ask what you are doing, tell them it's a form of meditation if you are shy or you feel there is reason to be discrete which there often is during training.
Now it is important for you to know why we do these things and why I urge you to move things to the left a little bit. Benevolent Spirit tends to make itself available to the bodies of all beings whether it is a cloud, a tree, an ant, a human, anything. It tends to make itself available first to the left of that thing and while the right side is not without Spirit, it is the right side that is intended to be influenced, supported and encouraged to act in a inspired spiritual manner. That right side being more of your personality, more of your will if you like. The left side being more receptive. Observers of human nature and those who would influence you have known this for a long time.
So now I want to tell you a little bit of why I am encouraging you to learn these things for there will be more homework.
There will be a time coming when there will be threats to Earth, as a planet - not from some species of beings from space who want to harm you. I can assure you that that will not, not be the case but rather these will be tests by Creator to see if you are ready as a people on Earth to perform your intended spiritual capabilities.
Creator does not wish in any way to harm you and wants you to have plenty of time to prepare yourselves and to learn how to use your capabilities which this Long Touch homework and other homework's you've been provided here on this site are training you to apply.
One of the things that Creator will do will allow rocks in space that you sometimes call Asteroid's to come very close to the Earth - not to strike it but to come so close that it might cause some effect in the gravitational field or the weather patterns.
These effects could be harmful to the Earth but if you have the capability to move things at a distance, even slightly and many of you know that objects traveling through space if they are moved even slightly can over time move them very - very far away from where they were heading, then you will be able to reach out in the general distance where an object is coming towards your planet - since distance is not a factor to using Long Touch - it can be as far away as you can imagine you see - then you will be able to very slightly deflect it most likely from your perspective to the left you see.
The purpose of Long Touch then is benevolence. I will give you more homework soon on nurturing with benevolence with Long Touch but today we have begun your application. Please try the homework and enjoy these skills and abilities which I am entrusting to you at this time and apply them with heart and benevolence.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Welcome To Your Capabilities

Many of you have been surprised at the material, instruction and suggestions that are available for you here on this site. Our moving into areas that some of you might think are of the world of the fantastic and yet these are all things you can do. You were born to it. Some of you, in fact many of you have been conditioned to believe either by your childhoods and by well meaning people from those times or by your education that these things are either nonsense or that are things not meant for you. I can assure you, all Human Beings are born with capabilities far beyond what we apply in day to day life.
In my experience I have found this to be so even though I am just a normal person - born and lived and conditioned in my own times and much later in life - in my thirties - I became curious about spirituality and what could be done with it in the most benevolent way and how I could help people - even people that I didn't know and may never meet. What you find on this site now is a great deal of that accumulated wisdom and it is only my intent really to remind you that as a normal person having gone through many of the things you've gone through that you can do these things too.
I know that I am, as you might say, preaching to the already convinced right now but there are some of you who find it hard to believe and that's alright. I am not trying to convince you. Never-the-less, I will never post anything on this site that you weren't born with the capability to accomplish. Don't feel funny if it is difficult to do or if you find that you just can't do it right now. Someday you may be able to.
So for those of you who are really interested and want to try to do all you can spiritually in the most benevolent way - feel free - for those of you who haven't been reading this from the beginning to go back and read it from the beginning. It does tend to progress and build on that which has been said before.
So for those of you who've already done that or who are comfortable with what is posted here and for those of you who are new to this site I say welcome - again welcome. Goodlife.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Your Coming World Arrives With A Pleasurable Duty

Now there is a time coming very soon where many of you will be called upon to perform a specific duty or a responsibility that is something that has not come up for many hundreds of years.
This responsibility is to acquire a friend that is so unlike you and so unlike your normal friends that people who know you wonder whether you are changing so completely that they think they don't know you. You don't have to acquire this friend if they feel dangerous or anything like that - it's not a dare but I'm going to suggest that during the next couple of months you look around and notice if there is somebody that you have an affinity with or something that resembles friendship but because they are so different than you or because their opinions are so different than you or they look so different than you, you feel shy to go any further with the friendship.
If you can think of a few people like that then pick out one or more, it's up to you, and let the friendship go a bit further. Remember this is not to be someone that is dangerous or could be dangerous but somebody who might just be completely different than you and your now friends.
I'll tell you why this is a responsibility and even could be considered a duty. Many of you are comfortable with the fact that you can write or email people all over the world - people you don't know and may never meet and this is a very good thing mostly, when it is benevolent of course - that's best and this is good but there now needs to be more of a visual experience of that.
I understand why people gravitate towards those like them, that's - it makes sense and it is a habit you get into when you are very young but now it's important - more so than ever to demonstrate to society at large that even though someone looks completely different than you or acts completely different than you or has opinions that are nothing like your own, and this is particularly important for those of you who have long standing friends - that these people, these new people in your life are also valuable and yes, fun. It's important for people to have physical evidence that friends can be entirely different.
I know this is not something that seems to be entirely new, after all many of you have been perfectly comfortable with this idea for a long time but there needs to be more of it now.
Your world as a planet is not getting any bigger and in many ways it's getting smaller because the personal space available for everyone is being reduced by the increasing population as well as by the mobility that is available now and will be available to a much greater degree in the future as nations and groups of people find ways to get along better which is coming very soon and we need to make it a example to those who are organizing these things that it is not necessary to organize peace and prosperity only within individual groups - that it is possible to organize peace and prosperity for the broad spectrum of peoples and when they see with their own eyes that people can get along and form friendships even with those who are totally unlike them then they will be reminded that such things that have been predicted can come to pass.
It is thus then a duty, a responsibility and could lead to a great pleasure for yourself broadening the vista of possible friends and possibly even future family and relations. There is no greater diplomacy than that which is a welcoming of all peoples.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Families Appreciate Eachother

Now today I'd like to give you a few short words about finding home. For many of you home is something that you do not have a sense of at this time. Oh you know what your physical house is. You know perhaps of course, who your physical family are yes - but the sense of home - that warm feeling, that feeling of being welcome and that ability to feel welcome so much that others feel welcome around you simply because of that good feeling within you as it radiates is something that has been difficult to either maintain or to feel at all.
Because of the complexity of society now there is a tendency by well meaning family members and friends to encourage and to motivate to success all those you care about. This has had an unexpected, for many of you and unpleasant for many of you, side effect and that is a constant feeling of disapproval even though those who are encouraging you want the best for you.
It is important yes, to encourage, to support and even to motivate but all this must be done under the umbrella of welcome, acceptance, love and appreciation.
Appreciation is something that is largely overlooked in many family and friend situations. Part of the reason youngsters get more attached to their friends than their family is that appreciation is so readily available and that that appreciation is always based on something that is directly reflected - meaning that the person who appreciates you or compliments you is doing so because of something you did, something you are or something they believe you are so that when you experience that appreciation it feels true to you.
It is important when appreciation is given that the other person that is receiving it feels that it's true so it must be not a demand, "Here - take my appreciation!" but rather an observation.
Observations of benevolent characteristics or at least characteristics that are appreciated often feel like truth to the person receiving them. So my reminder for today is to show appreciation when it is genuinely felt and to remember that it is much more important to provide love, acceptance, acknowledgment and appreciation then it is to motivate success. That's how families are made, not just how families are born.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Long Touch Homework - Part 2, 3 And More

Now those of you who've begun the homework for Long Touch, here is Part Two. Now that you have been able to feel at a distance something that you cannot actually touch it is time to put this into practice by doing the next level of homework.
For those of you who can go outside I would like you to look at something in the distance, preferably having nothing man-made in between your line of sight and what you are looking at.
If you must wear glasses or other corrective lenses then alright you can still try it but if there are electrical wires as far as you can tell between what you are looking at and your own eyes, try to look someplace else.
If you must be indoors then look at something farther away, as far away as possible and as neutral as possible - say a blank wall for instance. It could have an object on it and for those of you who must be indoors then reach towards that and follow its contours as best you can - feeling it as well as you can from a greater distance then the first level of homework.
Ideally though for those of you who can be outdoors - and you don't have to be standing right on the ground - you can if it is necessary be at a higher level - ideally I'd prefer you to be standing on the ground but if you need to be at a higher level then just do what you can, but lets say you're standing on the ground and looking at a hill in the distance - I'd prefer it if you're out in the country someplace or in a national park perhaps where the chances of there being something or someone on the top of the hill are lessened but do the best you can.
Reach from a distance - reach towards that hill. Remember that you are trying to feel something that you can't actually physically touch but you have done the homework before so you know what to do. If it is as far as you can tell a tree or a rock, touch it from a distance. Follow the contours as best you can and imagine what it feels like while you are attempting to touch it. You will have some sensation of touch - that is the goal.
Now I'm going to give you Part Three of the homework but you must do Part Two first if you want it to work.
When you go out or look at that same hill, reach now over the top of the hill to a tree or a rock on the other side of the hill. If you feel uncomfortable then reach in a different place. Any time you feel uncomfortable you are probably contacting something that's not good for you to touch. Always trust your feelings of discomfort, they will immediately tell you in your body yah - that you are in contact with something that is not good for you to touch - perhaps it would be an electrical wire or something like that that will give you uncomfortable feelings - it could be something else but if it feels neutral or good or warm in your body then follow the contours as best you can. It isn't important to know what it is - ideally it will be a tree or a boulder for that is close to Earth or of Earth.
I will give you more on this as time goes on including the application of benevolence. If you want extra credit homework - then you can reach for the Moon - distance is not a factor. Do the homework exactly the same as in Part Two alright.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 04, 2005

When In Doubt, Try This Benevolent Magic

There is a Benevolent Magic you can say and do that will cover a wide variety of situations. It is meant to say when you feel uncomfortable but you can't really figure out, or as you might say put your finger on why - then this is what I recommend you to say, "I request that the energy, circumstances and life around me and my reactions to all of that be the most benevolent and that this benevolence around me and from me result in the most benevolent outcome and that the unexpected that may happen also be experienced by me most benevolently."
This is a Benevolent Magic you might say then to cover the unknown. There will be times when you will be exposed to an energy or a circumstance in life that is entirely unknown - something for which you cannot plan or something that is a feeling that your instincts are reacting to. That would be a good time to say such a Benevolent Magic.
And so I will say goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Prediction Of Good Things That Are With You Now And Will Continue

Many of you have been experiencing a most benevolent and unexpected change in your life and that experience is unexpected friendliness or kindness from people you either know or have seen at a distance and were perhaps even nervous about or people that you really don't know at all.
This reassurance of the value of life and how you can live it is brought to you entirely by your selves, your greater selves and the total being of all Beings. This is a time now when your connection to all things and all Beings is blossoming in greater benevolence.
It is safe to be friendly. It is also safe to experience friendliness by others. It doesn't have to come with contact or touching if you don't want that, that's quite alright but allow it to be even if you simply nod your head, wave your hand at a distance or enjoy seeing others be friendly with each other.
This good thing you may notice in considering the recent times of your life, meaning looking back. You may have noticed it today. You may notice it tomorrow or it may go by unnoticed, that's alright too.
Life must be reassured whether it be life in children, teenagers, adults, elderly, plants, animals, clouds, rainbows, existence. It must be reassured and sometimes you do your part and other times it's done by others.
Good times are coming and they won't be rigidly ruled by what's been defined as what is good in the past. There will be broader definitions available from the hearts of all Beings to the hearts of all Beings. You can be a part of that - just allow from within or out and let it be as benevolent as you can experience.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Purifying The Earth Benevolently With Beloved Sun

There is a time coming when many of you will have an opportunity to apply a very benevolent means of cleansing the Earth of much of its discomfort and it will help the Earth and it will also help the Earth to help you.
This is something you can do working with the Sun. The Sun has a tremendous capacity to not only nurture but also to cleanse. This is how I'm going to recommend you do it and I'll give you the exact date that it would be best alright.
Now on that day, and it can be anytime during the twenty four hour day of your calendar where ever you are, I'd like you to picture the Sun in the sky even if its night. Just close your eyes and imagine it okay, and if it's daytime don't look right at it, you know what it looks like.
I'd like you to imagine the Earth to the right of the Sun and to imagine the Earth, which is smaller than the Sun, passing through the Sun from the right to the left and emerging out on the left side.
The reason we don't have it start on the left and work to the right and emerge on the right side is that that prepares a Planet or a Being to experience strain. Often it is what occurs when your Guides and Teachers before life prepare you for life on Earth.
In this case however it's to cleanse, to remove discomfiture, to prepare a Being for a more benevolent life and that's moving from the right to the left.
Now there is no danger of heat or damage of heat. We all know the Sun is hot, yes of course but when interacting with the Sun like this the Sun becomes a purifying energy and it will not damage the Earth or anyone on it in any way.
So to reiterate, picture the Earth to the right of the Sun and picture it (imagine it) passing through the Sun from the right to the left and emerging on the left. This will help to remove a great deal of the discomfort of the Earth and that discomfort will be in the Earth from the very inner of the Earth to the outer and a little beyond the outer including Earth's energy body.
This will help Earth and it may help everyone who lives on Earth as well. Now I'm going to give you the date that I feel would be the best day to do this and that day is December twenty eighth.
We want to prepare the Earth for a more benevolent time. I'm going to recommend that for the next five years on December twenty eighth anytime during the calendar day where you are living, as I said before, that you do this thing as I've described.
It won't take you to long but when you're picturing the Earth passing through the Sun that way, try to let it pass through slowly so that the whole thing takes perhaps at least a minute, maybe two minutes - that's what I mean by slowly. It is best if it takes that time. It can be up to three minutes but it's not necessary for it to be any longer then that. If it's longer it won't cause any harm but it won't do any more good either.
So that's what I recommend. It is something you can do if you like. It will improve the quality of experience for Earth and it might very well improve the quality of experience for you and everyone on Earth.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.