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The Wand Position
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Friday, February 29, 2008

More On Welcoming Forms Of Life

Many of you have noted here and on my other blogs about sea life - I make these mentions of the beings in the sea because there is such an affinity within our hearts between the sea people and ourselves.

We do not think of things that way very often because we consume them as a food though they do not think of us that way.

I believe that we have all been brought here, with approval of Creator, over many many years to grow as different cultures. At some point we as human beings forgot that we could talk to the animals and understand what they have to say to us. I have been trained to do this and have over time helped various people with pets - as in this example and spoken to other creatures who are in the wild, many times receiving knowledge and wisdom from them which has helped to put out a few books on animals but for now I'd like to simply suggest something to you.

First off, I recommend if you can go out into your yard or out into nature someplace - the woods perhaps or someplace on a outing for the day if you are able. You can go with a friend, that's fine or several but it is good to do this on your own with at least 50 feet between you and another person if possible.

Stand out in nature someplace and look at the sky. Just glance at it. If it's daytime it's alright to squint if the sun is bright. If it's nighttime then pick a star, any star. Look at that and look at the ground.

Then move your hands down to the sides of your body so that your arms are straight and your palms are facing your legs. Now move your arms out in such a way as they are from 6 to 8 inches, approximately - it doesn't have to be exact, away from your legs.

Then I recommend you say this, only if you want to. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all the creatures on Earth whether they swim or fly or crawl or walk - that they feel welcome and safe here, honored and appreciated and that they continue to live on here in the most benevolent way."

It is a simple living prayer this and I do recommend it if you wish to have the animals here with you for many generations. If they do not feel welcome they will continue to depart.

You will notice it more with land creatures but I assure you that the beings in the sea are going just as fast. So - do your welcoming exercise and that would be good.

Then adapt it to the plants if you want the trees and the plants to stay. Many times plants are also your food so you'll have to consider that. That is my advice for you today.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On The Path Of Respect

Do you know why we as souls come to this planet? There are many reasons of course but an overall reason that affects everyone of us has to do with long standing attitudes and opinions by people on other planets about Earth People.

Of course there is great love and compassion and kindness generally speaking from people from other planets - meaning human beings and others on other planets - towards Earth People but very often when they look at society here and the way things run as compared to the ideals of how they ought to run, depending on the society one looks at and their philosophy and way of life, the tendency is to look askance at Earth People, "You say this, you do that" and so on.

So one of the main reasons we all come here no matter where we've lived on other planets, no matter how we've lived, no matter what we've done - and you know the other planets are all very benevolent for the most part - the number one lesson we all are learning regardless of all the other lessons we may learn has to do entirely with respect because most beings on those other planets have no idea what it's like in the day to day experience, why people make the choices they do, what pressures they are under and all of the felt day to day experiences that are not necessarily thought out but are often simply a reaction to what is happening or what is anticipated to happen.

All of the innuendoes of life to say nothing of the great influences cannot be understood unless one lives a life on Earth.

This is the most challenging planet in our universe, as I have been taught and I believe on the basis of my experience, where one can have a life. I want you to think about that when you have the highs in your life and the lows and when things are on an even keel.

Always remember that one of the reasons we are here is to develop respect for human beings, respect in general for what human beings go through and respect for ourselves - not only for being polite which is good but also for simply understanding, appreciating and living.

It is a hard life here many times and it is so easy to make a snap judgment about people, who they are and what they do - and we often make that judgment on ourselves as well. Lets remember that life here is more complex then life on any other planet in the universe that affects human beings and many other beings as well.

Lets be more patient with ourselves. Lets understand that life is almost entirely unknown to us - meaning that what we see in other people - even friends and family is often only the tip of the iceberg based upon what we don't know about them and always at least half if not three quarters, which it often is, of what we don't know about them are things that we would like.

So - be patient, be as kind as you are able and lets let go of judgment if we can. It's alright to be discerning. Discernment after all allows you to know what's best for you and what you must leave for others but judgment has a tendency also to apply condemnation to others often before we even meet them or know anything about them. It is a fine line between discernment and judgment and you do not have to be naive to let go of judgment.

Let us remember there's a great deal to respect and honor about life here even though we will continue to strive to make it better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Money And Abundance - A Good Question

Bobby has asked a good question on Seeing Energy Fields, Part 3:

Robert, right now I am dealing with the issue of lack of money and so are a lot of people. If I ask for abundance while I still have this issue, how will this play out? You guys are right, things are going very fast. One can now do healing at a much faster rate. It looks like 2008 is the year we jump to warp speed.


Bobby, I am glad Patrice has given you an answer here:

Patrice Julien said...

Dear Bobby,
your question was for Robert but let me share with you my personal experience...Since last year,I feel lots of people are facing "issues about the energy of money". Note that I do not use "lack", because this is already a way to get trapped...As you know, things are changing a lot...and the way we consider money is also changing...if you look closely at your actual life you will see food and occasions coming to you but not as "money"...But if you consider things under the money angle you will think "Wow!" and get worried...And I feel that this is what we have to learn, not to think about money anymore. I do not mean we should be irrealistic, just be realistic and look at what abundance really is...For me, abundance is the capacity to do whatever I want in the NOW...And it have to be a real want. When I look at my life now, I do not have a huge fortune but I feel I am the richest man in the world...

Does this give you a hint?

I will join his chorus somewhat by saying that I find that it has been beneficial for me to ask for what I want. Oh I grant that sometimes I ask for the means to get what I want - money in that sense but very often what I want and need I ask for specifically without regulating that I will be able to pick it out on the basis of my own money or income. The nice thing about this is that it broadens the opportunity to acquire that thing.

I do not know what thing you might be needing or many things but I want to give you a living prayer you can say that can be adapted to different things. Remember always keep it benevolent for you and others and always ask for what you want, not what you don't want.

So given that, here is an adaptable living prayer. I'm just going to pick out a car, not necessarily that you would need that right now but as an example.

You might say, "I am asking that I be provided now with a good usable car that will work for me in the most benevolent way and that this will come to me in the easiest, smoothest and most benevolent way..." (pause slightly) "...for me." So feel free to adapt that to your needs.

Remember always to ask before you say a living prayer - ask for the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you before you say this and after you do that wait a moment. If you feel those energies that's good.

If you're not sensitive to that and don't feel the energies then wait about 30 seconds to a minute before you say the living prayer.

If you are sensitive to feeling energies then if you don't feel them then rephrase the living prayer.

Another thing you might try especially if your life is agitated is disentanglement here and then follow it up reading about it here. If you want to know more about disentanglement you could look it up on the Benevolent Magic blog and read about it and apply it.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why And How We Say Living Prayer And Benevolent Magic

A response to my friend Patrice that I felt you might be interested in:

Patrice's comment on Seeing Energy Fields, Part 3:

Thank you for your advice Robert. About this point of not repeating, you often insist on it.Why do some schools on the contrary suggest the repetition of affirmations? Logically I imagine that the Universe is clever enough to get it the first time we say our words, but in fact I'm still a bit confused about those two way of thinking saying the opposite...

Any light about this?



Patrice, I can only speak for my way and will have to allow you to ask others about theirs.

For my point of view, as I've been taught and what I've observed through my actions of practicing what I've been taught, the reason to say certain things we are requesting for only once and do not repeat these things over and over again is - in my understanding what we say over and over again in our prayers for our religion perhaps is understood the same way as it's understood when we sing a lyric or have a song going around in our head - you know, a song stuck in our head - over and over and that's that the beings who help us to co-ordinate with all other beings and support what we are asking for recognize that when we say something on a repeated basis that this is something we are saying for our personal support and mental stability but it is not something meant to be provided with energy which supports the exact thing we are asking for in a singular fashion.

This way we are able to, for instance, have a song lyric that we might sing over and over that may not actually be something that we would want - though I do not encourage people to sing about things they don't want - nevertheless, it does come up doesn't it. So also one might say a prayer over and over because it's comfortable or because it's part of our religious practice.

In my understanding this is also acknowledged as being part of our mental and feeling stability but not necessarily energized to bring about what is being requested specifically on that day in that moment.

This does not mean that prayers go unanswered for I feel that they do in the long run become answered when what is requested is benevolent for yourself and not harmful to others especially when many people say these prayers earnestly and with need beyond their own.

Still, from my understanding what is energized by benevolent beings and through their energization supported by the actions - minor or major from other beings around us requires to be said in that term, in that form - living prayer or benevolent magic - once only. This does not mean that you cannot rephrase something in benevolent magic or living prayer and fine-tune what you've been asking for but you will know by the energy you feel whether that change of phrase or attunement will be supported.

If you feel a lot of energy then it is supported - yes. If you don't feel too much then perhaps what you've said before has already covered it. That's what I understand.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Releasing Inner Conflict

There is a place now within the center of the human being - all of us - that is growing from within and will soon encompass us all. It is something that will bring about change in the way we view our world and in the way we use our senses in our world.

We have here on Earth a cultural phenomena that is an anomaly to most of the other planets and cultures beyond Earth. What we have here is something that doesn't exist other places amongst cultures - and that is inner conflict.

Oh it's true - the occasional culture on other planets may have some very minor degree, as we would see it, of externalized conflict but what they don't have is inner conflict. You know what I mean, that which causes you to be conflicted within yourself or as people sometimes say kiddingly - should I go or should I stay. This circumstance is beginning to leave us.

You have noted in political and cultural situations that people seem to be all this way or all that way. We sometimes call this polarity - yes - but this is not entirely a difficult or wrong headed thing.

It is a precursor and it is a precursor to the change in our society - global not just local. The change is that we are releasing inner conflict - not just to become followers - not just to march to the beat of some drummer but soon we will be able to not only tolerate what other people do as long as it does not hurt others but soon we will be able to feel within ourselves a greater sense of friendliness to ourselves and laugh at our inner conflicts - that's the next stage. You'll notice that in yourself and some of you have been able to do this for a time.

It is a good thing that because we are then able to let go of unrealistic expectations which can create a myth of life for us. It is a good thing to have our philosophies yes, and it is something we will encounter to be unsure about things at times but the more we develop our discernment - not judgement - but discernment we will have a greater sense of allowing others to be who and what they are in the most benevolent way and including ourselves in that.

This time is almost upon us and you will notice not only its precursors but a sense of letting go within yourself and what you'll be letting go of is ridged or snap judgments about or against people. This does not mean we're all suddenly going to become naive overnight but rather we're going to allow for what we don't know about people - meaning that we're going to allow that it's possible that we don't know many good things about people - not just that we don't know the bad things.

This is a stage and someday we'll find ourselves in a state of being where we can allow all people, including ourselves, to be at peace within and without.

Towards that end, if you like, lets say the following living prayer, "I am asking that all those beings on Earth who feel the need to be at peace within themselves and thus radiating that peace influence peace in their world around them and that this radiation of peace and calm will produce a much more benevolent world that we will be happy to live in."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Seeing Energy Fields, Part 3

Now - last time I spoke to you about seeing energy bodies and light. There is one more part of it.

For some of you it will not be a factor because you do not watch television though you may go to the movies. This is not something you will see except around something that produces a certain current of electricity - the kind of current that one might experience radiating from a television set or some computer screens. It would not likely be seen at the movies but it is possible.

If you see this thing it would be a brief fragment of light. You may see it at the lower right hand corner of the screen. It'll be there and it'll be gone. Some of you might detect a color but if you are sensitive to it you will quickly feel an energy - most likely at the top of your head but possibly other places. It will be a gentle feeling, a good feeling.

And it is a reminder that there is life not only beyond this planet - that there is life demonstrated to you by other beings who are of light. They do not look like human beings but they have great love for the human beings of Earth for what we are attempting to do here even though it may not always look very pretty or nice but the attempt that we are forging ahead on is to find a way that civilizations can grow without getting into conflict with each other.

Think about it - a very tiny amount of inner conflict can force us to grow because we have to think of another way and thinking of another way encourages us to try new things - but external conflict very often, if not always, can lead to things we don't like and we have an abundance of evidence of that don't we.

So - I'm putting you on notice that you might see these light energies because they are here to remind you that there are beings visiting this planet.

Some of you might experience energy when you are exposed to them that will remind you of angelic energy if you have experienced that. Others of you will simply feel even like an energy that reminds you of going to a special place in nature around plants or around places that are totally benevolent. It is a good thing this and it is one more thing to let us know that we are more than we think we are. We're even more than we believe we are. Maybe we are even more than we feel we are.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Seeing Energy Fields, Part 2

There is a time coming now that will require you all to simply be alert to opportunities. These opportunities will be to see and perhaps to be seen in different ways than has occurred before.

I started to say last time and I'm continuing here that you all are coming into this time when you will be able to see things just as you do when you're not on this planet. You'll be able to see how one object, thing, living being blends into another - not overlaying you understand, not in constant touch but it's as if you see light around everyone and around everything but the light is the energy body of which all things are made of and what you're actually seeing is the interconnectedness of all life.

Now I'm bringing this up because not only will you have the opportunity to see things, as I said last time but you may also be seen differently. If you notice someone looking at you - especially if they're looking slightly above your head for instance or slightly to the right or slightly to the left of you, not directly at you - but they may have an odd look on their face. As I say not looking directly at you but in a general direction of you this may mean - if you're not in a crowd of course - it may mean that they are seeing that light that is associated with you and with all other life.

It's not for you to say anything to them about this unless they are a very good friend - you trust them and they trust you. If so wait until that look passes on their face or until they look away and if you have a time within say - 5 minutes or 10 minutes but wait at least 5 or 10 minutes - to ask them if they were seeing something unusual, ask them about it. Again, it will be something they remember more then something they actually notice in the moment. Some people will notice it in the moment but many, many more will have a recollection of it.

No ones going to black out when they see things like this but it will have a certain dreamlike quality to the experience so that it's more easy to remember it than to actually be aware of it in the moment.

If you have good friends that you are working with to improve your spiritual skills, you can work with each other on this. You may not see this on each other. It may be something you notice around some other form of life - a human, a tree very possibly. So keep each other posted for I believe these things are happening now to a small degree and will happen much more to a larger degree as time goes on.

It's a good sign, don't worry about it. It's a good sign that we are all coming into our natural skills and abilities. This means we are more connected to the benevolent future for ourselves and our world and less connected to the old past that is rooted in discomfort. I'll say more about that another time but for now just know it's about life - the spiritual life that many of you desire and enjoy experiencing.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Seeing Energy Fields, Part 1

Have you ever noticed that the vistas you look at off in the distance have a different glow these days. If you observe, you will see that they look unusually bright.

This is because you are all coming into a time when you are going to be able to see energy fields. These are not exactly what I would call auric fields but they are energy fields. They are radiated from all that is alive and everything is alive.

I'm going to say more about this in the coming days but I'm just letting you know that this is going to happen now. You may also see it out of the corner of your eye - a glow around something.

This capability is something we all have naturally but for you, you will all discover this in a unexpected moment. It will not be something that you try to do, it'll be something that just happens. It may happen in such a way as you remember that it happened - meaning that rather than distract you from something that you have to pay attention to, you realize that a moment ago it happened.

So watch for it. It's coming up for you very soon. I'll say more about this in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.