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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Tribute

What is the value of humor, love and literary contribution in the blogging format.

Many of us have, over the years, been intimidated by the best intentions of intellectual and entertaining authors of culture and education.

I know when I was younger - even though people older then me loved this kind of thing and tried to encourage me to expose myself to it, it felt to me like it wasn't a part of my life.

Now that I am older, while I'm not trying to tell younger people what they ought to do in terms of culture and education - I do find myself attracted to the promise of beauty offered by these different Way-Showers towards human creativity.

Some of my favorites are Feelings Aloud, When the heart speaks, Seven, 3dpoetry and many others.

I mention these, not because you haven't noticed these blogs before - perhaps you're regular readers but simply because I feel - and I'm sure many of you do as well - that blogging is a cultural enterprise just as much as it is a means of communication.

I am hopeful that you will agree with me in some ways but even if you do not I'm simply writing this short blog today to salute the enterprise of my fellow beings. I am sure many of you out there have enterprises of beauty as well.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Humor And Recovery

I was exposed recently to a wonderful and witty line in a movie and it reminded me how we have strayed far in our times from commenting on life's difficulties with humor and have often gone into that spiral that prompts us to give up and become cynical and expect the worst to protect ourselves from hoping and having our hopes dashed.

All this has come from a funny remark from the movie, "Charade" where an insult is given in a funny way. A character says to another character when confronting him with his error that, "You fell for it like an egg from a tall chicken."

This wonderful line delivered by James Coburn to Cary Grant is an insult but it's delivered with humor.

Do you remember a time, some of you, years ago when we would make such observations?

Granted, they were not welcome if you received them but after a time when we would get over the pain or hurt of the circumstance we would then be able to laugh at the remark because the remark wasn't only to put us down.

It would seed the humor of the situation as observed by another for us and later we could often bloom into that humor and look back on it years later, in some cases or perhaps minutes later, and see it at a distance for the humorous apparition that it was. In other words, these remarks were made with a built in support system of recoverability.

I find that today's insults are often designed to put people down and keep them down and to discourage them from having anything like hope.

This is not meant as a rant but rather a suggestion to those of you who give or receive insults - and I know we all do it sometimes in moments of anger.

Lets see if we can involve a little more humor in it - a humor that encourages reflection as time goes by to improve our feelings about life, to be able to laugh at ourselves which also helps to get over the pain of old woundings and to move on with a cheerful disposition expecting better things and believing that hope is not only something worthy but something which can lead to a better life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Addendum To The Last Post - You Might Also Try This

Now I'd like to add a little addendum to the last post.

There is another way to try, if you like, saying Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer if you are either unable to move your mouth or open it for some reason or perhaps you are injured or recovering from some illness or if you have a speech impediment then you might try this.

It involves "saying" the Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic with the words provided here (in the last post and generally on this site) but you do not open your mouth - so you're making sounds but your mouth is closed.

This is something worth doing. Try it and experiment just to see how it goes.

I do also recommend that before you do this that you ask in the same way, with your mouth closed if you need to, that benevolent spirits, loving beings, Creator and/or any Deity that you believe in be present with you before, during and after you do this so that you will have the benefit of their most loving, nurturing and encouraging energy.

Give it a try. It is, I grant, an experiment but it is worth doing if you have this particular difficulty even if it is temporary.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Benevolent Magic - Variations May Be Possible

There are those of you out there who feel slightly ill at ease with the term "benevolent magic", not because you feel ill at ease with the word benevolent but rather the term - magic.

Magic, after all has a great many connotations in our culture - few of which are considered to be benevolent. That is why we put that word in front of it because the magic that you will learn here will all be benevolent for you and others and it has built in safeguards that are not apparent mentally but are present and they are the cornerstones of why only benevolence can come from this form of magic.

I have not shared all that there is about this with you because I want to start you in such a way as you can see results for yourself.

I've given some very advanced work in the past on this site and interspersed it with things that are of greater ease as well as things that are simply stimulating thoughts and support and nurturance for you. I will continue in that vein.

Today very briefly I'm going to touch on another way you can say Benevolent Magic.

This is specifically meant to serve your needs and the needs of those who are immediately around you. By that I mean - possibly friends, possibly family, possibly pets but the needs are stated in such a very specific way that the words can support them and the results can be felt by all in your immediate area.

Normally we would use Living Prayer for such a thing if it's meant to serve the needs of all in your immediate area but this is a situation in which you have a pronounced need but that you feel, and have perhaps had evidence of, that same need in others.

Here is the format for that kind of Benevolent Magic. You might say for an example, "I request that my own energy - physically, spiritually and on the feeling level be supported and nurtured by spirit most loving and all beings of creation most loving and that that energy nurture and support me in the most comforting benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Now I want to give you a variation on that as well for we do not always have to use the word - benevolent- but it is a good word.

As an alternative you might say - in a different example, "I request that the inspiration I need that will help me to move through life in the most comforting and clear way feeling loved and supported in a way I can physically detect is constantly present within me and near me so that as I move along I can feel it and that this will all result in the most wonderful, nurturing and comforting outcome for me." Try that as an alternative.

This is especially being presented for you today - this alternative - for those of you who do not have the word or words like it for - benevolent - in your language. Some of you do not have that. Therefore I recommend you try that alternative and adapt it to your needs.

Remember - if you stumble over the words to stop, wait for two to five minutes and say them again. It's very important to go from one end to the other without tripping up over your words or backtracking.

Remember also never to say, "Cancel that." That doesn't work in this case for Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer because so many spirits and beings and energies are involved there needs to be absolute clarity.

Now for those of you who may have a speech impediment, either say it in the best way you can or give it a try to think it. Generally speaking, thinking it is not something I recommend but for those who have a speech impediment try thinking it and see how it works for you. Remember in that case to always ask for the most benevolent spirit and loving spirit energies of creation to be with you and wait a few moments - perhaps you will feel something - and then try to think it.

Well that's my suggestion and instruction for today. I hope you are all well and moving on your life path in the most loving, wonderful, gentle and nurturing way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Masculine Energy And The Moon

Recently Patrice who reads this blog regularly left a comment about my recent posting on the the moon.

I felt he asked a good question and that this response might help some of you who may have considered similar questions yourself and so here is Patrice's question with my answer:

"In this story about the moon and the feminine. I agree with you about this return of the feminine energy, I feel SHE somehow but do you have any suggestion about how to feel this specific energy compared with the masculine in ourselves? I don't mean understand but FEEL..."

Patrice, thank you for your input here. To respond as best I can to your query about the masculine energy - in order to bring about the benefits you suggest using the masculine energy it is always best to use physical motion.

I would recommend that you consider the feelings involved in the posting about the moon and that you stand comfortably someplace - ideally barefoot and that you move your physical body not unlike the way an interpretive dancer would move - not with pleading motion, not with demanding motion but with the motion of gratitude, flexibility and embracing the demonstrable feelings in my posting, The Benevolence of the Moon.

I feel that this is something you can do without an elaborate ceremony. The advantage of that is that it can be done anywhere including in a hotel room.

Remember - if you can interpret these things into motion physically in the form of dance, you will express the masculine without the need for dances portrayed in the fictional film industry which always appear in old style films to be warlike.

Here you have a dance you create yourself to support peace, comfort, value and yes - an awareness of ones own value.

Goodlife my friend.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pathways To Your Opportunities

There is an issue which I feel you can all benefit from greatly. I know this is an issue for us all and I'd like to offer this as a support towards resolution.

How often every day do we ask for something we need? Most often we ask the air or to God or we think it or we plead for it in hopes that spirit and Creator will hear us.

Do you know that almost immediately opportunities present themselves but generally we have by life been so buffeted that we either do not recognize them or we simply deflect them because we misunderstand that they are opportunities.

Today I wish to start something that I feel will pave the way towards your receiving all of the benevolent requests and requirements that you have and that you need.

It is a practice that will not be easy for some of you but there is no cost involved of course as with everything here with the possible exception for some of you of some thing that you feel you may need to do these things but you will never be required to purchase anything here.

I recommend that you consider something that is usually considered a thought or a condition or perhaps a word in the dictionary but I'd like you to consider it as an actor or a performer might consider it. For a performer they must not only consider how it would be portrayed but also how they would feel it.

For the best performers on stage and even yes - in film or television or other media - feel what it is that they are performing. In this way, your empathy is attracted to them as their roles feel real to you.

What I'd like you to do with that example as a model is to practice the physical feeling of safety.

This is, in almost all cases where something needed is requested, the physical feeling that is needed in your physical body to bring about the greatest chance of that request being fulfilled.

It will not support anything requested that is malevolent, destructive to others or self-destructive but it will greatly support, enhance and smooth the way for receiving that which is of benefit to you, that which you need and yes - that which you require to survive and thrive.

I recommend then that you practice the physical feeling of safety. Consider a time when you felt safe. If you cannot consider it then imagine being held and surrounded by those who cherish you and believe that you are worthy of protection.

There are many other ways to imagine conditions whereby you will have the physical feeling of safety. I grant that you may not be able to imagine this in a war zone or someplace where great strife is a constant threat or even a existence but for those of you who can do this imagine the conditions that would exist for you to feel safe.

Then if you can relax into that feeling - go into the feeling more so all that you are feeling is the physical feelings of safety.

Practice this if you can three or four times in ten days and then practice it at least once a month to keep you sharpened up in that area. You can if you like also practice it anytime you want.

It will also bring about much more clarity and possibilities for the acquisition of relationships for instance, that are actually safe for you because if you know what the feeling is in your body of safety and you're not experiencing that in your attraction to somebody then you might need to reconsider.

This is especially important in friendships and in business encounters. I will say more about these things in time but for now that's what I recommend that you start with.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Smoothing The Path To An Achievable Future

When you experience your life you'll find that the images that you've held in the past of your success - what your success will be like, what you'd like it to be like - you understand - your goals - your yes - your fantasies as well - what you'd like to have, where you'd like to go, even who you'd like to be with - that these old fantasies must be shed and I'll tell you why.

I'm not saying that you cannot have visions of your future but I recommend that they be visions.

The old fantasies tend to tie you to the times when you were having them - meaning the past - and the method of vision that I'm going to share with you now will connect you with the present and your benevolent future which is what I recommend.

I'm going to recommend that you first say this as a Living Prayer to help yourself and others going through this process. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings who are connecting to their benevolent future experience that benevolent future in the present anchored moment and as a result are pulled comfortably and easily and smoothly into that benevolent future effortlessly."

Now you notice I said pulled. That is to allow you to be attracted to or drawn towards that benevolent future from yourself in that future. That way you do not have to have anything extra to complicate your life and you can let go of striving towards those old fantasies.

You have the opportunity now to experience your future from a more comfortable route.

This is what I recommend you do. It would be helpful to picture - close your eyes and picture the sun in the sky, then beyond it the moon. I recommend of course, that you keep your eyes closed and preferably be in a room someplace where you could lie down or sit very comfortably.

If you can picture the sun and then right behind it the moon in your imagination this will be much easier. Pull, as if you were attempting to pull the sun and the moon towards you. Of course what happens is that you will feel attracted and pulled towards the sun and the moon.

Now this is strictly a visualization, there is no harm towards being closer to the sun so even if you find yourself getting very close indeed - perhaps even within these two bodies - it is safe.

This simple technique allows you to experience a connection to your benevolent future. The sun purifies and the moon supports. This is something that is most helpful in making that particular connection we're talking about today.

When you have the feeling, and it will be a physical feeling, of relaxation - perhaps some of you will feel a little tingling - that's when to say - and you'll find that in that state that you may not have the words that you normally have in your vocabulary and you don't have to think too hard - don't get involved in concepts - just say very slowly out loud or you can whisper if you prefer but it needs to be out loud in some form - what you need for your benevolent future. Not what you think you can have, you understand but what you need.

You need to incorporate that which you desire, in a benevolent way you understand, into your needs in this case. Then you simply state what you need.

If you need a very comfortable place to live, say that. Don't be too specific. Don't say a house. Don't say an apartment. Just say, "I need a very comfortable place to live where I feel welcome and where I have all that I need and want." Something like that, you see - just as an example.

It is not a time to ask for anything that is harmful to you or harmful to others. If you do that the entire process will be cancelled because there are built in safety mechanisms here that do not allow you to manifest harm for yourself or harm for others using these techniques that I share here on this site.

So ask for what you want and state it as a need. You can go on for a time but remember - make an effort to not think so it will be very simple sounding - that's fine. Then relax.

I recommend you do this about three, maybe four times in ten days.

You don't have to ask for different things each time but as a result of time going on you might find that you do ask for different things. Always say it in the form of a need.

It will not only help to create a achievable experience of that in some form in your now and future time but it will take those old fantasies out of the realm of being the fantastic and achievable only through imagination and put them into the capability of achievement through possibility - meaning opportunities that you might not have otherwise had.

It'll also connect you more with the potential for you to have a benevolent future I believe, and make it easier to get along in life - and on that note lets close with the following Living Prayer.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that my connection to my benevolent future be easy and be accomplished in the most benevolent way for me now."


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'll Be Posting Soon...

I'm in the process of moving this week, that's why the delay in posting. I'll have something up here pretty soon though.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Benevolence Of The Moon

Consider the leaves on a tree - how they turn very gently to embrace the sun and very gently to embrace the moon. For those of you who are observers of nature you have seen these things.

Is it possible that we also as human beings observe the sun and embrace the moon - I believe it is. I believe that the experience of the sun cycle and the moon cycle feeds something deep within us.

I am not suggesting that if we do not stand out in the midday sun or walk about at the height of the moonlight - that we will not be healthy but I am saying that some sunlight on our bodies and some moonlight on our bodies is actually healthy, I believe.

We all know and there has been a great deal of scientific research of the beneficial effects of the sun, granted with some warnings about too much. I do not feel however that there has been much discussion of the value and benefits of moonlight.

The assumption is strictly that, "Well, this is reflected sunlight" but why would Creator feel the need or believe that we had the need to experience moonlight.

In my experience the moon reflects not only the sunlight and the light of other stars but also reflects the water. That is what I believe and I feel that for the water and fluids in our body that exposure to moonlight is helpful and beneficial.

I believe there has been some research done on this and if you look, especially in Asian research of old and in native peoples stories of old you will find it.

How does this benefit you and what can you do with it. This is what I feel - now we are in the time of the feminine energy and how can that be supported and nurtured.

I believe it can be supported and nurtured, even if there is no one in your life to do that for you or if that is a temporary situation, by exposing yourself to moonlight - perhaps on your bare arms, perhaps on your lower legs and feet and most importantly on your face.

If you can be someplace where the predominant light is moonlight, I believe you will be nurtured in your feminine energy - and we all have that - men and women - and you will also experience a rejuvenation of the flow of fluids in your body. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe by my experience.

I'd recommend a experiment if you'd like. If you can, go someplace where you can experience moonlight as the predominant influence. Experience as best you can one hour of moonlight on your face, hands and feet - if it is on other parts of your body that is fine but most importantly on your face, hands and feet.

Do this for three nights in a row and of course have some sunlight during the day if you like.

I believe that you will find that your dreams are more comfortable and nurturing, that your ability to get along with women and other feminine influences will also be heightened.

This means of course that your ability to receive will be heightened. I think many of you know what that might mean.

This is something I recommend you try for that period of time - just three days for about an hour a night. If it works for you feel free to share how it works here or simply experience it for yourself. If it doesn't, then wait thirty days and try it again. I believe that in time you can have this great benefit of the moon.

Moon now has the capacity to influence the fluids of our body more than ever and I feel that this form of moon nurturing will give us much of the love, support and nurturing we miss and need and can benefit from.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Helping To Relieve The Tension And More

I feel there is something that you can apply to your accumulated skills package here. You've been reading this blog for sometime and those of you who've been with me from the beginning have perhaps added to your capabilities.

Given that, I'd like you to consider - is there a great deal of tension in the neighborhood where you live - or if you live in the country do you feel the tension in the area where you live or even from other areas migrating to where you are?

Wherever you are, there's a great deal of tension not only stimulated by the creations of human beings but also stimulated by the planet herself.

Mother Earth is going through a change - not a change of life towards the end of her life, not that but a change where another version of her - you might call another face of her - will present itself to you shortly and in order for you to feel comfortable there you will need to work on changing the mood in your area - meaning the feeling level.

So I'm going to suggest this - do this standing outside if you possibly can and ideally without much in the way of insulation on the bottom of your feet. If you have leather soles on those are fine but not rubber or plastic.

This is what I recommend you say. Start with a Living Prayer and say, "I am asking that all the benevolent energy, angelic spirits and the blessings of Creator be with me now that I may say words that will help Earth and all her peoples."

Then wait. Perhaps you won't have to wait very long. If you haven't felt anything after two minutes then just go on with this and say the following Benevolent Magic.

I suggest you say, "I request that all the energies I feel and sense be lightened by the hearts desire most benevolent of all beings and that this occur in my home, in my neighborhood, in my area, on my continent, on my planet in the most benevolent way now and that this will result in the most benevolent outcome."

Now if you feel energy peaking at any time during saying these things just pause until the energy calms a bit because when the energy peaks there is something being supported then and if you wait until it calms a bit you can continue on.

Anytime you feel the energy peaking, wait and then continue on with the words to the end.

Always try to say these things exactly as written here because the Benevolent Magic is supported by those specific words.

Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about what this is for. What this is for is that this new face of Mother Earth will not be such a big change. You will not see suddenly dramatic changes - the trees are not all going to turn purple or anything like that but what you will experience is that you will see things that are there - meaning that you will begin to see things of a benevolent nature that have always been there but that you didn't notice before and here's the good part - as if that weren't good enough - other people will do this too.

If people begin to see wonderful things don't tell them what they're seeing, don't mention that you've said these prayers because it is important for them to feel a sense of personal identification with it and of course what they see is something personal to them.

If they ask you directly - not if they just wonder out loud but if they ask you directly - what do you think it is, then you can say - I believe it is a gift from Mother Earth and Creator showing us that there is hope, there is help and that we are loved.

That's all - keep it simple. That way they still have the opportunity to consider - pro and con, is it this, is it that and that's important. Allow them that. That's what I recommend.

This new face of Mother Earth is something I will speak more about in the future but that's all I wanted to say for now.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lets Take A Step In A More Benevolent Direction

Now today I'm going to tell you a little something and I'm going to make suggestions afterwards.

It is possible to assist those struggling in strife or in natural disasters.

These things happen on a regular basis with Mother Earth - earthquakes, fires, floods - often part of her natural cycle. Granted, sometimes contributed to by the actions of or lack of same by human beings.

Still, I know many of you want to be of assistance and many of you have struggled with this - how to help and how to help in a way that is benevolent.There is the difficult part isn't it because you often want to take some kind of action but how to take action in a benevolent way. I'm going to suggest a course of action here now.

There was a time once when a struggle was going on and the struggle had to do with people opposing each other. The trouble with people opposing each other is that there's a tendency to overdo it - one-upmanship takes over doesn't it, "You did that to me, I'll do double that back to you" and there is a sense of rationalization that takes place doesn't it.

"I'll do double that back to them and then they'll stop because they'll see what it gets them." Like that, you know but how often has that turned into complete disaster as we see very often from the headlines that we read about or worse - if we are in the middle of it eh.

So I'm going to suggest this - it does border on interference, I agree but because it has been done successfully it can be done. This is what I'm going to suggest and it involves the following Living Prayer.

There is something to do before you say this. For those of you who know how to invite benevolent energies in, do that first and while you are saying this let it be of simple comfort - the energy you see.

If the energy should amplify and you feel it more then pause, allow it to relax a bit when it is done with its amplification and then go on and say the rest of the words. Anytime the energy builds, relax - allow it to build and then when it relaxes say the rest of the words.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings involved in strife whether they be this one or that one, whether I favor them, whether I favor other - that they all be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that whoever is causing harm to them intentionally or otherwise also be insulated and protected and that this all results in the most benevolent outcome now."

There's a reason why I say that this borders on interference but you see it's important to say it anyway. It borders on interference because people come here to learn lessons and sometimes the lessons that are learned are difficult and very often effect others but you see, given the level of edginess yes and the level of weaponry that exists today I feel that such influence that we are requesting with this Living Prayer can be benevolent and in my experience it is.

I said I was going to say a little something - I will say that. Do you know that it is possible to influence the physical organisms of the planet.

It is possible to say Living Prayers and physical organisms actually change - not necessarily ones that function under the influence of will such as the determination to do something that us human beings will exercise even if we are doing something that is harmful to ourselves or others but there is a deeper level of function that is biological and is connected to all things, to all beings, to all people and this functions on the micro level.

Cells, organisms, all of these things while they might temporarily bow to the will - will generally go along with the harmony that life entails here for there is a great deal of harmony which must exist here in order for life to perpetuate.

We all understand the wheel of life and how its nature supports one another. In order to co-ordinate the wheel of life then the co-operation must exist on the biological level, the spiritual level and yes - with instinct and most importantly with co-operation.

Co-operation is occurring more and more these days though it isn't always obvious. Sometimes it needs a little support and sometimes it needs a little more than support. I'm suggesting today that you say this Living Prayer because it is support and in some ways a little more than support and it will - I believe - support, sustain and nurture human life to express its best face.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


There are many ways to experience enlightenment - but what is enlightenment?

Is it a intellectual insight into our human condition? Is it a means to understand and apply ways and capabilities to improve the quality of life? Is it a understanding of the human condition which allows one to embrace the continuity of life and allow life to pass before one or is it all of these things and more.

Enlightenment is not a requirement to live today however it is an option. As an option it includes many different forms of understanding.

My feeling is that enlightenment has a foundational element and that foundational element is - understanding how much we are all alike.

Now when I say all does that mean - what - does it mean all people? Does it mean all life? What does it mean. In my understanding and in my life experience all means all life and everything is alive.

If we even consider that philosophically for a moment - does it prevent us from eating or clothing ourselves or protecting ourselves in homes. It does not - however it does demand of us respect, honor and appreciation for all that we eat, all that we wear and all that we use for our shelter.

Here's an example of something I say regularly. I say, "Thank you for all those who have contributed to my being able to enjoy this wonderful meal." Many of you say that in some manner as grace or as the blessing over a meal in all religions and even philosophies but since everything is alive and it passes through us to go on to sustain others in some way that we may see or most likely don't see then is it possible that other forms of life thank us for our existence here.

We often, as a human race, are so critical of ourselves and our fellow human beings and yet - think about it - how is it possible that all the animals, the trees, the stone, Mother Earth herself are prepared and committed to live with us.

Is it possible that there is something we're doing just by our very existence here which is in mutual co-operation with them.

I believe that harmony is possible. I do not think that harmony works when we're blowing things up - shooting, maiming or harming each other and yet it is true that certain levels of inter co-operation allow for the smooth transit of one form of life into another.

I believe that Creator has placed us here to learn how harmony works. That is why we find ourselves in a world that allows one form of life to be nurtured simply by the exhale of breath of another. Is it not a wondrous thing that trees exhale oxygen as do plants in general and that we exhale carbon dioxide which trees and many other plants inhale.

I feel that the nature of our existence here has everything to do with the lesson, the application and the experience of harmony and I have a great deal of confidence that we are not only learning it but that our increased level of communication with each other in this form and in many others will allow us to learn the value of each other, learn how we interact with all other life and yes - appreciate how we all exist in harmony that is unseen and unfelt by many and yet does exist within us.

Now, all we have to do is to make it a goal to live in harmony regardless of our religions, philosophies and politics. I know it can be done.

We just need to say, "I believe and I know you believe also. I can allow you to believe what you believe and still be in harmony with you."

Give it a try, think about it and consider. It may be true but even if it isn't it's still worth thinking about.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Consider for a moment the hostility that we all feel when we feel we've been slighted, overlooked or otherwise mistreated according to our own sense of personal value.

There is a time coming now which has already started some places that will dramatically correct this situation. Some of you have already experienced it.

It is a situation where you will find that people you do not know - most often strangers on the street or perhaps in a bus or even in a restaurant - will simply strike up a conversation with you without any strings attached or any need or desire for it to turn into anything but a momentary conversation that will feel almost like you're having a talk with an old dear friend.

These moments of conversational intimacy will become increasingly frequent and this is a trend that will not go away.

For those of you who might be uncomfortable with such a thing, nows the time to consider whether you could get used to it.

Remember the ultimate value of it is that you will begin to feel more important yes but also more recognized as a valuable human being simply for being. You don't have to prove anything. You don't have to say - I do this - I did that - none of that. You'll just be recognized as being valuable by whoever it is that's talking to you.

Now here's the other part. You yourself will feel an increasing desire bordering on need for the next three to six months to do exactly the same thing - to speak to people you don't know - hello, greetings, I've had a rough day - whatever - and it won't go away even if the person appears to be ignoring you.

Granted, in some instances they'll speak a different language or they won't understand the way you speak but for the most part they'll be shy and not unlike you - when this happens to you - for many of you - they won't know how to react. Fortunately you'll all have this time to adjust to this.

This is a time now when people are really over the experience of being overwhelmed by circumstances, by life and by the sense of so many, so much and what to do about all the change.

Interestingly enough also, you will find that these conversational contacts will happen regardless of age.

Someone who speaks to you might not be in any way like the sort of person that you would normally find makes the first step towards a conversation.

Of course friendships will dramatically increase during this time. The sense of having allies unknown to you before this time will also be very encouraging and will feel like a sense of support coming to you from an unseen and welcome place. This feeling of having allies and what definitely feels like friends that exist all over not just in your immediate neighborhood will also be a great comfort.

This is needed now because people not only feel that their sense of estrangement or even alienation cannot go on - they cannot bear it - but it is also needed because everyone, I feel - and this is what I do believe, recovers their own sense of personal dignity and their sense of feeling good about life and about life's possibilities with this kind of communication.

I feel this is a time of communion where - in these snippets of conversation you will feel a true sense of belonging to life itself - to the human race - to Earth and beyond through these moments of connection to the family of all peoples.

Enjoy this adventure. I feel it will for the most part, be a wonderful experience and will really restore your faith - even if you've never had it - in the value of life and most importantly in the value of your own life and your own future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.