The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Saturday, November 29, 2008

More On Supporting Benevolent Change

This is a time now when you have the opportunity to incorporate all that you've learned here on these blogs and things you've learned other places and be able to create a movement within your self of your true desires that would be beneficial for all beings.

This is what I recommend. Find someplace out on the land. This is not exactly True Magic but is a blending of other things and when you find that place on the land* create a space for yourself on it and stand there.

Then begin to think and picture of all the changes the world would be in were your most benevolent desires for it fulfilled. Hold those pictures and those thoughts only. Try to focus only on that.

Then while you are standing in any direction that you choose to face to begin with, put your right arm straight down at your side with your palm facing the side of your body and take your left arm and bring it across your chest so that it is horizontal with your chest and turn your left wrist so that your palm is facing outward.

Take a deep breath and hold on to those thoughts and pictures and slowly turn to the left in that position as you move your palm forward in order to make 1 complete rotation slowly blow out that breath. After you've made the complete rotation stop and breathe naturally, take 3 sidesteps to the left and make a one quarter rotation to the left and then take 6 sidesteps to the left and go on with your life.

This is a modified form of True Magic that incorporates motion, breath and illustration within your mind and heart, you see, when you're picturing these things that you feel would be good for all beings to help to create a more benevolent world and a more benevolent society.

That's what I recommend you try. Try to do it some time before the end of the year. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


*It's important to care about that which you are performing. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable but it would generally impact the best outcome of that which you are about to do.

This is what I recommend. Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you - keeping your energy, you understand, from moving into the ground. If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather, that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.

Then go out on the land someplace. And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with your presence.

It is good to do this in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner. This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way. You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel comfortable there and then stand out on the land.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More On Creating Ease

In your lifetime you will find that a great many things will change. Sometimes these changes are welcome. Other times the changes are not so welcome.

I'm sure you know what I mean in both cases but there are other times when the changes that occur are uncertain. At moments you think that this could be a good thing and then at other moments you're not so sure.

I want to give you something brief today that you can use to temper that - meaning to moderate the impact of it so that while it may not be spectacularly good it won't be so terrible either. That's what I mean by tempering it. You will have to be specific so I will leave a gap in this Living Prayer.

If something comes up like that and you're not sure and it might take time to find out whether it's a good thing or a not so good thing then this is what I recommend.

Relax into that benevolent energy or ask for it to be all around and about you. Pause for a moment and then say, "I am asking that these..." (changes or circumstances that I'm going through right now - be specific but use as few words as possible) " accommodated into my life now in the most smooth and easy and benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me."

Now if it's some kind of change that's going on for others you may or may not be able to have an influence but you can try. Do the same thing but change the words that refer to the specific situation and say, "I am asking that all those people or beings who are going through..." (state clearly with as few words as possible what they're going through) " able to move through this time of change in the most benevolent way for them resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

I know I've touched on these things before but I felt that given the swirling change moving around our planet and the move towards a greater homogenization of businesses, corporate lives and yes even countries that this might come to be a comfort for you as something else you can do to create as much ease as possible. Goodlife.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Have you noticed the inertia? I have. It's hard isn't it. It feels like - oh there's so much to do but it's so hard to do it and when you make the effort to do at least some of what you have to do, it's so tiring - like you're working uphill.

It will pass. This has happened before and it almost always takes place during a time when we are unconsciously involved in assisting people, places and things all over the world. We hear about some things going on here and there in this part of the world, in that part of the world and we are of course concerned and those of you who have been reading these blogs for a time might be saying living prayers or even benevolent magic or doing other things to help more directly if you can.

And yet it will pass. When these times of inertia happen it is almost always, not every time but almost always associated with our souls and spirits combining together in a greater sense than usual to support and sustain something somewhere involving people and others. It's happened many times and it will pass.

So...a living prayer you can say if you like to support in general. You might say, "I am asking that all those people, places and things that I have been supporting whether I am aware of it or not all receive now the most benevolent help, support and love that is available for them from all those beings who can provide that help, love and support. I am also asking that the sun, the moon, the stars and all beings everywhere help us and support us through these times towards a better life for all beings."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Living Prayer for Transitions

Recently a regular reader of this blog mentioned that he was going through a transition that was particularly strenuous in some ways for him. I'd like to share some of my response to him for you here since you yourself may be experiencing such a transition or shift or change in your life.

Even without such intensity of experience I do recommend that if you are passing through such a time - especially now when the world around us is changing, perhaps in some ways for the better eh, and things are moving and may not be what they have been - then you could if you wished consider the following living prayer as something that might be a comfort.

...I recommend you ask for the most benevolent energies available for you now to be all around and about you and then pause. After that I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be able in the most benevolent way for me to move through this time of transition in a way that is benevolent for all beings and that the result of this transition I am passing through result in the most benevolent outcome for me."

This is what I recommend you say now. You only need to say it once so pick your moment and say it when things are as calm and quiet as possible and you can relax into the good feeling that will follow. Goodlife.