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The Wand Position
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Monday, July 31, 2006

An Uncomfortable Truth?

It is in the nature of our world to shield our friends and loved ones from danger yes - but sometimes we shield them from the truth especially if that truth could be a hurtful one or at least we believe they may feel that.

It is awkward isn't it - we want to protect them from this pain and we think - perhaps we even feel that they have it but they are too polite to say so - meaning they know the truth but they don't want to bring it up, they don't want to feel it, they don't want to see it, they don't want to know about it. What can we do in such circumstances.

Is it possible to rescue them somehow? Is it even desirable? It is most difficult but sometimes a truth has to be said even if the feelings may be hurt - even if there is even some awkwardness for us or we may be misunderstood by others. Sometimes it has to be said.

There are moments when we can say them. It is possible yes, to be polite. It is possible even to be discrete but sometimes when we are polite or even overly discrete - when we speak our truth it is not understood because in order for the truth to be known it is often necessary to be clear.

Therefore when such clarity is spoken in print or otherwise - very often in the spoken word - it can cause harm yes, embarrassment often but after this truth sinks in it can often cause change.

Sometimes the change becomes a disguise but other times the change is actually quite noticeable and something gets done about it in yes - a benevolent way.

In the famous story where the child says - but the emperor's not wearing any clothes - you all know that one - change happens. After a few moments of embarrassment the emperor realizes what the real situation is and then we move on. That famous story is important because it reveals what must be revealed and it does so in an amusing and yes, entertaining way.

So my feeling is this in this short post today - consider when your friends tell you something even if it is embarrassing - is there truth in it. If there is truth does the truth hurt more then the realization of the fact - or is it even a fact? Is it strictly opinion.

Sometimes the truth does masquerade as opinion but other times opinion can appear to be something else.

How often children speak the truth. Sometimes it is welcome, sometimes it is amusing and other times it is just embarrassing.

I'm bringing this up today because I have been accused from time to time of speaking the truth - and when I was younger the idea of speaking the truth was not something to be embarrassed about, it was considered to be a good quality.

There have been others who have spoken the truth and my feeling is that this can be a good thing but the truth must be tempered with kindness and love otherwise it is not truth even though it might be absolutely obvious.

We must find a balance so that our truth is understood, so that others can hear it and see it clearly, so that the value of what we speak is less in its shock or entertainment - as one often sees in the entertainment industry - but rather the value is in the outcome.

Lets consider - whatever truth that people say to us or to the world that we hear about - that it can have value if we can look around and see that there are aspects of truth to it. We don't have to jump up and say - oh my gosh - or we don't have to admit to anything publicly but we can look at it and say - this has value, I'll consider it.

I know this all sounds like policy, what I'm saying - but my feeling is that there are times coming when we will all hear truth spoken in the most innocent of ways and very often as it says in the bible it will come from a child or as I feel the bible really means - in the manner of a child - and when that happens sometimes we don't know how to take it.

Can the truth really set us free - perhaps it can. Lets be open to hearing it and lets consider whether it has value.

I strongly believe in the value of benevolence and I believe that the truth can be benevolent if spoken in a kind and loving way. I have learned a little about that in life and I hope that everyone else embraces it too. I have heard that many people do and I think perhaps it is so. I believe we will find truth - it will come to us and we will know it when we feel it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Helping Hands For Science

Is knowledge enough for science or is wisdom also a worthy goal?

Science has provided us with many wonderful things and has made our lives infinitely easier though there is another side or face to science.

It has also created terrible weapons and extreme versions of technology that are harmful. What can rescue science from the pursuit of this sort of knowledge.

I have found that when one of us - simply a human being pursues knowledge for the sake of knowledge we can also make mistakes but as is natural over time one acquires experience and it is in the nature of experience that wisdom is often the eventual outcome.

I believe that science needs to be tempered with wisdom. I believe that it is the knowledge and experience of practical applications that achieves wisdom.

I am not trying to suggest that I have all the answers but rather I am simply saying that wisdom, that which is known; the sum of what has been perceived, discovered, or inferred, is something worth achieving and integrating into the research and application of science.

I know it will not be easy to ignore some products that can pursue the profit motivation but we have to consider the ultimate outcome.

Are we going to allow science to unintentionally achieve its own destruction by causing ours or will we give science a leg up. Allow it to mature into a stage of wisdom which can then be the overseer and encourage science and those who apply it to use wisdom as a benchmark for research, application and eventual products and technology that will only improve the quality of our lives.

And to that end I ask for support for science by all of you who can support it. That it may have good luck and benevolent outcomes that will be achieved by wise and patient and yes - loving support.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Water - The Life That Unites Us

It is true that water represents the passage of time and the breadth of personality and possibilities but it is more than that - water is the connector to all life as we know it here on Earth and it is also the means of unity and unification.

Everyone drinks water or is exposed to it in some way and the water that flows through your body one day flows through mine another day. Therefore water represents the portions of personality that are most felt in each and every one of us as the water passes through us. It also represents the aspects of personality that we need to release and that which we also need to acquire.

It's a fact, isn't it - when we're thirsty we might drink water and feel better but how many times have you noted - especially for those of you who've been near deep water wells - that you drink some cool water from a deep well and you not only feel refreshed but you feel for a moment that life can be better - that life has possibilities - that in short, there is hope.

Water is meant to restore us and to provide us with the potential for building on the qualities that have not only been placed, intentionally or otherwise, in the water by our fellow human beings and yes - animals but also because water percolates through the Earth - has been placed in there by Mother Earth herself.

When we look at swiftly moving water whether it is at night or in the day we often feel a sense of being drawn towards the water. This is not meant to endanger us but rather because our bodies are made up so much of water as well - and since water is the element of Mother Earth's personality that is so pervasive in our lives it is not so surprising that we are attracted to it.

When this happens at night - at times we might feel a sense of fear - yes - and this is because that magnetic attraction to the water makes us concerned that we might join the water and lose our own personalities - not necessarily in a dangerous way but simply be lost for a time.

I want to give you some homework. It is not complicated but it will be easier for those of you near streams or creeks or rivers. Go and sit near it. You don't have to be to close, just close enough so you can see the current and the direction of the flow of the water.

Stand, or if you like sit, near the water and speak out loud - if there are people nearby you can speak quietly - speak out loud all your discomforts. Who you're upset with, why - and then after you've spoken all you can think of take a deep breath and blow towards the water.

For others of you, you can - instead of just letting go of the troubles - you can infuse the water with something benevolent.

You can sit by the water or stand by the water and speak of your happiness, your joy. You will not give it away by blowing it towards the water but you will share it and compensate for those who've had to let go of their troubles. Then take a deep breath and blow towards the water.

Those of you who cannot get to rivers or streams or creeks, then imagine one as best you can.

Try to imagine one that is as close to where you live as possible and simply say if you wish, the following Living Prayer. "I am asking that the liquid of Mother Earth as it passes through me bring me joy, unite me with my fellow beings in the most benevolent way and provide an understanding and a sense of continuity and an appreciation for life and our home here on Earth." That's what I recommend.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Life And Changes

There is an awakening going on all around you. This awakening is going somewhat misunderstood at the moment.

You'll find that your lives will have moments of confusion in places where you once felt there was an absolute understood predictability.

There are other places where the completely unknown and misunderstood and definitely distrusted will take on an appearance that will grow and grow into something much more comfortable and compatible.

In short, what's going on is a reconfiguration of our daily experience. Many times this will be accompanied by feelings and by physical experiences - very often subtle but noticeable that will feel good though we might sometimes be embarrassed about them.

It's alright to show your feelings. Sometimes it isn't appropriate to do so in a significant way but other times it's perfectly alright because we are, after all - feeling beings.

I believe we are feeling beings first and all else follows. I base this upon the fact that babies are very demonstrably feeling and if you've been around people when they're getting quite a bit older and sometimes don't have the personality that you've come to know them for, they are also very demonstrative or demonstrating feelings - sometimes ones that may surprise you.

I feel at moments like this when we are very young and when we are very old we are not too concerned about what others might think of us and therefore only in the rest of our lives do we learn to be concerned about how we appear to others.

It is possible I believe, to have feelings, to demonstrate them, to experience them in such a way as harmony ensues.

I want to say - goodlife with your experience of feelings as you go through the next few months because you will feel strongly - and others around you will do so as well. It doesn't have to be frightening, it can be a good thing. So enjoy it and see if you can find others who also enjoy it.

It's alright to laugh, it's alright to cry - life will go on no matter what. So I want to encourage you to know that and to trust - life will go on even with changes.

Sometimes when you look at your life you can say and often do, "It needs to change" meaning for the better. I feel that many times during this coming few months, it will be changing and maybe it will be for the better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Assistance With Fear Of The Night

Today I'd like to talk to you about something that is real - such a real experience for so many people and that is a fear of the night or the times when it is dark outside.

Perhaps there is some moonlight, perhaps there is very little. Even when there is significant moonlight there is no sun directly to guide your way.

I'd like to suggest that you call upon a spirit. There is a being that can support you in all this and will literally take your hand - some of you will feel it - very slightly of course but it will be a presence. It is a very loving presence and that is the Spirit Of Night.

This is a being that supports you physically, especially your sense of touch in your feet.

Do you know that the feet we have function very much like hands. When we reach for something we feel with our fingers first don't we, especially if it is something unknown. It is the same with our feet.

It is best when we are in a place where there is unknown to reach with our toes first - not unlike - you might stick your toes into water that is of an unknown temperature.

Also I recommend putting your toes down first - the forefoot - when you are not sure of where you are going and let the Spirit of Night lead you slowly away from the lighted home.

Feel free to take a friend to make sure that you are safe.

I recommend venturing out sometime from your place, if you are shy about the time of night.

First I would suggest saying the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the most benevolent and loving beings that are the very best for me come with me and be joined by Spirit of the Night to support my venture into the nighttime in complete safety, harmony and benevolence for me."

Wait at least five minutes after that and then venture out. The first time go out maybe ten or twelve feet if you are truly frightened of the dark. Remember it is fine to bring a friend but I recommend that the friend be at least five feet away from you. They can be in front of you or to the side of you but not behind you. I think that that is best.

Also it is good if you know the lay of the land. Don't try this in a place where you don't know what the land looks like. It is always best, if you have this fear, to see the land during the day first.

That's what I recommend is best but if you cannot see it then bring a flashlight and shine it on the land so you can see it clearly before you turn the light out and step forward.

Try this night after night or at least three nights a week venturing out about ten feet further each time. By the time your fifth time comes you will feel a little safer.

I recommend also that if you do it past five times that you have a physical object that you can touch. Perhaps it will be a car or a tree but not something that moves about such as a favorite dog or cat or even horse. It is best to have something that you know is a fixed object, that will be a comfort.

I am not suggesting this as a cure-all to all problems especially fear of the dark but I am suggesting it as a way to prepare yourself to move past this particular sense of shyness.

I want to give thanks to my friend Patrice who so gently and with vulnerability volunteered his shyness of the dark in an unknown place in a recent comment on this site but for now that's all I'm going to say about working with the Spirit of Night.

I do recommend however that you invite the Spirit of Night to join with you, your guides and your angels to support your continuing progress through this challenging difficulty.

I know that you will feel comforted and in time be able to move about in the night on foot here or there and remember it's always alright to go with a friend. Make sure the friend is supportive and during your time doing this work if you need to hear your friend and you speak to your friend, it is best if your friend simply says, "I am here." Nothing else - just so you hear their voice.

That's all on that for now. Good luck with this work. I feel you will enjoy it the way it is stated and perhaps feel better in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Advice On Inviting The Rain

Normally I would have answered Patrice's comment in the comment area of Co-operative Motion, Part 3 but it seemed quite specifically like something that you might all get something out of.

As you may already know, there are further teachings that go on in the comment area when I feel someone asks a question or says something that might be of appealing interest to others as well as the questioner.

Here then is my answer to Patrice which I am deciding to share with you openly on the blog itself.

Patrice's comment:

Dear Robby
Woke up at 3 in the morning in my motel just in front of Grand Lake (Col) and it was raining, followed your suggestion and walked out without waiting, the rain stopped almost immediately and let me enjoy a short ceremony I did in front of the lake, even greeted me with a beautifull reflection of the moon on the dark waters just in front of me...
Thanks for the help you give us to walk in Beauty
6:58 AM

Patrice, you have had a good experience with the rain moving aside when you went outdoors.

Now that you have had the rain fall on your body though and you know the feeling on your face and you may be traveling in areas that need the rain, remember the feeling of the rain on your face and arms and body and if there is the need for rain in the area where you are traveling then stand someplace in the open where you are safe and focus entirely and only on remembering that rain on your body - remember you want to remember the feeling as physically as you can in your body - and say the following Living Prayer before you do this.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that the thirst of the plants, animals and people in this area be quenched by the rain that I will remember and invite now."

Goodlife my friend.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Search And Promise Of Harmony

Consider the nature of life itself here on this planet. Everything here is working in harmony though it may not always be obvious. How is it possible that with all the struggle, pain and suffering that there is harmony going on?

Through the years, explanations from various philosophies and even religions have sought to explain this and reasonable suggestions have been made of what is the cause.

What if the true cause is that we can and do unconsciously invite a experience in order to assimilate at the deepest levels including our soul levels the outcome of that experience not only in terms of its immediate effect on our life and on the lives of others but the more lasting outcome - how it effects the greater community even in a wide area around us, possibly even the world.

This kind of experience does require a lot of struggle because we don't remember who we are. I believe that beyond this school of Earth that we are all in harmony in a conscious experiential way but here in this school we often struggle and even more often we struggle with ourselves.

I'm going to recommend that we all say the following Living Prayer and ask as much energy and loving heart to be present as you are able. I recommend we say, "I am asking that all those creations of human beings on this planet be influenced by the true love and friendship we have for each other at the soul level and beyond this Earth so that we can express for no logical reason and no need to create logic that love and harmony now."

I am not trying to blame logic. What I am saying however is that sometimes the need for irrefutable proof slows down the progress of heart, love and benevolent creation. It's good to have proof many times but sometimes we just need faith.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unseen Energies - What Can You Do

Do you know that there are energies that are released from your body regularly.

It is not typical to be able to see these things but sometimes you might notice it and think that it's a trick of the eye.

It's usually seen in some form of dark color - usually quite dark and may be an abstract shape, might have a geometric form or simply an odd shape that looks like it might even be part of something else.

These kind of energies are not always a bad thing for you because sometimes they are benevolent and loving light beings but other times they are bits and pieces of released feeling that can be seen by those who are sensitive to seeing such things and can even be seen by the average citizen from time to time.

These energies are usually expelled from our bodies when we are involved in vigorous activity.

They are not parts of us exactly - they are usually, as I say, associated with unresolved feelings or even unresolved feelings of others that we have picked up because they are similar to our own unresolved feelings.

I am not trying to make a psychological statement here but rather I am speaking about the actual physical impact of these energies.

Do you know that these energies are often attracted to electronic or electromagnetic fields, therefore they might be caught up - through no desire of their own - but might be caught up and experienced in and around stereo systems or most often through television sets.

This does not mean that television is somehow evil but rather it means that these energies will sometimes seemingly fall out of the television.

Rarely can they be seen but as I say, some sensitive people will see them. It comes through the TV more often than you might imagine.

This is why sometimes after viewing the television for even a short time you might get an uncomfortable feeling.

The old thing that mothers used to say, and even fathers, to children if they were uncomfortable or restless around the television was, "Go outside and play dear - you'll feel better" and the children often did because they went out and played vigorously and when they did that - all forms of energy including their own would be radiated from them and when your energy is moving out it tends to push out that which is within you that is not you that you may have picked up simply because of moving through life and acquiring and being touched by this, that or the other - or touching things - a car, a can, a stick, a tree, anything.

So I'm not going to elaborate on this much more. I just want to give you a suggestion and I'm going to suggest it in the form of a Living Prayer that you might wish to say - it's up to you of course.

I would recommend that you say, "I am asking that all those objects around me in my day to day life whether I be outside my home or inside, whether I be at my work or anyplace where I am be cleared of any and all energies that may harm me or may cause harm to me or might cause me to be susceptible to harm and that this will happen in the most benevolent way for me and all life around me."

That's what I recommend. You'd be surprised how co-operative energy can be and therefore I feel this could serve you and even others unknown to you because of the nature of the request of the Living Prayer.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Co-operative Motion, Part 3

Now for some of you who've read part one and part two who may be living in areas where there are flooding rains, if you have had some good fortune with parting the clouds then what you can do if you don't mind getting wet - and you will not be able to stand out there with an umbrella alright because you will need to be able to see the sky - feel free to wear goggles and by all means rain gear if you like but not an umbrella - then you can try it.

Go out. Say, "Goodlife." Aim your right hand towards the sky and ask the clouds - alright - after you say goodlife - ask the clouds to part and let the sun shine where you are.

The reason you request for it to shine where you are is that you are asking - do you understand? It is meant to be, in that sense, a favor.

If you have that opportunity and the clouds do part and the sun does shine where you are then you can try this one other time.

If you are successful and the clouds part and the sun shines where you are, then wait for a time and I will give you a follow up on this in times to come.

You understand that we all need water and the plants need water too. This is not to be used to chase the rain away because you want to go to the beach and it's not to be used in some other way that is harmful to people, plants and animals.

It is training and you may not always be successful. You may not ever be successful but it is worth a try and I will build on this in the future as I often do.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Co-operative Motion, Part 2

You have, some of you, done the homework with the plants. For those of you who have done that - read on. Now I'd like you to try something else.

Go out during the daytime when you can see the clouds in the sky and look up towards some part of the sky where is not to bright and you can see well and make your right hand - even if it's not your primary hand - perhaps you are left handed but please use your right hand - make it flat and reach up towards the sky in the same way you'd reach towards another person to shake hands but your hand is completely flat you see.

Reach up towards the sky and aim it towards a cloud or two and gently move your hand - I recommend that you move your hand towards the right but you can move it gently towards the left if you like and say out loud, "Goodlife" and see what happens.

Now I understand that the clouds might be moving according to the wind but regardless of which way the clouds are moving, see if the cloud either stops or moves according to the direction you have requested.

Now you may think, "This is crazy" but some of you might have an idea now where things are going.

See if you can try that one or two or three days - just with the clouds.

You don't have to go out and try if it's raining but there's something you can try if you like especially if you live in an area where it's cloudy a lot - and some of you do. In this case you wouldn't just have individual clouds, the sky would tend to be cloudy most of the time.

Then do the same thing with your hand - say, "Goodlife" right towards the sky out loud and move your hand back and forth very gently, very slightly as if you were trying to part something - like parting curtains - and what you're doing is you are requesting - you don't have to say a Living Prayer - but what you are doing is that you are requesting that the clouds move aside for a moment so that the sunlight will come through.

Some of you will have success with this, others won't but it's leading towards something else.

Needless to say some of you can guess how this could be applied but you understand - what you're really doing is that you're making a request and I recommend that you do not excessively do this - you're going to do it just a little bit. If the clouds part and sunlight shines through, then pull your hand back and let the clouds reform the way they were.

You can try this - if you have success and the clouds part - you can try this one other time but that's all. Just the two times. If you don't have success don't worry about it. You can try it again sometime. If you're not having success with it, wait a week or two and try it again.

Alright, that's all for this time. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Co-operative Motion

I'd like to encourage some of you out there - we're going to try something if you like - and this is not intended to be a trick but rather another cornerstone in your natural talents and abilities to help you awaken to those possibilities.

For some of you it will be easier than others. For some of you, you will simply find it to be fantastic and beyond your belief in what is real.

It is important however to begin this teaching - and we have laid the steps and even a pathway leading up to it.

So this is what I'm going to suggest - I would like you to observe something at a distance. Let it be something that is completely benign - by that I mean - a tree branch would be good.

It can be in your yard, it can be in a park - anyplace like that and what I'm going to suggest is that you stand near it - you can sit near it if you prefer.

It would be best if the day is not windy or if the area you are in is not breezy - and it doesn't have to be a tree, it could be a bush or even a flowering plant.

First I recommend you say, "Goodlife" out loud to the plant. It is after all alive and goodlife is something that plants understand though I grant you do not all speak english as your native tongue but many of you do, so I recommend - goodlife.

Then wait for a moment. If you feel uncomfortable move on to another plant, bush or tree but if you feel comfortable then I would like to suggest that you simply ask out loud for the branch or flower to move. It doesn't have to move a lot - that's why it would be good if it's not a windy day you see but to just move a little bit one way or another.

It may come as a surprise to you that plants can actually move on their own and yet some of you already know this. If you see a movement don't automatically assume it's the wind.

There is reason behind this and purpose. It is a step towards something else.

If you have the impression or can clearly see that the branch or plant or even leaf has moved - simply say, "Thank you - goodlife" and move on to another plant. Try this with two or three plants and if you notice motion don't simply doubt it. Say, "Thank you - goodlife" and move on to another plant.

That's the homework. There will be more but this is a beginning and it is intended to teach you something that will be of great help.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What Is Offered Here

I know some of you might have wondered why my last post was clearly directed towards people who are in the service or people who are either working in or stuck in prison and that's because it's important to recognize that the things we don't like in society still exist. That even things we do like in society sometimes have moments of great difficulty and struggle.

Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer and many of the things I teach about here are intended to be used in difficult situations as well as when times are more calm and therefore from time to time I will bring up the applications and the practices and the training for those of you who would like it - to put these things into your life - to improve the quality of your life and perhaps even the lives of your friends and family around you.

There is a great deal that can be done - more than you might even imagine. Not only is it possible to improve your experience with human beings and animals but even with elements and things that seem to be beyond any predictable control.

It is my intention here, as I have been doing, to continue to give you the foundational elements that will allow you to put into practice the most important capabilities that I feel will take you all through the coming years and changes that may take place in our society and to create as much benevolence for yourselves and those around you that you can.

I know we're all concerned about world events - I am too and that's why this site is dedicated to providing you with the capabilities you might wish to have and that is to create safety, benevolence, kindness, opportunity and an opportunity to leave the world a better place not only for your having been here but for while you are here.

I know that may seem to be a tall order and I am not making it a command or a demand but rather simply laying it at your feet and if you wish to absorb it, apply it and use it you are most definitely welcome.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Enhancing Living Prayer And Benevolent Magic In Difficult Situations

Today I would like to speak to you briefly about how Benevolent Magic can be enhanced.

We have taught extensively here about Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer. Some of you do not fully realize that this is not something that is only of words as in other kinds of prayers or other types of magic. It is also something that works much better when you feel a benevolent energy.

Some of you have this experience now and if you are amongst the people that do not have the experience then seek out teaching on how to experience it which is best done in person but I will continue to share what can be for you here including to simply request that the most beloved and loving energies, beings, guides, angels - if you care to say that and even Creator itself be present to provide you with the most loving energy that nurtures and supports and protects you.

I feel that if you say this once a day for perhaps three or four weeks, even if you have not felt energy before there's a good chance you will even in circumstances that are not always the safest.

Try to find an area or a place or a time when you feel as safe as you can be - say this and try to relax. If you are in a battle zone it may be difficult but it's possible even there. If you are in a prison it may be difficult and still it is possible even there. It is not unknown and many times much more frequent than you might imagine even in a war zone.

So it is possible and it does not have to distract you. You can remain alert and still feel it. It will of course inspire you and provide benevolent support of energy for you and most likely for those near you - sometimes even those far away. So I recommend giving it a try.

As far as then applying Benevolent Magic, you'll find that when you're feeling the energy you may not be able to read or think or open your eyes because it feels so good and you'll want to be in the feeling of it and when I say feeling you understand this is physical - it's not a thought.

So if you feel the energy and it begins to fade, check and see if you're thinking. If you're thinking it might actually get in the way because thought, as you know, can be so very interesting.

Try to keep your mind blank. One easy way to do that is to stare at something that has no particular subject in front of you - like a blank wall or the side of a hill or even a trench that has nothing particular going on in it to catch your attention. If it is dark than just stare into space.

So, if you cannot read to say the Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer as written here then try to memorize this Living Prayer which I've given many times here before but I'm going to apply it to a battle zone for those of you who might be in harms way. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings here in this area be insulated and protected from harm and that all those beings who are causing harm or may cause harm also be insulated and protected."

Now why do we say it that way? Very simply we say it that way because if we want all souls to co-operate, all souls must benefit - even in battle zones all souls must benefit.

It's hard to imagine on one side of a fight that somebody on the other side in another life beyond Earth, in another experience of life and in pure spirit is your friend but this is in fact the case. Still, I recommend memorizing that as stated for those of you who are in service or for that matter in prison.

Now the other most frequent Living Prayer you might say is this - try to memorize it so that you can say it while feeling the energy. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them."

This of course will include you since you are a being as well you see. Beings is a word I use because it covers not only human beings but animals and everything that is alive which is of course everything.

So, that's just a little refresher I like to give you from time to time because it's easy in our world of thought and intellect to get caught up in the idea that Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer are words when in fact to enhance them - energies of love and spirit are most effective.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.