The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, June 30, 2006

Consider The Bluebird

Consider the bluebird in the sky - is it really blue? Of course to our way of thinking the color is blue, yes but why - you might reasonably ask - and is there a child who hasn't asked - why is the bird blue? This is not an unreasonable question.

Of course the answer globally is either, "Because that's the way Creator made the bird" or, "Because that's the way it is" or something like that - but it is not an unreasonable question.

Do you know that the colors of all creatures - including human beings - are purposely chosen by their souls.

All life is ensouled and everything is alive - remember this when you live your life. You cannot believe, I feel, in ensoulment for one portion of life and believe that there is no ensoulment for another and still believe in a version of Creator - whatever version you find appealing. I find the word Creator and the feeling of Creator to be comforting as well.

In the coming time I will speak more about why all beings choose to be their color, shape, size and so on but I don't want you to think I'm avoiding the question.

According to all that I have been taught and what I feel to be so from my experience the reason bluebirds are blue is because they choose to be reminders of all that is beautiful in the sky. It is not an accident that bluebirds fly across a sky which certainly appears blue to us much of the time.

Can you not consider, just for a moment, that we also choose to appear in a way that comforts us against our background and our surroundings while still being human beings.

We do not have the choice of variety of the animals but I feel Creator provides us with considerable variety in our hearts and in our minds and in our souls.

Still there is a reality of color. I feel that color is meant to be varietal. Have you looked at a garden and seen the different color of flowers. I believe that Creator of this planet loves variety and that's why we all have color and shape and size and yes, all forms of variety. I also believe that Creator loves all of Creator's creations equally. We can but try to do the same.

Good life to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We Are All Here...Why?

There is a place within the hearts and souls of all beings on Earth and beyond. This place could be labeled by the word - mutual benefit - okay, it's two words. Why do I bring this to our attention?

It is in the nature of our existence here that we are exploring in infinitesimal detail, when you consider how many of us there are and all of the variables in individuality, we are exploring the many details and ramifications of the experience of mutual benefit.

How can I do exactly what is right for me, what is the most beneficial, what is the most benevolent and that it somehow benefits you - especially if you don't know me, we never meet and perhaps we are in different places in the world.

For that matter, how can you do exactly what is right for you in the most benevolent way and I don't know you, we never meet and we do not even consciously know of each others existence?

I believe and I have been taught that the balance of benevolence which is at the nature of our hearts and souls is something that is a functional resonance within each and every one of us.

It does not come about only by what we have been taught by those who have raised us regardless of how beneficial - or perhaps not so they were. It comes about mostly by the way we're born, how we are touched by Creator before birth and our innate knowing.

How can it be that someone would do something self-destructive and it would be to your or my mutual benefit? I'm not saying that it is. What I am saying is that when we do something benevolent, and we are not always aware of when we do benevolent things, it effects us all mutually to our advantage.

How can we not be aware of doing something benevolent. It is possible that we will just do something that is a minor thing - go this way, not that but arrive where we wish to be or simply try it this way, not that but still accomplish our intention and this minor change in our plans, in our applications somehow contributes to someone else's benefit whom we may not know and may never meet.

Mutual benefit is like a playing field upon which we all occupy at one time or another. We are not competing however, we are striving towards accomplishing a greater good for the hearts and souls of each other and perhaps someday this greater good we are learning here with all of its details and vast reservoir of experience will be laid at the feet of all those who live in the future whether they be on this planet or another.

I believe we are here to learn and that that learning is not taking place because we have been slow to learn elsewhere but that we are here to learn so that we may provide in the best way our souls can - wisdom, experience and yes - love so that we may help others whom we are all connected to whether they be in our time or whether they be in some time to come.

I believe we are all here for our mutual benefit.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Special Place

Have you ever desired to go to some place of great beauty only to feel, alas, it is too far away.

Do you know that all over the Earth there are places like this. Sometimes they are recognized for their beauty, other times they are obscured - not easily seen - hidden but possible to find.

How do you know that you are in a place that is right for you? You will always be - almost but not quite overwhelmed by the feeling of welcome, love, support, nurturance and yes - home - even if it is not your physical home on Earth.

These places can be anywhere for there are so many of us we need them to be many places. Sometimes they are places meant to call us home. Other times which is more frequent there are places to activate home in our bodies, for home is not only a place that is a building, a town, friends, companions, lovers, family.

Home is a feeling in our hearts and bodies where we are accepted, loved and cherished for being exactly who we are and with the feeling of home we can accept, love and cherish all other beings regardless of their appearance, shape, size and temperament.

It is a place of absolute safety, a place where there is only home within you and others. There are hundreds of thousands of places like that on Earth. Sometimes these places get to be known as special spiritual places, other times they remain unknown and obscure - perhaps known to a select few or even just one.

Sometimes they're not even for human beings but the animals migrate there or come and go near there.

Know that it is natural for all of us to want and desire that feeling of home. I'd like to suggest the following Living Prayer. You could say, "I am asking to feel physically in my body and all around and about me the physical feeling of home and to feel that wherever I go that this feeling will be seeded so that others can have their own feeling of home - that this will occur in the most loving and benevolent way for me and all."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 23, 2006

More On Seeing Energy Bodies For The Beginner And Beyond

Have I ever mentioned to you about practicing seeing a energy body - perhaps I have.

For those of you who can do this you can read on down a couple of paragraphs but for those of you who have not heard about this, this is what to do.

Practice with a tree or a mountain top or something that has a clearly defined edge as compared to what is behind it you see. A tree might have that if you were looking up at it towards a cloudy sky or even a blue sky.

It can be anything. It can be a young tree or an old tree. It could be a wall, say a block wall. Something that has a contrast to what's behind it and that what's behind it is preferably part of the natural world meaning not man-made but it's alright if it is man-made and it is - say a solid color - preferably a lighter color so you can see the energy body.

I wouldn't recommend starting by looking at human beings who are standing in front of some lighter colored something but for those of you who've had a little practice in this - you could but it has to be somebody you feel good about and somebody that feels good about you, that's all.

For those of you who haven't done it look at that object whatever it is, then look slightly above - perhaps a little bit to the left or right of the object and begin concentrating your point of vision slightly above - just slightly above or slightly to the left or right of what you're looking at.

Now some of you might see or notice beneath the point where you're looking a lighter part of the view. If you get the impression of that - don't look at it at this point. Rather, continue to move your point of view up or slightly to the left or slightly to the right but up further from what you're looking at.

What you're going to notice is that beneath the point you're looking at but above or slightly to the left or slightly to the right of what you're looking at is a brighter area. Remember if you look back down to see this glowing energy body it will go away - that's because you're training yourself right now to learn how see it and in training this is a perfect example of how you have to let go of what you're doing - you see. It's also a good way to train on how to let go of any attachment to the outcome.

So what's going to happen is for many of you, if not most, you'll see this lighter area. Then what you can do, if you like - now those of you who know how to do this can pick it up here - is to stand back a bit further if you can and look at that tree or look at that wall and again focus on what's above it and what you'll see is a glow from the entire top of the wall.

Again don't look at the wall, just look above it and that's how you train to see this energy body. It is around everything but when you train like this you can see it easier - okay.

So for those of you who've been doing this for a while it is now time to try looking at human beings, if you haven't already done it but only those that know you're doing this and that feel good about you and you feel good about them.

You don't have to be a couple, that's alright too but just be friends or feel good about each other - that's all - so that any exchange of energy is benevolent for you both - that's why you see.

Then again when you're looking at a human being, now if you're just starting to do this don't do this - this is the advanced material for those of you who already can see this - if you're looking at a human being then see if you can have them stand or sit in front of something that is pale or lighter colored then that person.

Now what you do is you look at the perimeter of their body - most likely you'll look from their head down to their shoulders and so on.

I find that when doing this kind of thing that it's good to begin with the left side of the person. It doesn't have to be their left side of their body just from your point of view it would be to the left of them and/or if you prefer look above them or look to the right, it's up to you. I find that looking to the left is easier or looking above them.

At this point you're not looking for colors of energies but you can look for just the energy, practicing it the same way as you've done before or the same way as described above and see.

Just do this for about a minute or two at the most. If you happen to notice a color then you can interpret it as follows in the case of this kind of work.

If it is green, a light green it would represent healing energy that is either coming from that person and you can simply see it or it's coming from a being who is providing healing energy and you can see it or it may be coming through you from a being and it is doing good for you both. That's the way to look at that always.

If you happen to see any other color it is most likely going to be something like blue or a light blue. That would have to do with a soothing or healing of the mind energy and would come in the same way as mentioned.

Other colors that you may see from time to time are gold or yellow. That would always have to do with a activation and support of Earth resources - by that that means anything having to do with Earth including anything having to do with your physical body and is often associated with expansion in the physical sense. By expansion I do not mean in volume but rather in capability.

Those are the main colors you're likely to see around a person when you begin seeing colors. If there are other colors and you're not sure what they mean you can ask and I will provide what I am able.

I just wanted to get you started on this and for others who have read about this or begun, to give you the next step as I said I would. We do try to build on things here and it is my intention to always provide a little more so that you can feel the sense of your own value, an appreciation of our world and the knowing that there is spirit in the most loving way looking after us all here.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


You walk upon your path on a daily basis. Sometimes it is clear and easy to see - go this way, not that way. Other times it is more vague or there are many pathways that cross yours and you're not sure - which one is my path - and still more.

There might be pathways that are emerging like a root from a tree that comes up and then down and you're not even sure which tree it's from. Thence you're not sure which path - whether it's yours, somebody else's? In my true feelings these days I find that it's not always easy for us to stay on our path.

Other people's path's look so good from a distance don't they but that's because we're not actually walking on them and we don't always see everything else that's on that path.

So often people envy us at a distance and most often we never know and very often we envy others at a distance and usually they never know - and yet there are frequently wonderful things in our lives that we don't always notice. I know I have that experience sometimes and I have a feeling you do too.

Then there are other times when we have difficult things and sometimes other people do not notice when we are going through difficulties.

I'd like to make a suggestion - you don't have to do it, consider it that's all. I think it would be good for us to have a little calendar and at the end of the day to just put a check mark in a little box that says "good" - meaning overall it was a good day or another little box saying "eh - okay - not bad" and then another little box that says "challenging."

Let's try to get over saying, "bad - bad day" when one thing seems to emerge from our day as being difficult and in the process we overlook the good things that happened that day - some of which we don't always notice.

I'm not trying to lecture you. I'm like you, I have my path and sometimes I get confused, "Is it my path or somebody else's?" Just like you.

One thing I try to pay attention to though, and sometimes I forget also, and that's about the good things on my path. I feel that some of us are shy or afraid to say - we've had a good day and I understand. Sometimes I'm shy like that too, however I feel that when taken at its cumulative value - meaning over time - that it's good for us to remind ourselves that we have good things in our life and that those good things very often do counterbalance the more challenging things.

Sometimes we just have to turn around and look at what's there that's good. Other times it's right in front of us.

I definitely wish for you good experience and good noticing of the good things in your life and a benevolent outcome for your day, for your week and for your life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mutual co-operation is a cornerstone of how we function here on Earth. I know it doesn't seem that way very often but in fact there is vastly more co-operation then there is conflict.

Now you might say and perhaps not unreasonably that you might at times find that hard to believe and yet when you consider the complexities of human society and how we all weave and interweave in and out of each others lives, sometimes noticeably - very often not so noticeably, there is a massive amount of co-operation.

What we take to be coincidence, I believe, is not coincidence at all. In fact I do not believe in coincidence as a separate phenomena. I believe that what we call coincidence is truly co-operation.

There are many ways of course to look at life here but in my experience the slightest alterations in our plans for the day which most often are unconscious - meaning we don't think about them, we just do them - are examples of co-operation.

How many times do you drive into the parking lot looking for a space and you think - I'm going to turn to the left for a space and find yourself completely unexpectedly turning to the right, not because of the traffic flow but you just do it and you say - now why did I do that? Very often, in my experience, this has to do with some form of co-operation.

Perhaps whoever turned to the left found the space because they needed it more urgently or perhaps it goes the other way. Perhaps when you turned to the right you found the space because you needed it more urgently. This is very often the case.

I realize that using a parking lot seems mundane and yet as I have observed - I believe that many, many times, more so then we consciously think about, such things occur - little things that we don't think about.

So the next time you're feeling unlucky because you didn't get that special space in the parking lot, maybe you were unconsciously co-operating with one of our fellow beings here who needed it more even though it may not always be obvious why. So consider, just consider - maybe co-operation is much more common then we realize.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Assimilating, Observing And Applying Techniques To Create, Part 2

Now that you have experimented a bit touching or protecting or shielding your solar plexus or your navel area then I'd like you to attempt something.

For those of you who have television or watch television this will be easier because it's quick and simple and I'll give that instruction first.

Put on a program on television that is as benign as you can find - perhaps something about people - oh - working in their gardens - this is not meant to be something that is necessarily entertaining to you, it can be though - that is alright.

It doesn't have to be a garden show but it can be. Something that is not controversial to you, that does not upset you and perhaps even bores you just a little bit - and put your arms down at you side.

It's alright to have your palms on you legs if you are sitting alright, but we don't want your belly button or your solar plexus to be covered by your arms - of course it's perfectly alright to have clothing on or even a blanket if you happen to be in bed.

Watch it for a time and then just turn it off and relax - a time meaning perhaps ten minutes. If the advertising comes on be sure and either turn it off during the advertising or turn it to something completely neutral - meaning a station upon which there is nothing - then turn it back when you feel the programing may be on or if you prefer let that segment alone be the support for what we're doing.

You will notice your body is somewhat relaxed - some of you might feel anticipation because your body is prepared to react.

Many of you are aware of the term - the fight or flight reaction, in your body. Both of these reactions stimulate almost the same chemicals in your body - there is a slightly different chemical that is natural to your body according to one or the other but most of the body chemistry is at least similar in either reaction.

Then without drawing any conclusions I'd like you to put on a program for a few moments that's at least exciting - it doesn't have to be violent but something that's exciting or tense - just have that on for about two minutes, that's enough.

Notice how you feel physically. You're actually experiencing the fight or flight feeling in your body or at the very least - excitement.

Now this is an important step because you will need to understand physically what's going on and how you are artificially stimulating the discomfiture in your body.

So after the two minutes or so of that program, turn it off. You will simply have noticed during that, the change of physical feeling in your body.

The important thing to note here is that what you take in - and you take things in from your belly button much more that you do in your mind - your mind functioning in a filtering state almost all the time - your belly button being completely exposed - really - almost all the time - what you take in then is immediately reacted to by your solar plexus throwing out as much defenses or pushing life away as much as possible. In the case of excitement, sometimes. In the case of fear or agitation or stress, all the time.

Think what aspects in your life cause you stress. Do you really want to stimulate and support stress artificially with these television programs?

Now for those of you who do not watch television very much, then take note of these things in life. Perhaps you will be someplace where people are arguing, then you can cover your belly button as best you can - even slide your hand down over it as you walk by the people or drive by perhaps or ride by - then release and allow yourself the exposure, underneath your clothing of course. If possible, turn your body to the point where you feel less stress or cover that part of your body.

I know this is complicated and I don't wish to make it too much so. The whole point is this, what your belly button feels or takes in or you might simply say receives in life whether it is a part of your actual life or associated with something that is artificial as in television or even theatre - your solar plexus always reacts to whether it is real or artificially stimulated.

Sometimes this prompts you to push away an opportunity or a good possibility - perhaps an opportunity to create, support or perpetuate a relationship or friendship. Sometimes you might miss an opportunity in career or in some other pursuit you are looking forward to.

I know this is a lot of homework - and then I have to describe things at length because there is no illustrative methods here available to me at this time for you. Still, I feel that it is worth your experimentation. I will build on this in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Assimilating, Observing And Applying Techniques To Create

There is a place now for each and every one of us that co-ordinates directly with our physical reality.

It is a place that's remarkably unprotected and there is something that we can all do to protect it, to nurture it and to recognize that its safety has everything to do with our creations in life and that place is our solar plexus.

Did you know that our reality is largely perceived and created from that general area of our bodies. When you think about it, it makes complete sense.

After all our belly button, or our navel as it's called, is right below the solar plexus and don't you think that Creator would quite naturally place the connection from the life giving energy of mother to baby in the exact place that is meant to draw our attention.

The belly button, or the navel, is the place of reception and the solar plexus is the place of creation - meaning that what you take in in the general area of your belly button is what is thrust out in the general area of your solar plexus.

I'm not being exactly precise here because there is some variances from individual to individual.

I'm mentioning this not because it's such a revelation to some of you but because it's important to remind yourself that certain places in your body benefit from being covered when there is stressful situations.

I recognize that this is not always possible but have you not noticed that belt buckles very often are elaborate and large.

This is not only a styling statement but when the pants are worn in the appropriate location - this is not a styling criticism on my part - the appropriate location meaning so that the belt buckle centers when necessary over the belly button - then at those occasions when you feel stress - not necessarily meaning that something is happening to you but something is happening around you - perhaps people are arguing - if you cannot actually move away from the scene then you can discretely either pull your pants up or down just a little bit so that you can get that piece of metal over your belly button.

Normally it's not good to do this. If you were to reach down right now with one of your hands and cover your belly button you might feel a little uncomfortable but if you're in a stressful situation and you do that you'll probably feel a little better. Try it, you'll see - and experiment with it.

It's no accident that when people are stressed or annoyed or upset that they often cross their arms - over your chest? No, if you actually notice it, it's lower than that and that's an attempt unconsciously to get your arms over your belly button or at least over your solar plexus.

You'd be surprised how often people will cross their arms over their solar plexus if they feel angry and they are unconsciously attempting to avoid reacting - perhaps saying something you'll regret later - we all know that one eh.

So this is the beginning of something that I'm going to build on more in the future. For right now I just want you to observe. It won't take that much trouble on your part.

Many of you work or are simply exposed to stressful situations as a part of life even if they do not directly concern you.

Try it and if you feel yourself getting angry and are afraid you're going to say something that you'll regret, cross your arms over your solar plexus or put your hands over that.

You know sometimes you're talking on the phone and people are agitated - just put your arm or your hand over that part of your body and it will tend to calm that area that reacts.

I'll say more about the benevolent aspect of what the solar plexus does and how you can encourage your belly button, meaning your navel, to be exposed to that which is benevolent or to support the exposure of that part of your body to the benevolent aspects of life and thence train your solar plexus to respond in kind. I'll say more about that soon but for now I'd just like you to try to experiment. It might be interesting for those of you who have not already done this - I know many of you have.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something To Think About

Moral principals - so differently defined by different philosophies, ways of life, religions - perhaps the golden rule being one of the best: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - a very good one.

Have you ever thought about - given your life experience, your ideals, wishes, hopes and dreams - what are your moral principals and what would you say based upon your life experience would be the best moral principals for others to follow?

This isn't exactly homework but it's something to think about. If you do want to submit something here in the commentary area - feel free.

I would suggest that it would be good to take into account the nature of life here - most importantly your experience and what you would see as unifying principals. In short, how are we all alike, what would we all want and need and how would you address that with moral principals?

I grant that there are many religions and philosophies that have addressed that fairly well but since this is a blanket suggestion, you can either pull from all of them or you can provide your own beliefs. Something to think about this weekend.

I feel that in these changing times in which people are insisting - and rightly so that they be treated benevolently and many others are insisting - and I believe rightly so that they be allowed to treat others benevolently that this is something good to think about. I'd be interested to know what you might have to offer.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered...

Have you ever wondered why the world seems so complicated. Why the issues keep coming up. Why don't we all speak the same language? In short, why?

The reason "why" exists is because we are here to learn. As I've said over and over I grant, this is a school and you know - we are born with "why" literally in our blood.

The miracle of birth, for it is truly that - though it is certainly hard labor for mother, is a fascinating thing.

The child begins to explore the first chance they can move around. What do my fingers taste like? What do my toes taste like? And how often have you had the opportunity to put your finger into a little babies hand and watch babies little teeny fingers wrap around your finger. Is it not an amazing thing?

Does it not prompt you to wonder why things are the way they are? It is a challenging place here. As a school it is not meant to be a discipline. It is meant to be more of a laboratory: What works? How does it work? Why? Do we like the way it works? Do we want to improve it? What can we do to improve it? Now that we have improved it is it better than it was before? Do we want it back the way it was?

These and other questions are on our minds when we are young, when we are middle-aged and when we are old. Very often when we get older there is a longing to have things back the way they were and yet it is that very change that helps us to be able to let go of life as we see around us. Granted we love our friends and our family and they love us and yet letting go is so important isn't it.

That's why when we get old the world has changed for us and that's why when baby is born with all of those questions why and with all of that capacity to discover and all of the wonders to be found - why is important when we are babies - when we get older we haven't released why but we relate to why differently.

So many questions and not so very many firm answers. That is good though because in a laboratory we want to keep exploring why, how, when, where, who and ultimately - what. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Familiarizing Your Thoughts And Feelings With Safety

Your lives are treading upon new territory. Much of what you say and feel and do will be that which is new to you. I know there is a desire to have a sense of security, peace and yet at times there is the pleasure of excitement.

Excitement however does pose an attraction to risk as well as experiencing it even when experienced in an artificial fashion such as in a movie or other such entertainment.

I'm going to suggest that since your lives are encompassed now in attracting the physical qualities that you wish to experience and that causes you to feel safe that it would be a good time to have another, as I like to call it sometime, actors workshop and this is an actors workshop that is for those who are more than actors, those who are actors, those who are other than actors - that's alright.

Here's your performance that I'd like you to try for today - imagine in your mind being completely safe. It might be a situation where you are recalling a circumstance, it might be something totally imagined.

If you can create that as a thought then see if you can experience it as a feeling and then, here's where the acting part comes in, see if you can be so engaged in it as a thought and a feeling that you feel as if you are literally emanating it like the light from a light bulb throughout the space in which you are currently occupying.

It might be a quiet ride on a train perhaps. It might even be a quiet moment on a bus, long from your stop. It might be completely in private in your home or some other quiet place.

It is good to begin this practice on your own or quietly. It's alright if there are other people or even pets there but it's good to practice it.

I'd like you to give it a try for about two or three weeks whenever you can do it. I feel it will provide for you not only a sense of relaxation in your sometimes harried world but because it will help you to familiarize your physical and mental state with that feeling you'll find that you'll be able to bring up that feeling and thought process at times when it will not only put you at ease but will actually perform the function of safety.

Safety is not only a condition, it is not only a set of circumstances, it is an actual broadcast energy and while I do not suggest that you attempt to broadcast it - the more you feel it, the more you train your thoughts to be engaged with that which causes you to feel safe and allow your feelings to support your thoughts of safety - so you will naturally emanate that safety.

It may not always protect you in every situation but it can be protective in many situations. First try the experience with it for the next two or three weeks whenever it's convenient and then begin to use it.

It isn't meant to be a substitute for being careful and cautious and paying attention to your circumstances in your world but very often it can by its very emanation create a calmer and even yes - at times, a safer experience of life for you.

Give it a try if you like. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Retrain Your Mind For Your Benefit

Have you ever noticed when you wake up from a nap or perhaps when you get up in the morning or after your sleep time - that as you're gradually waking up you feel pretty good and then like an unwelcome visitor your subconscious or perhaps subtle fears kick in and places where you often have pains you "feel" them but actually what is happening is that your thought triggers them.

This does not mean that your thought is somehow the enemy. Rather your thought is attempting to prepare you for your day or prepare you for your waking state and it is attempting to be the tactician suggesting that this could happen and that could happen and therefore one must prepare as one normally does.

I want to suggest something very simple along the lines of other things suggested here from time to time and that is when you wake up from any sleep - it will take a while to train to do this but you can get there - it has been a discipline for me - when you wake up from any sleep, if possible become aware or bring your awareness into the bottoms of your feet.

You can wiggle your toes around if that's comfortable or if you've already swung your legs out over the bed you can move your feet around on the floor or on the ground wherever they happen to be.

Try to be conscious then, not only of what you need to do immediately after you wake up but be conscious - literally have your consciousness in the bottoms of your feet.

What this means essentially is sensitizing the bottoms of your feet. That's why it's good to trigger them slightly - moving them around you see - on the rug or other stimulation like that.

I am not saying to not pay attention to where you are walking or where you are going but this kind of discipline - because it really is a mental discipline - will prompt you to, over time, simply become aware of some part of you body that feels good.

Now for some of you your feet may not feel good, then perhaps your hands feel good. Do the same thing with your hands or with any part of your body that normally feels good.

In this way it is possible to retrain your mind to expect to feel good when you wake up in the morning. It won't work a hundred percent of the time of course but it is often a very valuable way to bring about a state of condition wherein your mind is less of a tactician and more of a comforter that helps to bring about a benevolent and balanced state of affairs in your waking state.

Give it a try and see how it works for you. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Activate Healing Support

There is a place within the hearts - yes - both hearts of all human beings and yes, all animals, plants. It is the ultimate healing place. Today I want to share with you how to activate that place.

It will involve a series of sounds which you can simply hold the tones for as long as feels right to you.

Once you have activated this part of your body you will find that when your physical pains come up for you which they do for all of us from time to time then it would be good for you to pay attention to some part of your body and if you take action on treating that part of your body or having it looked after by your doctors or chiropractors or whatever your choice is then the pain will subside - in some cases even go away.

This is my experience. Of course I cannot guarantee this will work for you but I believe it will be of some help.

The first tone to make is: AH - holding the tone for as long as is comfortable.

You make that tone as deep in the sound range as you can make - it doesn't have to be any particular note - just as deep as you can go COMFORTABLY and this is fine.

Then wait about thirty seconds or a minute after you make that tone and make this tone: OH. Again hold it for as long as is comfortable.

Now when you make that tone, try to make it at the - as far back towards your mouth or throat as you can - meaning that it's going to resonate there to the best of your ability. This tone is particularly helpful for your heart and will when done in that order trigger the mechanism of the healing heart as well.

Then wait about five minutes or at the point when it feels good. Don't rush it though, wait for about five minutes and then you can make this final tone: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Hold it again for as long as is comfortable. That will set the standard that you have created for initiating the start at the continuance and finally the lock on the system that you have engaged.

Now remember that this isn't going to work very well unless you attend to those pains. In some cases it might be some mild attendance, in other cases you will have to see your doctor, get a diagnosis and then pursue whatever healing method or treatment method that feels best to you.

I am not trying to make myself out to be a medical person here for I am not that but it is my opportunity here to assist you for those of you who wish to try this. Some of you who have been exposed to some of these things over the years may already know nevertheless it is something that I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Energy, A Word That Needs To Be Replaced

Energy is what is often used as a term to describe all life but this term - energy has one flaw and that is the flaw that is expressed by a complete lack of bias about the way that energy is expressed.

After all an explosion with all of its harm and destructive qualities, in most cases, is energy and a babies smile and the capacity to do so is also energy.

I feel it would be a good thing for science to embrace the feeling of love, compatibility and harmony. I grant those are three words but those three words describe a single feeling.

I know that that may be something that causes scientists to bristle a bit and it is not my intent to single out any one group as needing improvement - certainly we're all here to improve ourselves and apply that improvement to ourselves and others.

The term energy, I feel, needs some improvement. I'm going to ask you to think about that over the weekend - just give it some thought - what would you use as a term - a universal term mind you, that covers all aspects of life?

I'm going to suggest that you start with those feelings I mentioned - see if you can bring those feelings on for yourself, then consider - do we even need a single word but since that is popular to have a word like that give it some thought.

When we express, to the best of our ability - terminology, words, descriptions we all regardless of our language try to express them in a way that represents how we feel even though our minds want us to express what we think.

The problem there is that our minds are all different and conditioned by different aspects of life and different circumstances but all of our feelings even though we may have them at different times - our feelings are exactly the same. This is why I speak about feelings so much here.

In my experience the animals and yes the plants also express feelings exactly the same way. I believe that since that does exist, at least as far as I have been able to observe in my life, that the attempt to superimpose thought as a means that is universal is fraught with pitfalls and confusion.

How many times in your life have you spoken to a loved one, to say nothing of a friend or colleague and you were both using words that you thought the other person understood and yet the result was a complete misunderstanding or in some cases in business, a foul-up.

When we begin to root our means of communication in feeling then we will begin to develop the universal language. I'm not expecting you to come up with that over the weekend but I do want to suggest that you give it a try to see what you might wish to suggest, in whatever language you speak or know, a word that might replace - energy.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Your Feeling Heart's Contribution To Instinct

Consider the different parts of your body. On this site we talk at great lengths about the heart because there is a strong sense of heart awakening going on.

Did you know that some people consider that we have two hearts - one where we know it is and the other on the other side. Some people consider that to be the physical heart - meaning that you get feelings there that are associated with what's going on in your physical world - usually your immediate physical world.

Now I know that physically speaking you have your stomach there and muscle tissue and bones and so on but the reason I call it another heart is that one often gets feelings there that are similar to the physical feelings you get on the side of your body where your heart actually is.

So I'm bringing it up because the physical feelings you get with that second heart usually co-ordinate with something direct and immediate.

Often it is considered to be something that either represents a problem for you in that moment or can on occasion represent an opportunity but it is more challenging to read that heart. You might feel a sense of warmth which is for me the best way to know that something is a good thing for me but there are other times when you are simply aware of it.

These times when you feel a sense of discomfort usually means that it's good to move away from where you are in that moment. It doesn't mean that there is a dangerous threat but there might be something that would be good to avoid or step away from - a feeling of discomfort there you understand.

I'm not talking about acid-indigestion like you might feel in your stomach, I'm talking about an actual feeling. So here's what I'm going to suggest in order to help you to attune yourself to the awareness of the different feelings - for those of you who have been working on feeling the warmth in your physical heart, your actual heart you know, see if you can also try to feel the warmth in your feeling heart - that's what that other one is called - at least it's what I've been taught to call it.

It is often the case when you feel the warmth in your physical heart that it spreads across your chest and you feel it in both hearts and sometimes even radiating to your upper arms. This is a good nurturing state of being for you but when you are feeling your physical heart - the warmth in that area specifically - then also try to feel it where your feeling heart is. Your feeling heart has to do, as I say with your immediate environment.

Practice feeling the warmth there where your feeling heart is and also take note if you get physical feelings there. That's the area that warns you that something may or may not be good to avoid but most likely represents something that would be good to move out of the way of - perhaps a car coming up fast behind you that you just hadn't noticed.

Perhaps somebody walking up an aisle in your general direction - not meaning to walk towards you but just happens to be in the area where you are who is angry or upset - maybe somebody you don't know. Perhaps you can walk across the street or step aside and let them go by.

This isn't because they necessarily represent a danger or a threat to you though that's possible but so that their energy does not come to close to you and you might pick up something from them that could be unsettling or uncomfortable.

I want to give you these kind of homeworks you see because it helps you to attune. Practice on it first for a time before you jump to any conclusions okay but know that if you cannot feel it than simply focus on the warmth in your heart if you can do that and let it spread out to your right side of your chest as well. You might simply need to nurture that area for a while until you can feel both of your hearts. I'll build on this in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More About Your Bodies Physical Language

Announcements are often made here of events coming or even circumstances that are present. I do that not to be the herald but more to help you through these times which I know are a struggle very often, and sometimes totally unpredictably.

When you have many things that you can do, for one thing is not always enough is it, then you can help yourself and very often help others including those near and dear.

Of course Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer are things that I use all the time to my great benefit and I believe to the benefit of others. So I support that. I have of course, shared other things with you here and I will continue to do that since I feel that it will be helpful. In that light I'd like to share something today.

There is a capacity that many of you have that you don't know you have and that is a capacity to feel inside yourself - to actually feel inside yourself. You don't stick your hand inside your body, you don't have to - but you can focus on feeling yourself from the inside out. There is a reason.

Not only might you feel warmth which is often felt as a physical feeling of love which I've mentioned before on this blog but also there's a chance to find out what's going on in your body if you're not sure.

Of course I want you to see doctors and chiropractors and others too - look after your needs - but sometimes there's something going on in your body that's not associated with a disease but it's an ongoing feeling or it's something that's just plain - a mystery.

So this is what I'm going to suggest. If there's anything mysterious going on in your body which you just can't figure out or an ongoing condition - perhaps for which you're receiving treatment - see if you can become consciously aware of that physical part of your body.

You'll have to feel inside your body - it's a feeling you know - physically.

If you wish, you can hold your hands over that part of your body but if you do - try to bring your sense of touch inside your body.

Just before you do that say this Living Prayer is what I suggest. You might say, "I am asking to receive a word or even two words that will describe a feeling that this part of my body is attempting to communicate to me or it can describe a thought but only in a word or two so that there's a good chance that I'll get it."

That's the Living Prayer. I grant it's a bit earthy but it's important for it to be plain.

Now, I want you to also consider that one of the clearest places that you will actually sense a word or two will be from your left side. Some of you will sense it right around the physical area of your left ear. Some of you might get it from someplace else. Now I grant that this may not be absolutely accurate for many of you but it's worth trying.

So that's my suggestion for today. Try it out - see what you get and see if you can sense what that part of your body is trying to tell you.

Remember your physical body speaks with physical feelings first and foremost and sometimes as you try this on for a while - this method, you might be able to recognize the physical feeling and its associated meaning after you try it for a while.

If you want to get a better understanding of how that works see if you can also get a feeling from some part of your body that feels really terrific - even when you're feeling absolutely happy.

Then you can recognize another physical feeling to have as a comparison point. You don't have to do that but you can if you want to try it out. I'll build on this in the future as always.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Consider What Could Be Done

Envision for a moment the opportunity to do things that may seem impossible for a human being.

Flying comes to mind but there are other possibilities. Things that are often dreamt of and enjoyed with great pleasure.

Visiting famous leaders - religious or otherwise, touching Creator with joy, visiting with friends and relatives that have passed over and are no longer amongst you. It's important to consider that the impossible could occur.

You don't have to plan on it occurring but it's important to consider that it's possible. You know, when we're not on this planet we are many things - we can do many things and many things that we imagine now and hope for and wish for are available.

Here we come to school - as I've said many times before but in our other lives away from here then while there is purpose, while there is function, while there is learning - by comparison it is recess.

It's important to know that there is a merging going on between our world here - this school and all other worlds.

It's true that the other worlds will not have to go through the extremes that we have gone through here in this school because that would be too difficult for them but in a very thin version of our school here - what we would consider a pre-school by comparison - and this being the Ph.D program you see, then what they will go through will be very minor indeed though will feel intense for them.

That's why we're here so that we can train, we can be exposed to all of the possible ramifications and consequences of actions that may otherwise seem perfectly innocent.

We're not here to learn how to not act, we're here to learn how to act and arbitrate and support and nurture - that's why we often do this for each other not only because it feels good doing so and it feels good receiving it but because it's good training.

We will need infinite patience when we go out to those other lives and even - yes, when we begin to travel in space in all earnestness - meaning much more so then we are now.

There are opportunities and remember, it's very important to consider that the impossible can be done. Don't rule it out. Imagine it, yes - fantasize about it - that's okay and consider - maybe it can be done.

I will try to instruct you as I have in the past in ways that it might be done at least in part. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Ever Traveling World Of The Familiar

There is a place within the hearts of all beings that is a point of complete familiarity.

We are all on this earth made up of the same matter. An ant, a cow, a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird, a human being.

Yes, we have different sparks of Creator in us and we have different personalities but how often have you noted that a cat or a dog or even a horse that you have experienced in your life in the past is experienced again in a way when you meet another one of those beings and they remind you in many ways of one you've known before - and think how it is with human beings too - how you sometimes meet a human being that reminds you so much of someone you've known before.

Oh they may not look like them but the personality is similar and then there's those times that you see someone that looks so strikingly like someone you've known or seen before that it's almost hard to believe.

We are all made up of the same matter and that matter comes and goes often in the wind. I believe it is the wind's job to move this matter around on the surface of the planet so that we all have an opportunity to experience, at least in the food that we eat and the minerals that pass through our bodies, a little of everyone and everything.

I wonder - do you think reincarnation is only that which is linear in different times or can it also be physical reincarnation where what was once alive and vital, ensouled and moving as we understand life to be is incarnated again in the different matter that moves through our bodies.

On the one hand it may sound uncomfortable to some of you but on the other hand it is such a unifying element. I believe Creator has us here on a planet where life comes and goes and the winds and rains and elements move matter around on the planet - that it is intended that we experience the familiar even if it is only fleeting.

I believe the familiar lives inside our hearts and is an element of love. What do you believe? Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Something For You To Think About

Feelings are difficult at times aren't they. Oh yes, we have wonderful feelings but there are other feelings that are hard to fathom much less to understand.

The mind is not intended to understand feelings - is that not strange? There is a reason. The reason is it is the mind's job not to understand feelings because then the mind will want those feelings to be predictable - in short the mind will want to quantify feelings so that they can be completely understood but the mind is intended to be in conflict with feelings. Why would Creator want us to be like that?

There is a strong attraction to the mind isn't there, and yet it is feelings that literally keep us alive. The birth rate exists because of feelings - love, attraction, mutual affection and the mind can attempt - as many have tried - to define love.

It can define attraction in scientific terms but only if it is separated from love but if we consider that love is the attracting element that works only insofar as there is mutual attraction from both parties and that those parties want to be together, want to be in contact - then we can understand how something like the great pyramid can exist for so very long - not just because it's a massive weight of stone but because those who fitted it together managed to find stones that would be happy to be together - does that seem trite?

In my experience and from what I've observed - planets stay together because every aspect of that planet is happy and has love for every other aspect that it is in contact with. This could be called harmony and yet why do we have so much disharmony on the planet.

Everything on this planet and the planet herself are in harmony except for us - why aren't we in harmony?

As I've said before, this is a school - we are here to learn - we are here to understand the value of harmony and we are here to observe the common ground of all life. We've been placed here, I believe, so that we can discover that the mind is something that can do great things yes - but the mind can also hold opinions that are so diametrically opposed to others that there is a attraction to proving one is right.

Harmony has no such attraction. It is only based on feeling. I'm going to pose a question for you - something I'd like you to think about this weekend. Look up harmony in the dictionary wherever you live. Notice the intellectual description and also consider - perhaps harmony exists because all that is in contact with everything else is individually attracted to that which it is in contact with - thus making for harmony.

Then consider that the mind wants to be right even if others can absolutely prove that it is wrong. We know that this is so because our institutions are filled with people including those who have committed criminal acts who believe they are right and will go to great lengths to prove it.

I am not saying everybody in a criminal institution is crazy - what I am saying is feelings may be more benevolent and more likely to have a capacity for harmony than a mind that wants to be right.

So, something to think about and comment upon if you like. Feel free to make comments here - they are always welcome. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Long Touch: Feeling Beyond, Part 3

You have tried many different things from reading this blog. I have made an effort to expose you to potential talents you have lying latently within you. There are many more and I will touch on another one of those today.

As you know, we build on things here in this blog and I will as always build on this in the future. I'd like you to work on something we've touched on before but if you haven't read it before you can search the blog and see what you can locate under, "long touch."

Now, I'd like you to try something - those of you who've been wanting the next step. There is a place that exists before this time but it is physical in its own way - therefore it can be touched. This is a place where our spirits all exist right now. They exist in form however.

You all know, most of you who read this, that such places exist. We can consider mentally can we not, that we have other lives and that those other lives are happening in different time threads - so they could be contacted. I have been contacted and invited and I want to pass the invitation on to you that you can touch those other lives.

Now why do that? For one thing those other lives are living in a completely benevolent environment and touching using Long Touch necessarily screens all discomfort and only allows benevolence.

Therefore you cannot harm those other lives, because of the struggles we go through and the outer and inner conflicts we feel and have dealt with, so be okay with that. Equally you will not feel distracted with their personal feelings which could in other circumstances cause you to feel confusion, discomfort or a feeling of being scattered - nor would they want to have that effect on you - because only their benevolence can touch us using the procedures laid out in Long Touch.

Therefore I'd like to suggest that you reach - remember those of you who've not done this go back and search this blog for "long touch" alright, read it in order when you find it - now reach towards that place. I'm going to give you a context mentally. It might not be exactly what you all see in your mind's eye but it will help.

Physically if you can, reach with your left arm. If that's not comfortable use your right arm but reach to the best of your ability even if you have to use your solar plexus but I recommend using your arm - reach towards that place - reach over your head if you can or stretch your arm. Make sure that you've told your friends and family not to touch that arm while you're doing this.

Reach and feel great benevolence. Feel a sense of your self. Feel a contact with something very soft, almost like a cloud. You can feel it but it's very subtle.

Reach and ask for the most benevolent influence, support and sustenance from your total being in that place and beyond to nurture, love and support you during your now life in all ways available to you.

You may do this for as long as is comfortable for you. Afterwards if you can, take a nap or otherwise be quiet - that would be best - so try to do this at a time when that's available.

You can do it with others in a group if you like but try to keep at least six feet on all sides of you clear - that is best.

I hope you enjoy this. If you like it we will continue to build on Long Touch. Its been a long time since we've done this and yet it is available for you now. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.