The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcoming The Rain

Now I'd like to provide you all with something that will come in very handy from time to time and that is this, there are some of you who are living in area's that need rain - granted some of you are living in area's that have to much rain but for those of you who are living in places that need rain - perhaps you have a farm and you might be doing some dry farming than of course you need the rain.

I want to give you some homework that you can use to welcome the rain. It is not a command - after all you are a guest living on Earth, Mother Earth, but like a good son or daughter you might be able to request from your Mother something you need but first you need to know something about how to do the request.

So the next time it rains, I want you to do something. Go outside and stand in the rain. If it is terrible rain with wind and frightening and dangerous don't do that but if there is a point where the rain is coming down but you can stand in it comfortably than go out and stand in the rain and let it rain on the top of your head and on your body safely for you but the idea is so that you can feel it touching your head and your face.

You don't have to do this for long, just long enough so that you can feel it. You want to memorize to the best of your ability the feeling of rain landing on your body. If you're not wearing anything covering your arms then notice that too. Notice the rain as it touches your body.

Try to do this at a time when it is all right - when it is enjoyable. Not if you've just had your hair cut and you're ready to go to that party or something but rather when it is enjoyable so that you have a remembrance of how the rain felt on your body as an enjoyable experience, you see - like that. You want to make sure that it is like that because then you will know how to request the rain.

Then say, you are having a drought - as I say perhaps you are a farmer but you might also simply be a citizen and be aware that there is a drought and know that the rain is needed. Then what to do - you don't necessarily have to have your arms bare but at least have your head bare if you can. If you have to wear a garment on the top of your head or shrouding your head that's all right but the most important thing is to be able to recall how that rain felt on your body. If you wish you can bare your arms or your head if that works better for you.

Go outside and stand in the outside - in the outside world, meaning go outside from your home or your dwelling and remember to the best of your ability how that rain felt. You don't have to say - rain please come - anything like that. That's a thought. In order to request rain - rain is most likely to come when it is requested physically and it will come if it is also needed, meaning that the more that can be supporting your request the better. So if there are plants and trees around and they need rain they will also be asking for rain - you don't have to ask them to ask, they are asking now alright and then stand out there and remember how the rain felt on your body.

You don't have to look up at the sky, you can if you like. Just do that focusing entirely to the best of your ability, without thinking, on how the rain felt on your body. You can do that for one, two, up to three minutes if you like but you don't have to do it any longer than that.

When you are done just say, "Thank you," that's all or you can say, "Goodlife." That's a blessing and it's a greeting and it's also a way of offering - it's like saying goodbye. You could say hello, you could say goodbye and you can offer a blessing - goodlife, you see. It is something that Mother Earth encourages. Than you may go on about your business. What this does is that it supports the rain coming by welcoming it. We all know that we like to be welcomed wherever we go. We like our friends to welcome us and we like to feel welcome even by those we don't know so that we feel safe and secure and can relax and be ourselves because we are welcome. Rain, as part of Mother Earth's body is also like that.

Mother Earth wants to teach you how to live in harmony with your world and this is one way you can do it. Another time I will give you a suggestion on how to welcome the sun if there is too much rain.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Experience Feeling In A New And Benevolent Way

Now for those of you who've been reading this blog from the beginning and have been practicing some of the training and advice and guidance given here, I would like you to say now - just stop while you're reading this and say, "I am asking that my capacities to expand spiritually and benevolently because of reading and practicing the benevolent training on this blog serve me well to improve the quality of my life and the quality of lives around me whom I feel would benefit simply by being nearby."
Now why do I say that? Now when you practice these things, after a while or perhaps right away for many of you, you will feel a benevolent energy. Energy naturally radiates whether it is benevolent or not. You know this - you have walked into a room from time to time or gone into a room somehow and someone angry was in there and you felt it right away, there was a tension, your body warning you that you need to be alert for something. That was energy naturally radiating.
It is not unlike a light bulb, the energy is present and the light radiates but even for sensitive people you might note that the energy might be present even if the light can no longer radiate in the case of a light bulb that is burned out. You may not always feel that but it is there. It is even a little more subtle yet for saying Living Prayers and Benevolent Magic but it does have its impact.
If you want to try this out I want to give you something you can do. If you like you can have a trusted friend, someone you feel good about and someone who feels good about you, in the room or perhaps two of you who are doing this practice on this blog. You can both do this at the same time, it might be an interesting experience for you.
Why don't you say this - it will be a Living Prayer but it is also intended to bring about a feeling. Why don't you both say out loud, quietly so that you don't disturb each other but out loud, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings come to me now and fill me with as much gold light and light that is compatible with the gold light as I can comfortably experience. I am also asking that I be able to feel it to the extent that I am comfortable feeling it." That's all, just a Living Prayer, and see what happens.
You might feel a little warmth, if you do that's a physical evidence of your spirit and body showing love. If the other person in the room is also feeling it you may notice a increase in that feeling if you've had it before. This is something worth trying in a room with many people who are practicing what's on this blog.
I'm not suggesting you turn the blog into a religion, that's not the whole point. The point is that you can discover that many times what you read on this blog, that is intended to help you and improve the quality of your life and perhaps the quality of life for people around you, can be harmonious with others doing the same thing and if you feel the energy and it feels benevolent and there are other people in the room perhaps more than one other you may feel it even more benevolently than you usually do on your own. Try this if you like with one or another or more people if you are doing this as a group and see how it feels.
We will build on this as time goes on as I want you to have skills and abilities that you can use to create a more pleasant life for yourself, yes more benevolent and more benevolent for those around you and sometimes more benevolent regardless of what is going on around you.
One last statement for you to consider, I know that you feel the word - impossible - is a fact. Never assume when it comes to benevolence that anything is impossible. Assume, just assume even as a theory or consider assuming, that the impossible may be possible when it comes to benevolence. You may simply need the assistance of others, be they human, be they Spirit, be they animal or plant, be they planets, be they loving Creator or Creator's friends. Help is available. It will help you to know how to ask for it and that is why exists.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Plants, Animals And A Possible Glimpse At Our Future

Many of you have observed the deteriorating conditions available for the animal world and for that matter the plant world. I'd like to give you some Living Prayers you can say that will help to sustain and support the plant world for starters, since after all it is difficult for you to survive without a vigorous and healthy plant world. It is no accident that you are, quite obviously, having aspects of harmony between you.
Think about it every time you cut down a tree, every time you mow the grass, every time a forest or a portion of one is cleared to build housing - you are cutting down that which exhales components, needed components, of the very air you breathe. You exhale, amongst other things, carbon dioxide which the plants inhale. The plants exhale oxygen which you inhale. A simple basic chemistry, you know?
So, I think it is important for you, and those of you who would care to, to say the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that the plant world feel love, support, nurturance and acknowledgment and appreciation and most importantly to feel welcome from the Human Being world and that these feelings,so important to all Beings, invigorate the plant world, encourage them to continue and encourage them to grow and be in places where they have had difficulty in maintaining themselves and that by that welcome - the deserts will bloom again and the sea of concrete will someday welcome them back."
I realize that that last part sounds a bit unusual. We're not asking the forest to spring up in the middle of your highways but it is possible, you have seen it, to have highways that are suspended. I grant they are expensive that way.
It is also possible to have less vehicles on the highway. Of course you need trucks to move the goods you need to survive and public transport to move you around from place to place as you need to but I feel that many of you might be aware now that public transport, while not being what you would like it to be yet, has the capacity and the potential to improve and become much more comfortable and much more welcoming for the average citizen and I think that's what it would take to encourage you to try public transport.
There is another thing that would encourage you and that is to be polite to each other on that transport - to be welcoming and friendly as best you can and to support your fellow travelers when you see them in need. I know this seems to be obvious and it doesn't always seem to be possible but look towards public transport as being something that will be accentuated in the future.
The day of the individual car may be coming to a close as far as the need to own one. For a long time yet, though, it will be possible to rent a car for a day. When public transport is very helpful, very useful and can get you just about anywhere you need to go or close to it, there won't be the need to own a car. It might be hard for you to think about giving up your car but the car, the private automobile will become a bit more rare in the future.
Still, it will be possible on a day to rent a car or even for a short touring vacation to rent a car for a week, purchase the fuel, insurance, all of the other and drive it around for a week and that will be a short family vacation, for example. Then, cars will be more appreciated and they will not be as frequently found. It will be possible to cater cars to, very specifically, the vacationing peoples and the other vehicles on the road, as I said, will tend to be those that service human society, yes, service the society of peoples.
So, now lets close today with a Living Prayer to support the animal world. "I am asking that all life forms we call animals, be they very small - up to the largest, feel welcome and safe and experience being welcome and safe on Earth with us now and that we learn from them by their example and by the way they influence, benevolently, our dreams and our inspirations and that that learning be good and welcome for us as well."
Goodlife to you all.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

More About How This Works

As you've all noticed, the title of this page is Benevolent Magic. Benevolent Magic is intended to provide a means by which you can alter your physical reality into being more pleasant.
How does this happen? Is this something mental? No, not at all. It is literally a request. There are Beings that interact with the physical world here that are totally benevolent. Sometimes they are called Angels. Sometimes they are called Gold Light Beings because when seen they always either emanate gold light and white light or they appear themselves to be of gold light usually with some white light and occasionally other colors as well.
When you say Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer these are the Beings that make the connections between all Souls of all Beings whether they be human beings, animals, plants, planets, rock, anything in order to bring about co-operation. There is no forcing. There is always and only a gentle contact to your Soul whether you are awake or asleep requesting, "Are you comfortable with this slight alteration" because all Souls of all Beings must co-operate for you to receive exactly what you ask for.
Now sometimes you will receive only a portion of what you ask for because all Souls are not in agreement at that moment but some are, so you may receive a portion or another possibility is that the Souls will come into co-operation over time as they continue to pursue their own lives and their own needs and as they achieve various needs, thus they will provide permission for what you have asked for - you see. This is why a Benevolent Magic may take time to come to fulfillment or Living Prayer for that matter.
I wanted to let you know some of the fundamentals of how this works so that you will not become enamored with the idea that this is a thought process. It is not that only, though certainly thought has something to do with it. You think about what is necessary for your life or what you need or what you would like to see occur for the world and its population yes, but then also there is a certain amount of inspiration involved too and inspiration is supported by Creator and acted on by your Soul and interaction with your Angels or Spirits or Guides, whatever you wish to call them, and thus comes the inspiration for the exact words for the Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer but if the inspiration is not present then you think about it only and come up with something you'd like to say in that moment.
Now many of you feel that this is something that is so spiritual it ought to only be said for very important things and while I appreciate that reverence towards this capacity of Creation, which is what it is - Creator wants you to learn this now, as I've been taught, it is also a means by which you can literally yes, change your life but also coordinate your Being - your Soul, your physical body, your feelings, your Spirit yes, all of you with all other Souls in the most benevolent way because of the intermediaries working for you and with you and as I've said the intermediaries are Angels, also known as Gold Light Beings. I hope this has cleared up some points.
So it's important for you to know than, that it's perfectly all right to ask for Benevolent Magic in simple day to day situations as well. It does not have to be only a circumstance that is life changing or major as you might say. It is perfectly all right to ask a Benevolent Magic for something ordinary and every day, as you might say, something that would give you stress but note that sometimes what is resolved is not exactly what you've asked for - so allow for that. Build in a certain latitude in the wording of your Benevolent Magic request or Living Prayer so that the most benevolent outcome can take place because the most benevolent outcome isn't always exactly what you asked for.
Sometimes the Angels, or Gold Light Beings, feel that something slightly different would be better and that's why you request the Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer in the word format we've suggested because it does allow for that latitude.
So, I thought it might be useful to let you know more about how this works so you do not become locked into the idea that this is something where you're just saying words. It is words yes, but it is much, much more. It is my intention with this web page, Benevolent Magic, to help you to move gracefully and graciously towards your spiritual destiny to achieve our ultimate spiritual outcome here on this planet which is benevolence for all Beings.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Assistance From Spirit To Feel Better

Today I would like to make a further comment on what we started last time. Gold Light Beings and Light Beings and your Angels, and they are all very much part of the same group - and friendly and friends of Creator, are very helpful Beings in many ways. I have found that besides clearing out a house or your home or the place where you are - perhaps you're traveling on the road and staying at someone else's home or in a rented place or even just a spot where you are for a time - that they can do other things.
Many times I'll suddenly feel poorly and I used to feel I was sick but then I decided that I would start to ask Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light to come and clear me, my body and my energy field, of any Beings perhaps or things or energies that were harmful to me.
Now why do I say Beings? You know that sometimes there are Beings in our Earth that others would sometimes describe as evil spirits. In my experience with these spirits, I grant that some spirits that are around are not benevolent - period - I have run across one or two in my time but I have run across a great many who are just upset and angry and frightened and you know when Human Beings are upset and angry and frightened sometimes they can present an unpleasant face as well.
So when I have found these Beings in the past, these unsettling spirits, I have been trained how to clear them of the energy that surrounds them and that keeps them from moving on to the next world. Perhaps I'll explain how to do that for you to try, especially those of you well on and advanced in your spiritual growth. It is not that difficult. They are so very appreciative and you can feel the energy shift into being more benevolent when they move on. It's a wonderful thing, a real service but that was an aside.
Now, as far as feeling better and having the Gold Light Beings and Light Beings check me over I would say just to find out first - oh perhaps I wasn't feeling well but I would say just to find out something like, "I am asking that Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and check me over to see if I have any entities or energies or discomforts that you can clear me of." After making that request, I have found that if I move as little as possible during the time that they are working on me, which I can usually tell because I'm starting to feel better, that it seems to work much better.
If necessary, I have moved but then it doesn't always work as well. So I'd recommend that if at all possible, you move as little as possible and then when you feel better after five or ten minutes or so - maybe even twenty minutes or a little longer, go on about your day or night or whatever you need to do. Very often when I have done this I would feel much, much better.
Now I'm not saying this is a cure all to all disease or discomfort but I have found it to be profoundly helpful over the years and I've gotten to the point now where I tend to say it even if I have something that is paining me, as we all get sometimes, and sometimes they can help and other times I need to do other things and see my Doctor or see my Dentist or have my Chiropractor work on me or what we all do but still very often they are able to help.
Since I am talking and began talking last time about what Gold Light Beings and Light Beings can do I felt it would be good to share this with you. So I'd recommend you try that and after you feel better just know that this is Creator's way of sharing friends, helpers and beloved spirits with you to help you. Creator loves you. Your Angels love you. Your Spirit Guides, Gold Light Beings, Light Beings - they all love you and this is because when we are not at this school, we are a lot like them.
That is how life is almost everywhere. This place is an exception because it is a school. I have mentioned that before and I'll mention it again. We'll talk more about it someday but I wanted to suggest this thing to you today because it has been of such great benefit to me and I hope that you find that it is valuable and helpful to you as well. Goodlife to you all.

Friday, September 23, 2005

You Can, If You Like, Request Energy Clearing For Your Home

Energy is something that many of you feel - a gentle energy, a loving energy. Perhaps some of you feel it as warmth. Perhaps some of you simply feel it as a good feeling, very soft contact - not unlike the feeling your physical body has when in the wind but without the wind - that feeling only, not a strong wind, a gentle wind.
You might reasonably ask, "Is this Spirit contacting me? Is this one of my Angels or Creator somehow?" I will say this, that when you interact with Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer or anything that involves the actions of others in the Angelic or Spirit world, that they come to you. When they come to you, you will sometimes feel their contact as an energy. It will always feel benevolent to you - comfortable.
You can, if you like, ask them to come even without saying Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer. Very often - because people live in unusual circumstances there will be, when you wake up in your home, an uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps somebody was angry in the house or perhaps even next door people were angry and their anger energy radiates, which energy does radiate, into your house and it feels uncomfortable.
Then what you can do is to ask (and I recommend that you say it out loud since you are requesting a physical change in the house it would be most helpful to acknowledge that desire by saying it out loud or if you wish you can whisper it as long as it is a sound that is out loud - that will work best) Gold Light Beings and Light Beings compatible with the gold light, so they can work together you understand - because gold light is the Earth mastery color - it is an energy that encompasses all colors. You want the Light Beings who come to help to be attuned to Earth energy and thus they'll be attuned that way by attuning themselves to gold light. You see, it's that simple. Ask them if they would clear the energy in your home so that it feels comfortable.
You might then need to move slowly for a time. If you are with someone else, not to talk for a few minutes, just to relax or to go about what you need to do - get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, something like that and within a very few minutes the energy in your home will feel better. It may be surprising that you can do this but I recommend it. I do it all the time and it works for me, perhaps it will for you as well.
If you would like to add when you request Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light, if you would like to add my Angel's too, that's perfectly all right. I usually say Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light - that's what works for me but you can experiment and see what works for you.
I use this regularly and it is of great benefit to me. I hope you find it of benefit to you as well. Goodlife.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Information On The September 22 Toning Event

I'd like to share something with you all today. There is a time coming up for you on September 22 of this year, 2005. You will have an opportunity to improve the quality of spiritual alignment for all Human Beings on Earth.
If you can make the tone any time of your time on September twenty second, make a tone of aaaahhhh, ooooooo, or nnnnnnn for as close as you can get to four minutes and fifty eight seconds or five minutes and two seconds or in between that - that's the best amount of time.
Of course you'll have to breathe and make the tones as best you can during that time, then it can accelerate the spiritual growth of all Human Beings on Earth to what is called a Creator's Apprentice. What this means is that your capacity to create will be increased while at the same time the safeguards on the type of creation that you do will be accentuated, meaning that you will not be allowed to create as much discomfort and disharmony as Humans have done in the past for themselves and for others. Those creations will not be supported. You will however, be able to create more harmony and more benevolence. Those creations will be supported.
This time will be stimulating, on that date September twenty second, that capability. It will work best if there are 183,982 of you doing it or more and that's already been organized somewhat. I hope those of you who read this do that. If you have any further questions about it, you can go to There's an article right there on their home page.
I want to also accentuate for those of you who may not feel comfortable with things identified as New Age that this in no way interferes with religion or religious principals what ever they are. It strictly has to do with the Creator and all of us and since Creator did create us, I've been guided and inspired to pass on this information as it is something for which we can come closer to Creator.
I know we're all waiting for that time when Creator will hug us and welcome us home but while we are here in this school of Earth we have the opportunity to be the apprentice and as any good apprentice, we must learn many things and do many things before we can actually begin to learn the skills or even learn about the skills that Creator does with such well intended benevolence. Benevolent Magic, this site, is intended to expose you to as much of that as possible and it's intended, not to complicate your life but to simplify your life.
So this short contribution by you and by others, if you'd care to share it, will be something that is acceptably done anytime during your 24 hour day of September 22, whenever you'd like to do it. I feel there's a good chance that we'll make that number. If however that number is not achieved, which is not likely but is vaguely possible, then it will be possible there will be another time to do it sometime within the next three years. You won't have to wait for three years but within the next three years.
I hope you enjoy doing this and I hope you appreciate, I know I have, this new information about what this toning will do and what it will support and what will be the result. Goodlife to you all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Support For You Now

I'd like to provide you today with a Benevolent Magic to support your needs during times of stress. This is what I recommend you say - remember to say it slowly and if you feel energy or benevolent feeling just pause and wait til that passes a bit because that often helps it to manifest, what you are asking you understand. Why don't you try saying this, "I request that I have the capacity and the heart and the inner strength to allow all those around me their strength and their heart to pass through this challenging time and that this allowance supports relaxation, calm, clarity, vision and strength in the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Lets also provide a Living Prayer so that you can support yourself, yes, and others. "I am asking that we all have inner strength and capability, heart for each other and ourselves, love and allowance and support for each other and ourselves through this challenging time and beyond in the most benevolent way for us all." I feel that such a request and Living Prayer will help us all through these times.
Remember you only say a Benevolent Magic about a specific circumstance of the moment for you, meaning some particular thing or some particular feeling. You only need to say it once. Now should that come up again you can change the words a little bit because the situation will change and you can say Benevolent Magic again and the words that you change apply to the situation, you see.
Where-as a Living Prayer can be said with the same words from time to time as needed or if in doubt about what words to say, you can always say the Living Prayer, "I am asking that all those Beings who need help receive all the help they need, benevolently, from all those Beings who can help them."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Actor's Workshop. Try It And Discover More About Yourself.

Many of you have experienced a sense of frustration lately, some of you with the regulations that your society has set up in order to conduct itself efficiently and peacefully, since they at times seem to suppress and discourage your display of personality.
The one thing about these kind of regulations however is that they very often allow for the unexpected. The unexpected, when it is entertaining, enjoyable or otherwise harmless is frequently considered a pleasantry by societies at least those who enjoy artistic expression.
I'm going to recommend that if you wish to be artistic and show that side of yourself that there is a way to express yourself that does not harm society and does not harm you nor bring any risk to you and it's fun.
If you can travel, even by bus or subway or by vehicle of some sort, perhaps five, ten, twenty, thirty miles from your home or more to someplace where you are completely unknown - as far as you know, nobody knows you there eh - then I recommend that you wear clothes; you can buy them used if that is what you can afford or you could even in some cases rent them or in other cases perhaps you could purchase them and enjoy the purchase - I'm going to recommend then that you wear clothes that are completely unlike what you normally wear.
Think of yourself as an actor practicing a role. Let that role be benevolent please so that you do not scare people nor cause undue concern. You don't want to do something in society that upsets people. Think rather about it as a role that might be considered glamorous or attractive or benevolent in some way.
Make sure that it is something that would be fun to you, perhaps something you've admired, but try to make sure that, if you're not a Doctor don't wear a Doctor's smock and stethoscope, for instance. We don't want you to be drawn into some emergency situation and have to try to pretend eh. No, make it something that's fun and enjoyable.
Then for that day, while you're there you don't have to pretend to be something you're not, just walk around and be different and I'll tell you how you'll be different - you don't have to pretend to be different - you will simply notice that the way people react to you, wearing those garments, is entirely different than the way they might react to you otherwise. You will notice subtle differences, yes but you will also notice differences that are totally unlike what you might have expected.
This is not just to discover how it is to walk in someone else's shoes, as the saying goes. It is to discover aspects of your personality that are available to you that might improve the quality of your life. Many of you might very well have the inner thought, "If only I could ..." eh? This would be an opportunity then, to experience that.
It is unlikely that someone will come up to you and say, "What are you doing?" meaning they might know you - perhaps they are there too. If, in the unlikely event that happens, you simply say, "Oh, hi. I am practicing for a role I'm considering playing in a little theatre group." Something like that and that's not entirely untrue.
The whole purpose of this exercise is to discover other aspects of your personality that you can display for your benefit. Many's the time in your life, especially when you are young and blooming in your personality that you will experience a suppression of that either because of circumstances of the moment or conditioning of your culture - there are many possibilities - and then that aspect of your personality is submerged temporarily. You'd be surprised how many qualities you have to express, as your unique self, that when brought to the surface and allowed to be displayed might be something you'd enjoy.
I wouldn't make a habit of doing this but every once in a while it could be a lot of fun, not to fool people but to discover - what is there about me I don't know.
Try it out sometime if you like. I think it will be fun and remember, after you've had the experience and you're back home or even on the way home, make notes or try to remember - what's the difference between how it was for me in this other location and how it is for me at home.
Also, because then you'll make notes about how people interacted with you or how they reacted to you, most importantly how was I different wearing these other clothes and prompted by other people's reactions to me to display other characteristics about my personality. Do I like that in myself? Would I like to be that more?
If you would like that, how can I be that at home so that I can be myself. It is a way to discover how to be yourself especially if you are living in a situation in which people expect you to be only one thing - that which they've become used to in your being.
So, find out about yourself and discover new talents, new capabilities and discover that no matter how much people think of you as being one thing, there is much greater depth to you then you may have known before.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Noticing Your Life

Now, many of you have recently started looking at this blog and can see that it is directly and specifically intended to empower you to be able to experience more benevolent lives. It will continue to be like that, so if you are feeling disempowered or you would like to have greater influence then the steps you find here, one at a time from the beginning straight on through, will help to support you to achieve greater balance. That is the intent.
Given that intent, I would like to suggest something for you to do. We're not going to talk very long today but what I recommend is this, that you choose if you like, to do something that will help you to get clear about your life.
I know that it is very easy to find things that are wrong with your life but I think it is important to start keeping a list - it's so easy to know what's wrong with your life, you don't have to keep a list for that but I'm going to recommend that you start to keep a list of what's right with your life and just put it someplace where you can always get to it.
Some of you might want to carry a little notebook around and write in it. Others might just carry a piece of paper and jot things down from time to time and then add them to your list when you can and others will put it on a computer or some kind of pocket organizer.
Don't discard it, let it accumulate over time and when you're feeling down and kind of depressed you can look it over and see if everything on the list is still something right with your life. Maybe you'll need to change things, maybe you'll need to add things, you might even at times need to subtract things but it will help to see you through the tougher times. It's not meant to be a cure-all. It's not meant to be that at all but it is meant to remind you of some of the good things.
Now when you write these things down, don't let other people tell you what the good things are in your life. You think about it, you look around. You can compare your life, if you want to, to other people but don't have other people lecture you about how good you have it okay. Just look around and decide what you're thankful for - as I said you can look at other people's lives and say, "Well, they don't have that and I'm very thankful to have it." That's all right.
I'll tell you why this is empowering. One of the things about noticing only what's wrong with your life is it tends to accentuate that and you become very vigilant and alert to what is wrong and you become less vigilant and less aware of what is right.
So, I'm not saying this is going to be causing a radical change in your life but when you start getting vigilant and start noticing what is right in your life, you will begin to notice more things in your life that are going well - even little things, sometimes they're the most important. So, sometimes paying attention to certain aspects of your life helps to accentuate them.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You Can Help Create A More Benevolent World

Now, let's talk today about something a little different. Many people have been desiring that the world become less complicated and that everyone get along well. This is a good desire and a valuable and worthwhile goal. My feeling is that in order to encompass this goal inside a practical envelope it would be most helpful to acquire a set of capabilities.

For one, your future selves, in a much more benevolent place where you will all live at some point, have been reaching towards you to welcome you into the energy circuit - previously known as timeline but I feel energy circuit is a little better understood at this time. In order to reach back, I now recommend the following meditation though it can also be perceived, and rightly so, as a reality.
Look around the room wherever you might be at any time until you find some place, not a person but some place in the room where you feel the most comfortable looking. Not the most excited, not the most agitated but the most comfortable, the most relaxed, the most at ease and relax into that ease for a time.

When you feel the most relaxed but still awake and alert but very relaxed, some of you will feel energy, others will feel warmth in your heart or someplace else in your body, others will simply feel relaxed with the cares of the world falling away then I recommend you say the following Living Prayer - we're going to say a Living Prayer because we want to include you and everyone else - I recommend you say, "I am asking that the most benevolent version of my life now encompass me and welcome me into my world and that my world will reflect to me that benevolence on a moment to moment basis."

After you say those words, and you may have to write them down and glance at them while you say them so you get them just right, then just relax and remain either staring into that exact spot or some other spot nearby that feels just as relaxing.

If you fall asleep after this time it's all right but if you are still awake after five, six, seven minutes, however long you wish to relax like that, then I recommend you finish up with this. It is a Benevolent Magic. I recommend you say, "I request that my most benevolent expression of life, experience of life, practice of life and interaction with all life be my life now in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

For those of you who have fallen asleep, that's possible because this is so relaxing, try to do it another time where you are able to complete both the Living Prayer and the Benevolent Magic.

After stating the Benevolent Magic continue to relax for five or six or seven minutes. If you feel energy relax into it and if at any time you're saying any Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic and you feel a benevolent, comforting, nurturing energy then just pause until the energy becomes a little less so and then continue to finish the Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic. This helps to manifest what you are asking for. If you do not feel that energy just continue on through speaking it slowly to the end.

Now, a few more notes here. I believe it would be important, if you can, to - for those of you who watch television - to watch more television that is humorous in a way that does not make fun of people. Oh, it's all right for some little jokes but not the kind that make people to be lesser Beings. If you want your world to be benevolent, I recommend you support benevolence for all Beings.
I also recommend less watching of violence on television, in the movies or even in theatre or in life as an observer. If you see it in life and you are not involved, which I would bless that possibility that you are not involved, then say, after you make the perhaps important calls to encourage help for those who are involved, say, "I am asking that all those who need help receive all the help they need, benevolently, from all those Beings who can help them."

If you wish, if you are seeing violence - perhaps you've seen a car crash or people arguing and even coming to blows, if you know their names you can include them in the Living Prayer. You can be specific, those in that car crash, those in that fight, like that. After you do that you have done what you can do. You have summoned help, you have said your Living Prayer.

If you feel a great deal of energy that is benevolent rushing through you and you are safe, you can let it flow in the direction of those individuals. If you are riding past in a car, for instance, or a train or a bus you can continue to let the energy flow through you. It will help to cleanse you of what you have seen and it can only do good as it is benevolent energy. Perhaps it will find its way back to what you have seen or perhaps it will simply emanate or you might say radiate in the vehicle in which you are riding or perhaps in the house or apartment in which you are residing.

I'd like you to try these things now as it is a most benevolent way for you to experience life, I believe. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Awaken To Your True Loving Self

In these days where we find ourselves in a position where we're being pulled many different ways at the same time,occasionally they're official pulls, but more to the point the pulls are from our heart because we care for our fellow beings.
I feel it's important for you to have a capability that will nurture you once you perfect it and it's not difficult to perfect though it may take some of you a little longer then others.
I'm going to recommend that you place either your left hand or your right hand over your chest area anywhere wherever it feels comfortable with your palms, of course, touching your body and then I'm going to suggest that you make an effort as you heat your body with your palms like that, and your body does get a little warmer underneath where your hands are touching, that you allow that heat to penetrate your body and see if you can generate or feel a heat within your body.
It may be in your chest, it may be in your stomach, it may be even in your legs. Once you feel that heat, go into it meaning focus on it and see if you can feel it more.
Don't try and move it around, just let it be there. Now I'm going to tell you what it is. This is the physical evidence of loving yourself and in being harmony with all of creation and it is how Creator functions itself.
Creator is a loving Being and most of Creator's creations have that physical feeling in their form of physicality.
Human Beings, many of us, do not have that feeling all the time but that feeling is intended to support all life. It prompts you to feel good. It's very relaxing. It tends to shove things out of your body that aren't associated with you such as other people's judgment's of you or other people's angers or just conditioning you had in your life that does not support your life or the lives of others.
This state of harmony will also have an interesting effect for those of you who have beloved pets. You may notice that once you are able to produce this warmth in you that your dog or your cat gets more friendly towards you - may want to hop on your lap. If that's all right, please allow it because they have that capability too and with the both of you doing that at the same time, you'll both feel it more and if you can understand this know that what you're feeling with that warmth besides the feeling of loving yourself is a closer connection to Creator.
Give it a try. I hope it works for you. I may say more about this in times to come especially with your questions.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mother Earth

Thank you all for coming and reading and acting on this site. It is my intention these days as our country and the world goes through changes to help and support us all through these changes in the most benevolent way that we can acquire and why do I say acquire?
It is because I believe and have been taught that we are here on our beloved Earth to learn how to do as Earth does.
When Earth has a problem or a discomfort she moves herself around a little bit not unlike we would do if we were uncomfortable in a chair or uncomfortable in a bed or even uncomfortable standing. We move a little bit until we feel a bit more comfortable.
This, of course, she does with her earthquakes and occasionally landslides and, of course, if we are in the way of such things it inconveniences us at least and sometimes injures us. I feel strongly that this is not her intent but rather an unexpected or an unhappy side effect from her point of view and yet since we are on her body, must we not expect that.
Many of you have beloved pets - dogs, cats and so on. Is it not the case when you suddenly get up, perhaps during a nap the phone rings and you wake up and jump up without thinking, for the phone or even just reach over for the phone and the dog or cat that's been asleep on your lap is suddenly disturbed, perhaps falls off or is otherwise shaken up but they do not hold a grudge for long eh?
They are recognizing that something was important and you suddenly moved but shortly thereafter they're right back.
Let's be just as forgiving. When Mother Earth does something for herself even though it might seem like an attack directly on us at times, such as in this last powerful hurricane in the gulf states of the US, that there may be something that is being done for her by her for her body.
I've been taught that Mother Earth uses her wind, just her regular wind, to distribute energies all over the Earth - to distribute good energies and when there are energies that are of tension or discomfort or of misery or unhappiness to dilute those unhappy concentrations of energy by moving them around the Earth so that they are not concentrated in one spot thus either perpetuating the harm or causing more by there simply being an uncomfortable feeling that can prompt people to do things that they might not otherwise do.
For us, we have a comparison as well in our bodies. Sometimes if we're tired we breathe hard and other times when we need to move air around inside our body we suddenly release some, eh, from one place or another, yes?
For us it seems insignificant, yes, but if we were as big as Mother Earth, as complex a Being as her - able to support Beings on her body even though she functions as a living Being, perhaps we would do things in a bigger way as well.
I know many of you have thought about these things but I feel it's important to take time today and address them a bit.
Benevolent Magic's intent is to help you to work with Mother Earth rather than to struggle as best you can unknowingly and seemingly unable to cope with what is around you either created by your fellow citizens consciously or otherwise or simply struggling with understanding Mother Earth's needs and requirements for herself.
Mother Earth has indicated to me for the past year or two that she needs to make some changes in the way Human Beings live on the Earth and one of these changes she desires for you to make is - she would prefer all over the Earth if people would move inland from the beach.
The animals who live in the sea and who live near the seashore not only need some place to live but they work in concert with her to be able to support her good health because they are in harmony with Mother Earth, something we are learning to do but have not accomplished yet.
She would prefer that Human Beings live no closer than five miles away from the beach.
I'm not trying to say people are bad for living on the beach or near it. What I am saying is that in our world where people sometimes need very much beauty and sustenance there's a desire to get close to that beauty and sometimes it's too close.
Oh, it's one thing to go to the beach for a day,an outing yes, and to lay down your blanket and to have some snacks and to enjoy the Sun with family or with loved ones or with friends or even by yourself but to drill down into her body and put a permanent structure there, she's not comfortable with that and she'd actually prefer for the next five to six years at least if you minimize your visits to the beach.
Now she does not feel this way at this time for inland lakes and rivers and other places where there is a semblance of beach - not the same as at the ocean of course but she does not mind that at all at this time, so I've been guided.
I'm not trying to interfere with your freedom. I'm simply passing on information that she has told me in various ways - feeling, inspiration, yes channeling and other ways that many of you who are very sensitive have felt yourself at times.
In the next few weeks and months I may reveal other things that she has told me to give you some glimmer of future articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence where you often find my channelings and also that the acquaintenship we have needs to be amplified just a little bit so you can utilize these Living Prayers and Benevolent Magic in the way that works best for you and others.
All of this works, that you read here, because there is agreement at the soul level that if something is benevolent, even for one person, and is completely comfortable for all other souls then it works.
Sometimes things don't work if souls have another agenda - perhaps there is a reason even if we do not consciously know it.
It is my intention, to the best of my ability, to speak about these matters from time to time here as well as to provide Benevolent Magic words and Living Prayer words that we can say to improve the quality of our lives.
Let me close with a Benevolent Magic today. I recommend that you say now for yourself - one says Benevolent Magic for ones self even though it may very well be benevolent for others. One says Living Prayer for your community, your friends, your family, for people on the other side of the world, the world community but it also includes yourself since all souls must agree.
Let me give you a Benevolent Magic you can say for yourself now and perhaps it will be benevolent for others as well. You could say: "I request that my heart and soul be strong, cheerful, amiable, able to freely express that cheerfulness, amiability and strength for myself and others in the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Living Prayers To Comfort You And Others

There's been requests. I'd like to give you a few more Living Prayers. Here's one: "I am asking that all Beings who have needs in area's that are under siege or have been under siege, that have been damaged or destroyed or are being attacked by someone or something - that all those Beings have their needs fulfilled in the most benevolent way now."
Here's another one: "I am asking that the souls of all Beings who have died unpleasantly be at rest and at ease as they move benevolently towards the next world which is benevolent for them."
Now, a little note of explanation. That last Living Prayer was not to encourage the souls to do that because they will, naturally but it is to give comfort to you so that you will feel involved and know that you are supporting in all ways you can those who've passed over in times of great peril and discomfort.
And one last one:"I am asking that the hearts and souls of all Human Beings on Earth and beyond be united, supported and loved in the most benevolent, supportive and nurturing way."
I know you are going through hard times now, many of you, and this is to give you an opportunity to say things for others but be aware that it is in the nature of Living Prayer that everyone is included. So even though you do not say this for yourself you are still included because you are most definitely part of everyone.
Goodlife to you all.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Living Prayers For Urgent Situations

Many of you have requested a Living Prayer to be said for tragedies and catastrophe's around the world. Now I'm going to recommend the following Living Prayer. Try to say it out loud if you possibly can or even whispering, that's sufficiently out loud. It always works better if you can speak it: "I am asking that the hearts and souls within the physical bodies of all Beings on Earth be loved and nurtured, that they know that they are loved and nurtured and that all the help they need and all the support and all the love they need come to them now in the most benevolent way for them."
This is something you can say in general but perhaps there will be something specific you'll want to say for a given place. I will pick a place - you might say: "I am asking that all those in the path of or having experienced a hurricane or typhoon receive all the help, support and love that they need now in the most benevolent way for them." You can also just say, " the most benevolent way" and drop off the "...for them" if you like. That's fine.
Let's come up with another place. You might say, "I am asking that all those in war zones, be they fighters or be they others, be insulated and protected from harm in the speediest and most benevolent way and all those who are causing harm also be insulated and protected."
Now you might reasonably ask why would you want to insulate and protect those who are causing harm? It is in the nature of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer that the reason it works is not only because of the energy of Creator, the Angels, the Light Beings and other loving Beings - it works because there is complete acknowledgement and permission and even welcoming from the souls of all living Beings.
Even though a living Being may be out of balance or acting with violence, they have a soul and that soul can be communicated with even if they, consciously, cannot and this is how you do it. You ask that others are protected from harm and you ask that they are also protected and insulated in order to include them. Remember, everyone must be included for this to work well.
I will give a last Living Prayer for today's lesson. Perhaps you have heard of someone or some group who are causing grievous harm and the police are unable to find them. Oh they will find them someday but they haven't caught them yet, then you can say this: "I am asking that all those who are susceptible to harm from those who are causing harm be insulated and protected in the speediest and most benevolent way and all those who are causing harm also be insulated and protected."
Now again I will reiterate that those who are causing harm must be included in the Prayer for it to work well and quickly and it does not prevent them from being caught but it does bring to a much more likely state of happening that those who are causing harm, when they are caught, will be caught without violence. There is a much better chance that they will be captured without violence to them and without violence by them to others and I know that you agree that that is best.
That's the lesson for today. Goodlife to you all.