The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yes, You Can

If you’re feeling overwhelmed these days because of events that seem just totally crazy or upsetting there is something you can do

First ask, alright, “I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now.” Then wait. When you feel the energy come up, wait til it passes just a little bit but is still there. Then say, “I request that life around me be calm, safe and benevolent in the most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome for me now." 

Now I’ve told you this before and this is a reinforcement of it. Also if you see something on the news that is upsetting then this is what to do. First ask, yes, for all the most benevolent energies. Then say, “I am asking that the Timeline upon which we are living now mutate and transform and become the most benevolent Timeline wherein benevolent things happen and that life becomes benevolent for all.” 

Now I realize that sounds like something that is going to effect time and I recommend that you do use that because you do not have to live in a time, or some people might say dimension, that is polarized. It can be only benevolent and that’s why you make that request. Goodlife

Monday, February 19, 2018

Steps on the Path to Wisdom

I want to encourage you all to believe that even though these times seem to be confusing, upsetting and it seems like at moments that we’re all taking a giant step backwards that in fact it’s going to lead to something that will resolve global conflict as it has been known in the past.

These times call for solutions by wise people and you can be one of them. To begin with, try to make an effort to practice the feeling of optimism, if you don’t naturally feel that way, every day for at least 1 minute. It can be any time of day and the feeling needs to be accompanied by thoughts of optimism as well - not just a physical feeling exclusively while you are worrying about other things - see. It has to be a full commitment to at least 1 minute every day.

It will of course improve your life and eventually you’ll notice things around you seem to get better as well. 

Also for those of you who want something to say, this is what I recommend you say, first of course asking for all the most benevolent energies for you

Then say, “I request that my world in which I live become better, more pleasant and easier in the most benevolent way for me now. Resulting in the most benevolent outcome.” 

Now the reason we say it like that is because, yes it’s a request for yourself* but it also effects the world around you - alright. Goodlife
*Benevolent Magic is intended to provide a means by which you can alter your physical reality into being more pleasant. It is something you say for yourself.

Living Prayer you say for everyone and it can include yourself.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Discomforting Energies?

Energies can sometimes be difficult especially if left intentionally or even unintentionally by human beings in various places. This is particularly possible in hotel rooms or places that people stay when they are on their travels. 

I recommend that you try procedures that I’ve suggested, such as for psychic attack or in the case of other discomforts that are just a vague feeling of unrest you might get in a place you’re temporarily staying to request clearing and also if it is someplace where you must be for a short time such as in a plane or a train, some place where you have an assigned seat you understand, then you can say this. 

You can say it to yourself if someone is near you but please say it out loud even if you have to whisper it, it’s alright to hold your hand up to your mouth to do that. You can if you like also say the preamble first. Then say these words, “I am asking that I be insulated and protected from the discomforts I feel around me and may that happen now in the safest and most benevolent way for me.” That’s what I recommend. Goodlife