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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life - Understood Now Or Later

There is a way with words where the energy that was present when those words were spoken can be felt when the page is touched or when, through the usage of words the mind must stop to think about what has just been said - to ponder what did that mean and sometimes one does not really know what it meant.

However as life goes on and one goes back another time to read it then very often you understand it because your life has progressed, you have had more experience and the way you read it allows you to stop, think, reflect and understand.

These blogs are written very much that way. So anytime you have the experience where you don't understand something just know that you can make a little marker there and sometime in the future after you've lived life come back and read it again - it might make more sense.

Keep that in mind with the books as well, the ones that I've put out and any book that doesn't make sense when you read it even though it may feel good on a physical basis but the words don't seem to connect in your mind. Once life has been lived, once experience has been had - thus the possibility of doors and windows being opened so that what was felt once as having meaning is still felt that way but the addition of the mental understanding is presented.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Plant That Survives For Us

Now you come across a weed by the side of the road. You look at it for no good reason for a moment as you walk along the old country road and you realize suddenly that it has great beauty and you wonder why it's called a weed.

After all it has a beautiful flower and some of the flowers are going to seed and they have great beauty and have even been shown in countless photographs of their beauty as people, often children, blow the seeds into the wind.

Is it not a beautiful thing that - how the dandelion which we often take for granted and sometimes do not welcome has such great beauty and that Creator has seen to it that those seeds can get from place to place through the natural cycle of Mother Earth - wind, water and welcome.

Those 3 w's - wind, water and welcome have a great deal to do with how the plant species on this planet are able to not only propagate but also to be welcome to the exact place on the Earth where they are not only most welcome but most likely to be able to thrive - yes - not just survive but thrive.

Is that not a beautiful creation. Think about that next time you look at a weed, as we call it, and consider - if Creator put all this effort into this - is this plant not worthy of our appreciation.

I know that there are those who use the greens of dandelion for food and there are those who use other parts of the plant for medicinal purposes but lets also consider the fact that this plant has beauty and I believe it has purpose far beyond what scientists and even medicine people have discovered yet. I believe it is not only a example to us of natural survival in the natural elements of Earth but that it has the capacity to provide for us in ways we have yet to discover.

Lets, instead of assuming the opposite - lets assume that this plant is here for us because it is determined to survive even when we don't welcome it. I say lets say - welcome.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Valuable Service

This is a time now when we are faced with choices. We can assume this or gravitate to that. We can accept this or resign ourselves to that. We can welcome this or we can be depressed by that.

There is something I've been doing for awhile and it requires an effort on my part given the facts of the world as they are presented to us not only by our observations at times but frequently by the news reports that are so prevalent in our society - and that thing is that I've been practicing optimism.

I've mentioned that here before several times but I'm mentioning it again today because it is sometimes feeling like a uphill struggle. Oh, gotta be optimistic - you understand.

It's not always easy but there's a reason. Do you know that it is in the nature of being cheerful that things will be attracted, you see. It functions like a magnet. It is possible to attract good things to happen for you.

Also there is another factor of it and that is that it automatically puts you into service where you are providing good things for others. Oh granted you'll meet the person from time to time who might make fun or a joke out of the fact that you're cheerful when there is plenty of reasons not to be but you'll also meet many people who will be uplifted and cheered by the fact that they met someone who's cheerful.

Now I know you've had the experience of meeting someone who's cheerful and it does tend to leave you with a good feeling even if at first you don't feel comfortable with it because it is out of the ordinary these days but once upon a time it wasn't so out of the ordinary. It was in fact so ordinary that people took it for granted.

So, I'd like you to practice on it and I promise I won't keep bangin away at you about optimism. I've just found that at times it improves the quality of my life and I receive the personal satisfaction of having improved the quality of other people's lives by being optimistic.

Give it a try and see if it is of value to you and others and remember it isn't always necessary to be optimistic every moment ;-) I know I find that to be difficult too but give it a try and see if you can be optimistic sometimes.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Quest For Time

Where has time gone? I'm sure many of you have noticed that time or the time you have to do things has seemingly speeded up. Where has it gone?

I believe that it is important to inform you of my perception here. Our lives on Earth are dedicated to a purpose. Yes we each have our individual soul purpose, that's true but in the larger sense we are attempting to accomplish something.

The explorer race books, which I put out quite a few with my publisher, do elaborate in great detail what that purpose is but the nutshell of it here is simply that the intention we all have together is to provide the insight and the complete understanding of how it is possible to work together unconsciously at all times and gradually come to full and complete consciousness of how we work together to bring about a benevolent outcome from what was once chaos as we understand chaos to be.

We look around our world now and very often we can see that chaos - and yet we move our vision to another place and we can see beauty and yes - even grace.

I believe that the reason time is apparently speeding up is that our hearts and souls wish the suffering to stop and that we have moved the speed up on the recorder, so to speak, so that we can get through things quicker and that the suffering and travail can be over with faster.

It's hard to imagine that we have such capabilities and yet we are all created by Creator are we not and thus we are in that sense Creator's apprentices. I believe that it is in our nature to have such capacities as are available through observing Creator in our greater senses and through being on Mother Earth who has such vast capabilities that she can provide for all the myriad of life forms we have here.

I believe that we are here and we are changing time. I will have more to say about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Adaptation Is The Key

Now many of us these days are feeling the strain on our physical bodies. In our times we are used to medical treatments being touted generally from a pharmacological sense or even alternative methods that have had success as well and speak of these successes and in a world like that we become somewhat used to the idea that our personal physicality can be determined at least to a helpful degree by the available medications and treatments.

There is no doubt that modern medicine and various alternatives have come a long way in providing relief and help for us all and they have much to be proud of. Still it creates a conditioning for us doesn't it or at the very least it lulls us into a state of expectation.

We expect that varied type of cure - perhaps simple, perhaps more prolonged or we worry that there isn't one. In times in the past peoples only expectation was that they would live as well as possible until they were not here anymore.

I'm not here to chide anyone this way or that way, rather I'm suggesting that in a perfect situation where there is no danger perceived or otherwise, where there is simply a state of calm based upon observation and experience and where happiness exists everywhere that our physical bodies have the capabilities without expectations of disaster or even discomfort of surviving easily. A hundred and twenty, a hundred and thirty years - maybe more but in these stressful times our physical bodies adapt.

How do they adapt. Sometimes we have conditions, yes discomforts. Other times what we experience is a alteration of perception based upon the degree of "simple cure" that we are exposed to.

I want to suggest something to you and that's this. In order for us to live well and live as well as possible yes - it is important for us to allow our physical bodies to be just what they are. Yes by all means get medical treatment when necessary and use modern pharmacology when necessary and alternative treatments - yes of course but lets not have unrealistic expectations about our physical bodies and lets also remember that Earth as we experience it now is a school. We are here to learn.

Cause and effect yes, we are here to learn what happens and why yes, we are here to learn how to get along with each other yes but we are also here to learn the nature of our own physicality, how we can preserve and protect it, how we can do that in the most benevolent way.

Let us be developing and applying a attitude of benevolence towards our own physical bodies. Let us drop the criticism when we look in a mirror. Let us appreciate this magnificent vehicle that allows our souls and our personalities to function on this world and enjoy the moments of happiness and the joys we have here and to accept the rest as part of our education or our simple time of duration.

I believe a shift to an attitude of benevolence towards our physical bodies from our personalities to ourselves and from our personalities just observing the physical bodies of others could easily add 20 years to our lifetime. Consider it, think about it, let me know what you think if you wish.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Say It If You Would - With Feeling

Do you know that when you have a feeling of gratitude or appreciation or happiness for another person or towards another person that these feelings feed you as well as are emanated to them.

It's good to say the words, "Thank you" and mean it with the feelings and it's not necessarily as good to simply say the words without the feeling because that can confuse true communication.

True communication is something whereby one hears what you say not only on the basis of your words but just as important and in many cases much more important on the basis of your feelings that you are experiencing when you say them.

What happens when you say something where your feelings are not corresponding with what you say. In many situations in the polite world of work and so on - not much but perhaps the one that hears you or the many that hear you simply feel that what you're saying is insincere.

What about the situation though that is more important to you - someone perhaps near and dear that you're communicating with that you really want to hear you and to feel that you're sincere.

Practice okay - I'm going to give you a little homework, its been a while since I've done this. Practice on saying, "Thank you." That's all - and see if you can feel thanks - a genuine feeling of thanks. It might be a physical feeling of warmth that you may feel in and around your heart. It might be some other physical feeling but if you don't feel a physical feeling of thanks then you know you've got some practicing to do.

Try other words that would have to do with gratitude and see if you can find that physical feeling in yourself that corresponds with those words that you are saying. This is very important because not only do we wish to communicate in sincerity with others but of course we need more than we know these days to feed ourselves at the same time.

Yes we eat with food - yes, of course and yes others may do kind things for us and that's a comfort but if we do not allow the kindness we do for others to also feed ourselves in this benign benevolent way we are literally saying to our own bodies that we are unworthy. I know you do not wish to give this message to your body and I also believe that you will welcome the opportunity to provide a welcoming to the physical world for others as well as for yourself.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes, You Can Help

There are times now when we are totally baffled by events in the world but we have to remember when we were younger. Yes perhaps more innocent in our own insulated worlds regardless of what was happening there, was happening in our area, in our family, in our neighborhood - yes - things were happening all over the world then we just didn't know about it.

In these times we are able to know about it and often events upset us. Always remember, when those occasions occur immediately say the following living prayer, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help, love, support and relief receive all that they need now benevolently from all those beings who can provide that for them." Or if you prefer to say it in a simpler way you could say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help now receive all the help they need in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them."

This may seem like a worded thing but you can prepare yourself by asking that all of the most benevolent energies, loving beings and yes deities if you wish be with you in that moment in the most benevolent and loving energetic way possible for you and when you feel something - anything - or even feel yourself relax then say those words.

It is alright to be comforted yourself. It is natural when world events happen or even something upsetting in your own neighborhood or community or closer to home than that to be upset, to want to help, to feel like taking action in your physical body but if you are unable or if those you wish to help don't know you want to help them or cannot for any reason receive your help or that they are simply so far away that you are unable to have a direct effect then say that living prayer for it will bring comfort to all those who need it. You'd be surprised how very effective it can be.