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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Support During The New Moon Cycle

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This is for some of you who are very sensitive to the cycles of the moon.

At this time of the month that I refer to as the New Moon Cycle which is 3 days before the new moon, the new moon and 3 days after the new moon you may be particularly sensitive.

You might notice that your feelings are a bit more edgy or ragged and this is because you are not receiving your normal nurturing from the moon. The moon does nurture your feminine side and it doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman.

Therefore for those of you who are particularly sensitive to moon energy this is a time when you need to have an alternative. This is the best alternative and the simplest one that I have to offer.

I recommend that you go out sometime during the day. It doesn't have to be noon or any specific time but it would be helpful during the New Moon Cycle if you can go out and close your eyes but look towards the sky where the sun is.

Keep your eyes closed so your eyes are not affected. If it is a cloudy day but the sun is bright behind the clouds you can keep your eyes open but if you wish or if the clouds are thin and present sometimes over the sun and not present other times then close your eyes and look at the sun and just breathe in and out normally - 10 breaths ought to do it. If you're a little rushed for time you can take 3 deep breaths and slowly let them out.

Generally speaking this is something that will give you more strength but it will also give you more light. You can do this once a day during the New Moon Cycle and it will help your strength, your balance, to a lesser degree but present your co-ordination - yes - and it will nurture your spirit. That's what I recommend. Goodlife.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Translating Cautions

Something has come up and I want to bring it to your attention.

Recently my publisher has put up another website devoted to my material. It is Benevolent and with this series of websites my publisher has put up including Shamanic and Explorer there are page translations available in various languages and while I appreciate the thought and the consideration behind that there's something that needs to be clarified.

The material of course does not easily and simply translate. This is especially true of the Benevolent Magic wording and of course of the True Magic wording and also with the wording of Living Prayer.

I do not wish to complicate your life in this complicated world for those of you who are following, studying, reading about and putting into practice the things that I've suggested here on Benevolent Magic blog but I do feel that elaboration will be helpful.

So here goes, okay? In order to get the words exactly right in any other language it will be necessary for people who do deep channeling, also known as deep trance channeling, who are either native speakers in their language - meaning born to a culture that speaks that language or someone who is well versed and totally fluent in that language who is also, as I said, a Channel who can study this material I've put out here on the blogs and in the books about Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer and True Magic and then channel in their words and in their language their version to get the words exactly right so that they will work.

I am not trying to say that somehow English is superior for of course that's not so but the words are very precisely chosen not only to help you to bring about what ever the goal is of the moment in the practice but also to keep you from accidentally creating something that might be annoying. It's set up in such a way so that harm cannot be done but when translated by a mechanism, a programed translator that has been carefully put together by those who create such things, nevertheless the nuances, the innuendos and the fine points of any other culture or language would not be included especially when we're talking about magic and prayer.

So I'm bringing this to your attention now on this blog in hopes that you will take that into consideration - those of you who are students of this material and/or practicing it in your own way and adapting it to your own culture and language. Remember that if you do so you must check it out thoroughly to make certain it works and works in the most benevolent way. If you do come up with such material, specifically the wording of the Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic and True Magic in your language, please feel free to share it with those who speak your language.

You can always refer them to these blogs or to the book Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer if you like but the most important thing is to help in your best way with the language you are familiar with and the cultural aspects of your country or society.

Please bring through the words though, when you are channeling without any influence by your own thoughts to the best of your ability. Those of you who can do deep channeling, or also called deep trance channeling, know exactly what I'm talking about.

This may be a bit more difficult in what is known as conscious channeling where ones own thoughts, feelings and matters of importance of the moment may be more influential but with deep trance channeling one can get completely out of the way and allow the spirit you are bringing through - the being or the entity you understand - to speak and bring through as much of their personality as possible through you the Channel.

I've covered a lot of different topics in this post today but I feel it's important to bring out the fine points of the material.

I appreciate very much my publisher making the effort to distribute and disseminate this material to as wide an audience as possible and I also feel that my comments are also relevant. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Helping Those Who Need

Greetings. I'm going to ask your help today. This is a day that is celebrated many places and it's, as you know, Valentines Day.

Nevertheless it is also a day when people remember what they don't have as well as what they do have and most of the things that they remember that they don't have are things that might be good for them like a good and loyal friend or companion or lover.

So...especially for those of you who've been reading and studying these blogs for some time I'd like you to do a little True Magic if you don't mind.

It's not complicated but it will require you to stand up if you are able. Stand up with care if it is a difficulty for you but if you cannot stand up then do what you can sitting down or laying down - that is also acceptable but I'm going to give the instructions for those who can stand.

Now...I'd like you to stand up then and face whatever direction feels the best for you. Then make one complete rotation turning to your left and end up facing that direction that feels the best for you. It might be slightly different than where you started, that's alright as long as you've made at least one complete rotation. If you haven't then make a second rotation and stop where it feels the best for you.

Then say these words, "I am asking that all whose hearts are strained feel love, support and kindness from their environments even if their environments do not seemingly extend those feelings towards them - that all the spirits of love near them exude such energies so that these individuals can feel that love and support and that that energy gives them hope and sustenance to ease their way through life."

After you have said this make one more complete rotation to the left and then you may go on with your life.

Try to remember that on occasions especially any occasion celebrated in your country or culture where many people are happy with something that there are always those who are left out and they may need such support as you can offer in your best physical and magical way. Goodlife.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Short Delay

Greetings, just a note to let you know that I have not been posting so much here lately because I am working on creating videos for my You Tube site and Explorer Race blog with Conscious Goddess Production now at this time.

I will resume here with some posting soon. Goodlife.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Oh I Wish I Had..."

I decided to write a tribute to a gentle man who was also an artist, a teacher, a goodhearted person who passed away unexpectedly recently. His name was Steve Panella and someone I met as a fellow blogger.

He was always so very enthusiastic about things. If he was doing something, he was completely doing it. There wasn't any - oh yeah, maybe so. That's one of the things I used to really like about Steve.

I'm bringing it to your attention now because I only recently heard about his passing and I know that many people in the blogging community, especially people I know in that community, were shocked to hear about it.

I'm talking about this today because I want to accentuate how much I appreciate Steve having visited here on Earth for the time that he did - for I feel that we're all actually visiting and we have things to learn - yes, and we have things to teach - absolutely, and after we visit we go on.

This is what I believe and I have experienced a great deal of evidence to support that. I haven't told you this before but sometimes I can hear something briefly from people after they've passed over. I don't do this with everybody, of course, because sometimes it is not appropriate - of course. Usually I do it when I'm trying to help souls who have died suddenly and are a little confused. This sometimes happens at the scene of an accident or something where the person dies essentially instantaneously.

I've been taught how to help them to move on in a gentle and benevolent way. This of course was not the case with Steve but it's how I began to learn that brief encounters with someone who has passed away, almost always with their Guide present, are possible in some cases.

I had this experience with Steve simply because I was checking to see if he was alright. He was with his Guide and they were conversing about his life and I was able to tell that he is, of course, okay.

This probably comes under the heading of - don't put off till tomorrow what you can say to someone today. So - if I had to do it all over would I write to Steve and say, "Hey buddy. I sure did appreciate you while you were here." No, because I could say that to him after he passed over plus our last emails were friendly. He was upbeat and I had no reason to expect that anything would be changed in the future.

Still - it does give one pause to think does it not. How many times have you said, "Oh I wish I had..." or "Oh I could have..." So here's my suggestion, don't beat yourself up about these things.

Rather I'm going to recommend that you do this. First ask for all those most benevolent energies, Guides, Angels and others who support you on a regular basis to be all around and about you energetically and then have a picture or a remembrance in a benevolent way of that person that you wished you had had a chance to say something kind and friendly to and then say this, "I am asking that..." (then fill in the name here) "...know how much I love and appreciate them and that that love goes beyond life here into their soul and immortal spirit in the most benevolent way for them."

Then relax and just let it be. This will help you to feel better. Many of you will have a sense of energy after this that will feel good and I have every reason to believe that this energy will move on to them benevolently, gently and nurturingly. Goodlife my friends.