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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guest Column: Eileen Meyer

I am grateful to Eileen Meyer for contributing this heartfelt guest column. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and hopefully I can or perhaps we can encourage her to make a contribution here again sometime. I hope you enjoy it.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Feel Free to Talk it Out
by Eileen Meyer

Remember that TV commercial a few hundred years ago? The one where the guy with the peanut butter collides with the woman eating a chocolate bar? (Or was it the other way around?) Anyway, what a monumental meeting that was! Well that's how I feel about Benevolent Magic and Living Prayers. There I was, happily exploring the many joys and rewards of chocolate, when along comes Robert Shapiro with his magical peanut butter.

Perhaps I should explain.

Let's just say that in this metaphor, my 'chocolate bar' is symbolizing a technique that I have quite unexpectedly developed as a way of returning to a state of peace, power and clarity. This clarity is achieved through 'saying my feelings out loud'. With that, we'll leave this candy metaphor behind due to the very real possibility that I may soon mix my metaphors (not as tasty) as we delve more deeply into the topic.

Yes. I have developed a tool for living that helps me to know, without a doubt, what I am feeling. Very simply, I speak what I am feeling - out loud. I developed this tool out of necessity. It took a series of actual therapy sessions for me to find out that I had a whole lot of feelings stuffed down into that deep, dark basement of my consciousness. Turns out they very much wanted to be seen and heard.

Surprisingly, I found that I was one of those people that loved therapy. Wow. What a concept! Sharing your feelings. Of course I had to pay someone to listen to me share my feelings, because who else would sit through the pitter patter of my little feelings running up and down those basement stairs? That worked very well until my life went through some major shifts and changes and I could no longer budget for what seemed like a psychological luxury. Although, one day, out of a great need to 'talk it out', I just decided to pretend that my therapist was sitting across from me, listening to my feelings in that attentive and loving way of his. Success! I felt so much better. So I booked more and more of these home sessions. The nice thing about this was, my therapist was always available when I was, and if necessary, I could cancel or make last minute scheduling changes without penalty. Of course there were times I found it tough to find the personal space to just freely speak out loud, but I managed somehow. I carried on through quite a few of these make-believe sessions over the weeks and months. At times there would be very loud and heavy traffic on those basement stairs. Other times, just a mild trickle of feelings. Either way, these feelings were regularly invited into the living room, where they were given a voice and an audience - a small audience, yes, but the most important audience for my feelings.

One day, after almost a year of this 'talk-it-out' self-therapy, I noticed there were none of the usual volunteer feelings showing up on the basement threshold. Just to be sure they weren't being evasive, I called down and heard only the echoey response of my own voice. Had all of my feelings been given voice? I pondered this for some time and soon began to move about my days feeling better, lighter, freer, clearer. Until one day I turned around and bumped into a feeling that was sitting right next to me on the sofa! I immediately gave it voice and it was gone. No need for the feelings to hide out in the basement anymore. Apparently word was out that they had a standing invitation, or open mic, in the living area of the house.

Now another important aspect of this work should be shared. Things began to change in my life - in a big way. Some of these changes were difficult, but overall I became easier on myself. Relationships got easier. Work got easier. And most importantly, I became way more powerful. At this point, I don't want to frighten anyone away from the process, but you must know that if you choose to regularly apply these tools and techniques, you will one day feel an enormous love and power moving through you that defies description in words. I understand this to be our natural state. A natural way of being that, with clutter aside, carries us into a place of wholeness, creative power, and strength, that we once relegated to the gods. Personally, I can't imagine anyone not wanting this in their life. Still I have found that some simply aren't ready to feel the magnitude and magnificence of their natural being. The 'too good to be true' cynicism still stands guard over the basement door, perhaps protecting more vulnerable feelings of betrayal that remain unacknowledged. Ah, but this sudden departure into analysis is too much for me. Best to stick with what I know best - my own feelings.

So even though I had reached a place of regular 'feeling maintenance', if you will, I continued checking at the basement door for any hidden feelings that may have been loosened by the ongoing rumblings of life. Occasionally a few would appear, and they too would be ushered up into the light of day, but nothing quite prepared me for what seemed to be the next phase of this exploration in self-consciousness.

Sitting on the couch one day, after voicing the few feelings that came, I was enjoying that blissful, peaceful state of clarity, when suddenly I heard and felt a voice. Now I say heard-felt because that's truly what it feels like. It's a sound that seems to reverberate in every cell of your body. It said, "What do you want for your life now?"

"Wha?" I was startled but quickly melted into this huge and amazing love that was vibrating at the very core of my being.

"What do you want?" It asked again.

"I...I can have what I want?" I said out loud. Now that's an amazing concept. I tried to think about what I wanted, and even uttered a few weak words, but clearly that didn't work so well. So I decided to feel what I wanted in my life. This was a whole new way of working with feelings! The love and energy expanded in my heart and spread throughout my entire body. It simply radiated, and seemed to come in waves and pulses, all in anticipation of my direction.

In a surprisingly booming voice, coming through my body and my vocal cords, I clearly and confidently responded with, "I want to continue to feel this energy in every area of my life. I want my work, my friends, and my world to reflect this peace and fulfillment. I want to be fully supported in writing about this - in words and song so that others can find this fullness as well."

There was a pause, and then only what I can attempt to describe as an ecstatic culmination of the energy. This state of lucid ecstasy was almost too much for me to handle. So it stopped. And I forgot…for a little while anyway. Until the next time I worked with my feelings. It happened again and again and again. So much so, that with the continuing question, ‘What do you want?’, my continuing response, and the continuing belief that this was really possible, I was actually able to begin creating the life that I wanted. And the best part of it was, I was seeing the physical evidence that it truly was occurring.

It was around this time in my life that I was introduced to another human being who was also busy with the practical application of wisdom that had come through him. This is a story in and of itself, but I met Mystical Man, Robert Shapiro, over the phone about two years ago. Shortly after our initial conversation, Robert shared the details of this amazing tool for living - a tool that he, and others, had been successfully applying in their own lives with equally astounding results. Needless to say, Benevolent Magic and Living Prayers have blended quite smoothly into my "talking it out" approach, and I must say, this marvelous recipe has produced unprecedented results.

Now, whenever I find myself in that powerful state of pure feeling energy, I place the clarity of what I wish to create in the form of a Benevolent Magic Prayer, or a Living Prayer, depending on the circumstances. I, as well as others who know me, have been witness to the benevolent and magical results that have occurred and continue to occur in my life. I am a benevolent creator-in-training; completely supported now to write, speak, sing and share my discoveries with others. Thank you for your ongoing and wonderful contributions to my life, Robert. This is how we change the world, isn't it? One basement at a time.

Eileen Meyer is an inspired speaker, channel, and singer-songwriter. She is currently developing a blog and podcast to share her practical wisdom through words and music, as well as booking a U.S. tour. To explore her past musical work, go to:, or e-mail her directly at:

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Road To Revelation Of Our Capacities

An awareness now begins to dawn on many people that there is an awakening going on all around us. This awakening is not something that prompts any apparent sense of disorder, meaning a feeling of disorientation or confusion but rather an awakening to our own inner capacities.
There has long been speculation that the brain is a source of infinite possibilities if only we knew how to decode its capacities. In my experience the brain responds rather than initiates. I realize that a good argument could be made that the brain initiates but my feeling is rather, from my own experience and that which I've been taught, that the brain responds to feelings. In my experience feelings are the primary means of interacting with our world. First we have a feeling and then we react with thought. This occurs, I feel, on the basis of our conditioning and teaching when we are young by parents and others but before there is this conditioning - what takes place.
I have been taught that before we, as very young children, are taught to think before we speak or to think before we act and other teachings that are intended for our own good and are meant for that - that we have something else called instinct. I believe that instinct unites us with all forms of life.
Feeling can be complicated by thought. Consider all of the types of thought, philosophy and even classifications of our own thoughts regardless of our philosophies. This is where my conclusion is born that our brain reacts to our feelings and does not initiate feelings. I grant that memory can initiate feelings - yes but my belief is that our feelings especially when we pay attention to them can get our brains analyzing what it means, in my experience.
I'd recommend, as I have done so before here - to get to know our feelings. I'm going to recommend that you try the following. Make a brief list of feelings that you believe are the most important ones in your life. It can be five, six, maybe even seven. Granted survival might be one of them, love, perhaps happiness - there may be different ones for your list. Then I recommend that you, like a good actor, practice those feelings and notice where in your body you feel what. Then after you try that see if you can begin to practice and note what it is you are feeling on the basis of your remembered physical feelings. I know I've talked about this before. I also know that others have discussed it and that is why I feel it has validity.
Let's not wait for science to reveal how to expand our brain power. They are working on it full time I assure you, in many quarters. Let's instead begin to expand our knowledge of our own feelings. If we do that there just might be a possibility that we can expand and feel into our own capacities. Let's also remember that as souls we are all united and we co-operate with each other in many ways now. Let's assume that the impossible can be done. This is what I believe.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Feeling Thankful

How many times a day or a week do you think you might say, "Thank you." It is perhaps something that is said with the greatest of politeness and yet the words are intended to symbolize a feeling, meaning that you are showing gratitude with these words.
I have found recently that I feel better and those who I am thanking also feel much better when I - yes - say, "Thank you" alright but when I actually feel for myself the physical feeling of being thankful.
I've noticed this when I say my words that I say over food - many of us do this and yet I notice that when I actually feel the physical feelings of being grateful that I feel better and that there is a genuineness to the experience. This has prompted me to wonder how often do we say things to people when there is a feeling of, how can we say, social politeness going on.
It is not easy to bring up feelings in our complex society - meaning it's not always easy say at the office or at the factory or in the market to say, "Thank you" and bring up a feeling of being thankful because to do that one might also feel rather vulnerable or uncertain about one's act.
I'd like you to have the experience I've had however because it is such a good feeling. I feel physically better after feeling genuinely thankful - the physical feelings - you understand. I'm stressing that because it's so easy to get confused about being thankful and meaning it, mentally you understand - in our minds but not having the physical feelings - so I'd like to give you a little homework - it's been a while since I've done that eh.
I'm going to recommend that you practice feeling thankful. You can do it on your own. There's no need to involve anybody else immediately. Just practice feeling the physical feelings of thankful. It was very enlightening for me and I'm sure it will be for you as well.
If you like you can say a Living Prayer. You might say if you choose, "I am asking to find it very easy for myself to feel feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, happiness, joy, love and other benevolent feelings - to be able to practice them on my own and enjoy the good feelings for myself." You may think that sounds rather selfish but in order to be able to give people the opportunity to notice your feelings it might be good if you can notice them yourself. I have found this to be helpful. I hope it works for you.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Animals And Plants Help To Prepare Us

There has been some interest in the departure of some of the animals and plants on Earth. I will say now that some of these beings are being called home to their times, planets and other places of existence.
When they come to Earth, as I've been taught, they appear in the Earth form that most closely defines their hearts and spirits. They do not know whether they're going to be a fish, a dog or a cat. Their heart and spirit defines their appearance.
This is why sometimes you will see an animal that is acting strangely when it is very young. This does not necessarily always mean there is something wrong with it, it can simply be surprised at the form it has taken. There are other comparisons. Sometimes you will see very unexpectedly a plant growing in an unexpected place - perhaps a carrot or a flower growing in a very unlikely place. At times like this you are often seeing the form of life, defined by its heart and spirit that is new to that form on Earth and very often of a fairly independent spirit.
When a plant form is entirely new on Earth, never having visited here, it does not always feel any sense of obligation to be born amongst others and sometimes then will choose to be born in a rare and unexpected place. Let's all do what we can to welcome the animals and plants and help them to feel welcome. I feel that we are being trained in the larger sense to not only get used to and accommodate a wide variety of beings - as we are exposed here not only to each other and to the wide variety of personalities that we have here - but also to all the animals and plants.
While we ourselves may not do this, some of the youngest amongst us may and that is that someday our peoples will go out into space and explore and meet other life forms of which there are a myriad. Our experience with a variety of different life forms on Earth will prepare us for this. So let's get used to treating these life forms as benevolently as possible and enjoying them for their own personalities as well as the personalities we sometimes project, with the best of intentions, on them.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcoming Change And Embracing It As Well

I'd like to put in a request this year. This year we will be having an election and the election will be of course, to re-elect our congressional representatives and perhaps there will be others running for various offices as well. I'd like to request that we have this election without enemies, meaning that if you are voting for someone that the other guys - whoever they may be - are not the enemy.
I feel there is entirely too much of that kind of thought, feeling and even passion in our country now. I feel it is best to remember that regardless of how different people are around us that our country was meant to be an opportunity place for all peoples. It may not be exactly what it was when it first started but in some ways that might be a good thing. When it first started, after all, it wasn't as if the peoples who now occupy this country and their forebears found a blank slate. There were people, there were places, there were things.
The immigrants were our forebears - came and found the people, places and things and over time they changed them to suit their own needs. In some cases this was not a good change, in other cases we are the recipients of that change some of which is good. I'm not trying to judge or even provide a summary of history here. What I am saying is that many things went on in the past here and other places that we could resent. Many things are even going on now that we could resent and rue but there is another way to look at it.
There is a universal awakening going on. I find that when people are waking up whether it is physically or spiritually or mentally - all of the above even, that it is important to be gentle and nurturing. When people are waking up as they are now I feel that the most important thing is to allow them to change. Change is what's happening now, I feel and many agree - I know you do. Let's allow people to change. Let's not shove them into category's that they would not themselves claim. Let's not ask them to remain to be our perception of them or the perception that others have cast upon them. Let's allow people to become and let's allow people to be people without expectations, attachments and demands.
We can all look back on our lives and remember some mistakes we made. Sometimes we feel shame, other times we feel hurt and there are other feelings we all know about. People are changing now - it may not always be obvious but it is there. I see the signs every day. Let's say a Benevolent Magic to support our own reaction to this change and to the capacity for change happening now. I recommend you say, "I request that I have an open mind, a receptive heart, an acknowledging capacity for spiritual welcome and the welcome of my fellow beings in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
For those of you who prefer to say a Living Prayer or would like to say it also on another day I recommend you say, "I am asking that in our time of change allow evidence to be apparent regularly that we can all see that will reassure us that much of this change is moving inevitably towards a unified Earth allowing us all to interact in the most benevolent way and uniting us in human spirit, love and caring for each others needs, hopes and dreams of benevolence for all."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Life Is Its Own Matter - Allow Spirit To Be Spirit And Life To Be Life

On this blog we - and when I say we you might wonder if I'm referring to more than one person - there will be occasionally more than one person so that's why I'm saying we - we will try to accomplish more than one purpose. The main purpose is to provide alternatives by which you can improve the quality of your lives as you know but there is others - one of which is that in the course of improving the quality of your life that you are able to experience more fully moments of things that you used to be able to experience more slowly when life was less complicated.
It is good to attune your skills so you can do more than one thing at once and do that well but there are times when doing only one thing is most benevolent. We all know that when we are sleeping we are in fact doing more than one thing at once. Our body rests and recharges and our conscious self, our souls - also known as our immortal personalities, travel and experience Teachers, Guides and Angels who often teach in allegorical ways - meaning they tell stories in order to understand their teachings.
It is in the course of these stories that our Earth lives are mentioned and other forms of life. Often they compare our Earth lives to other forms of life on Earth or they show us beings - human beings and their lives as they are living them.
You've noticed sometimes when you are dreaming that you will have the experience of seeing the same people in the dream and many times you will have the experience of actually seeing yourself in the dream from a distance. When you are seeing yourself you do not always appear the way you do in real life, in fact you rarely do. You most often appear in a form where you would be younger or in the case of somebody who is now younger say a teenager or a little older you would simply appear in a version of the way you look now - your hair might be different - the clothes you wear might be different. The person you identify as yourself might in fact look slightly different but in the dream they feel very much like they were you.
You might reasonably ask, are your Guides simply showing you a variation of yourself? No, everyone here on Earth now will someday be a Guide to someone else on Earth. It may not be a main Guide so to speak - it may not be someone who is with the person all the time but it will be someone that you learn with by observing and interacting with and because you've had at least this one Earth life you will have, yes some street smarts you might say - some experience because the main Guide - the one that is with the person almost all the time is not very often a person who's had a recent Earth life. They may have had an Earth life but it won't be a recent life because when you've had a recent life sometimes it's difficult for you to only be a Guide. It might get the feelings of getting caught up in the life a little bit and when that happens - usually slightly before it actually happens - you are moved away from the person you are guiding. In this motion away from the person you are guiding you receive lessons in guiding.
You might reasonably assume that then I am stating that we are all training to be Guides but that's not so. We are all learning how to communicate to forms of life that may or may not be physical. We come here and we sleep and we dream and the forms of life that communicate with us when we are dreaming, in other words being taught, are not physical as we know them and when we have our dreams - as we recall them when we wake up which will be superimposed quite promptly over our recollecting system - meaning how we remember, how we imagine - that's why they seem very Earth oriented even though sometimes it doesn't contain factors of Earth - such as you're flying or something like that - then that is part of learning to communicate and be communicated to by the non physical.
So when we consult as a Guide, we are consulting in order to provide Earth wisdom on the basis of our life's experience and also to learn greater wisdom by hearing those we admire and feel good about give advice to another. You've noticed how we all enjoy sitting in on something where someone who is either an expert or someone who's opinion we admire is advising someone else. It is not only enlightening but it is encouraging and even uplifting at times and we enjoy that. This is because of the ongoing training we are getting.
I'm bringing this to your attention today not because I'm trying to complicate your lives but rather because it is important to note that when we do more than one thing at once we are attempting to emulate what we do in our sleep state and in our spiritual life. I feel that the reason multitasking is so popular today is not just because of how much work we have but that we are training in order to bring into our conscious day to day life the skills that we have in our sleep life - in our spiritual life, you see.
I would like to recommend that we do not train all the time, that we have lots of relaxation and that we make an effort to enjoy Earth life as it is meant - meaning to use our senses. I'm not trying to tell you how to live but rather - notice our senses. Are we multitasking at home and feeling uncomfortable all the time. If that's the case then our bodies, which is one of our senses you see, are telling us that this is too much - too much training. It's good to apply multitasking sometimes to see if we can bring the spiritual into the physical but it is also good to be physical, to be on Earth, to live on Earth as a human being. When we are spiritual we will be spiritual and be able to do many things. When we are physical it is alright to be physical and many times just do one thing. That's how we learn the ways of life on Earth.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seeing Discarnate Spirits Benevolently

There is a time coming now when you will all have a very interesting experience - considering that this is a time of awakening for all souls on Earth, especially human beings, the awakening will coincide simultaneously with a sleeping period. Some of the beings on Earth, some of which you can see - some which you do not see, will be sleeping.
As more human beings are being born and simply living on Earth there needs to be room for those personalities and for all of the Guides and Teachers and Angels that support you all. Therefore there will be a time coming soon when all of you will see a version of light. For some of you'll be a quick spot of light, for others it will be a lingering light and then it will fade. This is what to look for in the color of the light - if it is red or pink then that is not it though that may be a Light Being. If it is blue or gold or white that will be it. If it is green then it will be an ally to the blue, gold or white and may herald its arrival. For most of you that will not happen but for some it might but red or pink - well - viable colors - this almost always has to do, especially the red, with Earth energies often of strength and sometimes associated with mountains and the land itself.
I mention this to you not because you don't see these things sometimes - many of you do but some of you do not and I want to inform you that it's going to happen so you're not startled or concerned. It won't happen at a time that will frighten or cause harm - it will always happen when you are just relaxing - perhaps going to sleep or doing something that is comfortable and such a vision would be benevolent.
You might reasonably ask, "What's it all about?" When you see this it will be to let you know - as a representative of the Human Race - that a spirit who has been discarnate, meaning has been on the Earth and has been having some difficulty leaving the Earth - not because they have caused any harm or anything like that but because they have been identifying with their Earth life more then life beyond, has moved off. It won't be that you'll see the spirit itself, it will simply be to let you know that this being has moved off. There are right now on Earth several million of these discarnate spirits - they are not causing any harm and they are not disturbing people or upsetting them - you cannot see them but occasionally some of you catch a flash or a portion of them and see something. These beings are moving off because there are so many more human beings here and so many more Teachers and as I said - Guides, Angels - that they need to move off and make space because spirit sometimes takes up more space than form.
So I'm just letting you know this. If you see that light then it will mean that one of these beings has moved off and that's a good thing for that being since they will be able to then continue on in life away from the Earth benevolently and it will have more room for spirit to expand here in a supportive, benevolent way for all of us.
Goodlife, goodnight.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wisdom And Inspiration

You have had opportunities to experience a version of awakening on this site. It is our intention here to provide the means for you to apply spiritual techniques that will improve the quality of your day to day life not only the times when you are connecting with your spiritual practice whatever that might be. It is then a hope we have here to improve not only the quality of your day to day life but as you grow more comfortable in your life utilizing these techniques and other aspects of your personal philosophy that you will become simply more comfortable period.
In this way it may be possible for you to pass on your wisdom. I feel that many people do not consider that they have wisdom. They have knowledge, yes but wisdom is the knowledge you use in your life because you have physical evidence on a regular basis to prove that it is true for you. Not just a thought, not just a belief but physical evidence. This has nothing to do with your religion or philosophy really but rather your practical wisdom.
For some of you you might wish to write down things from time to time that you believe because it's true for you but let's also keep an open mind here. What's true for you because you have evidence of the truth may not be true for others even though it may be absolutely unshakably true for you. Lets allow for the possibility that all people on Earth do not require a single truth though there may be truths that do apply to us all.
Everybody is intended to have their own wisdom. If you as a single individual were expected and intended to have all wisdom your life would be unbearable but since there are so many of us and we all acquire wisdom in our lives you are spared that burden.
So lets consider - your wisdom is valuable as is the wisdom of others. Honor and appreciate your own wisdom and be open to the possibility that people right around the corner, just down the hall, across the county, in the next town or just a few feet away have wisdom as well. Maybe it would be good to inquire and ask people about their wisdom. Perhaps they will have some wisdom that will inspire and stimulate your own thoughts and beliefs. It doesn't mean you have to take on their wisdom as fact for you. It is simply a hunt and an openness for inspiration. Good hunting.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Help And Support

Acquainting yourself as you have with this blog has brought to your attention that it is clearly designed to provide insight and wisdom and also to give you things that you can use in order to improve the quality of your life. It's not meant to change your mind, I think that's pretty important to accentuate here. Whatever you think is entirely up to you - about anything.
This is rather intended to provide a means for you to be able to live more comfortably, have what you need, feel better about yourself and perhaps even get along better in your life and in society. Now I realize that's a tall order so to speak but it is really, if you read it from the beginning, something that will provide many of those things if you are able to successfully do the homework even in part. I'm not guaranteeing this of course but rather I'm saying that that's the intent and I am hopeful that you enjoy it just for that.
I will also from time to time provide you with the tools that not only work for me but work for others as I have had guest columns here from time to time or on the Mystical Man blog and that will still happen when I feel that there is a column I want to share with you.
Now I want to provide you with a Benevolent Magic that I feel will be most helpful these days. I recommend you say, "I request that I am easily able to accommodate and practice in my life the simple means of acquiring wisdom and materials in my life that I need including whatever objects, help and support I might need on a daily basis or in general and that this will all happen for me in the easiest and most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome." Now I'm suggesting that you try that Benevolent Magic and if you feel any energy or good feeling, just pause during saying it - say the exact words if you would - and go on until the energy passes and when at the end of saying it if the energy is still there just sit with the energy for a moment until it passes. This energy is spirits, hearts and souls of all beings who are supporting and sustaining you to achieve the intention - most benevolent - of this recommended Benevolent Magic. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Finding Your Family Of Friends

Nowadays you find that there are unexpected events occurring in your life. It's not unusual to have surprises but there is a greater amount of the unexpected happening on a regular basis and because of this I feel it is vitally important to let you know what's going on.
There is what I would call a sorting out period going on now where people and family's of friends alright, are attempting to find each other and in the course of this attempt what is going on is that what is normally unrevealed - meaning that which you might hold close about your personality - is being prompted by many different factors to be revealed. Sometimes you're embarrassed by this and other times even though you're embarrassed you just feel you have to say how you feel or what you think about something.
Oh granted, there are times when you may go to far like anyone might but there are other times when you are surprised by the reaction of others around you. Many people say, "Yes, you're right" and,"Just what I was thinking" and so on. I'm bringing this to your attention because while it is a good time to make new friends, not just because of occasional outbursts you have as a result of the unexpected but because it is a time when there is a need within us all.
It is as if our hearts and feelings are crying out to be with those who like us for being exactly who we are - with whom we do not need to put on any pretense or a false face in order to be liked or approved of. There are what I would call family's of friends. This is a little different than family's of consciousness where you might have people or beings, you might say in a general sense, who have a similar spiritual agenda or practice that they are seeking to apply or applying in some way.
Family's of friends are different. This is a large group of people. It comprises the bulk of humanity but you are scattered all over the Earth. As a result of this scattering it is not always possible to know who will like you for being exactly who you are so sometimes Creator and creation itself will - not just stir up the pot but will add things to your life alright, and to the lives of people around you not to create disharmony or discomfort but rather - clearly designed to extract from us all displays of our own personality. I want to encourage you now to allow that to take place - oh not to go to extremes and harm yourself or harm another but I feel it's alright to reveal your personality.
Not everyone's going to pat you on the back and say, "Yes, right on" but some people might notice how similar your personality, your statements, your feelings is to their own. I feel it is a time now when family's of friends are attempting to find each other and one of the best ways to encourage that to happen is to reveal your personality. Don't be too shy okay. It's alright if not everyone likes you - there will be those that do and those are the ones that you may wish to make new friends with. I feel it is perfectly alright to want and need to be liked for being exactly who you are and to want and need friends in your life that you like for being exactly who they are because you are attracted to that. I feel that this is happening now in terms of our hearts and souls desires to be with our family of friends.
So be yourself as long as you can do so without being destructive of yourself and others and allow people to see your personality okay - and to that end I'm going to provide you with a Benevolent Magic that will support that. I recommend you say, "I request that I have the strength, the courage and the confidence to reveal my personality in the most benevolent way for me which will allow others to appreciate me for who I am and that this will result in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Deity - Yes - Creator Will Be Seen This Year

There is a time coming this year when there will be an image that you all see in your minds eye. By your minds eye I mean that you will not be asleep. Oh granted you may have this image in your dreams from time to time but you will all have at least one occasion when this image is quite apparent to you while you are awake.
You might be looking at a wall that's not decorated with too many things. You might be looking at a space on the terrain that is not, how can we say, too complicated with people and animals. You might simply be staring off into space for a moment and the image will come very clear to you. I want to put you on alert for it because this will be an image which everyone of you will think of as deity though the image will be different for different people. The reason I'm putting you on alert about this is that many of you especially with different religions will take that to be some kind of alert or warning. I assure you it is not a warning. It is not either a announcement of a single individual coming as many religions have predicted, to bring peace and harmony but it is a reminder from deity overall - that which I refer to as Creator that this level of love and benevolence is now much more available for each of you to express to yourselves and to others.
It's not about restrictions in behavior. It's about love, kindness, nurturance, encouragement, friendliness and co-operation between all beings. I don't expect you to do all those things suddenly but it is good to be conscious of these things - perhaps even take a note here and keep a little reminder around with you.
This image as I say, will take many forms but you will all recognize the form. It won't be something that others have to tell you what it is. When you see it you will know that this is deity to you. It won't be anything frightening. It will exude and you will have the feeling immediately of love and benevolence - kindness, for those of you who do not understand the word benevolence so much. Benevolence means kindness and comfort, encouragement and nurturance for all beings.
So you will have that feeling regardless of the conditions or the environment in which your are in. So I'm just letting you know about this. It will happen for you all some time during this year. Some of you will have the experience sooner, some later but it will happen this year.
This is a time now when we will be able to experience much greater opportunities to have our overall abilities - that which we have beyond this planet and when we are beyond this planet we have many more capabilities then we express here. So this is not the nursery school. The reason we have less capabilities here to express in ways that are benevolent and yes - benevolently magical is because this is a place that is a school and very often in a school we are given new tools and very often they are challenging tools because we don't know how to use them. Still, we will learn how to use them and when we graduate this school and move on to our next life we will be able to do more with what we had before we came here and we will have new things that we can use in circumstances that may be more challenging from the places we all came.
I've been taught that we've all lived in very benevolent worlds before we come here, most of us, and when we come here it is hard, it is difficult because we're going to school. When we leave we will be able to go places that are a little more difficult then what we have known before we came here but they won't be anywhere near as difficult as this world is. So we will feel fully prepared even when challenged - fully prepared and capable to help not only ourselves but others and I believe and I have been taught that this is the great purpose of this experiment of Earth that we now live in.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcoming Co-operation

You will find in these coming days and weeks an unusual spirit of co-operation but there is a clause that goes with that and that is that you may have to work on increasing your receptivity - meaning to increase your capacity to say and feel - welcome.
I'm going to give you some homework to try with that. It's going to be a lot easier than you think. For those of you who have a dog, then this is good homework to do with a dog but if there is a tree in your back yard or in the park then you can try it with a tree. Of course the tree can't trot over and sit on your lap the way a dog might but it can be feeling safe to try. Don't if you would try it with a wild bird or something like that and cats don't always co-operate in this but they might - if you have a pet cat - and this is what to do.
You can either stand or sit near the tree or you can be on one side of the room and your dog or maybe your cat on the other side of the room and just start feeling - you can say quietly - welcome - and then make an effort to feel that you're welcoming someone. Saying the word is not sufficient but practice feeling - welcome.
Now the reason we do this with a dog or a cat first or a tree is that these things are safe and will feel safe for you to work with. If you do not have things like that, then use the sun in the sky and you are then doing something which is actually an old and sacred tradition - welcoming the sun. So this is good. If it is nighttime and then - you can welcome the moon. It is fine to do that if that's what you have. So that's what I recommend.
There's a reason. I'll explain a little bit of it today and in the future - more - and the reason is this - since there is going to be more co-operation between not only your fellow human beings and you but also between animals and even plants and portions of Mother Earth and you and all others, you need to know how to give the signal that that co-operation is welcome. That's why I want you to practice this. You may in the future ask your fellow human beings for things or you may simply welcome the attention of a pet or even a friend. So welcoming it and saying, "Please come" or "Do this" and so on doesn't always work. People and animals will feel attracted to you if they feel a genuine sense - and it has to be a feeling you see - of being welcome.
So for those of you who are actors or learning to act or honing your skills, these kind of exercises are also useful because they can help you to establish within yourself a feeling that is so apparent that when you are on stage the audience will actually feel it and an audience is much more likely to believe what is going on on stage if their feelings correspond with that which is being emanated - not thrown towards them but felt so strongly by those on the stage that they can feel it even out in the audience with all the other people. That was just a little extra for all you actors and actresses out there.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Creation - Your Mind Is A Full Time Participant Now

It is important for you all to know now that all aspects of you can create. When you think of creating you don't always associate it with your physical body, your physical feelings, with your spiritual self (your soul), with your instinct - which is made up of your body, your feelings and your spirit - that's all - and then of course there is your mind.
The mind is not a portion of instinct and there is a reason for this. It allows you to have balance. The mind is a thought instrument meant to learn. It is here to learn and you make it a part of your being to give it a means to learn - sort of like volunteering for an extra job and yet it is in the nature of your physical body working with your feelings to know through instinct what is best for you in any given moment.
In the coming days and weeks I will speak to you much more about instinct and how to practice it so that you know the difference between instinct and thought - something that can be understood mentally but can only be understood physically when practicing and noticing and thus able to discern the difference - and you understand the difference between discerning and judging is that judging often applies standards or ethics not necessarily your own and while sometimes this is good, other times it can place a judgement in the form of a prejudice either societies or the culture you're exposed to or even your own. Whereas discernment is focused entirely on what you feel and what is your wisdom based on physical evidence.
I will say much more about these things in the days and weeks to come but today it is important to let you know that your mind is attempting to create and this is a very good thing. However your mind is the student - your physical body is made up of Earth and it is sparked by your soul which is provided by Creator. Your mind is not soulless but it is the student, that's why it is always hungering for knowledge.
Know that one of the functions of your mind has a tendency to harm you but it is very seductive in that it is not easy to know. You all know that worry does not help you but sometimes your mind confuses worry with analysis - meaning analyzing and then acting. Still you will have the opportunity to note in your physical body what is worry and what is simply analyzing and applying the best solution. The way to notice when you're worrying is that your physical body will show some signs of stress or discomfort. Then consider - have you done all you can do to apply the best solution that your mind is thinking about for a given problem. If you have done all you can do then you may be worrying which does not solve the problem therefore it is best to let the worry go.
If on the other hand you feel a warmth or a comfort in your thoughts and then, you see, then you will know that you have available to you possible solutions. Always note how it feels in your body - is it discomforting, even slightly, then perhaps there is a better solution.
Know that in this time of increased capability in creation, your mind is the student and Earth and physical reality and spirit is the teacher. If you keep that in mind - no pun intended here - then you will be able to function not only well but smoothly. We are coming into a time now that will allow much greater and much more benevolent creation.
I'm going to recommend that today you say this Benevolent Magic, "I request that my mind be completely capable and physically welcome in my physical body and that my physical body provide me with feelings to know when my thoughts are benevolent and helpful and when they are not and that this will all happen in the most benevolent way for me and result in the most benevolent outcome." That's what I recommend.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Changes, Perceptions And Feelings In This Immediate year

Now, the beginning of your year will see many changes and you will find that co-ordinating with these changes will not always be easy. However the most unusual factor will occur and that is that physically it will be easy for you to co-ordinate with these changes but the challenging aspect will be with your mind. Your mind will be trying to apply its accumulated knowledge and wisdom to the changes that you will be experiencing but even though your feelings and your physical body will feel comfortable - even more relaxed - perceptibly - your mind will struggle. Your mind will say - as it thinks, "This doesn't seem to fit. It doesn't seem to follow and it doesn't seem to make sense and yet, it feels good."
I'm letting you know that this may occur for you because it is a change brought about by timing associated with your Souls and your Guides and your Angels and Creator of course. The timing has to do with a form of completion going on to unite all of these aspects in your physical self and more. This is a good thing but your mind will be the last one to find out that it's good. So try to observe with more then your mind your physical and feeling experiences.
You'll note that I avoid using the word - emotional. This is because this word has been given in the western cultures, as well as many others, a connotation that means - not understood and therefore less valuable then the mind whereas feelings refer to something for which there is definite physical evidence. How do you feel? Take note in your physical body - you feel warm? Do you feel cold? Do you feel happy? Do you feel sad? Sometimes people don't even know if they're happy or sad but you always know if you're warm or cold.
I present this to you not because I have the assumption that you cannot understand these basic details of your life but rather because one of the most perceptive elements that you will be able to count on in the beginning of this year is your physical body and your physical feelings.
Many times for no reason at all, a feeling will sweep over your body and if you had to interpret it mentally you would almost always interpret it as either - something wonderful is happening right now or, "I have a wonderful feeling of well being" and it will leave you with a reassurance about the future. Oh there will not be any persuasive mental evidence but it will be a feeling.
Learn to trust, to know and to understand your feelings. Recognize that your feelings are the universal method of communication that can be most easily understood by all beings on Earth regardless of what language or sounds you may make to communicate. The more we know and understand about feelings the easier our lives will become and the easier it will be to communicate with our fellow beings regardless of what language they speak or think in or the way they communicate be they man or woman, child - yes or be they animal or even plant or stone. I have been taught that everything has feelings. In my experience I have found this to be true.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Increased Perception Capabilities

In these pages here it is my intent to provide for you insights and wisdom that have been taught to me so as to improve, if you like, the quality of your life. I recognize that many of you have accumulated such knowledge and wisdom as well and I am hopeful that you are passing on your wisdom in your own way and in the way that encourages and allows and I thank you for doing that.
Now today I want to say just a few words about something special. Soon there will be an opportunity. On February eighteenth there will be an opportunity to increase the perceptions of all peoples. It will be a way to expand your perceptions and expand the perceptions of others in the most benevolent way. It will not disturb people who are not prepared for it. What it will do - it will simply allow greater access. This is something that has been prepared by Creator for all of us at this time.
There is something you can do to support the stability of this occurrence. Some of you have participated in various tones and sounds that have helped and supported other endeavors in the past. This is another one and will require just a brief sound on your part if you choose to participate. The sound is very simple - a sound that many of you have made many times either in jest or simply because the sound may have meaning in your culture and this is the sound, "sh" but just a continuation of that sound. Just like the word sh but you continue making the sound for about a minute and a half. I'm saying about a minute and a half because anywhere from about one minute and twenty seven seconds to one minute and thirty three seconds is adequate. I don't expect you to hit it right on the nose.
What this does is it will create a greater stability and comfort. It is a sound that is very supportive to your heart and to the hearts of all beings. It's not intended to be said constantly but if made in that short amount of time, and of course you will breathe during the time you are making it and the allotment of time takes that into account, then it will help to comfort your heart and the hearts of all beings. I say your heart first because you are making the sound and actually it is a sound that is comfortable and supports your heart in general but because other beings will be doing this on this day, and it can be done anytime during your twenty four hour day wherever you live on that calendar day, and be supportive it will with that company doing it all over the world provide greater support for all beings. This is something for human beings but it will also allow and support greater vision for the animals and even to a degree for the plants for we are all visitors and guests here on Planet Earth.
I've been taught that Earth has the capacity to see and when I say see I mean see more than our eyes see. I have been taught many of these things already and I know that it allows for greater perception. I also want to let you know, and I feel you will be reassured and comforted by knowing in advance, that this perception is becoming more and more available for many of you right now.
So when some of you see something out of the corner of your eye and you turn to look at it and it's not there does not mean that it doesn't exist. Some of you might get a quick twinkling of something right in front of you. It won't come in such a time as to disturb you when you're doing something that requires your full attention such as operating a machine or driving but it will happen from time to time. I've been taught that this is the passage of spirit that happens all the time from Creator into our bodies and beyond meant for the support and energizing of life on this planet.
There is more to it than that and I will speak more of that in the future but for right now these few words are just to let you know of this valuable contribution that you can make if you like. There is this awakening going on for many of us. This is but one step that we can do to support it. I am hopeful you will choose to participate.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Leadership With Grace

Greetings and best wishes for the coming year 2006. I have a lot of good feelings about this year and I feel that many connections will be made between peoples around the world with each other - so much so that even news services that we think of as conventional or day to day and governments as well will take note. This is a good thing really because if we cannot always rely benevolently on our elected representatives and on our corporations to make peace and benevolence for us in the world then it is up to us to support them.
I know the traditional thought is that it's for governments and corporations to support us. Governments with protection and organization and support when we need it and corporations with products that we need or desire but many times it is up to us as the people to create a notification system to both governments and businesses that we have different desires then they may understand and that by signaling our desires in a benevolent way we can help them to understand that much of what they've been doing may not be entirely necessary or that we are prepared to accept their doing things in a different way.
I know many of you will say this is idealistic or even unrealistic but I feel that the entirety of communications is changing so fast that it's difficult for large institutions to keep up - you know what I mean. Blogging is certainly one of these things and there are many, many others.
So let's take a leadership position this year. We don't have to march in the streets and wave flags - we can. We don't have to write letters and campaign with protestations - we can. I would recommend something different and that's that we continue to communicate with each other. We speak to each other as human beings and talk about what we desire and what we feel would be most beneficial for us all and as you can tell by the name of this site that we make it clear that we would appreciate benevolence for all beings and I feel this last part is the most important - that we are not demanding nor expecting perfection.
Perfection is always identified and defined differently from group to group to say nothing - from person to person. Let's give ourselves permission to make mistakes and to request that they be recoverable. You might think it strange to request to make mistakes but if they are recoverable especially with humor and good cheer and co-operation then we can convert catastrophic mistakes that are unrecoverable to something that is recoverable and will allow us in the best of conscience and benevolence to laugh off our mistakes and say, "Okay, let's do it better."
Let's continue on Blogger and other places to work out our own forms of communication and to establish communion with each other in the most benevolent way. We don't have to ballyhoo this - others will notice it and will talk it up for us. Communion, or true communication with benevolence as I define communion, is something that we can all feel good about I believe. I hope you feel good about it too.
To lead does not require that we stand on the mountaintop and proclaim our absolute authority. It might be perfectly acceptable and much easier to lead by expressing our needs, encouraging benevolence and welcoming benevolence from others. This is what I believe. I'd be interested to know if you feel it has any merit.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.