The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Assistance From Unseen Worlds

Acquaint yourself, if you can with the unseen. Around you these days more than ever are beings from other worlds. You don't always think about it, if you don't see them why should you but there are more and more beings from other worlds.

Yes, some are angelics, some are from Creator but some are simply visitors from other worlds who have come to offer assistance in any way they can.

Don't be surprised if you sometimes feel a gentle touch and a very loving energy and can see nothing. Most often this is your guide or your angel touching you gently, letting you know that they are there for support even if it is only something that causes you to feel good.

Other times they are the occasional visitor passing through from one world to the other and perhaps just allowing themselves to be seen in part or to be felt or noticed in some gentle way.

In my case when this happens and I feel something or see something, and I think some of you have had this experience perhaps seeing something out of the corner of your eye, I just say, "Goodlife" out loud. I find that that is a comfort to myself and I feel, to those beings.

I have learned to interact with many beings that are unseen. In my experience, it is best to not react with fear. You might shove away opportunities. Your angels and guides want to help you and sometimes they do help you with opportunities. So if they're there and if you feel a slight breath of cool air - if everything else is comfortable about it don't shove it away.

Let that experience be there and know that the spirit world is almost always here to help us and even help to arrange options and possibilities to improve the quality of our lives. Give it a chance. You might like it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Consider how often every day you hear a distress call. Sometimes it might be a bird in urgent crying out for its mate or someone else. It might be a child crying, lonely or perhaps needs some help and waiting for mother or father to come. It might also be a cry in the distance - you're not sure what it's about.

It could be happiness, it could be fear but you're not sure. At moments like that I always say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now in the most benevolent way."

There are other forms of cries that we don't normally think about as cries but they are lonely sounds in the distance. A foghorn, a siren and yes - cries that we don't hear. One of the most frequent ones are cries from the hearts of others. Sometimes the person cries out loud, other times the crying is inward.

When you say that Living Prayer that I said a moment ago remember you might get some good feelings that come through when you say it - warmth or benevolent energy. If you do, sit with it a little bit after you say the Living Prayer or any other prayers you say. If they're good feelings sit with them because it will broadcast an energy that supports those that are crying out for help.

I'm not trying to be depressing here today but addressing actual life on our planet. We all know it is difficult at times and we all need help. I'm going to recommend some homework for you that I think would be good.

Give yourself thirty days and sometime within the next thirty days ask someone for help. Many of you do not feel comfortable asking for help. Especially for you, try to do this homework. It is most important for you to be able to recognize that we are all here on Earth to help each other, just as much as to help ourselves and our friends and family.

You may be an expert at something of which I am not and while many people these days feel doing it yourself is the best way, many times it isn't. Quite obviously you wouldn't do brain surgery on yourself nor would you necessarily work on your plumbing unless you are an expert at that. It is alright to ask for help.

Ask for help at least once in the next thirty days especially if it's hard for you to do that and see what happens. It might be bringing up feelings in you that are hard to take but it's important. I have found in my work with people over the years, if people do not learn how to ask for help and receive it graciously with thank yous that very often towards the end of their life something could occur - it doesn't always but something could occur where you will have to ask for help.

Why not learn how to ask for help now and then maybe that won't have to happen or at least it won't have to happen in some way that is impacting you so much.

When people ask you for help please offer what you can. You do not have to be self-sacrificing but offer what you can even if it is a prayer or good wishes or to simply commiserate with them - that can be good too. Sometimes as you know, it's a comfort to know that others have gone through what you're going through or may even be experiencing it now. Humor does help us to get through things too doesn't it, it sure works for me.

Those are my comments for today and thats really all I have to say. More soon alright. Goodlife.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You Can Learn How To Speak With Inspiration

The energy you feel around you all the time is something that you usually do not notice. I know that you say, "Well it's the air - it's what's always there" and yet it is an actual energy. It's just that you're used to the feeling of it - thats all, and I can prove it.

When you go into a place where people are excited your feelings change - in your body you understand - your physical feelings. That is your weathervane to tell you that the energy has changed. When you're say, driving in traffic there's also a different feeling in your body - that is an energy.

When I refer to energy here I sometimes use it not entirely exchangeably with feelings but it is important to underscore the fact that even when you're just sitting someplace relaxing or doing as little as possible - when that occurs - what you are actually feeling is energy.

Now I want to give you some homework today because I want to show you a condition that you can experience when you are feeling the most benevolent energy that is available for you. Now for some of you if you live in very noisy environments you may have to use earplugs and thats alright, go ahead.

This is what I recommend. I've talked about this before but I want to bring it up again and thats something that is called, "not think -speak" alright but we're going to build up to that.

First I want to suggest to you that you practice for about one minute - you can have a clock in front of you that you look at and I want you for one minute to not think. If you catch yourself thinking then just stop - it's not something to discipline yourself about - just stop and start again. Work up to the point where you do not notice any thought for about one minute. If it's a little shy of one minute, thats okay.

After that I'd like you to either join somebody else who's doing this work or to simply begin speaking. Try not to think when you talk - just begin speaking. The words may be disjointed. You will definitely notice that you don't have your usual vocabulary. You will simply have the words that are available to you.

If they come out in a sequence, thats fine. If they come out in something thats garbled thats okay too. If you have something to record it with that might be better then you won't have to listen to it as it's coming out and you can just listen back to it later. Thats very reassuring for your mind.

You can do this alone or you can practice with another person - at least up to the point when you're speaking. When you're speaking - then one person speak to the other and then stop - you can just speak for a minute or two, no more than that - then the other person speak for about a minute or two. Record the whole thing if you can so you both can relax your minds and just "not think - speak."

This exercise is designed to give you the opportunity to notice the change of energies that you feel - meaning how do your physical feelings feel in your body and also to discover your capacity for speaking with inspiration.

When you speak with inspiration you will almost always discover that you don't really remember what you said when you stopped. This is because the inspiration is working through you and allowing you to simply say to another person or to a group of people something that they may need to hear.

I don't recommend that you do that speaking to a group just yet but just try this, "not think - speak" and it might be something that will help you to learn how - without much struggle and in the simplest way possible - to learn how to speak with inspiration, alright.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Yes, We Can Do Magic

There is a lot of talk about magic and many people want to use it for a shortcut to what they want and sometimes for what they don't want. Magic has been used and often abused in the past for these very same purposes.

It is not my job here to condemn people or even groups of people. It is rather my intention to include magic in your life - if you wish to use it - and to include it in such a way as it is benevolent for you and others.

Magic is a reality of life, I believe. Look around - can you not even consider - I'm sure you can - the delicacy of a flower, the manner of the seeding of a dandelion - is that not amazing.

I know that these statements I'm making are by no means the first time that they've been said but magic is something that we assign - as a rule when it is beautiful - to Creator or other wondrous beings.

Is it possible, is it really possible that we can participate in some way in magic? I would like to share with you the way I do Benevolent Magic.

I'm not going to go through all the details which have all been laid out for you from the first post forward but I will add this one thing. I ask, though at my stage of life it often happens just naturally - but if it doesn't I ask for the most benevolent energy to come through that I can feel and then I say the Benevolent Magic slowly and when I feel the energy more strongly I pause because it is the energy that acts to transmit to all those beings who may desire to participate in the culmination of the magic I am requesting.

The transmission of the energy is totally benevolent - not demanding nor commanding - simply a request and when the energy fades a bit I continue on to the end of the Benevolent Magic.

I believe that it is the energy that is the most profound factor and because at my advanced years - perhaps not as advanced as some of you - I have learned how to discern what is the feeling of benevolent energy and what is the feeling of something not so benevolent then I am able to experience the best results not only of Benevolent Magic but to witness in some way - often at a distance - the benevolent results of Living Prayer which I do the same way with the energy.

There are so many wondrous things available on our planet. I believe that this energy is here from angelic realms and others to support and encourage us to be creative. Perhaps someday to even participate in some small way to make something like or even a dandelion. Would that not be a marvelous feat.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, April 21, 2006

More Of Our Heart Energy

There is an energy now coming from within the Earth to the surface. The Earth wishes to release the benign and benevolent aspects of the human heart energy that has been in storage for you in a loving, safe and secure place.

When you come here as a soul before you begin to form in your mother your heart is tender and open. You speak to your teachers about this, you talk to your guides and your angels and they tell you there is a place well protected in the center of the Earth where your extra heart energy can be stored and when the time is right it will be released to the future of the human race and then you can function on Earth with a heart that can run your body and can support your life but you won't be wide open so you can live in society.

Now is that future time. Mother Earth has begun releasing the energy and it will slowly percolate up to the surface and soon we will all feel much more of our heart energy.

We will not suddenly feel vulnerable or wide open but it will grow and increase within us in an increasing fashion. So by the time the year 2008 arrives we will be totally vested in the heart energy we arrived with when our souls were coming towards Earth to begin the birth process inside mother.

I will say more about that as time goes on but for now just know that as you begin to feel more heart energy and possibly warmth in your chest area it will support your life and your lifestyle and will tend to shove things out of your body that are harmful to you or cause you to be exposed to harm from others or cause you to provide harm to others.

This will gradually make it possible for misunderstandings to become less frequent and for people to see the common ground between all beings. It will take time but it will make it easier to form the connections between all life and between life to life in human being.

Look for it. It will be happening soon and be complete in 2008 and it will provide the means for you to apply in your life and the lives of others a more benevolent lifestyle. We'll still have to work at it but it will be easier.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Simple Pleasures

In order to experience the best levels available in life I have found that it is most enjoyable to experience a loving heart, a happy smile, a good meal, friendly people and a welcome bark or meow. Simple things are often easy to overlook in our stressed out world.

When was the last time you spent the day just taking note of the simple pleasures that you enjoy? The experience that we all know as stress - we can tic off any number of items, one right after another to be stressed about - both things in our personal lives and things in our community and things in the world. Suggestion - this coming weekend - any day you like or just any day thats comfortable - give yourself an assignment.

The assignment is:
On this day I will just take note of my simple pleasures - little things I like, things I often take for granted, a smile, a cup of coffee, an extra lump of sugar when I didn't expect it eh - something nice that I don't really pay attention to.

In order for our lives to change now the way we want them to be we're going to have to give attention in a way we haven't done so much in the past - to that which we like and we're going to have to move that to the foreground and consider what we like in many things even if it is not everything.

I don't wish to sound like I'm putting a finger in your face and saying, "You - bad." None of that but rather this is a message to us all including me - to pay attention to what we like and what we appreciate and then perhaps it won't be quite as difficult for us to add our smile as well.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Help With Releasing Pain From The Past

Recently someone who makes comments here on this blog - you may have noticed her name - brought up something that I feel is important. So important that I want to share something with you that I have been doing for some time to my great benefit.

Many of you probably already know about it but there are some of you that don't. It is something called Disentanglement.

There are so many things in our past that have caused us pain that we don't always remember the details - nor do I really want to encourage you to remember those details, dredge them up and feel the pain all over again.

However it would be good to be able to let go of that pain especially if it's identified with people, places and things. Thats why I want to expose you to this wonderful thing I have been taught to do for many, many years by many different beings. Two of whom are available here and make their comments on the disentanglement process which you may find to be of interest.

The way I do Disentanglement these days is very simple. I lay down and relax - though you can sit in a comfortable chair - I'd recommend you shut the ringers off on your phones and try to have as little noise as possible. If you are living in a noisy place then feel free to use earplugs and do whatever it takes to feel safe including locking the door if you have to - thats fine.

Relax as best you can and say the following words, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light come now and disentangle me from all my discomforts and their causes." Then just wait. Wait about twenty to thirty minutes.

Some of you may feel energy that feels very comfortable. Some of you may feel warmth in some part of your body - thats fine.

Try not to think. If you catch yourself thinking don't get upset - just stop your thought process or your worrying and relax as best you can.

After that time has gone by then just get up and go on with your life. What happens is that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light travel to your past - this really happens - I know because I've had the great benefit of the experience - and they disentangle the bits and pieces of the unresolved experiences that are causing you this pain.

It is not something then that you have to do so much about - they'll do it for you - they're happy to do it. What occurs is within a short time - a few days - sometimes almost immediately - you feel better.

I'd recommend you say it just like that and relax and if you fall asleep it's perfectly alright. Just say it and relax and if you like - after saying this once a day perhaps for a couple of weeks then you can if you like - especially if you still feel discomfort thinking about this or that from the past - make a list of people, places and things, even objects that when you think about them make you feel uncomfortable or even upset.

When you've completed your list - or even after you've begun is fine - then after you say the initial opening request to the gold light beings that you've been doing then you can add the following - wait for about a minute after saying that opening request - then say, "I am also asking that you disentangle me from....." then add one or two of the things on your list.

Keep it simple. You don't have to make explanations. Just, if it's a circumstance say, "That time when I..." and then just a couple of words. If it's a person then say their name or if you don't know their name then refer to them by some simple identifying characteristic thats not complicated and it doesn't upset you further. If it's a place and you don't know the name then give a brief description - very brief, just a few words is adequate.

Do this with these specific mentions - these specifically named people, places or things about three to five days - meaning the next three to five times that you do disentanglement.

After you've completed those one to two items you can add one or two other items and then over time continue on with your list. You will find that within a short time you start to feel better.

You'll know that you're disentangled from those people, places or things when you can simply say, just out loud, say one of those things. Not refer to it in elaborate detail but just mention the name of a person, place or thing that used to cause you pain - and you don't feel anything at all.

Remember when you say your Disentanglement it's best to say it out loud when you say the requests, you know but if you feel uncomfortable saying it out loud then you can whisper it. Thats okay too. Give it a try. I think you'll find as I have that it is of great and valuable benefit.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pathways To Our Compassion

I feel it is important now to notice your lives. Look around - see. What do you see? Are there things that are new to you? Are there things that are there and have been there for some time but there are aspects about what you see that seem different?

What is going on for you right now - and for all of us - is that a benevolent change of circumstances and ways of life is taking place. We are releasing a great deal of our own pain, as I said in the previous post, and we are assimilating a tremendous amount of capacity to look past what we have always perceived as the shortcomings of others.

Now I want to give you something to do to help you to look past what you believe are your own shortcomings. Consider for a moment - if you were to see a beloved pet or even a good friend who is in a condition where they were injured or perhaps they are simply getting older and it's more difficult for them to get around - you would not reject them as a beloved pet or as a good friend. Please consider your physical body and your ways of being as a good friend and be patient with yourselves.

You are not here on this Earth to achieve some level of artificial perfection. We are here, I believe, to achieve any level of progress we can make on compassion for our fellow beings whether they be human, animal, plant or whatever.

Compassion is something that is taken for granted in the Universe, I believe and yet here on Earth where there are a great many challenges to feeling good about ourselves and others - compassion is something that we have to work at - but not anymore.

I feel you will notice a tremendous amount of compassion in yourself for others and now I would suggest you say the following benevolent magic to develop it as it is growing within you for yourself. I recommend you say, "I request that I now be able to look upon myself and images of myself with good humor, good feeling and a general feeling of friendly benevolence - that this will all occur for me now in the most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome with unexpected moments of great happiness."

I'm recommending that you say this and then afterwards if you feel any warmth or sense of relaxation just relax for a time and let it be there. This sense of feeling change is just as much about forgiveness for ourselves and our lives as it is about letting go of resentments about the past and others.

Granted we are, none of us - perfect. Certainly not perfect in any arbitrary or artificial sense of the word but we can achieve a greater sense of welcome for others and welcome for ourselves. Is that not a good beginning.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reconnecting To Our Future

There is a time approaching now where you will all feel an unusual sense of restructuring of your lives. Oh your loved ones will be with you and nothing that is benevolent in your life and enjoyable will vanish unexpectedly but what is occurring is that the connection our planet has to the past is dissipating only insofar as the pain of the past is involved and I'm referring here to the distant historical past as well as to the past of our own pain.

Something better is happening. The future of Earth will be very benevolent indeed and that is what we are connecting to now. It is an opportunity to experience different things. You will find that old pains, sadnesses and people, places and things associated with those pains will begin to dissipate in your memory and it will be hard to remember them but this may be a good thing as that often prompts suffering.

There will also be a desire and a pleasure in experiencing many people as new friends who seem to have a great deal in common with you and this will be a surprise as you will often feel when you look at each other that you don't see how you could possibly have so much in common and yet it is a time of friendship - a time of experience that is very benevolent and a time that will allow you to feel safe, happy and will feel like opportunities are abundant.

I know this sounds a bit excessively cheerful eh and I'm not trying to overdo it believe me but I do want you to consider saying the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that in the now times that are connected to our benevolent future and the connection - so strong to our present - continue to be strengthened - pulling us towards our benevolent and happier future and to allow us to experience our greatest joy and fulfillment."

If you like you could also say the following Benevolent Magic, "I request that my life improve now to include all the fulfillment and happiness I have always wanted and that this fulfillment and happiness will result in the most welcome benevolent experience of life I have ever known."

I will say more about these things as time goes on but for now I want to encourage you - don't be shy or afraid - things are getting better and it will be alright if you're a bit forgetful about the past. Much of it is perhaps as well to let it go.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moving Past The Limit Of Obligation

Have you ever noticed that it is difficult for you to receive. I do not mean the occasional gifts or favors that people might do for you now and then or the happiness of your dog or cat or other pet who may enjoy giving you comfort and just being friendly. Rather I am talking about when somebody offers you something that you actually need and would enjoy but it's difficult for you to take it or you feel perhaps - in your body a tightness or discomfort.

In your mind rationally you can say, "Why not, I know this person, I trust this person, they are my friend and yet they want to give me something that I want and need. Why can I not take it comfortably, gracefully and graciously?"

I'd like to suggest that for many of us because of our lives and how we've lived them as well as our experience there is a feeling deep down within us that came about as a result of some unpleasant experience years ago that in order to accept things from people that there is a risk. That there is some invisible string attached to it that if we accept this thing from these people that in order to feel good about accepting it that we will have to give them back more than they have given us in order for that feeling to go away and for us to be comforted and most importantly so that we do not carry around a feeling of obligation to that person.

This is a difficult challenge but when one is conscious of it, it makes it easier. I'd like to give you a small bit of advice and perhaps even a little homework to help you over that hurdle.

Have you ever noticed when you do something for somebody what pleasure it is especially if it is somebody you know or care about or even someone that you - for a moment feel needs a little something - perhaps a leg up. You do that and you go on with your life with a good feeling. Would you deny that good feeling to someone else?

Here's a little homework if you want a little help along these lines. I don't guarantee it will be easy. It might in fact be challenging but it's worth a try. Pick out a friend or even several friends and tell them what you're going to do, ask for their co-operation and for one solid week whatever these people want to do for you as long as it is something that you want or need accept it with a simple, "Thank you" and a gracious attitude.

Do not do anything for them at all. This does not mean of course that you don't help them where help is needed but it does mean that you don't then rush out to buy them some valuable gift or you don't pursue the feelings that you will have within yourself to do something for them, so you can let go of your feeling of obligation.

Perhaps one of them will take you out to lunch or dinner and you will feel that old feeling coming on that you need to do something in return. Let them pick up the check and just say, "Thank you." Thats it. I know it won't be easy.

At the end of the week talk things over with them, thank them for their co-operation in your lesson and if you still feel uncomfortable with it then wait a week and try it again with those same people for two weeks. You can see the progression here, after a while this will gradually go away - this feeling of obligation.

In my experience I have found that retraining ourselves physically is much easier than trying to talk ourselves out of these real feelings. Give it a try and if it works - hooray - and if it doesn't, well you will have shown yourself and your psyche that you are prepared to move beyond this old limit and that alone will lead you to the pathway that will help you to move beyond this old anchor to some distant pain in the past.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Good Things Can Happen

In these times you will be experiencing a great many seductions from your external world and even your internal worrying self about the state of the world, the state of your fellow human beings and the general condition of life on Earth for you, your friends, your family and others. This is a time when we have to make a distinct choice and very often with all evidence to the contrary continue the commitment to that choice. I'm not saying to discard sensibility.

I am suggesting to acquire and embrace appreciation for life. Appreciation for life does not take into account conditions, circumstances and news events. It simply allows you to value your experience and to value life around you. This simple shift in consciousness will not only perpetuate your life but improve its quality because you appreciate many things about life.

Consider not only what you like about life but what you like in what you see in the lives of others and even in the lives of animals and nature around you. Try to focus on this more and less on the unhappiness that is going on all over the world and perhaps even in your neighborhood.

It will be a discipline but it does not require that you turn a blind eye to things that must be paid attention to in order for your survival and to thrive. Still it is an opportunity to bring about an improvement in your heart's sense of life. So many of us now have a shield around our heart so that we won't be wounded by life itself and yet in order to improve our opportunity to see many of the good things even though they might be small things around us that make life valuable, we may have to be more observant and we may have to discard our assumptions in the negative.

It is possible you know that things are not always what they seem. They might be better. Remember to say at least once a day, "Good things can happen" or if you prefer, "Good things can happen in my life." When you can say it and feel that it has truth then perhaps good things will happen at some point. Give it a try and remember - hope does spring eternal.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Choice Is Yours

Choose - yes, you have a choice now. You can choose the old path that you've been on - the familiar one. It is perhaps one with many comforts but consider - are there discomforts? If there are discomforts they are ongoing. Do you have to choose another path that discards the comforts too?

No - you don't have to make a list here but I want you to consider, ponder and feel into the comforts you have now - just the comforts.

Think about them one after another for a time and then while you're feeling how comfortable they are try saying this Benevolent Magic, "I request that my comfort level be expanded to include more comforts that are not yet in my life - that I be connected to my most benevolent future of this life and that I be pulled in that direction bringing along my great comforts and adding my new ones as well and that this will all result in the most wonderful new life including the most benevolent experience for me and the most benevolent outcome."

I realize thats a bit long but it's intended to cover many aspects. If you feel energy or warmth or good feelings along the way, stop and be in them for a time then continue with those exact words is what I recommend.

Your time now is not one that has to remain complicated and unhappy. It can be a choice that includes all your now comforts and adds comforts you never knew were there.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An Opportunity To Remember And Apply, Part 2

I spoke to you yesterday about being reminded by our teachers and friends when we were babies and also what you could do to remember and experience things by interacting briefly with a glance to your favorite tree or to your favorite pet.

Lets try a little more on this today but for this you will need to have a good friend, not just someone that you see a lot but have uncomfortable feelings with but a good friend alright. So, many of you will have this and the person can even be someone that you have known for a time but who you get along with or can get along with for a time to try this and if they are also engaged in this kind of exploration that I encourage you to do on this site thats even better.

You have perhaps had the opportunity to glance at the tree or to glance at your favorite pet just to see what feeling you felt in your body in reaction to, or perhaps was it the feeling that the tree or the cat or dog or pet had? It could have been either or both.

Now lets try that with your friend. What you do is you can sit across from each other but close enough so that you can see the expression in the other persons eyes. Close your eyes and look down for a moment, then both of you open your eyes and sit up and look at each other just for a quick glance then look away and notice how you feel in your physical body.

Write down or make a note, don't say it out loud just write down - make a note and see how you feel. Then relax for three or four minutes with your eyes closed and not looking at each other - lets make sure the tv is not on, the radio isn't on and it's as quiet as it can be wherever you are. There might be noises in the background but as long as they're in the distance thats alright.

Then look up again - again noticing - just a quick glance - by a quick glance I mean five seconds - something like that just so that you can get a look at the person's eyes - you see - because that will tell you even though you may not know what it means, what they're feeling or will give you a chance to react with your feelings to them, then look down. Make notes of your experience and then after you're both done writing - as before wait three or four minutes and try this again.

So you're going to do this three times, then wait for about ten minutes after you're done, then tell each other what you felt going through the steps. First one says this is what I felt when I glanced at you and remember - it is your job not to interpret - you just describe what you personally felt - meaning you looked at the other person and you felt a vague uneasiness in the pit of your stomach, or you looked at the other person and you felt a sense of warmth in your body, or you looked at the other see what I'm saying here - you're describing your physical feelings. You don't interpret them. Later we'll interpret them.

Then the other person describes what they felt physically - you see - because we're learning how to know. You see, the whole purpose of this is learning how to know what other people are feeling, thinking, experiencing, providing in memory and in experience who they are.

The ultimate purpose of this is to know who somebody is just by a quick glance, not necessarily their name or their address but who they are as a person, as a being - what they are and so on. Thats what this training is about.

So - then you continue on after you have talked about the first time of the glance, the other person talks about the first time of the glance. Then you wait a minute or two and relax, then you talk about the second time. You go through that until you've completed the third time and how you felt in your physical body. Then you start over again.

You do it again three times and this time you're making notes not only about how you felt in your physical body but what those feelings mean to you so it might take you a little longer - meaning - I felt a warmth and then I knew that I was happy - I felt good about my reaction - alright. Then you go through the full experience with the three glances as before and you share that with the other person.

Remember it is not your job to correct the person - meaning perhaps you don't identify with the other person's reaction to you. You don't remember that what they felt in reaction to looking at you was anything like that. You may actually think it was totally the opposite but the training is intended not to correct somebody to know what you were thinking but rather to support this friend that you are working with to help them to be able to feel-know what they are experiencing - meaning that you are learning how to use your own facilities to know not just to discount your facilities - meaning your feelings and your understanding of your feelings and to go only by thoughts.

You are learning how to use your feelings and your knowing. Knowing is always based on feelings even though thought may become part of the analysis of the process. So, I hope you enjoy this instruction because it's intended to help you to remember your natural abilities.

Remember the baby - how the baby glances at something that baby sees even though we as adults may not see it and you have noticed that your cat or your dog sometimes does this too. We can remember how to know.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, April 10, 2006

An Opportunity To Remember And Apply

It is time to start another teaching here. As I like to say, "I'll build on that" and I'm going to build on something we've touched on before.

You have the capacity you know, to do a great many things on this planet. We are born with capacities and because the people we are born to are innocent - meaning that they do not know, most of the time, of our capacities - naturally they do not encourage us when in our innocence as children we might ask about something or even do something that our parents do not understand.

One of the things children often do is that they talk to their teachers. I do not mean the teachers that we have in school but rather the teachers that we have for life.

Babies do something that animals often do because babies are completely natural beings, not to say that us grown-ups are unnatural but babies are natural like animals.

They are not expected to be anything else and therefore you will often see babies do something that you might see your cat or dog or horse or other natural being around you do and that is that they will suddenly look, to the best of their ability to turn their heads which is not always easily done as a child, they will turn their head and look at something and you might then look over your shoulder - you don't see anything - and you wonder for a moment what baby was looking at but baby is looking at someone who is there because baby - when just born is still in touch with spirit world or the world that is not only physical but is other things.

Baby is talking to a teacher. Baby may not be making sounds that we understand. Baby may not be making sounds at all but the teachers, the friends from the other worlds baby knows are talking to baby and baby is acknowledging.

Do you know that one of the most frequent visitors that young ones want to come and support and encourage them to live life in this difficult school we are in where we come to learn new things and try new things and try out ideas and theories we had in other lives about life here on Earth to see if those things are practical when applied here - that babies often encourage friends from those lives to come and communicate and support them and such contacts almost always happen when we are two to three years old or younger and then they don't happen much after that for most people but if your child ever indicates that there are other beings around that you cannot see, parents sometimes consider this to be imaginary friends but just because we as adults cannot see them does not mean that they are not there - I'm not talking about something that your child is aware of making up, I'm talking about something that your child actually experiences.

So don't try to talk them out of it because most often they are there to help them to have a good life, a benevolent life and perhaps even a bountiful life which of course we'd all like to have. So I'm bringing this to your attention because it is in the nature of life here now, as I have been taught and as I have experienced, that we have the opportunity to communicate with those very same teachers that we connected with when we were babies.

You may not remember their names and I don't think thats very important but you can if you like be open to those possibilities because what's occurring for us all right now is that those teachers and friends are visiting us in our dreams and they are encouraging us to wake up just a little bit in our daily life and remember the capacities and abilities we had before we came here to live on Earth in these challenging lives we have here, because this is a school, and to remember how to use our full capabilities and capacities - one of which is allowing us to know what people are saying even if they are not speaking out loud.

So try this at first with someone who is not a human being even if you have a regular group of people you work with to explore and research the things I talk about here on this blog or that you read about elsewhere. Try it with a tree or with your favorite pet. Go over to them, glance at them just for a moment, just glance. Look down and see if you get an impression. Sometimes it's good to do this with a tree if it's a favorite tree of yours because a quick glance will leave you with a memory of what you just saw.

So try to make sure the radio is off and that the television is out of your hearing range - like that - so you have as little distraction as possible and glance. Then if you can close your eyes and remember what you saw, then try to notice what you feel in your body because with a quick glance thats how you pick up a feeling in your body that is either your reaction to what the other being was feeling in the moment you glanced at them or is an identical feeling to what they were feeling.

Do you know if you stare at someone or something for a while they go through a full range of feelings but if you just give them a quick glance you will only pick up the one feeling or the one type of feeling, meaning a sort of variation but within the same type of feeling, that they were experiencing in that moment.

All beings have feelings whether it be a tree, your favorite dog or cat or horse or bird - meaning a pet - or even a favorite wild animal that has perhaps made a nest or comes to visit nearby where you live.

This is not only training for you to be aware of what goes on around you but it is a gentle reminder that we are all being helped very carefully, slowly, sensitively and yes even delicately to remember our true capabilities. I will speak more about these things as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, April 07, 2006

To Touch The Feelings Of Another

Energy is a term that is a bit vague in our times since it is applied to so many different things.

When I refer to energy in this Benevolent Magic blog I'm always talking about something that - it is possible for you to feel - something that might provide you with a very light sense of contact - meaning touch.

Do you know that in our normal state we are energy. We are not personified by physical form as we are here but we do have form of a type - it is just not something that is physical as we experience physical here. I find this to be very comforting since we are surrounded by various forms of energy though it is not always obvious.

I have talked with some considerable length perhaps on Mystical Man about my experiences viewing things through the eyes of another - specifically one of my all time favorite cats whom I lived with for a time.

She would, because we were good friends allow me to extend - not go out of my body but to extend from my body so that I had my physical senses and extend into her body sharing it for a moment and look through her eyes.

Have you not always marveled when cats suddenly look at something and you glance in that direction - nothing - you don't see a thing but their heads are moving around and they seem very interested. They do have the capacity to see more than we see and in my experience all animals that are here with us on Earth have the capacity to feel more than we feel - or do they? Can we feel our real feelings? Can we identify them? I have found that when we attempt to feel our feelings that we get confused and do not know how to describe them.

If you want to try something that can be challenging to some and easy to others, when you notice a physical feeling in your body - describe it. You will be interested to see that very often you will describe it in intellectual terms rather than physical terms.

If you want to have a little fun with that give yourself a chance to do that. Perhaps if you feel warm in your physical body then you say, "I feel warm" and then I might say, "Where do you feel warm?" Then you would describe the physical location in your body where you feel warm, you see, but many times people will say, "Well I feel kind of strange and the strangeness is something that I identify with see. It is very easy to forego a personal sense of identification with our physical bodies since we are taught from a very early age that it is something we cannot really trust.

We cannot blame religion for this because we have been growing up in a mental oriented world, and while this has many advantages there are some disadvantages. Some things cannot be put into words - they are physical feelings.

When you get to the point where you have difficulty describing the physical aspects of what you are feeling in your body - just know that that is when you are making progress. I'm not talking about if you are asked to describe how you are feeling and you can't. I'm talking about if you've gone through the descriptions, "Well my body feels a little tight" and so on but you get to the point you see - where it is difficult to describe the feeling because the feeling is so pronounced. Why do I make such a fuss on this site about feelings?

We are coming very close now to a time when language will get in our way. Many of you have noticed it already but since we all experience feelings in exactly the same way, and in my experience animals do as well, even though we may have these feelings at different times - feelings are a common denominator. I feel it's important for us to focus on common ground that we all have.

In time it will be possible, as I've been taught, to simply - when you're confused about what your friend or mate is saying to you - to reach over towards that person with your left hand - you don't actually have to touch them - just get near them and when they're saying what they're saying - you're essentially feeling into their auric field you see - and you will notice their feelings and when you notice their feelings you will find that your own auric field is activated and since their feelings operate in exactly the same way your feelings operate you will for a moment feel their feelings and when you feel their feelings you will know what they're trying to say even if they don't have the words to describe it.

This is coming very soon and if you're in a close relationship now or if you have a good friend you can try it with them. If you do and have some good experience to share - feel free to share it here. If you don't it's okay - just consider it. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To Touch The World Gently

There has been a request by an old friend who is going to be visiting foreign countries this year and wanted a ceremony he could do there that would be a blessing and encourage benevolence for all beings.

In his case and for those of you who'd also like to try this - you might do this. When you get to that country you may tour around or be shown around to various places. If you happen to find a place where you're walking on the land or even in the city where you feel very good - a benevolent energy - look around and see if you can see a means to pick up a little dirt or dust. It does not have to be dirt from the soil.

Don't pick the grass, don't pluck the leaves off the plants - strictly dirt and the more powdery the better as dust is more easily carried by the wind. Get a small pinch between your thumb and finger - either hand is okay - and say the following Living Prayer, I suggest. You could say if you like, "I am asking that all those touched by the wind that will touch this dust and the wind around the world be affected only benevolently by that contact uniting all souls and all hearts of all souls to strive onward to achieve peace, calm and beauty in all our lives."

Thats what I recommend for a simple ceremony for any traveler or anyone in your own country who travels around a bit. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Your Other World Capabilities

There is a time now that is right with us all that presents us with unusual opportunities and these opportunities may seem to be impossible and yet they are present. Do you know that it is possible to experience other worldly possibilities.

I'm going to suggest for those of you who may find this attractive to say the following Benevolent Magic. You could say if you like, "I request that I be able to see things with my physical eyes that are benevolent, such as different lights and different color shapes that are of benevolent loving life forms available right here, right now in my life and that this happen in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

The reason I'm suggesting this to those of you who find it attractive is that it is possible to see the type of visitors we have here now. The visitors are not from so very far away. They are truly in many cases spirits of Earth - people from the future and from the past who are completely pure and clear. Sometimes they are even the spirits that will be born in children of the future coming to see what needs to be done on this world and how they can help by co-ordinating their personal goals with what's needed here. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.

If you want to participate in some way and you do see some of these lights - just say, "Goodlife" and feel in the most loving or benevolent way you can so they will know that there are beings with true hearts like them and if they're from the future and if they're from the past that will also encourage them.

You know, when we're not here - we look like that. Little bits of light - moving about - usually with great joy. We come here and live for a short time and learn what we came to learn and bring what we have learned - without the discomfort - to other places that do not know discomfort but we do bring wisdom and capacities for growth for those who are beyond this planet.

This is what I believe from my experience. I hope you give it a try if you find it appealing. Goodlife.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Observations By An Astronaut

Consider your situation. Here you are on a planet totally unlike all the other planets and dimensions in which you live most of the time.

Many of you feel completely out of place here, though not all of you. I'd like to give you some homework just for fun. Those of you who feel out of place here at times, imagine you are an Astronaut visiting another planet. You would for Mission Control make notes - your observations yes - what do you see in the way of life here, what do you like, what do you feel could be changed for something better. Make these notes either by writing or by speaking into some recording instrument or by typing them into your computer or any other forms of record you can make.

Do this for three days - pick any three days you like in April or May. I think that you will enjoy it as an experience because it will give you an opportunity to stand outside of yourself and observe the world at large. This is not meant to separate you from the world but it does give you an opportunity to observe as if you were not part of the world.

There are opportunities you see, to consider your world as a real and complete thing unto itself. It is possible you know that the entire world as we know it here is one thing even with all the people, all the animals and all the different ideas and practices on it. What if it is just one thing?

Then like a good Astronaut you could report on it and make notes as if it were one thing - one world that you are visiting. Try it and see if you like it and if it is of interest to you, you can tell your friends if you like so that they can try it. It might be intriguing to see, if you know others who are doing this, what points of agreement you have noted and what is interesting to you and what isn't.

Just try it for fun. I will build on this in the future. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Living Prayer For April 4th

Now you have an opportunity coming up here to create a generational experience. What do I mean by that?

This means an experience that can support and nurture young ones coming up now. I'm going to encourage those of you between the ages of twenty to sixty years old, and we'll have a little flexibility of a few years either way, to say the following Living Prayer. Try to say it somewhere around twelve noon at your time on April the forth and this is what you could say if you like, "I am asking that all children born now for the next twenty five years have the opportunity to experience their full hearts, their full spirits and their full intellect that is available beyond this planet and beyond life as we know it here on Earth and to apply these things for themselves and others in the most benevolent way."

Now the reason I call this a generational thing is that this represents several generations doing something for the present and the future that effects a generation coming up. It is a wondrous thing is it not - it is possible, truly possible if even fifty people say this at noon on April forth of their time that it can really happen.

Do you know that when we want something to take place that is benevolent it does not require more than one person to say it but it is a great comfort if we know in our hearts that many are saying it.

My feeling is that this is something that many of you will want to do and thats why I'm offering it as a possibility. I will offer more of these things in the future as I am inspired to do so and guided to do so as well. I hope you enjoy these opportunities and I hope you know in your hearts that you are helping. You are helping the world and you are helping the young ones coming up. Is that not wonderful.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.