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The Wand Position
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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deflecting Discomfort

There has been a request and I would like to elaborate on something here.

Many of you are exposed to discomforting energies on a regular basis - some are even directed at you specifically either by those who are angry or perhaps jealous or any of a wide variety of other intentions.

There is one major thing you can do that will deflect the bulk of this from effecting you in any way and that major thing is to develop and maintain a good feeling about yourself.

Of course we all get down on ourselves once in a while but lets make an effort now to develop and maintain a good feeling about ourselves. Let us not continually allow the artificial images promoted by television or other forms of artificial stimulation - such as advertisements to decide for us whether we have worth or value based upon those agendas.

Let us decide right now that we are valuable, we are important and that we deserve to experience a most benevolent life and a most benevolent way of being. That we deserve the respect of others and that when we receive it we appreciate it, we acknowledge it with grace and we give respect to others as well.

What I am saying here is this - that the major means of deflecting discomfort is feeling good about yourself. It is not sufficient to make this mental.

So, this is what I want you to do - a little extra homework for those of you who are here to learn. I'd like you to do this meditation or visualization. Picture yourself in any benevolent environment you choose - whatever it may be. Feel yourself surrounded by friends that like you, love you and appreciate you. They can be human beings, animals, plants, anything - and feel the benevolent feeling that ensues.

Pay attention to the physical feelings in your body. Notice how you feel when you feel good about yourself and you're surrounded by others who also feel good about you. Make an effort then, to maintain this feeling. If you need to do this visualization again then do it because as long as you can memorize that feeling in your physical body and experience it in such a way as you truly can remember it, you will find that you will notice it if it is absent.

If you notice that, try to do the quick visualization and bring the feeling to you. Then - even if you are exposed to an environment where you do not feel appreciated you will not be effected because your good feelings about yourself will deflect most of it.

For any other forms of deflection you can look to this blog or my other and find what you can find and do the homework as you will. I'm sure there's plenty here to do as I am sure you all have other ways to develop good feelings about yourself, good feelings about others and to spread this around as you choose.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Have you ever considered that all around us are beings who are cheering us on. I know it may not be obvious but from time to time I can sense their presence and I can feel their great love for us all.

It is a conundrum, I know, for us all because life here is really so very difficult.

Even for those who seem to have plenty, there are troubles. It may not be obvious to those of us who don't have so much but for those who have plenty they have other worries. I have talked to many of these people and I have discovered that when they have those moments of pause and doubt, their troubles spill out too.

In this world upon which we live every single human being, every single animal, every plant, every form of life is its own unique self.

We all have so very much in common and really when taken in total so very little in percentage that is unique to us as individuals. However that uniqueness is important because it adds to the universal choir that makes up the entire beingness of consciousness, feeling and heart on our planet.

Let's try to remember that as we prepare for the new year here and in that light I'd like to suggest a Living Prayer that we can say. I'd recommend that we all say, "I am asking that all individuals here - unique and united experience the most wonderful new year in benevolence, in joy and fulfillment."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Choices On Our Soul's Path

Priming the pump - you've all heard that term - it essentially means for our purposes here - encouraging a benevolent and desirable outcome by getting something started. My intention here on Benevolent Magic has been from the beginning of this blog to prime your pump.

We are all born on this planet from a point of origin where we have tremendous capabilities. We leave those capabilities behind when we come here so that we can reinvent - or you might say recreate our knowledge base.

Imagine if you would for a moment that you've lived many lives in different places, different planets as different sorts of beings and you may have accumulated during that time a great deal of knowledge and wisdom and of course skills and abilities but you may need - or believe you need at least other skills and abilities - something perhaps so different than what you've been learning and perfecting that the only way to achieve it is to forget who and what you are.

Very often, as I've been taught, souls who wish to acquire something in their knowledge base choose - with Creator's permission of course - to be born on this planet because on Earth as we know it now we experience a great deal of stress and while stress is not a fun thing to experience it is a fence - you might say a guideline.

We don't like bouncing off the fence but we get definite feedback from it that we've taken the wrong direction or that there is another direction that might be more beneficial.

This planet is a learning place and if we choose as souls to come here to learn something new, we will invariably try something or create a general pathway for ourselves in this life in order to move in a direction we haven't tread on before.

You'll know if you're moving in that direction - giving you a little guideline to know here - if you feel totally at sea about something you're doing, meaning that you really do not have any awareness, any clue or any sense of natural ability in what you're doing.

I'm not saying that you are to pursue it and make a profession out of it but tread slowly and lightly - ask for guidance and help. There are others who may know more about these things. Also, if you feel like you're being steered onto that path - it might be something that your soul wants you to explore - not necessarily - as I say to perfect it but to familiarize yourself with it.

Sometimes familiarization simply means to get a lay of the land, not necessarily to participate.

Here on Earth we have one thing that is not so available on other planets I believe, and that is the tremendous variety and experience of life.

We don't like stress - no and we don't like bouncing into walls or fences - no - who does - but very often when these things occur we must turn - we must change the course of our path and that turn or that change of course will sometimes take us on to a path that will lead us to an easier transit - something that is easier - something that is more in alignment with who and what we are.

If that happens to you, don't fight it too much but know that you may not have to be there indefinitely. Look around, see what you can learn and feel if it is for you. If it isn't for you then notice it, observe it in others and move on. Perhaps that's all your soul wants you to do.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More On Instinctual Training

There but for the grace of God go you or I. We have all read that or heard that at some point in our lives and yet all around us are people who may or may not fill that description. Sometimes it's obvious, other times less so and sometimes completely invisible.

Let us all now say the Living Prayer in this case to support the unknown sufferers, "I am asking that all those beings who are suffering whether they know it or not receive all the help, love and support they need now from all those beings who can help them."

Now why did I say - whether they know it or not. Sometimes because of life and its stresses we institutionalize in our own body - meaning that we become less aware of and feel or at least think that our discomforts are just part of life and because we are less aware then of our discomforts - we don't know we are suffering.

So much of what I've been writing about here on Benevolent Magic and on Mystical Man has to do with feelings. This is because it is time to become aware of our feelings not so that we can suffer through them, not so that we have to relive old pains and wounds but rather to allow our body to express itself, to move through those feelings and to acknowledge that feelings are not only that which is some strange unknown phenomena but that feelings are the key and the pathway to resolving for ourselves and gaining for ourselves a greater wisdom and a means to bring about benevolent healing.

It is my intention on this site and especially on Mystical Man to provide you with the means, manners and yes - morals of bringing about this benevolent eventuality through the use of feelings and energies and blessings to become aware of your physical self, your feeling self and ultimately your instinctual self and it is in that light that I will continue this talk on Mystical Man next time.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Our World - Our Community

Once there was a time when the natural creation of family came from afar and provided the glue to hold peoples together. This concept and experience of family has always been intended to provide bonds, kinship and a sense of belonging - we all know this.

Somewhere along the line we became more insulated and perhaps even insular and the concept of greater community may have been misplaced but not lost.

I feel that, even though in these times we sometimes are unable to see greater community it almost always emerges during times of great urgency and sometimes during localized disasters as well.

There is an energy just below the surface which I feel is coming to be more noticeable. I feel it will be seen first in the family, then in the neighborhood, then in the community and will spread all over the Earth.

One of the most wonderful things about our planet is the variety we have to share - different peoples, different cultures, different foods - yes, different social attractions and the variety of the animals and plants as well.

Some day there will be travel between planets and I know that our planet will be known as the place of variety and especially a place where a visitor can come and no matter what their society is like at home, that they will be able to express themselves individually in benevolent ways and be accepted and appreciated for their unique talents and abilities.

Our world is becoming smaller every day - we are around many different kinds of people. We have the opportunity to enjoy other cultures and we also have the opportunity to share our own culture. Lets appreciate this variety in food, in family, in culture and ultimately in the bonds of kinship we will form as friends and ultimately as global community.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More About Forgiveness Now As Well As Disentanglement

Let us consider the circumstances around forgiveness. You have all read many things over the years about forgiveness and why it is worth doing even if only to relieve yourself of the burden of resentment.

Let us consider one of the main situations that holds back forgiveness from being complete. Very often one finds oneself in the circumstance where forgiveness, no matter how difficult to provide to others who have offended you or otherwise harmed you, can be worth doing simply because the constant gnawing at you about your anger at others can be overwhelming and add greatly to your stress level - but you know this.

What's holding it back from being complete? The biggest challenge is in forgiving yourself. Consider when you say to somebody - though it may not come up very often for some of you but consider when you say, "I forgive you" then also in a quiet moment later on - laying down or sitting up on your own - go into the most relaxed feeling you can obtain.

Calm yourself completely and when you can get to that place where you are calm and comfortable then say out loud, "I forgive you." You don't have to be specific about a person but if someone's picture flashes to your mind or some circumstance about which you feel discomfort simply say, "I forgive you."

If the discomfort doesn't fade then say, "I forgive myself for allowing myself to be hurt in life."

See if that helps. If that discomfort fades then remain in your relaxed state until other things come up that disturb you even if it is a place or a thing that makes you uncomfortable.

Speak out loud to that place or thing even if it's an inanimate object as you might perceive it, "I forgive you." If your discomfort doesn't go away then forgive yourself in the way stated above.

Now for some of you it won't work because it's a deeper root then that - meaning that there is so much about forgiveness, so much pain from the past or even present that there needs to be something that goes beyond being able to do that.

In this case I'm going to recommend disentanglement - the steps of which I've given here.

It involves gold light beings and light beings, angels and guides and certainly - Creator in order to support you as an individual and you are worth supporting.

I'm going to recommend that after you do the forgiveness process wait for about ten or twenty minutes. If you fall asleep that's fine, when you wake up try disentanglement.

Remember to request that all your beloved deities - whoever they may be, your angels, your guides, your spirit teachers and all benevolent loving beings of spirit and other energy be with you before you begin.

You will probably - when you wake up or when you get up - you will feel a little lighter. By lighter I mean you will feel as if something has been lifted off of you.

What disentanglement does and why you request these light beings is that these beings are able to travel into all places in your present and all places in your past and release the cords that bind you to old wounds - whether they be ones you remember or most likely have forgotten - and people, places and things mostly in your past but sometimes in your present that are causing you - remembering it and not remembering it you see - causing you harm and discomfort.

It's about releasing yourself from the burden of old discomforts. You see - it is difficult isn't it - to remember all who have trespassed against you to say nothing of those to whom you have trespassed but this process allows you to not only move through the first level of disentanglement but to release so much and have so much released from you.

Now "gold light beings" is important to say because they are able to function throughout all places, times and existence in a way that is completely benevolent and the same with light beings. I might add that angels, when they've been seen by others, are often seen as gold and white light - so this gives you an idea of who they are.

I recommend you use the words exactly as stated. In time I will give you more about disentanglement. For those of you who have not yet started this I feel it will be of great value. For those of you who have started it, then focus on the forgiveness work.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Steps On The Balance Trail

Ah balance - how often we need others to support us and how ready we are to support others.

This is something that we don't always think about although there are those who are not only thinking about it but teaching, complimenting and providing insight and wisdom to support balance.

In these days it is difficult isn't it, to know what is your balance and what is the balance for others. It is so very tempting isn't it - almost to the point of being seductive to read about what others have done to achieve their comfort zone and what you might do in order to achieve yours based upon what they did but in fact very often you need to discover certain things.

What are your natural talents and abilities as compared to what talents and abilities are natural for others, try to expand on what is naturally of ease to you and allow others to expand on what is of ease to them and don't try to do everything for yourself.

It's very important to allow others to help you just as it's important for you to help others. Balance, I believe, is a community experience and as a community experience it is one of sharing, one of being and one of yes - enjoying.

I believe we can do this benevolently and granted - while it may be a road it is a road worth traveling. So, good luck to you and enjoy your balance and allow others to help you - that's very important. Allow it and say thank you but don't overdo it - what do I mean by that.

It's very easy because of the conditioning and your life experience that you've had to believe that if somebody does something for you that you must do more for them in order to feel safe with having received something from them. Allow others to do things for you and learn how to say a gracious thank you and don't feel that you must go to the moon to pay them back for their kindness in kind.

Consider practicing this. Pick two friends or three if you like and promise that you will do something for them in any week you choose - you will do something for them that is more than you normally do and all you want from them - and they must promise - all you want from them is a sincere thank you. "Thank you very much" they might say - sincerely with a feeling you can feel and that's it.

If you like you can all do something for each other that is more than you might normally do - not a big thing - just something small and learn how to say, "Thank you very much" with the feeling of thank you and then let it go.

In other words we need to learn how to receive support in our own comfort zone to achieve our own balance without excluding that support by making it jump through hoops or without forcing that support to stay away because you are afraid there are strings attached.

Learn how to experience balance in a way that is complimentary. You know how you like to do things for others - let them do things for you too.

Alright - goodlife.