The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seeing Portions Of Life From Other Dimensions

Now I feel that it’s important to remind you of something, I’ve brought it up before and that’s that many of you might be seeing things that are there. Meaning as we become closer to our spirit selves as our day-to-day selves, though we will remain physical, there is the quality of spirit, which is a greater level of perception then we normally have had in the past. 

So you might start to see spirits or bits of spirit - meaning if you were walking along and your hands and arms were swinging it would be as if somebody briefly saw your elbow - like that. Not saying that that’s what you’ll see but you might see something in motion that will seem to be - hard to tell what it is but it’ll just happen for a split second usually - often out of the corner of your eye, so to speak but some of you might see it straight on. 

Also some of you might see straight on, most likely at the distance, something that is clearly a human being - moving, walking - something like that but it will be at a distance and it will be as if you’re seeing them in a veil cast across them. So it will be shaded. 

If you see it at night it will be shaded. So it’s almost like seeing a standing shadow but it’s not a shadow. It’s actually something from a slightly different dimension. If you were in that dimension it wouldn’t be shaded at all. It would be the same bright colors that you see in your day-to-day life. 

They may or may not see you. There’s every possibility that they won’t see you but you will probably see them. It will happen quickly and then be gone. It’s not meant to upset you but I wanted to let you know that some of you have started having the experience now and you’re not crazy. It’s real.

It just means that you’re getting a little sharper with your abilities that you have as your spirit or soul self but it will not interfere with your life. It’s not going to come up say, for instance if your driving or doing something that you didn’t want to be distracted by - cutting tomatoes or something. It won’t come up that way. 

It’s really your spirit self or your soul self letting you know that you are becoming more observant, more aware and in time this will evolve into something else. I’ll say more about it then. 


Monday, August 03, 2015

A Special Blessing

Now, a question has been asked and that question involves a desire for a special blessing for loved ones, friends or even people you don’t know who have passed over (death) and I will give you that here now.

You can say this, “I am asking that this dear one move gently from this world to the next in the most benevolent way for them and may they find that the next world is safe, secure and loving and may we all who miss them feel that love as well.”

Thank you for such a good question.