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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Acquiring More Of Who We Really Are

How many times do you feel that you acquire new traits in your personality.

Of course it's not always obvious is it. Often our friends or family or even workmates will comment along the lines of observation that we're doing something different, saying something different or that we're just different.

I want to bring to your attention that there is something going on for us all right now. It is not exactly what I would call waking up - as in waking up from sleep but it's what I would call a time of acquiring.

We have when we come here, I believe, lessons that we intend to learn - this planet is very much like a school. We are and have been in the past forced to learn these lessons.

Sometimes it happens in a way that is too rough and it would be good if that could smooth out. Other times it is so vague that we don't have the slightest idea we've been learning anything until enough episodes of whatever the vague thing is happens - and then we begin to see a pathway - kind of like a dotted line that has allowed us to get to this point.

In this now time of acquiring, what is occurring from the teaching I have received and from what I have observed, is that we are beginning to acquire new traits for each of us in our personality which will allow us to not only be very clear about our own lessons in a way that is not harmful or hurtful but to also have opportunities to learn these lessons in much more gently ways.

You have probably noticed how much networking is going on these days. It's actually quite significant. It's not as if people were all hiding out before but there was some elements of hiding and perhaps some of it was a reaction to felt invasiveness - meaning a sense that privacy was being tampered with in more ways than we would like to experience but now you have all noticed, I'm sure on the internet as well as in your daily lives, that a sense of social networking is coming to the fore.

This is going to allow us to experience our lessons in a much more gentle way. I'll tell you why. Many of us do not notice the clues and tips of our lessons that we experience with those we love or those we see all the time.

However when we are interacting with people for the first time, as in social networking on the internet or more specifically with people that we meet here and there and wherever we go, these people will react to us the way we are in that moment.

They won't have a built up expectation of us being everything we were - that we ever were for that matter in the past. As a result they are likely to treat us completely different than those who have known us before - even those whom we are fond of.

This does not mean they are better but it does mean that we'll have the opportunity by their reactions to us to get clues that are much more obvious.

People are feeling much more permission these days to be more forthcoming, so look towards those whom you've just met or who you are simply talking to - say on a train or in a cafeteria or someplace like that - just to enjoy the interaction. Notice how they react to you and don't always assume they're on the make or they're trying to get something from you especially if they don't make any effort in that direction.

Also I recommend that you allow that people might be observing - when they say things - they might be observing something that might be of benefit to us.

So if they say something that makes us a little uncomfortable don't assume that they're trying to hurt your feelings. It's not impossible that that's the case but it might just be possible that they're making an observation based upon who we are not upon who we think we are, not upon what others have told us we are and perhaps even more importantly - not upon what we've been conditioned to believe we are but in fact who we are according to this person that we have just met and who does not know anything about who we've been, where we've been or what we've done.

It may be an opportunity to learn lessons more gently and to assimilate what is to be learned more comfortably.

I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to experience this in the most gentle and benevolent way for you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Is Life Really About

Have you ever had the feeling - I don't belong here, where am I supposed to be, where are my friends, where are my family, why do I feel so strange here?

Nowadays - with as many people that we have on Earth - there is no question that there is a sense of being overwhelmed by daily life and yet there are beauties to be experienced. One does not always see these things when one is in the throws of the demands of life.

I feel it is especially important these days that parents not only prepare a child for what life may be like but to always support a child's observations of beauty if it is beautiful.

Keep in mind that children are not meant to be practical. Adults have had to become practical, usually - most of the time yes but children are not meant to be practical.

That's because they are a part of the beauty - a constant of it. Oh granted, they do not always do beautiful things but very often it is in their nature, especially when they're very young, to be a portion of the beauty - and beauty is in its very nature - innocent.

There is a thread of existence on this planet that is innocence. There are great books that refer to the value of innocence and I know that it seems like a impractical feeling but it is because of innocence that we are able to appreciate beauty since very often that which we consider to be most beautiful has an air - at least - of innocence.

The beauty of a flower, a child's smile, a doting Grandparent filled with pride, all of these things have a degree or air of innocence since they shut out the rest of the world - so it seems - that may not be so innocent - at least as we perceive it.

There is a way we are all going to get to where we are going here, I believe, and that is that we are going to learn how to trust that innocence quality in each other and in all life.

I am bringing this up because there is a unrealistic expectation being pressed down on many younger people these days - granted, on adults as well but the young are less able to count on continuity of some form of pleasure in life since their lives are somewhat more restricted by values both cultural and family, by demands of culture and often family and therefore the continuity of some form of pleasure especially when they are beyond the early innocent years - as perceived by many - become fewer and fewer for many.

Many of us wonder why young people often seem to be so cynical but I remember a time when, many years ago, the generation coming up was very cynical indeed because of "the bomb" and the assumption - all be it not true - was that "the bomb" would put an end to everything so why try.

That really tainted an entire generation, though many did try and some did succeed at their chosen fields. It is important, I feel, for that generation especially to observe and notice and to inspire and it is very often that which encourages me to inspire and to offer that which is not false hope but that which does allow for change beyond that which appears to be possible.

This site is about magic but it is, more to the point, about magic that is benevolent, causes no harm to anyone and encourages that life is about support.

I will say more about this as time goes on but for now I'd like to leave you with this - especially those of you who appreciate and use Living Prayer as a means to support all life. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all life experience the enthusiasm of innocence coupled with the strength and belief in the continuity of beauty, its value, its support and its nourishment."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Dream Invitation

Have you ever had the occasion to have woken up from sleep with the uncomfortable feeling - or even woken up suddenly as from a nightmare - that someone that you didn't know but perhaps heard their name, as in a dream sequence, was in trouble or in danger - or perhaps it was a place.

Should that occur for you, since we are all much more closely in touch on the soul level and even on the feeling level these days, I'd like to make the following suggestion.

It will cause you to feel better and be able to more easily go back to sleep because you will have done something. It works for me and I feel that it also will help those you have dreamt about.

This is what I suggest you say in the form of a Living Prayer. Remember, if you feel energy during the time that you say it then pause while the energy is there and when it begins to fade you can continue saying the Living Prayer. If you get the name of the person or the name of the place you can just fit it in to the Living Prayer.

This is what I recommend you say, "I am asking that (and here you fill in the name or the place) be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that all those who may be attempting to harm them (or him or her) also be insulated and protected."

Now you remember, I've mentioned this before, that we say the Living Prayer like that so that all souls are taken care of. All souls are likely to be in complete connection and harmony if everyone is looked after - even those that are intentionally or unintentionally causing harm.

It is easy to cause harm unintentionally isn't it. We catch ourselves - we did something - oh if we had done this instead of that - and we question our motives even if it was simply a happenstance over which we had little or no influence.

This is something that I find works very effectively and will be a great comfort for you especially when you feel that you want to do something and there's really nothing you can do because you don't know the people or the event is happening on the other side of the world and you're not even sure if it did happen.

After all, you were woken up because of something in a dream. We have to keep in mind these days that dream or not, we are much more closely connected and dreams these days could just as easily be a vision.

It doesn't mean that it will happen, it doesn't mean that all dreams or nightmares are likely to happen. However it is a great comfort and if there's any chance that it might happen - even on some other plane of existence which we cannot rule out - it will be a comfort to you to say it and it might just do some good.

So, that's my suggestion for today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Belonging To Us, Part 2

Is it really possible to be out of control in a benevolent way as I've said before. I think that you'll find that it is possible and I'd like to give you a leg up towards that possibility.

First of all, I recommend you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be comforted, nurtured, insulated and protected so that I can feel completely out of control in the most benevolent way and in the most safe way for me."

Now wait at least 10 minutes before you do the next step and this is what I recommend after you wait that time. Ask - if you would - that the most benevolent energies, the most loving beings, any Deity you believe in and the most benevolent sense of well being be available for you and present all around and about you to the greatest degree that you can receive it.

Again - wait about 3 or 4 minutes and then - this is what I recommend you do - I recommend that you - sitting down - move your arms and legs if you like, without regard to how you're moving them.

Obviously first you'll want to make sure you're alone and in a safe and benevolent environment but lets assume that that is the case for you. Just allow your arms and legs to move.

If you don't feel a sense of allowing that then move your arms and legs gently and slowly without any effort to do anything that is accomplishing any task whatsoever.

If you like, here's the second stage to be done about 2 minutes after you stop doing the other - and you can do the other for as long or short as you like but the second stage I'd like you to do for at least a minute.

Stand up, keep your eyes open and walk in any direction that feels comfortable. Allow yourself when you reach - say - a wall on the other side to touch it in any way you like.

You can touch it with your forehead. You can touch it with your elbow. You can touch it with the back of your hand - anyway you like and continue walking slowly around the room making further contact with objects or walls and performing the same tasks, assuming you're indoors.

If you're outdoors - you can do the same thing and touch only that which is not alive as we understand it - meaning don't touch the dog, don't touch the cat, don't touch any people - touch anything that's safe to touch in any way you'd like to touch it that feels safe and comfortable to you and walk in anyway you like.

You can turn around when you walk - you can do anything that feels comfortable to you. Then - after a minute or so return to your chair and sit down.

If you are not that mobile, you can do all of this to the best of your ability lying down.

Now there is a third stage but I'm going to suggest that you hold off on it. It has to do with being outdoors and walking about in nature but I'm going to recommend that you hold off on it for now. I will give you a follow-up on that later.

There is a reason to do this. There will be times now when you feel so overwhelmed by what's required of you, by what's expected of you and yes - by what's demanded of you that your physical body will literally need to be free. So look at this as an opportunity to allow your physical body to be free and do things in a free way.

You've seen - perhaps children touch things in odd ways. Of course we've all seen children taste things and so on which sometimes makes us very nervous but also children have a tendency to touch things in a way that adults don't.

As adults we touch things with our fingers or sometimes even a single finger but when you touch something with your elbow or with the back of your hand or with your forehead your body really feels free and it removes limits for you in a safe way.

I'm going to recommend that you try this and I may say more about it in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feeling Your Own Love

Recently this question was posed as a comment and I thought I would just share the answer with you.

Hi Robert. How does one stay totally in love and not take things personally in today's world?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Here's what I have to offer:

Thank you for your question. For one thing, staying in love is not an easy thing to do totally but what I recommend is this.

Love is a physical feeling and it is good for you to memorize how that feels in your body when the feeling is present.

Try to focus on the physicality and not the thoughts or the beings that you are in love with - in other words, keep it personal for you rather than externalizing it with someone else.

If you love someone else then you give them your love - yes we know this but what if you are investing so much of your personal energy in that other person that if something happens, something unfortunate or something unexpected - even temporarily - and that person for one reason or another is no longer with you - then you have lost a portion of yourself.

What I'm suggesting here is that you memorize how love feels in your body. Make that your personal connection because the way it feels in your body - all by yourself - the physical feelings in your body - is not something anyone can take away from you nor is it something that would cause you to be affected by anything external. That's my recommendation.

I also suggest that in order to experience love that you check this post and that you consider that the best chance for you to experience love in its most total way is to experience not only that warmth but also a sense of personal continuity - meaning that you have those physical feelings of love in your body, that you know how to do that and that at any time during the rest of your life you can create those feelings for yourself.

I'm not saying that this is to be used as a substitute for relationship - what I am saying is that relationship is not about giving away all your love to others but if the love you are experiencing in your body radiates, and we know it does, than others will feel it while you can still feel it.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Working With The Trees, Part 2

I have talked to you before on this blog about the rain, about the sun and recently spoke to you about working with the trees. I'd like to give you a little more on that.

There are places that have more rain then they need. Now you have to allow for the fact that if this is a desert or even a high desert and you're getting a lot of rain perhaps that's a good thing and I don't recommend that you interfere with that too much since, as you well know if you live there, your wells need to be filled and the deep water sometimes takes a while to be refreshed.

However, if there is an ongoing rain cycle and there is flooding and much suffering then this is what I recommend you do. I'd recommend that you find a tree - perhaps you already have a favorite one that is big and old or at least old so it is experienced and might feel comfortable working with a human being.

It might be best if you have found this tree and worked with it already but if not then seek out such a tree and see if you can feel a sense of compatibility - meaning you feel good about the tree and you get a good feeling standing in front of the tree from the tree itself.

Remember - say, "Goodlife" to the tree out loud. You can say it quietly if you want to and then see how you feel. If you feel comfortable, then that's the tree to work with. If you feel slightly uncomfortable, then the tree is busy and go on to the next one until you find one that feels comfortable.

This is what I recommend you do. Stand about 6 to 10 feet away from the lowest bough of the tree so there is enough space between you and the tree. If there are no low boughs then stand at least 10 to 12 feet away from the tree trunk.

Then first do this - ask out loud - you can do it quietly if you like - that all of the benevolent energies, Deities if you choose and other benevolent loving beings be with you energetically so as to allow you to feel the greatest and most benevolent energy that is comfortable for you.

Wait a moment. Some of you might feel something. If you do that's wonderful - wait until the energy quiets a bit in your body - if you don't feel the energy, then wait about 30 seconds to a minute and say this Living Prayer, "I am asking that the sun emerge benevolently on this place shining its life giving energy and that the rain return once again when needed by all of us here."

After you say that, wait for a time. Some of you, as I say, might feel some energy and if you do - wait until it completely fades. For those of you who don't feel energies at this time, then wait 2 to 5 minutes. Just look at the trunk of the tree - try not to think.

After that time you can then turn - if possible, take one or two steps backward - you can look over your shoulder to make sure it's safe and then turn to the left until you are in the direction you wish to go and then you can leave.

As I've said before, you turn to the left because that's the way the world turns. This is what I recommend for your second opportunity, as advised here, of working with the trees.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Definitions And The Undefinable

Have you ever considered, I know many of us have, why it is so difficult to define love. The dictionaries have vast amounts of definitions but for each of us it is something different isn't it.

Sometimes we may run across something in the dictionaries that feels very resonant with us. Other times we look at that same definition and there's something missing - we feel it as a reality.

On this site you will find a great deal of talk about magic, Benevolent Magic and many other things that I feel applies to and/or supports my general intent here. One thing that you will find also is love.

You see, magic and love are one. Now I'm talking about Benevolent Magic as is the title of this blog and because I feel that the kind of magic being done here and that I am supporting here is very loving indeed and the beings that I work with especially so - and all of you having that at the core of your being or you simply couldn't be here - then I feel comfortable expanding on these thoughts, feelings and definitions that I hope to provide you with in order to accomplish a greater and more comfortable quality that will bring comfort to your life and the life of others.

This planet is almost exclusively about love, its application and granted - how it can go wrong. If you read this blog from the beginning, and I know many of you have, you will find here many things that you can do to improve the quality of your life and perhaps which is my hope - improve the quality of life for others.

So when you consider love and when you consider life and when you consider magic - feel free to consider them all in a single breath because I have found that sometimes the most indescribable things regardless of how much we make effort to describe them simply have to be considered magic because we don't really know how to define it, we don't really know how to create it but as is my intent here - we can learn how to request it and I hope that your requests are always benevolent and loving for yourself and others and of course filled with and factored with the magic of life.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Values - Can They Be A Seduction

Here is a good question by Ilias. He has chosen to request that I expand on this from my post on Benevolent Magic entitled, Magic and you and I felt I would like to share it with you all as well.

This is a great reminder for a path to benevolent change and for being benevolent beings. It also seems to me that it is a path to eclipsing karma of past actions.(?) I want to understand more the seduction of values part in the post. Can you elaborate/clarify?

We're all raised with values. Our parents, our grandparents or simply those adults that raise us have values. They may have been passed on to them by those who raised them and yet we are exposed to other values during life are we not.

One has ones friends and peers when one starts to grow up, become a teenager and go on to become an adult. One might go in to business or into the military. One might simply be exposed along the way to other values.

So by the time one is raising someone, their children or perhaps even grandchildren, you have a wealth of values to pull from.

Very often however the values of those who raised you when you were a youngster are the ones that are projected consciously and just as often unconsciously onto those you are raising who are young.

I am not talking about anything new here. Psychologists and Therapists have this as a well established source of research and I do not claim to speak as one of their members. Still - since the question has been asked I feel somewhat called upon to broaden the topic.

It is this exposure to values that can sometimes be seductive. After all, when you're growing up you want to please your parents or the adults who are raising you and very often you will do so even at the cost of your own inner feelings and when you get older and start hanging around with friends at school and other places you want to please them.

You want to belong, you want to get along and you want to yes - go along. In this way they, you feel, approve of you and perhaps others in that group are approved of by you because that value while being temporary is something that allows you to establish a road to your own personality.

Later on in life there will be other values and you may try to live up to those and you may approve or disapprove of others as they attempt to live up to them.

What I am saying here is that values can be seductive because it's very easy to convince yourself when you are in the midst of trying to live up to them or enforcing their value on others either gently or firmly - you are very much involved in something where you may have been seduced at one time to believe that something is valuable or you may be consciously or unconsciously seducing others to believe in its value.

I bring this up and expand on it because Ilias has asked a good question and yet look at our world today - how easy it is to fall prey to a value that might on further reflection look like it might have been in error.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We've all heard that said by someone and we may have said it ourselves, "It seemed like such a good idea and it seemed like it would be worthy, a contribution - somehow we're going to make the world better."

How many times has that been used as a justification for something that went terribly wrong - even if all the way into it we felt it was right. How easy it is to be seduced by a temporary value.

My feeling is this - and it is my feeling, I admit it - always see how it feels to you. I know it's hard to resist the temporary values of those we care about and those we want to care about us but see how it feels to you.

How would you like to be on the other end of that. The golden rule comes into play here - do unto others as you would have them do unto you - is the formal rendition of it but another way to say it is - how would you like to experience what you are doing to someone else.

I am not trying to accuse anyone of anything. I am rather simply saying - it is possible to be seduced by a value which may be purely temporary. How many of us can look back in time - even just a few years and say - that looked so special, so important, so wonderful to me at that time and now, can't imagine doing that.

I'm not judging anything here you understand, I'm just saying that that is a thought or even a statement that we all might have made at one time or another. Sometimes it's with humor. Other times, it's with a sigh of relief that we got through that time in our lives and we're still moving along.

Ask yourself - is this benevolent for me? Is it benevolent for others? That's what I try to use. I don't claim that I can live up to that ethic every day and every moment but it is my goal, it is my intention and hopefully - at least as much as I can make it so - my practice.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Do You Want...

What are the qualities of personality that you wish you had. You may feel good about yourself right now and that's wonderful but for those of you who feel that you wish you had some other qualities or even qualities of a physical nature this is what I am going to suggest for you to do.

First consider - are these qualities that would actually cause you to feel better about yourself and your life as it is now?

Give it some consideration because the name of this blog is Benevolent Magic and magic is what we do here.

After you've given it consideration then pick one that you feel the most sense of urgency about.

I'm going to suggest a Benevolent Magic you can say but you will have to fill in the part that has to do with what you want. Remember, state it in a way of what you want - not what you don't want - always say what you want or what you need. In this case it would be better to state that you need it if you feel you do.

This is what you can say for starters, "I request that I now experience (and then you fill in what you want) in the most benevolent way for me and that as a result of my acquiring this I will experience the most benevolent outcome."

Say that just once. Try to say it when you are calm, relaxed and not harried and preferably for it to be quiet. So if you can turn the ringer off on the phone or turn off any noise that would be helpful.

Then I'd like you to consider - where did you get the idea about this quality. Was it something that you saw. Was it some thing or someone that you envied.

Recognize of course, I'm sure that you do, that when you see such qualities on other people - even though it might be a quality or a quirk of personality, that those people are a whole package and you don't know what struggles they may have in their lives even if it is not apparent to a casual observer.

Still, this is what I recommend you do as a follow up. It is better to do this in a fictional situation - meaning make up a story - that way it causes no interference with other people.

So consider where you saw this quality or this type of personality and make up a little story in your minds - in your imagination - you understand - and don't involve real people that you know but you can imagine someone having that quality.

Make them a friend of yours - so it's a story you see. Then in a story just picture yourself - you and the other person with the desired quality in the same room.

Then sitting in the same room you would feel a sense of blending. Don't if you would, remember it's a made up story, don't if you would superimpose yourself over the other person or superimpose the other person over you but rather feel a sense of blending at a distance.

How do you do that? I will tell you how. Imagine a gold light in the room - some of you will see a crystal ball, others will simply see an orb. You extend - don't go out of your body just extend into the orb - then have the other being do that as well. Be in there for about a moment - 30 seconds tops - then pull back into your body, end the story and that's it.

The reason I don't have you involve the sun on the earth and the reason I'm having you do this as a story is that it would be very easy to unintentionally interfere with somebody else's life and it would also be very easy to unintentionally cause harm to your own life but if done this way as a story it can simply amplify the potential of your experiencing some version of what it is that you want.

It may not be exactly what you ask for so don't be attached to that and make sure when you say the Benevolent Magic that the word benevolent is stated so that you don't wind up attracting something to yourself that would involve difficulty or discomfort.

Well that's my little magic lesson for today. Give it a try and make sure when you ask for something that it's something that you've considered - alright - something that you've considered and it feels all right and safe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

As a follow up, for those of you who have difficulty making up stories and seeing them in your minds eye - feel free to use fictional characters from books, magazines or even cartoons. That is perfectly alright as well. Goodlife.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Magic Is...

I was struck by the value of Seven's comment and question and therefore I thought I would share it with you as well as my answer. I hope you enjoy it:

As I was reading I was struck by the intellectual process of claiming what we wish to own through what Peale and others would call 'the power of positive thinking'. It is a concept I trust in. I also trust in the higher power and have seen prayers answered immediately. I am sure there are many similar examples such as these spread across the world's cultures.

I find myself placing the word 'magic' in this context, though honestly I am not sure you are holding the same thought. We give words meaning and then of course the words own power.

The word magic scares many people though I don't know why, only some shadow of a thought in my mind. Such as, if things occur by magic, then Robert must mean there is no Creator, and that scares people. I don't think you mean this at all?

I personally like the word magic and the potential it holds; but of course I might be lying outside your definition? And on another hand, does that really matter?

What is magic? Is it something that is in opposition to life - I don't think so. It is important to consider that true magic is something benevolent.

Magic has been given a onerous image because there have been those who, because of various frustrations of life have attempted to use magic for something destructive but in my experience the only magic you will ever read about on this site is purely benevolent but it is important to use the word magic because to do any other word here would simply create confusion.

It is also important I believe, to rescue the word magic from those who would simply drop it into a category of being something untrustworthy, fantastic, meant for children or worse - used only by those who wish to corrupt you.

In my world magic is purely something and only something that is of the natural world and in my world the natural world is something that Creator has provided for us to see clearly even in and around and in the midst of the world we create for ourselves - the world of technology and all of its attendant confusion, misinformation and struggle to adapt.

Many of us are here and confused about who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing, where we're going and where we will wind up. It is also my intention on this site to cover those topics and I do from time to time.

I will simply say today however to this wonderful comment by my good friend Seven that it is, I believe, of great value to take a look at magic and consider - is magic a child's smile, is it a drop of dew on a flower petal, is it the amazing shape of a spider web and the mist caught in it catching a glint or ray of sun, is it the happiness in a family's eyes when one of its members has accomplished something great or small - it doesn't matter - or is it all these things and is it the co-operation of all souls of all beings on Earth co-operating in the most benevolent reality we can create in our attempt to imitate and apply Creator's natural world to our lives. I believe it is all these things and more and it is my intention to write about these things here and now and on a ongoing basis on this site and on my other blogs as I am able.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Magic And You

Have you ever considered that the only difference between individuals is our conditioning as well as some very minor biological differences - and what I mean by this is that we all have the same range of feelings, we have the same general physiognomy - granted with the difference between men and women - and we have the same general wants, needs and desires.

One might reasonably ask, why then is there prejudice? Why so many ongoing battles? Is it simply a difference in race - which is largely a matter of visual impact or is it culture which has just as much to do with conditioning as well as one's born to heritage or is it simply that the desire to seek cause for one's problems in external is so seductive - and by external I mean that which is not you.

Seduction is not always considered to be something that is of a value. It is usually considered to be a person to person thing but values are indeed very much a seductive melody. One finds in various groups - to say nothing of old resentments perhaps engendered by cause not just by appearance - perhaps one can say these judgments are understandable.

I am not a Historian but Historians I have spoken to can explain in detail why things are the way they are. What will change it?

In my experience, what changes things very often is magic. Benevolent Magic and Mystical Man, my two most well known blogs as well as published material I have out there, are intending to show that magic in the benevolent way of presentment is the means to change.

I believe that magic has everything to do with who we are, why we are here, where we are from, what we are doing, how we will get to where we are going and how we will be received when we get there.

The reason I talk so much about magic these days is not because I'm trying to push something on you but rather because - given the complicated nature of life that exists all around us these days, in my personal experience I find that magic is the simplest and quickest and most benevolent solution.

Do you know that at the biological level magic works profoundly well. It also works very well at the spiritual level. I grant that in the world of thought that it can always be questioned and yet in the world of physical proof, which I have seen countless times, there is no need to question it. I believe what I have seen, felt, heard, experienced and followed up on.

I will continue to talk about magic here and on my other site, Mystical Man but I'm just presenting it to you again here today because I feel it is important for you to recognize that to recreate the world using the methods that we have in place now would be too much time, too much struggle and definitely way too much competition.

The kind of magic I propose and practice is benevolent and heart centered. That does not mean it is weak and pathetic. Rather it means it is strong and since we all have strong hearts to live here - it is the magic of strong heart and I believe as well as have seen it to be so.

I will continue to contribute to your learning base and your potential all the magic I have to offer.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Most Benevolent Path To The Future?

Recently Steve posted a question in a comment area. I felt this question needed a answer that would address the topic thoroughly and I felt I would share that with you here.

I have touched on this subject before in a previous column on A Mystical Man's World and yet I feel that there is more.

So first I present Steve's question and then the answer which I have to present at this time.

I have a question and don't know if it relates, but I want to ask. It seems to me there are two paths to follow at times.. what we want to do and what we are suited to do (perhaps not what we want to do). The two don't always seem to merge, and following our joy doesn't always seem to apply to either one. I sense ego at work in some wants, but also a genuine enjoyment. And I feel a pull toward discomfort with some things that I am suited to do. I find that I am hung up between what I want and what I feel I should do, and this emerges again and again in life's adventures. What are we to do?
Between the two choices, how are we to know what our most benevolent path to the future truly is?

Steve, thank you for your question. It is very clear and to the point.

This is my feeling. It is easy, I believe, to get caught up in a feeling that if we are suited to do something that that's what we should do and that if we're doing that that we ought to be able to produce very good results.

Here's my suggestion - might it be possible that instead of accomplishing - that we're simply here to learn.

Maybe we're not really here to produce, at least not as much as we have been. Think about our lives - how much we produce on a daily basis.

We produce happiness in others. We might produce confusion and upset in others as well but we learn from that. We produce results from our daily tasks and we may or may not like those results. What I'm saying is that ultimately whatever we do here - we do learn here.

My feeling is that this is a school and that perhaps even if we are suited for something we may not necessarily have to do it. Perhaps we're suited for it because we have a natural talent or natural ability or even an ability that was fostered, nurtured and supported when we were young.

I feel what you're really asking is this: Is it alright to fail at something that no one ever suspected we would do? This is what I'm saying and I grant that it reflects my personal bias and that is - I feel it is perfectly alright to appear to fail, other people might think we're failing miserably, as long as we are doing something that is benevolent for us - meaning there is no great harm though there may be no tangible results.

That's the key - are we learning, yes of course but are we having a good time even if we're hopelessly miserable at it.

Maybe we're very well suited, for example, to work with figures and accounts and business matters but we'd really much rather be a sculptor or a painter or maybe we're attracted to the professional craft world - such as to be a builder or a housepainter. We may be terrible at it but we love every moment of doing it.

Granted we may not be able to do it professionally but we might very well be able to do it in a way that makes us happy. So even if other people don't hire us to paint their houses and even if our neighbors think that we're making a spectacle of ourselves painting our houses and even if they think that our house color could have been more wisely chosen - are we having a good time.

I think it's important to consider - is it really acceptable to be doing something that allows us to have a good time.

I grant that it is my intention to encourage benevolence but I also feel that within that benevolence it is alright to have a good time.

Thank you for your question my friend. Goodlife.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Working With The Trees

How many of us have admired a beautiful tree. Perhaps it is in someone's yard - front or back. Perhaps it is growing on a boulevard and yet, how many of us think about a single tree when we're experiencing a forrest.

Do you know why rain happens in places where there is a lot of forrest. Trees have the capacity to signal Mother Earth when they need rain.

I'd like to make a suggestion. If you are living in an area that needs rain and there aren't too many trees then here's something you can do.

If you can go out to the trees - especially the bigger older trees, just stand near them. You don't have to touch them - and say the following Living Prayer. You can if you like - before you say the Living Prayer - ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be with you while you're saying the Living Prayer and wait a moment for that to happen.

Then I'd recommend that you say, "I am asking that the strength of this tree be of a thousand - that it have the capacity, endurance and capability to signal Mother Earth of the rain that is needed here on a regular and gentle basis so that it can sink into the earth slowly and nurture all life."

You don't have to do that with too many trees but if you can get out and about then try and do that with at least three trees.

If you are unable to go out for any reason then you can say the following Living Prayer. I recommend also that you ask for benevolent energies to be with you first.

Then say, "I am asking that all trees in all areas of draught feel a great strength from within and have the capacity to signal Mother Earth so that her clouds and rain come to these places to nurture and enrich all life and to perpetuate life in the most benevolent way."

That's my suggestion for today. Goodlife.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Belonging To Us

Greetings. I want to let you know that I'll be posting these days to my typepad blog as well as here. My typepad blog is called, The Shaman's Way.

I may decide to merge both my Benevolent Magic blog and Mystical Man onto typepad but I cannot say for certain.

For today I just want to let you know that I have put a post up there on typepad and we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure that I can maintain three blogs at once - you know how that is.

Now a little something more for today. Many of you have felt an increasing sense of your life being out of control and I know that that is alarming to say the least but I would like to suggest that because of my profession I have had to learn how to be out of control in a benevolent way.

I'm going to lay the groundwork for you to feel into that but first I'd like to suggest that you say, out loud of course, the following Living Prayer.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all of us who feel that we need more sense of belonging to our own lives feel that now in the safest and most benevolent way."

Now why did I put it like that. When we feel out of control - what we really feel like, I believe, is that our lives are in the hands of others.

I believe that it is a great comfort to us to feel the feelings of belonging yes - but we also can feel that in a comfortable way when we belong to us.

So the purpose of the Living Prayer is to remind us yes - but also to support and nurture our feelings of belonging to ourselves. I will say more about this before too long.