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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clearing People, Part 1

Last time I talked about clearing objects - in fact television sets. This time and in light of the fact that Halloween is upon us it might be good to support you to have a way to clear people. I've given you some information on this in working on yourselves here and here but I'm taking into account now parents who might wish to clear their children who have been frightened perhaps because of Halloween.

Here's what to do in that case. If you can have the children lie down or sit down that would be best but they might be so agitated that they're running about. Whatever they're doing, it's alright but not if they're causing harm to themselves or others. So if you need to give them a toy to be occupied with that takes on their full attention but is not a television set, perhaps it might be even a small electronic device, that is alright.

This is what to do. First relax yourself and say the following living prayer which will invite the clearing you request. I recommend you say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear my child..." or my children you might say "...and their immediate environs including myself of any and all energies that are harmful and causing conflict to ourselves, our lives and our souls."

Now of course if you yourself feel fine you can just make that exclusive for your child. Wait about 5 minutes. Your child might even change their behavior. If they were highly active they might get more relaxed. If they were doing something they might pause and start doing something else more gentle or resume their natural and normal behavior.

I do not call myself a therapist or call myself anything other than what I am, a shaman and mystical man but I do wish to help those who have asked - what can I do if... and this is my offering for today.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clearing Objects

Have you ever walked by your television set or a television set anywhere - perhaps in a hotel room, perhaps in a meeting room and had a really sinking or uncomfortable feeling for no particular reason. The TV wasn't on - nothing happening there and maybe you wondered what that was about. Here's something you can do to change that.

Do you know that all life is in motion all the time. Light beings - various forms of transitional entities passing through our space all the time most of whom do not understand our way of life but then we may very well not understand their way of life either - sometimes they get caught up in things that have a bright light or even an intense electrical nature about them.

I have found that it is possible to clear the energy which may involve the certain amount of trapped entities and beings from a television set and as a result, with the TV off before you do this and after the process is done and the TV is still off, you will notice most likely that the TV feels better to you when you look at it or when you walk by it and I believe it may be more comfortable to watch. This is something you can do on a fixed schedule if you like. Every 3 to 5 days perhaps would be good or just when you get that uncomfortable feeling. Here's what to do.

Request that light beings perform the work because it is too complicated and hazardous to do it yourself. So this is what to do - relax someplace if you can or sit down at the least and close your eyes if you like, though you don't have to but I recommend it and say this. You might say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear this television set..." or if there is more than one that you're concerned about you can say, "...this television set and all the others..." say in a given space or house or something, " the most benevolent way now."

Relax for a moment. Some of you might feel some energy and just wait. Make sure that no one's going to rush in and turn on the TV set so it's a good time to do this at a quiet time of the day if possible.

After a few minutes, not long - no more than 5 minutes, the set will be clear. Now if you're asking for more than one set in your house to be cleared and you're not sure if the sets are on don't worry about it because it's not harmful to the set, it's not harmful to the people, it just might take a little longer for the TV set to be cleared if it is actually on.

That's something I recommend and I think that you'll find that it improves the way you feel around the television set, it might even improve your viewing experience and it certainly will improve the life experience of any beings caught up in the set.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Supporting Transformation In The Most Benevolent Way

Now there is work to be done and I'm going to ask you to support it - those of you who would like to.

Many of you have read that the antibiotics that are being developed and that are in distribution now, while they are truly wonder drugs that there is concern due to the natural mutating effect of all life. In short, that the organisms that these wonder drugs combat are not always destroyed by the drug therapy. So I'm going to suggest that you consider the following living prayer.

First I'm going to suggest that you ask to feel all of the benevolent energies that are available for you before, during and after you're saying this so that what you say and the way you say it would have its greatest affect. So say the following words in the living prayer if you would - very slowly and if you feel the energy heighten at any moment, pause in saying the words until the energy relaxes a bit and then go on. That strong energy is the benevolent beings that will be supporting transformation.

This is the living prayer I suggest. You might say, "I am asking that all those organisms that are harmful to human beings mutate and evolve now into a benign and benevolent form that will accommodate and be accommodated in the most benevolent way by our physical bodies." That's what I recommend you say.

It is a time now when we must support professions and services that are intending to serve us. We may not always agree with everything that is done but it is alright to support life. I believe that that is the purpose of this living prayer and as you know, the purpose of this blog.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Confronting Life As A Real Thing

A crisis of conscience is something that all people on a spiritual path experience at least once, usually more often than that. Recently someone asked a question about that which I posted on one of my other blogs and it got me to thinking about how often this occurs for us all.

After all, before we get interested in spirituality and mystical and shamanic and all of the other things that I speak about on this blog and my others we live our lives don't we.

We have experiences, we develop attitudes, we live - and then over time we begin to examine, to explore, to put things together. We acquire knowledge, information, perhaps we're fortunate and meet a teacher or two who help us and ease us on to a more benevolent path for us. And then as life would do we are presented with things that used to upset us and we try out our new spirituality perhaps - take it out for a spin so to speak and yet how often it happens that those old things still upset us and our new spirituality cannot always bring us through with ease.

I'm not bringing this up because I'm criticizing anybody, I'm bringing it up because it's a real thing that happens to us all and I want you to know that it is a solvable situation.

This is what I recommend for starters. First I recommend you say the following benevolent magic. I recommend you say, "I request that I be able to unite my true spiritual beliefs that give me comfort now with all that has upset me in the past and present and that these good feelings from my beliefs are able to overcome that which has brought me down and made my life one of conflict in the past. And that this resolution will result in the most benevolent outcome."

That's what I recommend you say for starters and then the next thing I recommend - and it is the most important is that you have patience with yourself. Don't expect perfection. You're on your spiritual path now or you're considering it perhaps and it will take time.

You'll have to apply it to different times and situations and see how it works. If it works you'll say, "Alright, this is for me." If it doesn't work you'll say perhaps, "I need to modify this. I need to add something or subtract something." Give yourself time. You are learning something that requires testing for you. Don't accept it at face value if it doesn't fit into your life. So do try it out. If it works - wonderful. If it doesn't work don't just throw it away.

Give it a chance by adding more or trying something that works better for you. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's Something You Can Do Right Now To Help

Greetings, I am putting this post up on both the blogs because I'm going to ask you all to say some living prayers here. Now if you've been reading these blogs for a while you know to ask for the most benevolent energies to be present, available and all around and about you and wait a couple of minutes. And then if you would care to say slowly the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help whether because of fire, flood, drought or any other cause receive all the help and assistance they need now - benevolently from all those people and beings who can help them." Remember if you're saying more than one living prayer to always wait at least 5 minutes between saying them.

Here's another one you could say if you're so inclined, "I am asking that the fires cool no matter what their cause, no matter where they are to the point of being only light and benevolent light at that. And that the floods calm to the point where they are only nurturing and supportive. And that the anger subside to the point where it is only stimulating, enjoyable conversation."

You may also say if you choose to participate, "I am asking that the hearts of all beings open to each others needs and fulfill those needs in the most benevolent way with the greatest co-operation and kindness you can provide."

Thank you all for your participation. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Safely Contacting Benevolent Spirits

People have asked over time how you can involve the energies of spirits to help to bring about that which you request for others or even yourself or your family.

This is something that needs to be practiced over time. You can begin by sitting someplace quietly and it needs to be someplace comfortable where you don't have to move around much - ideally not at all. So get into a comfortable position. Before you do that, make sure that you will not be disturbed. So you may have to do this at some time of the day or night when that would be possible. Also it's best if the ringer is off on the phone. In short, it needs to be someplace quiet - and then say this.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those benevolent and loving beings that are available for me now be present in, around and near me in a way that I can feel most benevolently." That's a living prayer and it may begin to help.

If you want to, and this is only if you want to, you can have your chair set up so that you are facing a blank wall and perhaps you are about 6 to 8 feet away from the wall. By blank I mean literally nothing on it and that may not be easy for you to do but it's something you can do, not a requirement.

So sit there quietly and be conscious in your physical body - meaning don't meditate in the way of a creative visualization - alright. So don't try to imagine what the spirits are looking like. Just try to be there physically, being present you understand, and not think.

So notice if you feel physically any different. If you get a tingling or if you feel a benevolent energy or if there's even a sense of touch and don't be frightened - alright. This is the kind of thing that might take time and recognize that if the feeling you get is benevolent - meaning it feels good to you - most likely this is a benevolent spirit. Remember, because you're saying the living prayer you're not going to attract something scary.

If you are concerned about attracting something scary or if your home or neighborhood is known for having - oh, scary things happen that - quote go bump in the night unquote then this is what to do before you say the living prayer but after you sit down.

First say this living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that my most benevolent protectors be here and form around me in a complete sphere allowing only the most benevolent gold light beings and light beings to be present who are benevolent, gentle, loving and kind with me." If you decide to say that then wait at least 5 minutes before you say the other living prayer.

Now I've decided to offer this for you since there have been requests. If there are more requests I will give other suggestions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Light That Feeds

Do you know that rainbows nourish the land, the plants, the animals and yes - even us. It is not just a scientific wonder. It is not a thing of beauty only. It is actually intended to feed all that it touches.

I have seen rainbows where people actually walk through the light as it was coming down illuminating the Earth and I have spoken to people who have walked through them who felt buoyed up as a result of that contact. I do not know whether science recognizes this or not but I know and I have been taught that the light that illuminates (feeds) it is also our opportunity without any training to see light in all of its great beauty. It is a way for us to be reminded how our natural energy, which is light, is food.

The plants, the animals, Mother Earth herself all know this. Even science is willing to consider that light is a form of matter and that as such it is a support system. I'm sure you can find it if you look for it in the annals of science and other places. Nevertheless I just wanted to remind you today that the beauty of a rainbow is also food.

Do you have any rainbow stories? If you do feel free to share them here for us all.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


And so - times change and so do we all. You may have noticed that things are changing on the global level and on the local level.

This is not surprising because in order for our world to go ahead we must begin to equalize and have balance. I know that we all want everyone to have peace, food, shelter, comfort and the other good things of life and so this may require a little more sharing. I believe that that sharing will be more welcome than it is frightening.

There will be changes however and we will all see that to some degree. Don't worry about making great sacrifices. I don't feel that that is going to be the case but we may have to accept the fact that our image will change, that we may see ourselves as others see us and that we may also be able to see others as they see themselves. And this will be ultimately a very good thing though there will be some moments of shyness and even some embarrassment. Still, when viewed on the world front it will be a good thing in time though there will be a few bumpy roads yet to come.

Think of it as something that ultimately creates a more benevolent society and remember to keep up your sense of humor. If we can laugh at ourselves and laugh through the pain when it comes we will be able to feel a sense of kinship we have not known nor experienced before. It's surprising how forgiving people can be when we're able to laugh at ourselves and feel pride in the accomplishments of others.

We'll get through this thing, this life, this world and I believe we'll do it as brothers and sisters with each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sweets And Receptivity

Did you know that when you eat sweet things it makes you more receptive. I think that that is something that we all know at a certain level and that is an established fact in certain places and it's true. People have studied this extensively - certainly candy makers and others but it is a important fact to be aware of and I'm going to tell you why.

Do you know that when you watch television and eat sweet things that the chances of your taking in an energy - a stray energy perhaps that's passing through the electrical circuits or a message on the TV that you might not necessarily like - you might take that in to your body and your body not knowing that it's any different than anything else will attempt to process it.

So - suggestion, lets just keep it simple eh. When you're eating sweet things I recommend that you do not have the television on or that you're not near it and that you try to have the energy and the atmosphere around you as calm, friendly and pleasant as possible. That's my recommendation.

Just something short today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 6 (Dreams)

Now, some of you have noticed in these past few weeks an increase in dreams. The increase however sometimes will bring up old dreams that you've had that you thought you were done with. They might be unsettling, they might be strange or odd.

This is what to do. I recommend you say a living prayer for the beings in the dream. Now I know that may sound strange. Some of you undoubtedly feel that it is you in the dream but if you can remember in detail you will remember that the person you see in the dream is not yourself - they don't look like you.

This has to do with lessons along the lines of guide training that you may be receiving or that others may be receiving that you are able to sit in on so to speak as a spirit or soul with your teachers to understand the nature of how Earth and other worlds function and the nature of service and how we all help each other.

So - these dreams, unsettling though they may be, will not signal a new round for these old dreams you've had. Rather these are observations of real people on this planet - or possibly variations of other school-like planets, though there aren't that many.

In this case I recommend you say the following living prayer. It will probably eliminate your having those dreams again. At the very least, it will help people out.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that..." (then you mention the name or the circumstances or the people you saw in the dream) "...experience the most benevolent resolution for their challenges and as a result of this resolution experience the most benevolent outcome in their lives." That's what I recommend you say.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 5

As I said I would say more about this. Now, one of the issues that you will be experiencing as a result of this event is considerably more compassion for your fellow beings - and by fellow beings I am not excluding non-humans. After all we are living on this planet with a great many beings some of whom are not people as we understand them to be.

So, you will feel a sense of compassion that actually encourages you to do something. Now - there will be times when you can actually do something direct but if there isn't something that you can do directly and you want a living prayer you can say in these specific circumstances this is exactly what to say.

Remember - when the energy comes up to stop saying it until the energy fades a bit and then continue with the words. Do that every time in case the energy comes up and when you are done if the energy is present - don't think - just wait until it fades. The energy will help to bring it about.

This is what you can say in a living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all the feelings I am experiencing in my compassion now, help to bring about the most benevolent outcome for those whom I am concerned about now." That's all you say.

You are entrusting all the spirit beings who help to bring about the benevolent result that you are requesting and you are also entrusting your own soul and the soul and spirits of all other human beings who are involved in one degree or another of co-operation to bring about the most benevolent outcome associated with living prayer and for that matter benevolent magic. But just do a living prayer in this situation.

Now you're not going to feel so very tender - alright - but this compassion is a real thing. You will notice it and I recommend that you do that living prayer. It will help you to feel better and it will do good.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 4

What else can you expect from this event. Below you will see a question from Patrice, a regular reader of these blogs:

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert could the event also result in an impression of feeling lost or disoriented, like not finding how to go ahead in this new energy. Having old emotions and pains surfacing without reason? But at the same time feeling that it's Ok.



It is possible as a result of this event to experience what Patrice has mentioned. As a result you will feel not so very upset as you might have felt in the past when concerning matters like that. You will be able to get through it a lot easier because you won't have the same feeling of attachment to those issues.

True, the feelings will come up but you'll get through them fairly quickly and after you do get through them - now don't avoid them, go through the feelings but after you do go through the feelings you will notice that those experiences will seem to fall away. Not only will you not have much attachment to them but you might personally feel a little different.

I'll say a lot more about that in the future but just for now I want you to know that these feelings are a possibility and if more of you note that they come up I'll say more about it sooner but for right now I want you to know that it is possible.

Also know that when these feelings come up that it is a good thing to consult other people who may be doing this work from reading these blogs as well as the ones on A Mystical Man's World and if you can compare notes that will also help you to feel better.

Remember - take note of how you do not feel as upset as you can recall yourself feeling about these issues in the past and as I said, I'll say more about that soon.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moving Through...

Do you ever get depressed. In this day and age it's not unusual to feel that sometimes.

I recall when I was growing up, that like all parents of the time my parents would often tell me about the good things of life and most of the other kids in the neighborhood were told similar things though a few were told about the hazards - and my Father would sometimes warn me about hazards as well.

Nevertheless growing up can sometimes create a myth can't it - a myth of life and I have found that very often the reason I will get depressed is that I have cultured within me either from my youth or from my other experience a belief in something that is not literally true. It might just be a desire. It's difficult sometimes isn't it - sometimes when we see things we want them to be true, sometimes when we imagine things we want them to be true.

I don't get depressed very often but it does happen to me now and then and I'm sure it happens to you as well from time to time. Lets try to remember that when depression takes place it's almost always based on a myth of life which may not be about something that's true.

Sometimes also, I know for some people, it is something that they are born with and that medicine has yet to properly address but they will in time - I believe that.

I'm not trying to say, "Oh, poor us." I'm rather saying that we all have these moments when we are disappointed and sometimes fall into a deeper disappointment. For us though it is important to utilize benevolent magic and living prayer and other means to move through these momentary difficulties.

Life is challenging enough isn't it and we can but try to keep each other cheered up, buoyed up to face life and move through these hard times. I am hopeful you will move through your hard times smoothly, easily and with grace.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.