The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

More About Goodlife

 There are two words that are of great interest. The words are “life” and “good.” You’ve seen them all the time all over. We say, in these blogs, “goodlife” as one word. I have reported why in the past. I want to say something else about it so you understand it clearly.
 I have said before that “goodlife” is one word* - is a greeting, it is also a salutation - meaning you could say it when somebody is leaving as well as arriving and it is most importantly a blessing - as in blessing somebody.
 Why is it that and how can it be that?
 It is that because it is meant to be something that will bring about a better life for that person or being, in the case of a pet for example but more importantly this is what you do. You first ask - alright, you know this from before, “I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now.” And you pause for a few seconds. 
 You probably will feel energy come up - you may, you may not. Then say, goodlife. Because you see then, benevolent energies - beings, spirits, angels, guides - whoever is right for you in that moment - will be joining you. 
 It’s like a chorus singing. If you say goodlife and there is no energy present it is still fine but if you say goodlife in that situation then it is like a chorus and the chorus is made up of you, of course, and also of all these benevolent beings who will support goodlife for the person you say it to. 
 Just thought you’d like to know that. Goodlife
 *”I used to say, "Greetings" but since I've been taught by a Being that I really feel good about, to say, "Goodlife" that's what I say now. 
 You notice when I say it I say it as one word even though of course the computer wants me to say it as two words since it is not recognized as a single word in the dictionary but the Being who shared it with me shared it as one word and indicated to me that they felt of it as one word. 
 It was not a Light Being. It was a wonderful old tree that I used to hike past on a trail in Arizona. Remember - everything is alive. If you keep that in mind it will make it easier to interact with all life around you be it spiritual, physical or non-physical.”