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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earth - The Testing Ground

So many's the time I've asked for myself and others - why does this have to be such a hard world? Oh of course there are plenty of times when we are happy, when good things happen, when we have special events and so on but there are way too many times when it's hard for ourselves or our loved ones or people that we don't even know and have never met but for whom we feel compassion.

There is a reason - there is always a reason. This, as I've said before in many places, is a testing ground.

We're not here to be tested or to be poked and prodded to see if we can "do it" whatever "it" may be. We're here as volunteers on the soul level - though not necessarily always that way on the physical level eh - we're here because so many beliefs and ideas exist away from this planet that may seem to be perfectly reasonable on the surface but if there is no place to test out those so-called reasonable beliefs or ideas then one can make a terrible blunder eh.

All engineers know that and many of us who are not engineers also. So that's the long and short of it as they say. The reason things get so complicated and so way, way out of balance is that there has to be crystal clear proof that that idea that looked so good on paper - so to speak eh - when it's put into practical application not only doesn't look so good but sometimes is clearly a disaster.

As volunteers it is not always fun to show up for this particular program that goes on here but when life is over here we are taken into the fold again and welcomed and thanked and appreciated for helping to prove that "it" either works or "it" doesn't work.

Towards the end of improving things let's say together now the following living prayer, "I am asking that the reason for this testing ground to take place be now modified and that the ideas and beliefs elsewhere that need to be tested become much more wisened so that our experience on this planet be now more benevolent and that this all happens for us now in the most benevolent way."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our True Wisdom

Now the world is becoming more physical and thus we will have to become more instinctual. What this means is that Earth, as we have known her - to a degree sleeping Earth - meaning allowing and adjusting on her own to our impact upon her, is no longer sleeping.

Many of you have observed that volcanic regions are becoming more volcanic. There are more earthquakes and although they are not all catastrophic they are getting more frequent. Equally other aspects of Mother Earth are becoming more pronounced - her wind, her weather.

She is becoming in that sense more discernibly physical. She is showing her physical capacity much more so and demonstrating it.

We however have the capacity within ourselves to be responsive to this so that we will know where to go, know what to do, know how to live, recognize how to provide for ourselves and others and know when to do something, when not to do it or what to leave for others to do since it was meant for them.

This all comes under the heading of instinct, which I've talked about on these blogs extensively - as an example here and then of course there's all of this and more, and given a considerable amount of training for you. This is why I have been giving that training because I knew this time was coming and it is here now.

Those of you who have sharp instincts or can access your instincts because of the training I've given and because of your life experience will be at an advantage now. Even little things like a parking place or should I buy this now or should I sell this now - these things will be greatly enhanced by your ability to make decisions based upon your instinct.

Many people believe that instinct is an aspect of fear. It is not though fear is a component of instinct - not as something that cripples you but rather something that hones your decision.

Fear is meant for us to have - not as something that keeps us from doing something that we need to do but rather to help us to know how to do it. We use fear to know - this feels good or this doesn't.

When you get an uncomfortable feeling in your body, many people identify that as fear and while there is a small aspect of that it is meant to be there because it's what triggers your body to give you the physical signal that the way you're going to do something, the way you've thought it out, the way others have told you how to do it - even if they said, "That's always how its been done" - your body is telling you that's not the way to do it now.

Many of you will use your instincts to blaze new trails that others have considered but never tried. This is not something to use for daredevil exploits. It's not a time to be seeing how far you can go, how fast and at what risk. I'm not talking about that though I know there are those of you who like to do that and I'm not judging it.

What I am saying is that this is a time when you use instinct - the times we are in now and for the foreseeable future - that you will be able to make decisions that will be supportive and help your survival and will even help you to thrive.

So use your feelings - your physical feelings. I have been talking about this for all these many years because the time is now to use these things and know what to do. For those of you who have not read these blogs from the beginning - go back and do it now and do the homework. It will take time but you won't regret it.

These blogs are entirely set up to help you to use the innate abilities that you were born with and that many of our cultures have ignored or worse - attempted to suppress out of their own ignorance not realizing of what value these physical abilities are for us.

It is not my job to judge anyones culture but it is my job to point out what we can do, how we can do it and how each individual has their own feelings that they can use.

Equally - how very often you will find that other people who have the same skills as you have, though they may not know that they have them, may be your new allies.

We are all very much the same under the skin. We are born in a way that has been deemed the best by Creator and we have been given certain physical abilities. Many of them are obvious. Some are not so obvious and that is why I have dedicated myself to sharing what I have to share on these blogs.

Remember always, do not discard your thought but use your physical feelings to know - do I go this way, do I go that way. Which physically feels better to me?

I will have much more to say about instinct as time goes on but this is a reminder and a notification that these are instinctual times and those who use their instincts in the best, most positive and most benevolent way for themselves will be setting a might fine example for those around you.

When you learn how to do these things, when you get good at it - don't be shy. Either direct others to these blogs that they might learn or if you feel comfortable and only if you feel comfortable share what you know and help others. Always help others when they ask if you can. If you are unable just direct them to these blogs where you have learned and you have experienced suggestions as to your own capabilities.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Safely Drawing Energy From Your Home Planet, Part 2

Now for those of you who have had to touch the ground with your hands as I mentioned last time, you can do the same thing but this is how to do it. I am allowing for the fact that some of you may not be able to put your feet on the ground, perhaps you're in a wheelchair, then adapt it in this fashion.

Everything the same up to the point of looking towards the horizon for the sunset or the sunrise but instead of the rotation do this with your hands if you can reach the ground - or someone can help you but if they help you to do this then they will have to be in the most benevolent state. Since that cannot be guaranteed I'm going to give you something to do with your hands on your own if you are able.

Reach down to the ground and put the backs of your fingertips, not your thumb, meaning the first 2 knuckles alright - down on the ground and slowly move your fingertips so that they are just your fingertips on the ground and maintain that position if you are able. Then do everything else the same way.

After that if you are able move your chair to the left and then to the left again and then you may go on with your life. I'm giving you these adaptations in case you must do it this way.

Another adaptation is for those of you who are unable to go outside or get out on the land. Perhaps you are living in a city or perhaps in a confined space for one reason or another.

Then if you cannot see the sunrise orient yourself where the sun would be rising or where the sun would be setting and you can do this 20 to 30 minutes before the sunrise up to just the point of the sunrise or 20 to 30 minutes before the sunset up to the point of the sunset and do the same as I gave in the first part. It will not be as effective but if you do this 3 times it will help - then let it go.

I want to give you these possibilities since I know not all of you can go out and be on the land. I will do that from time to time so you get a general idea of how things can be adapted if they must be adapted.

Now I will say a little more and that is this. The whole point of connecting to other planets and galaxies is not to get you away from Earth - that is guaranteed.

We all live here for a relatively short amount of time - relatively in the sense that when we live on other planets we have lengthy lives and that is because there is no stress or strain there - no discomfort - but here where Earth is challenging it is school so we do not live as long but after our life is over here we go on in our spirit, in our soul and in those aspects of our personality that are benevolent, calm and comfortable since we do not need to have our strong, aggressive, assertive personality away from here for there is no conflict, no struggle.

Then the purpose of connecting with these home planets or other places of being that we identify with or wish to have more in our lives is to remind ourselves not only of those natural native personalities that we have but also to heighten that in ourselves. Not so that we would be more vulnerable on Earth but rather so that we might be able to have more ready access to our gifts, talents and abilities that are natural to us on other planets, in other galaxies, in other states of being.

As time goes on now we will need as much access as possible to what we would call magic here on this planet but such magic as exists in our natural state as spirits and souls is part of our natural life - our normal way of being - and to have such abilities here on Earth might just allow us to live more benevolently, to have a more comfortable life and to be able to do things that will help others as well as our family and friends - even in little ways.

It is a time now to begin to work together even if we never meet physically. I feel that I am working with many of you now and I know you feel the same way. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Safely Drawing Energy From Your Home Planet, Part 1

Some of you have strong feelings for other planets and galaxies. You feel an identification with them and you would prefer that the energies and perhaps lifestyle, as you have envisioned it, be more associated with your life now on Earth.

While you cannot be there in this life it may be possible to draw some of the energy from those places to your now environment by way of interacting with your auric field when you are asleep. You see - it is not safe to influence those places with Earth energy at this time of Earth's circumstances, I'm sure you understand why.

On the other hand it is desirable is it not - to have the energies of those places, which are benign and have such benevolent lifestyles, that it would be good to have some means to connect deeper eh.

So this is what we're going to do if you wish to participate. It matters not whether those feelings that you have are associated with Sirius, Arcturus or Pleiades - any place like that or someplace that is a planet or galaxy unknown at these times but for which you feel an affinity.

It does not even have to be a planet. It could be a place associated with a higher realm as you see it or feel it.

This is what to do. First if you haven't had a sense of a name for the place - give it a name even if you call it, "my special place." That's fine.

Then what to do is to find some physical place that you can go. This requires true magic to heighten the connection. You wouldn't know about this place if the connection wasn't already made you see, so the point is to heighten the connection. So if you can, go out on the land some place even if it is someplace that is not too far away.

Try to find a place where you feel personally comfortable. If there is no such place like that then just do the best you can with what you have access to.

For those of you who have no such place where your feet or some portion of your body can touch the Earth then you may have to do this process more than once but for those of you who can get your feet on the Earth, or some other part of your body that is - such as sitting on the ground with your hands on the ground because you must have some part of your skin you see on the ground in order to do this well, then you will only need to do that 1 time.

I am giving you the method for doing it 1 time but I will give a slight alteration for those of you who must do it more than once.

I will also say that for those of you who must sit on the ground instead of standing or even sitting in a low chair putting your hands on the ground, that in the case of sitting on the ground of course you can be dressed but ideally you would have your bare feet on the ground or with your hands touching the ground as a second choice.

When you have found that place then standing - alright - you will have to modify this best you can for putting your hands on the ground - but standing you do this.

First look if you can, towards the horizon. This can be done either at sunup or near sundown so that you can glance, not directly at the sun but at the light coming up for the sunrise or at the light retreating for the sunset. Look at that place without looking at the sun itself of course and then look up at the sky.

You do not have to look towards the actual constellation representing your planet or galaxy, just a look at the sky is adequate. Then look down at the ground. Remember to look at the earth. Then look at your feet on the ground.

Then move in the following manner. Make 1 complete rotation moving to your left - meaning a spin so to speak towards your left and stop in your original position where you started.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that in my deep sleep state I am now able to connect more deeply with longer lasting benevolent results in my day to day waking life with my home planet..." you say if you feel that or you say, "...with..." and then you fill in the name of your place, "...and that this connection improve the quality of my life as well as to benevolently influence the environment around me."

After you've said those words out loud of course, then you can say the following, "I am also asking that these energies which connect to me in a heightened state during my deep sleep be benevolent for Earth and help my planet that I'm living on now achieve a greater sense of balance and come to a place that is more benevolent for all beings."

After you have said that maintain your position physically for about a minute - your best guess, a little longer is fine but no longer than 3 minutes - again your best guess - don't look at your watch or clock.

After you have done that turn to your left and then step out of that place you have been standing. Turn to your left again and walk away from that place.

It is alright if after 5 minutes or so somebody else walks there and it is also alright if anybody walks through that space because the energy will be benign and benevolent for many minutes after that, so no one can be harmed. If on the other hand no one walks through that space then there will be a slight heightening of the experience for you but of course you cannot guarantee that that will happen.

If an animal walks through or flies through that's not a problem. So don't try and keep people from walking through that space, just accept it as it is.

Next time I will go on with this for a bit. Goodlife.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's The Energy That Does It - Benevolent Energy

Now I have something I want you to practice. This is specifically important for those of you who are pursuing your spiritual work - whatever it may be.

Understand that the nature of benevolent creations that you request with benevolent magic, living prayer and true magic can be accomplished in part or in total completion through the many ways and means I've suggested on these blogs as well as the books. However in order to achieve - in the easiest, simplest and most benevolent way - levels of support for these requests that you are making it is entirely dependent upon the energy that you feel.

This is a time of clarity or at the very least pursuing your own personal clarity which I know for some of you is extremely challenging because of the environment in which you find yourself - people arguing, circumstances that function at cross purposes, etc. won't be easy for many of you but if you have moments even before you go to sleep or when you wake up or at any time that are quiet or the energy is less extreme and the conflict that is happening around you or perhaps even within you is to a so-called dull roar eh, then that's when to practice these means to achieve clarity - but there is another reason I'm talking to you about these matters today.

The way benevolent magic and living prayer and true magic, as I've said, is accomplished is through the co-operation of benevolent beings of light and love and good heart - yes - performing that which you cannot do as a human being.

You cannot easily, quickly and with aplomb move from one dimension to another. You cannot travel through time. In short, we must be human beings with the limits and gifts given to us to be human in our world but in our natural state we can do these things with ease. When we are no longer in our bodies we can travel through time as if it were nothing. We can travel between dimensions and hardly even notice.

So - sometimes people ask, "Who are these light beings? Why can they do these things so easily and why do they love us so much to be so quickly prepared to drop whatever they are doing to help us?" It is this. These light beings are very often those we have known and loved, those we appreciate, those whom we admire. Simply put, those whom we have been and those whom we will be.

The natural state of our being is not as human beings. The natural state of our being is as soul or spirit and these things which we desire to do or that we ask the light beings to do for us is often attendant with our natural way of being.

We are here in this school because we are here to accomplish a purpose - a great deal of which I've discussed in the books and you will find that as the inspired teaching in almost all of the books that I've put out - but generally speaking what I want to talk to you about today is that I'm urging you to practice something very simple.

It does not involve words. It does not even involve goals and purposes but it is a attunement that I'm asking you to practice and that attunement is to simply say this - to help you to get there. Say to yourself, this is not a living prayer, "I need to be able to recognize the most benevolent energies that exist and I can only do this through my feelings."

Now when I say feelings I'm talking about that which you feel physically. I'm not talking about when you are happy or when you are sad, for instance. I'm talking about physical stimulations in your body - physical feelings - okay?

So this is what to do. For those of you who are adept at this it is simple, you are doing it now and it's only simple because you've practiced - yeah - but I'm speaking to those of you who are not sure about whether you're feeling something, whether you're doing it right - alright. So...this is a tune-up okay.

This is what I recommend. After stating to yourself what you need to do, what you need to feel and really it's about discernment between what feels good and what is simply a tingling perhaps - some of you identify the tingling as being "it" so to speak - meaning the benevolent energy - and for some of you it may be but tingling is also a precursor to something else. Now what it means is that in some cases the tingling that you might feel is the precursor to feeling - to having an awareness of your physical feelings and is not necessarily associated with benevolent energy - that's vitally important for you to know.

Benevolent energy is something that you will recognize. It is a soft thing, a gentle thing. It feels good.

For some of you it will prompt a warmth in and around your heart or solar plexus area for example. You might feel the warmth in some other part of your body - but it will feel good, a gentle feeling.

For some of you when you say these things - as you might say when doing benevolent magic, living prayer or true magic - you just have a heightened state of your own feelings.

If you're simply having a heightened state of your own feelings and your own feelings are involved in conflict or anger or upset it won't work very well even if you're asking for something totally benevolent and this is why some of you have not had, as you might say, good luck doing these things or you have abandoned doing these things but you see you must be pursuing your own personal clarity to achieve these things in the best and most benevolent way and to work out in ways that are benevolent for you and those around you.

It cannot be used - benevolent magic, living prayer, true magic - it cannot be used to harm.

If you are even causing by your words and your intent, harm in others - meaning that which actually causes them pain etc. - if you are doing that then your capacity to bring about these results will be lessened and lessened and lessened so that you don't get any response because the light beings will not support that.

It is possible that some people might feel slightly sad or upset that you're doing this work because they misjudge it. They don't know that it is something that is benevolent for you and others and such misunderstandings are not considered harming others - always know that.

However if what you are doing is actually causing harm to others then your capacity to do this will be gradually reduced. So...I know you don't want that.

So...tune-up okay? Practice on discovering the difference between what feels benevolent in terms of benevolent energy and what simply is a heightened state of your own internal physical feelings that may or may not be pleasant or benevolent at all - okay. So...good luck with that eh - and I have complete faith in your ability to accomplish this but it does take time and practice.

For those of you who are already there then you can skip over this homework but for those of you who are not sure or you would prefer to have a greater sense of feeling this benevolent energy then practice, practice because it takes a physical memory in your own body of what does feel good and benevolent to you - not powerful - this is not about power over others.

It is about working within the totally benevolent realm that we recognize as our natural selves when we are not embodied and that's how you can recognize it because to a great many of you it will feel exactly like home - and home in this sense meaning in the most benevolent place we have never known on Earth but sometimes feel when we are very young being held by mother and feel welcome.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Further On Insulation And Protection

Now it's important to say a little more about insulation and protection. Insulation and protection works in specific ways. It tends to create a field of harmony around an individual but it will not stop the individual from engaging in risky behavior. It will not cause directly an individual to be safe if they jump off a cliff for instance or they do something that is out of the ordinary for them and involves risks.

It will tend to create however, a field of protection that involves the co-operation of others. The others are not co-operating because of some authoritarianism. They're co-operating because their souls are in agreement to co-operate as long as they do not have to engage in some risky behavior of their own - meaning their co-operation is usually very slight but in total their co-operation, everyone involved you understand, will create a field of protection in general for an individual or whomever you've asked it to cover.

Remember the insulation in general, as you might insulate any object, would cause there to be a lessor experience of a blow or as described last time the blow happens before and after and the individual protected is in between so they might get some reverberation but not a direct blow.

The protection also tends to move the person further away from the risk. It is important though to always remember, and I want you to always remember this, insulation and protection will not keep someone safe if they purposely are taking risks to pursue any goal especially a risk that might be unsafe.

Now, it can help individuals who are in a risky job - say police or the army but it cannot prevent certain things. It still makes it something good to ask for so I recommend that you do engage it as a living prayer always asking for all the energies that are benevolent for you to be all around you and all about you before you engage it - alright.

I will say more about these matters in time but for now I'm not saying too much on this site because I want you all to practice the many things I've put on this site and in my other.

You will need to sharpen your practice and hone your skills as time goes on. You may need them not only for yourself, friends and family but for the global community. So, I know I can count on you to do what you need to do to create benevolence for yourself, your friends, your family and your community to the best of your ability.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 6

Now it is time to expand your capabilities a bit more. I would like you to all, wherever you are, look out at a distance. Try to look at something that is not man-made, that's really important.

For those of you living in the middle of a big city you may have to look at a star in the sky or the moon - don't look at the sun. You may also be able to see, if there is a park, the top of a tree without looking at a building beyond.

Then when you are able to do that this is what to do. Imagine yourself in, in the case of the tree, the tree or in the case of the moon - on the moon. Then this is what I'd like you to try. Don't worry about it affecting the position of the moon - it will not in this case.

I would like you to pull from where you are - pull the moon as if you're pulling it towards you. Use your solar plexus. If it is a tree, you're pulling the tree towards you. Now understand, this is not actually going to move the moon of course. It's not actually going to move the tree but what is actually intended is that it may cause you to feel as if you are moving towards the moon or you are moving towards the tree for example.

The purpose of this is many fold. On the one hand, for some of you it may allow you to do something that I've referred to before as collapsing time - meaning to learn how to achieve motion from point A to point B quicker than is physically possible regardless of your mode of transportation.

For others it may allow you to experience something, not just see from a distance but experience something that is going on in that place - say in the top of the tree. You might actually hear the birds, see and sense the squirrel. You might feel the branches moving or other forms of life that are comfortable in the tree moving about.

You might in the case of the moon actually have a sense of the soil of the moon and the dust under your feet and the sense of the great vast space all around. In short, it may very well be something that is a physical experience.

Now do this only with natural objects such as the tree or the moon or for those of you who have a clear view perhaps it will be the ocean or it might be a mountain or even a rocky outcropping in the distance.

This work is intending to bring about for you the capacity to not only be in more than one place at the same time as in the bilocation work I've suggested before but also it allows you to experience physically in your extra physical sense the capacity to have feelings in more than one place at the same time.

I'm not talking about the kind of feelings such as intense feelings that we call emotions though such feelings may be present in your reaction to what you are physically feeling in those other locations. I am talking then about the sense of physical feeling that I will call subtle feelings - meaning that which you can feel but is not as pronounced as the physical feelings in your own physical body.

You can see that I've been building on these things over time on both this blog and my other, A Mystical Man's World - alright.

So the whole point of this is to allow you to be - not only in more than one place at once, to see not only more than one place at once but to feel more than one place at once.

This is also a means to experience union in time. I will say more about union as time goes on. It will however help to support the work I've suggested before and continues to lay a groundwork to establishing union for all beings on the planet which will in time allow you achieve great things on Earth and allow you to literally be united in ways you never thought possible.

When everyone is able to do this at the same time regardless of who they are, where they are, what they're doing, what they've done, what they're thinking, anything - that in this way a union through these subtle feelings can allow a benevolent connection between all beings because it must incorporate spirit. It must incorporate the willingness and the allowance of you and your philosophy and deity. It must incorporate all of these things to occur when union takes place and when that does take place you will see an acceleration in the way everyone lives and in the way everyone is able to live.

This will be an opportunity of great benevolence and it does not have to take place for more than a single second. So, without putting any great burden on you for achieving union at this time just know that this work is intended to lead to it as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More About The Living Prayer To Insulate And Protect

Do you know I ask the beings that I channel at times for advice and you're never to old to learn are you - not me either.

The other day I asked Isis, who is one of the beings I channel, whether the living prayer with energy that one asks for oneself or for others about insulation and protection as you might find here or also here could ever cause any interference with their career perhaps or other aspect of their life and this is what Isis had to say. I thought you might be interested:

"Now - anytime you request that people be protected or insulated and protected, the regulator in that is when you say, ' the most benevolent way.' In this way automatically what occurs is that the insulation and protection is more like bands of energy.

"It does not prevent good things happening. It does not in any way prevent things that will help the person. It does not prevent friendships or co-operation, love, etc. It only heads off the potential intersections where harm can come, for example meeting a person who is ready to be enraged at whoever is around them, possibilities of extreme injury because of a car crash.

"It doesn't necessarily prevent, say your car from being bumped by some other car but what would be - say in that scenario - your car is bumped by some other car but in a different scenario where you are not insulated and protected perhaps instead of a dent on the fender it would have been a tremendous crash right into the side of your car where you were sitting and you would be at the very least injured or perhaps worse.

"So - I have heard it described by other beings as softening the blow but I really feel that insulation softens the blow but protection tends to place the person protected in between the blows. In that sense there might have been some echo of a blow but the blow itself is missed.

"Thank you for asking. Goodlife."

So, I wanted to bring that to your attention because it's important for you to know not only the process of how this works - and I like to provide you with details when possible - but also that it's always alright to ask about things even if you think you completely understand them. Sometimes they'll give you more refinements - alright.

So those of you who are channeling out there at any level, don't be shy to ask about these things even if you've asked before. As time goes on and you live life they might just be willing to share more.

Goodlife my friends.