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The Wand Position
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heightening Your Subtle Senses, Part 1

I have spoken before on seeing through your cat's eyes in Communion with other Species, Part 2. I would like to expand on what that might lead to. Please first follow the instructions I gave on the original post Communion with other Species but I want to expand on what you have been learning on these blogs because there is a potential for those of you who would like to be able to see things that your cat sees.

You know, those of you who live with cats, that they often look up and look in different directions and you look there and you don't see anything different than usual. If your cat allows you to follow the process I have laid out before and allows you on a fairly regular basis to look and see what they're seeing some times it will be very much the same that you see but other times it will be other things.

Now what this can do is it can allow you in time, to be able to notice these things on your own. You won't need to have the vision through your cat - you'll be able to see on your own.

What this does really is that it trains your vision to perceive subtleties that have always been present but have been unseen by you.

I have tried this before with dogs but it does not seem to work and that is because I have been taught and I believe that dogs are here to look after us physically whereas cats are here to look after us spiritually.

This does not mean to say that we can't have a good physical friend as a cat and that we can't find great spirituality in our dog but this is what I have been taught and I believe it not only on the basis of my experience but because the teaching I have received makes sense.

I'd like you to consider trying this because many of you have said to me over the years that you'd like to be able to see things. You'd like your vision to be able to take in the subtle. You'd like to perceive that which others do not often see and which you yourself have not seen in the past. This is a way I recommend.

Next time we will talk about dogs and how you can improve your subtle capacities working with your dog.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Benevolent Magic For You And Your Pet

It's time to provide you with another form of benevolent magic. There are times, not always but occasions when it is possible to say a benevolent magic for people other than yourself.

In this case this would have to do with "people" who are very near and dear to you. In this day and age one often finds that a persons pets - dogs, cats yes and perhaps other types of animals are very near and dear and there's times when we know they're trying to tell us something.

Have you ever had that experience when your dog or cat looks at you, gives you that searching look, and you just know they're trying to tell you something. I have mentioned these things before on these blogs but I want to give you something you can do in this circumstance.

If that happens and you've tried everything and they still have that look then this is what I recommend you do. You might say the following benevolent magic. First of all ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and all about you so that you can be prepared to achieve the best results.

Then say, "I request that my happiness be sustained by the presence of my beloved pet and that that happiness that I experience will happen in the most benevolent way for myself and my pet resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

You can see that this is, as I've said before, a benevolent magic you're saying for yourself and normally we say living prayer for others but in this case your pet is incorporated with something you're asking for yourself.

Now when you are saying the benevolent magic if you want to replace when I said "my pet" with your pet's name that's fine or if it's more than one pet you can say my pets but other than that make sure the words are the same.

This is something you can do when you're just not sure what's going on. Of course you'll remain vigilant to see if you can find out but until you do find out and you probably will that's something you can do.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stimulations For A United Earth

When you awaken in the morning on December 8th of next year what will already have happened is that there would have been an extraterrestrial contact that is not laughed at, has been in the newspapers and even mentioned on TV though with the usual scripted smirks.

The difference this time however is that there will be clear pictures from many sources and that the contactee involved would be lucid, clear and absolutely believable. Of course such contacts have happened before with lucid, clear and believable people but it's happening now with greater regularity, though quietly.

Our world has been struggling for a long time now in order to contain our enthusiasm about welcoming different countries into a united Earth. On the one hand the struggle is old wounds and resentments, on the other hand there are those who favor inclusion and are prepared to forgive.

This struggle has been fought for some time with the residue of such terrible catastrophes happening to this or that group and therefore is completely understandable but now the other planet's civilizations can no longer wait for us to resolve our struggles.

I have been guided and I believe on the basis of what I've experienced and what I've been taught that for the past 5 years civilizations in other worlds have been waiting impatiently for us to unite as a planetary civilization because of events that are approaching.

These events have to do with externals to this planet. Some of it is about natural events - meteors, comets and so on that may need to be deflected from this planet - a form of work I will teach you more about in the future but other aspects are about the simple inclusion of Earth's civilization in such a way as to be benevolent in interactions with other civilizations.

Of course we have everything to gain - wonderful medical cures and ease for all of our peoples and yet there has been some reluctance in various circles of influence. It is not easy in some circles of influence to give up that influence, control or power but there will be no blame and there will be no vindictiveness allowed.

In these coming days and years you will see that many changes occur in our societies both local and global. One more thing to remember. If you hear about these things happening - contactees, extraterrestrials, UFO's, all of that - don't assume it's some kind of joke but do assume that its about good things, benevolence for people of the Earth and a peaceful solution to almost all of our problems.

I am not the sort of person that tells you that everything's going to be nicey-nice but I will say in this situation that things will be getting better at a speedier pace.

Keep that date in mind. You will perhaps notice, read about or hear things on, before or only slightly thereafter that date. I will say more about these things before too long.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Visitors From The Heart Of The Universe

Welcome to the expanding universe which is beginning right here on planet Earth.

We do not often consider ourselves, when looking at the vast array of stars in the sky, to be some grand thing. It is much more easy to assimilate the idea that the grand thing is beyond us and yet if you consider that the microcosm within us with all of the atoms and particles circling the nucleus and our cell structure and all of the organisms within us is truly a microcosm of what we see when we look out into the skies at night then perhaps there is something happening here after all.

In order to welcome the expanding universe we have in a way been expanding ourselves. Expanding our awareness of other peoples in the world, expanding our awareness of our own thoughts, ideas and philosophies as we consider through thought and feeling what we are about.

I'm bringing this to your attention now because I feel it's important to inform you that contact from other life forms, other than those we have here on Earth that are different from us, is immanent.

I know that people have been saying this for years and years but I can state with some degree of certainty that other planetary visitors will be finding a way now to visit our planet and come into physical contact in the most gentle and benevolent way with citizens of our Earth in the next 3 years. This means that sometime within the next 3 years this is going to happen and it will not be something secret - it will be known.

It's not that there is some invasion going on, don't worry about that. It is that the perception from other worlds beyond us is that we either will take a road that will lead to our destruction or we will take a road that many of us have been seeking and owning for ourselves - a road that will lead to benevolence for all beings.

These beings from other worlds want to encourage us to take that benevolent road and therefore they have found a way to come to our time and our world and greet us with benevolent messages and even tools that we may use to come into contact more on a simple communicative level - a level of ease that will serve us and cheer us up to know that we are being supported.

I have not made such bold statements so often in the past but I feel it is important to say this now as I feel it is better to know that this is going to happen.

Where on Earth it will happen I cannot say. I can only say that it will happen in more than one place and when it does happen it will happen either simultaneously or within a very narrow range of time such as a day or two - three at the most.

In all cases it will be known and there will be no way to prevent the knowing. This means there will be witnesses, perhaps thousands of witnesses and those who come to have the opportunity to meet these beings will be able to speak of these matters when they return to join us once again.

I am hopeful that this will come as good news to you all and if it makes you nervous just know that these beings are beings that honor Creator as we know Creator to be regardless of our religion or philosophy and that they honor us and what we are trying to do on this planet. So be of good cheer and know that good things are coming and will be here soon.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feeling Rainbows

Rainbow on the Brazil side
Originally uploaded by kimbar
Have you ever looked at a rainbow and felt an odd feeling - slightly uncomfortable. This is not typical is it?

When looking at a rainbow, normally we admire its beauty and sometimes are even thrilled to see it unexpectedly - to say nothing of a double rainbow eh - but there are moments, times occasionally yes, when you'll look at a rainbow and you'll feel an odd sense of discomfort.

Know that there is nothing "wrong" with the rainbow but what is going on is that this rainbow is actually meant for others.

That doesn't mean that you're being excluded from viewing the rainbow but the energy that the rainbow gives off, and they do give off energy, is meant for others and they might not even be human beings. They might be animals or they might be a group of people or beings - one does not know.

Here's what to do. If you ever get that feeling but you want to see the rainbow take a quick glance but towards the top of the rainbow not towards the bottom where it's touching the earth or it seems to touch the earth.

If you do that and don't stare at it, it won't feel uncomfortable but the best thing to do in that circumstance is take that quick glance and then if you're not driving or doing anything with machinery or holding the baby or anything like that close your eyes because the picture of the rainbow will still be there. It won't last but it will be there and you can enjoy it.

Now there are other occasions when you might look at a rainbow and it feels marvelous - even better then usual - even extraordinary, not just its beauty but it feels wonderful. On this occasion it's very possible that that rainbow was meant for you and/or for people around you or for a group in which you're included.

So just know that rainbows do give off energy. They do support us, not only with color but with the light particles that one can actually see if you're close enough.

Just a reminder about the beauties of Earth and how we can assimilate them in the most benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Greater Earth In Mass For Us All

I recall a time when I was driving in a outback sort of place - not many people around - just going down the road.

You remember when it was possible to just drive down a quiet road in the countryside and enjoy what you see - pulling out from time to time to relax. This is not something that is as available as it once was eh?

That's something to miss and yet I feel that it is something that we will have the opportunity to do in future generations. I've taken a look at what our Earth society will look like in a hundred years - I can look ahead like that sometimes.

It doesn't look anything like today. Oh granted, many of the buildings that were built well in this time and in the past are still there and look a little different but essentially the same. However the big difference that I can see just taking a glimpse is that there's very few vehicles around.

There's not that much on the water - perhaps there are commercial ships delivering but I don't see any small boats though I do see something where the land meets the sea. There seems to be a cheerful ambiance there - flags and banners and like that.

There are a few vehicles in the sky but there's no exhaust trails behind them so either they've figured out how to do that without internal combustion or there's some other drive system. I noticed that there are still streets and roads but people are walking on them and it's not common to see vehicles, even bicycles, though there are a few.

My feeling is that what's going on here is an emigration that we're all going to experience. We're not going to move to another planet but I feel that the focus of this planet changes and as a result one of the big changes is that there is more space for everyone.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel it's important to reinforce something I've brought up before. It is really possible to create something that doesn't seem to be possible.

Science is a good study and its helped us in many ways in our time but it does suggest that there are rigid rules about mass and the changing of mass in one form or another. In my feeling this is not as rigid as it may seem and at this point you have the science of physics which is little bit more open to the unknown.

I'm going to recommend that you try a little more true magic if you like. Just think about it. What if Earth as we know her now would be clean and pristine in the future. What if Earth would be so large in whatever solar system it's in that there would be more than enough room for everyone.

You don't have to decide how big that would be but I do feel that there is a possibility, for whatever planet we're living on - and this one has great beauties doesn't it, to do some true magic to encourage a more benevolent future - and it's one that I see there so let's see what we can do to make it our own.

I'm going to suggest that you incorporate, as I like to do, a connection to the sun and to the moon. This will take a little while but this is what to do if you wish to participate.

Go out some day, any day when the sun is in the sky - meaning you can see it. Don't look right at it of course but it's up there and there's not that many clouds and you can tell where it is in the sky.

Then close your eyes and glance quickly at it - in the direction of the sun, you see. Then look down, wait a moment and open your eyes. You might still have an after impression of the sun and that's alright - you want that. You know how that is when you have that thing where you look at something and then you close your eyes and it's still there.

Now that's what you want, when you have that after impression of the sun and you're looking down at the ground look down at your feet and open your eyes and then you can close them again if you wish.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that the sun support our Earth to become as large as it needs to be in the most comfortable and benevolent way for us all here to make room for us all to live benevolent and enjoyable lives in the most benevolent way for us all."

After you do that wait at least 12 hours - you can wait a little longer but no more than 24 hours, alright, and then go out when the moon is up. It really doesn't make any difference if the moon is half or full or three quarters full but try to do this when the moon is at least half full.

Then do the same thing. You can glance at the moon, close your eyes, look down at the ground - just like before. Then say, "I am asking that our Moon help support our Earth to become a more vast and welcoming place for all life here so that all have the chance to live comfortable pleasurable lives in the most benevolent way for all beings."

After you do that, if your eyes have been open looking at your feet on the ground that's fine. If your eyes have been closed looking towards the ground then open them and look at your feet on the ground.

It's alright to wear shoes of course. If you're in a cold climate then wear what you need but if you're in a warm climate try to wear shoes that have - say leather soles for instance - not rubber ones if possible.

After you do that just stop for a moment, stay where you are - no more than a couple minutes if you need to move and then turn to your left even if you have to go to your right turn to your left until you are facing the direction you need to go and walk on with your life.

This will help to invite and welcome an Earth where we have all the room we need and all beings can be more comfortable. Wherever and whenever that might take place I believe it is worth doing.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Helping Out Where You Can

There is an experience available for you now. It may happen in unexpected moments. It might appear to be something that you feel is an illusion but it's real.

You might see spots or blobs of dark matter in front of you or to one side or the other. I'm not talking about any condition that you might have with your eyes as a few people do have this.

I'm talking about something where you may suddenly glance in a direction and see something that is shaded to a dark color. I'm not talking about purple or a dark blue or other forms of light beings that come in all colors. This looks like something that is cloaked and fuzzy looking - meaning out of focus.

When you see things like this it means usually one thing and that's that some energy, usually a being, has been stuck someplace for a time and has had all manner of matter stuck to it.

This is what to do if you can - you may be busy and may not be able to address it right away but the first chance you get I strongly recommend that you request that all the benevolent energies that may be available for you to be all around and about you and then say if you would the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that all those beings and entities, non physical, that I may see now or at some point - if they are cloaked in energy that is harming them or keeping them from where they need to be that that energy be transformed and lifted from them so they can move on to their desired place of being."

This is something I'm mentioning to you now because it is something that is happening more frequently. This is not a situation that is new. It's just that in the past Mother Earth took care of a great many of these situations but now she is very busy trying to take care of herself and this is another duty that she is passing on to us.

I know you can do this and keep in mind that if you should happen to request something for a being that is not in this situation it cannot harm them.

There is another bonus here too. When you say that living prayer it could very well affect human beings for the good but if you would like to have another living prayer to say for human beings that you care about or even human beings at large you could if you like follow the same procedure as the last one but this time say, "I am asking that all those people I know or have not met yet - if they have energy stuck to them that is harming them or might even by radiation harm others that benevolent beings of light clear them of this energy so that they might feel better and that all beings are most benevolently effected."

It's up to you. You can say that if you like. If you feel energy before, during and after you say that let the energy be there for that energy is actually the process of application for what you are requesting and it does allow you to feel the good that you are doing. So let it be there until it fades and then go on with your life. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 4

Now that you have had time to complete the other 3 parts I would like you to find somebody else who has completed this work and most importantly read all of this blog from the beginning. This work builds on previous things given but if they haven't read all of the blog and done all of the work then at least to have read and done the work associated with co-operative vision as well as what I've linked back to.

When you find this other person, or several other persons, then I'd like you to try something if you wish and that's for you all to try that thing where you look at a rocky outcropping or a tree well off in the distance. Don't use a bird or any living being for this, it's better to use something from nature that will remain in its current position such as rock or a tree - yes.

Then again, look back in your general direction.

Try to stand no closer then 10 to 20 feet from the person that you're working with or in a group everyone stand 10 to 20 feet apart from each other.

When you have done this for a time - wait until everybody has completed it and don't talk then you can write down what you have seen or if you have a small recording device you can speak very quietly into the recording device so as to not disturb or distract others and say what you have seen. After you do that then write it down.

You don't have to agree. The purpose of this is not to discover that you have all seen exactly the same thing. Some of you may see this, some may see that. Some of you may see things that are only visible with subtle vision*. Some of you may see things that are clearly a portion of the physical landscape.

Try to do this work together wherever you are going and do this together at least 3 times. After that I may in time post a part 5 and we'll take it beyond there.


(*A capacity to see things that are very gently present in our physical realm that do not often maintain their presence for to long, sometimes just a split second. This is seen and often felt as a benevolent experience - often with a very comfortable energy that is present and just as often with a sight of colors and shapes.)