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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clearing Objects

Have you ever walked by your television set or a television set anywhere - perhaps in a hotel room, perhaps in a meeting room and had a really sinking or uncomfortable feeling for no particular reason. The TV wasn't on - nothing happening there and maybe you wondered what that was about. Here's something you can do to change that.

Do you know that all life is in motion all the time. Light beings - various forms of transitional entities passing through our space all the time most of whom do not understand our way of life but then we may very well not understand their way of life either - sometimes they get caught up in things that have a bright light or even an intense electrical nature about them.

I have found that it is possible to clear the energy which may involve the certain amount of trapped entities and beings from a television set and as a result, with the TV off before you do this and after the process is done and the TV is still off, you will notice most likely that the TV feels better to you when you look at it or when you walk by it and I believe it may be more comfortable to watch. This is something you can do on a fixed schedule if you like. Every 3 to 5 days perhaps would be good or just when you get that uncomfortable feeling. Here's what to do.

Request that light beings perform the work because it is too complicated and hazardous to do it yourself. So this is what to do - relax someplace if you can or sit down at the least and close your eyes if you like, though you don't have to but I recommend it and say this. You might say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear this television set..." or if there is more than one that you're concerned about you can say, "...this television set and all the others..." say in a given space or house or something, " the most benevolent way now."

Relax for a moment. Some of you might feel some energy and just wait. Make sure that no one's going to rush in and turn on the TV set so it's a good time to do this at a quiet time of the day if possible.

After a few minutes, not long - no more than 5 minutes, the set will be clear. Now if you're asking for more than one set in your house to be cleared and you're not sure if the sets are on don't worry about it because it's not harmful to the set, it's not harmful to the people, it just might take a little longer for the TV set to be cleared if it is actually on.

That's something I recommend and I think that you'll find that it improves the way you feel around the television set, it might even improve your viewing experience and it certainly will improve the life experience of any beings caught up in the set.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

What about the way to clear a whole house regularly? Also what about sad or dark energy from the past being stuck in a house (like the emotions of people having lived in the house before us and also maybe things related with the land where the house is built,what is the best way to make a good clearing and bring cooperative energies to flow in and around).



Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, I recommend you read the following posts in order that I put up on this Benevolent Magic blog in '05.

Read the first one
like-request-energy.html) then the second one(http://benevolentmagic.
and put those things into practice.
I believe you will find that it works well for you.

I found this by doing a search on Benevolent Magic under "clearing."
Goodlife my friend.