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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Support For Those Who Help To Feed Us

There is a situation developing upon which that I'd like you to consider some action.

We must all consider that populations of beings on our planet Earth have only so much space to live. We must ship cargo on boats that we might live and in the past there has been much fishing that we might live.

I believe in the future the fish that we eat will largely be grown on fish farms the world over and I feel that there is a great opportunity for peoples to start such farms. I also feel that Mother Earth has indicated that she may not be so tolerant of the type of fishing that has become more standard practice in the search for the type of fish that we all like to eat.

So this then is my concern - for the fishermen. I do not want to see fishermen suffer but I do feel that Mother Earth has begun a campaign about fishing boats because of the way her sea creatures are being treated but I feel that this does not mean that she is angry at those doing the fishing so much as the vehicles involved - meaning the fishing boats themselves and the equipment used.

I'm going to ask you to do something if you would and that's to say a living prayer for those on fishing boats and fishermen around the world who have been helping to feed us all.

First ask that the most benevolent energies be all around and about you before you say this. Would you consider saying, "I am asking that all those who have manned fishing boats be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way now and that regardless of what happens to their ships and the occupations they may have that they live good lives having comfortable jobs and benevolent surroundings." This is what I recommend.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More On Protection

Do you have loved ones living or working or passing through areas where there's danger. I'm sure many of you do or have friends in these areas.

Perhaps you yourself are in such an area or may be going to such a place sometime. If you're saying a benevolent magic for yourself about this then this is what I recommend you might say.

First of course always ask for the most benevolent energies to be available, to be all around and about you in the most comfortable way for you.

Then say, "I request that I be able to easily pass through the most difficult situations in..." (then fill out the name of the place or the general area - use some geographic reference here) " the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome..." (then pause for a moment and say) "...for me."

If however you are saying this for someone else you need to use the living prayer form. In that case I would recommend you say, "I am asking that..." (and fill in the name or names) " able to easily, smoothly and benevolently pass through..." (then mention the name of the area geographically) the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome for..." (then mention their names again).

This is something you can do. I have mentioned this before but I know it is troubling many peoples again and I feel it is a good thing to do.

Remember to always say things for people - meaning say what you want - don't say what you don't want and also remember that benevolent magic and living prayer can not be used ever against others. It is always intended to be used for people, not against people. I know I've said this before, this is just a reminder.

Goodlife to you all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Touching The Present Moment

Recently a reader of this blog said:

"it really saddens me to watch my friends stress over "what" we're going to do when we hang out together. i find comfort in just sitting there, being with my friends, but they have to have some kind of plan or event in order to feel secure about what's going on. i really wish they'd just find the JOY in mere existence but i can't make them."

This is my answer and I wondered whether you might be interested in it:

Greetings, as you know the reason you are able to do this - have this feeling you understand - is because you are in the present moment and in the present moment there is often joy or at least calm and peace.

Your friends have been conditioned perhaps, through their lives and through other influences to experience their joy as anticipation - something they might be aware of in the future and that they want to look forward to. In that sense they're banking their joy for some future possibility.

This does not make them wrong, it just means that they are shy or nervous - perhaps unsettled about the present and don't know how to feel the present.

I have those times and what I often do in such an occasion is to do something very simple. It's important to do something physical at a time like that, as you may know.

For me I just touch with the first two fingers of my left hand, palm towards me, a space about maybe a foot away from the center of my chest and just lightly touching that and going a little bit up and down - very slightly over a space of about - maybe a half an inch seems to immediately bring me into the present moment and then I always feel better.

It's a question mark whether your friends can feel this but it might be something just as easy to do to rub your hand, the palm of your hand you understand, down the sleeve of one arm. You don't have to touch your skin but you can.

I recommend it as something to do to bring yourself into the present moment. So I feel happy to know that you are able to do this. You are in that sense, ahead of the game but the game is about life and life is often heaped with complications isn't it.

Still, the fact that you are able to derive pleasure from being in the present moment allows you to be prepared for the future while being in the present. The future is entirely about being in the present moment. That's how we notice things, that's how we're able to see when somethings out of balance or feel it and that's how we're able to ease our way from one moment to the next.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Of My Teachers

I had a teacher that dropped by the other day. This was a teacher about joy and this is something we can be benefiting from - all of us can we - it's so easy to forget that joy is something that we love.

Very often you can get a little booster shot on that can't you. You're in the supermarket, maybe walking on the street. Someone walks by with a baby and the baby gives you a big smile and your heart lifts doesn't it.

Well the other day I had a wonderful experience too. I happened to be looking out the window, and I can see the ocean from where I live, and something caught my eye - a motion - and I looked again.

It was a whale. We have whales that go by here this time of year and this was just one whale - normally there is quite a few traveling together but in this case it was one whale and all of a sudden the whale leaped out of the water - breached I think it's called and I could tell that this was something that was joyous.

I had the most wonderful feeling of warmth pass over me and as I watched the whale moving along the whale leapt out of the water, just for happiness, six more times as it passed by the area where I lived and then it just swam further out to sea.

You know, something like that is just such a thrill - not only to see this beautiful being leaping for joy and enjoying its life but the wonderful feeling of love that was present. You know, this kind of thing reminds you not only that joy is something worth experiencing but that it reminded me that being in the present moment, noticing, experiencing and being reminded of the good things in life is really what it's all about.

It's hard in our world now with all our distractions and all of our worries and things that stimulate us to worry - but then in that moment I was reminded that joy is not something that requires thought or worry but simply that requires being.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Veil Forming

Inquiring into the whereabouts of the echoes from the future, we see patterns here in our dreams. Nowadays very often in dreams - not daydreams but dreams you have at night there is a strong sense of echo from the future.

Sometimes dreams are spotty when we wake up aren't they. You have a sense of this or that but the feelings are present. Sometimes they're so real aren't they - the feelings, the images.

There is now a heavy veil that is developing. Now I'm not talking about a heavy veil that keeps us from the future - and the benevolent future at that, the heavy veil that's beginning to form is happening in our past - not our immediate past - meaning not a few months ago but going back about 4 to 5 years.

Have you noticed how hard it is to remember some things back then or even just a few years ago. That's because there's a veil forming that's going to allow us to let go of old hurtful memories and things that limit us.

Perhaps someone told us we were this and not that and we wanted to be that and maybe we even could be that if we hadn't been told that we were only..."this."

This veil is forming intentionally. There has been an intersection recently that Creator placed in this time for us. This intersection we've already gone through and we've all made a choice that will allow us to stay on the path towards our benevolent future but in order to do that we have to have certain limits, pains and hurts gradually disappear from our past.

Creator is allowing a veil to form actually within our physical world. Normally we have a veil like this when we travel in the deep sleep state and that's why we don't usually remember our dreams in absolute sequence. And the other times we go through veils usually happens either in deep meditations or possibly you've heard descriptions of people who've had so called after death experiences - meaning that they were clinically dead for a time - saw things, heard things, experienced things and then were brought back to life and were able to recount those things at some point.

These represent examples of veils that are in place on purpose to keep us safe and secure in our own worlds but this new veil that's forming will actually allow us - it will work like a filter you see - will allow us to let go of old limits that are hurting us in our lives and old hurts that are harming us in our memories and in our feelings.

This doesn't mean that we can forget about processing these things with our friends and yes, therapists but it does mean that such processes will be easier now and the rewards better.

I wanted to let you know this now because I feel that with the tension in the world today and harmful things taking place in peoples lives because of violence it's important to know that Creator is looking after us even though it may not always be obvious.

This is what I've been taught, this is what I believe on the basis of my experience and I wanted to share it with you as I will here on these blogs from time to time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Always In Motion

Now - follow my lead. Imagine a white line in front of you. The kind of thing you might see on a highway you're driving on. You know how, even if the road is straight, the line and the highway disappear off over the horizon.

Then as you're imagining moving down that highway imagine yourself rising up as if you were no longer in a car but in a glider or low flying plane. And then imagine yourself up a little higher and it's night time and there are stars out and the moon is off in the distance - and then you are amongst the stars up in the sky.

You know, people have had this kind of meditation to say nothing of as a dream for thousands of years. There's a reason. It is in our natures to be travelers no matter who we are, where we live, where we're from or why we're here - we're all travelers.

We do this when we sleep at night or whenever we sleep. We dream and our souls travel. I believe our arrangement for living on this planet is that it's alright as long as we can travel and if you examine our lives it's integrated into our lives even in the most minute ways.

It is in our natures to travel. When we are done with our lives here the first thing we do is travel - in spirit of course, our body returns to the earth. We travel in spirit through one veil then another and on the way we go through one world then another. Travel is who we are.

Part of the reason we do not live a lengthy life on this planet is that, as I say, as a traveler we can only travel so much on this planet for it is not a huge planet anymore with plane flights. So - we don't stay here too long. Even if we're here for a hundred years, that's not so long allowing for forms of life we are other places.

This is just a gentle reminder that it is in our nature to be in motion. All portions of us within us are also within motion. Motion is our life. So, here's another thing you can do. I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again.

If you can concentrate on the space between your eyes and - say a blue sky - not where the sun is - and blue sky is best, you will notice at some point little white spheres moving about in a fairly joyful manner. If you relax into that you will be seeing versions of souls as well as portions of Creator.

They may not be exactly white and some of them might be other colors based on your perception but you will notice one thing about them that is absolute - they are in motion. You will always find this to be the case. If you consider that then you will realize that motion is our way and travel our birthright.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.