The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Sunday, July 25, 2010

For Support

A special message to all those who would support those who suffer. Be it in Germany recently at the Love Festival or be it other places, these messages in the form of videos will be posted when possible at times of great need.

An Announcement About Posting Frequency

Changes in my posting schedule necessitated by demands on my time as well as maintaining my well-being are announced.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More About Colors - Gray

Gray is a very exotic color in the world of spirit, dimensions and portals. It allows passage at times and at other times it protects so that passage is not allowed and that those on either side of any dimension are safe and secure.

It is a color that can be used in clothing but must be supported by other colors so that you will be safe in the most benevolent way wearing gray.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2011 Predictions: More Abut Choice

The time is now. The effect will be in 2011. Regardless of what else happens in 2011 you will all be creating your worlds, what you experience, what you perceive, what you believe from one or one other foundations.

One foundation might be anger, revenge and general reaction because of perceptions that are warlike or entirely frightened. The other is benevolent perception - a belief in the value of benevolence and the interest in how to pursue it. A creation of either of these belief systems with corresponding physical feelings in your body has almost completely taken place for you all.

You will have the chance to understand in 2011 what it means to create from either of these positions.

Many's the time if you choose the latter - to choose benevolence - you might feel foolish, you might feel silly, you might feel your peers think you are naive. However, to create from that position will be benevolent for you and others.

You will have to choose whether you want to be seen as the tough guy or the tough gal, alright? The tough man or the tough woman, the tough boy or the tough girl or whether you're prepared to take a chance to look up the meaning of benevolent to understand the concepts being taught on the blogs Benevolent Magic, A Mystical Man's World, Explorer Race and the books and thus choose to create, manifest and otherwise birth into the world - benevolence.

The time is now. Choose.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Clarity - A Special Extra Message For You Today

I've posted this to You Tube because I was gearing the videos to a more general audience, as those of you who've been reading and studying the blogs here could tell. However I wanted to share it with you because I know many of you do not go to the You Tube, or single out just one of my three primary blogs to read and study. So I'm going to add here this video and these words below so you can see what I have stated to the You Tube viewers. Goodlife.


Greetings my friends. I feel it's important to add this to the post I already put up today even though it's not on the subject of Choice but towards the end there's a little bonus about that and the next video in this actual planned sequence will also be about Choice.

So this is something I needed to say for a while, and I've asked Grandfather to say it for you so that it will be clear and understood in the most loving way, and I hope that you'll hear it in the most benevolent way.

Just know that I appreciate you all and I do feel good about your interest in spirituality and your desire to be empowered so that you can practice your own spirituality in the most benevolent way.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

2011 Predictions: Choose

2011 is going to be a year of choice. The most major choice insofar as your spiritual self, your feeling self and impacting your physical self will be presented in this video. I think that you will be able to handle the choice fine but will you be able to live with it? I believe you will.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Earthquakes and Long Touch

Here is a practice to help you to decrease the amount and perhaps even the severity of earthquakes happening on the planet now by the use of extending, explained more thoroughly here and here, your light body into oil and extending by the use of your physical feelings and the use of Long Touch* - which you can read about and practice here, then here and follow up with here - to generate, to create and support the generation of more oil and natural gas beneath the Earth deeply so that she may recreate her balance and support herself and us as well.

*For a more thorough understanding of Long Touch you may wish to continue your studies here.

Monday, July 05, 2010

More About Colors - Purple

Purple* is a fine color - one of beauty and certainly one associated with spirit world. However, there are certain cautions that are necessary to take so that you keep connected to your physical world as well as to be drawn toward your spiritual side.

*The Herald Of Purple (I originally published this in a blog I had in 2006 called The Shaman's Way.)

What is the nature of the color purple. Why is it associated with spirit. This is a color that has been seen - not only by Visionaries but by everyday people. People like you and I and people you see walking on the street every day.

The color has been seen around the time of the passing of a loved one or a friend or sometimes even someone you did not really know very well. Perhaps they were an acquaintance, perhaps a complete stranger.

I'm not referring to the dark purple color that is often used for religious ceremonies. This is a lighter purple color and has a version of translucence to it - sometimes even a variation of transparency.

It is always seen when a Spirit is either coming or going to someplace and on occasion it is seen when a Spirit is visiting. It is really true that spirits can visit. Sometimes a place, sometimes a person and this visiting is always accompanied by a benevolent guide even if the Spirit themselves are a guide because if they're visiting someplace it is very often a situation where there is some affection, feeling or sense of familiarity and one would like to have a friend of ones own kind present.

I'm bringing this up to you today because I feel it's important for you to recognize that should you see this kind of thing most often it will not be in the form of a human being. It will be a fairly anomalous shape. Perhaps just a sweep of purple, perhaps a sort of shape - sometimes even in a circle or a disc shape.

This is something that we will see these days more and more. Don't be frightened please. It will almost always be accompanied by a benevolent energy that many of you will be able to physically feel and be comforted by. As I say, it may be a friend or a beloved relative.

If you can see it the chances are it is somebody that you have known or some being that has great affection for you. It is then a blessing and I believe ought to be counted as one. I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to have this experience as I feel that it will often be something that you may cherish.

Spirits these days have more capacity to move amongst us. According to what I've been taught and what I believe by my experience, this is because we as physical beings have moved beyond the station that we were at when our world was a portion of our lives - meaning when we were born.

There has been an acceleration in spirit and form. Some of it has been brought about by our compassion towards our fellow beings who are suffering but I believe also that some of it has been brought about by our desire for us to get on with a more benevolent life and to embrace all those in the world who desire the same thing.

Welcome the sight of the beautiful light colored purple. It will always be a visitation of a beloved and benevolent Spirit.

Goodlife to you all.