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The Wand Position
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Connections To Events, Part 4

What else can you expect from this event. Below you will see a question from Patrice, a regular reader of these blogs:

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert could the event also result in an impression of feeling lost or disoriented, like not finding how to go ahead in this new energy. Having old emotions and pains surfacing without reason? But at the same time feeling that it's Ok.



It is possible as a result of this event to experience what Patrice has mentioned. As a result you will feel not so very upset as you might have felt in the past when concerning matters like that. You will be able to get through it a lot easier because you won't have the same feeling of attachment to those issues.

True, the feelings will come up but you'll get through them fairly quickly and after you do get through them - now don't avoid them, go through the feelings but after you do go through the feelings you will notice that those experiences will seem to fall away. Not only will you not have much attachment to them but you might personally feel a little different.

I'll say a lot more about that in the future but just for now I want you to know that these feelings are a possibility and if more of you note that they come up I'll say more about it sooner but for right now I want you to know that it is possible.

Also know that when these feelings come up that it is a good thing to consult other people who may be doing this work from reading these blogs as well as the ones on A Mystical Man's World and if you can compare notes that will also help you to feel better.

Remember - take note of how you do not feel as upset as you can recall yourself feeling about these issues in the past and as I said, I'll say more about that soon.



Patrice said...

Yes Robert, you did the perfect description of it. I feel moving through the problems very fast and without attachment to the issues, like if it just were a play on a stage.

The feeling of disorientation resulting comes mainly because until now everything looked so serious and dramatic. It was giving a kind of intensity and now it's like there is no need to really struggle...

I do not complain about it...and I do not want to be back to the struggle level,but I feel I have to integrate this new feeling of easy-ness.

And your recent suggestions in this blog are of a real help.

Thank you for it.



Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice my friend, thank you for your comment and for expanding on the details of your own experience.

I will be providing further information on these matters very soon.

Goodlife my friend.