The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our New World That's Coming

All over the world now people are asking themselves - how are we going to make a life for our children and our children's children where they can be safe, where they can have what they need, enjoy comforts, be happy and look forward to their lives.

It may not be obvious but the undercurrents of that level of perpetuity are coming forward now and as a result by the time the generation being born now are ready to become parents themselves, not parents before their time but ready to be parents and I would say that age would be at least 25 - you need to have some time to develop not only physically but also mature through life experience, then it will be better.

Life coming will be different though. There will be certain physical anomalies we now take for granted that will not be present in that generation beyond those coming up now. This is not because of some horrible acts but rather it will be the selection of birth. Choices in birth are coming along now and these choices while in the infancy now will be much more tried and true in 20, 25 years. This will mean that people will be able to count on having a normal healthy child but what else does it mean.

Sometimes when a child is born who is not normal - not instantaneously healthy - does this mean that Creator has made a mistake? No, of course not. It always means that there is something else about this child that is special and wonderful - maybe many things. We all have met people that we've taken for granted or that we felt sorry for looking at them initially - and then much to our surprise if we had the opportunity we discover something wonderful about them or they reveal something wonderful about themselves to us and we are impressed.

There are many cases like that and I'm not going to name names. I'm sure you can think of many people who have seemingly conquered some terrible disease or misfortune and I say seemingly because I feel that these people are actually born with these abilities but perhaps they didn't have a chance to express them nor a chance to expand on those capabilities if they knew they had them.

The generation beyond this one coming up now that I've referred to will not only be a certain way but there will be an appreciation then for the great geniuses of the past and there will be a gradual acceptance that - just because a child is born different or is born with a propensity towards an illness does not mean that they are of no use - and I know you don't think like that - but sometimes others have in the past.

Many's the time the most wonderful, the most brilliant or the most endearing perhaps has emerged from people who must struggle to live. So I am simply saying this - in this brave new world that we are entering it might just be that our world will be accompanied by many of the same unusual children and special adults.

Let's assume that they have gifts and talents that may not have emerged yet when we meet them. Let's assume that they simply haven't shared the wonderful things they can do with us because perhaps they don't know they're so wonderful. Maybe they think everybody can do that. I'm sure many of you have had times when you felt that some talent that you have - that everybody could do it and then eventually as you learn about other people you discover that that's not so.

This new world that's coming will just be perhaps a little better then it looks like it's going to be. Towards that end I recommend we say slowly and gently the following living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all human beings regardless of their appearance, needs or personality be assumed to be valuable, be recognized as wonderful people whether they are very young or very old and be allowed to express themselves in the most benevolent ways for themselves and others and that as a result our society becomes much better expressed to each other and expressed in all ways."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More On True Magic

You have all noted the great tensions in the air these days. If you don't feel them yourselves then you have noted that others are tense and sometimes edgy. This edginess has been the source of much difficulty in communications, relationships, work, interactions and so on.

Now it is possible, for those of you who wish to make the effort, to support with true magic a change for the better. These days with true magic I am encouraging you to incorporate the stars or perhaps the moon for some of you who live in places that are so bright or so cloudy that one cannot reliably see the stars.

I have been using these planetary bodies because they are sources of light and energy that are not dependent on our Earth for their illumination. Our Earth as seen from space also is having an appearance of light but as you can imagine there is a great drain on that energy.

I have been taught and I believe that Earth is pulling on the light from the moon, the sun and even to a degree from the stars. Because Earth is pulling on that - and I mean the planet herself - that makes the sun, the moon and the stars available to us to incorporate magic that is beneficial for all and harmful to none. That is the nature of true magic.

With that in mind let us consider saying a living prayer to support and sustain all those on Earth.

I recommend first that you always ask for all the energies that are available for you that are benevolent, supportive and nurturing to be all around and about you and then after a moment go outside and wait for that energy to gel again around you or ask for it again.

It is alright to wear heavy clothing if you are in winter. If you are not in winter then if possible stand either on the bare ground - meaning with your bare feet you understand so that your feet are touching the soil or if that is not possible then I recommend some kind of leather soled shoes or cloth like slippers might be best to make contact with the earth.

Look up into the night sky. You do not have to wait until midnight but it's best to do this at a quiet time so that there aren't to many surprising noises. This could distract your concentration - though for some of you who are used to loud noises it may not make a difference.

Then look at the brightest star in the sky, then look down at the earth. If the moon is in the sky look at the moon and then look down at the earth but if the moon is not readily visible then look at the next 2 brightest stars you can see whichever ones they are wherever they are.

After that sequence look down at the earth and then say this living prayer, "I am asking that all those beings on the Earth at this time who need help, love and support receive all the help, love and support they need now from all those beings who are able to help them through these times no matter what circumstances prevail."

It's important to add that last part because sometimes we don't think of people needing help. They might, to all intents and purposes, present themselves to our eyes as being perfectly alright. We might even admire them or wish that we were in their shoes but we're not in their shoes are we and we don't always know what inner sufferings or conflicts they are going through. That's why we must include everybody and these last few words help to do that.

That's what I recommend. I will say more about true magic here as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 18, 2008

An Opportunity To Feel Safer

Beginning early next month there's going to be an opening in energy and it will be preceded by 10 days before. The opening is going to allow many more peoples to feel safe and secure on the planet.

Part of this will be caused by events that happen external to your life - meaning something you hear about, something other people have done or seen. In short, it will not be happening to you but you'll hear about it.

It won't make you nervous, as a matter of fact it's likely to prompt you to feel calm and safer about life. That's all I can say about it now but the 10 days that precedes it - you can do something to prepare.

This is what I recommend you do. I recommend you ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you. Wait a few moments and when you feel the energy or if you feel more relaxed then say the following living prayer.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all the forgiveness, kindness and benevolence available for me and all others be available now in order to smooth the way for a more benevolent society and one which welcomes people of all kinds, of all types and of all personalities to be with each other." This is what I recommend you do and I feel it will support the changes that are coming for us as a society globally this year. I will have more to say about that on this blog and on my others in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, January 14, 2008

More True Magic To Connect To The Benevolent Future

And now I must ask you to perform a service here. It is time to utilize more true magic. As always we will use the planets and the stars.

For those of you who wish to participate I am asking that you go out of your home at midnight. It can be at 2 minutes before or 2 minutes after but it has to be at least within that range of midnight.

If the only light you can see in the sky is the moon you can use that but it would be better to use the brightest star you are able to see. It does not matter which one, just the brightest one. Look to the star, then look to the earth beneath your feet. Then close your eyes and ask for all the benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you.

Then when you feel that energy look to the star again, look to the earth beneath your feet and say the following living prayer, "I am asking that the hearts and souls of all human beings unite now with all life on this planet to form a synthesis of heart and soul to move our planet through these times into the future anchored times of peace, stability, calm and love."

If you feel energy rising before you complete the living prayer wait until it fades a bit then complete the words exactly as I have given them here. Then when the energy fades completely look up at that star again, look down at the earth and turning to your left move away from that position. Do not turn to your right, turn to your left and move away from that position.

Do not say anything else, do not speak, do not sing. If possible remain outdoors for about 5 minutes and think as little as possible. If you notice yourself thinking then just touch your fingertips together or rub your thumb against your first finger of either hand. After that you may go on with your life. Do not think about this living prayer if you can help it, just let it go.

We have an opportunity now to make a connection to the benevolent future of this planet and this will help you to achieve it for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anchoring Benevolent Magic In The Future

There is a time coming now when you will all have the opportunity to put some of these suggestions I have provided on this blog and on my others to good use if you have not already done so which I'm sure many of you have.

You've noticed, those of you who've been reading this for a time, that one thing builds on the other from the beginning forward. This has been intentional so that you could try things out, build on your skills and discover over time what works well for you and what may be for others.

As time goes on in our world many of you have noticed that some of the things that you have not used before now fit nicely into the needs you notice around you either in your life or in the lives of your family, friends and the world community in general. I know many of you have been utilizing benevolent magic and some of the other principals I've been sharing with you and therefore today I'm going to suggest that we may be starting a new series.

The series is entirely about what you can do to support all life on the planet even though it may seem on the surface that the living prayers or benevolent magic have confusing or apparently conflicting associations with one word to another. It won't be exactly that. What it will be is that these living prayers and magic will incorporate the unattained - meaning that you will ask for something that is not attainable in that present moment by any means and therefore you are making a request for something that is more likely to bear on the future then on the present.

This fine point I'm addressing here is something that is a sticking point for many of you in regards to your relationship to this blog in general. It is very true that sometimes it is simply impossible for something to be delivered because of the conditions in the world, in your community or closer to home. Still - when you ask for something and it is accompanied by a considerable amount of energy that you can feel or are aware of in some benevolent way you can be certain that your request will be fulfilled in some way as time goes on. That is what we're going to devote attention to here and what I'm going to express to you more.

So to begin that I'd like to suggest a living prayer for you to consider saying. Remember always to ask for the most benevolent energies to be available for you and all around and about you before you say these things.

Then wait a few moments until you feel something. Then say, "I am asking that all those individuals who are exposed to that which makes them prejudge be able to see through those illusions and feel the value in others from a distance or even closer then that and that they act on that appreciation and knowledge of the good in others to commune with them and come to a resolution of ongoing problems based upon a bias they have been taught."

After this simply wait. There will probably be a considerable amount of energy that comes in and this will always be spirit beings who are acting to bring about this request.

I am not trying to politicize this blog but as you know, so many of the misunderstandings in family life to say nothing of community and globally are simply that - a confusion based on misinformation or even information that is based upon some bias. Considering the nature of how we are so involved with each other these days it might be of value to remind each other on the spirit and soul level with such requests that politeness and in time friendship makes life so much easier for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Clearing And Healing The Danger Attraction

One hears these days how we are living in times that are dangerous indeed. Though of course we do not always see, feel or become aware of that on a day to day basis. Still it's in the back of our minds at the very least isn't it.

Driving, walking, simply being - one becomes aware of it, it comes then it goes. How to insulate and protect ourselves from that or how to clear ourselves from that. I'd like to suggest a living prayer for you to use in clearing of such seductive fears.

First, as always remember to ask for the most benevolent energies to be available for you and then I recommend that you lay down or sit down before you do this so that you can relax. It would be good if it's quiet but if there are sound distractions though you may be completely safe, feel free to use earplugs but not play music or anything like that to mask the sounds.

I don't know if I've mentioned that before but the important thing is that you are communicating with benevolent spirit beings and therefore you need to be receptive and communicative.

So - after you ask for those benevolent conditions of the beings being present for you and perhaps providing you with energy that is supportive I recommend you say the following, "I am asking that all that is within me that gathers or attracts harm, danger or inner conflicts be removed now by gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or who are compatible with gold light beings or both so that I may be safe and apply all the good works I am able."

The purpose of that is not only to provide you with the most benevolent state of being but also to clear you of complications and discomforts. It's really a synthesis of benevolent magic, living prayer and disentanglement so I am hopeful that it will be of some assistance.

After you have said these words if you can remain seated or lie down - preferably if you're lying down lie on your back but if that's not comfortable on your right side would be best - still, be in the most comfortable position you can and try to remain in that position for at least 5 minutes - 10 or 15 minutes would be better but do the best you can.

If you're feeling energy then all the while you're feeling energy, wait until that energy fades. After its faded quite a bit you can get up if you wish and continue on with your life or what would be even better was to have said this before you go to sleep at night or whenever your sleep time is.

Of course if you are sleeping with someone you have to say these things when you are not in contact - not touching - otherwise the contact with the other person can create a disturbance and at the very least a distraction.

So - I recommend you try this and I hope it improves the quality of your life. Goodnight and goodlife.