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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Further Tips and Tweaks on Feeling the Heart Warmth

Both Anonymous L and migor3231 have asked questions about the Heart Warmth, also known as How To Know. So here for an answer to their questions I have provided a few more tips and tweaks to acquiring that method which is the foundation for a great deal more work you can do to clarify your life and make decisions easier that are more likely to have benevolent outcomes.

Some of you who are doing this method of feeling Heart Warmth to know what is love for you, which can be interpreted to what is true for you, even if you have been doing this for a long time - some of you have a hard time feeling the heat. Here's a way to prepare yourself to be able to do so.

First off it's important to be able to find a place where you feel safe, or as safe as possible, so ideally you'd be in your house or your apartment and lock the door even if you don't normally do that. This is a way to reassure yourself beyond your day to day feelings that you are safe.

Then make sure you turn the ringers off on your phones and if there's other people living there ask them to be quiet for a fixed amount of time - maybe it would be 20 minutes, something like that. In short you want to create a room or space that's as quiet as possible. Ideally, completely quiet with no distractions.

Then sit down in a comfortable chair or perhaps if it's your bedroom lie down on the bed. Lie on your back if you can so you can have your eyes open and perhaps just look at the ceiling. The purpose here is to relax into the safety and notice in that quiet space that it is quiet.

You will notice that you're probably somewhat tense because most people are anticipating - meaning they are in a stage of being where they anticipate something's going to happen or there'll be something to react to.

You'll have to train yourself to be able to relax and not think. You'll notice that you're thinking. If you do don't get mad at yourself, just try to keep your mind quiet.

You can, if you like, cross your hands over your chest or over your abdomen. Any place you'd like to put them that helps you to feel safer. Your goal here is to be able to be completely quiet and calm for at least a minute or two - that's the goal. If you can be quiet and calm for more than a minute or two that's good.

This is a preparation so that when you ask at a later time or even shortly after you have learned to engage that quiet time, you can ask then for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you and after you say that, as always out loud, then relax into the quiet again because you are just waiting.

You might feel some energy, some change - might be slightly cool. You might feel a sensation, for instance at the top of your head or someplace else. And then, do your Heart Warmth work.

Focus in to your chest. I recommend at that point you put your hands, whichever one feels better to put, on your chest and if your hands are warm it's fine that the heat sink in to your chest and seem to warm your chest. If, on the other hand, it is your heart or chest area that is warm and that warms your hands that's fine.

If you're not sure you can move your hands slightly away from your chest. Just move them up a couple of inches. If the heat goes away from inside your chest around your heart area then you can be pretty sure the heat is coming from your hands. Put your hands back on your chest and allow your hands to bring the warmth into your chest. You might have to focus on using that method to bring the warmth into your chest for a time but after a while of doing it this way you'll notice that as you gradually move your hands off your chest that the heat will remain in a way you can feel inside your chest.

For those of you who have moved your hands before as I described above, away from your chest and the heat remained in your chest then you are there.

This is a way to work towards feeling the heat in your chest with slower steps so that you can get there in the most benevolent way.

It can be challenging, this process, for those of you who have busy lives and lots of distractions but the payoff is to your great advantage. I have found it to be so and many that I have helped to train to learn how to do this, or who have been trained by others or have come to it on their own, have found that it is an advantage.

This is not a religion, it is not a philosophy but it works with religion or philosophy if you choose to do it that way. I believe that it is universal. It is not political, it is not mental. It is physical. Therefore I believe that it is something we are born with a capability to do and is thus available for us all.