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The Wand Position
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Recovery From Cynicism

I have noted with a very good friend of mine, whom I have not seen for a while but who's friendship I have cherished, that during a very difficult time for him he was attracted to and supported by cynicism.
Cynicism is profoundly seductive in its nature because it does encourage and allow the individual practicing it to feel that disappointment will be held at bay. After all if one does not expect much from people, places, things, circumstances and so on and assumes - maybe not the worst - but assumes that very little can be counted on then one can be reinforced in a world of limit and difficulty, poverty and struggle.
I have known many poor people and have been amongst them at times that are upbeat and cheerful and have often admired that quality. I have seen that quality in people across the board whether they be people of wealth, of moderate means or of limited means. Still the seduction of cynicism is present as it was for my friend.
He had had a very difficult life and was struggling to achieve greater things. Don't get me wrong, he had a cheerful disposition, was funny, told funny stories and was an all around fun person to be around but on a deeper level the wound of life was open.
I do not want to suggest that I have a cure for all the world's ills but I do feel that the practice of expecting that things could get better is a discipline. I have had to discipline myself on that basis and I have been pleasantly surprised that it, in an attitude alone only without any evidence to support that things could get better - that things have gotten better for me.
I believe that some of my strong motivation to share the capabilities for us all of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer has come out of meeting and knowing wonderful people like my friend that I'm speaking about and if he were here today I would undoubtedly suggest that we say a Living Prayer together and that would be, "I am asking that all people have the opportunity to experience an expectation that is constant in their lives that all things can get better and that that expectation will be supported with evidence that will reveal that that expectation itself is a fact."
If he were here I would also suggest perhaps that he try the following Benevolent Magic - he might say, "I request that my life improve in acquiring all things and opportunities and circumstances that will serve me in the most benevolent way and that I be aware of this service and that I experience a knowledge and feeling so that I can experience the evidence of my improved outlook and that this will all result in the most benevolent outcome" - and you pause a little bit at the end see - I would suggest that he does - and then say, "for me."
The pausing allows it to effect all beings and yet since he would be asking for himself, and this is appropriate he would say, "For me" at the end, see. Benevolent Magic does serve all beings even though you say it for yourself because when you are doing the very best for yourself in the most benevolent way others will be served benevolently as well simply as a consequence of that application of life.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Many of you have considered, pondered perhaps why I use Magic in the title of this blog. That's because what you learn here, especially those of you who've read it from the beginning, is actual magic.
I have been guided and from my experience absolutely believe - I cannot deny the evidence of my experience - that these things are magic but they are true magic - meaning that I believe we are living in a world of magic and I feel that many of you out there will agree with me that many things yes, occur magically. Think back, have you had experiences in your life when something just happened and you can't for the life of you explain why or how.
This is true magic regardless of how people like to believe for the sake of their own intellectual comfort that something occurs and everything has a completely logical and rational explanation. Well you cannot remove magic from logic simply because it does not easily and predictably occur nor can it be scientifically reproduced in every last detail by somebody experimenting and I'll say why. It's very simple, magic occurs because benevolence is available and benevolence is about kindness, gentleness, comfort and provision for all beings to have a good life if all beings agree.
Agreement has everything to do with Benevolent Magic. It works because all souls of all beings, not just human beings, all beings agree that it is a good thing and because it is a good thing then it takes place.
I know that sounds profoundly simplistic but if you think about it this works no matter what time, no matter where and no matter who. Do you know that magic is something that animals use all the time. Only human beings are here on Earth to learn. I have been taught and I believe that animals are fully accessing their knowledge and wisdom as needed. They provide wisdom if asked. Not all I grant have this wisdom but some of you have noted it especially if you live with some animals - that they will do amazing and sometimes wonderful and even marvelous things. I know some of you agree with me.
This magic is not something I'm talking about as being the magic of Creation for that is surely true but I'm talking about the marvelous co-operation that all our souls, and everything - all life on Earth - is ensouled, that our souls provide simply because of co-operation.
Given that I would like to give you the following Living Prayer which I recommend you say. It is for everyone yes, and it will also include you. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the magic of life with its co-operation of all souls, all beings and all existence be present and available in the most benevolent way for all of us here on Earth now."
I realize that's general but I feel that it is important. I recommend that you say the following Benevolent Magic as well if you like, "I request that magic exist in my life on a regular basis and that that magic be something that is consistently benevolent for me and that I be aware of its existence so that I can be comforted knowing that I am being supported and that life provides its benevolence for me - that this will all happen in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Acquisition Benevolently

For you today I'd like to launch onto a new topic and that's how to acquire what you need. I feel that this is something that is pre-emenent for almost everyone these days.
Some of you have needs for objects - things yes, and some of you have needs for situations or circumstances. Others of you have needs for circumstances of a personal nature but regardless of what your need is I'm going to recommend that you start by saying the following Benevolent Magic. I'd recommend you say, "I request that all my most urgent and personal needs be fulfilled now in the most benevolent way for me and that I feel fulfilled by having these things as well as feel comfortable and satisfied and relaxed enjoying the most benevolent outcome."
Now to remind you, when we say, "The most benevolent outcome" this doesn't necessarily mean that it will be perfect but it will be the most benevolent outcome that is available at this time. Something else that's important for you to know about Benevolent Magic - even though you might have acquired things that you need sometimes it takes longer to acquire other things and you might conceivably acquire something that is perfectly satisfactory and it works well for you over time and yet the Benevolent Magic continues to work so that if you acquire something that's fine and works well for you or that you're happy with the acquisition, that's wonderful but if you're ever in need of another acquisition along those same lines you don't have to say the Benevolent Magic again unless you have completely different words to use.
You can simply accentuate it with the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that my current needs be fulfilled now in the most benevolent way for me and that I be aware comfortably as they are being fulfilled."
Now why do I say that last part? Sometimes you know you're not clear whether your needs are being fulfilled. I find that when there is clarity that I can feel not just vaguely think about but there is a genuine physical feeling in my body that this is something that's good for me and that I can relax about it - that I can feel good with it yah, this is a great comfort. So I wanted to bring that to your attention today. We'll talk more about acquiring things as time goes on.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Communicating Does Not Require Words

So many of you have the feeling these days of being unappreciated - of attempting to communicate something vitally important to you in that moment and even though it's important you do not always have the words - have you noticed that? It's not that you're loosing IQ points or anything like that, it's rather that you have another capability which is moving to the front of your communication skills but that capability does not come with words.
In my experience I have noticed that my feeling self - physical feelings - are much more expressive these days and when I don't have the words I often have a significant feeling and when that feeling is present that feeling itself is emanating my meaning. Now I'm not trying to suggest that everyone understands that feeling but some people do. If you are in a situation where you're attempting to express something and you don't have the words or you only have some of those words know that your feelings will probably be very strongly present. This is not a bad thing because our feelings have the capability to communicate vast amounts of awareness in a moment.
If you are trying to communicate to a friend or a loved one ask them if they would touch you on your right arm or if they are a dear one to you - an intimate - that they can touch you with their left hand - I'd recommend they use the back of their hand or the back of their fingers and can touch you in the center of your chest - just gently or even come close to the center of your chest because there will be a lot of feeling radiating. This form of increased communion may help them to get impressions that they can repeat to you, "Are you trying to say..." that they might begin and you can go from there.
It's a way to communicate that is really associated with our ongoing immortal personalities. Such communications will truly provide a greater sense of communion - and my definition of communion is that all parties engaged understand completely what all parties are communicating and that this takes place in a benevolent and often loving and comfortable way. For you now I feel that this improved communication skill will challenge your mind as it has challenged mine in the past so I'm going to recommend that you try the following Benevolent Magic to support this capability.
I recommend you say, "I request that my feelings and my mind become so well acquainted that they both feel completely at home and comfortable with each other and this comfort zone allows me to freely express both my thoughts and my feelings and this expression results in a benevolent experience for me and that benevolent experience results in the most benevolent outcome." That's what I'm going to suggest.
So, may you have good experience with your feeling communication - it could be a fine time. Give it a chance with your best friends or with your intimates. Let them know what you are doing, suggest to them that it's alright if they try - and it's not necessary when you are angry to try to feel the anger of another. That radiates quite well doesn't it but when there is those feelings of love or desire to express then that is something that can be felt in a way that is appropriate to all parties. Give it a try.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Seeing Spirits

Animals are around us at all times. many we see, some we don't. Scientists can see the tiniest and even portions of the tiniest. When we see something truly big we notice it yes, elephants, whales oh yes. Sometimes though there are spirits of animals around that we don't necessarily see but they do leave traces. I'm going to suggest that you look for their traces.
The easiest place to find these traces are in the clouds. Do you know that spirits are often defined in a form of cloud portraiture. Most of the time these spirits, when they look like something, are genuinely that thing in spirit form and usually aimed at exactly what it looks like. You might see something in the clouds that does look like an elephant or a whale or a dolphin or a turtle.
If so the energy that is being emanated and reflected in the cloud in that moment is usually aimed for those beings but that spirit also takes into account that there will be human beings that will see that. If you can see it and appreciate it in a way that is safe for you then this is good. Looking out the window, perhaps pausing in a walk or even noticing it strolling with a friend. It is alright to point it out to your friend, "Look, see - that cloud looks just like a dolphin." "Look, see - doesn't that cloud look like a giraffe?" Don't be surprised to see things like this.
Sometimes spirit will be emanating energy to its counterparts that look like that spirit but other times that energy will be emanated in places where giraffes for example, have never been and may never be but the energy is known by that spirit - its energy and it is known to be helpful at times for human beings. Know that when you see these things in the clouds the spirits are passing on the energy of what you see in their form of energy to you. Even if you don't see it it's being passed on but if you do see it you'll probably experience it in a greater way but always benevolently.
So often then spirits including human beings are seen in the clouds. Usually only if they have made some benevolent contribution, sometimes though they will be seen by way of being allowed after life to leave a portrait of themselves as they move on. It may not always look just like them but it might look like them in some way. If you know someone and love someone who has passed on this will show up in the clouds in and around where you are within twenty four hours so don't stare at the sky indefinitely.
Keep in mind that clouds are Creator's way of helping us to see spirit not unlike other things one might see in the sky. Goodlife.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Moments Of Grace We Can All Expect

When you open to spiritual possibilities many of you think of spiritual possibilities as ideas but so often they are feelings. I want to prepare you all for these feelings. Much of it will be a feeling of tremendous peace - not a thought but an actual feeling from within you. You will recognize it as a tremendous feeling of relaxation and letting go.
I know that for some of you the idea of relaxation and letting go, while desirable is not really something that you can recall on a physical basis because your lives are so intense. Some of you might identify with those moments before going to sleep and think, "Oh this must be it" and while it may very well be relaxation it is not necessarily peace. Peace is a feeling that is accompanied by a complete feeling in even - in a moment of well being.
It may be something that you will even notice after the fact. You'll say or think to yourself, "Maybe that was it." I want you to get used to the possibility of that happening because it will often happen in the most unexpected moments - a pause for a moment and then there it is. This is not something you have to earn, rather it is something that is the experience that you all have away from this planet. This planet is a school and not an easy one at that but this is the only place where we experience such a school.
Every place beyond this in all the lives we have on all the other planets is very simple, easy, loving, yes - fun. Here, we come to learn which is why we don't stay so very long. On other planets we might very well have lengthy lives - perhaps ten, twelve times the length of this but that's fine since there is no pain, no struggle, no discomfort whatsoever. Here we come to learn and learning does not mean that we have to suffer but because we do not remember who we are here so that we can literally recreate - and in order to recreate we must forget first who we are and attempt to discover who we are and in the process of attempting to discover who we are essentially reinvent ourselves or recreate ourselves. Because of that we learn new things.
I believe our planet Earth here - Mother Earth - is not intended to be a place of suffering but we have gotten out of balance so these moments that you will experience of relaxation, peace and well being are meant by Creator, as I've been taught, to remind us all of our natural state of being. It isn't some kind of experience to say - well this is the end and you're moving on to you're next life. It is a reminder and the reminder will come more frequently now regardless of our experience of where we are, of who we are or of what we're doing. This is good to know since it means that we are not dependent upon any one thought, one way of life or one belief system to have this experience.
We are not here, in my belief, to follow nor to lead. We are here to be, to experience life as benevolently as possible, to be as benevolent as possible to all life and to live as well as we can. These moments of grace that I have been speaking of, for that's really what it is, will be on you soon and some of you have already begun to experience them. This is not a one time experience. Expect it to happen from time to time and over time more often.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Greater Benevolence Between The Mind And Body

I began to tell you last time about our physical bodies reaching out to us in new ways and I'm going to say just a little more about that today. Because our physical bodies are attempting to reach us it will be a valuable thing I believe, for us all to do something from time to time. It may seem a little strange to you but I have found it to be a way to create a link between our conscious minds and our physical bodies that provide a greater sense of balance and a union between the mind and the body which our cultures do not always encourage.
It is very simple and that is this - I recommend you take your hand - either one, whichever you like and place it right below your neck with your hand extended so that your thumb is right below your neck on one side and your fingers right below your neck on the other side and then just move your hand down over your body until you get to your solar plexus and then pull your hand away from your body. This is to be a physical gesture moving down your body like that as I said and away from your physical body once you get to your solar plexus. If you want to go down a little farther that's fine but no further then just above your belly button.
There is a reason to do this and I want to suggest that you do this at least ten or twelve times every day very slowly and if you'd like you can do it five or six times - whatever feels right to you. Remember always with the gestures going down, never up. I'll explain why in a moment. This gesture - and it's best done with your bare hand on your bare skin but if that's not possible then it's alright to do it on your clothing - this gesture encourages your energy body to move down into your body.
Do you know that in our world there's so much fear and anxiety or at least distraction because we have so much to do that very often our energy bodies are just barely tethered and are almost really trying to get out and you will see this, those of you who have such perceptions can see this light hovering above the physical body of a person - with some extension of that light into their head or neck and sometimes down to their chest and at other times it might be completely in - especially when you are relaxed or doing something you enjoy.
It is important to allow your physical body to feel the light that is part of your immortal personality that lives with you here. When you make this physical gesture moving down your body it is a conscious thing so your mind is involved and yet you speak to your physical body in its own language which is physical touch. Your physical body has its own language. That's why when you try to tell your body something with words your body doesn't necessarily react well and you might even feel uncomfortable physically because your physical body wants to be touched gently and kindly.
This gesture that I mentioned before will help that to happen because it is something that your physical body knows your mind approves of because you are directing the action. So this is what I recommend. It is a way to make contact with your own physical body in ways that feel good.
For those of you who'd like to you can also start the stroke with your hand on your shoulder and move down your arm towards your hand. About the time you get to the back of your hand then move your hand that you were stroking down your arm with away from your body. Remember when your hands are moving down your body like this they are in contact with your body when they are going down but when you move your hands back up they are in the air at least eight to ten inches away from your body.
That way your body knows that the intention is to invite your light body, your immortal personality, your soul - whatever you like to call it - encourage it to come down into the physical body to give it strength, support and the love of Creator which the physical body so thoroughly deserves. I feel that you will find in time greater relaxation in your physical body for doing this. Remember do it slowly and gently just as you might stroke a beloved person that you know or even a beloved pet - very gently and lovingly without any agenda beyond passing on love and encouraging a good life. And on that note my friends goodlife to you all and good night.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Your Dreams Are Announcing Your Coming Fulfillment

You have all noticed lately that there is a experience you're having which is quite unusual and that is that in your dreams you are experiencing a level of intensity that is not always frightening but is startling. Many, many of you are having this experience and I felt it was important to bring it up.
The startling thing is how physical the dreams are. There is a merging now of consciousness that might sound a bit alarming but this is only because there has been so much speculation and research done in many communities and that is that what you have known as the link between what is called the unconscious or the deep body rhythm and your conscious - meaning what you are aware of - is coming much closer.
The deep body rhythm has to do with why your heart beats, why your blood moves in your body, in short things that happen that you don't consciously do. Oh granted some of you might be able to speed up your heart beat intentionally or slow it down but this is done for reasons other then I would go into here. Still many of you now are experiencing a level of physical experience in your dreams that is so real that when you wake up there is every bit of feeling for you that this is a physical thing your body will be in reaction to - is a physical prompting and the experience of the physicality will be something that is new to you.
In the past you might have had this experience when experiencing a nightmare or perhaps an unusually intense dream but this is different. This is not typically such a unsettling experience and that's why I want to talk to you about it.
Your physical body is bringing itself to your attention not only in your day to day waking life but in your night and early waking stages life. Why, you might ask, "Is something changing? Is there a problem?" No, no. It is that it is time now for you to be aware of the sacred nature of your physical body.
Many religions and philosophy's because of a misunderstanding of the physical body and its processes and other times simply because of an attempt to interpret these processes have jumped with the best of intentions for their times to some conclusions that I believe are not entirely clear and that is that in the teaching I've received - and in my experience is true - is that the physical body - all physical bodies of all beings on this planet is a sacred creation.
Creator has deigned to create these bodies for all of us that our immortal personalities, also known as our souls, occupy. Mother Earth contributes her body to make up these bodies and when our souls depart the bodies quite naturally return to Mother Earth. This is something we can accept, at least philosophically, and yet now what is going on in our experience is a reminder of the sacred nature of physicality. Because there is so much about physicality that we don't know there is a need for us to know. So the deep rhythm of our physical nature is reaching us in new ways.
I will say more about this as time goes on but for now I'd like you to be aware that these experiences in your dream time are nothing to be afraid of. Rather for some of you they will fill in for parts of your life that are not being fulfilled. For others they will help you to wake up to your spiritual capabilities and for still others they will inspire you with new ideas or applications of ideas that are needed to bring about fulfillment. Our sacred physical bodies are attempting to reach us in this way now and it's all about fulfillment.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Listening As A Foundation

There is a time now when you will find that your capacities to experience things that are other than of your own world have increased. I have been speaking of these matters for some time in this blog and I feel that I'm going to enter into a greater amount of sharing and teaching for you because this time for you and times to come will find you all with these capacities.
One of the things that I would recommend for you now is to listen. That sounds a bit strange does it not but there are sounds you can hear now when it is quiet. So for those of you who have quiet available to you - and I do not mean quiet in your home with noise all abounding all around outside but actual quiet to the best of your ability to produce it - is something I'd like you to practice. If you can use earplugs that would be good. If you have to use your fingers to plug your ears then well, it may or may not work but you can try it. There is a reason and that is to sharpen your senses to notice.
There will be times when you may hear sounds that are distressing - people getting upset or it may even be a very small sound but there will be a feeling inside of you that is upset. These would be times to say the basic Living Prayer of which I have mentioned before, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need benevolently from all those beings who can help them." Now the advantage of that Living Prayer is that it not only serves to bring help or to give permission for help spiritually and physically to those people but it also will tend to calm your own concerns if the noises are far away. Needless to say if the noises are nearby or in your own home then you have to investigate.
Nevertheless I bring this to your attention because the opportunity to use your senses in ways that have not been readily available to you that will serve you and possibly others and that will allow you to feel more empowered and to feel a greater sense of your own wisdom and capacity is here right now. So try the hearing. It is not necessarily something that you will hear things but just try it.
You might notice that your thoughts will get to be more - how can we say - insistent. The purpose of this homework is to encourage you when your thoughts are present - even if you have to plug your ears, you know, to make quiet. When your thoughts are present just stop thinking. I know it's not easy because it might happen again. Don't get mad at yourself, just stop thinking every time you begin to think. Some of this will be easier, you see, to stop thinking because you are trying to listen and listening and thinking don't always go well together - sometimes they do but not always. So it's a good way to sharpen your awareness and it's also a good way to allow yourself to be without thought.
Alright, that's a beginning - it's a foundation. I will focus on other senses at other times. If you hear something - a sound, alright, then take note of it after you stop doing this. Don't do this thing of listening for more then five minutes, alright, that's good enough for now.
I'm not going to suggest that you're going to hear something spiritual but you might. Pay special attention to that which you hear - and I'm not saying just thought,alright but that which you hear that comes in the general direction of your left ear, alright. It's not always the case that that's clearer for most people but it is generally the case. It is not always going to be a hundred percent clear though but it will be clearer about things that would cause you to think and things that may be inspiring.
So to reiterate and sum up - the idea is to have as much quiet and true silence as possible and then within that quiet, listen as much as you can concentrate on listening. Now remember if you hear something, don't push it away. Don't assume that you're supposed to hear only quiet. If you hear something, take note of it, keep it in mind if you can and focus again on listening.
This is an exercise as I said to sharpen your point of concentration and your ability to be aware. It is a foundation, yes but it's also a preparation to that which will come later on this blog in order to guide and instruct you to improve the quality of your life,yes but also to add to you abilities and capabilities which are prepared to flower in ways that even you have not imagined and I know many of you are very capable with your imagining and imaging.
Remember - listen - and if you feel after trying this once or twice that you may not remember and still be able to listen to what you heard you can keep a little recorder handy if you have one and say on the recorder after you hear something, "I just heard......." yes, "I just heard" and then you fill in the blanks and if you need to stop and make a note because you feel it's important what you heard - you can do that.
I'm not trying to teach you how to channel. I am attempting to expose you to the beginnings and the foundations of a form of inspiration that will result in your capacity to actually make contact with a version of soul and spirit of benevolence that is available to you whether you choose to call it Angel's, Creator's or Guide's or whether you just embrace it as simple inspiration. I know many of you have desired such a thing and it is my intent to expose you to this foundational element.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Seeing The Unseen

All around you there are forms of life that are native to the land or countryside or cities where you live. You do not see these forms of life because they are not animals, they are not plants, they are not people. What are they? They can be seen by those who truly concentrate and I will teach you now exactly how to do it.
It is most easily done when looking at a neutral surface. I find that in my teaching that the best way to do this is to look perhaps at the sky on a - not cloudless day but something that is - got a few clouds. Don't look anywhere near the sun just someplace that is neutral if you can but it is also possible at times to see this indoors. You might try looking at say - a blank wall or ceiling. The less on it there is the better.
First off just look at something with as little distraction as possible. If it is safe to wear earplugs - go ahead. That will knock down some of the sound perhaps if you are living in someplace loud - and first stare for a short time at what is the distant object - the wall or the sky.
Then I would like you to focus as best as possible on the space between your eyes and that object - wall, sky or what have you. The intention here is to see what is present in the space. It may take a while but some of you will at least have the impression of motion. That's a good beginning. By motion I mean perhaps something shimmering.
Some of you may see a glimpse of something. Remember, what you are seeing is most likely not part of your physical world so it is not anything to be frightened of. Just let it be there and notice. Some of you might see little objects - very small, round little circle shapes moving about quickly - sometimes seen as white, sometimes as other colors. That is a good thing to see. There might be other things that you see.
All around you now are forms of life that are not part, as you understand it, of your physical world but they are in fact part of what makes up your physical world. Energy as it is loosely called in this blog and many other places is not something that you think of as being physical matter and yet it does have matter like qualities, some of which can even be measured by your scientists and yet in the air itself you know there is substance. Why do you know this? Simply move your hand quickly from one point to another across the front of your body. You will feel something - not much. You'll say, "Oh, it's wind" but actually it is something that is there.
If you can try that experience of focusing. As I said before, you will see some of the things that are there. Do this when you are clear headed okay. I don't recommend it after a few beers or something like that for those of you who do that. So it is a beginning of something I'd like to begin to teach you and that's essentially - seeing the unseen. I feel you are ready to do this now and I feel that it might be fun. I'm also interested in whether you want more on this topic because there is much more that can be seen.
I will give you one last suggestion. I may have mentioned it before. If not I'll talk about it now. If you have that blank wall or almost blank ceiling but there is a defined object there - oh say something - not a picture - or if it is a picture something that is innocuous meaning not something that is meaningful and causes you strong feelings. Look at the frame of the picture or say for instance you're looking at the ceiling and there's a ceiling fan - look at one of the blades as well as you can.
Concentrate on it and then gradually move your point of vision slightly to the left or right or above what you're looking at. If you notice a brighter space between the point you're staring at and the object you started with don't look back at the object to study the space. Rather, move your point of viewing slightly farther away and see if that bright space remains. That is energy field - around an object, you see - an energy field. A form of living matter. I will speak more about this in the future as well if you're interested. I hope you enjoy these experiences.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Claiming Your Desires

Invoking for yourself an insight, you might try a short piece of personal advice and that is that in order to bring about a benevolent change in your life it may be valuable to insert into your physical self a simple device and that is - to progress slowly.
Now why do I call this a device? It is this. In the world in which you find yourselves now, most of you, it's all about rush, rush, hurry, hurry - not necessarily because you want to do this but rather out of necessity. Therefore I'd like to suggest something that you do that is an actual physical action and may seem a little bizarre but I feel that it is a commitment and I'm going to suggest two ways to do it.
One, for those of you who feel benevolent energies - and I think you know what I mean - when you do your meditations or prayers or anything that brings about an enlightened state of feeling within you - then during the time of feeling that energy which you will probably feel from the top down though you might feel it in your feet I recommend that you focus on that energy, breathe it down into your body or feel it strongly in your feet and while focused on the energy - wherever you feel it as long as it is a benevolent energy - meaning feels good to you - then I recommend swallowing.
You can breathe in focused on that energy if you like and breathe out, meaning feeling it moving throughout your body or you can swallow. Now let me take the swallowing one step further. In order to do the insertion this is what I recommend - you can if you know how to do this and many of you do and even if you don't in this day and age it is possible to do so with food - either with some food agent that allows you to take some portion of it and draw a pattern or a word in the food and then consume it consciously looking at the word or pattern, swallow your intention.
How do I mean that? For example, say there is a soft surface to a food you are consuming. If so write in with a implement a word, a single word or a symbol that represents to you some value that you wish to have within yourself. I'm not saying that this symbolic action will automatically create that value but it can embrace from within that value as a conscious mental activity. It is very difficult you know to actually engage your physical body in a mental way that is harmonic to both of those portions of you. Often the mind attempts to exert its will on your physical body and the mind being the student, as I see it, can do that only poorly. Whereas your physical body, able to produce and experience and observe evidence - to say nothing of following up with applications that you may provide or indicate to others - is truly the teacher.
The teacher tells you about the environment you are in and gives you physical evidence through your sensing devices and your feelings to prove that what you experience is so, at least in that moment for you. So I recommend - since I don't want you to write down on a piece of paper and swallow it, some symbol, word or sign that is appropriate to your desire and consume it.
For those of you who want a third method then you can if you have the ability focus on the creation through imagination and feelings a object - or a non physical creation - for which I will give more information on at some point if there is interest - and can lay this thing which you can use some perceptions to feel on your physical chest or solar plexus - I would recommend - oh - the length of your thumb up from your solar plexus and allow it to sink in as long as it is symbolically in your mind that which represents what you desire or need.
I do not guarantee that this will help to bring it about but I feel that the claiming of your desire symbolically, mentally and to the best of your ability physically in a safe and benevolently way might be a way to bring about some greater element of attraction within you to or for what you want.
Remember, make it something benevolent and not manipulative. All things have their own attractions. Some may seem more appealing than others at times but they may not be for you. Try to keep it then general. If you want a new car for instance, don't make it a specific type. If you want a relationship don't make it a specific person. Rather ask for the qualities that you personally would like to feel in that ideal relationship or the qualities you'd like to experience in that car or house or whatever you're requesting - you understand?
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Revealing Your Personality - Let It Be Safe Now

When we are acquainted on even a Summer's day, of each other walking down the avenue we might find an ordinary object in the lane in front of us. That ordinary object might be something that when turned over becomes extraordinary. This is what it might be. When one turns it over one sees the details one had not seen on the other side. The other side was exposed to nature, to rain, to sun and wind and to the passing walker on the path but on the other side we see its hidden identity - that which has not been revealed to the elements be they man made or otherwise. When we turn it over we see its hidden nature.
Our personalities are much like that in my experience. What we show to the world has a great deal to do with how our personalities have been buffeted by man's creations and by the creations and experience of being buffeted about in the world of life.
There is a time almost here now when we will have the opportunity to bravely, yes but also with support reveal our true natures - not just the shield that we have shown bravely to each other and to life itself and when this inner part of our personality feels safe to be shown we will have support. There will be opportunity to reveal our inner kindness, our most urgent desires and our most benevolent aspects without fear of recrimination or of being taunted for being true to ourselves. It is a time now to support that in each other.
I'm going to recommend some homework some of you might find profoundly risky and in order for it to be done I would like you to think of your very best friend and first to be certain that they are that, ask them, "Are you or would you be comfortable considering yourself to be my best friend? You can be a best friend to others. That does not concern me but I consider you my best friend. Are you comfortable with that?"
If they say, perhaps after even a pause, that they are comfortable with that then this is what I am asking or I am suggesting if you like, that you consider doing. Tell them, "Sometime in the next day I'm going to reveal to you something of my innermost personality. It will not be frightening nor will it be shocking but I'm just going to allow myself to say out loud in your presence something that is what we would normally consider private - not a secret - just something that I don't normally discuss in front of anyone. It won't be scandalous nor will it be something that will cause you embarrassment. Think for a moment" you might say, "can you be comfortable allowing that?"
If they say yes even after a pause then think of something that you don't normally reveal. Make sure it is not something that would embarrass your friend but something that is of what you would truly consider to be an innermost reality for you. It could be a belief you have, it could be something about your personality that you don't normally talk about but it will be something safe to mention for you and others. It might be something as innocuous as a favorite singer or a favorite movie star that you feel shy to discuss or it might be something along the nature of something you have done - not a secret, nothing to be ashamed of. It could be something that is a feeling, a - perhaps a thought.
Give it some thought and consider what it might be. Give yourself two or three choices before you approach your friend and ask them if you can do this. Keep in mind however, as is human nature, your friend might decide to do the same with you and tell you something and if this happens you must allow them to speak what they have to say and then just say, "Thank you for sharing that" when it is over or simply say, "That's alright. I appreciate you telling me that" or something that is a comfortable thing - the kind of thing you'd want to hear when you have revealed some portion of your inner self to your friend.
Think about it. It sounds more complicated than it really is because of all the words.
On these pathways that we walk we often find many things that look quite ordinary - a stone, a leaf, an old piece of paper but when we turn it over we often find something that is unexpected. Let that unexpected thing be something that is valuable and yet, available. Let your personality, which is indeed valuable, be more available to your friends and in time to the world.
Goodlife and goodnight.