The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Can we find our way? Is it possible? Through the dim passages of life are there doors bidding - goodlife.

It is possible but one must do more than look. Looks can be deceiving yes? And this is why we must learn to use the tool offered to us here on this planet. The tool is feelings - not only that which we touch but that which we sense inwardly before contact is made. I speak very often on these blogs about such contact and when we have that contact it can be most pleasing.

Consider now forevermore
To wake perchance to dream
And life upon any golden shore
To be, to see, to be.

Can it be - this contact sport that we play here - can it be as simple as that. Are we simply learning touch from the inside out. Are we simply here to learn physical feelings?

I believe we are here to become - to become more and in order to become more we must now make contact not only with our inner world, our physical self, our spirit, our soul but we must make contact with each other and in order to do that we must come to that place within - that choice forevermore.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Traveling The Highways Of Life

The world of the abstract mixes freely with the free form flow of life here. Sometimes there is a juxtaposition of one into the other. As those who practice benevolent magic it is our responsibility to encourage as much ease as possible so that those moments of juxtaposition are as soft as possible.

I am not trying to prevent people from having adventures, fun and excitement that is benevolent for them - meaning causing no harm to them and no harm to others - I'm not trying to stop that. After all the world of fun is intended to be part of our true nature however how many times have we either participated in or observed or even heard about someone else's fun having turn into pain and suffering for others.

This is often found in situations when machinery is involved isn't it. It is easy to do that and so important to pay attention as we all know and yet there are things that can be done - processes and encouragements.

Let me give you an example. Say you are living near or even walking near or near for a moment - a highway. You see the cars going by, occasionally you might think about the drivers who are your fellow human beings. Granted, you may not know them personally though you may see a car you recognize and say, "Oh, there's a friend."

Still in the larger sense we know and cherish all. Here's something you can say to encourage the most benevolent experience. Try to be looking at the highway when you say it but if you need to close your eyes it's alright to simply face in that direction. You can sit down if you like or not - whatever is safe and comfortable for you.

You might say, "I am asking that all those who travel here remain alert in their machines and experience the most benevolent and safe journeys whether short or long, whether an errand or a mission of mercy or any reason for travel - may they be safe in the most benevolent way."

Remember always - when you say these things, that being a Living Prayer, if you do not feel energy coming in when you are saying it pause and wait - see if it comes in.

The reason living prayer works is not because they are well chosen words though that is also true. It works because there is a sense of harmony that is not only a worded thing but also is something that is felt.

Mother Earth herself is in harmony with it and all life around you from the smallest to the largest - all souls, all beings are also in harmony with it.

If you do not feel the energy, don't be discouraged. Someday you will and perhaps that day will help you to see if you also feel as a portion of all beings.

Life here is interposed with many intersections, let's see what we can do to create the safest and most benevolent ones.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Deeper Image May Be Coming Soon

Do you know there is a invention coming. There are people working on it now.

It is a mirror unlike any we have known so far. It has depth and will reveal to us more of our feelings - not what is shown now. Granted what exists now has qualities to it that we take for granted but when it was first invented were quite startling and many of us of course have seen children or animals with that startled enjoyment of the mirror and yet the new mirror coming will reveal feelings and depth of character to us in a way that causes us to feel at ease and brings us towards a greater sense of our own personal comfort with our being.

I'm talking about that now because there are those who are working on it and I want to encourage you.

I feel that that mirror will improve the quality of life for everyone on this planet in ways we do not currently understand.

It's not that the old mirror is not a amazing thing but I feel that the mirror that's needed now is one that gives us comfort at all times and does not only give us an image of ourselves that prompts us to experience our feelings of ourself on a purely surface level. The mirror we have now is basically a two dimensional reflection but the mirror that is coming will reveal our depth of character - not philosophically but it will show qualities in us that allow us to feel better about our whole self.

It's coming and I just thought I'd let you know so you can think about it and anticipate it and yes - look forward to it in a way that will cause us to feel happiness when our persona on a level of depth is revealed to us so we can appreciate our character as well as our image.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Repetitive Dreams - What Might They Be

Have you ever had the experience of a dream that is repetitious - not necessarily frightening or agitating but repetitious? Maybe not every night, just every once in a while - and the natural conclusion is that you're trying to learn something or that life as you're living it is trying to tell you something.

I want to offer an alternate explanation. I'm not saying that it is the only explanation but it is an alternate explanation that I feel is valuable.

One of the reasons we're here on this planet, as I believe and I've been taught, is not only to learn how to get along on our own but quite obviously just looking at societies all over the world - how to get along with others in a situation where we need to be co-operative and at the very least - communicative in some way.

I believe that we are here to continue what we do in other worlds. Other worlds are very easy by comparison to this one. This is the Ph.D. school, this is the hard place and in Ph.D. school you are expected to function largely on your own with some minor degree of guidance.

Here we are expected to do that as well even though we might have a lot of guidance from those around us - oftentimes more guidance than we would ever want or need - yes :-)?

So I believe that what's going on that we're having in this dream experience is some version of assisting others.

I know this is going to sound fantastic to you but what if...we're in Guide school? What if we're in a situation where we're trying to resolve something that has to do with guiding others?

We are familiar with the idea of having Guides, those who help us out, those who try to give us a word or a suggestion that will ease our way in this life. What if we are that.

I know we tend to think of Guides as being Angelic Beings but what if we are that and what if we have that on an ongoing basis even though we have a life here at the same time?

What if we're trying to do both in order to increase our level of compassion and understanding for those whom we're trying to help and at the same time trying to find a way to resolve something that we have been unable to resolve - meaning unable to help whoever it is we're guiding because we need that compassion and we need that understanding of life here on Earth.

I realize that may sound a bit fantastic but it is alright to suggest such possibilities isn't it. I believe that it might just be possible and it is certainly one explanation for repetitive "dreams" because maybe this is where we're stuck in trying to help that person that we're guiding.

Maybe our whole life here is to help us to get unstuck - to develop compassion and experience so that when we continue with our work beyond this planet we will have patience to a much greater degree.

Compassion yes, experience yes and also we will not have such high demands and expectations and yes attachments for our own capacity to resolve anything, everything - to help everyone all the time, to make sure that everyone is happy before we are happy - in short to accomplish all there is.

Maybe all there is is a co-operative effort. Maybe all that is is a co-operative effort also.

Consider it, think about it and yes - it's okay to smile about it too. Goodlife.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A New Sensory Awareness - Who Shall Bring It?

At the one end of the spectrum one finds colors. At the other end of the spectrum one could find sound or contact - meaning touch. What spectrum am I talking about?

I'm talking about sensory awareness. In our world sensory awareness is essential for us to be able to accommodate an interaction with our physical world.

Without that interaction we could perhaps have thought. We would certainly have feelings and there would be awareness of sorts but we are here not to simply contemplate existence. Granted we have opportunity to do that but we are here to interact with other whatever form that other might take - a person, a place, a thing, a time, an event and so on.

The reason we are here to do that is that we have moved throughout many lifetimes towards an application time. This time is truly about application.

We are here on this planet to see if what we've been thinking - what we've been contemplating if you would, what we've been considering and what we've been doing on other planets would be possible to do here. This is the laboratory - on Earth - that's what I believe.

It is the laboratory to test out all of those ideas that looked so good on other planets. Can you imagine - people sitting around on other planets saying, "What can we do about Earth? The people seem to be struggling so much. They seem to be combating the natural world and what is offered by the natural world - wisdom, food and resources. They seem to be struggling not only for their survival but with themselves and with each other."

You can imagine people sitting around with a desire to help us saying this - working out how they could try this, how they could try that. The thing about it is that they're working that out in a much more ideal world so what seems natural that would work there might not work here. How to come up with a plan that would work here.

Well of course, first you need to have some trainees. You need to have people who've been here, who've lived lives here and who understand the way things work here.

I believe that at times in our lives we are surrounded by trainees. Oh yes, we like to think of them as guides and other names we apply to them but in fact I feel that they are observing us.

Haven't you ever noticed at times the feeling of someone being present. I'm not talking about neighbors walking by chuckling and talking to themselves. I'm not even talking about upstairs or downstairs or next door neighbors. I'm talking about a sense of presence that doesn't exactly feel uncomfortable but it's palpable - noticeable if you would.

I believe that these beings have the capacity to sit in on our world a little bit - not interfering, not frightening, just sitting in and observing. I have noted some phenomena to support this and I believe some of you have noted it as well.

Let's just welcome them and say, if we get that feeling sometime, "Welcome. Please observe, please note and please tell others when you are in your meetings that it is difficult here and also - welcome - come and live a life here so you can find out for yourself."

I know this scenario I'm laying out for you might seem to be ludicrous on the surface of it but in fact I believe that there are some here that are from other planets and will return to other planets who are literally trainees and I'll bet there's been times in your life when you felt like you might have been one of them and wondered what it was like back home on another planet.

I'm pretty sure that as difficult as this planet is and as filled with love as I believe Creator is that Creator would not expect us to live out our lives eternally on this planet. This is a school.

It is intended to be a challenge. I believe we're here to learn and I believe that when we do complete our learning that we do return to those meeting rooms on other planets and maybe have more practical solutions to help our brothers and sisters who are on Earth and I believe that we're going to start to see a lot of these people returning in new lives now.

As a matter of fact I believe that those people are being born and raised on the planet now. I have a lot of faith in the younger generation coming up. They're going to have some unusual ways about them. They're going to demonstrate unusual ways about them. Let's not assume there's something wrong with them. Maybe there's something right with them.

Maybe they're here to remind us who we are. Maybe they're just delivering the message we've asked for.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.