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The Wand Position
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Monday, October 31, 2005

Long Touch - A Beginning Of Much More To Come

There are many reasons to include Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer in your life. They're also other capacities you have and I'd like to give you a little training on that now. Many of you have indicated your interest.
I'd like you to lay down if you can someplace comfortable for you and look up at your ceiling. This needs to be a ceiling that you cannot reach so if you have a bed that sits up high then, better to lay down on something where you cannot reach the ceiling when you're laying down.
Now I want you to relax as best you can but to stay alert and once you feel relaxed then look up at the ceiling. I would recommend that light fixtures be off unless it is at night then the light can be on. Look up either into a corner of the ceiling or if there is some object on the ceiling, say a ceiling fan or something but the electricity is not on and the fan is not moving then that can be the object you look at but if you are not sure than just look at a corner of the ceiling.
Then I'd like you to reach up with your right hand - obviously you will not be able to touch the ceiling but I'd like you to follow the contours of the ceiling or the object on the ceiling by just keeping your eyes open and imagine that you are touching that area. Now reach, don't stretch your arm but reach as if it were possible to touch that part of the ceiling and move your fingers along the contours of the shape.
Imagine what it would be like to touch that - you can imagine that and see if you can get to the point where you almost feel - it will be like a imagination and a touch so it will be an almost feeling eh of touching that thing.
That's all the homework on that for today. I'm giving you your beginnings of Long Touch homework and Long Touch capability. I know many of you would like to explore and see beyond your world. The purpose for this Long Touch will be to be able to create a basis for seeing beyond your world and in order to enjoy that feeling you will have to have other capabilities. This is one of them. There is more that goes with this and this is a foundational element of a much broader application of your capabilities.
There are spiritual safeguards built into this. One however, you must make the effort on yourself. That is that I do not recommend that you reach for a human being or even an animal at this point because they will have personal energies that will probably not be compatible with you as you open up a bit spiritually to develop this capability that you have.
I will give you more in these lessons as time goes on. Thank you for your interest. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Living Prayer For Urgent And Important Global Situations

You have requested, some of you, to have some Living Prayers that you can say about the world situation. As you know Living Prayers are said for yourself and others - yes it does work that way. I usually accentuate here the fact that you say Living Prayers for others but a Living Prayer is inclusive, so it includes you as well you see. Some of you then have requested Living Prayers for certain situations in the world. I'm going to give a couple of Living Prayers today.
In regards to violence I recommend you say the following, "I am asking that all those who may be subject or at risk from violence be insulated and protected in the speediest and most benevolent way. I am also asking that those who may be at risk to do violence also be insulated and protected so that they feel safe and are less likely to resort to such acts."
Now to remind you for those of you who are new to, we say a Living Prayer that includes those who might do violence because even though those who may do violence are not always frightened at the time they do it, the reason they're engaged in violence is that they were frightened at some time and while this will not prevent all violence it will go a long ways towards helping, alright.
Now lets do one more. In regards to disease alright, I recommend you say the following, "I am asking that all those microbes, bacteria, viruses and other organisms who may cause or contribute to disease mutate now in the speediest and most benevolent way to a benign form that will have only benevolent effects on those they come in contact with." I feel this is a valuable thing to say.
Now remember when you say Living Prayers to try to say the words slowly and if you feel energy, warmth, those good feelings to pause and allow those feelings to be there for a moment and then slowly go to the end to complete the Living Prayer. If you feel that good energy or warmth at the end, pause a moment before you continue with your life. This will feed you and nourish you, this good energy, and also it will help to bring about the manifestation of what you are requesting.
Now remember that the purpose of saying these Living Prayers is to begin these processes. Some of it might happen very quickly and some might take longer. It is however, as you know, very good to start. I want to thank all of you who are participating in doing these homeworks for yourself and others. I feel it will improve the quality of your lives and perhaps the quality of the lives of others.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Benevolent Magic For Certain Specific Situations

Many of you have reported to me that you're wanting more Benevolent Magic you can say for yourself in different circumstances since you experience these circumstances on a regular basis, so I'm going to provide a couple of those for you now.
In the case of a work situation where someone is giving you a hard time whether they are a coworker or whether they are someone in a position of authority I recommend you say the following, "I request that my experience at work be benevolent for me and that my fellow workers co-operate with my needs and that I experience these working conditions I function in, in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome." Now there are other situations I've been requested about.
Suppose you are driving in traffic and it's very tense and the cars are crowded together I recommend you say the following, "I request that my drive in traffic be safe and benevolent for me and that all those around me while they are near me also experience safety and benevolence in the safest and most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Now you might reasonably ask, "Why did you include others? You've said Benevolent Magic is for yourself." This is true but when you are in a situation like that where you are all jammed up with other cars filled with other people, this is something you are experiencing together. It is like a togetherness with a group of people that you very often do not know and may never meet again in that situation. So this is something, while it is moveable since you move in your car at a different pace than other cars move, it is something that is really a community - all-be-it short lived - a community experience. So that's why you say it that way.
Now one more. There is another circumstance that I've had a request about and that's that sometimes you'll go into a store or a place of business and they'll be people there that you'd just as soon not see or that make you nervous for one reason or another then this is what I recommend you say, "I request that my travel to and from and experience in shopping be safe and benevolent for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me." Now at the end, pause just a little bit before you say "for me" because as I've said before in training about Benevolent Magic, that allows the thing you are requesting to be - yes for you but it also with that pause allows it to be benevolent in general for those around you meaning those you interact with when you shop alright and even in the passage between coming and going to shop alright.
So that's it, something short today. From time to time in the future I will bring up other things that address situations that people have asked about. I hope that is helpful.
Well perhaps I will do one last one okay. Consider it a PS. When you have lots of children around as a single parent or even in a situation where one of the parents is not present such as at work or off on a trip someplace then this one person has all of these youngsters to look after and it can be a little bit riotous sometimes. I'm sure many of you know about that. So what I'm recommending is that you say this at some point perhaps in a quiet moment if one is ever available say, "I request..." - (and always try to say these things slowly alright) "I request that my experience with my children today be benevolent, enjoyable, safe and fun and that there is levels of co-operation that have not been present for me before - that this all happens in the most benevolent way for me and results in the most benevolent outcome."
Now remember that you say Benevolent Magic as I have suggested here with these exact words and that you say Benevolent Magic like this only once but since circumstances come up about these issues that might vary, if there are specific circumstances or people's names you'd like to mention and so on then you can say a similar form of Benevolent Magic another time but the words have to be changed. It can't be some one word here or there, there has to be some change - not in the basic structure of Benevolent Magic which you have seen here in this but in the circumstances alright such as people, places and things yah - okay. That's enough for today.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Now many of you have felt a sense of dismay when you look about in the world and yet there are opportunities to remind yourself of beauty.
In your world you experience a great many beings, most of you, you see people very frequently sometimes more than you'd like. I'd like you to remember something because it may feel unbelievable at times and that is that everyone, all people and most animals and even some plants, when you are dreaming all pass through or go through the same place. There are certain aspects of energy, Benevolent Beings, Angels, Creator, yes Love that support and sustain Earth and all of those living here.
One of those places is the last place you as a child to be visit just before you are actually born out of your Mother because even though your soul enters your Mother just as soon as the egg and the sperm come together, you travel in and out and in and out of your Mother quite a bit not unlike the way our souls do when we dream and just before you're born you go to that place that people visit when they dream and that's a place that is catering to life itself as we know it.
There you are told that you will have ups and downs in your life and that regardless of who you are, where you go, what you do and how you behave that Creator will love you and even though at the end of your life you might have a review and all that you have done that is good will be felt by you in benevolent ways and all that you have done that harms others will be experienced as teaching and you may feel some of that harm - not in an excruciating detail but you may feel it enough to know the effect of what you have done and yet Creator and your Angels will remind you before life and after life how much you have in common with all life.
So everyone that is around you even though it might be a surprise goes to this place of life every time they dream just as you all go there before you are born and after you pass over.
You all have so much more in common then you have that is different. Try to remember that even though life is, yes full of surprises.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

There Are Others With You

Today I'd like to let you know about something. It's important to know that there are others on the planet who are helping. I know some of you feel as if you are alone in attempting to improve the quality of your own life and even the quality of life for others. I want you to know that there are many hundreds in your immediate hundred and fifty miles, diameter and many, many thousands all over the Earth with you attempting to improve the quality of life for others and for themselves and this is a good thing.
Many of you have been trained to believe that to do good one must do good for others selflessly but I have to remind you of something. Creator did not only create others, Creator also created you and sparked your personality with some of Creator's own. So if you ignore your own well being you will be discounting Creator's creation of you. I feel it's important to remember that so that the conditioning that may exist in your environment or in your culture to do for others only, not be something that overly influences you.
You can acknowledge other people's beliefs and say, "Yes, I understand the value of your beliefs" but you do not have to give up your own. I'm not trying to talk you into something here but rather just to remind you of your own value and how you are loved in the eyes of Creator and all Beings.
Many of you have been told that there will be benevolent and loving ET's coming to visit your planet someday and of course that's true however you also as the Human Race and as I've been taught, the Explorer Race which is another name for us will go out and bring our humor and personalities and sense of curiosity and desire to discover to other planets and other cultures some of whom will welcome us and others of whom will find ways to hide so we do not discover them for a time but that's alright. They'll be plenty of others who will welcome us and say, "Welcome home" or "Welcome to my home."
It will be fun and it will happen in some of your life times. So I know that there are times when you look around your world and you watch the News and you say, "Why bother" but there is plenty of reason to make the effort. So hang in there and keep up the good work and just do the best you can for yourself and others. That is what Creator believes is best for you all. This is what I've been taught, this is what I believe. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Touching A Lost Loved One

I'd like to give you something simple to do today that will be fun. Many of you have a loved one that you miss. Someone that you appreciate and care about who has passed over. This is to only be someone who has died. It can be a person. It can be an animal and this is special homework to create a feeling of reassurance for you.
It is probably only going to work if you loved this person because there has to be a love connection and it will work best if they loved you, such as the case of a beloved relative or family member or good friend or a pet that you loved and who loved you.
If you have a picture of them that makes you feel good when you look at the picture - it has to be that - if you don't feel good when you look at the picture then just use your imagination, that's the best way there but if you can just imagine what they looked like or remember a good time together that's good - then sit down or lay down and relax and think about that for a time. Then while you are sitting or laying down reach out with your right hand even if you're left handed, reach out with your right hand and keep your hand in a relaxed form alright, not stiff and reach into - it's like reaching into your imagination - try to hold on or visualize the person as they looked and imagine reaching into that picture and touching them.
For some of you, you will get an actual wonderful warm feeling because since this person loved you or since this animal loved you they would have left some of that love for you after they passed over. Try it and you might find that this will be not only reassuring but will give you as close as is available a sense of contact with that beloved person or pet.
I hope this works well for you and you enjoy it. Goodlife and goodnight.

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Capacity To Work With Energy Now For You

Now some of you have requested more advanced training on this site and I would like to provide the beginning of that today. Of course the preamble to it is doing the warmth if you can in your heart or in your stomach or wherever it comes up in your body but you can read about that on the Sedona Journal of Emergence website or you can if you choose, find it elsewhere on this blog - towards the beginning perhaps.
Now this is what I'm going to suggest for you - I would like you all who can feel energy, even subtle changes that feel good to you when you've been practicing the various suggestions on this web site that from time to time I call homework - if you have felt that energy then I'm going to suggest that you specifically request it alright, and I'm going to give you a little practice on that.
Why don't you say in the form of Living Prayer in this case, "I am asking that I be able to feel and receive and allow to pass through me the most benevolent energy that is available for me and that I be able to interact easily and most comfortably with this energy and that the experience is benevolent for me."
Now after you say that wait a few minutes and if you feel the energy then this is what I would like you to do - most of you will feel it come into your head or to your back, some of you will feel it in your hands, some will feel it in your feet. Wherever you feel it bring it down, or in some cases up but try to bring it down if you can, to a point slightly above your knees and from there project it out, if you're laying down project it up just at the ceiling above you and if you're sitting project it out towards the opposite wall. Try to project it, if you can if you're sitting, try to project it out towards a wall where there's a window and it can go outside to do the most good. It will find its way to do the most good for the most beings.
That's all. It is important to practice like this from time to time in order to be able to build on this homework. I'm going to suggest many things for you to do with this capability in the future. I will not always speak about this because this is not something all of you are doing but some of you are and it is important to give you benevolent applications for this. That's all I'm going to say about that today - just a brief mention for you.
Someday soon I will give you other topics to try and to do that will improve the quality of your life and may very well improve the quality of the lives of others which as you know is the purpose of
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Moon As A Relevant Participant In Your Life

You have all noticed lately that there are times in the month when you feel more - how can we say - when you feel it is more difficult to go about and do your life.
For some of you this is because of the Moon and the experiences you might have in your body because of the regulation of the Moon. Now why do I call it the regulation of the Moon? Moon has many aspects to it - beauty of course and it is noticeable - the affect of the Moon on the tides and yet what is often overlooked is that the Moon has an effect on all fluids.
When women have their Moon time it is an effect on fluid, yes and yet different women will have this effect at different times of the month. This has largely to do with your bodies regulatory system but also has to do with your personal interaction with the Moon. The Moon is a, how can we say - a physical extension of your own bodies. You might find that hard to understand but what this means is that your physical bodies are made up of the Earth, yes - yes of course they are and even though Creator is contributing to your immortal soul your physical bodies are made up of Earth and what is available on Earth. The Moon however is the companion of the Earth and as the companion it supports the Earth in its fluids and anything on the Earth that contains fluids.
The Moon therefore is your companion in not only fluids and liquids but is your companion in the feminine. The feminine is flexible and while the masculine stands for strength, strength is not always flexible. Therefore given that strength can be shattered and flexibility cannot be shattered, it only bends, strength cannot live without flexibility. Man does not always have woman available for flexibility but man has Moon available. Moon then is contributing not only to the feminine but contributing in a very profound way to the masculine and without the Moon the masculine simply could not exist on Earth.
Do you know that the feminine, a feminine being could exist someplace with no Moonlight, meaning the feminine could exist in a perpetual state of New Moon but the masculine could never exist that way. That is why almost all the old stories of great fears and the old superstitions of great fears because of New Moon were all generated because of the masculine's experience with New Moon which is difficulty.
I'm going to give something today just for men and that's a Living Prayer you can say for yourself and as you know Living Prayer does effect others whereas Benevolent Magic is something you say only for yourself even though it may have an extended benevolent impact on others and this is what I recommend you say if you are a man or a boy and you are interested in these things.
I recommend you say, "I am asking that at times when I have an insolvable problem in my life that I experience the most benevolent influence of feminine energy available to me to support my own flexibility and my ability to stretch and grasp inspiration and inspiration's meaning and my ability to move beyond rigid standards." And since I do not wish to leave out the women readers I would like to offer a Living Prayer you can say as well if you wish. If you'd like you can say, "I am asking that all male energy on Earth in form or in influence experience a pervasive, nurturing feminine counterpart at all times when flexibility and inspiration would be most benevolently welcome."
That's my recommendation for today. I'll say more about these things as time goes on. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dreams In A Time Of Union

In these times you will notice a greater intensity with your dreams. I'd like to let you know what that's about. Many times while it may seem to be about the intensity level of your life, it is not.
All over the world there are many people in very difficult situations. Yes, people in war zones whether they be combatants or simply having the war take place in their area but there are also people going through profound changes in their lives or having their own jobs overwhelm them so much that they are unable to sleep at the deep level and dream properly for themselves.
So what is going on is that because at the soul level all beings have great love for each other, what is going on is that those who cannot achieve deep sleep so you can dream well and sort your life out as happens in what is called dreaming is that a great many of you, really a great many, are dreaming dreams for other people. This is why if you examine the dream, especially upsetting dreams, and you look closely at the images in the dream, the people you see in the dream will often not look like you. Oh there may be some similarity but that's all and what often happens is that the person you identify with in the dream is the one who's unable to sleep well and who's dreams you are having for them.
It is really important to know this because sometimes when you awake from such a dream it can prompt you to have suspicions or can really create mischief in your life or it can also prompt you to become afraid of something that is not a factor in your life at all. I am not saying that dreams cannot be visions, what I am saying is that during these times when the human race is bonding at a much deeper level with all other human beings in order to bring about a greater level of loving consciousness, that will come to the surface in time, to create much greater benevolence between all human beings - that the idea of dreaming for another person is not so strange when taken in that context.
There are events coming within a few years for the human race that will create a much greater and permanent bonding on a conscious level so that even people you don't know, you'll feel good about and thus the fear level and the anxiety level and the reactions to that fear and that anxiety will almost become unknown in our global human society.
I have been taught these things and that's why I wish to pass them on to you because over the years I have seen them come true one after the other and I feel it is vitally important for you to know this now so that we can understand our lives better within the context of our practical day to day reality.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Balancing Our True Natures And By Doing So Creating Balance For Others

The immediacy of the situation on Earth is that the release of feelings, pent up in some cases yes, is coming not only from human beings but also animals and even some plants.
You can all identify with the desire to be accepted and appreciated for who you are without having to accommodate your personality, the ways you do things to others in the way that they approve. You just want to be appreciated for being yourself and it's really no longer sufficient to be tolerated for being yourself.
You want to know where your friends are - the people who like you for being who you are and the people you like for being who they are and it's not adequate anymore to just be tolerated and to tolerate those you're around.
You all know this is true and yet you are not alone in this as human beings. The animals are feeling that too. Your Mother Earth has removed herself as being a balancing, tonal, physical organism that creates a harmony externally for you all including animals and even including some plants. In the case of animals and plants because they are not here to learn but rather here to teach mostly through example but sometimes other ways, find that sudden change almost unbearable.
That's why or at least another reason why, having spoken about reasons in the past as in the Bird Flu column for example, that's another reason why many of the animal species are choosing to leave because Mother Earth is no longer tempering their existence with her loving harmony and since human beings are not fully prepared to do that yet either, they're ready to move on.
It might seem dramatic but as you all have known sometimes life is just to much when there's not enough love and appreciation and simple pleasure that others have around you enjoying you for who you are and that you feel enjoying them for who they are. To a degree you might reasonably say this is a shake out period when those who want to be on the Earth for its own sake will remain.
This is why younger generations have that adventurous quality, not just because of the Adventurers desire to discover but also because of the Adventurers willingness and capacity to adapt. Take a good look inside yourself - do you like adapting or do you find it easy? Do you feel adventurous? If you don't it doesn't mean that you have to leave the planet. It does mean however that it might be a good thing for you to make an effort to do the following homework because the results of this homework will be to create that tempering, meaning a harmonic balancing that will support your life over the next two, three years.
It's not that the next two or three years are going to be so horrible, it's rather that as life improves over the next two or three years you will need more friends and acquaintances especially those who enjoy your personality and whose personalities you enjoy even though you may not always feel that way about each other all the time. You'll notice that it will be more so than many people to whom you've been exposed or been around.
I'm going to suggest the following homework - it's in more than one part. The first part is to say the following Benevolent Magic. Say it slowly and if you feel a benevolent energy or warmth or something like that then just say it even slower so that that energy and loving warmth can support the manifestation of what you're saying.
I recommend you say, "I request that my true friends and similar people who enjoy me for who I am and whom I enjoy for who they are be in my life now and be readily available to me that we may have friendship, companionship and support for one another in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
So, there's a second part - after you say that you may experience some immediate shifts or it may be more gradual. What I do recommend is that you follow up with some homework.
Look around your community and try to notice, you can be discrete about it but try to notice who are the people that you seem to enjoy even from a distance. Try to find peers but peers are not always your age. Some of them might be younger, some of them might be older and consider the possibilities of making new friends or acquaintances. Sometimes this simply means talking, saying something. Sometimes it means going places and doing things that you enjoy and that the opportunity to meet people in those places doing the same things you enjoy gives you an opportunity to make fiends.
In short I'm going to recommend that you make the effort, though for some of you it might be difficult and for others easy to make three new friends over the next three months. In this day and age that might seem to be easy in some places and other places it might seem to be very challenging indeed but I'm going to recommend that you try.
Don't go out of your way to be grating on people. On the same note, do make an effort to show your actual feelings about things but make sure that you're showing them about things that you know well even though you may or may not understand them fully. You've had many conversations with people like this over the years discussing things that are common ground - meaning this is what you think and ah, that's what they think also. Make an effort.
Sometimes you might find that these are people that you've known for a while and didn't realize could be friends. Other times they will be people that you don't know very well at all - perhaps you meet them at a gathering of some event or circumstance that you like. Other times it might be someone you meet on a bus or a train, yes or even a plane. Make the effort. There's a reason.
In order to provide the balancing harmony for you all right now, the more you can feel an attraction to beings of your own kind - in the case of human beings of course - an attraction to other human beings, the more you're going to appreciate life, enjoy being here and feel welcome and as a result exude to a degree that feeling of welcome, the more harmony will be available for yourself and others and this kind of harmony will support and sustain not only yourselves as human beings but also as it spreads out will help the animals to relax and feel better and all of this with the mobility of human beings and the mobility of animals will help the plants to feel better too. That's what I recommend for today.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Reminder Of Your Benevolent Capabilities

You have been reading this blog for a time now and many of you have discovered amazing capabilities you did not know you had. It is my intention to bring those capabilities that you have always had to your conscious awareness by showing you and guiding you to discover these benevolent manifesting possibilities within you and it is my intention to continue this process. In that vein, I will continue today.
Many of you are concerned about the Earth and how long the Earth can support human beings with so many of you here and your needs multiplying by your numbers daily. I'd like to suggest that your capabilities to bring about an inexhaustible supply of materials need to be sharpened and I'm going to give you something you can do that will not only improve Earth's capacity to provide for you but will present you with evidence that will support and bring to your attention that you can do this.
Some of you live in big cities, others smaller towns and others in the country so I will give you a couple of different things to do. In the big cities the air is not always that breathable so I would like you who live in the big cities or places where the air is not so good to close your eyes and imagine a clear day with clear crisp air that you breathe and every time you take a deep breath you can feel the life force in your body tingling. Relax somewhere while you're doing this because it is something that will take a little time to bring about.
When you get to the point where you can imagine taking a deep breath and feeling very alive and supported by the air you breathe then I would like you to say the following Benevolent Magic, "I request that sometime within the next three days that the air in my immediate proximity - wherever I go in town be clear and vital - that I will want to and I will take a deep breath and feel vitality in my body as a result and that this will happen in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
Now for those of you who live in smaller towns or in the country where the air is often good I have something different for you but if you live in smaller towns or the country and the air isn't so good then you can do this - what I've just given but for those of you who live in places where the air is often good - perhaps you live by the beach or on an island or someplace where the air is often fine then let me give you something else. I'd like to suggest that you have capabilities, you see.
Now for those of you who live where the air is nice and clean then what I'd like you to do is to say the following, "I request that in the next week coming that I experience several wonderful moments in a single day at least two of which were entirely unexpected - something that cheers me up and supports my good feeling for life and that this will happen in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome." Now those of you who live in cities or places where the air is not so good, you say your thing about the air first but if you want to say this thing you wait a week or two weeks after you've done your homework that I just gave you for places where the air is not so good and you can try this if you want to. You don't have to since it is homework for people where the air is usually good.
That's my teaching for today. I hope you enjoy it. I feel it is entirely based not only on reminding you, lets say, of your capabilities but also to improve the quality of life for you and you know that's what this site is all about. I am dedicated to providing that for you if at all possible or at least to encourage you to provide it for yourself and perhaps the latter is the best way.
In these times many of you feel powerless to effect benevolent change for your life and the lives of those you love and care about and the greater community as well. On this site we hope to show you that you not only can do that but you can do it effectively and noticeably.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Advanced Clearing Methods For Your Home

You have all been looking at your world and wondering, "What can I do to make it better?" First I recommend that you start with your immediate home. When you look around your home do you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable? Of course everybody does but make a note of it and by a note I mean, get something out that you can write on and write down the areas of your home - the actual physical spots - make notes. What area does not feel good. Write that down even if there is nothing there or no one.
Then as you walk through your home just make a note of that. When you have completed that list and it won't take you long - you don't have to walk into the areas that feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason but many of you already know these areas and for some of you it's very few areas and for others it's more.
When you've completed that list then I'm going to recommend that you do this, especially those of you who've been reading this blog and doing this homework, I'm going to recommend that you ask Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light to come into those specific areas of your home and to clear the energies that they find there and after they do that to have a Gold Light Being and a Light Being who is compatible with the gold light, since gold light is the Earth mastery color and is the most compatible color of gold light being for the human being, to come and be available whenever it is helpful to clear those energies that get stuck there.
Now you've had some of that education before on this blog but let's take it a step further today. Sometimes there are entities - beings - perhaps they were once human beings, perhaps they were once animals, perhaps something else, who have become either through death or perhaps traveling from one place to another, have become stuck in a spot.
Sometimes it is because of the unexpressed feelings of human beings which then, because human beings are in motion - sometimes that matter floats out of human beings and these discarnate beings cannot - because of their lack of physical qualities, cannot always avoid that matter. It might stick to them or be near them in ways that are uncomfortable for them and sometimes it forms a matter that temporarily will seize them, not as one might grab but seize as one might be able to not move and they're stuck in that spot for a time.
Sometimes then the reason a portion of your room or house, not always but sometimes, does not feel good and that the feeling comes and goes regularly is because that there might be one of these discarnate beings stuck there.
These beings are not evil but they are frightened and upset. They have lives and they are stuck. There is something you can do about that. Kindly ask that if the Gold Light Beings when they come, find discarnate beings, that they clear the energy around them and escort them, these beings - escort them to where they need to go in the most benevolent way.
I'll give you a Living Prayer for that and a follow up Benevolent Magic for you. This is what I recommend you say, "I am asking that the Gold Light Beings and Light Beings who are compatible with the gold light come now to my residence (you can also say office or where-ever you might spend time) and clear the energies here and if you find any discarnate beings please clear the energies around them and escort them all to where they need to go in the speediest and most benevolent way."
After you say that - wait a while, ten, twenty minutes at least - some of you will feel the energy, some of you will not - that's all right. Wait a while, even thirty minutes, that's fine but twenty minutes is usually adequate to say your Benevolent Magic, then I recommend you say this, "I request that Beings who are loving and capable locate and insulate and protect me from all energies that are harmful or may be harmful to me where-ever I am in what-ever environment, that they escort these beings to where they need to go in the speediest and most benevolent way and that this all occurs in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me." Now at the end when you say, "outcome," pause about five, ten seconds, a little more if you feel like it then say, "for me" and the reason you pause is so that the most benevolent outcome is applied to all beings but you say Benevolent Magic for yourself.
You can pause as long as thirty seconds or a minute, what-ever you feel but make sure you do nothing but focus on the Benevolent Magic during that time and don't look at a clock. Generally it's best to say Benevolent Magic while focusing only on that, alright. That's what I recommend.
I'll say more about the insulation and protection, Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer as time goes on. I hope you all are enjoying this blog and experiencing a more benevolent life and life style.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

There Are Changes Now - Can You Begin To Feel Them

When you are waking up these days you might notice an odd feeling - something that is really relatively recent. Oh some of you can identify with this now but others of you are starting to have the experience and that is that they'll be a moment, usually that might last for a minute, maybe up to three minutes where you feel somewhat disoriented.
I want to assure you that it's alright. It might seem to have to do with stress and so on, "Oh what do I have to do today" but it actually isn't that at all. We are all going through a time now on Earth when literally the existence we are living in is shifting. It's shifting not in order to drag us into some more benevolent place but it's shifting because we are shifting. There is more heart now for people. There is more desire to help people and there is distinctly more recognition of the value of people regardless of who they are, where they're from, why they're here and what they look like.
You might have noticed that in the past few months or even years and therefore the shift that is taking place does not have to do with something that is being put upon us even by a benevolent Being such as Creator but rather it is something that is responding to our own need to have a place that we exist, that we function, where we live that is more responsive to the greater heart of all Beings and to be more specific to all human beings but we are not alone here on Earth are we?
There are other Beings. Certainly there are the animals, the plants, Earth itself and there is Spirit, always Spirit - benevolent Spirit watching over us. This change is something that we can feel good about. It's not an actual, how can we say, change that will cause radical, noticeable and discomforting changes in Earth but we will simply notice that the planet we are living on needs to be more benevolent and our needs need to be more benevolently addressed. After all one cannot continue to mine and pick apart the very planet upon which we are living indefinitely - one might reasonably say, "Well, how long can that last?" and this is why new technologies and a greater means to use less which will provide more are coming along very nicely.
This is not science fiction but is fact and they are being developed all over the planet. You will find in the coming years that they will be displayed and trumpeted yes but this is alright because it can work for us all. Oh, some are in place now - wind power, renewable energy and so on but I'm talking about more than that. The means to have basic needs - food, shelter, pleasurable things available utilizing less to provide us with more and without going into all this technologically since this site is about what you can do and how you can do it working with your spirit and your physical body yes, to bring about greater benevolence for yourselves and others, I will simply say that this is largely in response to our own spiritual growth, our own recognition of the value of ourselves and others and our desire to be recognized by others as worthy and valuable Beings as well.
I will say more about these matters as time goes on but for now I want to personally recognize you as a worthy and valuable Being. Welcome to planet Earth and to life itself.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bird Flu - Something You Can Do To Help Now

Today I'd like to introduce you to something as it is a possibility. I'd like you to just think about it as a possibility and as this talk unfolds, you'll see if it might be more.
Let's start with a Living Prayer. I'm recommending that you say, "I am asking that all living Beings on Earth and everywhere have all the food, space to live, comforts, companionship and benevolence they need in order to live the most benevolent and beneficial life that they can experience."
You know that when life becomes unbearable for any group of Beings, what occurs is different behaviors. Sometimes they get self-destructive, other times they get angry and upset. Sometimes they get really feisty and other times they just pray and ask God for help - anything to get them out of that horrible state. You know that sometimes human beings go through this and that does happen for human beings on Earth and you have been instructed in this column already on what to say for Living Prayer to help in those situations but today we're going to work on something a little different.
There are species of animals on this planet that have been serving human beings, us, for a long time and in the past when the conditions they were living in were tolerable they were comfortable with that form of service. They knew that being here would mean that they would be offering their bodies and sometimes the products of their bodies to serve human life.
Nowadays however many of them are suffering too much. This Bird Flu situation is an example. Not all birds in captivity for example, are suffering but many are and all birds if even some of their species are suffering greatly - are desperate for help for them but there's something you can do to help and I'd like you to consider that it is possible.
First off, I'd like you to consider saying the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that all creatures who serve the human race and provide us with food, clothing and other necessities from their very being, be treated well with good food and room to live and the opportunity to experience their own culture and togetherness in the most benevolent way that serves them and allows them to serve us." After you say that, for those of you that do, wait and see if you feel any warmth or energy and if you do just let the feeling pass - that will help it to come into being.
There are many Farmers, for example who free range their chickens and by that I do not mean putting them in a small coop and letting them walk back and forth but actually allowing them to walk about and it is this kind of situation - small Farmers I grant that serves that population of Beings in service. I would like to suggest that larger farms be given or allowed use of more land so that they be able with proper support to allow their birds much more room to move about and the reason I recommend this is that when a species is suffering they will accept any way out if the suffering is to great.
There is another way you can help with so-called Bird Flu and I want you to consider that this is possible and think about it and say it if you would and if you feel that loving warmth in your bodies which is Creator's way of acknowledging that you are receiving and projecting Creator's love and your loving yourself - that you allow that to be there while you are saying this and if you don't feel it, that's alright too, you'll feel that some day saying these things. Consider saying the following, "I am asking that the microbes and organisms that stimulate and support the disease we know as Bird Flu mutate now into a more benevolent form that is safe for all human beings and that is safe for all Beings."
I believe the birds have gotten their message out that the disease, before noticed I might add being largely unknown in contemporary times, the disease has signaled and the signal has been heard of their plight but the signal has not been understood and perhaps now it can be understood better. Sometimes organisms that cause disease are helping those who have no other way out. This is not always the case but sometimes it is.
I want to thank you all in advance, those of you who choose to say these things - these Living Prayers and to consider reading this blog which is intended to provide you with ways to improve the quality of your life and yes perhaps the quality of the lives of others.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Insights Into How And Why Living Prayer Works

I want to welcome those of you who've recently started reading this blog. As you can see, it does not contain rants, though I completely respect others who do that. It is intended to provide you with methods that can improve the quality of your life. I encourage you to read it from the beginning as it tends to progress and build upon itself.
And now we will begin for today. Many of you are alarmed with the state of condition of your country. Some of you look back and say, "Well, it was better then" but in the times gone by when you were in the past, most of the time when it was better was simply because you didn't know how it was other places for other people.
One of the biggest changes in your now time is that the awareness of how it is for other people is so keen it is almost acute. This has caused a great deal of turbulence and discomfort for many of you and yet the entire purpose is to remind you that if people are suffering someplace in the world then you can perhaps do what you can, as best you possibly can yes, to help them. However this does not always and only mean to contribute goods or even money.
Many's the time that a form of Living Prayer can accomplish that goal. Living Prayer functions because all souls co-operate simply because it is easy to do so. Living Prayer is about life. It is about now. It is immediate and it is beneficial. Say you hear of a disaster in some other part of the world then you might simply say, "I am asking that all those Beings who need help in (then you fill in that part of the country or world) receive all the help they need from all those Beings who can help them."
Now why do I say Beings? For one thing "Beings" would be Human Beings, yes but they might also be animals, they might even be plants, they might even be stone. Everything is alive.
Scientists have pointed out to you all that the atomic structure is in motion - particles are revolving around other parts of the particles and that has a lot to do with a reminder that everything is alive. All life is sacred. All was created by Creator and all is equal. I know it's sometime hard to fathom, the idea that the molecules or even the atoms that make up your hand or your leg or your heart have a life of their own but they do and they were created by Creator to be happy to do what they are doing in your body or in the bodies of other Beings - not to be suffering, not to long to do something else but to be happy to do what they are doing.
Sometimes they will be of long duration in something as the particles or atoms in stone are happy to be that and enjoy that for such a long time. Other times they are more adventurous and they are in a plant or part of it you see. Other times they may like to be travelers so they might be water and of course water is in motion through your body, in rivers and streams, in the sea, in the air, water is always in motion.
So when we say Beings in the Living Prayer, we are including everyone and there is a reason to say these things like this. Sometimes what you can do about a circumstance in some far away part of the world or even in some far away part of the country or perhaps closer in your own community or even in your own home - what you can do in order to do the best possible even when you cannot do something directly which often happens, is that you can say a Living Prayer and the energy associated with that will speak to all souls as all souls must co-operate in order for the Living Prayer to come to fruition even in part.
Now you realize what I'm suggesting and it's perfectly true. The tiniest particle to the largest Being - whale, elephant yes, human being, dog, cat, bird, bat, goldfish, microbe, atom - they are all en-souled. If Creator creates them, Creator can create nothing without it being en-souled. Never forget that.
Does this mean you cannot eat? No, it doesn't mean that because that which is consumed has chosen to be a Transformative Being - something that starts out life as say, water. Goes into say an Apple Tree, nourishes and enriches the tree and winds up for a time in an apple. Someone picks the apple off the tree and either consumes it right then or sends it to market where someone buys it and someone eats it and that water that once enriched the tree passes through your body happily and continues on its way.
When you think about it, it's really such a magnificent creation. So thank the food that passes through your body, yes but also understand that everything is alive and you'd be surprised how co-operative everything can be. So when something happens in the other part of the world or in your part of the world and there is nothing that you can do beyond what you have done or perhaps you've been unable to do anything and that's frequently the case, then simply say that Living Prayer about that person, place or thing and that will be a great blessing and encourage and allow.
You know, you might think, "Well, I am just one person. What can I do? What impact will my Living Prayer have?" but think how many times you have asked somebody for something small. "Oh can you open the door for me?" because you have things that you are carrying and they say, "Sure" and they open the door and there's other times when you ask people to do something for you and very often they will do so.
Living Prayer is a lot like that. You say it and there's an energy that passes through you. Some of you will feel it and that energy has to do with the energy of blessing and creation and the creation has everything to do with Creator as you are created by Creator as well and when that happens, every little portion of everything which is all en-souled responds if they can.
Sometimes you might say to a group of people, "Oh, can you open the door for me? My hands - I've got lots of packages" and there might be five or ten people there and one steps over because they can open the door for you. "Oh, thank you" you say and they say, "You're welcome." So not every Being, when you say a Living Prayer will be able to respond but many will and perhaps it will be enough for at least a partial fulfillment of what you are asking for.
Always ask, in a Living Prayer for something that's as benevolent as you can imagine. Don't ask for harm, it will not happen and ask for what you need or for what you believe others need. Make it as benevolent as possible and then, perhaps you will find out that good things happened or perhaps you will never know but you'll be surprised at the satisfaction you feel for having said that Living Prayer because you have said, "Help" for someone else and someone might just open the door and that's as a result of the accumulated request to the souls of all Beings.
All souls when asked in the most benevolent way will respond. Some will simply not be able to do what is requested because they are doing other things but some will respond and it might be enough to at least partially provide what you are asking for. Give it a try if you like.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Future Coming Attractions - The Best Is Yet To Come

Many of you have been questioning whether it's truly possible that there is benevolent spirit watching over you right now but in the source of your souls - Creator yes but in the source point of the Creation point of souls yes, this is something that desires that the extension of souls - in this case for you - human beings - experience much more benevolence in order for that benevolence to emerge in a way that is palpable, meaning you can feel it as well as experience the effects - not have the rational, meaning not being able to see how you intellectually arrived at that point but to just experience the benevolent effects of that good experience.
The source of the souls which is a means that Creator uses to create the point of origin of souls and to provide for a co-ordinated support system for all souls has activated an energy that cannot be stopped. This energy will continue to build and it is an energy that supports benevolence, kindness and a support for all beings.
This will be noticeable especially now in children, many of you have seen this. It will also be noticeable however in moments for adults regardless of your walk of life whether you are wealthy and all of your needs are met, in terms of what money can buy, whether you are of modest means and many of your needs are met and whether you are poor and struggling and few of your needs are met and yet sometimes regardless of your income, many needs are met of the things money cannot buy - love, kindness, friendship and a genuine caring by you for others and their well being and by others for you for your well being.
These moments will be seen by all of you and sometimes in the most unexpected way. I wanted you to know that this activation is taking place because the momentum has built now that took place. It started some years ago but the momentum has built now where you can begin to see or at least hear about or perhaps read about evidence of this great and benevolent culmination. The actual completion of this might take a few years but when the completion takes place, while it will not be heaven on Earth there will be for every person on a daily basis evidence of kindness, compassion, support and so on.
This is not some prediction of some untenable goal. It is not a prediction of something vague that will happen in some vague future. I will give you an exact time and date when every human being on Earth will experience that kind of kindness, support, concern and caring shown for you and that you will have that kindness, support, caring and concern for others and will display it, not in every moment but you will be able to notice this kind of thing every day more than once usually.
In exactly five and a half years from today, this date (10-4-05) you will be able to notice that - every single person on Earth no matter who you are, where you are, anything. For some of you this will be a miracle beyond belief, for others it will go almost unnoticed. It depends so much on your walk of life, doesn't it but I felt that you needed the good news.
I will say more about this as time goes on. I have been guided to pass on this message to you at this time and I want to give you this good news. Creator loves you. All the Beings on all the planets have the greatest admiration for you for what we are doing on this planet and as a result, Creator and all the loving Beings and all the Beings on all the planets have given permission for this benevolence that exists almost everywhere else other than on the Earth School which can be so challenging - they've given permission, and energy while it does not leak out from Earth to other places since this is a tough school and other places are benevolent, they've given permission that that benevolent energy will leak in.
So there are some openings, not just the opening that Creator provides and Angels pass through but there are some other openings now for this benevolence to flow in and it will reach its culmination in five and a half years from this date. You can figure out what date that would be.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Awakening - The New Birthing Process

Our awakening as a people is almost complete in terms of the beginnings of the totality of the awakening of all peoples on Earth. Some have been alerted earlier than others but this is acceptable and others have been allowed to sleep longer, so to speak. There is no competition but rather it is a case of the preference of the souls.
When the souls, all souls on Earth, come here they have an opportunity to choose when they would like to begin merging the greater portion of their soul into their physical bodies on Earth and before then you have a small portion. In terms of percentage, I can actually provide that for you. The portion of your soul energy in your physical body, as you might say as its been in the past on average, does not exceed more than three percent and this is because the conditions on Earth have not been favorable for complete immersion of the soul into the physical self.
Your souls are very delicate and life on Earth is not always so delicate as you all well know. So what is actually occurring then, now when I talk about the awakening and as you've read with others who use terms that are similar to that, is that the percentage of energy - or you might even call it commitment by your souls has increased.
Right now for those who have begun to awaken more or have been in the waking up stage for some time does not exceed nine percent and those who are beginning to wake up has begun to move to a solid three to three and a half percent.
It is during those early stages, the three to three and a half percent, where one sees a certain restlessness in the soul or spirit. If you feel a restlessness from time to time this is largely because you're either - let's say - your soul is beginning to make a greater commitment to be on Earth or you are around others, many others who are doing that but there is no one on Earth anymore who is fully asleep, and by asleep meaning that the percentage of the soul in your body is slightly less than three percent or perhaps three percent. Souls desire to achieve full one hundred percent commitment into your physical body and that overall desire, of course supported by Creator, is working now and the striving towards that has begun to pick up momentum.
Don't be confused by world events. As you know the most beautiful babies and the most joyful and loving mothers do go through a birthing process that is not always much fun, in fact sometimes very difficult and painful for mothers. I do not think that most fathers fully understand and grasp that. Even for someone you love dearly it is hard to take on their pain nor would I necessarily recommend it. I feel that all loving fathers ought to at least once be with their wives or loved ones who are going through the birthing process so they can fully grasp and be compassionate towards the birthing process and what your loved one is going through and to appreciate the struggle involved in bringing this beautiful being into the world.
It has always been directly a paradigm provided by Creator to remind you that the birthing process of the commitment of all your souls to be here in one hundred percent form will be a birthing process. So don't be baffled or don't be, if you would, depressed about the global situation.
The birthing process has begun in earnest now and none of this is associated in any way with the term, "false labor" as it's applied in a birth which is not fully engaged. It won't be as long as you think but it will be a little longer than was once planned and this is because in order to provide the best possible birth with the most wonderful outcome all souls, naturally, need to participate.
Recognize that you will be helped. There are even now amongst you, children who have the capacities simply by being, simply by existing you understand, to broadcast wonderful energy and these children exist the world over. Those who are around the children regularly can feel it.
All children are treasures and yet these children will broadcast a certain energy that is buoying to all human beings and when they are around other children of their same age they will tend to activate that resonance in those children as well and even though that resonance in those children will not be on a full time basis it will tend to continue for at least twelve hours in that child. So in the case of a regular day care situation or a loving family situation or simply friends, relatives - children being together you understand - if this is a regular thing then the wonderful energy will broadcast in a greater way.
I will say more about this as time goes on but I wanted to give you this update so that you will not become depressed about the world situation. Do the best you can, live as benevolently as possible, don't jump to conclusions about your friends, family and neighbors and be discerning for your safety and for the safety of those you love and those whom you are watching over. This difficult time will pass and some day all your souls will be in your bodies for all of us on Earth in this most benevolent way that we all have in the stories that we know as Heaven. Earth is a repository and a welcomer of Heaven and even Earth herself will look different when that occurs.
I will talk more about these things in the future. For right now I will say goodnight and goodlife.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Deer And Their Gift To Our Children

Today I would like to teach a little bit about experiencing yourself as the most benevolent animal on the planet. Many of you feel this way about dolphins and they are indeed benevolent and whales, yes but most of you do not see these animals. There is one who lives in the wild who walks amongst you, sometimes very nervously because it is their duty to come amongst you and spread a radiated good feeling that is their heart and soul, and this is the deer.
I would like you, if you would care to - especially those of you who've been reading this blog or who feel a sense of great spirituality about you, to say the following Living Prayer for the deer, "I am asking that all deer and their cousins elk and other Beings like them in heart, soul and physical body on this planet feel great gratitude and appreciation for their having been here throughout most of the time of the Human Race occupying Earth."
Deer are Beings that literally spread, by their very energy, the innocence that baby's display and children as well. You might think that this innocence makes babies and children vulnerable but it does just the opposite.
It expresses a form of feminine energy that is known as heart vulnerability. Heart vulnerability does not make you, how can we say, susceptible to harm. Heart vulnerability, when broadcast, is a need that almost all people react to. It is quite obvious that most people are very protective towards babies and children and this is why. It isn't just something you naturally do.
You can look around the animal world and not all animals, most but not all are as protective towards their young as humans are and yet it is obvious that it is something very necessary and seems like, "Well everybody does that" but the reason everybody does that is because the deer walks amongst you. The deer is the most loving creature on the planet, especially the young ones and the feminine ones. They walk amongst you and inspire and they offer their own bodies many times that human beings may eat and this is a great sacrifice and of course in many places for human culture, a necessity.
It is this, the nature of humanity in your time and in all other times is to be kind and considerate to each other's needs and to broadcast our own needs and to respond to the needs of others. It is true in your time very often people are conditioned away from doing this because many of our cultures have created an artificial sense of values that are not based on true human values. True human values are the ones most admired - benevolence, kindness, compassion.
While it is true that you are born needing these things, you are not born having these things. It is because the spirit of deer walks amongst us that we have these things. It is true now, that deer are beginning to leave the planet - therefore they are leaving in the auric field of the planet and in the future of Earth the means that human beings will acquire these natural abilities that we all take for granted. We all know that babies are born needing, very soon they will be born providing and this is good and these children will be treasured and soon all children will be like that and by their very natures just like deer, so will they broadcast this energy and bring to the Earth a peace and a harmony that knows no differences between peoples but only recognizes the value of all.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

More You Can Do For Yourself On Personal Safety

Some of you have been having problems in the physical places you are living. I'm going to recommend the following to help you. As Benevolent Magic I recommend you say, "I request that I am safe and that I feel safe and broadcast by my very being and just living the energy of safety and that this occur for me in the most comfortable and benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome." As a Living Prayer it could be said, "I am asking that I experience safety personally and in my immediate environment and that this occur in the speediest and most benevolent way for me now."
I'm bringing this up because many of you have had some challenges recently. You have felt threatened or there has been an air of discomfort and nervousness. Some of this is artificially induced, meaning that there is so much electronic and electrical energy in the air that it is hazardous to your physical bodies health.
Some of you find that having plants in your home moderates this quite a bit, others find that simply having children or even pets especially cats, sometimes dogs, moderates that effect as well. Cats and sometimes dogs are very good at balancing energies. If you have a place in the country where there is space, then dogs are particularly good at that. If you live in a city or a place where there isn't so much space then cats are better and some of you simply have a personal preference and that's fine too.
For a great many of you there is not much you can do about the overwhelming broadcast of electrical energy or electronics. For some of you you'll find taking a bath is comfortable, not just to clean yourself but the water is an insulator of such electrical energy.
I will say that there are forms of devices that can moderate the impact but one of the best things to do and is readily available for most of you is to produce the following tones. Pick one. Just do so for maybe a minute once or twice a day. It will help you. These are the tones I recommend: eeeeeeeeee or aaahhhhhhh and one more and that is yyyaaaaaaa. These particular tones are especially effective, the sounds you understand are especially effective to move excess electrical and electronic energy out of your bodies. That's what I recommend for you all.
I wish you great benevolence and I will say now goodlife and goodnight.

For The Best Results Try...

Before you say your Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic, when you have time to relax, I recommend you say this Benevolent Magic in general, "I request that I be open to receive the most benevolent results when I request a Benevolent Magic for myself and that I be clear to inspire the most benevolent outcome when I say a Living Prayer for myself or others and this occurs in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Friday, October 07, 2005

Feeling - The Important Thing

I'd like to clear up a point - there has been some confusion about this and I feel it is vitally important. There is a way to experience, to accomplish if you like, Benevolent Magic and to experience or accomplish Living Prayer that is a short cut and that is that, if you feel in the moment you're asking a very strong feeling that is a need - a personal need for you to experience what you are requesting, that even if the words are not exactly right that it can happen almost instantaneously for you.
I need to stress that it's all about the feeling. This is especially true when requesting something for your physical body - it is not always the case but it can be. So be clear on what your needs are and be clear that this is a feeling need not a thought, not a jealously of what others may have and what you may perceive simply that they have, but an actual need for you.
I will give you an example. You may see other people eating from time to time yes, probably on a regular basis but here's an example of a need you completely understand. You know when you're hungry, and I don't mean time to have a snack, I mean you know when you're really hungry - you feel hungry and you've got to eat. That's an example of a physical need and you fulfill it by eating and that's good.
You may have other needs. Say your Living Prayer or your Benevolent Magic when you feel those needs and the more urgent the need the better. Now I don't mean that the more urgent it is in a matter of life and death - certainly say your Living Prayer in those moments yes, or your Benevolent Magic in those moments - the need is present and will often be fulfilled but be aware that the Degree of Feeling you have for Needing what you are asking for even if it is a Living Prayer asking things for others, you might compassionately feel a need yes, of course, but you may very well have a strong need for yourself. When you say Benevolent Magic it is more likely to work then, and quickly too.
I also want to acquaint you with a very convenient form of Benevolent Magic and that is something called Most Benevolent Outcomes. You will have a chance by either reading articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence written by Tom Moore - to read about that form of Benevolent Magic or in time you will be able to go to or and read about that form. It is also a valuable form and Tom will explain his methods to accomplish it.
I may from time to time in the coming weeks and months post a guest column here. I will make sure to label it clearly that it is a guest column. Perhaps Tom will write one or perhaps another friend, Gary. Gary has created the international Benevolent Magic site for which there is a link available here and there is much to be offered there. I will ask them if they would like to make a contribution.
Goodlife to you all.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gentle Forms Of Personal Safety

Now there is a time coming in the distant future when everyone on the planet will feel much more compatible with each other.
What is going on now that you see around you sometimes, or that you see on your news programs or read about or hear about is a purging of things from the past but there is another factor and this is something you can do something about right now.
There are times when you are moving about or even when others are moving about in your general area who are angry or upset or who are agitated or even when you go someplace, moving about and you go into an area where someone has been who is angry, upset or agitated or is there now and you know very often you'll get a feeling that is uncomfortable.
What I'd like to do to share with you today is what you can do about that in a benevolent way since everyone gets angry and upset sometimes. We don't want to punish people who are angry and upset because they are having real feelings that are real for them.
If you get a feeling, say, let's say for example you're going to - onto an elevator - say there's a row of elevators, three, four, five elevators and you're just getting ready to step on one. You get this very uncomfortable feeling. If you can, step back out of the elevator - it's alright, don't worry about what people think about you. You can always say you thought of something you had to do if it comes up which is very unlikely and wait for the next one. It will probably feel better.
There is something else you can do though, say you have to get on that elevator - it's urgent, you're late, maybe all the elevators are full. So you get on the elevator, then this is what to do - breathe in if you can - imagine breathing in through the top of your head. I know you have to breathe in through your mouth and fill your lungs with air, we all do, yes but imagine, try to breathe in through the very top of your head.
What this does is it pulls on your energy field that is the most clear place energy fields are for human beings and by breathing in through the top of your head or pulling on that energy and just breathing out normally it tends to deflect things away from you that are not you or that are uncomfortable. It's not just to distract you so that you won't feel the discomfort, it gives you something you can genuinely do and there's a bonus.
The bonus is that since that energy is the clearest portion of your own energy and is not permeated with your own feelings of anger or disappointment or anything that might be going on for you, it can only be beneficial for those around you because you are pulling on this clear energy and you breathe out that energy every time you exhale - it actually is a way to push the energy that is uncomfortable on the elevator away from all Beings there. This is very beneficial.
If there were even two of you on this elevator doing it, it would clear that discomforting energy from the elevator for everyone but just you doing it for yourself will clear it not only for you but probably for those immediately around you, it's that powerful but it's not a power that knocks people over or makes them uncomfortable, it will be something that is relaxing and comforting. So this is something you can do for yourself that actually serves others.
Don't blow when you exhale just exhale naturally alright. This will help a great deal. Now I use the elevator example because it's a very small enclosed space but this will work much easier in a larger room. Say that you can feel someone emanating that - what you do - it's very discrete and they won't notice it, what you do is that if you can tell where it's coming from or even the general part of the room it's coming from you breathe in and pull through the top of your head like that and you very gently either look in that direction and blow very gently in that direction - don't blow a big puff of air, nothing like that, just exhale but purse your lips together just a little bit so that you're actually blowing very gently in that direction. Gently actually works better than blowing hard and that will be of great help you see.
Now there may be times when it's awkward or uncomfortable to look in that direction so I'm going to tell you something you can do if you're walking. Say you're walking into a store and there's some people in the store that you are uncomfortable being around for whatever reason - might be perfectly innocent, perhaps it isn't quite as safe but you have to go in. Maybe you need to buy milk for the baby or something. So you're going into the store than this is what you can do - while you're walking into the store try to swing your arms. People normally swing their arms when they walk.
When you have your hand, whichever one it is - ideally it would be your right hand, I'd say try to make it your right hand okay - obviously if the people are in front of you or to your immediate right or left but towards the front of you, you can blow in that direction by breathing in through the top of your head but this is the other thing you can do. If they're to your left when you walk in the store you can move your hand out in front of you, discretely, with your fingers open as if you were going to shake hands with somebody but just barely in front of you so it's not confusing for someone near you that you're trying to shake hands and when you breathe in through the top of your head imagine (why, in many of your cases since you are sensitive and have these capabilities) breathe out through your right hand with your palm towards those individuals.
What happens is that it just sends out a ripple, a ripple of energy not unlike a ripple in water. It's very gentle. It does not harm them. It does not thrust your energy on them but it will tend to move their energy back on themselves and it will last for anywhere up to three or four minutes.
So that's what I recommend you try and then when you're in the store if you have to move around to buy things you can very easily from a distance even if there are racks of things between you, you can then breathe in through the top of your head and blow out in their general direction while you are looking at some products. That will tend to push their energy back towards them also.
I am not saying this is a be all end all safety thing. What I am saying is that it might help just so that you can move in and out of the store a little more discretely and might help you to feel better and not absorb other people's discomfort. Remember I said at the beginning of this talk that one of the reasons society is disturbed and unsettled is that sometimes because human beings are so receptive we tend to take on the discomforts of others and because they feel very much the way we feel with our own discomfort, we don't know that we're trying to process somebody else's discomfort and then we get agitated.
I recommend that for those of you that know how, at the end of every day to focus on feeling the warmth within you. For those of you who go hiking or jogging or running, it will tend to push that energy out of you anyway but for those of you who can feel that loving warmth, just let it radiate in you for five, ten, even fifteen minutes at the most. It'll push everything out that isn't you and you'll feel more benevolent afterwards.
Alright, that's enough for today. We'll talk more about these matters as time goes on. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Prediction Of Benevolence

There is a time coming for you all on this planet when you will experience each other without regard to race, nationality or religion. I know many of you have read this many, many times before and you said, "Yes, yes, yes we've heard it all before" but here is why I'm stating this again - that time is immanent and you will find that the surprises that take place in your life will begin to be more benevolent.
Think about it, your neighborhood has changed, your town has changed, your city has changed and even places in the country have changed and sometimes this has been alarming and unsettling - the changes that are taking place. Other times it has been exciting and wonderful and has caused a lot of happiness. I grant that youngsters are embracing this more than oldsters alright, that's very true and yet it is a herald of times to come.
I'd like to make a prediction here, something I'm loathe to do but I really want to set aside my shyness about that and make a prediction and that is that at least five times in the next two months you will notice that something totally unexpected occurs to remind you of the benevolence of life and this will not be a passing thought, "Oh, things are getting better." It will actually remind you that there is an energy that is palpable that you can actually feel in a way that is demonstrating that life not only can be benevolent but has noticeable moments of benevolence.
If you have these experiences and like to share them with people on this blog, go ahead, write in a comment. If you'd rather share them someplace else that's fine. I wanted to let you know that this was coming so that you could be alert for them. Oh you don't have to be looking this way and that way but see if you can notice them. If it happens to come up for you and you keep a log of your day then you can write it in and say, "Well, you said that was going to happen and I doubted it but darned if it didn't happen just the way you said."
I'm not saying this so that I can experience some vainglorious moment but rather I want to reassure you that life will be noticeably better and sometimes at the most unexpected moment. Be looking for it. It will happen.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcoming The Sun

As I've said in the past I would like to share with you a means to welcome the sun. This will be particularly helpful to those of you who are living in areas where there has been an excessive amount of rain but it can also be used by those of you who simply wish to honor the sun as an element of life that supports Earth and life here on Earth. It is not that difficult and might even be enjoyable.
This is what I recommend. The next time you are outside, I think it's best to be outside and when I say outside I do not necessarily mean that you are out and about in the country or even out in your own backyard, you can be on a porch though it's best for it to not be covered - in Hawaii that might be called a lanai - in other places it might have other names or it can be a backyard - someplace where you are open to the elements, and what you do in the case of welcoming the sun - you can if you like close your eyes - try not to use dark glasses unless you are very sensitive to sunlight - that's then alright - then I'd recommend close your eyes and move your face up or lean back in your chair to where the sun is in the sky - not exactly where the sun is of course because even then it might be too bright but in the general area - to the left or to the right of the sun, whichever place feels good for you and just enjoy the suns warmth on your face.
While you are doing that, make an effort to not think so this tells you that given that that is a normal state of being for people in our time then it might be useful to just attempt to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, that's all. If you find yourself thinking, don't get mad at yourself just say, "Okay, let's go back to having no thought" and focusing only in feeling the warmth on your face and you will of course even with your eyes closed be able to notice that it is light outside.
Doing this for even thirty seconds will allow you to memorize the feeling of the sun's warmth on your face. If your arms are bare and the sun is feeling warm on you arms that's alright too. Thirty seconds, forty five seconds is usually enough - you don't have to time it on a clock - you can guess. Now after you do that once, maybe twice or three times over a period of about four, five days that will be enough to memorize that feeling.
Then if you find yourself in a situation where it is raining to an excess, and by that I mean not just that it's inconvenient for you but rather that there is flooding and that there is urgent need for the sun to come out, alright, or there is danger - perhaps the levee is getting close to the top because there's been so much rain in your area - please do not use this if there has not been rain in your area but there has been rain upstream in the case of a levee, alright, so use your own discernment when to use it - you can also use it at other times and in other ways but first let me say what to do.
In the case of too much rain then this is what you do, try to pick a time when it is raining lightly or in this case if you wish to go outdoors alright, and there is a covered porch, that's alright to do but it is important to be outside at the very least so it can not be completely screened in, it be something where you are outdoors - ideally and the best way to be completely outdoors, nothing covering your head but if the rain is to hard then you can try doing something under cover or partial cover. What to do is even if the rain is striking your face is close your eyes and remember the sun and the warmth on your face of the sun.
Don't try to remember the warmth on your arms but if it happens to come back that's fine. Focus only on your face and concentrate only on remembering the warmth of the sun on your face even though the rain might be striking you on your face, remember to close your eyes. Do this for about thirty to forty five seconds but if you find that you've been thinking, then stop and try it again so that you can do it for at least - let's give a minimum of twenty to thirty seconds of remembering only and feeling to the best of your recollection the sun's warmth on your face.
It's alright to dress warmly in the case of cold rain but your face then needs to be exposed, you see. So this is all there is to it and go back inside and warm up eh or get in out of the rain. For those of you who like to understand this, this is what's called welcoming the sun. You're not commanding the sun.
If you wish - before you go outside but not while you're remembering the sun's warmth on your face, it's too much to do in that one moment - if you wish you can say the following in a form of Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer - you can if you like say, "I am asking that the Sun feel welcome to shine on my house, on me, on my neighborhood, in my place of life and warm and enrich the Earth with its nurturing light and energy." That's all for the Living Prayer.
You can in the form of Benevolent Magic especially if the situation might be urgent meaning flooding is a danger or immanent - always be careful though when you go out so you're safe - you can then if you like before you go out say, "I request that I be safe going out to welcome the Sun and that the Sun feel welcome as a result of what I am doing and that the emergence of the Sun remind us that soon we will have the Sun's warmth and the water will recede and we will all feel safe and comfortable - that this occurs in the most benevolent way for me and results in the most benevolent outcome."
Now if you wish, you can also use this simply to welcome the sun as a ceremony but to do that it would be necessary to go outside before the sun comes up, even before first light but if you choose or if it is running late and there is just a little bit of first light you can still do it. Just go outside for twenty or thirty seconds - remember that feeling of the sun's warmth on your face. I hope you enjoyed hearing about welcoming the sun. I feel it is a good thing to do. Sometime I will explain to you a good way to welcome the moon as well.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mother Earth Is Changing - How You Can Help

Today I'd like to share something with you. It has been recently published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and that's that as you may have guessed by the proliferation of typhoons and hurricanes and other storms, Mother Earth according to what I have been taught, is strongly and urgently encouraging our population to move inland - not to far but it will displace a lot of people.
Mother Earth would appreciate it not just for her own sake but because she loves us, if we would move inland by three to five miles. She would really rather prefer that people move inland by five miles but in the case of land that slopes upward significantly, three miles might be adequate. As long as the land slopes up at least somewhat then five miles would be best but that's as much as I know so far on the distance inland and I'll tell you why according to my understanding.
Mother Earth is going to, not immediately but very soon according to what I have been taught, begin to reclaim some of her land near her shores - this referring to the seashore and she's going to do it in a number of ways. One, she's going to have more animal activity. There are certain animals both in the sea and on the land, different ones, that by their activities have shown that there is going to be water where we now have land - beach as we know it.
Some of these activities have been baffling to us such as the beaching of whales and the surprise visits of other sea creatures sometimes alarming us so much and even dying. This is because they are being sent and they are volunteering for this to show us that the beach will soon be water.
I'm not saying this to frighten people but rather I've been given this as a message and I do want to pass it on and that's that the animals of the sea and of the land will start doing things around the beach and in order to do these things most benevolently it would be better if there weren't to many people around. This isn't because animals are going to act frightening towards people but rather because what they need to do is of a spiritual and sacred nature and because of this nature it would be best to allow them to do these things with as little human interference as possible.
Mother Earth has assured me that it is her intention to use her capacities - tidal wave, very possibly earthquake on land and in the sea in order to accommodate this reclamation of land under water. It is not my intention to frighten you, I reiterate, but rather to explain according to what I have been taught what is happening.
You can see that the typhoons and hurricanes seem to be getting larger and more frequent. She is not trying to chase you from the shores but this is another one of her elements that she will use to scrub herself - to wash, to clean. She is not trying to attack us as a population. She is not trying to attack the animals and the plants but if we move inland, I believe that the storms will not be as powerful in time. I have been guided to pass this on to you at this time in this way so that you can make long range plans.
I've also been assured that Mother Earth will not mind for people to have daytime excursions - just in the day, just when it's light, down to the beach and set up a tent perhaps and then retire once people have moved away from the beach to that distance of three to five miles. She also will not mind having scientific outposts or things like that but she encourages if those outposts are established that they would be unmanned, just instruments. If instruments are lost according to her actions it will not be as great a loss as the loss of life.
I admit to being a little uncomfortable delivering this message. I feel like the messenger who delivers the message and people get angry at, so please excuse me for my apparent showings of reluctance and I'm sure I'm not the only one you've heard this from.
Mother Earth also has told me that she is preparing to reveal some of her land to give our population greater places to live. She is not just taking away land at the shores of the sea. She is working on creating islands in the ocean. There are volcanic activities. In some cases the islands are already established, in others they are building and in one case at one of the poles the ice is gradually melting and will reveal the land underneath. That ice will not return for a very, very long time and it will be possible to establish places to live there as the temperature will warm.
This will also add a great deal of fresh water to the seas and it cannot be denied will also, as a result of that fresh water - might very well because of an increase of volume in the seas, have effect on seashores and perhaps even islands. This however is known and has been documented and is not new to many of you.
Mother Earth wants us to live here and welcomes us but as any good host she appreciates when she is treated well and it is her intention to treat us as well as she can but she would prefer that deep explorations for oil are abandoned and that other means of power generating and electrical generating, which is essentially utilizing her bodies field of energy, be done more benevolently. This will be possible in the long run with contact from Beings from other planets who have other means to bring this about, I have been assured but until then she would prefer something other than oil.
Solar has advanced quite a bit and it can help. Wind power is at our disposal and can produce a great deal of energy benevolently and could even be set up commercially to distribute energy. Those of you in windy areas might be able to contribute to your own and perhaps even your neighbors electrical needs. This work has all been researched and can be practiced now.
I believe Mother Earth loves us but she would prefer that we live more gently on her land and I know we can do that in time.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.