The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tripping Over Manifestation?

Have you noticed that things you think about and especially judge others for, have a tendency to happen to you and very often do. They don't necessarily happen in a severe way but they happen in a way to catch enough of your attention so that you can usually trace it back to the cause. "Oh, did I say something" you might think to yourself. Or, "Did I think something strongly?"

So, be aware of what you're thinking these days and try not to judge. It's good to be discerning. That's important and valuable to know what's for you and what's for others but to judge other people is not always a good thing these days.

This has to do with balance. A lot of what's going on now is understanding how things are for others so that you don't condemn them for the circumstance of their lives.

Here's something I recommend to try. You can do this as a benevolent magic if you want to so that you can support yourself through these times.

I recommend you say, "I request that I be able to clearly and easily understand how the circumstances of somebody else's life might have created their actions in their now time and that I'm able to assimilate this in the most benevolent way for myself and that will result in the most benevolent outcome."

If you prefer to say it for others, you can say it in the form of a living prayer. In that case I would recommend, "I am asking that all peoples these days are able to easily understand the motivations and actions of others in the most benevolent way for all beings."