The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 11, 2013


This entire world is about transformation. It is a place where things can be transformed and that is the purpose - the overall purpose and lesson and teaching on Planet Earth. If you know this then you will understand why change is not only constant but it is necessary even if the change may be unpleasant.

I am not saying that unpleasant changes are good. I am saying that the transformational process is something that not only allows for change, change is a function of that process. More will be shared here but if you understand that transformation is a process then you will understand why things do not seem very permanent.

Even ancient structures that seem to be permanent and that when originally built were built for the ages have had that toll of transformation taken upon them. The Great Pyramid of Giza being a perfect example looking nothing like it looked when it was originally built.

When it was originally built it was a thing of great beauty. It was so beautiful on the outside that people would walk for months if they could to get there and travel by any means they could to get there because it was so beautiful. Of course over time others transformed it into what you see today. At a distance still nice to look at and quite an accomplishment, no question about it but when one gets closer up you wonder - how come they never finished it? But of course - they did.

So it is not about the end result seemingly, it is about the ultimate result which is learning, growing, changing, transforming and starting over again. If you look around the world you will see that this is so. 

Plants go from a seed all the way through in their transforming to becoming ultimately the plant or the tree or the fruit or the nut and then the process continues again.

It is the same with human beings. Mother is a young woman perhaps but then she transforms and life comes from within her and that life transforms to become you and others. 

It may seem to be obvious but look at your life, look at everything around you and understand that it is in process of transforming. It will help you to not only have permission to realize the process but to extrapolate an important fact. If something is not working or is even harming then magic is going to be most easily accomplished if it involves transforming and that is why recent posts here on Benevolent Magic have been to request just that very outcome.