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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Working With Forms Of Life

A regular reader asked an important question the other day - what do you do when someone you love dearly has a habit that causes you great distress?

The reader was asking about his loved one who - whenever she sees spiders rushes over to stamp on them - and yet this person has many endearing qualities, I am sure of that. What do you do about such a thing when you value all life, as the reader does.

I feel this is such an important question that I want to devote a post to it. Sometime ago I posted about whales that I saw that happened to swim near where I live and the beautiful way they reacted. What I didn't say is that there was a reason that they did that, I believe.

I knew the whales were swimming by because that's what they do at that time of year and I would speak to them regularly.

Understand I was at a considerable distance but I was speaking to them inside my apartment with the windows shut, probably a minimum of a half a mile - maybe a little farther away but I could see them and I was talking quietly and feeling this great warmth of love for them and telling them how much I loved them and respected them and appreciated them and wanted them to be safe and so on. And very often they would stop swimming, come up to the surface of the water and look right at me.

So it was during this time when I was interacting with the whales that way and they were acknowledging what I was saying and feeling, they are so sensitive you know, that the beautiful breaching happened with the whales leaping out of the water as I put in that post - but I want to answer the readers question and this is my answer.

You cannot change automatically the patterns of a loved one. After all, you fell in love with that person and that person is a package deal - isn't it that way. So to get that person to stop isn't so easy. The only thing I recommend that you do is to encourage her to start something different. Starting something is very often much easier than stopping something.

For some reason she has been trained or conditioned to be afraid of spiders and I can understand that. It is not a rare fear. So this is what I recommend you do.

I recommend you walk around your house or around the area where you live or walk or go with your wife and while you're walking around on your own just talk very quietly, a little above a whisper but not much more than that, and just talk to the spiders.

Tell them that you appreciate them very much and you honor them as a life form but that you want to warn them that the area where you and you wife live is not safe for them and ask them to move far far away so that they will be safe. Don't talk to a specific spider if you see them but do ask to speak to the teacher of the spiders or the angel or spirit that speaks to the spiders. This is the best thing to do. I have found that if you talk to individual spiders they are fascinated. They do understand in their own way and they might come around just to experience more of that.

So it's better then to walk around and talk. You talk out loud because you are stating something physically as a physical Earth human being. You are warning a form of life to stay away.

Granted, you may appreciate them - you might appreciate the way they spin their webs for instance and the point that they begin from being not unlike the center of the universe with rays coming out from it and interlocking threads which is a lot about life isn't it. You might find beauty in them even if their personal appearance does not always appeal.

Perhaps they feel the same way about us but they have great tolerance don't they, considering that we have not welcomed them as a species very much as human beings - but we can learn slowly.

So I recommend you walk around and say - it's not safe for you here, please go far away and make your homes there.

That's really all you can do and the other thing you can do...perhaps, is to encourage your wife to go to the zoo. Go to the natural history museum. Go to the aquarium. Go to places where different forms of life exist. Don't scare her taking her to the spider exhibit but work subtly and gently. Encourage her to appreciate other forms of life. She may feel fine about many other forms but this is what I recommend for now.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 5

Last time we talked about going out on the land to do true magic during the daytime. This time I want to talk about going out and doing this at night for those of you who find that more convenient. And remember - always to go someplace where you feel safe including your own backyard if that is a place to feel safe but if you go out in the country or someplace else always do these things someplace where you have permission - that's important - so that you can feel safe and so that those who may have some claim to the land upon which you are standing will be comfortable with your presence.

It's always good to do true magic in a place where there is no conflict - outer or inner. This way it is more likely to work in the most benevolent way.

Now, if you are doing this at night we're going to interact with the moon so you want it to be at least a quarter full moon though I would recommend a half moon or more.

It would be best if it's a clear night but if it's cloudy that's alright as long as there's enough sky to be seen so that you can look at the moon for at least 30 seconds. So go out and find that spot and make sure that you are on a comfortable place on the ground where you are standing.

It is best if it is dirt or grass or plants you understand, that are safe to stand on such as a lawn but if it is rocks or pebbly surface then it must be something that has not been a surface placed there by human beings. It has to be something that is part of the natural landscape.

Then wearing your soft shoes or shoes that have leather soles perhaps - because that is a natural material - and not wearing rubber sole shoes to do this work when you are actually on the land or other artificial material shoes - and you can have your bare feet if you prefer and feel safe and comfortable that way, then find that spot on the land and stand there.

Look at the moon for a good 30 seconds. If it is too bright and some of you find that that is so then you can look towards the moon and have your eyes partly closed - just fluttering open a little bit to glance at it. I know this is the case for some of you, some of you are light sensitive. Then after you have done that for about 30 seconds, don't be on the clock - just make your best guess - and it can be a minute or more - it's up to you, then to look down at the ground.

You may not be able to see your feet if it is pitch dark but you will know that your feet are on the earth. It is you see, something that must be done physically to look down at the ground because the physical awareness of the Earth holding you up and of you standing on the Earth is necessary even though you know in your mind that that is the case it's not sufficient. This is a physical thing. True magic is always based in the physical and feeling world, that's why it works.

Then after you have found that comfortable space and have looked at the moon then make one revolution around as I mentioned last time - one complete revolution in that space then say the following words out loud but quietly so as not to disturb other forms of life who may be out and about in the nighttime - deer and others.

Then say, "I am asking that the light of the moon now bring blessings and safety to the people of Earth - all kinds of people - be they human beings, be they animals, be they any other forms of life that are here naturally on the planet and that the moon help us to release in the human being those old suspicions and distrusts of other forms of life and help that to take place in the safest and most benevolent way for all beings."

Remember when I give these words here to always say them in the exact words I'm giving them. I know some of you don't speak english and therefore it will be a struggle to say the words but try to say them as best you can in english even though they will just be gibberish sounds to you. Try your best. I am not trying to say that english is a superior language. I am saying that these words picked with the syllables and sounds are precise to the sound network of the planet so that they will work.

Then after you have done those words make 3 complete revolutions in the place you are standing. Just revolve, turn around 3 times - always turning to your left. Remember don't walk around in a circle, just turn your body round in a circle 3 times.

Then when you come to a stop say, "I bless the land upon which I walk" and walk away slowly from that place and continue on with your life.

The reason we do not take two steps back is that it's the middle of the night and you could very easily step on something or step on some little creature or even trip over something.

So that's why we say that statement because that is what can be said when you are in territory where you must put your feet down very carefully for you do not know where you are. It can be said in other circumstances for other true magic as well if it ever comes up for you - know that.

So that is what I recommend you do to help human beings to release those old suspicions and distrusts - many of which we are not even conscious of. I will say more about these things in times to come.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 4

Last time I talked more about the hazards facing our beloved cats and dogs. This time I want to give you something that you can do to protect them aside from all of the wonderful things many of you are doing now to look after your cat, your dog or cats and dogs in your community.

For starters I'd like you to consider saying a living prayer. First off remember to ask for all of the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you be they angels, guides or whatever beings you feel good about and you feel bless you, take care of you and look after you in the most benevolent way.

Then say this living prayer, "I am asking that all dogs and cats be insulated and protected from harm now in the safest and most benevolent way from all those beings who may wish to harm them and that all those who may wish to harm dogs and cats also be insulated and protected up to, including and beyond their point of re-education, transformation, arrest, capture, incarceration or other."

Now the reason we say the insulating and protecting living prayer like this is that for it to work in the best way all beings involved must agree at the soul level that this is a good thing. So we cannot exclude the souls of those who would do harm. In fact they are some of the most important ones because of their actions, their thoughts or those actions encouraged in them by others.

So that's why we say it that way and also we must remember that even though people might do things that are harmful or self-destructive at times, that they are our fellow souls and our fellow citizens on this planet and it is not our job to inflict that harm back at them.

That may be the job of other beings - Creators and angels but they will not inflict harm. They will re-educate and teach in the most benevolent way during and even beyond this life and we can trust them to do that.

For now I would like to recommend a further practice for those of you who have engaged and are working with true magic. Again you do not have to love dogs and cats that are living with you but if you have a good feeling in general about dogs and cats I would say that that is something that you would have to have to engage in the true magic work.

Know that as a general rule of thumb, as people say, it's important to care about that which you are performing true magic for. This way you do not have any inner conflicts or feelings in conflict in your body with that which you are attempting to do. This could not only cause you to feel uncomfortable but it would generally impact the true magic so much that it may not do any good - and if it happens to be that you wish to participate in something for which you do not particularly care for or even like the beings that you are attempting to help then I recommend that you do the living prayer instead - and I'm saying this not just for our work with dogs and cats but in general with true magic. That's something that's important.

Now if you wish to do more for dogs and cats this is what I recommend. Go outside if you can and as always try not to wear shoes that are insulating you - keeping your energy, you understand, from moving into the ground. If you need to wear shoes try to wear something that is made of a natural fiber - even leather, that's fine but not plastic or rubber - not an insulating material.

Then go out on the land someplace. You can of course wear insulating shoes to get there if you have to drive there or have to go in a vehicle of some sort but once you get there put on non-insulating shoes or go barefoot if you feel comfortable there and then stand out on the land.

I recommend this is done during the daytime if you possibly can and close your eyes and look up towards the sky - close your eyes tightly. Look up towards the sky where the sun is even if there is clouds you can tell generally where the sunlight is brightest but keep your eyes closed and if it is a clear day this is especially important - and just make a connection with the sun.

Remember it is to be a physical connection and if you look in the general direction of the sun you will feel a warmth on your face. Do this for 30 seconds, a minute tops - no more than that.

Then return your head to its comfortable position and now look down at the ground. Open your eyes and look at your feet on the ground. Don't think.

Looking at your feet on the ground allows you to remember that the Earth holds you up and you are maintaining your physical balance by standing on the Earth.

Then immediately after that move into a position someplace where you feel completely comfortable. It could be by a tree, it could be by a rock or it could be out in the open - wherever you feel comfortable and safe.

Then once you are standing there, again glance at your feet and move in the following manner. Make 1 complete revolution staying in that space that you are in. It might be a space of say - 3 feet or even 2 feet. Turn very slowly to your left until you have completed 1 revolution.

Then say these words, "I am asking that the sun moving in its natural way throw energy off towards the human race on our planet that will allow all human beings everywhere to release old energies, old suspicions and old discomforts that have to do with all life forms on our planet."

After you have said those words, out loud of course, then make very slowly 3 revolutions on the same ground you have been standing - very slowly turn around to the left 3 times and after you have done that - stop.

Look behind you so that it is safe - you understand - try not to move anymore that you absolutely have to to look behind you and then take 2 steps back. You can take very small steps if you are uncertain of your environment or if there are others with you they can assure you, speaking very quietly to you in a low voice, that it is safe to step back slowly and if you are not firm on your legs you can even have someone there to make certain you are safe.

As I said take 2 steps back and then turn around slowly - always turning to your left and walk away from that place and continue on with your life.

Now for those of you who cannot go out during the day there is another process to do by going out at night and I will say more about that next time.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 3

Greetings. I have been speaking about a danger to dogs and cats and today I want to elaborate on that a bit.

This danger coming up from ancient times which is intended to be released, let go of and no longer a burden to the human race is a distrust of all other forms of life.

We are now at the very edge of our existence that has led us to this place where we are ready to meet other forms of life from other planets but first we must let go of this ancient distrust of other forms of life.

You know how very often on this planet we distrust other forms of life so much that we either hire people to eradicate them for us or at least chase them away. Very often these beings are classified as what we call animals or insects or some other name by which to keep them at bay from us and while this might seem to be perfectly reasonable at times and can even be rationalized as being necessary and medically responsible, nevertheless underneath all of that is a distrust of other forms of life.

I have been guided that this distrust now might take what we would refer to as an unreasonable expression. This is happening, though it is not obvious yet - it is happening not only because we must release this old distrust but this is happening so that we can get past this distrust.

Let me give you an example. You are walking along and all of a sudden you see some other form of life - I'm not going to say it's this, it's that but what happens.

If you are a little child you are often excited and interested but if you are an adult and have been conditioned by your society that you live in that this is something not to be trusted, you are startled, you are frightened. You don't know what to do.

I'm not here to analyze anyone nor do I claim to have such powers but I'm simply saying that this is something very often that is conditioned and I grant that some of that conditioning is appropriate.

It is appropriate to be conditioned that bears ought to be given a wide berth and lions ought to be allowed to be far far away and not encouraged to come up close but these are creatures that live in the wild. I'm talking about other beings that we might see.

What are the most wild beings that we know about that are in our cities, in the country and have totally permeated our society - millions and millions of them - but who's roots are in the wild. They are dogs and cats. And yet because we have pet cats and pet dogs there is also an innate love of these beings.

How often you have been at your friends house or your neighbors house and their dogs or cats show great friendliness to you and you love them for that - yes.

So we have this method of drawing out in us this old conditioning - to bring it to the surface and to be reassured that other forms of life can be our friends even if we don't know them.

So...this is not a test we are going through. Creator is not testing us to see if we are ready to meet beings from other planets but it is something that Creator has placed here for us. We are surrounded on this planet with other forms of life and I have been taught that these are the forms of life that are crucial to our understanding of who we are to this planet and who they are as teachers to us - all have something to teach us and I have made an effort to bring that forth.

I have been guided however that during these times now there is a very real possibility that peoples all over the world - not many - but all over the world might become so suspicious of cats and dogs or wish to harm cats and dogs simply for being themselves and for conducting themselves as another form of life, even though they so very often are beloved ones and dear ones, that they might wish to harm them.

So I'm going to ask you - especially if you love cats and dogs but that's not a requirement - I'm going to ask you to participate in a means to protect them. Do what you can in your own locality or wherever you travel to look after dogs and cats and to see that they are well and many of you do that now - yes - but here on these blogs I like to offer other means that can be utilized on the spiritual level to protect them. Next time I will go into the details of that.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 2

Last time I brought up the fact that the potential for old feelings to come up to be released might touch on our beloved cats and dogs. There is a hazard that some cats and some dogs could be harmed simply for being and that's all.

As it is now there is a tendency in places to simply destroy, as we call it sometimes eh, cats and dogs if they don't have homes. Of course this is done outside of the view of most citizens. I am sure that if most citizens saw cats and dogs being killed simply because they didn't have homes with human beings that we would be offended.

And I'm also certain that people who work in places like this are often feeling very sad about it themselves. So we mustn't blame them for the work that they've been assigned to do. I'm not talking about that though.

This old suspicion has to do with distrusting other forms of life. So...I am concerned and I have been guided that this is something to be concerned about - that cats and dogs might be blamed for being other forms of life and therefore are something to be suspicious of.

Dogs, as you may already know, are here on this planet to look after human beings in our physical lives. To guide us, to show us the fun of being physical and this is so important when we have times that our physical life is not going well. Our dog reminds us that it can be fun.

Our dog encourages us to play - lets go outside and play! Throw the ball! Throw whatever the object is - throw the toy. I'll go get it and bring it back to you - we'll have fun. And of course many times your dog comes over to console you. Your dog is your best friend - aren't they.

And then there is the cat who likes to show you things that you can't see because cats are here with human beings to look after us in our spiritual life. What I mean by spiritual life is that which is beyond us and that also which is a part of us at all times - our soul personality - our immortal selves that live on well beyond this time and place.

So they operate as a bit of a team and some of the wise cats and dogs who live in the same house together with human beings eh - you maybe - have an understanding of this. They may not feel completely comfortable with each other but very often they know that dog is looking after human beings physical life and feeling life very often and cat is looking after the human beings spiritual life and also feeling life.

So you know and or love your dogs and cats and I know you do too but the danger lurks and the danger is something that can come up from the past and I have been guided that it is about to do that.

So...more about that in part 3. Goodlife.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 1

Greetings my friends. I would like to enlist your aid right now. There is something slowly bubbling up to the surface that requires your vigilance.

I know many of you have dogs or cats and you know the pleasure they bring into your lives.

During this time of difficulty for people all over the world even in places where there is plenty there are old suspicions coming up that we may have thought were just a part of history or odd news. These suspicions are coming up because people are releasing them. These suspicions have to do with dogs and cats.

I know that you love your dog or you love your cat or you love both your dog and cat or you admire the dogs and cats of others and only occasionally are bothered by them but then very soon you find a reason to like or love them again.

There is an issue that goes back to the beginning of the human being on this planet. That issue has to do with distrusting all other life forms.

Initially it had to do with distrusting human life forms as well until people realized that when we came together as a group we were often, at the very least, stronger and then friendlier and then enjoyed community as we do now but the old issue of distrusting other forms of life - which may seem archaic to us today is still very much a factor.

We take for granted, don't we, that we use so-called bug spray and many times these little creatures are not offending us in any way though they are simply present as they live as best as possible.

I am not trying to preach here, though it may sound like it but I am trying to say that this old distrust that we were not even raised with perhaps - that simply is in our physical memories - our genetic memory so to speak is coming up now to be released but as it is with the release mechanism and as it is with our thinking analytically the way we do these days - when the feeling comes up there's going to be a tendency for many people to start thinking about it and rationalizing it as having a basis in fact and therefore to be trusted.

You know how we are and this is often the case. Rationalizing is something we learn to do when we are young though we don't even know that word yet eh.

So this is something I felt the need to bring to your attention and next time I will say more about it.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Flash Message About Us and About Earth

Greetings, the following message is about a inspiration which I have received and am passing on to you because it may herald the end of a difficult time for many of us and therefore I'm trying to spread the message as rapidly as possible so we can all do what we are able to get through these remaining days of extra strain and welcome the more gentle time to come.

I have been struggling with my energy, my physical and my creative side because there is so much to do isn't there and we feel an urgency to do all we can and yet it seems like every day we find that the energy levels given to us are either dropping or it feels like our energy cascade has a hole in it eh.'s important to know something. Right now Mother Earth is recreating herself and not unlike all very young beings she needs to be nurtured and assisted.

We have all wondered why there are so many of us on the planet now. We have wondered perhaps - are there too many of us but in fact the reason we have over five billion on this planet is that five and a half billion is the magic number by which Mother Earth can experience about one third of our physical energy to replenish her own.

There is a reason we call Mother Earth - Mother Earth. We are used to her giving us energy but in this situation she requires energy from us and like all children everywhere we want to help our mothers - yes.

In this case we want to help our Mother Earth when we can. So for the past week and for perhaps another three to four days she's going to need our help. So don't be alarmed if you feel more tired than usual and if the schedule that you normally are able to keep up seems to be overwhelming.

If you can get extra naps go ahead. If you can take certain things out of your schedule that won't be missed or can be delayed a week or so - go ahead. This will be over soon but I felt it was important to let you know because so many have been feeling overwhelmed. Many of you have had the feeling of being overwhelmed for some time now. That's because it has gradually built up and we are at the crescendo of the demand now and that's why it's just - almost too much.

You've also noticed that dreams are rather overwhelming and sometimes vivid and jumping from one thing to another unexpectedly. This will be a passing phenomena.

I want you to know that this is something we've all trained for on the soul level and it will be alright. We can get through this.

Here is a brief message from Isis to encourage us on our path over the next few days:

"This is Isis. Those of us in spirit world have also trained for this. Those of us who assist spirit world eh - angels, guides are working so hard that those of you who channel sometimes have a hard time making connections - have you noticed. That's because of this energy drain but then when you think about it, it's only natural isn't it to care for those who need it especially a family member like Mother Earth and it will be alright."

If you're having a gathering I recommend that you do a group meditation to support and provide love for Mother Earth but in order so that you don't get too drained this is what I strongly recommend you do.

First I recommend you do that group meditation in the daytime and outdoors. If it's a sunny day that would be best but if it's cloudy where you are or rainy then stay indoors, that's fine. The daylight alone will be enough. So...picture the sun in the sky in your imagination.

Then either stand on the ground - preferably without plastic or artificial soled shoes - but wear what you need to wear and perform your meditation in your usual way though in this case I recommend that you do not hold hands, if that is your method but if you wish and you derive strength from doing this you can take one finger and touch the person next to you. I would recommend that you do not use your left hand for this, only your right.

So...then do your meditation as you normally do but add Mother Earth as a receiver of the greatest benevolence available - in your own words of course. And also, every time you breathe be conscious of breathing in the sun's energy. This will help.

If you are doing this at night then breathe in the moon's energy - that is also alright but don't take energy from Earth. Give energy to Earth but not your own.

We must learn how to use the energy of the planetary bodies around us. If you are living someplace where you can see many stars in the sky at night and the moon is present then starlight is also acceptable since starlight is essentially light of suns and suns are intended to give energy - and as human beings it is our nature to give energy but we have forgotten, many of us, that the energy is not always intended to be our own but is intended to be provided by the circuit of the sun, the moon, the human being.

Practice breathing in the sun or if your schedule is such that you are up more at night - practice breathing in the moon. That might be easier because you can actually look at the moon and breathe - alright - just breathe in and exhale normally. While you're looking at the moon you can breathe in and exhale normally 5 times.

Do you know how this gives energy to the Earth? Every time we exhale regardless of who we are or where we are or what we're doing, part of the energy of our exhaled breath always exits out the bottoms of our feet. This is why I have often suggested that you do not wear something so insulating on your feet when we do these special things I am helping you to learn here on these blogs.

If you want to have a better contact with the sun then close your eyes and hold your head towards the sun and breathe in the sun. Do this for just 3 breaths keeping your eyes tightly shut but you will feel the sun's warmth on your face and thus will create a connection.

If you prefer you can tie a cloth around your head covering your eyes or wear extremely dark glasses while looking towards the sun but you must close your eyes as well.

The point is to feel the connection with the sun. Just breathe naturally and try not to think about anything. This allows us to be our purely physical beings.

Just breathe in this way with the sun for 8 to 10 breaths if you have the cloth tied around your face or are using the dark glasses.

It's a way to practice and you will find that this practice leads to an energizing that you have been missing in your bodies.

This energizing will help greatly towards the accomplishment of being the sun's children as well as Earth children and also as the sons and daughters of parents have done from time immemorial it will allow you to take care of Mother Earth and that is a goal all children have isn't it - to be able to take care of your parents when they need you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Greater Detail on The Wand Position

Greetings. There has been a question, and it's not the first one, about the position of the hand in what is known as The Wand Position. Therefore I am including photos here from different angles that you might understand the actual position.

Generally speaking when you use this position in anything I recommend here on this blog or on my others your palm will be facing down towards the ground.

This will only have one exception and that is if I state that it is to be aimed in some other direction but generally speaking know that your palm will be aimed towards the ground as a general rule.

I am hopeful that this will clear a few things up. Goodlife.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 5

There is a time coming now when people on the Earth may move around a bit more than you have in the past. Sometimes our movements may be slowed down - meaning that we might be delayed going to this place or that place. We might even find that our friends or loved ones are not with us and we are concerned for them.

When times like this happen it would be something to consider using this co-operative vision.

When that comes up then try the experience in the following way. Considering that you may be at quite a distance or just even a short way but unable to check in on your loved one then utilize the sun or the moon, whichever you care to do, or if there is a mountain high up near you - you can look at that.

Look at the top of the mountain if you can especially if there is no structures there built by human beings. If there is focus your attention on some part where there is no aspect of human created construction.

Then from that portion of the mountain, or if no thing else is available use the sun or the moon, look back towards your loved one - meaning you don't know where they are so you're going to utilize Mother Earth and her capacities as well as your own to look in on your loved one to see if they are safe or if there is any way you can help them.

This can also be used at other times to check up on people who are far away and may need to be seen. As times go on this might apply to astronauts or cosmonauts as they are sometimes called who may travel at a distance and it might not be possible to see them. It might be a situation where they might need help.

Perhaps you can say a living prayer for them, perhaps other but you won't know if they need that unless you can see them at a distance.

In the case of doing distance work like that where great distances are involved that is a time to definitely use the moon or the sun as your point of connecting to a portion of nature.

You will find that this is also possible to be used in looking at objects that are farther away. It is not necessary to draw conclusions or to use it only to respond to emergencies. It is a way to explore the planets beyond and life there while remaining grounded on the Earth.

The way to do that is to always use something of Earth as your connection point. Use that rocky ledge if you like or an old tree or if you like you may utilize some other aspect of nature that is not in motion - that is simply at ease.

Then using that and being in your body, don't go out of your body for those of you who have practiced that, then look at some distant planet and see what you can see. Don't be attached to getting it right or getting it wrong. Recognize that this is something that is a way to explore but not necessarily a way to draw conclusions.

This is something that is better done in a group with many people so that you can, after you have done these things, write down or again make that recording quietly of what you have seen and then write down what you have seen. Afterwards compare notes - not in any competitive manner but compare notes to consider what might be.

When you are in a culture such as we have that is gradually growing into motion beyond the surface of our planet not only for some rare individuals but in time for many peoples it may be good to try these explorations. I wish you well on your "journeys" and remind you that this is a skill that can get better with practice.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Heightening Your Subtle Senses, Part 2

Last time we talked about heightening your subtle senses by practicing looking through your cat's eyes. This time we're going to talk about heightening your subtle senses working with your dog.

We all know that dogs have an acute sense of smell. Very often this has allowed them to be involved in rescues and other acts of bravery that we cherish dogs for.

This time I'd like you to consider building upon what we've been doing in the last post and in the others I link back to and other things I've discussed on this blog and on my other main blog and that is to extend into your dog the same way I taught before and look for the clue that your dog accepts this, and by the way this must be your dog or a dog that you have a great deal of affection for and most importantly that that dog has a great deal of affection for you, because dogs are very sensitive physically and this must be honored.

So lets have you stay in your body as before but extend this time into your dog and if the dog does not walk away or look at you sharply or bark at you and walk away, in other words give you a message that your dog does not approve of that at this time, then if your dog walks over to you or looks at you or lies down at your feet or in other words suggests that they are welcoming of this perception then instead of looking through your dogs eyes I'd like you to attempt to smell through your dog's nose.

This is something that can be heightened in a human being not unlike the capacity to see with subtle vision can be heightened as I've mentioned before. Here though we have the capacity to improve the human potential - as we've developed it so far and has been granted to us by Creator - we have the potential to improve our own sense of smell so that we can perhaps perceive things we have not perceived before.

Imagine being able to stand 20 feet away from a flower that you would normally have to get very close to and be able to smell it. In this way you do not disturb the flower, you do not disturb any other life forms that may be in the flower such as a bee spreading pollen and gathering nectar and there are other things that might come into your mind that would benefit you in the case of a heightened sense of smell.

Remember to see if you can, even while you're in your own body, feel your dog's tail moving about or if your dog is moving you will have a sense - not exactly the same as you would have if you moved your arm or your hand but a sense - what I would call like an echo physically of that motion.

Remember it's not your job to wag your dog's tail, your dog can do that just fine on their own but it is to allow you to feel that greater communion with other species.

Consider if you would all the species on the planet - I am asking you to work with your cat and your dog first because these are beings that are likely to have affection for you and be tolerant of you reaching out in this way but in time perhaps we will build on these things so that other senses we have or even other senses that we do not think of having or we do not seem as human beings to have a talent for applying which other species may already have or are experts with, perhaps we will be able to heighten those senses in us as well - wouldn't that be something.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.