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The Wand Position
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodlife To You All

Greetings - a little message here for new years. I would like to thank you all who have been reading, studying and perhaps practicing some of the suggestions that I've posted here on Benevolent Magic.

I feel I have said just about all I'm going to say on this blog and I may possibly post here again sometime if there is something that I feel is important to say on the general topic of benevolent magic.

That, while likely to come up, might also be said in some way on Mystical Man where I am posting more regularly now but I would say for now a brief resolution for new years and beyond.

My resolution will be, "I am asking that all those individuals who desire to feel welcome here on Earth as they are with all their quirks or what others occasionally call flaws - that they be recognized as personalities and that those quirks be benevolent and seen as such and also that there be a general acceptance of the ways of others and an appreciation of same."

Maybe that's not exactly a resolution but it is my living prayer for us all this coming year and beyond.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Magnetic Attraction And Your Breath

Now comes a time in your lives that you have been waiting for. You all have an opportunity now to see things you've always wanted to see. Do you know how, over the years you've done visualizations - yes - creative visualizations that have helped you to move past certain points that are difficult in your life? Many times in these creative visualizations there was a beautiful scene that you would see, or you would step from one place into a place that's a beautiful scene. Now you have the opportunity to bring that beautiful scene closer to your life. Let me tell you how.

Picture again that beautiful scene but instead of doing the visualization where you put yourself in the scene - feel the ground under your feet, smell the smells and so on - this time I'd like you to use your breath. When you see that scene, those of you who've done these visualizations, look at it from a little distance and then as you're looking at it move your point of seeing that scene closer so you are almost in it and then looking at it take a deep breath - breathe it in.

If you wish to be in the visualization in that beautiful place that is alright also. Breathe it in so that you can actually feel it. You will feel the feelings of being in that place and you will assimilate it more.

It is a time now of increased magnetic attraction and the way to improve that attraction is to use your breath. There is another way to do this.

Consider visualizing, as best you can, the most wonderful life you could possibly have but it must be done as something benevolent. If you can do this as something that is benevolent for all beings - as best you can, again - put yourself in the scene and breathe - breathe it in. Feel it move, as your body reacts, within you. Feel the energy of that scene move into you.

This is a time of magnetic attraction - breathe it in. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

More On Deep Disentanglement

Ilias, thank you for your question. It was a very good one. You want to know whether deep disentanglement can be done on a chakra.

Yes it can. It would be good if you feel that there is true problems for example, with any given chakra - meaning that you feel blocked in that area or that you might feel a urgent need for some growth in that area of your body - that after you do the deep disentanglement there that instead of giving yourself 2 days of extra rest and relaxation that you do 3 days.

I'll tell you why. When you choose a chakra it involves more than one portion of your body even though it might be centered in a very specific spot it has radiations that include quite a more significant portion of your body then say one organ or one other specific body part. Therefore given the intention of the deep disentanglement you must allow for this extra integration.

Also the integration time, which I referred to before, which might be several weeks could in the case of an entire chakra be up to six weeks. So, certain things might need to be avoided and you might also notice that the things that you might need to avoid could very easily be things that you would otherwise be normally able to do but it might feel sensitive.

You will know because if you go to do these things you may have a sense of pause or a sense of insecurity or a sense - meaning a feeling of course, that it would be better to do this at another time. If you get any of those senses, please acknowledge them and do those things at another time.

The general experience then of this kind of work with a chakra could be approached in another way. Say that in that area of the chakra you have some body part specifically that might, you feel, need deep disentanglement and while it may not be at the exact point of the chakra it is within the - what I would call the zone of radiation of that chakra - meaning in the immediate area affected.

Then it would be better to do deep disentanglement on that part of your body if you feel that part needs that process. After you do that and if you feel that your body is fairly clear in that area, then do the chakra.

I know this sounds complicated but deep disentanglement is something that is quite major and can have profound effects and I feel it would be the best idea to proceed with caution and allow the area of your body where the chakra is to be as clear as possible.

If you are fairly certain that the area is clear, what you could do a day or so before is to request a disentanglement in that area of your body especially.

You might say for instance, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and disentangle my.." then you might mention that area of the body - don't say chakra. Mention the area of the body using the physiological terms.

You might say, "Do a thorough disentanglement of.." you understand - saying that area. If you do that a day or so before the deep disentanglement it might help a bit - make it easier or smoother alright.

This may be more information than you wanted but given that it is something that I am directing to a wider audience, I feel it has value and benefit. That is what I suggest.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Deep Disentanglement

It's time now to talk about Deep Disentanglement. I have discussed Disentanglement before here and here but Deep Disentanglement takes this a step further and I will build on this in time as well.

Deep Disentanglement allows you to interact with portions of your own physical body. These portions of your body can be any part. Realize that builds on Disentanglement so I strongly recommend you do that first or at least be underway with it.

Deep Disentanglement is something that requires focus and relaxation and I strongly recommend as well that you don't have too much to do for a day or two afterwards especially not to be doing anything that involves machinery, as in driving, or such items as may cause some risk. The reason I explain it to you this way is that your physical body will be sensitive after this and you also might need more sleep. So, it is something that is a profound interaction with your body.

Now not unlike in Disentanglement, you begin by relaxing as best as possible. Turn the ringer off on the phone, make sure you will not be disturbed - perhaps doing this some time of the day or evening when others are not around or when you are least likely to be disturbed.

If this process is disturbed before you make the initial statement or after you've made the initial statement requesting the Disentanglement or even during the time of processing the Deep Disentanglement then you must begin over again in the case of making the initial statement.

Of course by that time some of the process will have been completed and it may feel, especially for those of you who feel energies, like it takes less time but if you don't feel energies then wait the suggested amount of time.

If it is possible - or if you feel more comfortable wearing earplugs that is alright but - as quiet as can be. Then you begin using the same process as with Disentanglement.

You say out loud, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and disentangle me from all my discomforts and their causes."

Then you pause for a little while. It might take up to ten or fifteen minutes, in some cases twenty minutes. For those of you who feel a sense of energy, wait until the energy fades. If you're not sure whether you're feeling energy or you don't feel it then wait about ten or fifteen minutes - at least that.

Then after you've waited that time, you say the following. Now I'm going to give you the basics of what you say but it will be up to you to fill in some of the other factors. This is what you say - you say, "I am now asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and do Deep Disentanglement on my..." then you fill in the name of a single body part - only one or a single portion of your physical body. My foot, my leg, my heart, my lungs - something like that you see - it is up to you.

What this accomplishes is that the gold light beings and the light beings, who have the capacity to move through time and space, will disentangle this particular body part from any grievous causes of stressful anxiety and other distress that you have experienced in the past - and by in the past meaning any time in the past from the moment you are stating this request - and it will possibly - in the case of myself it has - improve the functioning or at least the feeling in that part of your body.

Of course I cannot guarantee this but I have had good luck with this and I am hopeful that you may as well. Then wait about fifteen or twenty minutes or until the energy fades if you feel that and when that is over - meaning you feel relaxed then this is what to do - if you happen to fall asleep after this part of the process that is alright - so as soon as possible after you wake up you can do this.

Then request the following - this is in the form of a Living Prayer. Say, "I am asking that my body now function smoothly and benevolently for me and that all that I have asked and all that has been done for me I will experience in the most benevolent way for me now."

Now, I'm adding that in for you to ask because I realize that some of you have busy lives and you may not be able to be as quiet and relaxed as I would recommend. This is by way of setting up a bit of an insulation for you in hopes that any disruption or disturbance, though I strongly advise you to keep it at a distance if you can - meaning to have a quiet weekend if possible or a quiet couple of days, will be kept at bay as best is possible with this Living Prayer or what I'm recommending here - meaning you will avoid disturbance if you possibly can.

Now, Deep Disentanglement is something that is quite profound. You never say more than one body part at once and you never do more than one Deep Disentanglement a month. That's because even after a couple of days of relative relaxation, quiet and perhaps extra sleep and if at all possible no alcohol, then it will still take a couple - maybe three weeks to fully integrate as a process.

So - if you do this, wait a minimum of thirty days and perhaps better - thirty five days before you do it again with some other body part you understand. That's what I recommend.

Deep Disentanglement is not something you do and then leave the house and go re-roof your house or something. You don't go and operate machinery. You don't even go into the kitchen and slice a tomato because even if you are normally very adept at these things you might not be entirely in your body - as we say.

It is something that does not harm your body but as I said it will make you more sensitive and you might not be as physically sharp as you usually are. It's not going to make you dull witted but it is going to require a little extra care and watching out for your own needs.

Now this is not something you can request for somebody else, this is only something that one can do for one's self.

If you decide to do this - remember - get started with and be well on down the road, so to speak, on doing Disentanglement. That's really important to prepare yourself and then you can try Deep Disentanglement. I have used it and it has been very helpful and I am hopeful it will be helpful to you as well. As always, I will build on this in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

My New Christmas Story

Greetings, this is just a little note to tell you that I have my new Christmas story up.

I've been writing a Christmas story every year for the past few years and I've been posting it on another blog I have called Nice Little Stories.

This year instead of writing it only on my own I've asked Eileen Meyer to help me, so you'll notice that she also has the byline. It's called The Special Stocking and I hope you enjoy it.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another Form Of Benevolent Magic

Some of you may have noticed the link I have over there on my sidebar referred to as "streamlined benevolent magic". Sometime ago I had a guest column by Tom Moore on my blog A Mystical Man's World because Tom had developed a streamlined version - meaning a briefer version of benevolent magic that he has found works well for him and he's doing what he can to share that technique with the world.

That's why I wanted to bring it to your attention because I feel it has value. Tom has been able to write a book about his experiences with his technique. It is not too long but it's filled with examples and suggestions of things to say in different situations. You might want to give it a try - it's up to you. The click on streamlined benevolent magic will take you to his website.

If you recall, a short time ago, I said I would be winding down this site and concentrating my efforts on mystical man but as I said I will continue to post here.

The reason I'm bringing up Tom's site is that even though it is based on my work I want to refer you to it so that if I do not post here about benevolent magic and living prayer specifically as often as you would like or have not covered topics that you would like to see covered then I feel that it would be useful for you to engage that process further with Tom.

In Tom's book he has specifically made an effort to utilize his technique in places that are dangerous. This is, I feel, something that is particularly important and I've even devoted a book that I have put out called Techniques For Generating Safety to this very subject.

While I do not often make comments here about this or that hazard I feel this is not something we ought to treat lightly or overlook and therefore I feel that your time spent with Tom on his website or with his book will be a good investment.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Deflecting Discomfort

There has been a request and I would like to elaborate on something here.

Many of you are exposed to discomforting energies on a regular basis - some are even directed at you specifically either by those who are angry or perhaps jealous or any of a wide variety of other intentions.

There is one major thing you can do that will deflect the bulk of this from effecting you in any way and that major thing is to develop and maintain a good feeling about yourself.

Of course we all get down on ourselves once in a while but lets make an effort now to develop and maintain a good feeling about ourselves. Let us not continually allow the artificial images promoted by television or other forms of artificial stimulation - such as advertisements to decide for us whether we have worth or value based upon those agendas.

Let us decide right now that we are valuable, we are important and that we deserve to experience a most benevolent life and a most benevolent way of being. That we deserve the respect of others and that when we receive it we appreciate it, we acknowledge it with grace and we give respect to others as well.

What I am saying here is this - that the major means of deflecting discomfort is feeling good about yourself. It is not sufficient to make this mental.

So, this is what I want you to do - a little extra homework for those of you who are here to learn. I'd like you to do this meditation or visualization. Picture yourself in any benevolent environment you choose - whatever it may be. Feel yourself surrounded by friends that like you, love you and appreciate you. They can be human beings, animals, plants, anything - and feel the benevolent feeling that ensues.

Pay attention to the physical feelings in your body. Notice how you feel when you feel good about yourself and you're surrounded by others who also feel good about you. Make an effort then, to maintain this feeling. If you need to do this visualization again then do it because as long as you can memorize that feeling in your physical body and experience it in such a way as you truly can remember it, you will find that you will notice it if it is absent.

If you notice that, try to do the quick visualization and bring the feeling to you. Then - even if you are exposed to an environment where you do not feel appreciated you will not be effected because your good feelings about yourself will deflect most of it.

For any other forms of deflection you can look to this blog or my other and find what you can find and do the homework as you will. I'm sure there's plenty here to do as I am sure you all have other ways to develop good feelings about yourself, good feelings about others and to spread this around as you choose.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Have you ever considered that all around us are beings who are cheering us on. I know it may not be obvious but from time to time I can sense their presence and I can feel their great love for us all.

It is a conundrum, I know, for us all because life here is really so very difficult.

Even for those who seem to have plenty, there are troubles. It may not be obvious to those of us who don't have so much but for those who have plenty they have other worries. I have talked to many of these people and I have discovered that when they have those moments of pause and doubt, their troubles spill out too.

In this world upon which we live every single human being, every single animal, every plant, every form of life is its own unique self.

We all have so very much in common and really when taken in total so very little in percentage that is unique to us as individuals. However that uniqueness is important because it adds to the universal choir that makes up the entire beingness of consciousness, feeling and heart on our planet.

Let's try to remember that as we prepare for the new year here and in that light I'd like to suggest a Living Prayer that we can say. I'd recommend that we all say, "I am asking that all individuals here - unique and united experience the most wonderful new year in benevolence, in joy and fulfillment."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Choices On Our Soul's Path

Priming the pump - you've all heard that term - it essentially means for our purposes here - encouraging a benevolent and desirable outcome by getting something started. My intention here on Benevolent Magic has been from the beginning of this blog to prime your pump.

We are all born on this planet from a point of origin where we have tremendous capabilities. We leave those capabilities behind when we come here so that we can reinvent - or you might say recreate our knowledge base.

Imagine if you would for a moment that you've lived many lives in different places, different planets as different sorts of beings and you may have accumulated during that time a great deal of knowledge and wisdom and of course skills and abilities but you may need - or believe you need at least other skills and abilities - something perhaps so different than what you've been learning and perfecting that the only way to achieve it is to forget who and what you are.

Very often, as I've been taught, souls who wish to acquire something in their knowledge base choose - with Creator's permission of course - to be born on this planet because on Earth as we know it now we experience a great deal of stress and while stress is not a fun thing to experience it is a fence - you might say a guideline.

We don't like bouncing off the fence but we get definite feedback from it that we've taken the wrong direction or that there is another direction that might be more beneficial.

This planet is a learning place and if we choose as souls to come here to learn something new, we will invariably try something or create a general pathway for ourselves in this life in order to move in a direction we haven't tread on before.

You'll know if you're moving in that direction - giving you a little guideline to know here - if you feel totally at sea about something you're doing, meaning that you really do not have any awareness, any clue or any sense of natural ability in what you're doing.

I'm not saying that you are to pursue it and make a profession out of it but tread slowly and lightly - ask for guidance and help. There are others who may know more about these things. Also, if you feel like you're being steered onto that path - it might be something that your soul wants you to explore - not necessarily - as I say to perfect it but to familiarize yourself with it.

Sometimes familiarization simply means to get a lay of the land, not necessarily to participate.

Here on Earth we have one thing that is not so available on other planets I believe, and that is the tremendous variety and experience of life.

We don't like stress - no and we don't like bouncing into walls or fences - no - who does - but very often when these things occur we must turn - we must change the course of our path and that turn or that change of course will sometimes take us on to a path that will lead us to an easier transit - something that is easier - something that is more in alignment with who and what we are.

If that happens to you, don't fight it too much but know that you may not have to be there indefinitely. Look around, see what you can learn and feel if it is for you. If it isn't for you then notice it, observe it in others and move on. Perhaps that's all your soul wants you to do.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More On Instinctual Training

There but for the grace of God go you or I. We have all read that or heard that at some point in our lives and yet all around us are people who may or may not fill that description. Sometimes it's obvious, other times less so and sometimes completely invisible.

Let us all now say the Living Prayer in this case to support the unknown sufferers, "I am asking that all those beings who are suffering whether they know it or not receive all the help, love and support they need now from all those beings who can help them."

Now why did I say - whether they know it or not. Sometimes because of life and its stresses we institutionalize in our own body - meaning that we become less aware of and feel or at least think that our discomforts are just part of life and because we are less aware then of our discomforts - we don't know we are suffering.

So much of what I've been writing about here on Benevolent Magic and on Mystical Man has to do with feelings. This is because it is time to become aware of our feelings not so that we can suffer through them, not so that we have to relive old pains and wounds but rather to allow our body to express itself, to move through those feelings and to acknowledge that feelings are not only that which is some strange unknown phenomena but that feelings are the key and the pathway to resolving for ourselves and gaining for ourselves a greater wisdom and a means to bring about benevolent healing.

It is my intention on this site and especially on Mystical Man to provide you with the means, manners and yes - morals of bringing about this benevolent eventuality through the use of feelings and energies and blessings to become aware of your physical self, your feeling self and ultimately your instinctual self and it is in that light that I will continue this talk on Mystical Man next time.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Our World - Our Community

Once there was a time when the natural creation of family came from afar and provided the glue to hold peoples together. This concept and experience of family has always been intended to provide bonds, kinship and a sense of belonging - we all know this.

Somewhere along the line we became more insulated and perhaps even insular and the concept of greater community may have been misplaced but not lost.

I feel that, even though in these times we sometimes are unable to see greater community it almost always emerges during times of great urgency and sometimes during localized disasters as well.

There is an energy just below the surface which I feel is coming to be more noticeable. I feel it will be seen first in the family, then in the neighborhood, then in the community and will spread all over the Earth.

One of the most wonderful things about our planet is the variety we have to share - different peoples, different cultures, different foods - yes, different social attractions and the variety of the animals and plants as well.

Some day there will be travel between planets and I know that our planet will be known as the place of variety and especially a place where a visitor can come and no matter what their society is like at home, that they will be able to express themselves individually in benevolent ways and be accepted and appreciated for their unique talents and abilities.

Our world is becoming smaller every day - we are around many different kinds of people. We have the opportunity to enjoy other cultures and we also have the opportunity to share our own culture. Lets appreciate this variety in food, in family, in culture and ultimately in the bonds of kinship we will form as friends and ultimately as global community.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More About Forgiveness Now As Well As Disentanglement

Let us consider the circumstances around forgiveness. You have all read many things over the years about forgiveness and why it is worth doing even if only to relieve yourself of the burden of resentment.

Let us consider one of the main situations that holds back forgiveness from being complete. Very often one finds oneself in the circumstance where forgiveness, no matter how difficult to provide to others who have offended you or otherwise harmed you, can be worth doing simply because the constant gnawing at you about your anger at others can be overwhelming and add greatly to your stress level - but you know this.

What's holding it back from being complete? The biggest challenge is in forgiving yourself. Consider when you say to somebody - though it may not come up very often for some of you but consider when you say, "I forgive you" then also in a quiet moment later on - laying down or sitting up on your own - go into the most relaxed feeling you can obtain.

Calm yourself completely and when you can get to that place where you are calm and comfortable then say out loud, "I forgive you." You don't have to be specific about a person but if someone's picture flashes to your mind or some circumstance about which you feel discomfort simply say, "I forgive you."

If the discomfort doesn't fade then say, "I forgive myself for allowing myself to be hurt in life."

See if that helps. If that discomfort fades then remain in your relaxed state until other things come up that disturb you even if it is a place or a thing that makes you uncomfortable.

Speak out loud to that place or thing even if it's an inanimate object as you might perceive it, "I forgive you." If your discomfort doesn't go away then forgive yourself in the way stated above.

Now for some of you it won't work because it's a deeper root then that - meaning that there is so much about forgiveness, so much pain from the past or even present that there needs to be something that goes beyond being able to do that.

In this case I'm going to recommend disentanglement - the steps of which I've given here.

It involves gold light beings and light beings, angels and guides and certainly - Creator in order to support you as an individual and you are worth supporting.

I'm going to recommend that after you do the forgiveness process wait for about ten or twenty minutes. If you fall asleep that's fine, when you wake up try disentanglement.

Remember to request that all your beloved deities - whoever they may be, your angels, your guides, your spirit teachers and all benevolent loving beings of spirit and other energy be with you before you begin.

You will probably - when you wake up or when you get up - you will feel a little lighter. By lighter I mean you will feel as if something has been lifted off of you.

What disentanglement does and why you request these light beings is that these beings are able to travel into all places in your present and all places in your past and release the cords that bind you to old wounds - whether they be ones you remember or most likely have forgotten - and people, places and things mostly in your past but sometimes in your present that are causing you - remembering it and not remembering it you see - causing you harm and discomfort.

It's about releasing yourself from the burden of old discomforts. You see - it is difficult isn't it - to remember all who have trespassed against you to say nothing of those to whom you have trespassed but this process allows you to not only move through the first level of disentanglement but to release so much and have so much released from you.

Now "gold light beings" is important to say because they are able to function throughout all places, times and existence in a way that is completely benevolent and the same with light beings. I might add that angels, when they've been seen by others, are often seen as gold and white light - so this gives you an idea of who they are.

I recommend you use the words exactly as stated. In time I will give you more about disentanglement. For those of you who have not yet started this I feel it will be of great value. For those of you who have started it, then focus on the forgiveness work.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Steps On The Balance Trail

Ah balance - how often we need others to support us and how ready we are to support others.

This is something that we don't always think about although there are those who are not only thinking about it but teaching, complimenting and providing insight and wisdom to support balance.

In these days it is difficult isn't it, to know what is your balance and what is the balance for others. It is so very tempting isn't it - almost to the point of being seductive to read about what others have done to achieve their comfort zone and what you might do in order to achieve yours based upon what they did but in fact very often you need to discover certain things.

What are your natural talents and abilities as compared to what talents and abilities are natural for others, try to expand on what is naturally of ease to you and allow others to expand on what is of ease to them and don't try to do everything for yourself.

It's very important to allow others to help you just as it's important for you to help others. Balance, I believe, is a community experience and as a community experience it is one of sharing, one of being and one of yes - enjoying.

I believe we can do this benevolently and granted - while it may be a road it is a road worth traveling. So, good luck to you and enjoy your balance and allow others to help you - that's very important. Allow it and say thank you but don't overdo it - what do I mean by that.

It's very easy because of the conditioning and your life experience that you've had to believe that if somebody does something for you that you must do more for them in order to feel safe with having received something from them. Allow others to do things for you and learn how to say a gracious thank you and don't feel that you must go to the moon to pay them back for their kindness in kind.

Consider practicing this. Pick two friends or three if you like and promise that you will do something for them in any week you choose - you will do something for them that is more than you normally do and all you want from them - and they must promise - all you want from them is a sincere thank you. "Thank you very much" they might say - sincerely with a feeling you can feel and that's it.

If you like you can all do something for each other that is more than you might normally do - not a big thing - just something small and learn how to say, "Thank you very much" with the feeling of thank you and then let it go.

In other words we need to learn how to receive support in our own comfort zone to achieve our own balance without excluding that support by making it jump through hoops or without forcing that support to stay away because you are afraid there are strings attached.

Learn how to experience balance in a way that is complimentary. You know how you like to do things for others - let them do things for you too.

Alright - goodlife.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Important Value Of Clarity

We have all noted the heightened state of political tension in our country. I feel it is really important now to be clear about what we want but it is just as important to advocate what we want - yes and in a benevolent way - oh yes - and I feel it is essential to not be focused on who we think is to blame for all our troubles.

This has been a tremendous pitfall in the most advanced cultures in the past. Blaming in general, simply continues to stir up the pot. I'm not saying that we should discard justice - what I am saying is that blaming in general seems to be a root cause of so much history.

We don't think of history that often as something malevolent or discomforting and yet historians will agree, sometimes with chagrin, that history is very often - to quote my old history teacher, "About groups of unhappy people in ceaseless conflict for power."

My feeling is this - it would be very beneficial for those who are campaigning for what they feel would be good - not only to do in their localities but also how they would see our country and our world evolving.

I know that political realities do not always support this but for those of us who are not running for office and are simply considering the political and even the geopolitical situation I feel it is most important to focus on what we want in the most benevolent way and to let go of attacking or otherwise attempting to besmirch the value of others.

In these times I feel it is essential to be clear and therefore I recommend, not a political position but a humanitarian position. If at all possible - vote your heart in the most benevolent way and let go of who did what to whom. History and the wheels of justice will resolve all of that.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes - We Will All Get There In Time

Let us consider for a moment self-sustaining culture. How does it come about.

We see it at times in the animal world - such as in ants and other beings. Do we see it in the cultures on Earth.

Sometimes there are vestiges of such cultures. Sometimes the living descendants of such cultures do live on as best they can within their capabilities to sustain themselves. Other times they are examples of a previously well balanced self-sustaining culture that has been disrupted or harmed by others.

I believe that we are moving slowly step by step towards a self-sustaining culture. I have seen the signs and I believe self-sustaining cultures come about primarily because of necessity.

Once one begins that - one discovers that in order to allow the culture to continue to sustain itself it must feed all aspects of peoples needs and the most important aspect is of course - yes food, yes shelter, yes clothing but the most important aspect is how do we treat our young, how do we treat our old, how do we treat those who are infirm in any way and how do we treat each other as well as ourselves.

What are our hearts needs, how can our feelings be nurtured and supported, what is the most balanced and loving culture.

Only time will tell. We cannot say it's going to be this or that philosophy, this or that religion. We can only say that time will tell and when that time arrives I'm sure there will be scholars and others who will look back at our times and perhaps they won't be as critical as we all are of ourselves and our culture.

Perhaps they will look back and say, "Look there - see. Here are the seeds of our beautiful culture. The roots were taking hold even then and now it has bloomed into the beautiful flowers of cities and well being all over the planet in our self-sustaining domes of existence."

I believe that it will happen out of necessity and I believe we will all have heart for each other. I've seen the most unlikely people show heart for each other in unexpected moments of challenge.

I believe that this heart will grow, take root, offer flowers of actions and applications and seed itself over time into self-sustaining beauty. This is what I believe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Supporting Mother Earth

Living through this earthquake in Hawaii while by no means the first one I've experienced has brought to my attention that it is so very easy, isn't it to take for granted those whom we love.

I can think many times of taking Mother Earth for granted even though I am very fond of her indeed and often love her consciously. I'm sure you feel the same way.

How many other times though have I simply taken her for granted and not considered her and I feel we all do this too.

Considering that Mother Earth has put us on notice that she must do things for herself, as I've said elsewhere, I feel perhaps a Living Prayer and even Benevolent Magic might be called for here.

The first thing that we could say and I'm sure many of you have been saying is simply voicing our support for Mother Earth. For example, "I am asking that Mother Earth experience all the co-operation, love and feeling of being cherished in the most benevolent way from all beings."

And now I feel it would be useful to have a Benevolent Magic for us as well. You might say if you like, "I request that I experience the most benevolent life for me on Mother Earth and as a direct reflection of that - that Mother Earth bask in that benevolence as well and that this all occur in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Now I realize that that is a bit repetitive but the word "benevolent" which is a cornerstone of this site is meant to express a feeling.

That is why for some of you - in some languages other than english may have noticed that that feeling is described by other words in your language. Perhaps your language is more reflective of feelings and the feeling - benevolent - is expressed easily.

On the other hand your language may not be as reflective of feelings and one has to search for just the right words if you can find them. Since you know that my intention with the word benevolent is to express a feeling then that might help you to find that word or those words.

So, just a good thought and feeling for the day eh. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Feeling Those Who Assist You

There is a reason why I have been training you all to learn how to feel energies and invite them to the point where you can feel them benevolently be they angelic, deity, your guides or whatever purely benevolent and loving energies.

The reasons that a lot of this works - Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer and many more shamanic things that I will share with you on Mystical Man in time is that the energies are involved in the creation and recreation of all that we do here.

So I'm going to give you some homework - it is very simple. The homework is specifically and only this - ask that you have the experience of these benevolent energies.

Just pick a time and a place in such a way that you can feel/experience these energies. Turn the ringer off on the phone. Make sure that you won't be disturbed. Pick a time when it's quiet or use earplugs if you like so that you can create as much quiet as possible.

If you don't know exactly what to say then I recommend you use the format of the Living Prayer. You could say, "I am asking that the most benevolent and loving energies be with me now - that they be of (and you can fill in your deity name here if you wish) and that they be of my Angels and Guides and all loving beings who watch over me from spirit world and beyond."

That's all. You can sit or lie down if you like but when you say the Living Prayer make sure that you have gotten into the comfortable position where you're going to be. Try not to move very much after you've said it, breathing of course is alright, that's very helpful so that the energy can locate you and be with you.

Try this at least 3 or 4 times or until you're able to feel something. It is not a requirement to do the work on Mystical Man. You can still do a great deal of good for yourself and others but it would be very helpful, it will greatly enhance what you do and of course it is a building block to the more that I intend to pass on to you with Mystical Man.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Transitioning - To Trust

Thank you all for your patience. I know I haven't posted here for a while and it might take a little while to get back into the rhythm of things.

I also want to let you know that I'll be easing over - over time now - to posting a little more on Mystical Man and less on this site. I've said a great deal about Benevolent Magic and other things here and I feel that some of the things that I've opened up here - topics that are of special interest and value - can be added to more effectively on Mystical Man.

So I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just going to encourage you to ease over there once I get back on track after the earthquake.

I want to thank you all again for your patience as well as for your prayers and encouragement.

One more thing, there's a time coming now when we will all need to be more co-operative with each other so for those of you who have been missing homework :-) I'm going to give you short homework - not hard but it depends how you look at it eh.

If you want to do something unusual or even a little daring in some cases I'm going to suggest that you pick a neighbor, that you feel safe with and where you feel comfortable, that you don't know and to whom you've never spoken - perhaps there's just been no reason to do so - and see if you can strike up a conversation with them - just one.

I feel it's a time now to make friends in the neighborhood or area where you live even if you don't think you have that much in common - sometimes it might just surprise you how much you do. Give it a try but only if you feel safe alright.

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again before long. Goodlife.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Earthquake In Hawaii

Greetings. I want to let you know I'm alright and I also want to thank you all for your prayers and your concern.

Please everyone say Living Prayer or your own kind of prayer for everyone here in Hawaii and everyplace else that you feel may need it.

If you don't remember what to say I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now in the most benevolent way from all those beings who can help them."

Thank you again. Goodlife.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

More On Connections

It's all connected you know. We ask for a Living Prayer, we ask for help from spirit or people, we ask for Benevolent Magic - we ask.

Many times what we ask for is answered and there are other times when people ask us for things. Sometimes we don't think about it as being asked.

Maybe we receive a bill - maybe we're a little uncomfortable about paying the bill but then we think back on how relieved we were when we received a letter and thought it was one thing and opened it up and found out it was good news.

Keep in mind that good news, as they say, goes around and comes around. So lets support good news for all. Lets support good news by giving good news to others as we receive it.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Permission To Desire And Acquire

When do we find our way to the place that we are desiring. So many of us have desires that seem to be just out of our reach. They have siren songs - meaning that we get hints, fragrances as it were of their availability but so frequently just out of our reach.

Consider for a moment, "Is this something that would really be good for me. Is this something that is truly desirable. Is it something - yes - that is benevolent for me and how benevolent is it for others."

If you can say that it's benevolent for you and that it is benevolent for others then this is what I recommend. Right now think of how few words you can put it into and say in the form of Benevolent Magic quietly - say, "I request that I now receive - and fill in your request - in the most benevolent way for me and that all that occurs to bring this about will happen in the speediest most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

It is important you see, to give yourself permission to have this thing - whatever it is and it's also important to acknowledge that we live in a community of others and it's important that it be benevolent for them as well.

I know you cannot see all possibilities but if you can ask this in that way I believe it will help and to accentuate it happening in the best way first ask that all the benevolent and loving energies that are available for you be present first and wait for a few moments.

Many of you will feel something good. If you're not yet feeling sensitive to energies then wait about 30 seconds - they'll probably be there. Then say that Benevolent Magic.

Remember now and always - it's important to give yourself permission to have that thing that you want and to have it in a benevolent way and it's also important to take whatever it is outside of the realm of the unattainable.

Give yourself permission to have it yes - but put it into the realm of the possible by turning it into Benevolent Magic.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Observing The Good Things

How many times have you counted your blessings? I know that's an old time saying - or something like it eh.

Here's some interesting homework. Consider counting your blessings and I'll tell you why it's interesting. It's going to require real thought. Sometimes our blessings are vague - meaning that it might just be the friendly person who smiles at the bus stop or maybe someone that holds the door for you when you're struggling out of the supermarket with a shopping bag.

One does not always consider these things blessings and yet the blessings I'd like you to count - just any day - pick a day - are things like that.

Of course you know a lot of your blessings but pick a day and count when people do nice things for you. You don't have to write down all the nice things, you can just put a check mark - see how many you get.

I believe that a spirit of co-operation is coming now and I'd recommend if you haven't noticed it to wait about 3 weeks and then pick a day and see how many people do nice things for you - smile at you, cause you to feel welcome and to that end I'm going to recommend that you say the following Living Prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that a friendly spirit and co-operative attitude prevails amongst all those whom I meet and who are even near me that I could meet and for myself as well in the most benevolent way now."

If enough people say this it might just spread around the world and support and even stimulate such a co-operative spirit. For us all to feel a greater sense of benevolence in this world I believe we need to trigger it and that's why I'm suggesting this simple homework today.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Taking Over For The Spirits In The Stone

Kirsten has asked an interesting question that will help to expand on a recent post here. Here is her question followed by my answer:

Hi, Robert,

Thank you for this interesting post. I remember seeing very clearly the faces of native americans, hundreds of them within the canyon in the rocks of the Dragoon Mt. Range in Arizona. Why do you say, and why is it they are "moving on"?


Kirsten has asked why the spirits are moving on. Here is my answer.

We have been getting trained for a long time to perform the functions of what these spirits who have been watching over us and taking care of us have been doing. These spirits are able to move on now that we have the skills integrated to take over for them.

Much of this work we are integrating and applying in our now sleep state as our dreams are becoming more and more vivid. I'm sure many of you have noticed that.

I grant that sometimes what we remember from our dreams can be a little intense and sometimes even a bit overwhelming. I believe I have referred to this recently as well in my post Training As We Sleep.

Still we are able at the deepest levels of dreams to apply not only to ourselves and to other beings on the Earth but to apply many of the spiritual skills that Mother Earth has ceded to us.

Mother Earth must now look after her own body as there is much for her to repair and she can do this. This does not mean she's going to abandon us but rather that she trusts that we can, like any good children, take over certain things for our parent when our parent needs assistance.

She will repair herself and again be able to take over much of what we are carrying for her now.

So I'm going to suggest that for those of you who feel good about Living Prayer that you say this - I recommend you say, "I am asking that as children of Creator and of Mother Earth that we have the skills and abilities to consciously or at the deep sleep level or more be able to serve, support and nurture Mother Earth and all beings on Earth in the most benevolent way for us and them and that this will result in the most benevolent outcome.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training As We Sleep

Who are we. Are we only a product of our parents - however loving. Are we only a product of our family extended - past and present. Are we a product of Creator here and beyond. Are we more than that.

We are more than that. We are everything we have ever eaten and everything that has passed through us to go on to become part of something else such as the water we drink which passes through us and is purified through the Earth and goes on to be part of someone or something else.

Every plant we have ever consumed whether we are conscious of it being a plant or not is part of us - its life, its loves, its family, its experience - especially of the sun and of the rain is a portion of us.

It is this diverse world that makes us up that is all around us and inside of us that allows us to not only experience many things that go beyond our own possibility in life experience but also contribute to our capacity to have more life than we live and that more life takes place beyond our conscious mind into the world of dreams.

In dreams we can be anything, be anywhere, go anywhere and often are observing others live their lives.

I have been taught and I believe from my experience that many of us are training to be Guides. We are not just watchers in our dreams - we are training. We are with another who is teaching us how to guide.

From time to time you might catch a little vision of yourself or the being you are identifying with as yourself in the dream and you wake up and you realize that you do not now nor have you ever looked like that.

When that happens and you have the distinct feeling of actually experiencing it as yourself in the dream, that is because that's how Guides are taught.

Guides are taught in such a way as they truly feel what the other person is experiencing so that their guidance does not come from a point of view of teaching someone for whom you have no real idea of what they are experiencing. You must live it with them.

Sometimes that living is challenging but you must live it with them and then whether to depart lovingly or to get away - we wake up.

We sometimes get confused that it is about our lives but almost always with the exception of visions it is teaching that we are experiencing from others and immersion in the life of another somewhere - maybe not even on this planet - that helps us to get more sensitive. That's the bonus you see - we get to be more sensitive to the experience of others on this planet and maybe even in our immediate environment because through that teaching as we learn gradually and slowly how to be a Guide, we experience things that we might not ever be able to experience on this planet.

So the next time you wake up from a dream that seems so real - it is real and dreams are more than the stuff of fantasy.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Passages In Time

Do you see in the sky these days clouds that look like something. Oh not just beautiful clouds or even lenticular clouds which often have a unique beauty of their own but clouds which on one edge or more clearly indicate a picture however fleeting of someone or perhaps some thing.

This is something you will see more and more these days as spirits are presenting themselves before they depart completely from the planet.

Many of these spirits have been watching over different groups of other spirits and occasionally watching over different groups of living beings. Many of them have been family members from the past or on occasion tribal elders in spirit form.

Have you ever noticed in stone - mountains or rocks - a clear, easily discernible face. This is a similar situation where there has been such a desire to protect and oversee, to insulate and support that the face has been imprinted on the stone either through a volcanic expression or more often through the effects of wind and rain and time.

Most of these beings are moving on now and within say - a thousand years will not be visible in the stone anymore but while they are departing they will be visible in the clouds.

If you happen to see a face in the sky and it is pleasing and you have a moment - say up to the sky, "Goodlife." It bids them on their way and acknowledges their love and devotion.

I just thought perhaps you'd be interested and maybe even intrigued by this passage of spirits beyond time.


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Acquiring More Of Who We Really Are

How many times do you feel that you acquire new traits in your personality.

Of course it's not always obvious is it. Often our friends or family or even workmates will comment along the lines of observation that we're doing something different, saying something different or that we're just different.

I want to bring to your attention that there is something going on for us all right now. It is not exactly what I would call waking up - as in waking up from sleep but it's what I would call a time of acquiring.

We have when we come here, I believe, lessons that we intend to learn - this planet is very much like a school. We are and have been in the past forced to learn these lessons.

Sometimes it happens in a way that is too rough and it would be good if that could smooth out. Other times it is so vague that we don't have the slightest idea we've been learning anything until enough episodes of whatever the vague thing is happens - and then we begin to see a pathway - kind of like a dotted line that has allowed us to get to this point.

In this now time of acquiring, what is occurring from the teaching I have received and from what I have observed, is that we are beginning to acquire new traits for each of us in our personality which will allow us to not only be very clear about our own lessons in a way that is not harmful or hurtful but to also have opportunities to learn these lessons in much more gently ways.

You have probably noticed how much networking is going on these days. It's actually quite significant. It's not as if people were all hiding out before but there was some elements of hiding and perhaps some of it was a reaction to felt invasiveness - meaning a sense that privacy was being tampered with in more ways than we would like to experience but now you have all noticed, I'm sure on the internet as well as in your daily lives, that a sense of social networking is coming to the fore.

This is going to allow us to experience our lessons in a much more gentle way. I'll tell you why. Many of us do not notice the clues and tips of our lessons that we experience with those we love or those we see all the time.

However when we are interacting with people for the first time, as in social networking on the internet or more specifically with people that we meet here and there and wherever we go, these people will react to us the way we are in that moment.

They won't have a built up expectation of us being everything we were - that we ever were for that matter in the past. As a result they are likely to treat us completely different than those who have known us before - even those whom we are fond of.

This does not mean they are better but it does mean that we'll have the opportunity by their reactions to us to get clues that are much more obvious.

People are feeling much more permission these days to be more forthcoming, so look towards those whom you've just met or who you are simply talking to - say on a train or in a cafeteria or someplace like that - just to enjoy the interaction. Notice how they react to you and don't always assume they're on the make or they're trying to get something from you especially if they don't make any effort in that direction.

Also I recommend that you allow that people might be observing - when they say things - they might be observing something that might be of benefit to us.

So if they say something that makes us a little uncomfortable don't assume that they're trying to hurt your feelings. It's not impossible that that's the case but it might just be possible that they're making an observation based upon who we are not upon who we think we are, not upon what others have told us we are and perhaps even more importantly - not upon what we've been conditioned to believe we are but in fact who we are according to this person that we have just met and who does not know anything about who we've been, where we've been or what we've done.

It may be an opportunity to learn lessons more gently and to assimilate what is to be learned more comfortably.

I am hopeful that you will have the opportunity to experience this in the most gentle and benevolent way for you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Is Life Really About

Have you ever had the feeling - I don't belong here, where am I supposed to be, where are my friends, where are my family, why do I feel so strange here?

Nowadays - with as many people that we have on Earth - there is no question that there is a sense of being overwhelmed by daily life and yet there are beauties to be experienced. One does not always see these things when one is in the throws of the demands of life.

I feel it is especially important these days that parents not only prepare a child for what life may be like but to always support a child's observations of beauty if it is beautiful.

Keep in mind that children are not meant to be practical. Adults have had to become practical, usually - most of the time yes but children are not meant to be practical.

That's because they are a part of the beauty - a constant of it. Oh granted, they do not always do beautiful things but very often it is in their nature, especially when they're very young, to be a portion of the beauty - and beauty is in its very nature - innocent.

There is a thread of existence on this planet that is innocence. There are great books that refer to the value of innocence and I know that it seems like a impractical feeling but it is because of innocence that we are able to appreciate beauty since very often that which we consider to be most beautiful has an air - at least - of innocence.

The beauty of a flower, a child's smile, a doting Grandparent filled with pride, all of these things have a degree or air of innocence since they shut out the rest of the world - so it seems - that may not be so innocent - at least as we perceive it.

There is a way we are all going to get to where we are going here, I believe, and that is that we are going to learn how to trust that innocence quality in each other and in all life.

I am bringing this up because there is a unrealistic expectation being pressed down on many younger people these days - granted, on adults as well but the young are less able to count on continuity of some form of pleasure in life since their lives are somewhat more restricted by values both cultural and family, by demands of culture and often family and therefore the continuity of some form of pleasure especially when they are beyond the early innocent years - as perceived by many - become fewer and fewer for many.

Many of us wonder why young people often seem to be so cynical but I remember a time when, many years ago, the generation coming up was very cynical indeed because of "the bomb" and the assumption - all be it not true - was that "the bomb" would put an end to everything so why try.

That really tainted an entire generation, though many did try and some did succeed at their chosen fields. It is important, I feel, for that generation especially to observe and notice and to inspire and it is very often that which encourages me to inspire and to offer that which is not false hope but that which does allow for change beyond that which appears to be possible.

This site is about magic but it is, more to the point, about magic that is benevolent, causes no harm to anyone and encourages that life is about support.

I will say more about this as time goes on but for now I'd like to leave you with this - especially those of you who appreciate and use Living Prayer as a means to support all life. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all life experience the enthusiasm of innocence coupled with the strength and belief in the continuity of beauty, its value, its support and its nourishment."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Dream Invitation

Have you ever had the occasion to have woken up from sleep with the uncomfortable feeling - or even woken up suddenly as from a nightmare - that someone that you didn't know but perhaps heard their name, as in a dream sequence, was in trouble or in danger - or perhaps it was a place.

Should that occur for you, since we are all much more closely in touch on the soul level and even on the feeling level these days, I'd like to make the following suggestion.

It will cause you to feel better and be able to more easily go back to sleep because you will have done something. It works for me and I feel that it also will help those you have dreamt about.

This is what I suggest you say in the form of a Living Prayer. Remember, if you feel energy during the time that you say it then pause while the energy is there and when it begins to fade you can continue saying the Living Prayer. If you get the name of the person or the name of the place you can just fit it in to the Living Prayer.

This is what I recommend you say, "I am asking that (and here you fill in the name or the place) be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that all those who may be attempting to harm them (or him or her) also be insulated and protected."

Now you remember, I've mentioned this before, that we say the Living Prayer like that so that all souls are taken care of. All souls are likely to be in complete connection and harmony if everyone is looked after - even those that are intentionally or unintentionally causing harm.

It is easy to cause harm unintentionally isn't it. We catch ourselves - we did something - oh if we had done this instead of that - and we question our motives even if it was simply a happenstance over which we had little or no influence.

This is something that I find works very effectively and will be a great comfort for you especially when you feel that you want to do something and there's really nothing you can do because you don't know the people or the event is happening on the other side of the world and you're not even sure if it did happen.

After all, you were woken up because of something in a dream. We have to keep in mind these days that dream or not, we are much more closely connected and dreams these days could just as easily be a vision.

It doesn't mean that it will happen, it doesn't mean that all dreams or nightmares are likely to happen. However it is a great comfort and if there's any chance that it might happen - even on some other plane of existence which we cannot rule out - it will be a comfort to you to say it and it might just do some good.

So, that's my suggestion for today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Belonging To Us, Part 2

Is it really possible to be out of control in a benevolent way as I've said before. I think that you'll find that it is possible and I'd like to give you a leg up towards that possibility.

First of all, I recommend you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be comforted, nurtured, insulated and protected so that I can feel completely out of control in the most benevolent way and in the most safe way for me."

Now wait at least 10 minutes before you do the next step and this is what I recommend after you wait that time. Ask - if you would - that the most benevolent energies, the most loving beings, any Deity you believe in and the most benevolent sense of well being be available for you and present all around and about you to the greatest degree that you can receive it.

Again - wait about 3 or 4 minutes and then - this is what I recommend you do - I recommend that you - sitting down - move your arms and legs if you like, without regard to how you're moving them.

Obviously first you'll want to make sure you're alone and in a safe and benevolent environment but lets assume that that is the case for you. Just allow your arms and legs to move.

If you don't feel a sense of allowing that then move your arms and legs gently and slowly without any effort to do anything that is accomplishing any task whatsoever.

If you like, here's the second stage to be done about 2 minutes after you stop doing the other - and you can do the other for as long or short as you like but the second stage I'd like you to do for at least a minute.

Stand up, keep your eyes open and walk in any direction that feels comfortable. Allow yourself when you reach - say - a wall on the other side to touch it in any way you like.

You can touch it with your forehead. You can touch it with your elbow. You can touch it with the back of your hand - anyway you like and continue walking slowly around the room making further contact with objects or walls and performing the same tasks, assuming you're indoors.

If you're outdoors - you can do the same thing and touch only that which is not alive as we understand it - meaning don't touch the dog, don't touch the cat, don't touch any people - touch anything that's safe to touch in any way you'd like to touch it that feels safe and comfortable to you and walk in anyway you like.

You can turn around when you walk - you can do anything that feels comfortable to you. Then - after a minute or so return to your chair and sit down.

If you are not that mobile, you can do all of this to the best of your ability lying down.

Now there is a third stage but I'm going to suggest that you hold off on it. It has to do with being outdoors and walking about in nature but I'm going to recommend that you hold off on it for now. I will give you a follow-up on that later.

There is a reason to do this. There will be times now when you feel so overwhelmed by what's required of you, by what's expected of you and yes - by what's demanded of you that your physical body will literally need to be free. So look at this as an opportunity to allow your physical body to be free and do things in a free way.

You've seen - perhaps children touch things in odd ways. Of course we've all seen children taste things and so on which sometimes makes us very nervous but also children have a tendency to touch things in a way that adults don't.

As adults we touch things with our fingers or sometimes even a single finger but when you touch something with your elbow or with the back of your hand or with your forehead your body really feels free and it removes limits for you in a safe way.

I'm going to recommend that you try this and I may say more about it in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feeling Your Own Love

Recently this question was posed as a comment and I thought I would just share the answer with you.

Hi Robert. How does one stay totally in love and not take things personally in today's world?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Here's what I have to offer:

Thank you for your question. For one thing, staying in love is not an easy thing to do totally but what I recommend is this.

Love is a physical feeling and it is good for you to memorize how that feels in your body when the feeling is present.

Try to focus on the physicality and not the thoughts or the beings that you are in love with - in other words, keep it personal for you rather than externalizing it with someone else.

If you love someone else then you give them your love - yes we know this but what if you are investing so much of your personal energy in that other person that if something happens, something unfortunate or something unexpected - even temporarily - and that person for one reason or another is no longer with you - then you have lost a portion of yourself.

What I'm suggesting here is that you memorize how love feels in your body. Make that your personal connection because the way it feels in your body - all by yourself - the physical feelings in your body - is not something anyone can take away from you nor is it something that would cause you to be affected by anything external. That's my recommendation.

I also suggest that in order to experience love that you check this post and that you consider that the best chance for you to experience love in its most total way is to experience not only that warmth but also a sense of personal continuity - meaning that you have those physical feelings of love in your body, that you know how to do that and that at any time during the rest of your life you can create those feelings for yourself.

I'm not saying that this is to be used as a substitute for relationship - what I am saying is that relationship is not about giving away all your love to others but if the love you are experiencing in your body radiates, and we know it does, than others will feel it while you can still feel it.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Working With The Trees, Part 2

I have talked to you before on this blog about the rain, about the sun and recently spoke to you about working with the trees. I'd like to give you a little more on that.

There are places that have more rain then they need. Now you have to allow for the fact that if this is a desert or even a high desert and you're getting a lot of rain perhaps that's a good thing and I don't recommend that you interfere with that too much since, as you well know if you live there, your wells need to be filled and the deep water sometimes takes a while to be refreshed.

However, if there is an ongoing rain cycle and there is flooding and much suffering then this is what I recommend you do. I'd recommend that you find a tree - perhaps you already have a favorite one that is big and old or at least old so it is experienced and might feel comfortable working with a human being.

It might be best if you have found this tree and worked with it already but if not then seek out such a tree and see if you can feel a sense of compatibility - meaning you feel good about the tree and you get a good feeling standing in front of the tree from the tree itself.

Remember - say, "Goodlife" to the tree out loud. You can say it quietly if you want to and then see how you feel. If you feel comfortable, then that's the tree to work with. If you feel slightly uncomfortable, then the tree is busy and go on to the next one until you find one that feels comfortable.

This is what I recommend you do. Stand about 6 to 10 feet away from the lowest bough of the tree so there is enough space between you and the tree. If there are no low boughs then stand at least 10 to 12 feet away from the tree trunk.

Then first do this - ask out loud - you can do it quietly if you like - that all of the benevolent energies, Deities if you choose and other benevolent loving beings be with you energetically so as to allow you to feel the greatest and most benevolent energy that is comfortable for you.

Wait a moment. Some of you might feel something. If you do that's wonderful - wait until the energy quiets a bit in your body - if you don't feel the energy, then wait about 30 seconds to a minute and say this Living Prayer, "I am asking that the sun emerge benevolently on this place shining its life giving energy and that the rain return once again when needed by all of us here."

After you say that, wait for a time. Some of you, as I say, might feel some energy and if you do - wait until it completely fades. For those of you who don't feel energies at this time, then wait 2 to 5 minutes. Just look at the trunk of the tree - try not to think.

After that time you can then turn - if possible, take one or two steps backward - you can look over your shoulder to make sure it's safe and then turn to the left until you are in the direction you wish to go and then you can leave.

As I've said before, you turn to the left because that's the way the world turns. This is what I recommend for your second opportunity, as advised here, of working with the trees.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Definitions And The Undefinable

Have you ever considered, I know many of us have, why it is so difficult to define love. The dictionaries have vast amounts of definitions but for each of us it is something different isn't it.

Sometimes we may run across something in the dictionaries that feels very resonant with us. Other times we look at that same definition and there's something missing - we feel it as a reality.

On this site you will find a great deal of talk about magic, Benevolent Magic and many other things that I feel applies to and/or supports my general intent here. One thing that you will find also is love.

You see, magic and love are one. Now I'm talking about Benevolent Magic as is the title of this blog and because I feel that the kind of magic being done here and that I am supporting here is very loving indeed and the beings that I work with especially so - and all of you having that at the core of your being or you simply couldn't be here - then I feel comfortable expanding on these thoughts, feelings and definitions that I hope to provide you with in order to accomplish a greater and more comfortable quality that will bring comfort to your life and the life of others.

This planet is almost exclusively about love, its application and granted - how it can go wrong. If you read this blog from the beginning, and I know many of you have, you will find here many things that you can do to improve the quality of your life and perhaps which is my hope - improve the quality of life for others.

So when you consider love and when you consider life and when you consider magic - feel free to consider them all in a single breath because I have found that sometimes the most indescribable things regardless of how much we make effort to describe them simply have to be considered magic because we don't really know how to define it, we don't really know how to create it but as is my intent here - we can learn how to request it and I hope that your requests are always benevolent and loving for yourself and others and of course filled with and factored with the magic of life.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Values - Can They Be A Seduction

Here is a good question by Ilias. He has chosen to request that I expand on this from my post on Benevolent Magic entitled, Magic and you and I felt I would like to share it with you all as well.

This is a great reminder for a path to benevolent change and for being benevolent beings. It also seems to me that it is a path to eclipsing karma of past actions.(?) I want to understand more the seduction of values part in the post. Can you elaborate/clarify?

We're all raised with values. Our parents, our grandparents or simply those adults that raise us have values. They may have been passed on to them by those who raised them and yet we are exposed to other values during life are we not.

One has ones friends and peers when one starts to grow up, become a teenager and go on to become an adult. One might go in to business or into the military. One might simply be exposed along the way to other values.

So by the time one is raising someone, their children or perhaps even grandchildren, you have a wealth of values to pull from.

Very often however the values of those who raised you when you were a youngster are the ones that are projected consciously and just as often unconsciously onto those you are raising who are young.

I am not talking about anything new here. Psychologists and Therapists have this as a well established source of research and I do not claim to speak as one of their members. Still - since the question has been asked I feel somewhat called upon to broaden the topic.

It is this exposure to values that can sometimes be seductive. After all, when you're growing up you want to please your parents or the adults who are raising you and very often you will do so even at the cost of your own inner feelings and when you get older and start hanging around with friends at school and other places you want to please them.

You want to belong, you want to get along and you want to yes - go along. In this way they, you feel, approve of you and perhaps others in that group are approved of by you because that value while being temporary is something that allows you to establish a road to your own personality.

Later on in life there will be other values and you may try to live up to those and you may approve or disapprove of others as they attempt to live up to them.

What I am saying here is that values can be seductive because it's very easy to convince yourself when you are in the midst of trying to live up to them or enforcing their value on others either gently or firmly - you are very much involved in something where you may have been seduced at one time to believe that something is valuable or you may be consciously or unconsciously seducing others to believe in its value.

I bring this up and expand on it because Ilias has asked a good question and yet look at our world today - how easy it is to fall prey to a value that might on further reflection look like it might have been in error.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. We've all heard that said by someone and we may have said it ourselves, "It seemed like such a good idea and it seemed like it would be worthy, a contribution - somehow we're going to make the world better."

How many times has that been used as a justification for something that went terribly wrong - even if all the way into it we felt it was right. How easy it is to be seduced by a temporary value.

My feeling is this - and it is my feeling, I admit it - always see how it feels to you. I know it's hard to resist the temporary values of those we care about and those we want to care about us but see how it feels to you.

How would you like to be on the other end of that. The golden rule comes into play here - do unto others as you would have them do unto you - is the formal rendition of it but another way to say it is - how would you like to experience what you are doing to someone else.

I am not trying to accuse anyone of anything. I am rather simply saying - it is possible to be seduced by a value which may be purely temporary. How many of us can look back in time - even just a few years and say - that looked so special, so important, so wonderful to me at that time and now, can't imagine doing that.

I'm not judging anything here you understand, I'm just saying that that is a thought or even a statement that we all might have made at one time or another. Sometimes it's with humor. Other times, it's with a sigh of relief that we got through that time in our lives and we're still moving along.

Ask yourself - is this benevolent for me? Is it benevolent for others? That's what I try to use. I don't claim that I can live up to that ethic every day and every moment but it is my goal, it is my intention and hopefully - at least as much as I can make it so - my practice.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Do You Want...

What are the qualities of personality that you wish you had. You may feel good about yourself right now and that's wonderful but for those of you who feel that you wish you had some other qualities or even qualities of a physical nature this is what I am going to suggest for you to do.

First consider - are these qualities that would actually cause you to feel better about yourself and your life as it is now?

Give it some consideration because the name of this blog is Benevolent Magic and magic is what we do here.

After you've given it consideration then pick one that you feel the most sense of urgency about.

I'm going to suggest a Benevolent Magic you can say but you will have to fill in the part that has to do with what you want. Remember, state it in a way of what you want - not what you don't want - always say what you want or what you need. In this case it would be better to state that you need it if you feel you do.

This is what you can say for starters, "I request that I now experience (and then you fill in what you want) in the most benevolent way for me and that as a result of my acquiring this I will experience the most benevolent outcome."

Say that just once. Try to say it when you are calm, relaxed and not harried and preferably for it to be quiet. So if you can turn the ringer off on the phone or turn off any noise that would be helpful.

Then I'd like you to consider - where did you get the idea about this quality. Was it something that you saw. Was it some thing or someone that you envied.

Recognize of course, I'm sure that you do, that when you see such qualities on other people - even though it might be a quality or a quirk of personality, that those people are a whole package and you don't know what struggles they may have in their lives even if it is not apparent to a casual observer.

Still, this is what I recommend you do as a follow up. It is better to do this in a fictional situation - meaning make up a story - that way it causes no interference with other people.

So consider where you saw this quality or this type of personality and make up a little story in your minds - in your imagination - you understand - and don't involve real people that you know but you can imagine someone having that quality.

Make them a friend of yours - so it's a story you see. Then in a story just picture yourself - you and the other person with the desired quality in the same room.

Then sitting in the same room you would feel a sense of blending. Don't if you would, remember it's a made up story, don't if you would superimpose yourself over the other person or superimpose the other person over you but rather feel a sense of blending at a distance.

How do you do that? I will tell you how. Imagine a gold light in the room - some of you will see a crystal ball, others will simply see an orb. You extend - don't go out of your body just extend into the orb - then have the other being do that as well. Be in there for about a moment - 30 seconds tops - then pull back into your body, end the story and that's it.

The reason I don't have you involve the sun on the earth and the reason I'm having you do this as a story is that it would be very easy to unintentionally interfere with somebody else's life and it would also be very easy to unintentionally cause harm to your own life but if done this way as a story it can simply amplify the potential of your experiencing some version of what it is that you want.

It may not be exactly what you ask for so don't be attached to that and make sure when you say the Benevolent Magic that the word benevolent is stated so that you don't wind up attracting something to yourself that would involve difficulty or discomfort.

Well that's my little magic lesson for today. Give it a try and make sure when you ask for something that it's something that you've considered - alright - something that you've considered and it feels all right and safe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

As a follow up, for those of you who have difficulty making up stories and seeing them in your minds eye - feel free to use fictional characters from books, magazines or even cartoons. That is perfectly alright as well. Goodlife.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Magic Is...

I was struck by the value of Seven's comment and question and therefore I thought I would share it with you as well as my answer. I hope you enjoy it:

As I was reading I was struck by the intellectual process of claiming what we wish to own through what Peale and others would call 'the power of positive thinking'. It is a concept I trust in. I also trust in the higher power and have seen prayers answered immediately. I am sure there are many similar examples such as these spread across the world's cultures.

I find myself placing the word 'magic' in this context, though honestly I am not sure you are holding the same thought. We give words meaning and then of course the words own power.

The word magic scares many people though I don't know why, only some shadow of a thought in my mind. Such as, if things occur by magic, then Robert must mean there is no Creator, and that scares people. I don't think you mean this at all?

I personally like the word magic and the potential it holds; but of course I might be lying outside your definition? And on another hand, does that really matter?

What is magic? Is it something that is in opposition to life - I don't think so. It is important to consider that true magic is something benevolent.

Magic has been given a onerous image because there have been those who, because of various frustrations of life have attempted to use magic for something destructive but in my experience the only magic you will ever read about on this site is purely benevolent but it is important to use the word magic because to do any other word here would simply create confusion.

It is also important I believe, to rescue the word magic from those who would simply drop it into a category of being something untrustworthy, fantastic, meant for children or worse - used only by those who wish to corrupt you.

In my world magic is purely something and only something that is of the natural world and in my world the natural world is something that Creator has provided for us to see clearly even in and around and in the midst of the world we create for ourselves - the world of technology and all of its attendant confusion, misinformation and struggle to adapt.

Many of us are here and confused about who we are, where we're from, why we're here, what we're doing, where we're going and where we will wind up. It is also my intention on this site to cover those topics and I do from time to time.

I will simply say today however to this wonderful comment by my good friend Seven that it is, I believe, of great value to take a look at magic and consider - is magic a child's smile, is it a drop of dew on a flower petal, is it the amazing shape of a spider web and the mist caught in it catching a glint or ray of sun, is it the happiness in a family's eyes when one of its members has accomplished something great or small - it doesn't matter - or is it all these things and is it the co-operation of all souls of all beings on Earth co-operating in the most benevolent reality we can create in our attempt to imitate and apply Creator's natural world to our lives. I believe it is all these things and more and it is my intention to write about these things here and now and on a ongoing basis on this site and on my other blogs as I am able.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Magic And You

Have you ever considered that the only difference between individuals is our conditioning as well as some very minor biological differences - and what I mean by this is that we all have the same range of feelings, we have the same general physiognomy - granted with the difference between men and women - and we have the same general wants, needs and desires.

One might reasonably ask, why then is there prejudice? Why so many ongoing battles? Is it simply a difference in race - which is largely a matter of visual impact or is it culture which has just as much to do with conditioning as well as one's born to heritage or is it simply that the desire to seek cause for one's problems in external is so seductive - and by external I mean that which is not you.

Seduction is not always considered to be something that is of a value. It is usually considered to be a person to person thing but values are indeed very much a seductive melody. One finds in various groups - to say nothing of old resentments perhaps engendered by cause not just by appearance - perhaps one can say these judgments are understandable.

I am not a Historian but Historians I have spoken to can explain in detail why things are the way they are. What will change it?

In my experience, what changes things very often is magic. Benevolent Magic and Mystical Man, my two most well known blogs as well as published material I have out there, are intending to show that magic in the benevolent way of presentment is the means to change.

I believe that magic has everything to do with who we are, why we are here, where we are from, what we are doing, how we will get to where we are going and how we will be received when we get there.

The reason I talk so much about magic these days is not because I'm trying to push something on you but rather because - given the complicated nature of life that exists all around us these days, in my personal experience I find that magic is the simplest and quickest and most benevolent solution.

Do you know that at the biological level magic works profoundly well. It also works very well at the spiritual level. I grant that in the world of thought that it can always be questioned and yet in the world of physical proof, which I have seen countless times, there is no need to question it. I believe what I have seen, felt, heard, experienced and followed up on.

I will continue to talk about magic here and on my other site, Mystical Man but I'm just presenting it to you again here today because I feel it is important for you to recognize that to recreate the world using the methods that we have in place now would be too much time, too much struggle and definitely way too much competition.

The kind of magic I propose and practice is benevolent and heart centered. That does not mean it is weak and pathetic. Rather it means it is strong and since we all have strong hearts to live here - it is the magic of strong heart and I believe as well as have seen it to be so.

I will continue to contribute to your learning base and your potential all the magic I have to offer.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.