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The Wand Position
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Capacity To See Beyond

I'm going to give you a little instruction and that instruction is how to see clearly beyond what is directly in front of you. What is directly in front of you does not refer to a thought, an idea, but in fact what is actually physically in front of you. Sometimes, it will be something that isn't pleasant. How do you see beyond that? This is the foundation instruction I want to give you on a procedure known as Long Vision.

If you can, I'd like you to look at something in the distance. It would be useful to be outside or be able to look outside. Find something significantly in the distance and then I would recommend that you imagine, to the best of your ability, what's just on top of that thing, all right, and in order to do that, the best thing is to look at something, perhaps a mountain or a plateau, but many of you might be near the sea, so look as far as you can look on the sea itself. Imagine what might be beyond there. Perhaps imagine a whale - a peaceful, benevolent whale. Perhaps imagine a ship that is filled with friendly people, including crew and try to imagine what it looks like. This will give you the opportunity to try that. Many of you live in a city and cannot see past a certain building that's blocking your way. Imagine what the top of that building looks like, the very top, not the top floor where people reside, but the very top. Imagine what it might look like. You might reasonably ask, what good is it? In order to be able to see beyond what you can see, you need to be able to imagine it. Imagination is the divine part of the mind, because it can move beyond what is, to what might be.

Now, after you've done that once or twice, I want you to try something else. Look up at your ceiling, all right, or look at a wall on the other side of the room or look at a tree across the yard or look at a wall across some distance. Don't go over and touch it. Not yet. What I'd like you to do is to use the arm you normally use to receive things. If it's your left hand, fine. If it’s your right hand, fine and reach your arm, that arm, towards that thing – the wall, you see, or the tree for example, and move your hand in such a way as it’s somewhat in front of your eyes and move your hand along the contours of that wall or that tree. What you are trying to do is if you're going to imagine that you can touch that tree or that wall. So you are reaching but you are not actually going to get up and go over there and touch it, you're imagining what it feels like. Now, after you do that for a while, get up and go over and touch the tree, or touch the wall. Don't do this with a human being or you might accidentally take on some of the energy that they have around them, which you will not be able to process and which will be uncomfortable for you. I'd recommend not doing this with human beings at all. It can only be harmful to you. In time, I might give you the process to avoid that. Now after you have touched that thing, to the best of your ability from a distance, if you can, go over and touch it in reality and see if it feels, even in some way, similar to what you could almost feel at a distance.

All right, that's Part 2. Here's Part 3.

Go back to Part 1 again, where you imagined what the top of the building looked like. What the whale looked like or what the ship looked like and this time, use what you just learned in Part 2 - Long Touch, and see if you can touch the contours of the whale, the contours of the ship, the top of the roof of the building, and see what it feels like. You may not be able to go there and actually see what it feels like, but this gives you an opportunity to try something that you may be able to use to see, to touch and to feel. This is particularly helpful for those of you who have loved ones someplace. Perhaps your husband is at sea, or a soldier far away. Perhaps your wife is working far, far away or perhaps you are separated for some other means. In that case, you can touch, not the person, but you can reach out with Long Touch and you can touch something near them. Imagine what they look like. Imagine what she or he is doing, something peaceful - sleeping, sitting at a desk, or perhaps jogging, something like that and touch something near them. Don't touch them. It might startle them or it might give you some energy that you won't be able to handle and will be uncomfortable. Touch something near them. Say someone's jogging, then touch a tree that they're going to jog by. You'll be surprised, after you see them jog by, how much you feel connected to them. Give it a try. See how you enjoy it.

Now, if you want something extra to do, something fun, imagine what life is like on some other planet - a beautiful planet where everybody is kind to each other, where there is no stress and no unhappiness. These places exist all over your universe. Your planet is where the challenges take place but it is also where people can grow and stretch and adapt to things that might help you to expand the capacity of your soul. So, let's try something fun with what we've learned so far. Imagine this beautiful planet, picture it as it might be. Then use your Long Touch and touch something there, not people, but touch something and see how you feel. Remember the purpose of this is to see beyond and this will give you a chance to see well beyond and perhaps even touch it. If it feels uncomfortable immediately pull back your arm, but I've put safeguards in place and I've asked Creator to put safeguards in place so that you cannot harm yourself or others. Be assured of that. I hope you enjoyed this departure today from Benevolent Magic. I feel it supports your opportunity to learn how you can function in your world in more benevolent ways and in more loving ways.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Valuable Capacity

One of the most valuable capacities we all have as Human Beings is our ability to care about people we don't know and have never met. This endearing quality within us all is one of the reasons I am making additions to this blog at all.
I know many of you have said to me over the years that you get mad or upset or just downright disgusted with human behavior sometimes and yet equally, the same people or others have said to me that they were surprised, even stunned by the kindness, generosity and just plain friendliness of complete strangers to them.
You hear about people having mean streaks but in my experience people, sometimes even the most unlikely people, have kind streaks and it is because of that kind streak that I feel that Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer offer not only support but the means by which you can express your kindness, perhaps at times even to people you don't know and have never met. So if you haven't read the previous postings please do so and if you have read them here's a Living Prayer you can say if you like:
"I am asking that the kindness of all people come to the present and front of their personalities and be reinforced as being worthwhile by all those people and Beings around them."
That's all for today, just a short comment. Goodlife.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Value Of Us All

Greetings. I have new information. Many of you have wondered how you can help your country and your world. I want to give you something that you can say from time to time just to help.
Why don't you say, "I am asking that the world situation merge together in one heart and provide for each other an opportunity to feel the value in each and every soul every day in the most benevolent way."
This is a Living Prayer which as I've said before is called a Living Prayer because it is for the living, it's immediate and it's done only with the permission of all souls at the soul level. Living Prayer is a benevolent application to help create a form of world peace which comes from the inside out.
As people get used to other people being like them and not being like some foreign object, then it will be possible to not only feel accepted by those who have not trusted you but to feel acknowledged as someone like you. People have much more in common then their differences. Over time there has been a loss of awareness of this but in fact it is true.
Consider the value of other people. Consider your own value. Disregard those who have said that you have no value. I say you have value. So do you all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Benevolent Magic

Welcome. I am hopeful that over time as you read this Benevolent Magic blog that you will not only learn of my trust and belief in the value of this but that you will be able to literally, as I have done, change your life for the better.

It is so profoundly simple. According to my experience there are Beings, benevolent, loving, Light Beings who will make connections between all life on the soul level - not coercing anyone to do anything that they don't want to do but only requesting if it is comfortable for all Beings that there be the slightest, and it is the slightest for most people, alteration in their activities, motions, possibly even thoughts that is completely and totally compatible and benevolent for them.

Most people will not feel anything when ones statement of Benevolent Magic is completed but if there is anything felt it will only be benevolent.

The wonderful thing about requesting something in Benevolent Magic is that it can only be good for you and others and if by error or by mistake a Benevolent Magic is requested that is not good for yourself or not good for others it will be automatically, by the Beings who help to link all Beings up in this method of creation, it will automatically not go through.

So it is completely safe to use in my experience and I hope you will find it that way too. Please read the posts after this one and you will get many specific instructions on how to say Benevolent Magic.

There is another matter I want to bring up and that is that I find that for myself when I hear about or even when I come to know about through the news or what people tell me - some event - perhaps
that someone is ill that I know or perhaps there is some tragedy somewhere in my neighborhood, in my city or in the world, there is a wonderful thing we can say.

I have said it and I know that it is more than a prayer - and I know prayer is wonderful - and that is what is called Living Prayer. It is called Living Prayer because it effects the living in benevolent ways and I know we all want to have a benevolent impact on the world if we possibly can.

For example, you might try to say something that would serve some greater good. I would
recommend, as a beginning that you, when you're watching the news, if you can when you come across some sadness or tragedy turn it off or mute it for a moment and then say the following Living Prayer: "I am asking..." (and then you fill in the news event - perhaps that car crash or that sickness or disease and then you say where - you don't have to give all the details - you say where it happened and you go on and say) ..."that all those individuals who need help receive all the help they need benevolently, from all those Beings who can help them."

Say this when you've just seen the news or read about it or heard about it. Say it as soon as possible but only if you have the feeling and desire to help.

What truly activates Living Prayer is feeling. It is my belief that feeling is what is the operative creation or the operative function of our world. Many of us have noticed how feeling dogs are or
how feeling cats are or horses or other animals, that their feelings seem to be very noticeable and of course we all know that our feelings are important too.

Everyone, every Human Being, every animal, and I believe every plant and every portion of Creation has feeling and that this is a form of universal language.

I believe that through the use of feeling in benevolent ways we can truly improve our world. It's working for me. I hope you find it of value.

Goodlife to you all.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Welcome. From time to time I will publish my thoughts here on Benevolent Magic and its worthiness. I may also publish my thoughts in general. For those of you who don't know me my name is Robert Shapiro. I am a Professional Trance Channel and I am most well known for channeling Zoosh, Isis, Speaks Of Many Truths and other Beings who one could find in the pages of Sedona Journal Of Emergence or various books published by Light Technology Publishing.
If you want to know what channeling is to me, it is very simply a means to allow more to speak through me that is totally benevolent that is intended to provide the best available suggestions, opportunities and worthwhile advice to all those who care to read it. If it doesn't interest you, that's fine. I have no intention to convince anyone even though the words themselves might have that eventual outcome for some of you.
Well, anyway, this is my opening gambit. I hope you enjoy what I'll post here eventually. I will say for just now that Benevolent Magic is meant to be a helpful tool. I hope you will want to read more about it as the succeeding posts after this one will give many details and provide specific information. Read on my friends, it will come within a post or two. I will also be using this site to talk about Living Prayer and I'll say more about that next time. So for now this is all I have to say for my opening post. I'll have more to say as time goes on. Goodlife to you all.