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The Wand Position
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Monday, November 19, 2007

How Many We All Are Here

Have you ever looked up in the night sky at the moon - perhaps when its first risen and has that golden quality at times and the vast array of stars with the knowledge that so many more so far away we cannot see. It makes one feel rather small while at the same time feeling a part of something more vast doesn't it.

A single being in observation of the vast universe provided by creation. Do you know that one of the reasons we have this vastness that we can see is to remind us that there are others on this planet with us who see on a day to day basis vastness and gigantic things all around and about them.

On the one hand we have that with our own children don't we. Babies and even toddlers - the world looks vast and huge. How many times have you as an adult looked at things that you saw with your child's eye and they looked so much smaller then they once did.

And yet there are amongst us beings who are smaller still. We don't always think of them, we don't always see them and we certainly do not always understand them and yet here we are on this planet surrounded by multitudes of different kinds of species of life - some of which we see clearly, some of which we only see sometimes and some of which we only know exist because science in its ability to see very small things has informed us are surely there.

One has to consider that the being who put us here, Creator, must have had a plan in mind. Why would Creator make for us this constant exposure to things that are vast - even as an adult looking into the sky. I believe that it is Creator's intention that we develop great compassion for life and patience and understanding of all life around us.

Consider a beetle walking down the road or moving from one point to another with purpose only the beetle knows for sure. How vast we must seem to that beetle. How huge the mountain no matter how big it is to us - how huge that beetle sees that mountain and yet - how many thousands nay millions of beetles have crossed that mountain compared to humans.

I believe Creator wants us to understand and appreciate the value not only of our own lives as we go through the stages of living them but also to appreciate the value of all life as we can identify many times in our life with their experiences. Oh we are not multilegged, we do not live on a web, we do not live like they do but there are aspects of our life that are similar for which we can identify with their perception at times.

I believe Creator has designed this fabric of life for us that we may understand our thread and have contact with the threads of others.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Robert.
I appreciate you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Diane, Happy Thanksgiving to you to my friend. Thank you for your good wishes and support.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

these words... "develop great compassion... patience and understanding of all life around us" sure seem like a formula which, when applied to consciousness,... eleviates the need for anti depressants....wherein one is constantly lamenting the lack of something in their own, me, me.....and instead...focuses on others and how to give...even if simply energetically...compassion, patience and understanding....

Thinking how this applies to intimate relationships....

I have tried for so long to ...compassion, patience and understanding.... and still I find that I have needs of my own. Perhaps it's easier practice...compassion, patience and understanding.... in ones work and in the world somehow, but in an intimate relationship, while compassion, patience and understanding are an intrinsic aspect of the foundation of the relationship, still inherent in the term "relationship" is the concept of give and receive. Thus to be the only one practicing...compassion, patience and understanding....pushes one to the "limits of giving" (if that is not an oxymoron)...and ultimately leaves this conditioned soul needing that which is being given .

Is this wrong?

Robert Shapiro said...

Anon, a fine if complex question. Given the presentation here on this blog I will simply say this.

It is good that you attempt to apply these ways of being in an intimate relationship. Ultimately though, discernment comes in too. Not judging - nor do I notice you judging your partner - but discernment - is this the right relationship for me? Am I perceiving only my own efforts or is the other person giving more that I know?

Have you perhaps tried counseling wherein both parties discuss what they are giving? But it is not my job nor do I claim to be qualified to do such counseling even here on this blog but I will say that if you feel you are going to the moon, so to speak, and you don't feel that from your partner seek some professional counseling first before making a move which may prove to be rash.

And after you have that consultation or many consultations perhaps with you and your partner with the counselor or therapist then make a decision based upon your own discernment and what is best in the situation to the best of your ability.

That's what I recommend in this case. Thank you for your question and may all things work out for you and your partner in the most benevolent way.