The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, March 31, 2006

Creating Is Much Easier And More Desirable Than Uncreating

There has been a valuable question by Dawn in the comment section in response to my posting, "Something Good Is Coming" of Wednesday, March 29, 06. She was concerned about some unsettling things in our world. I felt I wanted to share the answer to her with you all as well - and so here it is.

In my experience I have found that no matter what other people are doing, whether it be good or not so good, that it is essential to keep your focus on what it is you want rather than how you'll go about getting it if you wish to use Benevolent Magic.

Benevolent Magic works because all souls and all beings co-operate to bring about the desired result regardless of who asks. It will not however work in order to bring about any form of malevolent result. In that way it is benevolent - hence the name.

I would recommend you consider what you want and then use the following form for Benevolent Magic, to acquire it. You might say, "I request that (then you fill in your need) be experienced by me now in the most benevolent way (pause for a moment) resulting in the most benevolent outcome" Just like that.

Try to keep it simple. Don't try to think it out in your Benevolent Magic - meaning don't try to stop something or uncreate something. Ask for what you want the result to be, you see? What is the experience once everything is completed.

If it is peace in your life or happiness - ask for that but don't try to fill in something like - I want this stopped or that stopped. It is always better to start. You may have noticed in your life that sometimes it is very difficult to stop something and yet starting is not that difficult and that is because creation is something that is always unfolding.

When the sun comes out in the morning and the petals of the flower open - if they had closed in a way the previous evening that it was not comfortable for the flower, the flower would not try to go back to the night before to make it comfortable. Rather the petals would unfold and the plant would hope that on this day when the evening comes that the petals will fold up nicely and more comfortably than the previous night. In other words - go forward. Thats what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Something Good Is Coming

An occasion is approaching. That occasion will allow you to experience a greater portion of yourself. We are all born here on Earth with only a limited portion of our full spirit operating. This allows us to experiment consciously and unconsciously to discover more about our personalities when they are exposed to the situations we find here on our beloved Mother Earth.

There is an occasion now approaching however when more of our spirit - which I consider our immortal personality - is to be present with us. What you will find in exactly three weeks from today (4-17-06) is that you will feel something that is a physical feeling and arrives with a personality characteristic that absolutely is your own.

For everyone it will be different but it will be something that you are completely aware of - not a mystery, not something that somebody tells you about - and I'm not going to make predictions for each and every one of you - it will be different for you all.

It will be something however that you will welcome and you will recognize as something that is truly you. When you notice it and you will - be aware that it will be something that you will need to utilize with others slowly so that you can get used to it and when you get used to it you will truly enjoy sharing it.

I will say more about it as time goes on but for right now just let it be something you can look forward to and circle the day on your calendar. Now I grant that some of you will start to feel this personality characteristic two or three days before the date listed and some of you will feel it at the very last moment of that day (4-17-06) - yet you will all come to know it and enjoy it for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Road To Trust

Awakening to a new tomorrow - life as we know it is changing. It will be found to contain many new opportunities and some old ones that we've seen before. It will also contain circumstances that are both confounding and enlightening. The exchange on our parts will be that we'll have to do something that for most of us is out of character. We'll have to be trusting.

This will not be easy of course, because life has not prepared us for that. So how can we know when the moment has approached to be trusting? I always use the good feeling in my body - the feeling that I referred to before as the warmth in my chest or solar plexus but I know that not every one is familiar with this nor is able to readily assimilate it as a means to know. So I will say this then - I'd like to support you to know when to be trusting so I'm going to suggest that you try to feel with your heart using the sun.

I have spoken before about the purifying method with the sun that will allow you to prepare. If you can purify with the sun every day you will as a side effect establish a relationship with the sun that will allow you to link with it.

So if something comes across your path that feels good then ask the sun - I know it is the sun in the sky but ask the sun yes, to send a cord to you that is of its own light and is of gold light as well. The sun will prompt you to feel that warmth. It is something I recommend you try just as an experiment first - ask the sun when sitting comfortably in a chair or laying down to send a gold cord from itself to you to see if you can feel that warmth and try this two or three times. Then don't test it anymore.

When something comes up that appears to be an opportunity, especially something in business or involving some possibility to accomplish something you've desired to do for a time - it won't likely come up in a relationship but it might come up in business or in acquiring some form of property - then ask the sun to send you a gold cord and if that gold cord prompts the warmth in you then this will be a sign that you may have the opportunity here that is worth trusting - at least a little bit.

Do not discard your usual means of making a decision but use this as a way to know that the decision might be invested for your sake with a little more trust. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sensing At A Distance

Energy is something that may not always determine your capacity in life. Do you know, perhaps some of you do, that electrical energy does run in your body compatibly though too much of it is overwhelming. Just a little bit as measured by science, in your brain and nervous system is nurturing to you. You all know of course that too much is not a good thing.

There has been some success in treatments for disorders that also use very subtle quantities of the stimulation to support the relief of symptoms. This I believe is called homeopathy. There will be over time more of these subtle treatments. This kind of subtlety or gentle approach is something that your body invites.

Sometimes of course you need emergency, massive care - no question about that but other times what is subtle and gentle is most welcome. I'd like you to test that out for yourself. This is just for fun alright, and is best done with a friend but you can do it with a lover or companion as well if you like.

Each of you - one go into one room and one go into the other but with a - just a wall between you. Then what I recommend is that you raise - one of you start alright - and you raise very slowly your right arm. The person in the other room who cannot see you of course, simply raise your right arm when you feel the other person is doing it and then the person who started it lower your right arm - do this slowly - this isn't trying to trick anybody and raise your left arm. Always do this raising and lowering very slowly.

There is a reason to start off with a wall in between you. I want you to be very clear that the reason is to heighten your sensitivity.

Now after doing that for a few minutes, as long as you like, don't compare notes - oh, when did you raise your arm, when did you lower your arm - just come out and go into another room.

You can turn the lights off - you can keep them on - it's up to you and stand about ten feet apart with your back to each other. This time the other person raise your left arm, lower your left arm, raise your right arm, lower your right arm very slowly. Just do it a few times for about five or ten minutes if you like. You can sit down if you choose - thats perfectly alright. Just raise your arms like that and lower them and the other person try to match what your friend or loved one is doing.

Then for a third time, turn around and face each other and do that with your eyes closed. Raising one arm, lowering the other slowly like that for a few minutes.

Then do it slowly again with your eyes open and the lights on so you can see each other. It may seem to be excessively repetitive and very silly. If you do this though about three or four different times you will find that you will get much more attuned to each other. You will find that even if you cannot see each other you will feel that you are raising your arms and lowering them, without seeing each other, at the same time.

This is done to heighten your sensitivity to each other and to be able to at times when necessary know what is happening without being able to see. This is sensing training. It is a capacity to see - training and more importantly it heightens your ability to be aware over distance.

You might reasonably wonder what it's for and I will build on this in the future but I will just give you a suggestion. There are times when you would want to know what is happening at a great distance to either a friend or a loved one or with a friend or a loved one or you would like to see at a great distance. This homework will support that.

You don't have to do it but it might be kind of fun and I'll tell you what - after you do it three or four times you can compare notes if you want to. It might be fun and it takes a lot of the edge off of trying to match numbers or shapes because that can become competitive. This isn't about competition. It's about becoming closer, becoming more sensitive and being able and yes - willing to learn.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Feeling Enlightenment, Part 2

Now today I would like to talk to you about enlightenment. Do you know that when you are born - as a child yes - a little baby - you are born enlightened.

It's true and you retain that enlightenment to a degree until you are about six or seven years of age but I have to tell you something now thats very interesting and that is that - that age of enlightenment is extending and in about ten to twelve years you will find that instead of just six or seven years old you will maintain that enlightenment in a special way when you are still - maybe seventeen years old.

You'll retain it in the following way - you will have the capacity to know what people are saying by what they're feeling.

This is very interesting because it will allow you to know not only when people are being truthful because their feelings may not match their words but also it will allow you to grasp - not only through your physical feelings the truthfulness of what people are saying but you will be able to experience pictures.

Now some of you already know what I'm talking about. You'll be able to experience some pictures that will pop into your mind. Think about what this could mean. It means that no matter what language the person is speaking to you, you will be able to understand a minimum of thirty percent and for some of you up to sixty percent of what the person is saying even if they are speaking a foreign language or if they are unable to speak at all or unable to speak their language as they once did.

Think about it. There are diseases, there are situations for people where they are no longer able to communicate and speak their own language and you will be able to know - the young will be able to know and interpret. Isn't that wonderful.

Also I'd like you to consider something. There are people amongst you who are able right now to know what a person is feeling regardless of what they're saying. These people, if they know they have their capacity, are very valuable in many positions in society because they can tell when someone is being truthful or not - but sometimes the person who may not be truthful may not be intentionally lying.

Think about it. How many times have you said to your friend or loved one or child or anyone thats close to you, "I love you" or "You're my best friend" and you mean it as a thought but your feelings that you have in your body at that moment do not interpret into that. You are not feeling love when you are professing it. You are not feeling friendship when you are acknowledging it.

I want you to try something if you like - a little extra homework - something to try with a friend or loved one. Say to your friend or loved one - we'll use loved one as an example - sit quietly for a moment, both of you, facing each other perhaps and feel love - feel true love.

Don't say anything, don't touch the person - just get in the feeling of love for that person and when you have that feeling - then say, "I love you" and wait for a few minutes until the feeling passes and the other person - then you get into that feeling - then you say, "I love you." Afterwards compare notes and see how it felt.

This kind of communion is much more beneficial to both parties and it allows you to not only be clear that - yes indeed you do love this person but also to understand the nature of language. Language is not intended to be a substitute for feelings. It is intended to make your feelings known out loud - thats really it.

It has been turned into an intellectual exercise but its real purpose is to make your feelings known out loud - did you know that? I think in order to experience your enlightenment it would be good to consider the baby - you are born with enlightenment as a baby - and babies always know whether someone is being honest with them - you can't say to a baby, "I love you" and not feel it - if you don't feel it, babies going to know or they're going to be confused when later in life someone says, "I love you" - see.

It's good young parents and grandmother's and grandfather's too. Feel that love when you tell baby, "I love you" because then baby will recognize when they grow up when someone says, "I love you" - the feelings they are feeling in response to that person saying it and feeling it will be equal.

Babies are born enlightened and if this is so and we are all born that way then maybe we can find a way that we can remember our enlightenment. Try the exercise if you have a loved one. If it is a friend, then feel friendship and say, "You are my friend." Just adapt it - do you understand. Give it a try, it might be fun.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Purifying Through The Sun

Now there is something going on that I feel you could benefit from knowing. There are energies in the air all around us - much of which is very benevolent but there are other energies that are potentially harmful. So I'm going to share something with you today that I have found to be profoundly effective.
We have all had circumstances in our lives where we have had unhappiness or discomfort or general feelings of hurt and so on - to say nothing of traumas we might have experienced but I'm talking about things that are a bit more gentle. So I'm going to share a technique with you today that might be surprising to some of you but for others of you, especially those who can imagine and create images that you can work with, you may find that this will be helpful especially for the slings and arrows of discomforts that occur from day to day - week to week and other energies that might alight upon you that mean you no harm but still can cause harm unintentionally.
This is what I recommend you do at the end of every day - any time you choose. It is probably best to be alone when you do this but if there are other people around then ask them to be - maybe fifteen feet away from you and for it to be as quiet as possible. Close your eyes, perhaps you will be sitting down and imagine the sun in the sky even if it's nighttime.
Then see yourself moving through the sun. Now, this is a visualization you understand, and you will not have to worry about the sun being hot - obviously - but it is important to utilize the sun's purifying characteristics. So picture yourself - you can if you choose picture yourself sitting in your chair or just yourself moving through the sun from the right to the left. Very important - from the right to the left, not the other way and when you come out the other side you might feel a lot better.
I know that might sound very strange and unbelievable to some of you but try it. See if you can see yourself moving through the sun. By seeing yourself I do not mean that you are seeing the inside of the sun which will not feel hot to you at all - it might even feel a little cool - but see if you can see yourself from where you're sitting in the chair - picture yourself moving through the sun as if you were looking from the outside in but also try to feel yourself at some point even for a moment actually in motion through the sun. When you come out the other side on the left - that's it. You don't make a complete circuit okay - you don't go back again. When you come out the other side just open your eyes, relax for a few minutes and see how you feel.
This technique will often purify and just remove things from your body or neutralize them that have to do with unpleasantness, unhappiness and discomfort. If you can do it once a day that's what I'd recommend. It will probably take no more than five minutes. It might take maybe six or seven minutes but no more than that and I think you'll find it to be very helpful indeed.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feeling Enlightenment

Today I feel it would be good to talk a little bit about enlightenment. There is a little confusion about enlightenment. There is some thought that enlightenment is something that is achieved through years and years of study and then once one is "enlightened" that then one must practice and be that enlightenment at all times. It is important to honor those who have achieved enlightenment in this fashion and yet it does suggest that it is something that is a distant goal and not easily accomplished in any way without making a lifetime commitment.
Let us however look at this another way. All babies are born enlightened. This is suggestive is it not. If everyone is born enlightened than that suggests that to become enlightened is simply recapturing something to which you were born.
How might you do that? There are all manner of wonderful meditations and studies to help you to accomplish this but there is also something you can try that is a little easier and might just help you to feel somewhat of your own - born to enlightenment.
I would like you, even if you're left handed, to utilize the third finger of your right hand - alright - the one next to your little finger yeah - and just put it - lay your hand flat on your stomach and put that finger into your bellybutton very gently - don't shove it in. Just gently place it in there and leave it there with your hand flat on your stomach. Do this on your skin - alright. If it is cold where you are yes - and it may be - then slip your hand inside your clothing or do so when you are in the bed and covered by many blankets.
Then I would like you to try this - feel yourself being touched. Feel your finger touching your bellybutton. Then after you do that, for a minute or two, feel from your bellybutton - your finger touching it. This will be something that requires a significant amount of concentration. Please turn the ringers off on your telephones and to the best of your ability, make the place where you are as quiet as possible or have as few distractions. If you have earplugs you can use them because this is something that we're going to explore utilizing your physical resources.
If you feel yourself thinking - don't get mad, just stop and you will find that it is much easier to stop if you have something to totally concentrate on. You can alternate - a few minutes feeling your finger from your bellybuttons perspective eh - so your bellybutton is feeling your finger and then if you like you can go back and with your finger feel your bellybutton.
The purpose of this in time is to allow you to experience your physical nature and some of you will have moments of recall of actually being inside mother and feeling totally and completely safe. Safety is something that is a feeling as well as a condition and I feel that this is a good beginning way to explore it.
I will say more about this as time goes on and there will be comments from time to time on Mystical Man including something similar to this on another subject matter soon as well, that in a way builds on this. Practice this for, if you can, five or ten minutes a day for the next three weeks - not every day of course, because you will be doing other things. Try to practice it at least four or five times in the next three weeks and from time to time after that and in the future I will build on this.
It is my intention here to support you to realize - realize meaning not just think but think, feel, do - realize your own true physical capabilities and many of your physical capabilities are not strictly in your athletic prowess but also in the subtle. In the subtle you will find enlightenment. Physical enlightenment can be enlightening indeed.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Key To Life As We Know It

Today I'd like to make a comment on a condition that effects a great many of us. It is often a factor in those who raise us and it is often as a result, even if we did not come in with that as a lesson, a factor by conditioning in our lives - and that is patience.
We are trained to experience a level of dissatisfaction without immediate answers and yet life presents us around every corner - and frequently on straight pathways that seem to have no blockages - challenges to our aspirations and these challenges, regardless of the aspirations, invariably are shot through and through with a demand for patience.
It is very easy because of the nature of life and our personalities to believe that the acquisition of patience is something that is but an annoyance and yet consider what we want - everybody - and how long it takes us to acquire it - be it an object, a circumstance, a state of being or someone or something eh - consider what we want and what we go through to acquire it and whether it makes us happy or not. Is this what life is about or is it that life is about the acquiring of certain states of being regardless of our pathway to get there.
In my understanding it is the nature of life - that life itself - the drama of it, the aspirations, the highs, the lows, everything - are all leading for everyone of us to that state of being where we can learn, appreciate, value, then cherish - in that precise order the value of patience.
Examine your life just for a little while, when you have time, to consider these thoughts and consider - if you look at your life - is it possible that what you don't have and even what you do have - is it in any way about patience? I think you will discover that it is in many ways about patience. If we are all here learning about patience, at least many of us yes, then it is safe to say that even in our lives as we get on with them and traverse much of them that patience will do us a great deal of good and even get to the point in our lives where we will not only value the road to patience but be able to provide a certain degree of encouragement and even provide - perhaps yes - a display of patience to others so that we do not add to their anxiety to acquire or anxiety to please. Would that not be a wonderful way to support life in a way that many of us wish we were supported.
Consider - is patience a part of your life? If it is, feel free to make comments here to each other - remember - help each other on this path. It is so very encouraging, is it not.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Feeling Beyond, Part 3 - Bilocation

Greetings, now I want to complete the latest teaching we've been working on and I will put a word to it though some of you already know what it is and that word is bilocation.
Some of you have had the experience sometimes in a moment feeling deja vu. Other times an odd feeling of being in more than one place at once. It passes quickly as it can be physically unsettling when you are going about your day to day life but it often comes back as a recollection.
Most of you have the experience on a daily basis when you are asleep - your physical body remains where you are sleeping yes - but your soul travels and is experiencing to a degree also the sense of physical touch. That is why sometimes you'll wake up from a dream and you can remember feelings - physical feelings of that dream. Your soul generally does not do anything unsettling or unhappy in what we call dreams but sometimes you will remember things that are not of benevolence alright and when you have these recollections which you sometimes call unpleasant dreams or even nightmares - those dreams are not usually about the future except for those individuals amongst you who have such capabilities - they are usually about something that you are resolving.
If you have an experience like that and wake up from a nightmare, if you can, and this will help you to not go back into it, say out loud - even if you are just mumbling quietly - some factors of the dream - oh this happened or that happened, I saw this, I saw that.
Usually you will not see yourself as you look, in the dream - if you do see yourself. Know that what is really going on if you have a nightmare - you're not there but this is training for you for an afterlife experience when you will function as a Guide for others. I'll say more about that as time goes on too but today I just want to remind you that it is not typical to see yourself as you look now in a nightmare because that training encourages you in a situation where there are other Guides there, other Teachers, to observe something as a training episode of what may happen for somebody else. When you speak the words of it out loud, even mumbling after you wake up a little bit then it releases you from that experience - almost all the time and you can go on with your sleep.
Now a little more about bilocation. In bilocation you will have the opportunity yes - to experience yourself in the place where you are physically but also to utilize your physical capabilities to experience to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon how good you get at it, another place where you may be able to see and even to a degree touch.
It is vitally important that you do not touch another human being because of your sensitive situation in bilocating you can cause yourself some harm doing that though the person you touch will not be harmed. There is a safety mechanism in place so that that will not happen. If you feel that someone or something mobile perhaps an animal has bumped into you, don't worry about it. It is only if you make the conscious effort to touch someone or even an animal. So that is something for which you have some involvement. It's not something that is simply up to whim or happenstance.
So now that you know what it is called conventionally know that what it really is - though I'm calling it the conventional term today - what it really is - is utilizing your physical capacity - yes you use your imagination to a degree but this is your physical capacity to experience more than one version of physical reality.
For some of you if you are not well or going through a tough patch of your life it can be a escape that allows you to feel more benevolent or have moments of benevolence and can help you to get through your current difficulties. For others of you it will be an opportunity to apply spiritual and benevolent capabilities and I'm going to give you one little piece of homework on that today even though I don't expect you to be able to do it immediately - it is a goal alright and that is this - here's your homework - when you feel you can be someplace else - you can literally feel the ground under your feet and some of you will even be able to breathe the fresh air or have the sense of smell - perhaps fog in the distance - something like that - then look around and see if there's a tree.
It might be a low hanging limb - you will have to maintain the feeling of the ground under your feet but you can look. If you look always turn to your left - there's a reason. It is the way the world turns and you will be supported physically - it will feel better turning to your left. Always go with what feels better in this work because that is your physical body telling you with its knowledge what truly works benevolently.
As you turn to the left in that place you will not, most likely, have to make a full circle and you will notice a low hanging tree branch. Reach out and touch the branch in such a way as you can see it move just slightly. If it turns out there is no tree branch there then try another location - perhaps a forrest - and reach out and touch that tree branch. If it does not move it's alright. Thank the tree. Say, "Goodlife." If you can say it out loud quietly where you are, that's fine. If you cannot open your mouth or speak, that's fine too - you can imagine saying it in that location and move if you can to another location until you can gently nudge - not hit hard - gently nudge a tree branch. That is your homework and in time we will build on that.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feeling Beyond, Part 2

In these times you often experience moments where you feel an urgent need to be some place else - to see something, to check up on something.
In the teaching on this blog about Long Vision - I have given you considerable instruction on that - now I'd like you to apply that instruction. I'd like you to consider some place you'd like to see but here is the challenge - this place is not to be on Earth. You will have to use your imagination, yes but if you like you can look at pictures on the internet or in a book.
I'd like you to pick some place that has to do with other planets. I would prefer yes, if the planet be Mars or it can be the Moon if you like. It can be Venus if you choose but my feeling is that Mars, Jupiter, Neptune - these would be the best places but if you want to pick some place that you've heard about or that you believe does exist - it could be say, the Pleiades or some place like that - some place well beyond your current photographic capabilities other then seeing places as a star cluster - picture it in some benevolent way and then I'd like you to consider the homework of yesterday where you moved - even though you stayed in one place yes - you moved enough of your senses to another location so that you could feel that location.
When you apply that, as I'm suggesting you try now, you can apply it at great distance. To do that distance does not make a difference. You can be some place on the Earth - you can be on another place. So imagine what the place looks like. Some of you will pick Mars because you have photo's of it. You know pretty much what it looks like. A lot of the photo's you have are sufficient but if you pick some place else that's fine - not on Earth though.
Don't worry about the atmosphere - you will be here in your body, you will breathe, you will be comfortable but I recommend that you sit down or lie down during this. Then again feel the ground under your feet as best you can in that place and when you have that feeling - even if it is moist and you're not sure what it is - then you can touch something. Yes, it is safe. Picture it before you touch it.
It may be a stone, it may be something that resembles a building. If you happen to see, on the basis of what you are imagining or for some of you literally looking at, a person or an animal don't touch them even if they acknowledge you. Touch something else - they will know what you are doing.
I know some of you think that this is fantastic, meaning unbelievable, impossible, but the whole point of this blog is to bring to your attention that the impossible may just be more possible than you realize. It is my job, I feel, to remind you of your true capabilities in a spiritual and benevolent way and this is part two of the current homework towards that end. I will say more about this soon.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling Beyond

Today I want to begin some training for you. You may not be entirely clear why we're doing this but as always we build upon what has been taught before and we support you in experiencing more which will in time allow you to do much more.
Today I'd like you to do something which comes loosely under the idea of imagination but more to the point has to do with physicality. Your physical body is made up of the Earth and therefore it can identify at all times with the Earth in all places of the Earth. I would like you to consider for a thought - for a moment you see - that the atoms, the molecules, the parts of your body have at one time been parts of something else on the Earth - you see.
So I'd like you now to think about someplace that you consider to be beautiful. It cannot be associated with a person but it can be perhaps near some person whether they are still on the planet or not. It is to be a physical place, meaning oh - a mountain or a hill - ideally someplace that is not in the city but if it is in a city then it is in someplace where there are not usually people around - you understand. That's so that you have ease and comfort in picturing this.
Now I want you to remain - of course where you are and sit as quietly as possible or if you're laying down that's alright too. I want you to imagine being in that place but not just think about it - I want you to feel - use your physical body - imagine standing in that place. If you can imagine it to the point where you genuinely or at least almost feel the ground under your feet or if it's water - the water under your feet then this is good.
Try to stay focused on that and then after that see if you can touch something there - of course you will be where you are when you're doing this - but you're going to focus on being in the other place as well. Then practice touching something - perhaps a tree, perhaps it will be a wall you hadn't noticed before.
It will not be easy because first you are intensely concentrating to do one thing - then when you touch something there you will still be feeling the land or the water under your feet or the stone perhaps under your feet - whatever it is - and then you will also feel something with your right or left arm or hand you see. It has to be something, for this to work comfortably - it is best if it is something of nature you see - something that has not been altered by man or woman. That is the easiest and most comfortable way for your body.
That's the homework. I will define it by terminology later but for right now it is the beginning of something which you can use to your advantage later - which I did promise to teach you about when we were talking about Long Touch. This is the next part of Long Touch alright.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Waking Up

Greetings my friends. There is a experience approaching for all of us and that experience has to do with capabilities that we all have as souls. As souls we are immortal.
We live in our bodies yes but some day our bodies will return to the Earth and our souls will go on and at times like that which happens every day for some of us on the Earth, then we return to visit with Creator and others and remember who we are. When we are born here on Earth we forget who we are for a time so that we can create and recreate our personalities here and learn how to do things in new ways and that can be good.
What is occurring for us now, as I've been taught is that we are going to start to remember many of our capabilities that we have when we are pure spirit. These will be benevolent capabilities so I feel it would be good to set the tone for that and on that basis I'm going to suggest that you say, very slowly the following Living Prayer.
I recommend you say, "I am asking that my personal capabilities in my spirit form be manifest here now with me in my day to day waking life in the most benevolent way allowing me to be more and do more benevolently for all beings."
I feel that we're going to be waking up in ways we haven't fully understood before so don't be surprised if you find yourself being a bit more forgetful about things that used to make you sad or unhappy - that those memories will recede so far into the back of your mind that they'll be difficult to bring up and truly - allowing for the way they make you feel they won't really be missed very much and what will be replacing them is feelings, thoughts and capabilities.
Don't rule out the possibility that you will be able to do wonderful things and that you will be inspired on a daily basis to do wonderful things for yourself and others. I feel this time is very close or I would not be bringing it up now. As time goes on now I will begin to talk about more things that you can do and things that we can practice together.
Until then I want you to consider the possibility that as a spirit or pure soul it is in your nature to be benevolent, to act benevolently, to help when you can, to be helped when help is graciously offered and to allow others to do things for you just the way you like to do things for others because it gives you pleasure.
Don't, if you would, deny others that opportunity to experience pleasure to do things for you. I'm reminding you of that because some of you have forgotten that one. Your time of pure spirit in the body is almost upon you and it will be good and you will enjoy it.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Energy Is...

Energy is something that we often crave whether it is our own physical energy or whether it is something that we use or consume.
We grit our teeth and pay the high price at the gasoline pumps and we also sometimes grit our teeth and pay the price of our own beliefs. Sometimes we are conscious of these beliefs and other times we are not. Sometimes when we're conscious of them they're our beliefs based upon what we've come to acquire through our experience interacting with other people or situations or experiences - street smarts we sometimes call that. Other times we have come to believe things that are based strictly upon our perceptions and who and what we are at the moment and we apply these things as best we can from moment to moment.
Energy is also another thing - it is a felt physical phenomena. We don't necessarily have a means to identify it with words but sometimes we can identify it with feeling. I often identify it and have described here as a warmth - a good benevolent feeling but there is more to it then that. Sometimes it is a softness - for lack of a better term that I feel on my body, on my head, on my face and other places that feels like something is touching me in the most gentle and safe and comfortable way. It is a good feeling and one some of you may have experienced. If you do have that feeling - let it be, especially if it feels comfortable.
I feel we are all moving inexorably towards our natural state of being and sometimes our natural state of being is not easily described in words. It is most often described beneficially - in a way we can understand you see, by feeling - that's why I talk about it so much here. Over time I will speak more of these matters but for today I'd like to simply say - energy can be something more - it can be something benevolent and it can be something we can share in community in a benevolent way.
I will say this last thing. I feel there is an energy building that is an experience on the planet and perhaps beyond - that energy is a desire for true communion in a way that we know by how we feel - that others know what we need and how we can be served and how we can serve them. This energy feeling has been described as love - a vague sense for many of us but in other times - in other places - love is simply described as the glue that holds all things together when they want to be together and when they don't want to be together that attracts us to that which is more beneficial for us.
Ideas, experiences, feelings, places, people and yes wisdom is all part of energy. I wish for you the most benevolent energy.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

From Guilt To Acquaintenship

Now there has been a request and I feel it is significant because so many of us are conditioned into this state of being and for the most part, not all but for the most part it is purely a means of control and manipulation - not done most of the time out of any true malevolence but accomplished often unintentionally because of fear and that condition is that individuals - all of us yes - people - feel guilt.
Guilt is a insecure feeling that often prompts us to do things we would otherwise never have done. This is why Psychologists and Therapists can be so helpful. I do recommend that people consider these professional helpers to be part of your regular regimen. When I was very young I went to a Counselor on a regular basis. He was a good man and while he was counseling me on my career choice he also was encouraging me to learn about life and sharing his own wisdom.
Many of you have considered perhaps the Mentoring program. You will find them here and there and often located within organizations that are nearby. If you feel you have something to offer and can even advise young people that's good but I would like to suggest, since I'm not sure whether this program exists, Mentoring for adults as well. As you know, human beings do not come with a book of instructions that are provided from Creator but Creator does provide nature, the animals, the plants and yes - spirit.
This is a vast topic - the afflictions caused by uncomfortable feelings - but today I will simply say that guilt is something that - when it is caused by something that is artificial, meaning a manipulation, that this is good especially I feel to pursue with a Counselor or Therapist but if it something that you have embraced unconsciously for yourself then I feel it's important to begin something that will help you to move through that.
First of all I feel it might be useful to become aware if at all possible when you are feeling guilty. Many of you, if not all know the physical feelings of that. Try to take note and keep some kind of record for about a week or two of what prompts you to feel guilty. If it is more than three things then a good Counselor might be helpful but if it is only one thing - as someone commented recently to me on the Mystical Man blog of February 24 then I would recommend that the following be done.
I would recommend that the incorporation into your feeling body of Acquaintenship take place. Consider what you feel guilty about. The writer felt guilty because they had - in the course of planting a garden - they had cut down some trees in order to make the best garden possible and this is what I recommend for that writer.
I recommend that you go to other trees that are there in the general area and I believe you can find them. Touch the trees at the base if you can reach the trunk or if not then touch them very lightly with the back of your fingers of your right hand - not the front of your fingers, not the palm part but the back of the fingers on the trunk or on the limb or bough that is the most easily reached - particularly one that is as far away from the tree as possible. This only because you must assuage your own guilt.
Now this is what to say - I recommend. Say first, "Goodlife" - pause - see how you feel. If you feel warmth in your body then wait until the warmth fades a bit. If you do not feel warmth then just wait and when you feel you've waited enough time - no more than a minute or two - then say, "I am asking your forgiveness for removing a member of your community." If it is more then one member, say so. Then just stop and step back from tree and go on to the next tree.
If you live in a heavily forested area you can generally do any or all trees that were in a direct line of the others that had been cut down - meaning say you cut down one or two trees or more - then all the trees that would face that garden where the trees were - however many there are - you would go around and do this process - touching the trunk lightly with the back of your fingers or touching a bough that is as far away from the tree - meaning the longest bough that faces the garden - not a bough that faces away from the garden - and where the trees were. Repeat that thing as stated and you will find that what occurs is that your guilt about that situation will fade rapidly.
Acquaintenship is something that is often misunderstood. It is necessary to create contact and that is understood as in the shaking of hands with people but in nature especially if there has been an affront or at least a believed affront then the back of the fingers of the right hand is most helpful and stating something as I recommended. You will find that this will prompt you to feel much better, writer, and I would suggest that when it involves guilt about plants that this would be something good to do - or guilt about trees specifically if it is safe to touch a tree. I do not claim to be a Therapist but I do feel that this will be of some assistance.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Learn To See The Beauty In Ourselves

Today I would like to speak to you about something that I believe is misunderstood in our time. Many people collect items in our time that are of the animal world - whether it be a deer or an elk hide or exotic feathers or even stuffed animals or other. I feel that there's been a misunderstanding here for a long time.
In older times the settlers - when they came to America and even when colonial rule was in Africa or other places - often the local people were found to have things that were of animals but these things were not collections. They were always considered to be of homage to the animal - not something that the animal would offer because it wanted to - such as an elk hide but something that the animal when having died - perhaps given its life that the people could live - would be taken and it would be honored - not prayed to, not treated as a deity but rather considered to be an acknowledgment to that creature. It was often then considered to be truly a way of honoring that creature and it was not done as a rule to take the hide only - as an exception in most cases.
I grant that as time went on the situation changed but in early times it was always done for homage. Now I want to suggest to you that in our times there has been, in recent years a desire to collect nature's beauties but these beautiful items such as butterflies or even butterfly wings are intended to help you to see the beauty in yourselves. It is not often easy to see beauty in one's self in the same way as one sees beauty in nature but nature sees the beauty in us therefore the best tribute we can make is to acknowledge our own beauty.
Sometimes we can do this when walking through an art museum or gallery or perhaps observing beautiful photographs taken by an artistic photographer. It is important to observe the beauty in ourselves that we not attempt to collect and capture it from other worlds. The animals are here to teach us - to show us that beauty is something that is innate in us all. Let us try to see the beauty in ourselves. This will help us to see the beauty in each other.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Friends And Self-Discovery

I'd like to invite you all to try something. It is not complicated but it will require a little bravery on your part. I'd like you to consider, just consider approaching a friend of yours - they have to be a good friend alright - or at least somebody you feel good about and safe with and I'd like you to say something to them and that is this - I'd like you to tell them three things about them that you like.
Don't say if you would, don't say that you like something about them and compare it to something you don't like about them - just three things that you like about them alright. You can see why this has to be a good friend because if you approach a stranger and say this, well it could be an awkward moment yes?
So, three things you like about your friend. Don't if you would give them a preamble. Just walk up or call them up and say, "I feel I want to tell you three things I like about you and why I like you as a friend" and then just come up with those three things. Most likely they will say thank you. They might be a little bit embarrassed or they might be charmed or even appreciative about that.
I feel that this is something you can do not only to remind yourself what you value about your friend - or loved one if you like but also to remind you of your own perceptions and how you can see the value in others - and by the value in others I mean what you value in others. Sometimes when you compliment someone like this you discover not only what you like about them but what you like in general about people and you discover something about yourself.
If you want to you can say this to three different friends and just the three things you like about those individuals - you don't have to though - it's up to you. It will be a journey of self-discovery to a degree for you.
Give it a try if you like. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Insight and wisdom often go hand in hand. One has insight and then applies with experiment the knowledge that follows. Wisdom comes about as a result of discovery - what works. Therefore wisdom is the knowledge that you apply in your life because it works.
It is important to know that because one often studies the wisdom of others or is taught the wisdom of others in circumstances such as schools. It is assumed that one persons wisdom equally applies to others but this is not always the case, just as certain prescriptions and other supplements may be right for one person but not for another as every doctor knows. Wisdom accumulates gradually throughout our lives and we can in places like this share it with our friends and with friends we have not yet met.
I'm speaking about wisdom today because it is something that is now made much more available for many of you. I urge you when you're reading blogs or books or magazines or watching television or even talking amongst your friends and family - listen to the wisdom of others but do not assume that it is for you. Apply it as an experiment and see if it works for you, however it is always best to listen with your own heart and your feelings - how does it feel? Does it feel good to you or does it just seem to be true.
You may not know whether somebody else's wisdom is for you or not but it can be inspiring at the very least because when somebody is talking about their wisdom it does suggest no matter how old you are - even if you're very young that your wisdom will come someday. So pay attention to your inspiration and apply your inspiration as best you can in the most benevolent way and in time wisdom will be yours.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.