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The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 1

It's so easy to underestimate people isn't it. Sometimes it starts off with some misunderstanding. You say something, they say something and you've missed a word or two - or perhaps in their case they've missed your first few words and there's a misunderstanding. And then what can follow is an attitude either on their part or on your part.

This has happened to all of us. We know how easy it is - and yet perhaps if all goes well, later on the misunderstanding is resolved - but what happens to the attitude.

Does it also disappear or is there a tendency for us to tip into that attitude about that person or have others tip into that attitude about us much more easily in the future.

I believe that all of us on this planet are meant to be sensitive. I know it may at times be inconvenient and even at times in large institutional groups, they're created for one reason or another, difficult to say the least. And yet, we are born sensitive.

Think how sensitive a baby is. A baby can be sound asleep and a well intended loving parent can come into the room, reach down and do what adults the world over like to do with baby - gently touch the palm of baby's hand and baby's hand naturally squeezes with their tiny fingers, your finger - and yet baby remains sound asleep.

Now that takes real sensitivity. We are all born that way and we sprout from that point. I'm talking about this today because I feel that there has been entirely too much effort made by ourselves with ourselves and by society around us to encourage us to be less sensitive - and yet we are born that way. Creator desires us to be sensitive or we wouldn't be born that way.

So - today a little homework suggestion, just for fun. With one hand - and you can do this with a mate if you like or you can do it on your own - with one hand reach over to your arm or to your stomach. Don't touch your other arm or your stomach - don't touch but move very slowly with your hand towards that part of your body, and by your stomach I'm referring to the area around your solar plexus which is extremely sensitive much more so than most of you know.

Begin to reach towards the skin of your solar plexus or the skin of your other arm very slowly with the palm of your hand - either hand - and as you get slower note the physical feelings in your body.

Try to do this someplace that's quiet or perhaps at a time of day when things have calmed down at least to a "dull roar" and notice when you start getting feelings in your body. Most of you will notice some kind of feeling in your body when you are just a few inches or considerably further away from touching your arm with your hand or coming closer to your solar plexus.

If you start to get a really uncomfortable feeling this is what to say - and remember if you're doing this with a mate there can't be too much kidding around and never saying anything harsh. This is just to let you know how sensitive you were born - I'll say more about that in a moment. As you get closer to your solar plexus or your arm, notice your feelings and as I said if you get uncomfortable start saying out loud, "I'm safe" and continue saying that - not over and over but saying it only when the uncomfortable feeling comes up.

Continue doing that until you get your hand to within about an inch of your arm or your solar plexus. Then begin moving your hand without touching your arm or solar plexus - begin moving your hand up towards your shoulder or in the case of your solar plexus very slowly up towards your chest. You will notice that the sensitivity becomes heightened. Now that's all.

This is only to show you how sensitive you are. It is important to do this for some of you because you don't often remember that you were born sensitive and there's a reason for it. Creator would not have us born this way if there wasn't a reason.

It is not a challenge. It is rather so that we can feel and know before we are touched or told. Yes, we all have the capacity to know what's going to happen slightly before it happens or what's going to be known mentally just before we are told. I'll say more about that next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Lisa St. Michael said...

Hello Robert,

I apologize for posting on your blog, but would very much like a mutual friend to contact me. I worked with Bruce J. in Sedona some 15 years ago and would appreciate you passing my web address along to him, where he can find a toll-free #. Thank you.

Lisa St. Michael

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Lisa, it's alright. I managed to contact Bruce and gave him the phone number and perhaps he has already called you. If not he indicated that he would call you soon. So hopefully everything will work out in the most benevolent way.