The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

I know many of you are concerned about the Swine Flu. This is what I want you to do if you would.

Relax someplace for a moment where you are standing, sitting or laying down and ask for all the most benevolent energies to be all around you and all about you. Then pause for a moment.

Then say, "I am asking that all those beings who are exposed to, experiencing or otherwise interacting with Swine Flu now be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way for them and if I should be exposed to this in any way that I am also insulated and protected from harm."

Stop now and pause for a moment and say, "I am also asking that the organisms responsible for producing this disease and discomfort now reform their existence into something more benign and benevolent for all beings."

Pause for a moment and then say, "I am asking that all these things I have asked for just now happen in the most benevolent way."

That's what I suggest. Remember if you feel energy come up at any time let it be there and pause in the words you are saying because that's the energy going to work - the beings, the benevolent light beings, guides, angels - yes perhaps Creator - and just pause even if it happens before you begin saying the words or after you have stopped saying them.

Just pause and allow the energy to be present. Don't send it anywhere, don't ask for it to go someplace, don't push it anywhere. Recognize that you are the transmitter as a physical Earth human and its passing through you so as to co-ordinate with the being type that you are so that the energy focusses on assisting that being type and of course will also help other beings.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother Nature is Prepared to Help You

Some of you have been wondering how to handle the extremes of day to day life. Sometimes you're put into a position where you know you're supposed to express happiness, perhaps at this or that social event, and other times you know you're supposed to express seriousness and you don't always feel serious.

In this day and age so much is expected of the individual that we were not trained for. Times are changing but people at their core remain essentially the same.

So I'm going to suggest a couple of things. One - when you feel that you've just had too much and can't take it anymore, find a big tree - alright? It has to be a tree that's really quite old and sturdy, been there for a while kind of tree you know, not a young tree or if there's not a lot of trees where you are there might be a mountain or something close to a mountain - okay - as long as it's not man-made and part of nature - okay?

Then this is what to do. Just go out or get as close as you can to that tree or that mountain and look at a portion of it where as far as you know there's nothing man-made.

So if it's a tree but there's wires nearby look at some part of the tree where there are no wires but don't go up and touch the tree. Same thing about the mountain. If you know there's houses on it don't go and stare at that part. I've brought this up before but I need to bring it up again. And just, while you're looking at it, take 10 deep breaths slowly not quickly and just exhale naturally.

I've used this before when I've spoken about the sun in order to give you energy but I'm bringing this up now because the social demands of life sometimes either catch us unawares or put us into a position that's awkward for us and we just need some extra energy or something to calm us.

Of course you can't rush out to your tree very often when these social instances take place but here's what you can do. Once you've had that experience once or twice with the tree or the mountain you can close your eyes for about 30 seconds - you see - and during that 30 seconds even if you're in a crowded place where you're safe alright - an office, something like that, just turn away from everybody.

It's alright if you're facing your computer or whatever you need to face and if you can close your eyes for a moment - that 30 seconds or so - imagine that tree and try to remember exactly where you were standing and how you were standing. Remembering that situation as best you can breathe in and out again. Not deep breaths where you are puffing. Just remember how you did it before and be conscious of your breath in and out.

If it was to get extra strength such as looking at the sun or if it was to become calmer and more grounded such as looking at the tree or the mountain then this will help.

So you see very often, as I've said before, one thing is built on another and one thing leads to another. Goodlife.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worry and the Present Moment and More

I'd like to share something with you that I wrote to a friend of mine in Europe. This is a portion of an email that covered topics about worry, inspiration and other:

I want to share something with you that I received as an inspiration. Did you know, perhaps you do, that it is possible to hear from portions of your body combined with other beings which gives you a more personal and intimate encounter with yourself. Here for example is a quote from my heart that I needed some time ago that is apropos to your email, "The best thing for me is to remain in the present moment where I will almost always feel safe and if I don't I can feel the warmth and enjoy what I have now." This of course refers to my worrying about something that I don't even remember now.

You are right my friend that when our minds are attempting to serve us, that in association with a issue that we may not even be able to resolve because perhaps it has to do with others or events that may simply be happening around us you know, just sort of worrying in the background that our mind will engage with worry that our mind apparently feels - no doubt we were conditioned to feel this way by the adults that raised us or others - our mind will worry as a substitute for analyzing and solving. You understand this.

So what I have been doing over the past day or so is to make the effort to stay in the present moment. There's something I do to accomplish that. It's not quite physical but it has a physical counterpart. I will reach around with one or both of my hands and contact a space that's in front of the center of my heart area - by this I mean the center of my chest.

I just sort of reach around and touch my auric field with both my hands or just my right hand or just my left hand. This brings me into the present moment as my auric field is strong there.

An alternative version is to very gently use your fingertips of either your left or right hand and touch that same region in the center of your chest and this immediately brings me into the present moment and when this occurs for me I notice that all worrying stops.

I am hopeful this will help for you my friend as it has helped me. The nice thing about it, as you said that you noticed that you were doing this, is that when you notice it (worrying) you can immediately do that even if you're doing something else. If you're riding on the train or on the bus or if you are even driving it may be possible to do that without even glancing down because you can do it by feel and your driving skills and observation may even be heightened because you will be giving your full attention to what is happening in the present moment.

Now I'd like to add a little more for you:

Now about hearing from portions of your body. Start small - meaning don't necessarily go to your heart. Try your left or your right hand and if you're using your hands then just one or the other.

Move your hand around, touch the fingers together and so on and look at your hand. Don't ask your hand a question or anything like that but ask in this way.

First ask for all the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you to assist you in this communication process. Wait a moment and then say the following, "I am asking that all those spirit beings, guides and others that help me and assist me and guide me that they help me now to receive a word or two that will steer me towards an understanding of what my hand wants me to know."

Wait a moment. You might get a word or two. If you don't get a word right off - don't assume - wait. It might come through just after a dream or it might come through just before sleep. Don't assume that it's accurate right away - write it down and follow this same process 3 or 4 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Then look at all the words you've acquired for that portion of your body and see which one feels the best.

For those of you who feel warmth you will notice that the warmth comes up to a degree for one or more words, these are the words to pay most attention to. Then if this works for you and you are able to take in the fact that portions of your body can speak to you, once you have engaged further with the statements from your hand you can if you wish proceed with the next hand or leg and in time but not immediately work towards inner portions of yourself. The most important being your lungs or your heart.

That's what I recommend for now. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your Feelings Wish To Speak

I've been talking about feelings here on this blog and on my others for a long time now and I'm sure you notice that feelings are up and things that might not have otherwise affected you so much in the past now seem very pronounced and your feelings come up strongly. This is meant, I believe, to guide us towards living more instinctually which I have discussed here and on some of my other blogs extensively.

I want to give you something short that I recommend you do for yourself, your friends, your family and your community. It's a living prayer and I feel that it's something significant to do now.

First of all as always I recommend that you ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you and then wait for a moment or two until you can feel the energy or you feel a greater sense of relaxation.

Then say out loud as always, "I am asking that all those I know including myself and in the greater community here and beyond be able to experience and demonstrate their feelings now in the most benevolent way for them and have those feelings received and acknowledged by others benevolently as well."

It is a time now that our feeling selves, our feeling body if you would, must express itself. I believe that the suppression of feelings has caused a great deal of mischief and even harm in the past even though many times those who taught to suppress feelings had the best intentions. Still now I feel that our feeling bodies wish to speak, so to speak, and I believe that ultimately this will be a good thing. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More On Creating Clearly

Have you noticed? We are being challenged by something right now. You may be considering, at any given moment, something good. Perhaps making plans, perhaps in the process of something and then all of a sudden comes a stray thought after which you'll identify it as a fear and your body will get a kind of sad or depressed feeling.

At that moment you must make an effort to refocus yourself in the thing that you were doing initially especially if it's benevolent so that you can recapture that feeling.

Right now we're all being tested on how well we can create and in order to create well for ourselves and others we must remain, to the best of our ability, focused in a benevolent plane for ourselves and for others.

We don't have to think about it so much but rather it's a feeling. So assume, it's really important now to assume that feeling. This means to take it in, to feel it, to familiarize yourself with the feeling in your body.

To that end I'm going to recommend this. Bring yourself to that feeling. Find a way that you would be feeling benevolent about something. Think about something that you've experienced that felt wonderful to you or think about something that would feel wonderful to you so that you can get that good feeling in your body - and then just stay in that feeling or go into that feeling and see if you can feel it more in your body. That's your homework.

It's important to do this so that you will be able to more easily identify when those other feelings come up that have to do with fears or worries about something that could happen - maybe something that did happen some other time - so that you can have the energy of benevolence, that good feeling, that you might be able to more easily create and have those benevolent results and outcomes.

I'm not trying to test you. I'm trying to encourage you to practice this thing. It's not complicated and I have complete faith in your ability to do it.