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The Wand Position
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Friday, August 29, 2008

From Fantasy To Reality

Now there is something I need to tell you. Imagination is a wonderful thing and it is how many wonderful inventions and other creations come about. There is however an aspect of it that needs to be guarded against these days.

You have the opportunity now to create things that you've never realized could be created. However if you dwell too much on fantasy - I'm not talking about what you produce for others or stories you tell or anything like that - I'm talking about imagining things over and over in your mind or fantasizing about things over and over in your mind that are benevolent, that are good, that are fun but not taking it any further that that.

This is something that has been entertaining and acceptable in the past but now so many benevolent inventions need to be created even if you just talk it up with others and suggest - maybe it's possible.

So bring those good fantasies out of the closet and apply in some way, even if you just write a letter to somebody and say, "Hey, maybe this could be created. How about this way or how about that way." It might just be more possible these days than you think.

So just a little note to say - I think it can be done. It doesn't have to be a fiction. Goodlife.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 3

Last time I talked more about truth detection. This time I want to talk about doing these things on your own.

With truth it is not always easy to tell is it. We might love somebody, we might like somebody or conversely we might be angry at somebody or even dislike them. All these things effect our perception. They're like veils or filters through which we see our world, feel our world, even touch our world.

So this tells you something very important. It tells you how very sensitive we all are. Sometimes it's hard to imagine isn't it, that some people could possibly be so sensitive. You might even think of them as being grossly insensitive and yet we are all born profoundly sensitive. That's why we have all the senses that are discussed, the so-called five senses but of course we have senses beyond that and that's what these blogs are all about including the senses you have and know about.

What I wish to underscore today is that your own feelings can be supported by what your body comes from. Your body is of the Earth. It is nourished from the sky by the sun and supported at night by the moon and your heart and soul are nourished by Creator of course and creation which is the stars, the other planets, all beings including all beings on Earth whether they be human or other.

It is difficult sometimes to know what is right to do. I have found using the method of the love heat works best for me but you may have other means and it is my intention here to give you the alternative that can also be used as I have been discussing. Some of you I know have difficulty in getting in touch with the love heat so that you can use it as a tool of discernment as well as be nurtured by it.

Learn to work with these things without gauging the value too much. I'm not trying to become a font of wisdom for you, rather I'm trying to point out your own abilities that you might work with them and create your own font.

In order to perceive you must learn how to use your tools of perception. Observation and analysis is not enough. Sometimes that which is analyzed is being analyzed strictly on the basis of visual perception and sometimes using technology but technology and the visual are all founded on the basis of human experience and in order to know the truth one must go beyond that to the soul, to the heart, to instinct, to inspiration, to the source from which we all spring.

We do not have to leave Earth to do that. That is with us now and it is my intention to continue to give you tools you can use to detect such truths.

Those of you who wish to do the card exercise using the heart warmth - go ahead. That alone might work for you. If you get heat - alright - or if there's no reaction. You can figure that out for yourself. If you can't, ask me - I'll give you more details.

For now that's enough on this. Remember that truth is not always objective and not always subjective. It is multifaceted so that is why perhaps we find ourselves living in a world of attitudes. The wise person takes this into account. Remember - judgement is not something that always helps but discernment does help.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 2

Last time I spoke about a means to help you to detect truth in people, groups of people, situations and so on. Today I'm going to expand on that.

First I recommend that you do something that is a little simple okay? I want you to get something like - oh say thick card stock. If they're still making note cards, 3 by 5 note cards would be fine.

Take 5 cards all exactly the same color and on 3 of them write down something that you know is true. Keep it simple. The sky is blue - something like that or - the sun is in the sky, the stars are out at night - things that you know are true - okay?

Then on the other 2 cards write down something false that you know for a fact is false. Earth as approached from space is pink - alright - something like that that you know for a fact is not true - alright. It can be anything. Try to make it something that's not judgmental - alright.

The same applies to the true thing that you wrote. Lets not have any judgment or anger. It has to be neutrally true, neutrally false - you understand?

After you've written those things down I want you to flip them over and place them on a surface that has nothing else on it, like a table - okay - and move them around. Don't have somebody else move them around, just move them around - and move them around for a good 5 minutes until you have no idea what's where. When you stop moving them make sure they're separated by at least a foot from each other.

Then do what you did last time and what you've been practicing. Extend into the stone, then connect to the sun. Then I want you to move towards the table where the cards are or if you prefer you can begin doing this where the cards are.

If you're doing this outdoors and it's a card table then it's alright to put a little tape down after you move the cards around and tape the cards down so that the wind doesn't blow them around - okay? Just tape them on one side so they can still be flipped over.

After you have made your connection with the mountain and the sun go over to the table, have a pencil handy and just write. Point with your right hand if you are right handed and/or point with your left hand if you are left handed and see if you can get the feeling of which card is the truth as you wrote it and which card is false as you wrote it.

Don't think about it. Go with your feelings and just take the pencil and quickly put "T" on the back side of the truth cards and "F" on the others. After that go back to your connection with the stone and the sun.

Thank the sun in the following way. Simply say out loud, "I am thankful for the suns joining me in this process of my perception." Then thank the stone. If it is a mountain you can say that word. You can say, "I am thankful that the stone (or the mountain you could say) has been helping me in my perception of truthfulness."

Wait a few minutes then relax. Walk around for a little bit. I know you're curious about the cards - don't rush over and turn them over. After you've walked around and maybe enjoyed the place your in then you can turn the cards over. Remember this isn't about dazzling yourself with capabilities you didn't know you had so much. It's about practice.

The thing you're looking for, before you turn the cards over and all during this process, is what feelings you had in your body when detecting the truth or what is false.

Regardless of how it turns out for you - practice this more than once. It's something you can do over time. After a while you won't need to make the connection to the mountain or the stone because your body will be more familiar with the physical but try to make the connection to the sun regularly. It supports the Earth and will give you strength.

I'll say more about these things in time. Goodlife.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 1

There are moments aren't there, when you have doubts and justifying them is - oh too easy. I know that one as well. It's hard isn't it, to believe in sincerity whether you are being sincere to others or whether others are being sincere to you.

This of course has a great deal to do with your life experience and of course your cultural training, perhaps religious background, other influences, family and so on. And yet there are certain ways that truth can be differentiated.

I have found that using feelings are the most clear ways but there are other ways. I'm going to speak a little bit about that.

One of the other ways is to make a good connection with a natural portion of Earth - a large rock - best if it's around other rocks not just isolated by itself as you find in some areas where glaciers have come and gone. A mountain - possibly even a very old, very big tree but there's not that many of them around any more is there and they're often by themselves in an area perhaps of new growth or even all alone.

I would recommend some element of the Earth itself especially as it is still connected to the earth - meaning not necessarily a stone you would hold in your hand.

Then as I've suggested in the past here and here for example extend - do not leave your body - just extend from your body into the stone so that you have your physical feelings in your body and you are aware of any physical changes that you feel in your body, usually something would be added rather than subtracted, as you merge with the stone.

In doing this try to make certain that the stone is a minimum of 50 feet away from you alright - if it's farther that's fine but if it's at a great distance then it may be necessary to look towards the top of the mountain into an area where you're pretty sure there's nothing man-made.

After you have done that then while remaining extended into the stone but in your physical body as well of course, look towards the sun in the sky - just a quick glance and include the sun in the process. Work on this over the next week or so but I will give you more soon.

This is not intended to replace any means you use to know whether someone is telling the truth but it is designed to give you an alternative means to know whether a situation, whether a person, whether a group may have another agenda.

Sometimes people are telling the truth but with the underlying agenda the truth can be compromised - you know this. Even the innocent do this - children will often tell the truth but have another agenda and equally the same can be said for parents. This does not make them wrong or bad it just simply is a comment on our multifaceted existence here on Earth.

Don't automatically assume that another agenda is something bad. It might simply be, in the case of my example above in the child, a need to be loved no matter what and the same might be said for the parent. How many times have parents had to discipline their children and worried, especially when they were younger parents, are they ever going to forgive me. Of course as one gets older you change your demeanor - time and experience eh.

Now you work on that homework and we'll do part 2 soon. Goodlife.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Helping Yourself With Your Own Assistance, Part 2

Greetings. Last time I spoke about a way to welcome transformation of some discomfort into a more benign and comfortable feeling. This time I want to give you a little review.

So there may be some discomforts that won't go away that way but it's possible that these may not be your discomforts. Oh you feel them alright - they're uncomfortable but it's not impossible that it's some energy you've picked up somewhere along the line that was either floating around in the air as energies do very often - that we don't necessarily see them - some of the more sensitive of you may but it's not always clear is it whether this is something that is good for you or bad. You will generally know if you are a sensitive and can see these things by the way you feel when they come into contact with you.

So something simple to do. If you're feeling a little uncomfortable or achy painy of course it might be necessary to go see the doctor or nurse but you could try this as well.

Lay down someplace comfortable or sit down in a comfortable chair, either way. Try to always make sure when doing this that there's not going to be anything that disturbs you, so you might have to do it at some time of the day or night when you're less likely to be disturbed - and turn the ringer off on the phone if you can.

Then I recommend you say the following. You might say, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and clear me of any energies or entities in any form that are harming me or that could harm me or that are harming my energy body in, around and near me and please do this for me now in the most benevolent way."

Then wait. Some of you might feel a warmth or some other form of benevolent energy that feels good to you. Just relax and try to remain in the same position. So of course you can see that it's important to be in a comfortable position before you start and of course you can breathe and so on.

It might be good to have your eyes closed. Try not to think but if you catch yourself thinking then just relax and don't. Just stop. Don't give yourself a hard time about it - it's natural to start thinking - and then just relax.

If you happen to fall asleep that's alright. Either way, whether you're able to just relax for 10 minutes or so or you fall asleep and wake up the chances are you'll feel a little better after you wake up.

This is something you can do to clear yourself of energies or entities that happened upon you.

These beings, gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light, can function and remove such things and it will be helpful to you to have such a means of cleansing yourself. It is very simple, they are happy to do it and it will add to what I said last time to help you feel better.

So for those of you who are working in and around a lot of people all the time or situations where there's a lot a agitation such as driving through heavy traffic and well - you can think of lots of others, this is the kind of thing that might be useful to do once a day but it can even be done at work at some point if you can get away from everybody for a few minutes - five, ten minutes will do it - but that may not be possible. So then try to do it when you get home or to a quiet place. It may very well help you to feel better.

I am hopeful that these things I am sharing with you will improve the quality of your life in the most benevolent way.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Helping Yourself With Your Own Assistance, Part 1

As I've been saying for a long time - everything is alive - and now I feel it's important for you to begin to put it into practice.

I would like you to make it personal. Keep in mind that your body is laid out in certain ways so you're not going to sprout wings and fly from place to place. So keep it in alignment with what is realistic and grounded - meaning practical/realistic, the sort of thing that can be lived with eh.

So...nevertheless if everything is alive and we know that a tremendous amount of co-operation takes place simply for life to exist - consider all of the tiny micro-organisms in our body making up larger and larger and larger things including our physical body in its totality - then there's already a level of co-operation. You do not have to encourage micro-organisms to be co-operative, they are naturally co-operative. Granted there are some that go their own way but then for the most part there's co-operation.

Now all this is building up to something. I am not going to claim that this is the magic potion to heal all ills but I would like you to try something for I believe it has value.

This has to be something that is personal that has to do with your body. So think about something in your body that may need to be healed.

It might simply be a small wound that you have perhaps playing sports or you bumped yourself and it may be healing fine but if it isn't then that would be a candidate. Then you might have something else - perhaps long term that's a bit nagging, a bit uncomfortable, hard to take sometimes but you're used to it and you know how to put up with it or how to treat it and you found ways to help yourself.

That might also be a candidate or it might be a temporary pain or ache for which there is no great cause - it's just a strained muscle perhaps. Things like that - nothing major or catastrophic.

I don't want you to avoid going to see the doctor for doctors are all part of the whole world of medicine. Wholistic medicine in my point of view relates to all forms of medicine and treatment. So don't eliminate the doctor because you think the doctor is not part of that. That's what I recommend.

Now after you've determined the ache or pain that you have this is what I recommend you do. First ask for all the energies that are benevolent and available for you to be all around you, to be near you and to be able to pass in and out and through you so that they can function to the best of their ability to support you and your wishes.

Then after you give that a minute or two say these words, and remember when I put words in quotes if you expect them to work well you will say them exactly the way I have printed them.

I recommend you say, "I request that all of the micro-organisms that make up my body in the area of..." and then you state the place where you have the pain.

If you don't know the area than just put a hand or something on it and say - in this place - that's good enough. If you can think of the ailment by name then you can name it. Don't be saying anything angry about it. Remember you're asking for co-operation - alright.

Now continuing with the words to say, "...mutate and evolve if necessary into a more benevolent form for me that my discomfort be resolved in the most benevolent way for me now resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me."

Now remember, if at any time during saying those words you feel a strong presence of energy - stop saying the words, even if it happens before you start saying the words okay, wait until the energy fades a bit. That energy will tell you that there is great support for what you are asking.

When that energy fades you can then continue on with the words. Remember if at any time a rush of energy comes in pause and then when it fades continue on until you get to the end of those words that I've suggested in quotes.

Then after you have said those words stop for a moment and just wait calmly. Do not be attached to any outcome but welcome a happy arrival.

I cannot say that it will help but it may. Remember always in cases like this that you are requesting something and there may be a good reason for it not to take place but if it does take place then always consider things like that to be a gift. In this case it would be the micro-organisms gifting you that transformation.

Next time we will review something that I feel is important for you as well. Goodlife.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Energy Fluctuations

Now you will note that I have encouraged you to be observant.

In times like this there is a tendency to assume, especially when we hear things numerous times in the same vein from more than one source, that there must be something to it. Some of you heard the "if there's smoke there must be fire" saying but it is not always so.

I want to encourage you to be clear and that's part of the reason why I have encouraged you to observe the plants and the animals for they are clear - though they have their moments especially when they've been around human beings a lot where the message and their communication with themselves and each other becomes a bit muddled but we can understand that eh.

In the coming days you will note that sometimes animals whom you're used to seeing all the time seem to disappear. It doesn't mean they're gone. It doesn't mean you have to run for the hills but it does mean that they're giving message and they're seeking safety and solace.

One of the messages they're giving is that there is a temporary fluctuation of energy on Earth. It is not caused, not caused by anything extraterrestrial, anything associated with a UFO or any explanation like that. It is purely a temporary phenomena and may effect - say electrical appliances, your ability to sleep and so on. Don't worry about it, it will pass.

If it's affecting you in some way that is extreme you might try acquiring clothing and garments and other items that might be effective in shielding you from temporary fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. I recommend this place but there may be other things you can do. Don't worry about it. It will pass very soon.

It is good though to take note of these things for such things will happen again. I'm not talking about necessarily electromagnetic things but I am talking about situations where animals and plants will act different and you can draw some conclusions from the way they act and as you interact with them more and more in benevolent ways you may even get messages as I referred to last time. So - this is just an update.

It will be alright. Goodlife.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pay Attention To Your World Around You

The focus of your practice now - there needs to be more attention to what is immediately around you. Try to notice little things that may have escaped your attention.

The creatures who may walk on the ground, the little ones eh. The birds in the sky, the ants on the trees and so on. Try to pay attention to what the non-humans are doing. That will always give you clues as to what you can expect in the future.

Do you know that almost all accurate future predictions are supported by non-human life on this planet. They do not know, ala a crystal ball eh, what's going to happen exactly in the future but with their cumulative contributions simply by being - and being comfortable with them and allowing them to be and exist without harming them and perhaps even being cordial to them - saying goodlife and so on and mean it - then they might just make available to your conscious mind or to your inspirations what may happen. And what develops there is either through dream or sudden inspiration or other forms of communicated wisdom - you may get an idea of what will happen in the future.

This will not have to do with personal lives very much but it may have to do in general with weather, climate, earth motion and activities, drought, flood, plenty, famine. In short it will have to do with general things that can often make the difference between comfort in life and struggle.

This is not new information so much, it is just a reminder for you. Pay attention - what are the animals doing, are the trees seeding in an unusual way, what are the plants doing.

I'm not talking about what you grow in your yard and fertilize and water, I'm talking about what grows naturally on its own without need for human care.

If you're in a city this would probably be weeds, also known as plants that have not been fully appreciated for who they are yet, or trees that have grown on their own near streams perhaps or rivers.

If you live in the country then they will simply be plants - not a part of farms - or in the forest. Old growth perhaps or even young growth that has sprouted up from old growth.

Pay attention. What are the plants doing. What are the animals doing. What does it feel like around you. Pay attention. What do the clouds look like in the sky. Pay attention. How is the wind blowing and what ways does the patterns in the dirt or sand show you what might be.

Talk to the elders. Ask them what signs they have seen in the past in the natural world - what I'm speaking about here today - that have immediately preceded something that happened. Don't lose that wisdom in your family, in your culture, in your world. Try to accumulate it not only for your own sake and the sake of those around you but for the sake of future generations.

Towards that end, if you like, you can say the following living prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings on Earth which are representative of all peoples now make their knowledge and wisdom much more available to human beings and especially to me that I may know and communicate to my fellow humans that which we need to know to help ourselves and to help each other."

Now when I say "peoples" this always refers to all beings. Goodlife.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Inviting Your Desired Capabilities

When attempting to image a capacity that you would like to acquire even if it seems to be fantastic or impossible there are ways to bring about some form of what it is you are attempting to create.

Oh you can create a picture with an image and see yourself in it - that's fine. You can experience the feelings of being in that imagined situation but there is one other way that you can help to bring that about aside from striving for it in a grounded practical way but it will require something that is a little out of the ordinary.

For those of you living in a city it may be difficult but if you are either living in the country or can get out to the country this is what I recommend.

First of all once you arrive there try to have something to wear on your feet that is not insulated unless you are in cold country - then wear what you must - but if you are someplace warm then either go barefoot if it's safe or wear something on your feet that's not insulated - no rubber, no plastic - you understand.

Then find a place on the land, preferably in a national forest or someplace where you have free access. Possibly a beach but if it's a beach it must be relatively deserted - meaning no one within 50 to 80 feet of you.

Then ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you.

Then move into a position where your feet are facing the north and are about two and a half feet apart. Put your arms down at your sides with your palms touching the sides of your body. Look straight ahead into the distance.

It would be best if there is no thing there that is man-made that you can see. No cars, no houses - nothing. No boats if you're at the beach.

If there are things like that you can turn slightly. If you are facing the north you can turn 15 to 20 degrees in either direction - meaning lets pretend that the north is 12 o'clock on the clock. You can stand at 8 minutes to 12 or 8 minutes after if that will help to be staring straight ahead with nothing man-made in front of you. If there are man-made things in front of you no matter what then find a different place.

Once you have found that place and assumed that position then this is what to do. First look down at the ground. Then look up at the sky. If the sun is bright make sure you're not looking at it.

Then look straight ahead again and say these words, "I request that my fondest desires be fulfilled for me that I may do actions in the most benevolent way to bring about the most benevolent outcome for all beings in the ways which I desire."

You know you cannot do these things and the magic will not work if you are striving to do harm to yourself or others. It can only be done to bring about benevolent possibilities in benevolent ways.

After you have said those words, that I've printed above in quotation marks, stand up straight with your feet closer together in a comfortable position still facing that direction and close your eyes.

Rest there for a few seconds - 10, 15 - whatever feels best. Then take 1 step to the left and 1 more step to the left in the same direction you are going. Then turn and walk away - turning to your left, rotating you understand, to your left and walk away and continue on with your life.

I will from time to time give you other means to attempt to acquire some form of what it is you are trying to achieve even if it is not possible but I will never give you things to do that will allow you to do that which is not recommended for human beings - such as jumping off a cliff and pretending that you're going to fly. You can set that one aside though you do it very often in your sleep state and that's why sometimes people get the idea they can do it when they are awake in their physical bodies. I know you know this but it's important to remind you.

There will be in time other things I will share with you here on Benevolent Magic but this was a short one today to utilize true magic to help you to acquire the skill set you desire to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others around you.