The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sensitivity And Knowing, Part 1

It's so easy to underestimate people isn't it. Sometimes it starts off with some misunderstanding. You say something, they say something and you've missed a word or two - or perhaps in their case they've missed your first few words and there's a misunderstanding. And then what can follow is an attitude either on their part or on your part.

This has happened to all of us. We know how easy it is - and yet perhaps if all goes well, later on the misunderstanding is resolved - but what happens to the attitude.

Does it also disappear or is there a tendency for us to tip into that attitude about that person or have others tip into that attitude about us much more easily in the future.

I believe that all of us on this planet are meant to be sensitive. I know it may at times be inconvenient and even at times in large institutional groups, they're created for one reason or another, difficult to say the least. And yet, we are born sensitive.

Think how sensitive a baby is. A baby can be sound asleep and a well intended loving parent can come into the room, reach down and do what adults the world over like to do with baby - gently touch the palm of baby's hand and baby's hand naturally squeezes with their tiny fingers, your finger - and yet baby remains sound asleep.

Now that takes real sensitivity. We are all born that way and we sprout from that point. I'm talking about this today because I feel that there has been entirely too much effort made by ourselves with ourselves and by society around us to encourage us to be less sensitive - and yet we are born that way. Creator desires us to be sensitive or we wouldn't be born that way.

So - today a little homework suggestion, just for fun. With one hand - and you can do this with a mate if you like or you can do it on your own - with one hand reach over to your arm or to your stomach. Don't touch your other arm or your stomach - don't touch but move very slowly with your hand towards that part of your body, and by your stomach I'm referring to the area around your solar plexus which is extremely sensitive much more so than most of you know.

Begin to reach towards the skin of your solar plexus or the skin of your other arm very slowly with the palm of your hand - either hand - and as you get slower note the physical feelings in your body.

Try to do this someplace that's quiet or perhaps at a time of day when things have calmed down at least to a "dull roar" and notice when you start getting feelings in your body. Most of you will notice some kind of feeling in your body when you are just a few inches or considerably further away from touching your arm with your hand or coming closer to your solar plexus.

If you start to get a really uncomfortable feeling this is what to say - and remember if you're doing this with a mate there can't be too much kidding around and never saying anything harsh. This is just to let you know how sensitive you were born - I'll say more about that in a moment. As you get closer to your solar plexus or your arm, notice your feelings and as I said if you get uncomfortable start saying out loud, "I'm safe" and continue saying that - not over and over but saying it only when the uncomfortable feeling comes up.

Continue doing that until you get your hand to within about an inch of your arm or your solar plexus. Then begin moving your hand without touching your arm or solar plexus - begin moving your hand up towards your shoulder or in the case of your solar plexus very slowly up towards your chest. You will notice that the sensitivity becomes heightened. Now that's all.

This is only to show you how sensitive you are. It is important to do this for some of you because you don't often remember that you were born sensitive and there's a reason for it. Creator would not have us born this way if there wasn't a reason.

It is not a challenge. It is rather so that we can feel and know before we are touched or told. Yes, we all have the capacity to know what's going to happen slightly before it happens or what's going to be known mentally just before we are told. I'll say more about that next time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, August 27, 2007

More Changes

Did you know, there are changes coming up for everyone now very soon.

I have mentioned this before but we must face the facts - the polar ice caps are going to continue to melt, albeit at a varying rate. This is not because of mankind's activities so much, though scientifically speaking it can certainly be traced to that.

There is another factor involved here. We as human beings are using more and more water in different ways these days. There are those looking for alternate fuels and water when broken down into its component parts has looked good to many. And there are other actions using water that does not allow the water to be recycled, as we understand it. So - there's more to it.

Mother Earth is also clearing some more land for us since there are many of us and we must live somewhere. Oh it's true that the global temperature will go up as a result and of course they'll be more rain because they'll be more moisture but this does not have to be such a bad thing.

I know it may at times with various predictions look to be somewhat glum and there's no doubt that low-lying islands may have some problems but it's also a fact that there are places on the land on various continents and other places where the people can be - so please make room for them.

Mother Earth intends to provide us with what we need but I have been guided that she would like us to do something and it may not always be popular. She would like us to have less children. We all love children of course and they are precious and perhaps when there are fewer of them by natural loving processes then they will be treasured as they ought to be - but we must face the facts. There are a great many of us living on the planet now and it might be better if we could find a way to very gently reduce the population.

I would say that this can be done and it can be done gently. There are many ways and I believe you know of them. So lets support some of these ways and don't if you would, become intimidated by those who say you ought to have children or you must have children or if you don't watch out it's too late to have children and so on and on.

If you really want a child - alright - but if you are not desiring of that then it's alright. Other people will have them and perhaps you can be an auntie or an uncle and that could be just fine.

I am not speaking out against children for I treasure them as well, I am however saying it is alright for the population to be reduced in benign and benevolent and loving ways. I know we can do this and future generations are counting on us to do this so that Mother Earth will be available benevolently for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More On Our Pathway

It's easy to be judgmental isn't it. "How could she do that? How could he do that?"

We are all born with certain potentials and from that point on we are subject to influences and of course some people might say that fate plays a hand. Fate of course is a word that represents all that we don't know - but happens.

So when we look around and we hear things and we see things - sometimes small offensive things, sometimes annoyances - even if we feel that there may be some reason, there is a difficulty not judging it isn't there.

And so, what about the big things? It's so easy isn't it to say, "How could he do that! How could she do that!" And yet, what would you have done if you were born with that potential, if you were thrust into that influence, if you were exposed to this or that.

You know, I feel that this place - this planet is a place that Creator has decided to see - what if. I do not feel that we are somehow dangling at the end of Creator's strings with Creator jerking us this way or that way. I feel we are all volunteers.

Granted - if we knew what was going to come in our lives we may not have volunteered for this but souls are innocent and spirits, as we all are, do not recall nor do we understand the implications of former lives or for that matter of the experiences of others.

When we are not here on this planet we do not experience pain. We do not experience suffering. This place is the school that teaches what can be done and what are the results when one does what is perhaps better not to do. This school is not a place of punishment as I've said before - this is a finishing school for those spirits and souls who want to go on from here to create in a more responsible position.

Think about it - parents create and they are then presented with the results of their creation so that they must continue to create and to bring about the best possible life they are able for their children.

Of course the children arrive with certain potentials and even if you are the best parent in the world your child goes out, is exposed to life and the slings and arrows that come about as the result of life. So you do the best you can, that's all you can do.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that it is so easy to fall into a pattern of judging what others do - not necessarily putting ourselves into their shoes. Even if we discount that they are different, that they've been exposed to things that are different - put yourself in their shoes - what would you have done.

I have spoken before here and other places about the difference between discernment and judgment and as a result of that I feel that it is important now to move past judging and blaming because if we judge and blame it is so easy to overdo it isn't it.

It's so easy to say, "Well, he is one of those and he did that so maybe they're all like that. So whatever we do it's alright because they're all that way and they deserve it."

Now I realize that has a cartoonish quality to it but it is really the distilled version of the rational that is used to sell wholesale violence to large groups of people who might perpetuate it.

We are coming into times now where what is required of us is co-operation. The world is reforming culturally. Yes, it will be first on the business model or the corporate model and we may not like that at times. On the other hand it will be, over time and not a long time at that, remodeling itself into one whereby people are served with heart not just directed through head and will.

I haven't spoken too much about the will here but I will address that in the future. The will has gotten a great deal of - how can we say...praise in our time - meaning, "I didn't think I could do it but I drove myself to it, I willed myself to do it and I got it. I achieved it."

I recall a time when will was looked upon a different way but I am not here to blame. I am here to say that judgment can keep us apart very often from that which we desire. Discernment does not do this so much and yet there are occasions when those who step in a destructive pathway must be separated from those who need to be protected. We all know this - the proverbial bull in a china shop - yes - but there are means, manners and ways.

We are all evolving to a more heart centered sense of values. It's not as simple as it once was. We can't just all go out into the forest and be reminded what nature is since the forest is disappearing to make room for so many of us here who need the room to live. Now we're coming into a time when we must come into our hearts through exposure to each other and recognize that very often the animals, the trees, the bushes, the plants - otherwise known as the natural beings here on this planet - will be able simply by their ways to demonstrate how to get along in the best possible way with others given the circumstances of life.

I feel that the changes we are about to enter as a global society will bring us closer together and I also feel that many of us will have opportunities - truly magical moments in the next few years that will change us - as that forest is not going to be present - then those magical moments will come from a person or two people or more and they will not be destructive, they will not be willful, they will not be commanding or demanding.

They will bring us into our hearts and it will happen with others around so that we feel our hearts and thus can find our way once more in the most benevolent way on our pathway to becoming a global benevolent society. Watch for it - it's coming.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Heart Of Travel

Do you ever travel to lands beyond your own? It is natural isn't it to notice how the people are different.

Sometimes one appreciates the differences, other times they just make you uncomfortable - and of course then when you get home what was once annoying appears to be comforting.

I'm going to recommend that you seek out the heart of cultures that you visit whether they be in your country or beyond and the way to do this is always through the food. Don't look so much for the modern leading edge food of those who experiment but try the cafeterias and the small restaurants that serve the people the foods that they like and that they were raised with.

Try only what feels good to you and what generally draws you towards it. In this way you will be able to experience the true heart of the people for in the true heart there is food and there is love. One cannot often connect with the true love of peoples that you visit in other countries but by this means it can be helpful.

I would recommend in order to prepare yourself for such a journey that you say the following Living Prayer. You might say, "I am asking that my experience in the foreign lands I visit or the cultures from afar that I attend in my own country be benevolent and nurturing for me and allow me to appreciate the value in these other expressions of life."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take Another Look. Is It Really True?

Energy is our natural native state of being. Did you know that - I feel many of you do. It is not natural for us to be in these bodies in which we occupy which automatically tells us that we are here to learn something.

We are here, I feel, to learn compassion for all beings who are physical. Each other yes of course but also animals, plants and all manner of creatures - large or minute on this planet. Compassion as I've said before is a great lesson for us all. It is something that we take for granted in our natural state of being when we are not on this planet and it is something that is a portion of life that is also taken for granted almost everyplace else.

Why then, you might reasonably ask, are we so challenged in our day to day life here. Why is it such a struggle? Are we being punished? No, I know that's not it.

We are learning. We are learning what is added, what is subtracted and what is blended in order to make the best result.

One of the ways this is learned is to make mistakes. Mistakes are often regretted by us or others aren't they - and yet it is a way to learn. Lets pay attention to history. Lets not simply turn a blind eye to it because we don't like it or we don't like the outcome that we are living with. Lets not assume that if some peoples have made mistakes against our kind, as we might say, or others like us that they are inherently at fault including all succeeding generations.

Lets automatically assume, as we are all human beings while we are here, that that was a human error and as human beings we are most definitely available to make the same error. Prejudice is such a difficult thing isn't it. Sometimes so very seductive - even in ways that we come to believe are not associated with prejudice.

This is sometimes referred to in the word truisms - meaning things that are so much believed to be true that regardless of evidence to the opposite are accepted as true.

Take a look at your life. Are you practicing in your attitudes any truisms. If you are, take another look. Is it really so? Are other people so really different from you?

In my experience we are all so very much alike even though we have had different experiences and our lives have been shaped in different ways. At our root of being, physically of course, we are alike and in this way we can find our way home to each other. Think about it and add what you'd like.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

More On Recreating Your Life

There is a place on the planet now - it is not on the surface of the planet. It is below the surface and below a particularly well known place where magnetism is affected.

This place is burgeoning in its capacities to recreate - but it is not Earth's job to recreate our culture, that's our job. If you're considering, when you look at your life, that there are aspects of your life that you would like to recreate - you can be supported in that if you tap into this region.

The region is about 40 miles under the surface of the North Pole. It's not directly under that general area but it's near there and it is an energy that is held in reserve. It's not broadcasted at this time. That's because it's waiting for you, whoever you may be, to tap into it.

Here's what to do: If you can, either stand or sit - it's either way, face towards the North where you are. Reach out with your left hand. Have your palm aligned with the center of your body and as if you were going to shake hands with someone. Say the following words.

First say, "I am asking that all those benevolent energies that are available for me insulate and protect me now so that I receive only the energy that is available to help me to recreate my life in the most benevolent way." Wait about a minute - it can be a little less than a minute, it can be a little more than a minute but not too much either way.

Then say this, "I am now receiving all of the recreation energy that is available for me in the most benevolent way." And continue to hold your arm out straight - towards the North.

If there are a lot of man-made materials between you and the direction your hand is aimed, try to aim your hand more towards the sky. That will help, so that it will lessen the effect of the man-made materials - for you see that energy is available above ground as long as you are keyed into it specifically using these methods.

Wait about a minute and a half after you've welcomed that energy - then you may relax your arm and see if you can be quiet for about 5 minutes, as quiet as is available to you. If the area is noisy you can plug your ears or use earplugs. If the area is quiet then just sit quietly with your hands in your lap, that is the best. Try not to think.

Wait about 3 days and then begin to take action in some benevolent way to recreate your life. That's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, August 03, 2007

More On Moving Past Judgement

Have you ever noticed that you say something critical of someone and then before you know it you find yourself in the same position having to either do what they did or having to solve the problem they faced in some other way. It's kind of amusing most of the time when that happens but it also points out an important fact.

For a long time many of you have been reading here and there and all over the place how the world is changing, how feminine energy is rising yes - and how we're moving on to another expression of Earth yes - and other variations on that.

One of the ways you can tell though, and provide yourself with evidence that that is so much the fact is how much the intensity level has been raised to bring our lessons to us.

Do you know that very often, not always but very often the things we criticize the most in other people are the things we either dislike about ourselves or the things that we dislike that are going on in our immediate environment. The fact that so much of this is coming up for so many people right now is an illustration of the fact that we are hurrying up to finish our lessons by having them right in front of us or with us all the time.

I know that you do not like to have your lessons in your face over and over and I sure don't either but here's something I recommend. Pay attention to when you are judging or criticizing others.

Is your criticism or judgement based on the fact that you have done what they were attempting to resolve - that you have done it in some better way or is it simply because you are criticizing the outcome of the solution they applied?

So - homework, next time you're ready to give criticism be prepared not only with what you have to offer as a solution but also be prepared to face the music if your criticism is not received in the best way. I am not here to be the psychologist for I am not that nor am I here to provide professional therapy and you're not coming to me for that. Rather you are here to consider the options and perhaps find a suggestion or two.

Here's a suggestion, I recommend that you sharpen up your discernment. Know what is for you and accept that things, even things that you may not necessarily wish to do or participate in - that those things may be for others.

So - recommendation, take a good hard look at the definition of judgement. Then consider that discernment isn't involved in judging. It's more involved in experience.

I know I've talked about discernment before here and here for example but it's so important now. It's because we're rushing to complete our lessons - a clear sign that something is getting ready to shift on Earth and I believe to something more benevolent.

Well, I know that's a refresher but it's coming up for so many of us these days I thought I'd bring it up again.

If you'd like a little thing you can say for yourself then this is what I recommend. You might say, "I am asking that I feel in my body when I am judging others so that that uncomfortable feeling will remind me that I can simply recognize that people solve things in their own way as best they can and I also am asking to recognize in my body by my feelings my awareness of what is for me and what is for others and to feel comfortable with that, knowing that I'm safe and that my world can be safe and comfortable and I can allow others to have their worlds."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.