The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Heightened State Of Awareness

The nature of your reality now is something that will often be a state of various distractions. It is that you are in a receptive mode. This is not because you are so needful but rather because there is a heightened state of awareness. Some people feel it is an anxiety but I'd like to point out that it is really not about something frightening that's going to happen but rather about a physical awareness that is in our bodies. Our bodies are attuned to the identifying thought, you might say of - somethings going to happen. Lets assume, and I believe it is so, that that something is a good thing. I think it's good to be jokey with people we know and love because that feeling is so acute.
I would like to suggest a Living Prayer followed by some Benevolent Magic to support this feeling so many of us are having. For the Living Prayer I suggest if you like to say it, "I am asking that my heightened state of awareness and similar states in people and other beings around me allow us to notice the value of each other and to appreciate the value of friendship and to welcome it in its various benevolent forms." And for another day you could say this Benevolent Magic if you like, "I request that my capabilities for discernment be acute so that I may notice the new friends that are available to me now - that these friends will be true friends accepting and appreciating me for who I am and that I will accept and appreciate them for who they are and that this will all occur in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
I feel that the times now are about friendship, kinship - which is not necessarily just associated with blood relatives but discovering one's friends and true family who you feel at home with and who feel at home with you and also about a feeling of family that is one that allows you to have that feeling - most genuine - of belonging - something we all strove for when we were younger. I feel it is immanent now. I recommend we all be vigilant for something good which I feel is immanent.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Being Served By The Littlest Amongst Us Is A Gift For Us To Understand

When you are placing your feet and your body one step after the other on your path this year, once or twice if you like I'm going to recommend you say the following thing and that is this, "I am asking that all those who step on this land after me or come into contact with the dust that I am stepping on be blessed and wizened to the greatest of their capacity in the areas of knowledge and wisdom that are natural to their souls and that they apply that knowledge and wisdom in the most benevolent way in their lives and in the lives of those who inquire of them for their knowledge and their wisdom."
It would be best to do this either barefoot as you walk about in your life or in a leather soled shoe as rubber does tend to insulate a bit but if rubber is all you have then that's what to do. Rubber also means artificial, man-made stuff eh - you know what I mean.
This is the year of blessings for others that they may pass blessings without having to think. It is the year of blessings through the bottoms of your feet. Earth supports us and has over the years created the most benevolent forms of herself to serve as our bodies while we are here on this planet and our feet are what most often encounters the planet first and throughout our lives. This is why the bottoms of our feet are intended to have sacred capacities both in giving and receiving.
If you can do these things as I'm requesting and suggesting you will find that in time you will feel a benevolent energy. You'll know it when you feel it and when you feel it just let it be in your body - it is a blessing but if you happen to be outdoors then you can just walk on the surface of the planet with the energy. That which you do not need or is for others will pass through the bottoms of you feet into the land and the dust or the sand that is beneath you will blow this way and that and because of the elements of creation that exist on Earth will find its way to contact those for whom it is meant or some day nurture some food and find its way into the body of those for whom it is meant. I have been taught this over time not only by my teachers but by my observations. Look to the Mystical Man blog for the story that will remind you of these comments today.
Goodlife and goodnight.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Recognition And Acknowledgment

I'd like to provide you with a plan for the new year and the plan is profoundly simple. It is the following and I'll begin with a Living Prayer that I recommend you say if you like, "I am asking to have the feelings that go with honoring myself and honoring all life this year, to release judgement and embrace discernment, to look in the mirror and say, 'I'm doing alright. I am a being of wisdom. I have knowledge and I have been able to apply that knowledge well very often. I am asking to acquire more knowledge and more wisdom in the most benevolent way now for me.' "
You notice that is an unusual form of Living Prayer. I feel that it is important to begin this year with an acknowledgment of who and what you are. All human beings come to this planet to acquire wisdom that will work in a practical, day to day Earth setting.
You will know no greater challenge for existence in this universe then on this planet. This planet is not a nursery school for people who have gone by the wayside somehow - quite the opposite. It is as intense as it is at times, because it is the Ph.D program and more.
No matter what you think on other planets in other lives about life - while it may be considered a possibility or even a philosophical desirability on other planets, other planets are benevolent but Earth is where you get to try things out to see if they really work. Therefore I want to encourage you to pat yourself on the back for what you have discovered in you life really works and to seek out greater wisdom if possible in your life this coming year in the most benevolent way. That's what I recommend and I hope that you enjoy your journey.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


In these times one tends to examine the year that has gone by. I'd like to give you something that will help you to reflect on this year.
Many of you are impatient with yourselves, you want to advance in heart and mind, in spirit and even soul faster then you feel you are. I'd like to suggest that you look back five years ago - have you changed much? Do you feel you've advanced in heart, mind, spirit and soul? I feel that many of you will decide that you have advanced quite a bit.
Don't be in such a big rush, okay. Enjoy life as best you can. Experience what you can in the most benevolent way and pass on benevolence whenever you get the chance. Enjoy, experience and live. What more can you do - really. It's what I have to offer at this time of year.
Alright, lets say a Living Prayer together, "I am asking that all beings on Earth - around me, near me and everywhere love and appreciate their own actions and experience the highest and most benevolent enjoyment and support, appreciation and love of themselves and their best and most bountiful creations."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Finding The Path To Benevolence

In many parts of the world there are holidays coming up, also known as holy days. Sometime ago it was established that these holidays be an opportunity to experience the better part of each other. This better part is the part that drops walls and allows feelings to be demonstrated of friendliness, kindness and so on. This is a good tradition and I feel good about it.
I am hopeful during this holiday time that it will be possible to practice our feelings. It is a good opportunity and a safe time - you see - to practice benevolence. Benevolence is as important as I stress it to be because it is something we all hunger to experience from others but as the Method Actor knows, and the famous acting coach implied when teaching it - Lee Strasberg - in order to fully be immersed in something you have to see the world through that veil.
So in order to show these benevolent characteristics, not as something that is polite only, not as something that is a surface demonstration only but in order to be benevolent one may have to see the benevolence in others. If it is not there, don't pretend that it is. If it is there then speak or communicate to that portion of them while in some cases reassuring them that it's safe for them to feel that way - benevolent to some degree -yes - even if they do not demonstrate it.
It's very important for you to give people permission to not be demonstrable with benevolence if that's important to them - some people are afraid to do it. You don't have to tell them it's okay to not be benevolent because you're afraid but you can be gently demonstrating it and make sure you do not require it of others.
While this appears to be a homework assignment it is actually something designed to improve your perception. Don't project your benevolence on others and see it where it isn't but if you notice moments when it's there, enjoy those moments and recognize that underneath the carpet of discomfort that we often see in life around us while we desire to have support and kindness come to us, we might just need to be that when it feels safe and to only notice it in others and consider it a bonus when it comes to us as well.
This is not meant to be cynical but rather to train you to be the spiritual warriors I know many of you want to be. A Spiritual Warrior is not someone who makes war based upon some idea or philosophy but rather someone who seeds benevolence of their belief system - not the belief system as a demand but only the benevolent part of their belief system. In this way the common ground between all belief systems will be benevolence and that common ground is naturally uniting.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Path

There has been an increasing sense amongst many of you that some great change is impending - not is coming but is actually impending and it's true. There is an urgent feeling of need amongst a great many people on this planet to be loved and accepted and appreciated for being exactly who you are right now even though you may not be presenting any form of what you might consider perfection to the world.
Perfection you know is something that is more of a mental concept then a practical reality. It is in our nature to be human beings. It is not of course in our nature to be some impractical, unrealistic form of perfection. Keep in mind something that I have found valuable and that is that some of the most creative people in the world who have left the most wonderful things for us to use - often called geniuses but they probably would not have called themselves that. As a matter of fact in their own time they would have considered themselves to be eccentric, not crazy, eccentric because they were so devoted to some particular form of interest that they thought of themselves as actually being out of balance and yet who's to say that that wasn't a perfection of their own.
The main gauge that I have found to know whether you are being your perfect self is - are you harming yourself or are you harming others. A wise being once said to me and others that that is the gauge that is most important. That being used to say that the definition of being self destructive was harming yourself or harming another since we are all a portion of the same thing. We are not glued to each other at the hip but we are part of the same race - the human race and therefore one of the most important things we must remember is that being our own personality is what contributes to the entirety of the human personality.
Practice if you can doing things that are benevolent for yourself and benevolent for others. Remember sometimes people around us want to fall into line with some thought, practice or philosophy that they feel is good but think to yourself - you can think for yourself - is this self destructive? Am I harming myself? Am I harming others? If so this may not be part of the practical, realistic human overall personality.
I believe that it is our nature to not be self destructive. I believe we are taught that either by example or we react that way and you can tell this by just taking a look at babies. Babies are born curious. They respond well to love and they naturally provide love as well. They are not then born self destructive.
We are all babies that have matured so if we have any self destructive habits we have learned them and we can shed them. Do your best. I'm not expecting perfection.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Allowing Permission To Help You

Many of you have wondered why in recent days that there seems to be such a cacophony of cries from the people around you and others saying that this one is to blame and that one is to blame and you feel caught between wanting to do something about that and wanting to get away from the complaints. It's true that many of these complaints can be justified not only by opinion or bias but very often by facts and yet just as often even if you or others did something political or in other ways, it really may not change things too much.
Does this mean you shouldn't vote? No. Voting is good and being informed as a citizen wherever you live is good. That's useful and speaking of the facts as you know and understand them - that is also useful and exchanging opinions with others who may know other facts - that is good too but in order to support your souls desire to come to this planet, be exposed to a wide variety of opinions, points of view, knowledge, wisdom and simply examples of existence which is a desire by all of our souls here - then the bottom line is - it's important to ask why things are not more pleasant and what's the best thing to do overall to bring about changes.
Overall the best thing to do, in my experience, is to give people permission to be benevolent. One of the biggest things I have found that is lacking on this planet in all levels of society is permission.
You know that sometimes, on rare occasions yes, when you or others have permission to do something it is an exultant feeling - wonderful - even if it is only permission to do something that you don't do but the feeling of permission is very often so rare it is wonderful.
Therefore I'm going to make a suggestion that you say a Benevolent Magic about that. First I'm going to suggest that you ask out loud the following Living Prayer to prepare for saying the Benevolent Magic. I suggest you say, "I am asking that I now feel the most benevolent and loving energies that are available to me to support me now and to prepare me to be receptive in the safest and most benevolent way."
Say that and wait a minute or two, not much longer, for the energies will be there. See if you can notice some change in your physical body. You might feel a little warmth, some of you might feel some tingling and when you feel a bit more relaxed then I suggest you say the following Benevolent Magic - I suggest you say, "I request that the hearts and souls of all beings around me that I can see and who are not visible to me have permission now to be of heart, to be of their soul essence and to experience the greatest benevolence they have ever known. I request that this happen in the most benevolent way for me and result in the most benevolent outcome."
Now you might reasonably ask, "Why do we often say 'the most benevolent way for me?' " It is in the nature of Benevolent Magic that the support for your own belief system and for your immediate souls' environment is required in some way so that you will not only appreciate the value of Benevolent Magic but also appreciate your own capacity to alter in some way - many times in many ways - the benevolence of your own life.
This is not meant to be selfish but rather when your own life is altered to being more benevolent you tend to exude, not unlike a light bulb, a amount of benevolence. You don't, when you experience this, you don't send it out intentionally - that's by way of rejecting it but you simply by experiencing it radiate it not unlike the way light comes off of a light bulb - it just happens. You don't have to do anything about it - it happens on its own and in this way it supports the hope of others in the value and in the pursuit of life itself.
Consider that permission is something that needs to be given more often for benevolent pursuits and even to imagine that something is possible. If you like you can say the following Living Prayer too. Wait a day or so and say it. You can say if you like, "I am asking that I experience permission to have permission and enjoy the benevolent feelings that follow and that my experience of this allow greater benevolence in my life and the lives of others."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Sound For All Hearts

There is a time coming when you will all have an opportunity to do something that will help your co-ordination of benevolence and love on the Earth and it is very simple.
I'm going to recommend it for you anytime you wish to do it in the next two to three weeks and that is a sound you can make. You all know the word, "Sh" that is said to encourage people to lower their voices or to make less noise but this sound has other impacts and when said like, "ssssssssshshshshshshshshsh" like that where the s sound is made first and then the sh and when done for about thirty seconds, that's about all - thirty seconds can prompt a valuable and comfortable warmth that many of you will feel in your hearts and other places that are close to your heart.
This is a simple sound you can make and it will improve the connection between you and the hearts of others around you and between you and the hearts of others in the world whether they be human, animal, plant or Mother Earth herself. It is also something you can do anytime you want to after the next two to three weeks.
Just try to do it once, maybe twice in the next two to three weeks - out loud anytime, anywhere. You can do it with others or on your own, it's fine either way. Thirty seconds is enough though. It doesn't have to be exactly thirty seconds but in the neighborhood - twenty eight to thirty three seconds - something like that but thirty seconds is the aim, alright.
It will also help to amplify the love energy for the human being and unite all souls benevolently. It will take a while for some and be quicker for others. That's what I recommend.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Profound Tool For Discernment

The co-ordination of activities that surround and support your souls capacities to learn and to remember who you are in your foundational elements is drawing to a greater, more benevolent conclusion. The conclusion of course is that we all remember who we are in all of our incarnations and in all of our experiences so that we can be that being that we are and that we exist as beyond this planet.
Earth is a school as you all have noticed and as a school it can be at times fun and at other times it can be very difficult indeed. One of the most difficult parts is the repetitive lessons - things that are tough that come up and happen over and over again.
When our souls come here, I believe, we are prepared for the fact that it is school but most of us are not prepared for the fact of how difficult the school will be. Therefore when opportunities come to have fun, sometimes it is difficult to know whether that fun is benevolent for us or not.
It is not my job here to state that one thing is good and one thing is bad but it is my job to try to support you in developing your discernment to know what is for you and what is for others and what that simply means is that when you are asked to participate in something, generally speaking if it feels good to you and if you feel good interacting with the people and what's going on is benevolent - good for you, good for them, good for others then it's pretty much guaranteed to be benevolent.
The key and the difficulty and the challenge for us all is knowing what is really benevolent and what's going to turn out benevolently. That is why the Feeling Body, as I call it - the portion of you that acts and reacts with physical feeling, is so important because our minds can only do so much. They can think of course and with your thoughts you can remember some of your experiences to know what has worked out and what hasn't worked out in applications from before.
I grant that sometimes your feelings might be nervous about something that may turn out to be alright. Perhaps it's something new, perhaps it's a challenge but there are many times when you get a really bad feeling about something and you know what I mean. That sinking feeling in your stomach, that extreme tightness or that burning sensation, yeah. Very often when we get those feelings we all know that this is something that's not going to turn out well.
What I'd like to do is provide something for you that people don't always provide and that is that I'd like you to know that I honor those feelings in you. If you have a sinking feeling or a bad feeling or a tightness or a burning feeling in your body, something like that - you know what I mean - then I recommend that you do consider what you are doing - that's all.
So many times people want to have fun and they don't know what's good for you. So I want to remind you that if you're not sure then you can try this discernment method:

I'd recommend that you try something that has worked so well for me. It is a process, yes, it may not be immediately accessible but it works for me every day in all kinds of decisions. It is a physical feeling. I hope you find it to be of some value.
This is what I recommend. I recommend that you sit down in a comfortable chair in a quiet spot at a quiet time of the day - turn off the ringer on the phone so you won't be disturbed - and just ask for some quiet time from friends and family. Then put your hands on your heart area - just let them sit there and you'll notice probably, a feeling of warmth that is noticeable in your heart. Keep your hands there and let the feeling be present.
It might come up - that feeling of warmth might come up you see, in some other part of your body - perhaps your stomach or your solar plexus - maybe someplace else. When you notice that feeling of warmth see if you can just go into it - don't think about it - just go into that physical feeling of warmth and see if you can feel it more. I recommend then that every day or every other day you try to have that experience of physical warmth in your body - there's a reason.
Practice it for a week or two so that you can get to the point where you can just sit down or lay down quietly someplace and focus on feeling that physical warmth in your body even if it comes up in different places at different times - that's alright. It may come up here one day, there another day, that's fine. Maybe you won't have to put your hands on your body, maybe you will - either way is fine.
When you get good at this, you will then be able to use this as a physical means of: Yes, this is for me or there's another response in your body that is: No, this is not for me. It doesn't cast judgement however. It is simply - for you or not for you. I find this is a particularly appealing aspect of this work.
Then, what to do is this. I recommend that when you need to make a decision that you state out loud to yourself in some quiet place where you're on your own - just say out loud - I could do this - and state what you could do and notice whether you get that uncomfortable feeling in your body - tightness or burning or something like that or if you feel that warmth. If you feel that warmth it probably means that this would be good for you to do. If you get a tightness or discomfort it probably means that this is not a good thing for you to do at this time or you can restate the way you said it and see how you feel.
Generally speaking if you get either a neutral feeling, meaning you don't feel one way or the other or you get a discomforting feeling then this is not for you to do at that time or in that way. Practice with it and see how it works for you.
Again, if you feel the warmth it means that this is for you or there is some aspect of it that may be advantageous for you to consider. If there is no feeling at all in your body, then rephrase the question and ask it another day. That's what I recommend.
It works well for me. I utilize it in all aspects of my life - not instead of thought but as well as thought. I find that my physical body has the capacity to offer this great form of intuitive wisdom to me and I hope it serves you well.

After practicing this it will give you another way to discern what is for you and what is for others. That's all I want to say today. There will be many opportunities for you in the near future to get on a path that will be self destructive and sometimes that looks attractive. So it will be useful perhaps to have a tool that you can go to - a means of utilizing your own body to know whether something is of value to you.
So I'd recommend you use that technique in order to improve the quality of your life and to that end I will suggest the following Living Prayer. I'd recommend that you say, "I am asking that I have a most benevolent warm and loving feeling in my body when something is good for me to do that my mind does not know about or is unsure so that I have a means of knowing what is for me and what is for others and equally if something is for others to have a brief feeling of discomfort that quickly within a few seconds passes - that my body tells me that this is not for me though it may be for others."
You understand that I'm not trying to suggest that you ask to feel bad but if you have a brief feeling of discomfort - it has to be discomfort so it will catch your attention but quickly passes in five seconds or so - that will let you know.
Think about it. If it feels good to say go ahead and say it but before you do, practice the technique above about the warmth, the loving warmth that will allow you to know - another means to know what is for you or what is for others.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Clarity For Decision Making - Part Two

I hope you've had a chance to begin working on your list that will help you to define and make clear to yourself the difference between what you think you want and what your physical body speaks in its physical feelings of these things.
What I recommend is that you take out your list now and you look at your original list of what you want, what you felt you need and so on and then you look at your remarks as to how your physical body reacted and reorder the list - write it back over again see.
Look where your physical body had the most comfortable reaction - don't judge the list, just look for the most comfortable reaction. Perhaps your physical body relaxed and felt comfortable when you said something. Perhaps some of you even felt warmth in your physical body. Those are the things to order at the top of the list and then where your physical body, when you said something, felt discomfort - those are the things at the bottom of the list. Discomfort would include tension but something like say itching for instance - unexpectedly having to scratch some part of your body - that would be somewhere in the middle just for an example but the most discomfort, tension and ill at ease feeling physically in your body - what you define as being ill at ease - tightness or pain - that's to be at the bottom of the list. Again, just write in down according to that. Don't jump to conclusions.
Now after you've completed that rewriting of the list, your list will probably be in a different order at least partly, and you will see that some of the things you really think you want and might be able to justify as needing are at the very bottom of the list and some of the things you thought perhaps were only mild wants or desires are at the top of the list. Don't move those things that are at the top of the list alright - let them be at the top of the list because that's your physical body telling you that these things are desirable and very possibly things that you can acquire in some way because your physical body not only tells you that physically they're desirable but since your physical body is involved in the creation of your reality that your physical body can draw to you the experiences that will allow these things to occur in the most benevolent way.
Now look at the list and see - there were some things that you first wrote on the list that seemed very important indeed and when you look at the list now and see them down at the bottom it makes you feel confused. Pick one of those things just to practice now and what to do is this - get another piece of paper out. Write that thing at the top of the paper the way you wrote it on your list originally and I want you to write it in at least three different ways or more if you like, restating it - alright - just restating what it is that you want or need, whatever your thought was about that thing.
We're not looking to perfect it mentally but if you can get it in a way that you feel is more clear of what you want but is that thing that you originally wrote about, that's what we're looking for. Two or three different ones would be fine - descriptions of what you want - see - but you can write more, alright. Then we're going to close up that piece of paper for a time and put it on top perhaps or with, maybe underneath the other list and cover that up and put it away for a day or so.
Then not unlike the last time, take the list out the next time. It can be a few hours later or a day or so later, whatever you can do, whatever's convenient - take it out and look at that piece of paper. Either cover up the top thing that you wrote down that is the copy of what you originally wrote on the first list - see - or if it's a separate piece of paper you can fold it over so you can't see it - see. Then read off the items that you wrote below it, just read the first one and notice how your physical body reacts - the same way you tried in the first read off and make notes.
You may find that the rewriting of this desirable thing has other actions in your body. Maybe everything that you read, one thing at a time making notes of how your physical body reacts afterwards, maybe that will still be uncomfortable but maybe because of the rewriting and getting clearer one of the things or more will have a good feeling in your body.
What we're looking for here is to synchronize your mind and your physical body clarity. It is not your mind teaching your body. It is rather your body teaching your mind. I believe and have discovered the truth of this that our physical body actually presents us with physical evidence - our physical feelings - to demonstrate to us what is good for us in any given moment with the most benevolent feelings and is guiding us very often as to what is going to work out well for us.
Get to learn the feelings in your body that are benevolent. If you have a tight and uncomfortable feeling this may not be the best thing for you to do. If on the other hand you have a warm or relaxed feeling this may be a better thing that you can do and may be successful sooner and opportunities can be more easily created.
Your physical body is the connector to Earth and all that is on it and it will give you physical evidence by the way your body feels as to what can work in the easiest, smoothest and most benevolent way and very often in the quickest way. Your body will thus instruct your mind on the creation of physical reality in this way.
I hope you find this homework effective and helpful and use it as a tool when you are in doubt about how to pursue your life in the most benevolent way.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Clarity For Decision Making - Part One

Many of you have come to a time now in your lives where you feel you must do something and it's very vague and unclear as to what.
These times are not easily solved with thought no matter how clear your thought process may be because your thought will think of all the possibilities, examine them and lay out plans or notice what is missing in order to lay out plans and you might find that you get involved so much in what is missing to try to fill in those gaps that you may lose sight of your opportunities.
There is a means for you to locate within your personal reality what is the best thing to do, what is the best avenue to pursue and then you can decide what is the best way to pursue it. Gonna talk a little about that today.
The method is much easier than you might realize. It does involve feelings as so much in this site will involve since I feel that that is a means that has been overlooked in great part in your societies where you live and it is a means, perhaps one of the most valuable means to know what to do and yes - even how to do it in your world today.
I'm going to offer some homework for you to practice. It won't exclude your mind. First lets focus on the mental part. I'd like you to write down a list of all of the things you think you'd like to do. This is important because it can not only help you to discover how your thoughts help you but also where your thoughts might be leading you onto pathways that may not be the best and the smoothest for you but lets honor your thought process as it is.
Write down a list of all the things you'd like to do or places you like to go or places you'd like to be or work you'd like to have or anything like that. Lets include whatever, yes and when you are done or at least come to a stopping point because you might exhaust that list at some point - and you can add to it later by the way - then I'd like you to wait - just wait a few hours or if you want to wait a day or so that's fine too.
Put the list someplace where you can easily find it but fold it shut so you don't have to stare at it because then your mind will leap into thinking how you can achieve these things and I'd rather allow your mind to make up the list and then relax to do other things.
When you're ready to look at the list again to take the next step unfold the piece of paper or take off of it whatever you put over it so you didn't have to stare at it and this is what to do - ideally in some quiet place in your home or wherever you live. Just say out loud the first thing - don't say, "I want.." this or that, just say the first thing. You might have key words, you might have an actual statement. Without saying that you want it just say it out loud and notice how you feel physically in your body.
Does your body feel tight or uncomfortable? Does your body feel nervous or does your body relax and feel ease meaning you feel relaxed and comfortable with it and you might be able to define other reactions in your body. Remember now, you're not looking for thought.
You're going to say it out loud - the first thing on your list - and it doesn't have to be the highest priority, it was just the first thing you thought of to write down you see - and then you're going to notice immediately your physical reactions.
If you want to, after you notice your physical reactions - give yourself a minute or two, maybe three to notice what you feel - try not to think alright - and just say it out loud once, then after you've noticed how your body feels physically - not what you're thinking and not what you're thinking about what your body is feeling but write down the physical feelings you had in your body and if you know, where you had them - meaning - "Oh, my back felt tight" or "Oh, I felt a kind of sinking feeling in my stomach" or "Oh, I - my knees kind of started to itch." Anything like that you see. You're looking for physical things and when you have that you write those down next to that thing.
Then you relax for a moment. Try to fold the list over or put a magazine or something over it so you don't have to see it. Then when you're ready take the list out again and look at it and say the second thing out loud, again noticing your physical feelings and making notes about them if you like to when you're done.
Proceed that way right through to the end of the list. If you haven't got the time because you've had feelings and the notes took a while to write down then you can put the list away and finish it later. It would be good if you can finish it but some people's list will be long and you'll need to take time to do it. When you get done with your list - and if you've added things to the list by the way, just wait until you get done doing this physical feeling reaction to stating that thing you want or that thing you'd like as I stated before. Then I want you to look at the list - I will give you the second stage of the homework in another posting here but look at the list and fold it over and put it away.
I will give you the second part of the homework very soon to know what to do. I'm not trying to keep you confused but rather I feel it's important for you to take note of your physical reactions to these things.
For those of you who'd like to end with something benevolent though after this experience and this work that will help to give you another means to discern and make decisions - you can say if you like, the following Living Prayer. You can say, "I am asking that my clarity of discernment come to me now in the speediest and most benevolent way - that I feel good and satisfied to have it and that my access to it will be readily available to support my decision making process."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Supporting Benevolence In Religion

Now today I'd like to talk about something a little different. There is something going on in your past - not distant past but in the past that you can help with if you like. We did talk about it recently, about how you can alter the past so you can consult with that posting if you like and this thing going on in your past involves your religious documents - the ones you hold dear - most of the religious world.
All religious documents when they were originally produced were created with inspiration by people who were benevolently inspired to create their inspiration, yes but also to create something that supports benevolence between all beings. Sometimes over the years this was adapted to the conditions of the time as one might expect and interpreted as best as possible by those who were educated in these areas but sometimes, unintentionally political influences had their effect. This is more noticeable in some documents and less noticeable in others but they have all been somewhat infiltrated if not in their original form then in well intended rewrites.
It is not our job here on this site to interfere with religions - established and ones just getting started but it is our job to support benevolence and to encourage it. So I'm going to suggest for you today something to do that builds on our work for the past and supports benevolent present. I'm going to suggest that for those of you who would like to that you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all religious documents written and rewritten in the past be influenced by Creator's benevolence and be supported by all of our hearts benevolence now and that this be supported in benevolent heart centered ways in the present and in the future as well." If you feel any energy that comes through when you say this just pause and let it be there and then continue to say those words to the end of them.
I'm going to ask those of you who choose to participate in this to say this any time you wish now and once more thirty days in the future. That will help to anchor it through these times and the times to come. Religions are going through an alteration as many of you have noted. They are trying very hard to maintain their clear view to their inspiration about Creator. At the same time, those involved in those religions are making a mighty effort to create benevolence in their own way. I feel that it is important to support that goal and I hope you feel that way too.
It is not my intention to speak of religion much on this site as I feel that the religions are creating their own destiny for themselves and yet it is my intention to support benevolence wherever we can and when I say "we" you understand, I am referring to the greater "we" of all of us who participate here which of course includes you and everyone who participates and acts on what you read here, applies the homework to your life as best you can and attempts to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others through the methods outlined here. So thank you for making the efforts and for supporting, encouraging and nurturing benevolence wherever you are able to do so.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wisdom - Feeling It And Offering It With Benevolence

In these times you have the opportunity to experience profound wisdom. Many of you seek this and I do respect that, however I feel that in order to welcome that wisdom it would be helpful if you could prime the pump so to speak - you've all heard that term perhaps. It just means really to get something ready to accept it.
So what I'm going to suggest is for you to imagine what it would be like to be wise. I don't mean having great mental capacities but rather there are certain feelings physically, that go with being wise. One might expect that one of them is certainty but that's not true. With wisdom there is a degree of certainty but mostly what you find is the physical feeling of being calm. This does not mean that one is always calm but in moments of wisdom where one speaks either with inspiration or with knowledge or both one often feels calm and even self-assured.
So I'm going to suggest that you practice as an actor might feeling calm as best as you can imagine it. Then after that, practice feeling self-assured as best as you can imagine it. This is a calm and self-assurance that does not come from any performance but it will prepare your physical body to have the self-confidence that allows you not only to welcome your own wisdom but to feel safe when sharing that wisdom with others. Remember you don't tell people your wisdom, you notice when it is welcome. Learn to look for an opening in the conversation - a moment when there is a gap.
Perhaps a friend or a family member has stated a problem and if you have something that you have used to solve that problem this is what I recommend that you say - I don't recommend that you say, "You know what you could do. You might try this or you might try that." I'd recommend you say this exactly - it works and does not offend - I'd recommend you say, "I recall having that situation come up" or "I remember experiencing that too and this is what I did to resolve it - and even though its come up again I still use this to resolve it and it works for me." Then go on to describe what you used for you, in those terms, trying to avoid at all times to tell the person what they can do for themselves. When you speak of your wisdom, try to make it personal. In this case you will be able to speak of something that you know works for you even though it may not work for them at all, you will be speaking your personal wisdom and you will be speaking it in a way that it won't be unwelcome.
The person is less likely to feel like you're telling them what to do - you know how that feels - it doesn't feel good but if they're talking about how they resolved it for themselves you are offering them the option to try that for themselves or to have hope that since you solved it for yourself or were inspired to solve it and it worked and it continues to work that they can continue to search because if one person solved it perhaps another will be able to and to that end I'd like to recommend that you say the following Benevolent Magic.
I recommend you say, "I request that when I have the opportunity to share my wisdom that I be able to do so in the most benevolent way and that those moments of sharing wisdom be received benevolently and result in the most benevolent outcome."
Now the reason we say benevolent so much is we want to make it clear for ourselves how we want to have the experience and how we'd like it to be received. So anybody that wants to do extra credit homework, go ahead and look up the word "benevolent." I know most of you have probably already done that but it is an interesting thing how often we desire these characteristics in our lives and if you want more benevolence in your life then I'm going to recommend that you say the following Living Prayer. "I am asking that my life be filled with benevolence at every opportunity and that I have the opportunity to pass on benevolence to others when the moment may occur and that my resource of benevolence always remains full and open to receiving and giving when needed."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Learning To Use Our Creator Apprentice Abilities

Some of you have noted lately in observing your personal world that there are changes going on inside of you. Think back a year, two years, three years ago if you can remember. Don't try to remember the whole time but -are you different? And are all those differences, today you understand, are all those differences based purely on what has gone on externally to you or are you different personally without any specific action of you own?
I'm not saying this to frighten you or to agitate you but rather to let you know how you are supported. Support for change that comes within you to nurture and to provide you personally with capabilities, increased abilities in what you already know and the means to apply these things happens very gradually over time now. Oh years and years ago it would gradually happen then too but there has been a tremendous increase in this over the past few years.
Sometimes you will be able to look back say, a week or two ago and it feels like a month because so much has happened or it feels like so much has happened. If you had to put your finger on what it was that's happened sometimes you really can't but it feels like there's been a tremendous amount of time that's gone by even though you know in your mind that its just been a couple of weeks.
When you have this experience there is always an explanation for it. You have within your personal capabilities, which you are born with you understand, a very strong connection to Creator and the the Beings that support Creator in this creation. You are provided with so much heart energy, so much lung energy, so much physical energy - like that and you are supported with a certain amount of mental energy and feeling capacity and so on and this will when necessary very gradually increase.
In the past six to seven years and building up to that I might add, there's been a gradual increase in the amount that is available to be increased or to say it in a different way - your capability level has been increasing at an increasing rate. This has almost nothing to do with your personal will. Oh granted there have been times when you have desired to be able to do something, to be able to accomplish something or to have the capabilities to understand something more quickly, perhaps more easily. However the increase now has everything to do with what Creator and Creator's friends are supporting you to do.
As the population grows on Earth it will be necessary to have more resources on Earth to support that population. It will also be necessary for human beings to be able to magically create those resources and it will be necessary for you at times to create things for Mother Earth as she must pay attention to her own needs.
Many of you want to help Earth so I want to give you a Benevolent Magic you can say now for yourself and a Living Prayer you can say for others. For yourself I would suggest that you say, "I request that now in my life I have and continue to acquire all those portions of myself that exist beyond this planet in spirit and in form that will support me and improve the quality of my life here that I may have the most benevolent experience and fulfillment - that this will all occur in the most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome."
Now here's a Living Prayer you can say for Earth if you want to support her and then I'll say just a little more. You might say in a Living Prayer, "I am asking that Mother Earth, utilizing all human beings who are at the deep sleep level be able to generate benevolently with those human beings deeply sleeping the minerals, fluids and substances that will allow Mother Earth to feel healthy, to maintain comfort for herself and to be able to function in such a way as those who live on her and within her can be of comfort as well." Now you might wonder why I've said it that way.
Mother Earth is a complete being. Everything that you take out of her - oil, minerals and so on are part of her being and of course she doesn't function quite as well when those things are removed and transformed for your purposes and yet because we all have here on Earth magic qualities, hence the name of this site, it is possible for you to say and do things and to picture things that could improve Mother Earth.
So you all hear about the shortage of oil and Mother Earth uses her oil of course, to sustain something like a suspension system within herself and other functions that work for her and of course work for us on the surface - that I would like you to try something. Picture if you would vast reservoirs of oil - meaning that a reservoir that can never be depleted for Mother Earth's sake you see. When you picture that you would picture not black all over the surface of the Earth but underneath it. Just imagine vast pools of oil and even little pools that even if some of the oil is moved from place to place that it continues to grow.
Oil can be created just as all creation can be created and I believe from what I've been taught that Creator wants us to live in a place where we can learn how to create benevolently. Therefore when we are placed in a situation where creation is needed we can function in a co-operative way with Creator. I believe then that we are all Creator Apprentices learning what works and what doesn't and learning how all life can live benevolently and in balance.
So I'm going to suggest another Living Prayer. Try to picture that oil in the Earth supporting Earth and supporting our life on Earth and I recommend you say this, "I am asking that Mother Earth have all the substances within her and will always have all that is needed to support all life on Earth, all life for Mother Earth herself and all life within Earth that is being created and that exists there to support Mother Earth and those who visit and live here." Welcome to your status as Creator Apprentice.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.