The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Worthy Goals

In these times of change, and in some cases relaxed approach to politeness, it might be useful to also remember that if you wish others to understand what you want and need or even simply what you believe in and why - it is best to communicate in ways that are not only rational and helpful but also come from the heart. 

For years now people have thought that using convincing arguments or that which comes from the mind, the memory and thought is the best way to do this but in fact people are born coming from the heart. 

Anybody who’s ever been around a baby smiling suddenly at you knows that. That’s heart. Baby isn’t thinking, “I’ll just smile and win them over.” Baby smiles with genuine love, affection and happiness and your heart knows it is true. 

These times require heart. So, you don’t have to practice words so much anymore or arguments. You can talk to somebody who has completely different beliefs than you but as long as you come from the heart you can still be friends. 

You don’t have to believe the same things, you don’t have to look the same way, you don’t have to act like each other. You can have completely different cultures and yet if you speak to each other and act towards each other with heart - communication, friendship and love can be present - and this is how you were born. This is how you truly are. 

Goodlife to you all.