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Friday, December 08, 2006

Deep Disentanglement

It's time now to talk about Deep Disentanglement. I have discussed Disentanglement before here and here but Deep Disentanglement takes this a step further and I will build on this in time as well.

Deep Disentanglement allows you to interact with portions of your own physical body. These portions of your body can be any part. Realize that builds on Disentanglement so I strongly recommend you do that first or at least be underway with it.

Deep Disentanglement is something that requires focus and relaxation and I strongly recommend as well that you don't have too much to do for a day or two afterwards especially not to be doing anything that involves machinery, as in driving, or such items as may cause some risk. The reason I explain it to you this way is that your physical body will be sensitive after this and you also might need more sleep. So, it is something that is a profound interaction with your body.

Now not unlike in Disentanglement, you begin by relaxing as best as possible. Turn the ringer off on the phone, make sure you will not be disturbed - perhaps doing this some time of the day or evening when others are not around or when you are least likely to be disturbed.

If this process is disturbed before you make the initial statement or after you've made the initial statement requesting the Disentanglement or even during the time of processing the Deep Disentanglement then you must begin over again in the case of making the initial statement.

Of course by that time some of the process will have been completed and it may feel, especially for those of you who feel energies, like it takes less time but if you don't feel energies then wait the suggested amount of time.

If it is possible - or if you feel more comfortable wearing earplugs that is alright but - as quiet as can be. Then you begin using the same process as with Disentanglement.

You say out loud, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and disentangle me from all my discomforts and their causes."

Then you pause for a little while. It might take up to ten or fifteen minutes, in some cases twenty minutes. For those of you who feel a sense of energy, wait until the energy fades. If you're not sure whether you're feeling energy or you don't feel it then wait about ten or fifteen minutes - at least that.

Then after you've waited that time, you say the following. Now I'm going to give you the basics of what you say but it will be up to you to fill in some of the other factors. This is what you say - you say, "I am now asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and do Deep Disentanglement on my..." then you fill in the name of a single body part - only one or a single portion of your physical body. My foot, my leg, my heart, my lungs - something like that you see - it is up to you.

What this accomplishes is that the gold light beings and the light beings, who have the capacity to move through time and space, will disentangle this particular body part from any grievous causes of stressful anxiety and other distress that you have experienced in the past - and by in the past meaning any time in the past from the moment you are stating this request - and it will possibly - in the case of myself it has - improve the functioning or at least the feeling in that part of your body.

Of course I cannot guarantee this but I have had good luck with this and I am hopeful that you may as well. Then wait about fifteen or twenty minutes or until the energy fades if you feel that and when that is over - meaning you feel relaxed then this is what to do - if you happen to fall asleep after this part of the process that is alright - so as soon as possible after you wake up you can do this.

Then request the following - this is in the form of a Living Prayer. Say, "I am asking that my body now function smoothly and benevolently for me and that all that I have asked and all that has been done for me I will experience in the most benevolent way for me now."

Now, I'm adding that in for you to ask because I realize that some of you have busy lives and you may not be able to be as quiet and relaxed as I would recommend. This is by way of setting up a bit of an insulation for you in hopes that any disruption or disturbance, though I strongly advise you to keep it at a distance if you can - meaning to have a quiet weekend if possible or a quiet couple of days, will be kept at bay as best is possible with this Living Prayer or what I'm recommending here - meaning you will avoid disturbance if you possibly can.

Now, Deep Disentanglement is something that is quite profound. You never say more than one body part at once and you never do more than one Deep Disentanglement a month. That's because even after a couple of days of relative relaxation, quiet and perhaps extra sleep and if at all possible no alcohol, then it will still take a couple - maybe three weeks to fully integrate as a process.

So - if you do this, wait a minimum of thirty days and perhaps better - thirty five days before you do it again with some other body part you understand. That's what I recommend.

Deep Disentanglement is not something you do and then leave the house and go re-roof your house or something. You don't go and operate machinery. You don't even go into the kitchen and slice a tomato because even if you are normally very adept at these things you might not be entirely in your body - as we say.

It is something that does not harm your body but as I said it will make you more sensitive and you might not be as physically sharp as you usually are. It's not going to make you dull witted but it is going to require a little extra care and watching out for your own needs.

Now this is not something you can request for somebody else, this is only something that one can do for one's self.

If you decide to do this - remember - get started with and be well on down the road, so to speak, on doing Disentanglement. That's really important to prepare yourself and then you can try Deep Disentanglement. I have used it and it has been very helpful and I am hopeful it will be helpful to you as well. As always, I will build on this in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Ilias- said...

Hi and thank you. Is this something that can be done on a chakra - a solar plexus or root for instance?
With appreciation,

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, thank you for your question. It is an insightful question that, and because I feel it has wider ramifications for many people I will devote a column to it very soon on Benevolent Magic. So look for it there alright.

Goodlife my friend.