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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More About Forgiveness Now As Well As Disentanglement

Let us consider the circumstances around forgiveness. You have all read many things over the years about forgiveness and why it is worth doing even if only to relieve yourself of the burden of resentment.

Let us consider one of the main situations that holds back forgiveness from being complete. Very often one finds oneself in the circumstance where forgiveness, no matter how difficult to provide to others who have offended you or otherwise harmed you, can be worth doing simply because the constant gnawing at you about your anger at others can be overwhelming and add greatly to your stress level - but you know this.

What's holding it back from being complete? The biggest challenge is in forgiving yourself. Consider when you say to somebody - though it may not come up very often for some of you but consider when you say, "I forgive you" then also in a quiet moment later on - laying down or sitting up on your own - go into the most relaxed feeling you can obtain.

Calm yourself completely and when you can get to that place where you are calm and comfortable then say out loud, "I forgive you." You don't have to be specific about a person but if someone's picture flashes to your mind or some circumstance about which you feel discomfort simply say, "I forgive you."

If the discomfort doesn't fade then say, "I forgive myself for allowing myself to be hurt in life."

See if that helps. If that discomfort fades then remain in your relaxed state until other things come up that disturb you even if it is a place or a thing that makes you uncomfortable.

Speak out loud to that place or thing even if it's an inanimate object as you might perceive it, "I forgive you." If your discomfort doesn't go away then forgive yourself in the way stated above.

Now for some of you it won't work because it's a deeper root then that - meaning that there is so much about forgiveness, so much pain from the past or even present that there needs to be something that goes beyond being able to do that.

In this case I'm going to recommend disentanglement - the steps of which I've given here.

It involves gold light beings and light beings, angels and guides and certainly - Creator in order to support you as an individual and you are worth supporting.

I'm going to recommend that after you do the forgiveness process wait for about ten or twenty minutes. If you fall asleep that's fine, when you wake up try disentanglement.

Remember to request that all your beloved deities - whoever they may be, your angels, your guides, your spirit teachers and all benevolent loving beings of spirit and other energy be with you before you begin.

You will probably - when you wake up or when you get up - you will feel a little lighter. By lighter I mean you will feel as if something has been lifted off of you.

What disentanglement does and why you request these light beings is that these beings are able to travel into all places in your present and all places in your past and release the cords that bind you to old wounds - whether they be ones you remember or most likely have forgotten - and people, places and things mostly in your past but sometimes in your present that are causing you - remembering it and not remembering it you see - causing you harm and discomfort.

It's about releasing yourself from the burden of old discomforts. You see - it is difficult isn't it - to remember all who have trespassed against you to say nothing of those to whom you have trespassed but this process allows you to not only move through the first level of disentanglement but to release so much and have so much released from you.

Now "gold light beings" is important to say because they are able to function throughout all places, times and existence in a way that is completely benevolent and the same with light beings. I might add that angels, when they've been seen by others, are often seen as gold and white light - so this gives you an idea of who they are.

I recommend you use the words exactly as stated. In time I will give you more about disentanglement. For those of you who have not yet started this I feel it will be of great value. For those of you who have started it, then focus on the forgiveness work.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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