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The Wand Position
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Belonging To Us, Part 2

Is it really possible to be out of control in a benevolent way as I've said before. I think that you'll find that it is possible and I'd like to give you a leg up towards that possibility.

First of all, I recommend you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be comforted, nurtured, insulated and protected so that I can feel completely out of control in the most benevolent way and in the most safe way for me."

Now wait at least 10 minutes before you do the next step and this is what I recommend after you wait that time. Ask - if you would - that the most benevolent energies, the most loving beings, any Deity you believe in and the most benevolent sense of well being be available for you and present all around and about you to the greatest degree that you can receive it.

Again - wait about 3 or 4 minutes and then - this is what I recommend you do - I recommend that you - sitting down - move your arms and legs if you like, without regard to how you're moving them.

Obviously first you'll want to make sure you're alone and in a safe and benevolent environment but lets assume that that is the case for you. Just allow your arms and legs to move.

If you don't feel a sense of allowing that then move your arms and legs gently and slowly without any effort to do anything that is accomplishing any task whatsoever.

If you like, here's the second stage to be done about 2 minutes after you stop doing the other - and you can do the other for as long or short as you like but the second stage I'd like you to do for at least a minute.

Stand up, keep your eyes open and walk in any direction that feels comfortable. Allow yourself when you reach - say - a wall on the other side to touch it in any way you like.

You can touch it with your forehead. You can touch it with your elbow. You can touch it with the back of your hand - anyway you like and continue walking slowly around the room making further contact with objects or walls and performing the same tasks, assuming you're indoors.

If you're outdoors - you can do the same thing and touch only that which is not alive as we understand it - meaning don't touch the dog, don't touch the cat, don't touch any people - touch anything that's safe to touch in any way you'd like to touch it that feels safe and comfortable to you and walk in anyway you like.

You can turn around when you walk - you can do anything that feels comfortable to you. Then - after a minute or so return to your chair and sit down.

If you are not that mobile, you can do all of this to the best of your ability lying down.

Now there is a third stage but I'm going to suggest that you hold off on it. It has to do with being outdoors and walking about in nature but I'm going to recommend that you hold off on it for now. I will give you a follow-up on that later.

There is a reason to do this. There will be times now when you feel so overwhelmed by what's required of you, by what's expected of you and yes - by what's demanded of you that your physical body will literally need to be free. So look at this as an opportunity to allow your physical body to be free and do things in a free way.

You've seen - perhaps children touch things in odd ways. Of course we've all seen children taste things and so on which sometimes makes us very nervous but also children have a tendency to touch things in a way that adults don't.

As adults we touch things with our fingers or sometimes even a single finger but when you touch something with your elbow or with the back of your hand or with your forehead your body really feels free and it removes limits for you in a safe way.

I'm going to recommend that you try this and I may say more about it in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Steve said...

I wanted to say that this is indeed an interesting and poignant way to free one's self. How thankful I am for remembering to see the world with innocent and fresh eyes as experienced through your post. :^) Thanks.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment Ilias. I appreciate.